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Tom, Jimmy and Katrina have decided they need a break from the chaos of life, and collectively book a break at Walt Disney World to get away from it all.

Unfortunately, the issues Jimmy had during the summer are playing up again, and once more he's not the only one affected. What happens when EqG characters meet Disney? Nothing good, that's what...

A story written for my friends, JimmyHook19 and Misty Rose, loosely inspired by 5 Summer Nights by Devious Dazzle.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 82 )

Lmao, can't wait to read this. :rainbowlaugh:

I saw the brief cameo of my OC there at the start of the story. :rainbowlaugh:

I feel bad that he couldn't make it though. I wonder what other plans he had to go instead of following Tom and Jimmy on an adventure... :rainbowhuh:

What is this link you've sent me?

Wait, really? Like, a chapter where I'm included? Holy shit, thanks dude!

Wait and see. I'm still working on Chapter 2.

This was a great chapter. And funny. Thank you so much The Blue EM2.

No probs Misty (or should I say Cozy?)

Next one should be up in a jiffy.

Great! Can you give me a hint about who Tom turns into?

She's a little like Fluttershy, and has an adorable voice.

(PM me your answer. No spoilers for my readers, please).

I think that user just wanted to spam that link.:unsuresweetie:

I have seen it, and it's a different page to read things.

What do you think of this story?

You wouldn't mind reading it?

Great chapter. Though my question is, who is Sky Stinger? And how did everyone not freak completely out after seeing Tom change into Vapor? And who did Jimmy turn into? Though I guess that's three questions. And also, FIRST COMMENT!

All shall be revealed. This story is just getting going.

Thanks. Sorry for the late reply, my internet went kaput.

Yeah. Britain is the country of bad wifi.

And Kansas seems to be the state of bad cellular service. Lol.

Yeah, wifi and cell coverage in Florida was really bad for me. But that was probably because I was in the literal middle of nowhere for a bit.

I was in this town called Everglades City, which had started life as a camp for the building of the Tamiami Trail (that's the road between Tampa and Miami). I was there in the down season, as they get most tourists in December.

But it is a quiet place. I get a laugh from a tripadvisor review of a woman flipping out over how quiet it was.

Hmm... I do wonder who Jimmy TF'd into? It's DEFINITELY not Sky Stinger, am I right?

Also, darn, I wish I could go to where you went. The closest I did go is at Disneyland Paris. :fluttershysad:

Probably not.

A shame. Paris is nothing like the US parks.

Yeah... It's a shame, indeed...

...Wait, if Jimmy was Rosette, then who the hell is Sky then? Don't tell me that a random visitor got TF'd into Sky...

Though I've heard Tokyo and Shanghai Disney are quite good.

Huh, really? Never went there yet.

I've never been to either, never having been to Asia (though my dad went to Singapore once, and to Shanghai twice).

Ehh, Asia's hot. That I know cause I live in Asia.

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