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Hey guys! It's me, Discord!


Remember this pony? She's Valley Glamour, and she appears on Fake It 'Til You Make It.

Well, in this short story, Jimmy Hook is going to turn into this Pegasus. Follow him as he spends a nice time.

Commission for my good friend JimmyHook19.:twilightsmile:

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Hey, JimmyHook19 is a friend of mine!

First Valley Glamour TG TF Story EVAR!!! <3 :heart: :yay:

Nice to see you here!

"Don't worry about it. As you have been so nice, I think I can make a discount for you." The jeweler said, making Jimmy smile.

This is an immediate red flag.

"Oh, it was nothing, darling. Just some generous act." She replied.

Red flag numero dos, considering that he established that he knows aboutRrarity.

"Well, here I am, darling. Pretty surprising, right?" Rarity said.

If rather un-subtle.

What do you think about the rest of the story?

Short, but good. Nice plot twist at the end, there.

Well, I thought saying "short story" on the description would tell it's short. Maybe if I did put "trust me, the story is short", it would be easier to understand?

Without nothing else, glad you like the story.:twilightsmile:

"Ah, this is much better." He said, before taking some nap.

He didn't take a nap, he took some nap

"Oh, I know who I'm turning into! Like, it's Valley Glamour!" He exclaimed.

That was fast... didn't think the character was that memorable (especially since I don't even remember that character being a thing)

"Actually, I was looking for you, Valley. You see, Rarity For You is still triumphing at Manehattan, but I got a bit worried when ponies started talking about you having vanished. So I traveled here looking for you." Rarity explained.


Comment posted by Discord The Narrator deleted Oct 25th, 2018
Comment posted by Discord The Narrator deleted Oct 25th, 2018

Sorry, had some fails. I'm gonna reply, Zapper.


He didn't take a nap, he took some nap

I don't get it. Is it wrong?

That was fast... didn't think the character was that memorable (especially since I don't even remember that character being a thing)

Well, she was canon. And Jimmy remembers the characters.


What is it? Maybe you want to know how Rarity got there?

You know you can edit your comments/replies right? (It's the pencil icon in the corner) ^

1. Yes it is wrong, it should say that Jimmy took a nap
2. That is one dedicated fan
3. That is one reason. Another is how did Jimmy get there, how did rarity know Jimmy was there, and who is this character that she's so important one of the Elements of Harmony had to go get her? (I also want to know what happened to Jimmy when he got to earth (mainly about his memories))


2. That is one dedicated fan

Oh you haven't seen nothing yet Zapper! I got a HUGE list of favorite characters from MLP! :D

Meh can't really complain about that, I'm the same exact way with pokemon

Heh... here's the list btw: https://www.deviantart.com/jimmyhook19202122/favourites/76756600/All-of-my-favorite-characters-from-MLP-in-stamps

Just so you know, that list will continue to increase, and soon........ I will reach 1,000 favorite characters from MLP! <3 :D :heart:

1. Fixed! Thanks. I asked because I didn't understand the way you said it.

2. Indeed. You can ask him.

3. Let me tell you: Jimmy is a human. He's from Earth. The story is about him becoming a pony. As for Rarity, she got worried when a customer of her boutique disappeared, and maybe she got info that Jimmy was in another dimension, so she traveled there thanks to the mirror at Twilight's castle.

Wow... I would never be able to do that with pokemon, especially since I had a hard time just making a top 10

Well I was confused, the way you worded it you made it seem like Jimmy was originally from equestria and somehow got sent to earth

Heh. my list used to start out at 10 when I first got into MLP, but then I wanted to go far beyond any MLP Fan and have the most amount of favorite characters possible! :D

Well, ya definitely succeeded...

Oh, don't worry. That can happen.

Well that's all I could find to nitpick on, look forward for your next story to nitpick read.


I should call you "The Nitpicker".

Fun read and in the end that is all that I really want.:raritywink:

Wow, thanks for the comment, the fave and the follow!:scootangel:

No problem, reading something noice is a lovely way to kick off my day.:raritywink:

Meh, I've been called worse

Heh, your loss though, because I am Awesome <3 :heart:

Nah, don't worry about names.

But seriously, you could say more things on the comments, not just looking for errors.

Then why do you read my stories?:unsuresweetie:

...they're good stories, duh

As long as Fluttershy didn't think about turning into different characters again.


This was, like, a good short story.

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