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An expansion to "The Perfect Pear"

Grand Pear, after bitterly leaving his daughter in Ponyville to pursue his dream of becoming a successful pear farmer, has finally settled in his new home in Vanhoover. The old stallion, however, receives a letter from his tragic past that soon begins to plague his new found life...

Meanwhile in Ponyville, the Apples face the hardships caused by a longstanding family feud, especially Buttercup. Trying to make sense of it all, a young Big Mac and Applejack are caught in the middle of it. Seeking to finally make amends, Buttercup and Bright Mac make a decision, a decision that will forever change the Apple family...

Years later, Apple Bloom can't help but wonder the fate of her parents. Being the youngest, she feels left out from the rest of her family and seeks to unravel the mystery of her parents...

Special thanks to Phyllismi for allowing me to use her amazing artwork for my story. Check her out on deviantart here

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Starting off great. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Is this story inspired by the comic with the same premise? Sounds fun. :pinkiehappy:

There's a comic? Didn't know that! I have to check it out for myself. This story, like many others, was inspired from the recent MLP episode. After watching it, it brought me to tears and left me wondering what Grand Pear did all those years in Vanhoover.

8268271 Here you go.

I'm loving the story so far. It's a new perspective compared to the other stories based on the new episode.

UPDATE: Finishing up Chapter 2! Keep an eye out for it, as I plan on posting it hopefully sometime tonight!

Didn't Grand Pear have family that moved with him to Vanhoover? I don't know if he had any children besides Pear Butter, but he definitely had family members working in his orchard in the episode.

Aside from that, this story is off to a good start so far. I wonder when Grand Pear will decide to read Pear Butter's letters.

True, but for me, I always thought that those pear ponies we saw in the episode were just relatives who were visiting, much like the Apple family. We also see the entire Apple family in the same episode however, as we all know, they were just visiting. But good observation though! And thanks!

That's a plausible explanation. Looking forward to the next chapter.

UPDATE: Sorry it took awhile, But Chapter 2 is finally up for "A Quest for Love"! Be sure to check it out when you guys get the chance!

Ouch, the feels :fluttershbad:

So in this universe did they reach Vanhoover? Or did they crash on their way to Vanhoover?

...Well, you've forced me to play this.

I really don't have a soul though. It's just the way I am.

Comment posted by Silver_Bolt deleted Jul 3rd, 2017

That is unfortunate, but it makes sense.

Oh, wow . . . This is really tragic even for one of these types of fanfics. I'm sure it'll break Grand Pear's heart even more when he learns that his daughter died on the way to visit him. And the family never even got real closure from having a burial. I hope they at least decided to hold some sort of memorial service for them at some point.

I guess this must take place after the original Sonic Rainboom incident if Pinkie Pie has already moved to Ponyville. That poses the question of where AJ's parents were at the end of her flashback in “The Cutie Mark Chronicles,” but I suppose they could have been in the marketplace or out working in the fields or something.

The only problem I found with this chapter is that the tense kept changing from past to present tense, which was a bit distracting. Other than that, it's a great story. I loved this line:

“Because of this. Your mother and I will always be with you, because our love for you is so strong. The same goes for Big Mac, Apple Bloom, and Granny. We will be with all of you… always,” Big Mac said with a smile.

And the part with the hat was touching even though I've read similar scenes before. And the reprise of the lullaby at the end really tugs at the heartstrings. The feels are strong with this one.

You sure they're really dead? **Hint Hint Wink Wink**

But anyways, thanks so much for the feedback! I am fairly new when it comes to writing a story, so I do struggle with tenses. I only managed to proofread it only a few times and indeed found a lot of inconsistent tenses; I only managed to catch a few of them :/
I will probably post this story to a editorial/proofreading group so I can get some more feedback regarding grammar.

Also, regarding your observation about the Sonic Rainboom incident, I took that under consideration too when I started writing the story. I noticed too that her parents were absent in that episode, but I also noticed Apple Bloom wasn't present either, making me believe that she wasn't born yet resulting in her parents still being present. My guess is that her parents were maybe elsewhere during that time (as you suggested).

On a side note, I'm trying to carefully craft my stories so that they are coherent to the MLP episodes. My intention is to make stories that, "fill in the gaps" where the episodes leave a sort of a grey area :D

Comment posted by Silver_Bolt deleted Jul 15th, 2018

UPDATE: Chapter 3 Part 1 is currently being finished and will be posted sometime late tonight! Keep an eye out!

UPDATE: Chapter 3 Part 1 is now available! Feel free to check it out!

Apple fritters are deep-fried, not baked. The word “fritters” is derived from a word that means fried. Don't feel too bad, though: EG made the same mistake.

The past tense is much more consistent in this chapter – I noticed only a couple of changes to present tense.

Kidnapped by changelings the whole time, huh? I didn't see that coming, but it makes sense. Their love is arguably even stronger than Cadence and Shining Armor's love for each other.

Comment posted by Silver_Bolt deleted Jul 10th, 2017

Upon arriving in the kitchen, she sees Granny Smith and Bright Mac, busily preparing breakfast. Hearing Apple Bloom, Granny turned around from her cooking and saw her granddaughter.

You mean Big Mac?

Excited for part 2 of Chapter 3!

The story is set up nice and I am anxious to see what Applebloom finds out!

Love that my favorite character, Twilight, was included. :)

Story is well written and executed. Well done so far!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! I've been taking a break from writing. Been pretty busy with school work. I plan on resuming and finishing the story soon. I'm aiming for 2 weeks so keep an eye out! :twilightsmile:

Oh wow! I love this! Did you make it or someone else? I'd love to use this as cover art for the story!

No I didn't make it but i think it would be a great chapter or book for your type. "family type" and sympathy.

Definitely intrigued to see where this story goes in the next chapter. Very well done so far!

Glad you liked it! I'm about half way done with part 2. It's been difficult to find time due to final exams. Hopefully I'll get the story finished before the semester starts :)

Wow, this is an amazing story so far! I can't wait for more.

Will the next chapter be out soon? Just curious.

Fall semester just started and I have a really heavy course load since I'm graduating next semester. The next chapter is almost finished, however it's been very difficult to find time to finish and edit. I also plan on having an epilogue as well. I am determined to work more on it in my free time and hopefully finishing it as the semester progresses. The fact that this story is still incomplete irks me lol

Its all cool. School is very important, take your time.

Update: Hey everypony! It's been awhile. Just letting you know that I have only one week until this busy Fall semester finishes; I'm currently trying to survive my final exams :pinkiecrazy: After the semester ends, I'll be devoting my time into finishing this story and will have it completed sometime this month! Keep an eye out :twilightsmile:

Update: Hey everypony! After thinking for quite some time, I decided to split up the last chapter yet again. While writing Part 2, I noticed it was getting quite lengthy. For the sake of pacing and flow, I decided to split Chapter 3 into three parts. Part 3 is currently being finished and edited and should be published before New Years! So, in the time being, I hope you all enjoy Chapter 3 Part 2 :twilightsmile:

Oh my god! Please don't let them be dead. Seeing a reunion between the Apple Siblings and their parents would be so sweet.

Please update, I love this story.

I'm glad you like it! Unfortunately, something came up and the story is in a bit of a delay, but rest assured that I am working diligently to have the next chapter up soon! Keep an eye out!

“Princess Luna was right,” Apple Bloom began, tears pouring down her face. “You have hardened your heart."

Truer words have never been spoken:ajsleepy:.

Eventually I came across that sorry excuse for a princess, Cadence and her beloved Shining Armor, however their love did not compare to the love in which your parents had."

I knew it!

I hope Bloom didn't come all that way only for it to be too late to save her parents. But maybe she'll give them a proper burial beneath their trees.

Please update soon-ish.

After many moons, the final part of chapter 3 has finally been published. Chapter 4, the final chapter, as well as the epilogue is in the works and will be posted in the not-so-distant-future. Keep an eye out!

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