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This story is a sequel to The Mystery of Scootaloo

The Apple Family reunion is due, and this year is taking place in Bright Mac's birthplace, Cass, West Virginia. The family converge on the small town for a truly memorable reunion.

Dedicated in memory of John Denver, 1940-1997, and a tribute to the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park.

Featured as of 3/6/2019! Thanks guys!

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 185 )

I feel I need to dig out my VHS about the Cass scenic railway for this. Looks interesting so far.

Thanks buddy. I hope you enjoy.

But there's already an episode in the canon series called that, but nice try on trying to make another version of this and having it happen in the Equestria girls view of Earth.

This is partly a tribute to it.

Nice start! A family that relies on trees is haveing a reunion in a place where trees go to die? Weird.

It's where the family is from.

Oooo! Cass Scenic Railroad!

Yes! I've seen it on a few DVDs and it's amazing.

Amazing, but I got a video that is better.

I'll give it a watch.

I know, but it's still weird.

After all, loggers are pretty hardy. As you'll know from my previous stories, the apples are only a side business.

New chapter up soon.

hmm very interesting story ^^

"As ya undoubtedly know, our family is scattered all over the place. There's Apples in California, and Apples in Virginia, and even some in North Carolina of all places."

No, Jimmy Hook, you are not in this story.

You sly Electric Engine you X3

Thanks. There's a second chapter, and a third tomorrow.

There are a limited number of shapeshifting North Carolinians, you know. What do you think so far?


There are a limited number of shapeshifting North Carolinians, you know.

Heh, and I am the only one unique for it X3

What do you think so far?

Pretty good :3 Looking forward to Chapter 3 ^^

I never said there was one.

It's mostly just establishing the setting at the moment.

As story is pointless without establishment. That's apparently why most fetish stories fall flat.

Yay! This whole chapter feels like one of the I'm going to ____con videos. The reference

Apple Fritter, Apple Bumpkin, Red Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicous, Caramel Apple, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apples, Apple Brioche (all the way from France), Apple Cinnamon Crisp,

is this:

2:45ish onwards.
And thank you for the chapter!

And so, I have altered my comment to mirror that!

Your welcome ^^

Enjoying it so far?

Thank you! Praise me more!

Ahh! The narrator is spreading! Run for your sanity! Thank you for the chapter! Why did it have such an unusual start?

Fancied something different.

Fair enough!

I wanted to see how people reacted. Jimmy tried something similar in one of his stories.

What thinkest thou of the chapter?

It was (is?) interesting. Why are the pillars in Cass? Thank you!

There are lots of pillars in Cass. Otherwise the buildings would fall over!

That makes sense!

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