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"It's 4 PM and the moon is still in the sky."

That's how it all begins. With a single line spoken into a tape recorder by a very confused and scared dragon. But that's not even half of it.

Ponies start disappearing. Spike hears strange noises all through the day. He tries to contact the princesses, but the rest of Equestria seems to have gone dark.

All Spike has is an old tape recorder and a box of blank tapes he found in the basement. At least he feels safe within the walls of the library. But just how long will that last?

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You have my attention. You also have a Like and a Follow. :)

Also, calling my shot: the final chapter ends with Spike getting abducted/killed by the moon monster thing mid-recording before he can even figure out what it is.


This story sounds like it needs a tragedy tag. Why doesn't have one?

Damn this is fuckin creepy and a cool premise.

Very interesting premise and start thus far. My only minor critique with the story thus far is that I feel it could do with a tad bit more descriptive bits between Spike's narration. I was a tad confused at parts and had to reread them due to it.

Beyond that, excited to see where this goes! :twilightsmile:

Added! Thanks for the heads-up.

God damn this is creepy! Great update

Their eyes. Blank. Hollow. Their movements deliberate. Spike passed Time Turner on the street. Time Turner had something in his mouth. Spike's not sure what it was. He tried not to look at it.

Is this

Is this a really subtle Doctor Who story from Spike's perspective

I am absolutely in love with this story. Though I think I have a pretty good explanation of what is going on here. There is NO moon monster.

Spike is just in the bad future time line where Luna banished Celestia to the moon, and that's the reason the moon is always out. That is why he couldn't manually send a letter, because Celestia is banished on the moon.

That's why he couldn't get a letter delivered to Canterlot because it simply doesn't exist. Because the Castle of The Two Sisters is still around, and not abandoned. This is also why Apple Jack and the Apple Family aren't around, why no pony seems to remember them.

You can't grow things without sunlight, logically explaining why the farm is gone. This also explain why everyone doesn't think that there is anything peculiar about the moon being out all day and night. They've lived that way their whole lives. It also explains why everyone is going crazy, because of the lack of sunlight.

A lack of Sunlight can cause the following:
mood swings, anxiety, sleep problems, or even suicidal thoughts.

This also explains Dash guarding the exit. In the bad future with Luna Rainbow was in Luna's guard.

Somehow or another Spike either forgot everything up until this point in his life, his soul got swapped with the Spike from the correct time line, the good one that we know, or something even more sinister.

Honestly though this is just a theory I put together with what subtle clues I could find. Who knows I could be totally off!

Anyway keep up the excellent work! Cannot wait to see where this story leads!


Congrats. Flash Photo Reads and TerraByte would like to narrate your story on YT.

Oooh he’s stuck out of the library!

The build up to that scream was super unsettling, nice work.

As long as I'm credited in the description, that should be fine.

I'm anticipating the update. :pinkiehappy:

When is the next update or are you dead

Your mysteries are always so great. Hope it updates again someday.

ok so

1. Why didn't spike send his cry for help via his own breath, like in the show?
2. why can't he fly over the sentries guarding the ways out?

Please continue? :pinkiesad2:

Please continue :fluttercry:, it's so great!

Oh crap this is amazing so far

1. He said there was no response when he used his breath.

2. Flying will get him seen by everyone present. The ground is his best cover.

Jesus such a crazy amazing read. Will you be continuing it?

Please when continue this story is too good to remain forever incomplete :pinkiesad2:

It was a good read, for what is currently out.
Maybe one day they'll be more but for now, it will sit in my trackings

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