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Bronze Pocket is many things: a clever earth pony, a wealthy landowner, and a father of three children—Cluster Tale, the eldest and most intelligent son; Nova Steel, the brash middle-child; and Airglow Sky, humble and fresh-faced, as well as the youngest (and only) daughter. Very few of them like or trust one another, and would rather take their time and energy to other places, to simply avoid any blood-tied complications which always seem to arise from their father's antics.

And when they're together, as fate would sometimes have it, things escalate into volatility and resentment. It all starts when the siblings find themselves back at their father's house for vastly different reasons. What good, one may be inclined to ask, can come of it?

Thanks to Soge for editing the first couple of chapters, as well as to 0_0 for being my proof-reader up to Part III.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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Twilight wakes up one day to very strange circumstances. Everypony is gone. It's always night time. An oppressive, heavy sheet of fog dominates every corner of Ponyville.

And an insufferable headache won't leave her alone. But that's the least of her worries.

Proof-reader: 0_0

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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Nova Tale is many things. Impulsive. Hot-headed. Foolishly ambitious. And very much in love with his fiancé, Sunlight Ivory.

Entrusted with a certain package containing 100,000 bits, Nova Tale is meant to make a delivery to Sunlight's sister far off in Baltimare. But Nova Tale makes a grave mistake, one which will label him as a scoundrel for the rest of his years. Now he must come to terms with his sordid affair, and reflect on his shameful theft of his fiancé's money in order to win the heart of another mare.

Written for the A Two-Faced Charade Contest.

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Starlight used to be a horrible pony. Enslaving an entire town as its dictator? Preventing the Sonic Rainboom from ever happening? Nearly destroying Equestria as we know it? Very few things come close. But there's one thing Starlight is certain of: she's still the same magically-gifted, intelligent pony, and she hasn't lost sight of herself in that regard.

So then why does Twilight believe that Starlight was acting irrationally up until the point of the latter's redemption? You may agree with that assessment, but not Starlight, she even takes offence to this kind of allegation. She wasn't somehow "less rational" when she was a villain. Right?

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This story is a sequel to Elements of Honor

The disingenuous scheme planned against both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna was finally set to rest, or so all thought. After two years, a revelation soon surfaces; and a threat, dark and terrible, is imminent. The reluctant Corvo is thrust into a situation of careless trust: to join the very ponies he's bitterly unsure of in company. He does, after all, have his own reasons for doing so.

-MLP/Dishonored Crossover

►[Former] Pre-reader and proof-reader: Bootsy Slickmane

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Seeking redemption, Corvo—a problematic mastermind—helps save Equestria from threats which far surpass the limits of Celestia and Luna; but it all becomes much more difficult than they could ever imagine, escalating into a hopeless, war-like mental chess match.

The comment section below is a spoiler-fest. Ye be warned!

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►Pre-reader: Bootsy Slickmane

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