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Little did I know what I was getting into when I went to the Denver Morphicon dressed as Lord Drakkon. I knew there were others who had cosplayed as the infamous “Dark Dragon” though not in the same way as I was.

Of course, I'd heard of the so-called 'odd disappearances' at the conventions, but this one isn't a comic or anime convention, so I should be fine, right?

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Very cool. Can't wait for more. *Smiles* Here's a Pinkie for you~ :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesmile:

“This… Hadōken!!”

So cool!!! I love it!!

Oooooo!! Awesome!

Why does Lord Drakkon look like a Power Ranger? ...He's the guy in the picture, right?

It's because he is. Technically he's an alternate version of Tommy Oliver that not only remained with Rita Repulsa but eventually destroyed her as well and stole the White Tiger Coin and managed to merge it with the corrupted Dragon Coin.

Details Here

Hmmm, Me think black kitty stick will say good words to ugly horsies.

Oooooo! I can't wait. Nightmare Moon looks hot!

id never make you cry flutter butter ( kisses fluttershys snoot)

You're already crying, Flutters, your argument is invalid.

As for the Author, move the story a wee bit faster please.

I'm writing it as it comes to me. Hopefully, the chapters will get longer and the story pick up faster. *Frankly, the story's writing itself... I'm just the channel for it, lol.*

Well... this is Awkward.... hehe let's not look at my name....

But really though, Zen-Aku/Zenaku is my favourite character from basically all the Sentai/ Power rangers. Interesting story so far too.

not bad so far. calm down with the power gaining or else you risk a op mary stue.

He knows who he has, at least in Zen-Aku's case, but he doesn't have the precise knowledge of the Duke Org's skills nor has he truly trained his new Chí abilities yet, so until his body adjusts, that will tire him over extended periods. He hasn't yet noticed that his former collection of the twelve Coins (Gingaman 'coins', two Dairanger crystals, and Zyuranger DinoMedals + Kibaranger) have been reduced to a total of five {Kibaranger, Dragonranger, Gingaman Red, Ryuuranger} not including Zen-Aku's or the 'Lord Drakkon' Coin.

alright then you are on the right track. keep it up!

Dude might wanna pick a different shade of yellow. My eyes are watering and I still can’t read it.

I just want to point out, there are official maps of Equestria, recently updated for the movie

Just remember that at this point in the story it is just under two years before canon events have started. Eventually, I'm sure I will reach the point where that particular map will be needed.

Typical problems.
Your "OC" is a Mary Sue and has the charisma of a used tampon.
Show, Don't Tell is nonexistent.
The arbitrary set-up seems to exist only to fulfill your self-insert wish fulfillment.
The dialogue sounds forced and unnatural.
Characterisation is skewed.
The pointless coloured text serves no purpose other than to wreck your reader's nonexistent immersion.
Multiple capitalisation errors (shocker).
Multiple grammar errors (what a surprise).
All in all, a complete mess. I can't imagine this being followed outside of the usual self-insert demographic. Have another red thumb.
This comment has been screen capped in case of the author running to mods.

Don't like, don't bother me with your flames. I'll just add them to a nice bonfire.

If I've said anything that isn't true, by all means prove me wrong.
I welcome being proven wrong with baited breath.

I see you are an accomplished martial artist, but how are you as a performing artist?

On a critical note, earlier chapters feel weird in the sentence structure department and little was explained of our protag. Not a bad thing as I've no doubt you'll reveal more the longer we're on this ride.

I look forward to this wild ride.

Liked and tracked, let's see where this rabbit hole takes me. (Puts on mining helmet)

cool so twilight and moon are galaxy pink and yellow rangers will there be zords?

There will, soon enough. What will happen with the Zyuranger DinoMedals, even I don't know yet, lol. It will come in time, perhaps early next week.

what is dairanger? got a pic of those 2?

Dairanger, going by the Super Sentai, is the series which introduced the Kibaranger, whom was later used as the Mighty Morphin White Ranger.



damn man you chose two good pics creepy armor but good

Make that double ;)

This takes place prior to season one so highly doubtful Luna would be...

The Nightmare possessing Luna could try to reach out for him, possibly in curiosity. I do, however, sense that the Nightmare is not too fond of Thomas' musical talent.
It's possible that she may appear soon, just not physically yet. I may do a timeskip, however, in a chapter or two.

Meh starting to lose a little interest but still want to see how it plays out

My Only complaint is the text is colored don’t like that other than that awesome story

Heh, you know what I find amusing? Despite a certain 'someone's' comments back when this story was new, your story has gotten a good ratio of likes compared to dislikes.

Constructive criticism is far more effective in getting a writer to improve than being a pathetic flamer nobody will even bother to take seriously...

True and quite a few have added it to various Favorite lists, so :rainbowwild:
Though the next chapter is unfortunately going rather slowly (never was good at slice-of-life POVs...) though for a while, Thomas will be going his own way from the ponies.

Neat but I wonder when will drakkon arrive en force also psycho pink excellent choice

How do you know he hasn't already appeared? He may be in disguise... *hint hint*

Well aware of that little image and that flash but I'm talking actual apperance

Hmm.....interesting start so far. I would give more of a reply to what I think from just reading this chapter, but I have a feeling half of what I will say would be verified or denied in the next chapters, so I'll just hold onto my thoughts for now.

Haha nice reference, a bit short though. Keep up the good work

.....im gonna pretend I didn't get SU flashbacks so as to not fanboy the :yay: out, start spoiling the latest episode, and shouting 'I :yay: ing called it!'

I have to agree with you, i had to put it on night mode just to see it

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