• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Side Story, A Saiyan's and a Titan's Camaraderie.


(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

Thanos and Lucci walk inside the locker room, seeing Eric and Dr. Doom there, Thanos glances at Eric before whistling and going into the Gravity Chamber.

“Alright, let’s get training, time to get serious!” Thanos exclaimed, Lucci grinned.

Doom stepped aside as two large stone golems carrying a 6 foot long and 3 foot wide crate and brought it over to him. Once the crate was put down it opened up revealing a mobile armor repair bay. Lucci and Thanos decided to spar in the chamber throwing light punches, though it was obvious who is the physically strongest of the two. Lucci went in for a series of punches but that series was cancelled when Thanos caught Lucci’s fists and turned the would-be assassin into a barrel rolling down a hill. Lucci hit the floor and winced, he jumped to his feet and Thanos snickered.

“Do a barrel roll Lucci.” Thanos chuckled, Lucci gave Thanos the bird.

“Fuck you nigga I’ll see you later.”

“Oh nigga don’t hate me because I’m beautiful nigga if you got rid of that yee-yee ass suit you’ll get some bitches on your dick, or better yet, if you stop being a massive pussy you’ll actaully fuck Supergirl. Niggaaaa.” Lucci tried to say something but he stopped.

“Yeah, I know better.” Lucci shook his head,

Doom sighs and stands inside the repair bay and his armor opens allowing Victor to exit. “Such stunning intellectual comments. There might be more brains in his head than a slug, not much more thought.” Turning around the looks over the interior of his armor.

“I highly doubt it,” Eric said loud enough for the Doom displaced to hear. “Thanos and his boys are filled with nothing but brute strength.” He shook his head. “Brainless dolts.”

Eric took a seat and pulled out a sharpening stone. Setting the stone down, Eric reached into his body and pulled out Obsidian Blood; Eric’s Family Sword. Eric began to sharpen the blade before Doom got his attention

“Quite the blade you have there.”

Unlike Ironman, Doom’s armor is modular and he starts removing parts the size of pens. Sensing the bits of Technology with his Observation Haki, Eric immediately pushed the weapon back into his body.

“I’d ask that you keep your technology away from my sword,” Eric said, giving the tin man a side glance.

Doom looked over. “I doubt I could unless I’m free of this place. Unlike the more physical of us, I use technology and magic; not brute strength. I even have technology in my body.”

“I understand Doctor Doom from the movies,” Eric said, turning to the comic book villain. “But when it comes to this sword, my request still stands. Don’t touch it.”

Doom turned to look Eric in the eye. “I am not that cheap movie copy. Though I have come to understand I am an amalgamation of the comic book versions, the movies are way inferior to the true Doctor Doom. I assure you I have no interest in your melee weapon.” Doon turns back to his armor and looks over what he has in storage on his repair bay. “Intensified Molecule Projector? What made me think that would be useful?”

Hearing this Eric resummed sharpening the weapon before Doctor Doom spoke again.

“I will confess your warning has earned my curiosity, why would I need to keep my technology away from your sword?” Doom then started working on his force field projector.

“Obsidian Blood was a sword that belonged to my late wife’s family,” Eric said as his sharpening hand stopped. “And with me being the only member still alive, naturally it belongs to me.”

“To the untrained eye it looks like a regular blade,” Doom said, giving the weapon a side glance. “However I’ve noticed a faint glow and feel magic coming from that sword.”

“Obsidian Blood is a magic sword forged with a magic Obsidian Steel core.” Eric said, lifting the blade examining the razor edge. “They’re special, cause their magic changes depending on how you temper them.”

“Obsidian is a volcanic glass, never mind that it seems someone chose the word because it sounded cool.” Doom looked at the weapon. “I’ve seen many magical swords, but everything you said still doesn’t answer my question. Why would I need to keep my tech away from it? I am a sorcerer that is on par with the Sorcerer Supreme and in line if he should fall.”

“I already told you, this sword belonged to my late wife.” Eric said, pulling a single hair from his head. “And it’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever let somepony else touch it” Eric said dropping the hair as it sliced in half the moment it touched the blades edge

“Ah, sentimental attachment with the ego driven need to make me know it’s special for you.” Doom snorted and returned to his work. “Your sword means nothing to me, and I treat it as such.”

“Try and touch it and I’ll add your strength to Obsidian Blood,” Eric said, stashing the weapon back into his body before rising to leave.

Victor Von Doom put his tools down and stood up, turning to face Eric fully. “Seems I have to use simple words. Your sword is nothing to me. It means nothing to me. I have seen many just as magical. There is nothing I will gain from your trinket. Now do you understand your sword is safe from me.”

Eric’s eyes still narrowed, before Shiva’s voice spoke up from a corner of the room.

“Eric, it’s fine,” she assured him. “No one’s going to touch Obsidian Blood.”

Eric’s glower didn’t fade. Walking past Doom, he bumped his shoulder before hissing in his ear.

“It matters not how you treat it. I will add your strength to the family sword.” Eric promised as he left the locker room and made his way to his room.

Doom shook his head. “Muscle headed fools with egos and power, such is the same in every world.” He returns to his armor amplifying the Personal Adapters to work with the high level of Chi Energy. Shiva watched him work, settling on her haunches and shaking her head in sympathy.

“And I thought the Diamond Dogs were bad at first,” she noted to Dr. Doom with a chuckle. “At least they figured out it was better to work with me then against me.” She looked down at her claw. “Then again,” she pondered. “None of the diamond dogs could destroy planets with a single claw.” She grimaced. “Why would anyone even want to do that? Even with the multiverse in consideration, planets have so much life; so many living creatures with their own stories and ways of living. Why end all that for nothing but a dominance display? So you can threaten some other planet and make them hate and fear you?” She sighed. “Maybe it’s because I still see things from a dog’s perspective, but I just don’t get it.”

“It’s what Frieza did, same with majin buu,” Black interjected, walking in from the exit to the stadium. He yawned as he scratched the back of his head, dark bags hung under the Saiyans eyes as he trudged his way into the Locker Room. “Majin Buu was a pink monstrosity that only knew destruction. While Frieza was a tyrant who sold planets and took some of the species on said planets and turned them into soldiers.” Black yawned again as he sat down near a random locker. “Both of them did for either enjoyment or it was programmed into their minds.”

Shiva paused, pondering Black’s words. “It was… programmed?” she asked. “Like, they were conditioned and raised to think that such acts were enjoyable or part of their nature?” She shuddered. “That’s either sad or disturbing… or both.” She shook her thoughts away before glancing at the bags under Black’s eyes. She offered a pack link to Black. “Need some energy? It’s not exactly sugar or whatever humans drink to wake up. But it’s better than nothing.”

Black waved aside her link. “I’ll be fine; a quick warmup should do it,” he assured her, moving towards Thanos as he continued to train with Lucci. Shiva shrugged before continuing to watch Doom work on his armor.

Thanos simply sighed, "You know, you guys are right about me… Nothing but Brute Strength and brainless dolts, muscle headed fools with egos and power. I am all of those, but what I'm not from that list is a brainless dolt, I may act funny and act dumb but it doesn't mean I'm a complete idiot." Thanos said as he blocked a kick from Lucci, their light sparring match continuing.

"He is rather smarter than he looks, or acts." Lucci commented as he threw a punch at Thanos' abdomen.

“Very true, he tricked Goku in their fight when he said it would take 5 minutes to destroy the planet.” Black explained, “In reality, it took about 30 minutes, mind games really are handy.”

"One of Sun Tzu's tactics I believe." Lucci commented as Thanos threw a heavy punch at Lucci and he directed it away.

"I remember watching that Film Theory Video about it, good times." Thanos sighed, smiling in the process, "And also when I fought Kaido I destroyed a moon, I calculated my damage output and I found out my strength alone could destroy a planet. Doesn't mean I would though. Also we were in Kaido's Equestria when we did this and everyone was dead." Thanos informed his adversaries.

“Damn…” Black said, closing his eyes and letting out a massive yawn. “I guess Luna would be mad if she found out you destroyed a moon, let alone a different universe's moon…”

"Well… My Luna and I aren't on the best of terms, with her being a trusted friend to now being an enemy. I swear when Celestia decided to try and force me to snap every evil away, things went downhill." Thanos told Black, deciding to stop for now, heading towards his locker he grabbed out an emblem with a red symbol onnit outlined with black. Thanos looked at it and put it in his back pocket.

Black spotted the emblem the titan grabbed, but paid it no mind as he rubbed his eyes. “I swear, sleep is going to be the death of me…” Black commented as he let out a massive sigh. He stood up, stretching as he felt a couple of bones pop.

"Let me guess, Zabuza?" Lucci asked the Saiyan, with a blank stare.

“Not just him,” Black said with a groan, “Mr.Popo and Ghost Nappa showed up for a bit, but it was mostly Zabuza annoying the crap out of me when I tried to let off some steam yesterday.”

"Well, I started the whole thing basically when I decided to land one final hit on Link. But the reason why it actually started to heat up is because of Eric. I mean did he really have to snap at me like that?" Thanos asked, "All the time man, all the time.”

Black blankly stared at Thanos, “Your kidding me right?” Black asked, “You brought up his dead wife and proceeded to shit talk him,” Black explained.

"Did I really talk shit to him? Let me get this straight, my Celestia betrayed me, got the whole world against me, got my pony friends against me as well, so I only had my boys and girls. The only pony friend I had, I had to kill because she was psycho. Also, Screwball666 asked my damn author to tell me to say that, I know your small brain can not handle that we are not real and are just things to entertain others but blame Screwball." Thanos said his mouth was basically overflowing with excuses.

Shiva stared at Thanos as he ranted. “Screwball?” she asked, glancing at Doom. “Is that a Beyonder or something?”

Kodo chuckled, walking up next to her. “Sounds like they know how to pick names,” he noted, before throwing a pack link to his mother. “C’mon, Mom, you can’t sit around. You need to be ready for your match.”

Black groaned as he rubbed his eyes once more, getting tired of all the crap the past day. “I get that, but at points you need to stop being an insensitive jackass.” He looked up to the titan, his pupils changing draconic for a second before returning to normal.

"A. Nice eyes, no homo, B. I get that I'm being an insensitive jackass but alas, I don't know why, I wasn't like this before. So what is up with me?" Thanos asked Black before a can of hetap popped into existence in his two hands. He threw one to Black and took a sip of his.

“Wait, forget the last question… what did you say about my eyes?” Black asked, a beat of sweat rolling down his cheek.

"Your eyes, you know it changed into that of a Dragons. I should know, I had my encounters with one." Thanos said as he looked around for something to do.

The Saiyan’s eyes widened as he quickly stood up, “Dear Dende…” Black rubbed his eyes again, trying to rub his fatigue away. “You’ve got to be shitting me…”

"You shouldn't be surprised, you had a normal life once, went into Equestria as a damn Saiyan, is in love with a Princess, got turned into stone, and fought a Displaced, this is normal." Thanos argued.

“You don’t get it, do you?” Black hissed as he stared daggers at the Titan. “Who else has draconic eyes, or did I forget to mention something to you about my past?”

"Oooooohhhh… Sombra? That guy huh? I remember that guy, crushed that nigga's skull." Thanos started pacing back and forth.

“Not that damn Tyrant, I’m talking about Nightmare Moon you dolt!” Black hissed.

"HEY!!! Call me a dolt and we're going to have a problem little one!" Thanos snapped, as he stopped pacing and looked at Black.


“EXCUSE ME?!” Shiva snapped out of her pack link, glaring around in suspicion. Thanos glanced at her, before lowering his voice towards Black.

"Ey yo you better rephrase that before the Rule34 artists go after you." Thanos took a sip of his Hetap and glanced at Shiva, "In any case, cunt is more offensive to a woman, not a man. Call me a dick but anyways! You have Zamasu in your mind, so you may or may not be corrupted again." Thanos said before pausing. "Which means… Oh no."

Black sat down again, placing both of his hands on his face as he groaned. “The Elements of Harmony didn’t work, Zeldris’s soul taking technique didn’t get rid of him… I don’t know what would.” Black looked up to the Titan, his tiredness catching up to him, “I see the horrors of what he did, through his eyes. I see what he would do to my Equestria, my universe.”

"What if… now hear me out, if I summon you to my universe and use the Reality Stone to bring Zamasu out of your head, now Zamasu will have his physical body and his powers but we could take him." Thanos planned.

“But how long will that take?” Black questioned the titan, “What if I snap here? What if I lose control due to the amount of stress in the air.” Black asked

"Oough damn it! If only we had someone who could- Wait." Thanos put two fingers to his head and vanished, he came back with Ryker.

"Why am I here?" Ryker looked around, seeing the competitors lounging around. "I am confused as fuck."

"Listen Ryker bring us to my universe and give us an hour, teleport us to the Badlands too, this is very serious if we can not bring Zamasu out of his head the Tournament will blow up to smithereens." Thanos put his hands on Ryker's shoulders, Ryker pushed his hands aside.

"Oh really? Why can't you do it here?" Ryker inquired

“Cause if we do, I could snap at anypoint, Zamasu could take control and kill everyone here. But he won’t stop there, he will continue to annihilate every mortal in existence until it’s only him.” Black explained to the king.

"Hm… Fine, only an hour though." Ryker made a portal and pushed them through, they arrived at the Badlands and they saw it riddled with weapons and skeletons.

"Well uh… Welcome to the Badlands." Thanos introduced the Saiyan to the Badlands.

Upon seeing the skeletons and weapons across the lands, The Saiyan went into a trance, hearing the sound of clashing metal and screams of rage and pain.

“Save Me Mr. Black!!!” The sound of a filly’s cry for help echoed in the Saiyans mind.

“Do whatever it takes to survive!”

“Another one, you could’ve saved…”

“Don’t lose yourself!”

"...Brings back memories I don't want to remember again…" Thanos sighed as he prepared his Reality Stone and put it up to the Saiyan's head. "I would say this will only hurt for a second but… I would be lying."

“Just do it…” Black said with a dead expression.

"And I oop!" Thanos' Reality Stone glowed and he pulled it away ripping out a green aura and throwing it far from them. Black felt a part of his mind tear for what it seemed like hours but it was only a few seconds.

“AAAHHHHHHGGGG!!!!” Black roared in pain, gripping the sides of his head and falling to his knees. A green sphere flew out of his head, landing a few meters away. The orb exploded in fashion as a smoke cloud grew. The Saiyan stopped his yelling, huffing in pain as he looked to see a familiar silhouette in the cloud of smoke.

"Sup bitch!" Thanos cried out, looking at the silhouette before crossing his arms.

The silhouette didn’t say anything as it slowly walked out of the smoke, revealing a slim green figure with a white mohawk. His silver eyes glared at the Saiyan. “You are such a disappointment.” the figure spoke with a sigh. “I could’ve shaped you into a fine god, but you had to throw that way for… Love.” The figure shuttered at the last word.

"Will you shut up you green skinned wet paper towel?" Thanos asked the green man.

This angered the figure, “How dare you speak to me like that! You should be slain, you simple minded beast!”

“I have to agree with him though, you talk too much.” Black huffed as he stood up to his full height.

"I think I speak for all of us when I say you talk a lot. Might as well call you Sir Talks-a-lot the green skinned donkey fucker." Thanos roasted the green man basically turning him into a darker shade of green.

“Enough talk Thanos… I’ve got something to finish, something I should’ve done a long time ago…” Black said darkly. His hair flowed up as he transformed straight into Super Saiyan two. “I’ve got a god to kill…” The Saiyan disappears, only to reappear in front of the green figure, gut punching him. “You’re done for, Zamasu…”

Zamasu spat out a large amount of blood, wheezing as he looked into the Saiyan’s eyes, “You… dare strike… me…” The kai spat, only to cry in pain as Black pushed his fist straight through the kai. Blood gushing out of the corrupted kai.

"Oh damn," Thanos said, "Is he still alive? Because I wanna use the Sai Dai Rin Rokuogan on him." Thanos asked the Saiyan.

The Saiyan slowly turned his head back to Thanos with a dead look of emotion. “He tormented me, he’s mine.” Black said simply.

"That move can cause so much internal damage to him and he could be in more pain, and you laugh at him as he is helpless because he is very, very, injured." Thanos pointed out before drinking some hetap.

“I'm not him, I don’t laugh when I cause pain, I don’t enjoy killing.” Black said as he pulled out his fist out of Zamasu’s guts. The Supreme Kai recoiled, stepping back while holding a hand over his gut.

“You’ll regret that mortal!” Zamasu spat as a green aura surrounded his wound, it healed while the Supreme Kai huffed and puffed, seemingly out of breath. “I can heal my wounds easily without immortality.

“But how long can you keep it up?” Black asked as he appeared behind the kai, making Zamasu step back. “I know that technique, it consumes a lot of stamina.” Black made a long ki blade, shooting forward at high speeds as he sliced through Zamasu. Cutting the kai in half before he incinerated the Kai’s lower half with a ki blast.

"Hey, now he's a top." Thanos laughed as he ate his hot dog that he got out of nowhere, Luffy was there as well.

"Hey Thanos, did you win the Tournament?" Luffy asked the Titan, making him jump.

"Jesus Christ!" Thanos yelped.

"No, it's Luffy." Luffy said blankly.

"I need to put a bell on you, alright, no I did not win, yet, if you want to fight this green bastard, don't otherwise Black will kill you and how's life Luffy." Thanos turned to the Straw-hat wearing man.

"It's nice, what about you?" Luffy raised his eyebrow.

"Meh, fine." Thanos said with a shug.

The body of the kai landed in front of the two, Zamasu was cut in many places, missing a limb, and had smoke rolling off him as he groaned in pain. The Saiyan slowly walked up to the kai with a dead look.

"Do you want me to use the Rokuogan on him?" Thanos asked looking down at the Kai.

Black said nothing as he pointed two fingers at Zamasu, a thin ki blade penetrated Zamasu’s chest as the Saiyan lifted the Kai into the air. The kai stared into the Saiyan’s, seeing nothing but hatred and silent rage for the kai. “Don’t you see!” Zamasu spat. “These are what mortals do, kill kill kill! That’s all you know! That’s why you must be expunged from every universe!” Zamasu shouted.

"The definition of mortal is "A human being subject to death, often contrasted with a divine being." I'm a Titan, basically a god who can live more than one thousand years. I'm not a mortal, Black isn't one either because he is you, so wouldn't that make you a mortal as well because you are him?" Thanos countered, Luffy looked at Zamasu.

"He has a point, by the way, do you poop?" Luffy asked the green man.

Zamasu said nothing, contemplating what the straw hat man asked. He didn’t get a choice as he was thrown into the air, Black swung his hand around as he sliced the kai into two. Black then threw his hands to the side as two orbs of ki formed. The Titan immediately realized the technique the Saiyan was going to use. “FINAL!!!”

"Oh shit Luffy hold on let me surround this in Bedrock." Thanos put up a dome around the two, made of Bedrock from Minecraft.

“BIG BANG!!!!” Black threw his arms forward, combining the two balls of ki into a massive ball of yellow and deep blue. He pulled his arms to one side and made the blasts larger.

"I will build a Wall just in case" He says as he builds the walls from attack on titan.

“KA-ME-HA-ME!!!!!!!” Black roared as his hair became spiker, a large spiky aura surrounded his godly aura.

“HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Black roared, throwing his arms forward as he launched a massive blast the size of a mountain plato. It struck Zamasu, engulfing the corrupted kai as the blast flew out into space, nearly hitting the moon as it traveled out into the stars. The blast killed the kai as it erased every atom the kai had. Black huffed, his aura crackling around him as it disappeared, his hair going back to his base form.

Thanos made the walls and extra precautions disappear. Thanos walked up to Black, "I thought you needed to use the Hakai to kill him." Thanos asked the Saiyan.

Black looked to Thanos, “That wasn’t the immortal Zamasu, that was the one before he wished for an immortal body.” Black explained.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!" Thanos said as it all clicked, "Well, he said an hour so… Wanna hang out?" Thanos asked the Saiyan.

"Damn, Thanos, we're still recovering from his attack and he-"


They saw a blast bigger than Thanos' dick zoom by. Celestia looked towards the badlands. She looked towards a guard.

"That wasn't Thanos… I'll rally the elements, farewell." Celestis popped away and the guard stood there.

"I hate my life." The guard said with a sigh

“Why not? This is actually the first time I’ve been to another Universe by choice.” Black explained, his dark deminer disappearing.

"Alright, do you love Chick-Fil-A?" Thanos asked the Saiyan.

“Who doesn’t?” Black said with a laugh.

"Good question, anyways." Thanos made a Chick-Fil-A with his Reality Stone full with it's workers. "Let us eat!" Thanos and Luffy marched inside.

Black smiled as he followed the two inside while shaking his head. Luffy walked to the counter and ordered literally everything, Thanos decided to get everything, three times for everyone to eat. The workers look at them weirdly then salute and dash off, Thanos finds a seat next to the window, Luffy, and Black sit down next to him.

“So, since we’ve kinda got to wait, how’d you two meet?” Black asked the two. Luffy and Thanos glancing at each other for a second before looking back to the Saiyan.

"Well, it all began when I got captured by some Displaced, they got the jump on me and cuffed me in Sea Prism Cuffs, making me weak due to my Devil Fruit restrictions. I was sent to Kaido's prison and met him myself, Kaido is a dragon, a literal dragon. Eastern Dragon too. Grievous decided to fight him, got Yamcha'd on the spot, then there's basically a break out and in a cell I met Nappa. There he told me you're a simp and yada, yada, yada then we finally meet when we march up to Kaido. It was a… Nine on one. We nearly lost but I beat his ass nonetheless." Thanos said remembering the whole arc.

"I'm also a Pirate now, with a bounty of two billion!" Luffy grinned.

“Neat,” Black said with a smile, slamming his hand against the window, shattering it before he stuck a hand out. He then created a mountain of gold coins, shocking Luffy. “But I personally don’t care for money.” Black said as he blasted the mountain of gold away.

"In the One Piece world the Bounty system is like a power level thing, in the actual canon Kaido had a bounty of four billion, he also jumped from the clouds ten thousand meters in the air and slammed down onto earth in his human form, and he only got a headache!" Luffy grinned.

“Interesting, I’m curious what my power level would be, but as we all know. In the words of TFS Tien, ‘Fuck Powerlevels’” Black said with a laugh

"Did he say that? I think that was Vegeta." Thanos said, trying to remember the show.

“Nope, that was Tien, he said that when he tried to hold off semi-perfect cell.” Black explained.

"Can I tell you about the other Yonko's aka the Four Emperors?!" Luffy's eyes beamed.

“Sure, we’ve got time,” Black said with a wave of his hand. Repairing the shattered window of the process. But they were interrupted by the sound of a teleportation spell outside the Chick-Fil-A. Luffy looked towards the noise and Celestia, the wielders Elements of Harmony, Sunset Shimmer, Fizzle Pop, Thorax, and Ember were there. Luffy turned back to Black.

"As I was saying there are Four Emperors right? One of them is Whitebeard with the Gura-Gura No Mi, he can make seaquakes, earthquakes, and shockwaves! One time he even tilted the sea itself." Luffy explained, Celestia took a step.

"Who are these two, Thanos? Some of your allies?" Celestia asked the Titan, he just glanced at her.

"They're friends now fuck off we're having a conversation here." Thano said nonchalantly to his mortal enemy.

Black glanced at the new arrivals with a curious look. “If you think of me as an enemy, then you have nothing to worry about.” Black stood up from his seat and stared at them. “But if you came because of a massive blast, that was me.” Black said with a smirk.

"What?! T-then you must be stronger than Thanos!" Rainbow Dash pointed at Thanos, just as the food arrived.

“I’d say we’re evenly matched if he didn’t use Observant Haki and I didn’t use Ultra Instinct or any healing abilities.” Black pointed out as he put his hands on his hips.

"If we both did that it would be like Frieza vs Goku all over again, by the way food's here." Thanos reached for a Chicken Sandwich and he bit down on it.

Black turned back to them with a grin, “You'd better not eat at the nuggets.” Black sat back down and grabbed a bowl of Chicken Nuggets.

"Don't worry, I won't, be worried about Luffy stealing your food." Thanos chuckled, before slapping Luffy's hand as he reached for his fries.

"Stop ignoring us!" Rainbow Dash shouted out, yet they continued to ignore them.

Black turned his attention to the hot headed mare, “Hey, after just ridding myself of my Nightmare Parasite, I’m kinda hungry alright!” Black said as he continued to eat.

"Exactly, relieving yourself of stress is very… What's the word for it? Energy consuming, plus we haven't ate all day!" Thanos pointed a finger at them, Celestia shot a beam of literal light at Thanos. Thanos ducked, Luffy ducked as well because he was beside Thanos.

"Enough of this farce Thanos, how long do you think it will take for a damn army to come after you?" Celestia glared at Thanos.

“You wouldn’t send one.” Black said, bringing Celestia's attention to him. “Why would you? I know you have a sliver of… what’s the word? Oh… Love for the Titan, don’t you?” Black asked.

Celestia took a step back, "That's false! I do not hold any feelings towards this heartless beast!" Celestia growled.

“If that’s true, why didn’t you kill him when you had the chance before.” Black questioned, walking up to the Princess. “I figured you sealed him away, but for what reason, you could’ve killed him right there and then.”

"I-I… I thought he may have changed but after destroying Canterlot, overtaking someone's Kingdom, and killing countless lives, I realized he couldn't change!" Celestia clenched her fists.

"Wouldn't that make you a heartless monster? Committing genocide on the humans, trying to destroy all evil thus creating an imbalance in the universe, hunting me down after I refused to do your bidding, wouldn't that make you a heartless monster? Given your philosophy." Thanos said before finishing his Chicken Sandwich and digging into the fries.

“And the fact that you wanted him to erase all evil from Equestria, hence Genocide.” Black pointed out. “But neither action with the infinity stones is always a good one. Like erasing evil or erasing half the universe of population to stop universe hunger.” Black explained.

"Not to mention killing an entire race…" Luffy crossed his arms before side-eying Celestia. "That's pretty heartless, don't you think?" Luffy licked his ice cream, menacingly.

"Silence! Stop your barbaric eating and fight us!" Celestia took a step forward.

"Nah, I don't really feel like it." Thanos finished his fries and went onto the next.

“I might, who knows.” Black says as he eyes up the ponies and dragon.. “But I will warn you, you won’t win.”

"Are you sure? With our abilities you won't be able to-" Luffy stood up and walked outside, Luffy turned to Black.

"Black, I want you to watch and learn what Haki can do." Luffy asked the saiyan before turning to the group.

“Go for it, just make sure to let me have a go at one point alright.” The Saiyan asked politely.

"You will, oh you will alright…" Luffy said, coating his arms in Armament Haki as he walked towards his enemies whilst his straw-hat on.

"Do you really think you can handle all us?" Ember crossed her arms, Luffy said no words and threw his arm to his side, his rubber body making it so that it went to a pumping position. Luffy vanished from the fight and appeared above Ember, he then punched the drake's head into the earth.

"Gomu Gomu no, Hawk Stamp!" Luffy threw his leg back and threw it at Sunset, hitting her. Rainbow Dash lunged at Luffy only for him to vanish, Rainbow Dash opened her eyes wide and got gut-punched by him. Rainbow Dash fell on her back, Applejack tried to kick Luffy, coating her hoof in Armament Haki, only for Luffy to catch it and flip her on her ass. Luffy was then kicked at the speed of light as Celestia kicked him, Luffy crashed into the Chick-Fil-A, only a window next to them.

"You better not get that glass on my food!" Thanos said jokingly with his mouth full.

Black rolled his eyes as he jumped out of the window, standing next to Luffy. “Nice Armament Haki, but you need to be more aware of you opponents. Leaving yourself open could be dangerous.” Black commented as he stepped up against the ponies.

"I dodged almost all of their attacks and got hit by their strongest, plus she caught me off guard and kicked me at the speed of Light! She ate the Pika-Pika No Mi, making her literal light!" Luffy said warming his arms up.

“Interesting…” Black muttered as he starred at Celestia. He chuckled as he powered up, a black and purple aura surrounding the Saiyan. “Is there any way to counter her attacks if she’s literal light?”

"She's also Logia type Devil Fruit user, meaning she can't get hit because she's an elemental, you have to have Haki or being coated in their corresponding element. Like you can hit someone if they have the Sand Sand Fruit if you are coated in liquid." Luffy informed the Saiyan, steam coming from his body, his skin pink. "I ate the Gomu Gomu No Mi, meaning I'm Rubber, the reason why I'm pink is because I'm accelerating my blood. Making me stronger, each pump makes me stronger, like the Kaio-Ken." Luffy said getting in a stance.

Black then got an idea, “So since her element is light, would it be possible if I went Super Saiyan, generating a lot of light.” Black looked to Luffy, “Could I be able to hit her?

"Hm, I don't think so unless your in like a Shadow or Darkness then maybe. You can't fight light with light." Luffy turned to the Saiyan.

“Good to hear… thank Dende this happens whenever I power up.” Black commented with a laugh. He clenched his hands as let out a roar, his aura spiking up as clouds started to form around them, growing in size until it covered the sun. He let out a sigh before grinning.

"You also need Haki, but you know Armament Haki right?" Luffy raised his eyebrow.

“Yeah, gotta thank Thanos for that.” Black said as he generated a ki scythe in his hand, then proceeded to cover it with Armament Haki.

"Alright, let's do this!" Luffy grinned ear to ear. Luffy ran at Sunset, Sunset clenched her fist and threw a fire fist. Thanos' eyes widened.

"She has the Flame-Flame Fruit! Also a Logia, she could be hit if she's wet." Thanos cried out.

"Oh my~"

“Shut it Zarbon!” Black yelled. He then ran forwards, charging at Celestia as the Alicorn prepared herself. Black swung his scythe at the Princess, her clashing with his scythe with a sword of pure light. The two weapons grinded against each other, making a terrible screeching noise, like grinding metal. “So Tia, do you wish to go back?” Black asked the Princess, confusing Celestia.

"Go back where?" Celestia grunted.

“You know,” Black commented, backing off and trying to find an opening in her attacks as they swung weapons at each other. “To the time where you and Thanos loved each other.”

"Tch, shut up!" Celestia jumped back and coated herself in her Golden armor. She radiated a shining aura, Black sensed her power level increased, like a buff.

The Saiyan smiled, “Come on, I know you do.” Black commented as he powered up to Super Saiyan. “But I wonder what really happened between you two?” Black muttered.

"Shut the hell up already! Stop saying these… Weird things?!" Celestia shouted out, she then tried to kick Black at the speed of light. Black dodged the attack, the Alicorn taken by surprise as the Saiyan moved behind her.

“Let me truly show you a kick,” Black said as he covered his leg in Armament Haki. He quickly spun around, spin kicking the Alicorn in the back. Sending her forwards a few meters before she recovered. Celestia growled and turned into light, becoming a streak and she appeared before Black and corkscrew punched his gut. Making the Saiyan spin and land on his back.

The Saiyan laughed, “Oooh, did I touch a nerve?” Black asked the Alicorn as he stood back up. He dusted off any sand that got on to his Gi, “You Alicorn sure do pack a punch.”

"Glad I can pack one, next thing I'm going to pack is you." Celestia said, frowning at the Saiyan.

“Oooh, number 37,” Black randomly said as he dropped his ki scythe, is disappearing into thin air. He popped his knuckles, them popping loudly as he got into a fighting stance. “Come,”

Celestia discarded her Sword of Light, now disappearing in thin air. She went into a stance similar to the Mad Titan himself. "Let us engage in hand to hand combat, warrior." Speaking like a warrior herself.

Black smiles as he charges forward, Celestia doing the same as they clashed fists, creating a small crater beneath them. Celestia threw a kick to Black's side light boosting her attack. Black covered his side in Armament Haki for a moment as her kick made contact. He took the hit, wincing slightly as he smiled. “So, who taught you to fight?” Black asked as he threw a fist for Celestia’s gut.

"...Thanos." She admitted right as she blocked Black's fist with her forearm, coating it in Armament Haki to somehow make the Saiyan get injured.

“So that’s why you took his stance,” Black commented, piecing it together. He covered his tail in armament, wrapping it around Celestia’s leg before pulling. Making the Alicorn slip, “So why don’t you have your own Stance?”

Celestia mouthed "Shit!" Before she fell, "Tch, because Thanos is the best fighter I know and his stance is damn impenetrable." Celestia did a breakdance, spinning her legs and making Black slip. She stood up and gave Black a smug look.

Black fell to the ground, but recovered as he pushed off it with a hand, doing a backflip and landing on his feet. “Don’t be so smug, I’m barely warmed up.” Black boasted as he got into a fighting stance similar to Goku’s when he first fought Vegeta.

"Same here." Celestia said like she wasn't terrified of a being who could rival her ex-husband.

Black saw right through this, but he smiled as he played along. “If that’s’ true, then hit me.” Black said as he pointed to himself. “Hit me as hard as you can.”

"Alright then, be prepared." Celestia's horn lit up and vanished, Black sat there and tried to sense Celestia. Suddenly he saw Celestia coming in hot, at light speed no less with her powerful wings making her faster, she then kicked Black at lightspeed- no, more than light speed.

“Come on, show me your full power!” Black shouted at the Alicorn. The speed, the weight, and the force of the Alicorn's kick, sent Black flying into a distant rock formation.

"Fucking bitch…" Celestia scoffed, before dusting her hands off. She was about to head over to Luffy’s location to help the others, but was interrupted when the lands began to rubble. It then turned into an earthquake as she almost fell on her ass. The Alicorn turned her attention to the rock formation she kicked the Saiyan into. It began to fall apart before a big yellow sphere appeared. Growing in size for a moment, only to break into many particles of energy.

"...You got to be fucking kidding me." Celestis asked to whatever God that was up there.

When the energy disappeared, it revealed a different looking Saiyan. His hair was black and went down his spine like a Super Saiyan 3. His top gi was gone, leaving it to show his chest and arms covered in a deep red fur, except for his biceps and his abs. A red tail swished around him as he opened his eyes. He smirked as his pupils turned gold, under his eyes had a red lining. “That was a decent attack.” Black spoke, his voice turning gravely. He widened his eyes slightly, a massive gust of wind appearing out of nowhere, pushing the Alicorn backwards.

"Furry!" Thanos said in the distance, Celestia rolled her eyes.

"Ignore him, he's just being an ass."

"By the way nice ass Celestia!" Thanos shouted out, Celestia's face turned blood red.

Black rolled his eyes, “When is he never one?” Black asked the Alicorn.

"Good question." Celestia rubbed her eyes with a sigh. "Now let us commence our battle." Celestia brought up her fists and pulled her right leg up too, she then started spinning around rapidly.

GOKU Black popped his neck, hearing the satisfying crackling noise. “If you can call it one.” Black mocked before he let out a primal roar. His aura growing in size, the Saiyan charged forward faster than Celestia could comprehend. Before he made contact, he disappeared from the Alicorn's sight. Celestia tried to look for the Saiyan, but to only cry out in pain as she felt Black's fist make contact with her gut.

Black looked up to meet Celestia’s gaze, smirking. “Trust me, this is only the beginning”

"Go to Tartarus." She said before doing a backflip and spun rapidly once more then stopping, her right leg now on fire. "Diable Jambe!" She flew at the Saiyan, "Joue Shot!" Celestia kicked the Saiyan in the nose and threw him far.

“Oh trust me,” Black muttered. He appeared behind her, his back facing hers. “There are things I’ve done, even if they were heroic, put other ponies in danger. I would rather go there than the afterlife.” Black said as he turned his head to face her gaze.

"And why is that?" Celestia asked, shifting her stance, to turn her waist towards Luffy.

“Because I was afraid to kill, Sombra making me watch him kill my friends, one I considered family, my master. And a filly in front of me. I snapped thought, killing him and his race, same with the crystal ponies.” Black explained, a hint of sadness in his eyes

"I don't recall seeing you there, strange creature." Celestia said as she took a step towards Luffy.

“Whoever said I was there, I’m not even from this Universe,” Black said as he teleported in front of Celestia.

"What do you mean?" Celestia asked Black.

“Tell me, have you ever heard of… multiverse theory?” Black asked, putting a hand out, to make a projection with many orbs, containing multiple galaxies in it. Celestia looked at it with surprise.

Black walked to Celestia’s side, looking at the orbs with her, “This is an example of what it could look like. All of these universes contain an Equestria, looking the same with… minor differences.” Black explained as he dropped out of Super Saiyan 4, the top part of his Gi reappearing.

"I see, so do you have a Universe where Thanos' home planet resides?" Celestia said before pointing a finger at the Saiyan and firing a beam of light in his chest, aiming at his heart.

The Saiyan tanked it, not taking any damage at all, except for a hole in his Gi. He looked down and shaked his head. “I don’t know, I’ve only been on Equestria the whole time. Plus, I’m the only one of my kind there.” Black said as he looked to Celestia. “You’ve got to thank your sister for making me not go insane.”

"What do you mean by that?" Celestia asked summoning a small Knife of Light to try and kill him again.

The Saiyan sighed as he slapped the knife away. He closed his fist, the images of the multiverse disappearing. “Tell me this, what would you do if you were the last of your kind, the only one on a planet of different species that view you as a monster?”

"I would simply try to make a friend, try to prove them wrong." Celestia inched closer to the Saiyan.

“Good answer. I tried the same thing, succeeding when Lulu wanted to be my friend. But for every deed I did for the ponies, they retaliate with raids against me and assassinations.”

"That's odd, when Thanos and his friends came they were more welcome to them. I think it was because they bested Discord in combat." Celestia took a step forward towards Black.

“Did the same here, but Discord kill one of the elements of Harmony. The ponies were angry, saying that I could’ve stopped the spirit.”

"Just because of one simple mistake? This is why I had to rebuild the nation." Celestia frowned.

“When the fight with Sombra came, he framed me. He made me snap when he killed the rest of the elements of Harmony, including my master. Master Starswirl.” Black hissed.

"He always was a snake, I feel sorry for you, this is why I hated Evil and it's ways." Celestia shook her head.

Black sighed as he turned away from Celestia, walking towards Luffy. “Your way of ending evil is wrong, but it’s the same with what Thanos wishes to do with the infinity stones.” He stopped in his tracks and looked back to Celestia, “Personally, I would get rid of them, put them in a box and send them to the deepest ocean.” Black said as he turned his back away from the Alicorn. “No one should have that power.”

"Indeed, yet you have the power to rival that of Thanos. Should you be locked up too?" Celestia said as she crept up on Thanos, her footsteps quiet.

Black stopped in his tracks, “Maybe I should, but you don’t get to make that decision.” Black said as he sensed Celestia moving towards the mad Titan. He pointed a hand at her, a ki blast formed in it. “Plus, isn’t friendship your motto?”

"Mm, maybe." She summoned her light sword and turned it into a spear, she spun it around. "But sometimes, friendship can't solve every problem."

Black hummed in response, “True, but…” black disappeared from her sight, appearing behind the Alicorn. Celestia turned her gaze to meet his, only to see his eyes changed to silver. “Killing isn’t always the way.” He covered his fist in Armament, gut punching the Princess before she could dodge.

When Celestia was hit, her whole gut felt like it was hit by Thanos but a hundred of them, Celestia stumbled backward. She nearly fell down, but she threw the spear straight at Thanos' heart. Before the spear could make contact with the mad titan. Black appeared and stopped it with a pinkie. Pushing his finger forward, he shattered the weapon instantly.

“Just give up already, you can’t win this fight.” Black asked politely.

"A kind gesture but no." Celestis responded right before Thanos appeared beside her and shot her with a Power blast, shooting her into a distant rock formation.

“Damn she’s stubborn…” Black muttered. He turned his attention to Thanos. “Don’t worry, I can handle this, go help Luffy.”

"She needs to learn when to shut up, I need to learn that too but atleast I don't go and monologue all the damn time." Thanos took a sip of his Diet Doctor Kelp that he got from the Krusty Krab.

“She needs to see that killing isn’t a backup option.” Black argued.

"Exactly, when I killed Kaido, I knew he would just enact revenge if I let him live. He's the only "Main" Villain I fought these days." Thanos yawned, which caused Black to yawn, which caused Chill to yawn which caused ShirtMech to yawn.

“Plus, erasing half of all magical creatures isn’t going to solve anything, it will only cause an outbreak!” Black argued.

"I think everything would be better without Alicorns, and some Equestrians out there. I mean, I can use my Reality stone to make Equestria and it's sun seem like Earth's sun. Honestly if I rule Equestria, things will skyrocket drastically." Thanos countered.

Black looked at the Titan with disbelief, “I can’t believe you…” The Saiyan said with disappointment.

"What? I said some Equestrians, that means the Unicorns, Earth Ponies, and Pegasi's just to teach them a lesson." Thanos said looking into his cup.

Black walked away from the Titan, stopping a few meters away before looking up to the sky. “RYKER!!!!!” Black roared into the sky, “I'M READY TO RETURN, LEAVE THANOS BEHIND FOR ALL I CARE!!!”

Sunset was flustered at whoever said "Oh my~" she flew at Luffy and tried to punch him. Luffy uppercuts Sunset and kicks her away, Fizzle Pop kicks Luffy in the gut. Luffy grabbed her armor and headbutted her in the nose, but before he did he coated it in Armament Haki, knocking her down. Rainbow Dash flew herself at Luffy again but he jumped into the air and got shot down by Twilight. Luffy hit the ground and rolled to his feet.

"Damn it!" Luffy cursed, "Red Hawk!" Luffy pulled back his fist, it heated up. His fist was now fully heated up and he attempted to punch Twilight. But Twilight erected a shield and blocked the attack. Luffy jumped back, Ember hit Luffy's back with her scepter, Luffy stumbled forward and was bucked by Applejack. Luffy stumbled back and got caught in a full nelson by Thorax. Rainbow Dash popped her knuckles and headed over to Luffy.

"Not so tough now, are we?" Rainbow Dash snarked only to be punched by Thanos or rather bitch-slapped. Thanos then hit Thorax with his elbow, Thorax fell on his back.

"Bitch." Thanos said before Luffy and him fist bump. Thanos was nearly stabbed by Rarity but he grabbed the sword and broke it in half. He then punched her gut, sending her far and made Rarity fall on Applejack. Pinkie Pie loaded up her party cannon, Luffy flipped the cannon over and when Pinkie Pie fired it she was hit by her own cannon. Pinkie Pie was buried in cake, Thanos took a piece of cake and ate it.

"Pretty damn good cake, want some?" Thanos offered the rubber boy.

"Nah, I don't have much of a sweet tooth." Right then a portal opened up, Ryker stood there drinking coffee, in sandals.

"Get in you two." Ryker said, stepping aside, Black walked in first, but glared at Thanos before walking towards the portal. Thanos following the Saiyan.

"Hey! What about me?!" Luffy asked, looking at a white figure coming in hot.

"I don't know, figure it out." Thanos walked off, Luffy looked to Black for assistance.

“Come in for all I care, but take it up with Ryker. The best thing would be as a spectator.” Black scoffed.

"Well he said four and I only brought Lucci, Entity, and Nappa…" Thanos looked at Ryker, Ryker threw his head back and groaned. Ryker pulled Luffy in so fast that Luffy slammed into the wall.

“Goodness!” Shiva yelped, racing to Luffy’s side with her pack link glowing. “Are you alright?”

"There, now I have to get ready." Ryker walked off and the portal closed. Luffy jumped to his feet and looked at Shiva.

"Are you a Mink? By the way, do you poop?" Luffy asked, pointing at the wolf.

Shiva blinked up at him. “Um, I’m a diamond dog, sir,” she replied. She turned away with flattened ears. “And it should be assumed that everyone poops.”

"...What about mermaids?" Luffy asked.

Black turned to Shiva, “Ignore him, he asked my Nightmare the same thing.”

Shiva nodded in thanks. “Ah, I see,” she said, turning away. Briefly, she glanced back at Luffy. “And yes… even mermaids.” She trotted back to her corner of the room, continuing to train with her pack link.

Luffy looked confused, "But… They don't have butts… I… I'm… What?" Luffy's brain short-circuited, Thanos just walked off to go and train.

Black stood next to Luffy, “Tell me, do you agree with your friends method of peace in Equestria?” The Saiyan asked.

Luffy puts his hands on the back of his head, "He never really told me, all he said is "Technology" or something like that." Luffy shrugged.

Black kept looking at Luffy before walking off and saying, “What if Alicorns and some Equestrians… never ceased to exist?” Black then walked to the stadium to wait for the fight.

"But they… Do exist…" Luffy said before stopping, he sat down and gave it thought.

"Well shit…"

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