• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Chapter Eight, Dr. Doom of Griffonstone vs Kyle, just Kyle nothing else.

Chapter Eight, Dr. Doom of Griffonstone vs Kyle, just Kyle nothing else.

Thanos walked down the hallway only to see Entity walking down perfectly fine. Thanos paused, he looked to Entity.

"Are you okay?" Thanos raised an eyebrow, Entity stopped to turn to him.

"I actually feel fine! I don't remember much because I blacked out when I was going to the Gravity Room yesterday and-"

"Wait, you don't remember insulting Maud and getting tortured by Eric and Luna?" Thanos frowned, leaning closer to Entity.

"I insulted Maud?! I don't remember drinking," Entity scratched the back of his head.

"Tch, you were infected with Dark Ki," They turned to see Nappa, "I should know, I've been in the Time Patrol for a while. Only I could sense you were corrupted."

"WAIT WHAT!?!??!? Who corrupted me?!" Entity looked at Nappa with worry.

"I get a feeling it's Ryker, ever since we've been here you two have been acting strange, and the only way to purify you is to beat you. So Thanos… I'm gonna start beating you now, I don't know when I'll stop." Nappa cocked back his fist and transformed into Super Saiyan.

"Well sh-"

Kyle stood there in the Locker Room, he looked at his fist then at Doom. Kyle then started to shake in absolute fear, Kyle’s blood was cold. He started to shiver as he remembered his time in the lab, being experimented on and being tortured. Kyle stood up and ran out of the door.

Shiva watched him go with concern in her eyes. Glancing at Doom, she cautiously crept over to the metal human.

“Excuse me, Doctor,” she said softly. “I know I’m hardly the type to make suggestions, but…” She nodded at where Kyle had run off. “There is a way for you to take it easy on him.”

“Take it easy? In what way? Should I hit him as hard as I can so any suffering he would feel would be fast and relatively painless? Or let the fight last longer by pulling my punches, thus making the time he suffers extended?” Doom looked at Shiva then to where Kyle went. “Mercy can bring its own agony. Ryker wants a show, so making the fight last longer would play into his hands. It would also allow me to not reveal all of my abilities, but like I said that means the time of physical combat is longer, and Kyle would be taking more hits.”

“But I heard you mention that you use technology and magic. And since you’re eager to learn about what we can do…” Shiva extended her claw, and a ball of purple light formed in her claws. “This is how I got out of my own fight with Phoenix,” she explained, her pack link ensuring that no onlookers heard them. “It’ll essentially allow you to put Kyle into a catatonic state resembling being knocked out. It’ll admittedly need to be covered by some flash - you’re not wrong about Ryker wanting a show. But with this, you at least won’t need to pummel him into unconsciousness like Thanos did to Link. And with my pack link, I can transfer the knowledge of how to use it straight into your memory.”

Just as Shiva finished her sentence, Thanos came crashing through a wall and into a punching bag. Nappa walked out with Entity with him.

“Where’s Maud, I need to apologize to her, though I wasn’t in control of myself due to Dark Ki. Where is she?!” Entity cried out, looking for the solid stone cold mare.

“She’s Training with Sombra,” Eric said entering the room

“Thank you Von Shadow, have a nice day.” Entity tipped his helmet to Eric before trying to walk off to apologize to the mare.

Eric however blocked Entity’s path by erecting a wall of shadow in front of the exit

“Oi! What’s the problem?!” Entity asked with a frown.

“You insulted her sister and called her a Cunt,” Eric said glaring at the minecraft player, and earning an irritated huff from the female diamond dog nearby. “She utterly wrecked you in your fight. Speaking to her now before she has had time to calm down is suicidal.”

“I CALLED HER A WHAT!??!?!? I don’t remember any of that! All I remember is walking to the gravity chamber then blacking out and waking up here! You gotta believe me!” Entity said with desperation, “Also, I knew she could beat me in a fight, I’m a blocky man. I was just staring at her for jokes.” Entity chuckled.

“Even still, heed my advice,” Eric said, dropping the shadow wall. “Don’t speak to her until she has calmed down.”

“If you don’t trust him, trust my word on this,” Shiva added. “It takes a ‘long’ time for a woman to calm down from an insult like that.”

“...Understood.” Entity nodded, as Thanos was being punched by Nappa, over and over again.

“Also I’d refrain from sitting down anytime soon. Luna did a number on your tainthole,” Eric said laughing as he left the locker room

“I don’t feel any pain, remember, Minecraft Human? And also, kinky.” Entity laughed with him, or rather himself. Lucci walked inside, suddenly black.

“Hello guys.” Lucci’s voice was different, more African-American, “What’s up?”

Luffy turned to Lucci, “Hey, you look different. Did you take a bath in chocolate?” Luffy asked the Leopard Assassin.

Black walked into the locker room with bags under his eyes again. “Zabuza ga watashi o nemurasenai yō ni shi tsudzukerunara, watashi wa kare ni hakai o tsukau to chikaimasu…(I swear, if Zabuza continues to prevent me from sleeping, I will use destruction on him...)” Black muttered, speaking japanese. The Saiyan looked to Lucci, taking a second to process what he just saw. “When did you become African American?”

“Wait,” Lucci checked his hands and pure tears of joy appear on his eyes, “I’M BACK AND I’M BLACK BABY!!! HALLELUJAH I’M BACK TO BEING BLACK!!!!!!!!!” Lucci cheered before punching Luffy in the face. “Also that’s racist.”

Shiva and Kodo glanced at each other, utterly bamboozled at his joy. “Um… hooray?” Kodo offered.

“Wait, were you African American before you became a Displaced?” Black asked as he rubbed his eyes.

“Yes!” Lucci started crying, finally happy after all these milenia, “Yes, I was!” Lucci grinned.

Black yawned, “That's great, good on you.” Black said with a smile. “Sorry if that yawn annoyed you, it’s just Zabuza has been a total ass…” Black hissed.

“Oof size large on that.” Entity said, “If that man comes close to me, he’s on the chopping block.”

“Exactly, also, I’m sorry for you.” Lucci said before walking off, “I’m getting some Fried Chicken, it doesn’t taste as good when you're white. Also, if I’m black, it’s not racist.” Lucci said to the Readers as he walked off, Luffy following him.

Black just shook his head as he created a tiny sphere of haki, it’s pressure being felt through the locker room. The Saiyan then proceeded to bounce it in the air, using his foot. Kicking the sphere of destruction like a soccer ball. Kodo watched like he was expecting Black to throw it. Hesitantly, he tried the same tactic, though his limbs kept exploding into smoke.

His limbs exploding into smoke drew his mother’s gaze, and she blinked in shock as he reformed his limbs instantly. “Kodo, why is your fur turning into smoke?” she asked.

Kodo swallowed sheepishly. “Um… Von Shadow gave me this ‘Devil Fruit.’ Said it’ll give me the power to turn into smoke. Though now I’m weak to water.”

Shiva’s ears flattened, and she glared at him like he had been out past curfew. Kodo shrugged defensively.

“It was either the Smoke-Smoke Fruit or some version of the Alicorn Amulet!” he insisted. “I’m going to make up for what I did, and that means making sure I’m strong enough to protect you.”

“My version of the Amulet. One I could if need be disable with a snap of my fingers. The last thing I would want would be another megalomaniac with sadistic tendencies.” Doom huffs then heads out of the locker room.

“And another megalomaniac is something you’re not going to get,” Shiva called after him before glaring at Kodo. “Right?” she growled darkly.

“I told you, I’m not putting anyone through that again,” Kodo whined.

Shaking his head at the mother and son argument, Doom left. Yet, as he left, he placed a small disk on the lockers, it took just a second for the disk to dissolve and merge with the metal.

Shiva still grimaced, but her glower faded at the logic in his words. She sighed, putting her head in her claws.

"This is what happens when you put too many op displaced in one place kids," Ed added from a side panel. "Please do thorough research before bringing so many characters in at any given time. Thank you and have a great day. Hey guys wait up I want some chicken too."

“Chicken?” Kodo and Shiva asked, following after them like dogs that smelled dinner.

“Stop making me hungry Edward,” Black said as he felt his stomach growl. “I mean, Nightmare had wanted to take a break from training. Every time I’ve tried to do some training, some stupid shit always happen. What else should I do?” Black said as he caught the sphere of destruction in his hand and started to spin it on the tip of his finger.

"How about you play a role in stopping whatever Ryker is up to," Ed said. "Sorry to say but with this many displaced in a dick measuring contest of this magnitude, there will be tons of bullshit flung around. I mean Maud Pie kicked Entity's ass. Yeah, he was possessed by dark ki but at the same time, I think he was also just being an asshole cause he wanted to be. Nappa is currently purifying Thanos by beating the crap out of him. Keep your head down and wits about you is all I can say. I can help whoever and in whatever way I want as I'm not under a contract here. If you see anything let me know. I still own the dick head a metal fist to his fleshy face for pulling away from my girls."

"I heard that!" Ryker cried out, "Good luck on punching me though! No really, good luck because it's been so long since I felt pain. And without pain there is no pleasure! Oh god, that sounded masochistic. Is that a word? Questions for later." Ryker said sticking his head through a portal next to them. He then went back into the portal and vanished.

"That guy is worse about talking out loud than me," Ed raised an eyebrow. "And if I really wanted to hurt you, I would’ve done so by now."

Black stopped spinning the sphere of destruction, swiping it away as it faded into nothing. “I mean, you could, but you would probably be sent back to your universe along with Death.” Black said as he laid back against the lockers with his hands behind his head. “I guess I could prepare and train some Displaced to learn how to use ki if this tournament goes to shit.” Black mutters.

“Even if he could send me back I’ve already been to and from here several times to other worlds and universes,”Ed shrugged. “Getting back is no big deal. Beside I doubt he wants a pissed off void dweller all over his ass,” he twirled his finger and pointed at his eye. “Truth sees everything I see and he’s very invested in this tourney for his own amusement, similar to me but more for shits and giggles.” Edward sighed. “And it would be a good idea to teach some of them ki, also let me see your hand,” Black knew what Ed was talking about and the sage taped Black’s hand and the dragon’s soul orb in the saiyan’s hand glow brightly for a minute. “You’ll be able to access a three minute partial full armor transformation in Balance Breaker form without losing have to pay for it. I supply Ddraig with a few mana stones and open up your dragonic pathways so your power will flow more freely.”

Black glimpsed at the draconian gem in his palm, “Man, you just spoke a mouthful. But understandable, I think I would be able to hold it for a while.” Black stood up and stretched, hearing multiple bones pop. “As for training them, I’m not so sure I’m the best teacher, but I’ll give it a shot.” Black said with a sigh. The Saiyan looked around the locker room, the other Displaced doing their own thing. He sensed energy in the gravity chamber, feeling the life force of both Sombra, Maud Pie, as well as Kyle. Let's see what they're up to… Black thought as he walked to the chamber.

Inside Black staggered a bit at the level of gravity pushing against him, feeling that the gravity is more than his normal training sessions. The Saiyan glances to the gravity controller to see it at 5100X Earth Gravity. They don’t mess around I see… Black thought as he turned to see the three in the chamber training with each other. “I’m impressed, how are you guys able to withstand this much weight.” Black asked curiously.

"..." Kyle sat there silent in his corner, strategizing, planning, he was still shaking in terror.

“We have someone on the ship who can increase the gravity,” Sombra said, stopping his training with the earth pony. “But Eric has forbidden this kind of training on the ship”

"Zushi-Zushi No Mi, the fruit that allows you to increase Gravity." Kyle said shakily.

“That’s the one,” Maud said relatively calmly. “I would set it higher but this is the only setting I could use before Sombra could collapse.”

“Well, the gravity chamber can produce over 5000X normal gravity, you don’t need a fruit to increase it further.” Black pointed out. “Either way, it’s impressive that you can handle this much weight.”

"At That point, you're just asking to die, that much gravity on one's body can cause uncanny amounts of stress on your body. But you guys aren't like me so…" Kyle said, rubbing his hat on his head.

“Fighting the Crimson Sage is basically a death wish if he intends to kill you… I would know,” Black said as he rubbed his right arm. Said arm being covered in a long scar.

“This may look easy for me, but this is still nowhere near the level Eric is,” Maud said kicking Sombra’s sword from his hand

"I swear to fucking Ryker! Stop trying to one up each other. ‘Oh I can do this but he can do that.’ Stop with the shit." Kyle complained, rubbing his forehead.

“I don’t know you so I’m not going to “one up” somepony I don’t know,” Maud said, handing Sombra back his sword. “Eric Von Shadow is Stronger than anypony I know, he was able to kill the stallion who killed my father after all.”

“Either way, I’ve come with an offer if anyone and pony is interested,” Black said as he crossed his arms.

"Please teach me!" Kyle said lunging at Black and falling on his chest, skidding to a halt at Black's feet.

“Me and Eric wouldn’t be against learning,” Sombra said, sheathing his blades. “After all this place….it’s messing with us...Eric and Thanos are friends and yet… it’s like they want to actually kill each other”

“You're not wrong with that,” Black said as he looked at Sombra, “I may not know how far their friendship goes, but if you say that this isn’t normal for them, I’m going to somewhat believe you.” Black said as he turned his attention to Kyle. “You alright?”

“It’s not just Eric and Thanos. Everyone is being affected” Sombra said with concern. “I’ve met Entity before and he’s a ass but he’s never once flat out insults someone”

“I haven’t been affected,” Kodo noted from outside the gravity chamber. “Mom hasn’t either.”

“I have, my nightmare had almost escaped, thank Dende that Thanos noticed something wrong with my eyes.” Black explained as he pointed to one eye.

"Everyone here is Infected with Dark Ki." Everyone turns their attention to Nappa, who stood there leaning on a wall in the chamber.

Kodo huffed. “Again?” he mumbled, glaring down at his claws. “Wouldn’t be the first time.” He clenched his claw. “Maybe that’s why Mom and I haven’t been acting the way the others have. I had experience with dark magic, and our pack link makes pretty much any magic we get exposed to partially beneficial.”

“I know what you mean, pup,” Sombra said, turning his gaze to the diamond dog. “It’s like out of everyone here, it’s like those who have been possessed by a dark spirit or dark magic are the only one’s acting sane.”

Kodo chuckled. “Never thought I’d have something to thank Umbra for,” he mused.

“Never thought I would come to the problem with Dark Ki,” Black mumbled as he put a finger to his chin. “The only one’s I know that could do such a thing would be Towa, Demigra, and Fu…” Black said to himself.

"When I fought Demigra, I obliterated him, he wasn't alive." Nappa informed The warriors, "It affects the purest of souls, such as Max, Gohan, Vegeta, Gotenks, and Trunks."

Overlooking the arena, Doom listens in using the hidden tech he has been planting around the complex “Dark Ki, I see. I would have to limit my time out of my Armor.” He returns to his thoughts arms folded over his chest as he adds the new information into his plans.

“But that doesn’t explain why Eric is being affected,” Sombra said putting a hand to his chin

“Maybe the dark ki is latching onto negative emotions,” Kodo offered. “I don’t know what kind of friendship he had with that ‘Thanos’ titan, but it sounds like the dark ki is increasing any competitive spirit they had to outright rivalries. Princess Twilight Sparkle said that Sirens did something similar in a parallel world, but I didn’t get that much detail on what was happening then.”

“You know, the kid’s got a point,” Black said. “It’s not that far fetched now that I come to think about it.”

“No, that's not it,” Sombra insisted, cutting them off. “When Eric killed Umbra, the dark king cast a spell and infected his mind, I used the same spell to purge him with the help of the Element Bearers and the princesses.”

“After that Eric was able to use any of Umbra’s spells with no corruption to his mind” Sombra said retelling his tale. “By the theory Kodo stated, Eric shouldn’t be affected by this Dark Ki.”

Kodo sighed. “Lucky,” he muttered. “When I got purged, I lost all of Umbra’s abilities. Nearly lost my pack link too.” He hummed, processing the rest of Sombra’s words. “But if Eric’s being affected despite being possessed… maybe we’re all at risk.”

"Which begs the real question: Where Is all this Dark Ki going to next? What Is the Vessel? And why are they doing it?" Inquired Nappa.

“Which is why I came with an offer that could help if this Tournament went to shit.” Black said as he walked to the middle of the chamber. “The offer is that I’m willing to teach anyone here how to harness and use Ki.” The Saiyan offered. “Any of you can decline the offer, but it can be very helpful not just here, but in your universes.”

Kodo watched his claws turn into smoke. “And we can use this Ki even with the abilities we already have?” Kodo asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m currently working on combining ki with my new abilities.” Black said with a smile. “But I doubt that I could teach you all how to use Ki to its fullest before the end of the tournament.”

“I’m not sure,” Kodo noted, flaring up his pack link. “My mom described pack linking as being able to connect to not just the magic inside creatures, but their energy as well. After all, diamond dogs can’t do magic spells like unicorns, but my mom found a way.” He dissipated his link. “If this Ki is anything like the energy she used to power the pack, I think I could make some headway.”

“If that’s the case, this will be a lot easier than I thought.” Black said with a sigh, “I don’t consider myself a teacher, I’m barely able to teach Nightmare Moon. Other than that, want to take up on that offer?” The Saiyan asked the pup.

Kodo nodded with a grin. “My mother may be the diplomat, but my father was the fighter.” His ears briefly flattened. “He’s not gonna be able to be there for her now, so whatever I can learn to be her champion… I’ll gladly take it.”

“You speak the words of a True Saiyan Warrior, puppers,” Nappa said with a grin. “And training you all will go faster if I help as well.”

“That’ll be a lot of help Nappa.” Black thanked his fellow Saiyan. “Anyone else up for it?” Black asked as he looked to the rest of the Displaced.

"I SMELL MEEAAATTT!!!" Luffy ran into the Gravity chamber

Immediately the rubber man was grabbed by a large black claw.

“That’s the gravity room you dunce” Eric’s voice rang out as he entered the room, his arm engulfed in the shadow that was holding Luffy. “The lunch room is….”

Thanos ran through Eric and tackled Luffy, "You son of a bitch, you're not going anywhere until you finish our round of checkers!" Thanos got up, "Hey, why's everyone here?"

“Really? Do you honestly think this numbskull has the patience or intelligence to play checkers,” Eric said as his body reformed

"I believe in my comrades like I believe the heat death of the universe is impending. Just like Thanos snapping half of the universe. Couldn't be me, yup… couldn't be." Thanos said rising up to his full height, bruises and cuts on his body.

Black rolled his eyes, “I'm currently offering Ki training to everyone who doesn’t know how to use it. Thought of it as a precaution if the tournament went to shit.” Black explained.

“Sure, anything to take out this large purple Lard Ass,” Eric said, staring Thanos down.

“Oh, no…” Kodo grumbled, sending out a pack link in search of his mother.

Hey,” Black growled, “None of that here, alright!”

"Listen, I'm trying to be at least nice for once. And you gotta do your homie like that? Remember me helping good old Bow and Pie learn to be serious and admit their weaknesses? What about all the things you've learned from my boys?!" Thanos asked Eric.

“If one of you even has the thought of fighting each other in this damn chamber. By Luna’s stars I will knock the both of you the fuck out! Alright!” Black hissed.

“Fine,” Eric sneered

"Understood Black." Thanos nodded, "By The way, want some hetap?" Thanos suggested it to the Saiyan.

Without hesitation, the can exploded spraying the titan in its liquid. looking at the can Thanos found ten thin black darts inside.

"...You can insult my body, kick me to the ground but you do not fuck with my hetap." Thanos pulled out his sword. while Eric summoned his scythe.

ENOUGH!!!!!!” Black roared, his voice being amplified to sound like the Royal Canterlot voice. The Saiyan went straight into perfected Super Saiyan Rose, the pressure of the transformation pushing everyone back. “One more damn insult or action against each other, I will see to it personally that both Eric And Thanos won’t be getting any training at all, got it!” Black roared with a commanding voice.

“No training?!” Kodo barked in alarm, before flaring up his pack link… and bursting into smoke again. “Dangit, this should’ve been more intimidating!” Kodo whined. “I’m not missing out on this training, though! I will have order! Somehow!” Kodo was reduced to inelegant barking as he tried to reign his conflicting powers in. The others stared at the struggling pup, trying not to laugh.

“Understood Black,” Eric said retracting his blade and moving away from the titan

Thanos nodded at Black's order, sheathing his blade. "Alrighty…"

Black let out a heavy sigh, dropping out of Perfected Super Saiyan Rose. He rubbed his face, groaning at the amount of shit happening. “You’ll get your training Kodo, don’t worry.” Black said as he looked around the room.

“I believe the best course of action would be training them separately,” Sombra advised. “Maybe give Thanos to Nappa, and let Eric train with you Black”

“Sounds like a plan,” The Saiyan then looked at Kodo once more, “Who would you like to train with, kid?”

Kodo glanced between Nappa and Black, before turning back to Black. “If you’re training Eric, I’ll stick with you.” He gave an apologetic look to Nappa. “No offense, but I’m thinking working with Eric can help me get some better control over this Devil Fruit and maybe that Haki stuff.”

"But Nappa already taught me! I want to train under Black!" Thanos complained.

“Sorry Thanos, but I’ve got to handle a few.” Black apologized to the titan.

“Plus, I know Eric. He’ll just shove Nappa into his shadow again,” Sombra said, glancing at the bald Saiyan. “He should train with someone with more discipline”

"Ya got a point." Nappa sighed before crossing his arms.

“Yo,” Ed said as he came out of a portal. “Looks like you guys got it going on in here. I see that you perfected your god form Black.” He looked around and saw the pup. “I have something for you if you want a new weapon.”

Kodo’s ears perked, intrigued. “New weapon?” he asked.

“Yes,” Ed nods. “Are you familiar with katanas?”

Kodo tilted his head. “Not really, no,” he admitted. “I grew up with pick axes and mining stuff.”

“Katanas are primarily used for attacking in the defense of others, at least that’s how I see it'' Ed waved his hand out to the side and an old sword came from a golden ripple. “This is the Tessaiga. A sword forged from the fang of the great dog demon. It is used to defend those you love.” He held the weapon up to the pup.

“Whoa,” Kodo whispered in awe, taking the blade and holding it reverently in his claws.

“Katanas are also the traditional weapons of Samurai warriors in feudal era Japan” Eric said, admiring the weapon. “It’s a great honor to be blessed with the label of a Samurai”

Kodo tightened his grip on the weapon. “Then it will be an honor I will do my best to live up to,” he said solemnly.

“This is not the only sword I have for you pup,” Ed remarked as he pulled a simmer but cleaner looking sword from another ripple. “This is the Tenseiga, the brother sword of the one you hold. Unlike its brother, the tenseiga can’t kill, but save those who have died from any injury and kill the undead permanently. Use its power wisely, as it can only revive someone once.” Ed moved to give Kodo the second sword, before another visitor entered the chamber.

“Um… Kodo?” Shiva asked, having been summoned by his pack link.

“Mom!” Kodo yelped, clutching the Tessaiga to his chest.

“Why do you have… that?” she asked cautiously, glancing at the other displaced.

Instantly, Kodo’s thoughts spiraled out of his mind: “Black’s going to train me in Ki, and Ed was giving me these swords so I could protect you.”

For a moment, Shiva was silent, her eyes wide like a deer in the headlights.

“I can explain…” Kodo started to say, before Shiva shrugged.


Kodo blinked, and the others glanced at her in shock. “O-Okay?”

“Kodo,” Shiva said with a laugh. “I got my tail handed to me on a silver platter by one of these guys.” She waved a claw at them. “If they’re willing to train you instead of hurt you… who am I to argue? Heck, I want in on it if there’s an offer open.”

“It’s still open.” Black said with a smile. “I think it will also both benefit if you both trained together.” Black explained.

“Agreed,” Shiva said, taking to Kodo’s side. “Just know,” she added teasingly to Kodo. “If you start talking to yourself about evil plans of taking over Equestria again…” Her voice briefly darkened. “We’ll have problems.”

Kodo chuckled sheepishly, but Shiva’s grin was disarming, making it clear she was joking.

“Those are incredible weapons,” Eric stated. “However if it was me, I’d be more of a Incursio or Murasame wielder anyday”

“Are those the blades you want then?” Ed asked as he looked at Eric with a serious glare.

“They are by far the best weapons from the entire manga.” Eric said shrugging his shoulders

“If you want them I can give them to you but I only have the copies for this world, meaning I will not have access to them unless I go to another world,” Ed explains. “So, do you want them?”

“I do,” Eric said, reaching into his body and pulling out The Fish-Fish Fruit, Model: Azure Dragon. “Here consider this an even trade.”

“More than even actually,” Ed took the fruit and in exchange pulled out Murasame and Incurio and handed them over to Eric. “I’d say you actually have earned another weapon for the fruit if you want.”

“If that’s the case,” Eric thought for a moment. “Do you have Issei’s sacred gear after he absorbed Vali’s Divine Dividing.”

“All of them have it but it's a matter of unlocking it,” Ed pointed out. “You’re more than powerful enough to have the balance breaker if you train a bit so yeah you could have it in no time.”

“Training is a daily habit of mine” Eric commented. “Anypony can take and master power, but it’s another thing entirely to train with it.”

“No kidding,” Shiva mused, causing Eric and Ed to notice she had wandered over to them.

“You sound like my younger brother,” Ed laughed. “Here’s your new sacred gear,” Ed held out his hand and in it was a perfectly round emerald with a burning orange fire inside it. “Just know that he can be a handful, hehehe…” He gave the orb to Eric and it transformed into a bright red gauntlet.

“Thank you Ed,” Eric said, sending the gauntlet away before returning his gaze to the alchemist. “But I have a question”

“What?” The alchemist tilted his head.

“You said I remind you of your brother,” Eric stated sending both Murasama and Incursio into his shadow body. “Was he also Captain of the Royal Guard as I was?”

“No he was captain of the Black Bulls Magic knight squad,” Ed shrugged. “He’s the Wizard King now technically but he is called the Black King by his people and all others of his world.”

“That is awesome for your brother,” Eric said, a frown soon covering his face. “I too was a king once”

“So was I about two thousand years ago,“ Ed added. “But now I’m just a boogie used to keep calves in their beds at night.”

Lucci came in, “Did anyone say… Black?” Lucci grinned, his voice more African American, and his skin black. “I’m black again, bitches!”

Instantly, Shiva gave him a stunned look. She glanced around. “I’m the only female dog here,” she pointed out.

Lucci went into his Hybrid Form, “I’m the only cat man here, what’s your excuse?” Lucci in his Half Leopard Half Human form looked down at Shiva, taller than her.

“You called for female dogs to notice that you were black again,” she replied with a shrug. “I guess… hooray for you, then.”

“Oh, that’s an insult. Bitch for Humans is offensive towards women… And men, it means that you get to fuck around with them, basically you being the Alpha. Or at least it’s that way in Prison, just like Thanos is a prison-” Lucci's was gut punched by Thanos.

“Shut. Up.” Thanos said before walking off.

Shiva watched the whole exchange with a confused expression. She glanced between Lucci and Thanos before shaking her head in confusion.

“You humans have very odd customs,” she decided.

“You can say that again. I would say I’m the last of my kind, but we have Mr. Clean over here.” Black said, pointing a thumb to Nappa with a grin.

“Go fuck yourself” Nappa shot a grin back at his comrade.

“You first, Michel Phelps,” Ed commented. “Has anyone seen Fujitaro?”

“Who said my name? Also, it’s Fujitora.” Fujitora walked slowly inside the chamber.

Shiva’s tail wagged at the sight of the blind swordsman. “Issho,” she greeted. “Good to…” she stopped herself, before opting to get closer. “Hello again.”

“Hello lady Shiva, I’ve been walking around feeling the breeze, winning any type of gambling.” Fujitora grinned, Nappa tiptoed closer to Shiva.

“Hey Shiva, have you met Candice?” Nappa snickered.

“My bad,” Ed scratched the back of his head. “Don’t answer that Shiva.” Ed said flatly

Shiva tilted her head at him. “Why? Who’s Candice?” she asked. Ed slapped himself in the face.

“CANDICE DICK FIT IN YO-” Immediately Fujitora unsheathed his sword that was concealed with a walking stick. Fujitora swiped at Nappa and Nappa was sent flying into a wall, horizontal Gravity pinning him to the wall.

At the same time, Shiva’s pack link flared out, binding tightly around Nappa’s neck. With a clench of her claws, Shiva’s pack link glowed golden, and a wave of exhaustion fell over Nappa as his energy left him. Black ignited his ki blade, and Kodo unsheathed the Tessaiga, with many others who wielded swords unsheathed their blades and aimed them at the bald saiyan. Eric flared his shadows and aimed numerous pointed tendrils at the Saiyan’s body

“You know in hindsight I shouldn’t have said that.” Nappa muttered under his breath. The Blind Admiral clenched his sword/cane.

“Ya think,” Ed stared at the pinned Sayian.

“No, you shouldn’t have,” Shiva advised, glancing at the others with a grin. “Thank you all for your support,” she added, before retracting her links.

“Case and point on why Thanos trains with this imbecile,” Sombra said, retracting his Haki covered blade from the saiyan’s throat.

“Why do you think I have a Nappa barrier around my world,” Ed rolled his eyes.

“Would you mind putting one around my Equestria?” Eric asked inching his tendrils closer

“Sure,” Ed nodded. “Summon me sometime.”

“He may be a bone head, but he is really helpful in situations if he starts being serious.” Black said, still pointing his Ki-sword at the Saiyan.

“Wait, you’re the Crimson Sage! YOU MADE THAT DAMN SEXBOT!!!!” Nappa turned into Super Saiyan Two and started to struggle and try to break free.

Black slammed his hand against his head, “You're still on about that?!” Black exclaimed.

“I’m going to permanently wax that dirty sanchez off your face,” Ed glared.

“I could always use Umbra’s spells and get rid of that undisciplined mind of his,” Offered the Shadow Man. “Could make him better, faster, Stronger...”

“Don’t do that, he is the literal guy with comedic effect here.” Lucci said, crossing his arms.

“I have an idea,” Ed said. “Technically I’m not part of the Tournament but that doesn’t mean i can’t fight someone. Whoever does fight me if they lose doesn’t count as a loss,” He looked at Napa. “Wanna go, baldy my bald?”

“Fuck yeah, square up!” Nappa growled before pausing, “Wait… The Dark Ki is having an influence on me.” Nappa sighed, and took deep breaths.

“Good that means I can beat the crap out of you with a clean concious,” Ed smiled, cracking his knuckles.

Black lowered his ki blade, walking up to a wall and leaned against it, Welp, looks like this is the end of him...

“Okay Nappa, not appropriate to say that to a woman with a child, not to mention a dog. That’s fucking illegal.” Thanos commented, pointing his sword at the Saiyan.

“Alright, let’s keep calm and-” Kyle summoned a portal to the wall he was pinned to and Nappa fell in. Kyle walked over to Fujitora with a smile on his face.

Thanos and Luffy were playing checkers and Luffy destroyed the checkers board. “OI!!! Do you know how much that cost?!” Thanos stood to his feet, Luffy shrugged.

“...In any case, everyone out here is getting power ups. That’s nice… Actually not so nice for me. But I do have Dragon Slayer Magic so I’m fine.” Thanos crossed his arms.

“Why is everyone getting stronger and we’re just sitting here? Come on, fight me!” Luffy looked at Thanos, Thanos frowned.

“...Fine.” Right as he said that Luffy let off a quick Jet Pistol, Thanos caught it and pulled Luffy close and punched him into the ground.

“I think somepony should find out what this Ryker is up to,” Maud said behind Nappa, causing him to jump in surprise. “Preferably one who can move around unnoticed."

“I agree with the badass martial arts earth pony,” Ed nodded.

"Oh me? I'm up to nothing, just a bored lad." Ryker laughed appearing behind Maud undetected.

Kodo jumped, bursting into smoke again with a bark of frustration. “Not again!”

Ryker laughed, "Oh you all forget, I hear everything! Also Kodo, keep calm and clear your mind. That helps a lot." Ryker told the pup.

From the cloud of smoke, Kodo managed to reform his claw giving a thumbs up, before the rest of his body cleared back into existence. “Thanks.”

"Yer welcome!" Ryker grinned.

“Hey mastermind of all evil that brought us here“ Ed said, getting Ryker’s full attention. “Me and the Mr. Clean with the gay satchel wannna fight.”

“...This is the literal day of Dr. Doom vs Kyle. Also, I’m not evil, evil depends on perspective.” Ryker informed the Sage.

“Okay then after doom and Kyle we wanna fight, and from my perspective, your evil,” Ed said with a deadpan expression. “Right now at least.”

“Where did you send Nappa to, Kyle?” Ryker turned to Kyle, Kyle wore a sadistic grin.

“To the realm of Furries…” Kyle then full on laughed, imagining the rawr x3’s and the owo’s.

Shiva and Kodo exchanged a glance with each other. “I have no idea what these ‘Furries’ are,” Shiva commented. “But they sound terrifying.”

“Indeed they do. I’m going on a walk if any of you guys wish to join me.” Fujitora then sheathes his blade back into its sheath and walks out of the chamber, or rather tries to and bumps into a wall.

“Very much so,” Ed nodded.

Shiva glanced at Black. “So, is the training with Ki later?”

“Well, we can begin with the basics on ki before the fight with Doom and Kyle. After that we can get into the more complicated bits.” Black said, crossing his arms.

“Looking forward to it, Black” Eric said flashing a grin and giving the saiyan a thumbs up as he summoned his boosted gear

“Same here,” Kodo agreed.

“Excuse me, where is the door?” Fujitora turned back to everyone.

“I got you,” Shiva said, gently guiding him towards the door.

“You have sharp nails, or you could even say they’re claws.” Fujitora noted as he walked out of the door before giving Shiva a thumbs up… Not even in her direction and looking at a wall.

“She’s a Diamond Dog, Fujitora,” Eric said for the blind man to hear. “None of their nails are for decoration.”

“A… dog?” Fujitora asked. A wave of sadness hit him, but Fujitora, the master of emotions suppressed them.

“Okay this is going to getting annoying in the near future,” Eric said approaching the blind swordsman and placing a hand over his eyes

Closing his eyes Eric began whispering under his breath causing purple wisps of magic to leave the corner of his eyes, opening them everyone saw that the whites of his eyes had taken a more greener hue

Fujitora unsheathed his blade, “Can you not touch me, or my eyesight? No, don’t-” Fujitora warned, “IF YOU DO, RYKER WILL KILL MY FAMILY!!!” Fujitora shouted out.

“Eric?” Shiva whispered in concern, but the shadow man was focused on his spell.

“Recover what you have lost” Eric spoke in a dark voice; one that made Kodo and Sombra shudder at the familiar voice. “Dark Rejuvenation”

Fujitora kept his eyes shut, refusing to open them. His teeth gritted, remembering what Ryker said all those years ago. “If you open your eyes, your whole family dies!”

The magic circling Eric’s hands and eyes faded as he moved away from the swordsman

“That spell should give you temporary eyesight,” Eric explained. “However it will only last a couple of hours.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s temporary!” Fujitora barked, Fujitora raised his blade to his eyes. “I. Can’t. Open. Them.”

“Eric, I’m sorry, but if it’s going to hurt him this badly...” Shiva said, before offering up a pack link. “Issho, remain calm. I’m here.” Carefully, she wound her pack link around his eyes, and they pulsed with the same green light.

The pulse of light flew to Shiva’s claws like she was Shang Tsung absorbing a soul, and the white rope-like pack link faded from Fujitora’s head. When he opened his eyes again, they were once again white. Shiva held up the green ball in her claws.

“If you change your mind… or Ryker does, I suppose,” Shiva said carefully, lifting the spell up. “I can return the effects. It’s your choice.”

Magic returned around Eric’s eyes as he fired a orb at the blind man causing him to collapse, fortunately Eric caught him with his shadows and set him down gently

“Why must you hurt me this way?” Fujitora asked to the heavens, which was actually Eric as he slowly began to lose consciousness.

“Eric, what did you do?” Shiva demanded, taking to Fujitora’s side.

“What I did was get to the bottom of his distress,” Eric said kneeling down and placing a hand on the swordsman’s head

Eric turned to Shiva before offering a hand.

“I will need your help, he seems to trust you enough.” Eric said

Shiva almost reached out for his hand, before pausing. “You’re not going to throw me into that shadow realm again, are you?” she asked cautiously.

“You have my word,” Eric said, reassuring the Pack leader. “I will never send you there again.”

After a moment of reading his face, Shiva saw the truth in his eyes, and took his hand, her pack link spiraling to life.

“And I always keep my word,” Eric said before whispering the incantation.

“Dig deep into the unknown” Eric said as Shiva began to feel the familiar feeling of sharing memories through the pack link. “Dark Invasion.”

Shiva lit up like a light bulb, and the world faded away into light and shadow. Opening their eyes they were met with an endless white void filled with nothing but numerous doors, each a different shape, color, and design.

“Huh,” Shiva noted. “This is… different from when my pack link usually shares memories.”

“Well Lady Shiva, while your pack link shares memories, Umbra’s magic spell invades one’s mind to see their memories and tamper with their personality”

Shiva backed up. “Tamper with… Eric,” she said firmly. “You can’t ask me to corrupt his mind like that!”

“Fear not Shiva,” Eric said, calming the dog down. “We are merely observers in here” Eric said walking down the void before stopping when he remembered something. “Oh, and don’t touch anything, one wrong move and we could trigger Fujitora’s defenses”

“I’m well aware of the mind’s defenses,” she assured him, following after him with caution. “Different species have different reactions to my link rooting around in their minds.” A wave of curiosity drew her. “What kind of defenses should we be prepared for?”

“Well, as you mentioned, it’s different with everypony,” Eric commented as he passed door after door as if he was looking for a particular one. “For me, my defenses took the images of my past, before I was displaced.”

Shiva listened intently, staying right by his side as he searched.

“Mother... Father... Even my friends and nobles I played for,” Eric said, dropping his head. “I honestly wish I could erase those memories, but alas I can’t enter my own mind and Sombra refuses to do it for me.”

Shiva nodded solemnly. “I understand what you mean,” she said. “Sometimes I wished I could get rid of the memories of my time in the fighting pits.” She shuddered. “What scares me is how easy it would be. To simply transfer them to another dog or a dragon or someone that isn't affected.” Her ears flattened, and her eyes steeled. “But I could never do that. No one deserves that pain.”

“I could get rid of them,” Eric said, stopping in his tracks before turning to look at the Diamond Dog. However, she shook her head.

“No,” she said. “Even if they are unpleasant, those memories shaped me. They gave me experience. They helped me grow strong. And taking them away…” she shook her head. “I don’t know what that would do to me, but I don’t want their loss to change me into something less of who I am.”

“Heh..” Eric chuckled, confusing Shiva.

“You find that funny?” she asked.

“No I don’t. It’s just you sound like Amber when you talk about what we gain in our most horrible experiences.” Eric said, laughing a little before stopping

Shiva smiled softly at his words. “It sounds like she was a wise woman,” she noted, her head lowering. “I’m sorry I never got to meet her.”

“Well she wasn’t that wise if she fell for an abomination like me,” Eric laughed out of sorrow for his loss. “She was the best thing to happen to me when I got displaced.”

“When I first started dating her she had this weird way of preventing me from saying no to her” Eric said smiling. “She even reignited the spark for my love for music. Funny right? On earth I had a love for it but my parents ruined it for me, you’d think I’d stay away from it at any costs on Equestria...”

“But she found a way to make it something wonderful again,” Shiva noted with a grin. “My Luke was the same way… diamond dog romance isn’t quite the same as pony romance, but… whenever other diamond dogs wanted to test my strength or thought I was only good for breeding… he’d be there for me. And… I could power him with the pack link, but he always insisted on fighting alone. He said that it proved his strength when he could fight without aid.” She smiled. “He’d get the utter diamonds beat out of him, but he’d always find a way to win in the end. And then, I’d patch him back up, and…” She smiled softly. “Oh, he was a wonderful male.”

“Love is the strongest magic of all,” Eric said smiling.

“Even stronger than friendship,” Shiva agreed.

Eric stopped all of a sudden, causing Shiva to bump into him

“We're here,” Eric said looking to his left

Shiva followed his gaze. Eric’s gaze was trained on a metal bolted door locked with chains and iron bars, on the door was a single black word written in dark red letters


Shiva glanced at Eric. “This is the place?”

“Yes,” Eric said approaching the door. “Everyone’s mind is like this, others are darker than this one, but all their memories are organized, it’s just a matter of finding the right door.” Eric said putting a hand on the door

It was then that Shiva noticed that every other door each had their own unique doorknob, while this one had none. Her eyes narrowed, and she stepped closer to the door. The smell of iron and blood filled her nostrils. She shuddered, before looking at Eric.

“So,” she said. “What we’re doing here… it will help him?”

“No it won’t” Eric said, noticing a small keyhole.

“However…?” Shiva asked hopefully.

“It will shed some light on why he tried to destroy his eyes” Eric said, turning his arm into shadow and putting it into the keyhole. “And it will hopefully tell us what Ryker is up to.”

“Cause I trust him about as much as I can out eat Pinkie in a cupcake eating contest” Eric said turning his arm and unlocking the door

Shiva huffed in amusement, before turning back to the door and helping Eric push it open.

“Whatever Ryker has on Fujitora will be in here” Eric said slowly forcing the door open.

Suddenly the door swung open causing the pair to tumble righting into the image of one of Fujitora’s memories. Immediately Eric stopped the two of them from making contact by grabbing the diamond dog by the nape and firing a tendril to tie itself around the door.

“Somepony definitely doesn’t want us here,” Eric said, pulling the Diamond Dog from the memory.

“No kidding,” Shiva mumbled, clinging to his arm like it was a lifeline, as her pack link bound itself around his arm.

What they saw was Fujitora in a town, not just any town; the town that they entered before entering the arena. Fujitora “looked” around and realized he couldn't see.

“I can’t see... I can’t see! Where’s the lights?” He waved his arms forwards and realized something was in his hand, he then felt it with his two hands and it was… A wooden sheath, not that Fuijtora could see it.

“Oi, old man, did you forget that you’re blind?” Someone walked up to him, someone who Eric recognized as Douglass Bullet.

“Blind? I’m not blind!” Fujitora clenched his fists.

“Your eyes say otherwise,” Bullet replied. He then poked Fujtora’s eyes, Fujitora tried to open them but it was strained yet… He couldn’t see.

“So this is the moment he became Displaced,” Eric commented, moving on to the next memory. “And remember what I told you touch nothing, not even the memory images”

“I understand,” Shiva assured him. “Even in my pack linking, it was dangerous to mess with memories. I still remember the mess that happened when I accidentally transferred a memory so one diamond dog thought he was with his blood brother’s mate.” She shuddered. “I’m not going through an experience like that again,” she added as they moved on to the next memory, showing Fujitora running. Bullet right on his tail.

“Hey! You’ll fall down old man!” Bullet chased after the Blind Swordsman, Fujitora pushed everyone and everything aside before falling. He then scurried to his feet only to run into someone.

“Sorry, excuse me, I’m very lost.” Fujitora said, rubbing the back of his head, the two walked past Fujitora and saw Ryker. His crown upon his head.

“I can see that... oh, I’m sorry, sir, didn’t mean to offend you.” Ryker said with a smile, Fujiotra sighed.

“It’s alright,” Fujitora sighed, Ryker put a hand close to his chin.

“What do you say you come with us? We can help you in ways you couldn’t even imagine, even revive your dog.” Ryker promised, Fujitora took a step back.

“How do you-” Fujitora was cut off by Ryker.

“We Eliatropes can see… EVERYTHING.” Ryker chuckled, Ryker grabbed Fujitora’s arm.

“This will be the start of a beautiful friendship!” Ryker laughed.

“I hope so…” Fujitora grumbled, as the memory came to an end.

“This is where he met Ryker,” Eric commented. “Good.”

“We’re close to the memory you’re looking for?” Shiva asked.

“Indeed,” Eric said. Together, the Shadow Man and the Howlite Howler followed the stings of memories as they played out into an office, Ryker on one side, and Fujitora on the other.

“So, Fujitora… You’ve been here for about twelve years, no?” Ryker said.

“Indeed sir.” Fujitora nodded.

“And in that time, you’ve done excellent work… But there’s a time where we must be serious." Ryker began, "And now, I'm sorry to say this but… If you open your eyes I will kill your family."

"What?!" Fujitora nearly fell back on his chair.

“Now understand this,” Ryker said with a grin on his face. “We’ll start a tournament with a few specific Displaced in mind, when they lose that is when….”

The memory froze, immediately the entire voice started to tremor very violently

“Oh shit” Eric cursed as the tremors got worse affecting Shiva in a negative way

Shiva curled into a fetal position, gripping her ears with her claws. “What’s happening?” she whined. “W-Why ‘Oh shit?’”

“We need to get out of here” Eric said as he slowly began to back up keeping his eyes on every memory image

Shiva backed up with him, turning back to the tendril connecting them to the door. She gripped his wrist, and a pack link strengthened the shadow tendril, pulling them away from the memory. without warning she was plucked from the Shadow Man's grip by a red-eyed clouded version of Fujitora

“Shiva!” Eric yelled, sending a shadow ball right into the blind man's head right as she lashed out with a pack whip, causing him to let her go.

Shiva yanked herself back to Eric’s side with her pack link, another pack link tendril forming a shield in case the red-eyed version tried again.

“Eric What’s happening,” Shiva asked. “Is that his defense?”

“Yes and no” Eric said hastily pulling himself and the Diamond Dog out of the memory room. “Help me with the door!” Eric said pulling on of the beams covering the metal door

Lashing her tendrils at the red-eyed images inside, Shiva pulled with everything she had, trying to close the door.

“Yes these are his defenses, the red eyes are always a dead give away” Eric said as the other images in the room turned to face the pair with their burning red eyes.

Fear gripped the Diamond Dog as the door slowly began to move. Winding her pack links tighter around her wrists, she pulled harder, willing the door to open faster.

“However, it wasn’t us who triggered them,” Eric said

“Then who?” Shiva asked. “Ryker?”

“That tremor was a Mental Quake” Eric explained as the images began to climb the wall leading to the door. “It’s like a secondary defense measure, a firewall to keep unwanted invaders out”

Shiva shook her head in shock, unfurling one of her links to lash out at the red-eyed defenders. “This is way more advanced than anything I’ve used with the pack link,” she muttered.

“Normally I’m in and out, remember this is Dark Magic” Eric said before firing another ball of shadow at the images. “Nopony wants that kind of shit in their mind, however this is a far stronger tremor than I’ve ever felt”

The Red-eyed images of Fujitora were almost upon them and the door wasn’t even a third of the way closed.

“Fuck it! Forget the door!” Eric said letting go and making a run down the void. Shiva gave chase after Eric, lashing her link-whips at the red-eyed images as they opened the door with ease and gave chase.

“So, out of curiosity, what happens when they catch us?” Shiva asked, running on all fours like a wolf. “I doubt they’re gonna give us biscuits and talk about the weather.”

“Well for starters any damage we sustain here will happen to our real bodies” Eric said using his powers to conjure a horse, mounting the shadow beast Eric grabbed the dogs arm and pulled her up. “Best conserve our energy.”

“Why?” Shiva asked, shifting to the shadow horses flanks and continuing to try and fend off the images with her pack link. However, Eric merely pointed ahead. And what he had to show caused Shiva’s pale fur to somehow get paler.

Ahead of them, all of the memory doors began to open themselves, from each door every Fujitora Images glared at them with primal carnage as they left their respective memories

“A mind’s defenses doesn't just send the memory you tamper with after you” Eric said forming a scythe in his hand.

“It sends them all,” Shiva realized, tucking her tail. “Please tell me you have a way out of this,” Shiva noted.

“I do,” Eric said not convincing the Diamond Dog

“Well, now’s a really good time to show me,” she replied, struggling to sound casual. “Because this is way out of my experiences with the pack link.”

“I need to recite the spell to get us out of here” Eric said before springing on the bad news. “However with Fujitora’s defences up it’ll take longer to break out.”

“How long?” Shiva replied, reforming her whips.

“I’ll need at least twenty seconds of total concentration,” Eric said. “Unfortunately we’re limited to our base powers and our magic, any abilities you got from the others is useless here”

“And to make matters worse the memories recover any damage done every ten seconds”

Shiva nodded, the fear rapidly replaced by a mask of determination. “Then get started,” she growled, spinning her whips into shields of light. “I’ll hold them off as long as I can.”

“Try not to die,” Eric warned as he rode through the images. “I’d hate to have to tell the pup I got his mother killed.”

Shiva almost barked a laugh at Eric’s advice at not dying, but the mention of her son brought a new fire to her eyes. Swinging her whips like a ball and chain, she smashed aside the images with a howl of defiance, carving a path through the images.

While atop his shadow steed, Eric tried to concentrate on returning to their bodies, unfortunately the images kept jumping after him.

Shiva did her best to fend them off, spinning and flipping as her whips crackled around her in arcs of pure destruction. But minute after minute of non stop flipping and spinning began to disorient the diamond dog. She started to struggle to stand on the steed, and nearly threw up in the face of one of the images.

“How’s it coming, Eric?”

“Not good,” Eric said before he and his steed fell to the ground from the unbearable weight of Fujitora’s gravity. “Not...Good...at...all”

Shiva hit the ground rolling, the ground spinning out from under her and keeping her from regaining her paws. Out of sheer desperation, her pack link surged out of her back, forming into spears of light that stabbed and pierced the images that tried to surround them like a crazed spider. Yet, even then, the pack links flickered and struggled to do damage.

“We… can’t lose,” Shiva growled, forcing herself up. “Kodo… Celine… I’m not leaving you yet!”

Forcing himself up to a single foot Eric grit his teeth from the pure will he displays. “You’re not… leaving them! And I’m… not… leaving… Luna!” Eric mustered out as the images of Fujitora jumping into the air, unsheathing their swords to deliver the killing blow.

Eric slammed his hand into the ground causing a eruption of shadow, knocking the images against the doors and walls

Shadow Soul: Soul of the Knight.

Eric’s size grew by an additional ten feet as the shadow covered his entire body becoming thick plated armor, in his left hand a large round shield, in his right was a twenty feet long claymore with a cross guard that looked like it was forged by god himself.

Shiva gazed up at Eric’s 17 foot tall form, her pack links flickering out as she stumbled on her paws in awe. “Holy…”

“Get. On.” Eric spoke in a deep commanding voice as his pointing his thumb to his back

Too tired and shocked to question it, Shiva jumped up and scrambled onto his back, climbing up to his shoulder and perching herself there like the world’s weirdest parrot.

“And Hang on” Eric said rushing forward breaking the sound barrier

Shiva’s pack links sprung to life, tying themselves to Eric’s shoulder. Shiva hung on for dear life, as hordes of the blind swordsman swarmed around the shadow knight. However Eric kept a calm demeanor as he raised his shield and plowed through the swarm with ease. Eventually they all retreated to their respective doors

“Yes,” Shiva whispered in glee. “Yes, go back. Go back and please don’t come back…” She leaned her head against Eric’s shoulder. “By everything sacred…”

“Not Over Shiva,” Eric said pointing to the area ahead of them with no door on a large Fujitora image. “The Final Boss!”

Shiva stared deadpan at the giant Fujitora, before making a choked sound that was somewhere between a laugh and a sob. “Why not?” she mumbled.

“Piece of Advice, never celebrate early” Eric said, tossing his shield away and gripping both hands on the claymore hilt. “It’s like begging the universe to say fuck you to yourself.”

“I could’ve sworn I learned that when Chrysalis did it,” Shiva pondered.

The Fujitora image stepped forward drawing his katana before pointing it at the shadow knight and his passenger. The force was nothing to Eric. However Shiva began to feel her bones start to break.

She clutched her trembling arms. “What’s he doing?!” she demanded.

“It’s the Power of his Devil Fruit, he can control the force of gravity, to the point where he could take the moon out of the sky if he wished” Explained Eric as he wrapped her in shadow and transferred her a safe distance away

“You guys are insanely overpowered,” Shiva mumbled from her spot. “Did I ever mention that?”

“It’s not power, it’s control” Eric said, rushing the image and crossing blades with it. “Any idiot can wield an overpowered force, but a powerful one knows how to properly control it.”

Eric pushed the image away and held his sword up.

“Observe” Eric said as the blade began absorbing the surrounding shadow. “Shadow Excalibur...” Eric said bringing the blade to his side holding it parallel to the ground

“...THRUST!!!” Eric Screamed rushing forward breaking the sound barrier

Both combatants charge each other, a single clash of their swords rang through the mind. an explosion of shadow utterly destroyed the memory Fujitora and sent a shockwave through the entire mindscape

With the Image defeated and all the doors sealed shut Eric powered down and helped Shiva to her paws.

“You alright?” Eric asked concern for his comrade

Shiva rolled her shoulder. “Been better, been worse,” she replied. “One thing’s for certain.” She glanced around. “This is easily the craziest adventure I’ve ever had. Of all time.”

“True,” Eric said looking over her injuries. “I’ll heal you once we return to our bodies.”

“Thank you,” Shiva agreed, settling next to him. Though her ears remained flat and her tail tucked.

Magic enveloped the pair as Eric began to speak the spell

“Dark Invasion”

The pair was enveloped in a dark light as they vanished from Fujitora’s mindscape, blinking their eyes they were met with not only the gravity room but the pain they sustained in the mind of the blind swordsman.

Eric’s hand was covered in a dark aura as he cast his Dark Rejuvenation spell on Shiva, concern entered her eyes as she shifted her gaze to the sleeping swordsman.

“This man is just as much a victim as we are,” she mused. “And yet… my heart tells me that we should fear him.” She looked up at Eric, and let her thoughts get carried to him in a pack link: “Whatever Ryker’s plans are… they involve him in some way.”

“Do us all a favor Shiva” Eric pleaded

“And be silent about that?” she asked.

“No, when it comes time to fight Ryker and his forces” Eric said, helping the Diamond Dog to stand. “Don’t fight him, if you thought they were strong in his mind then remember, those were memories of him.”

“And that big one was him from when he first got here,” Eric said, bringing more fear to the Diamond Dog.

"Dr. Doom and Kyle to the arena stage, Dr. Doom and Kyle to the arena stage please." The being over the intercom droned.

Doom chose to live up to the saying ‘what’s the difference between a villain and a supervillain? presentation.’ He activates his armor's antigravity systems and floats into the air, his cloak blowing in the wind A force field of blue around him.

Kyle just sighed, slowly and looked at his palm, a tiny little speck of sand was on it. Kyle clenched his fist. Kyle made a portal next to him, his palm glowing as he did he walked inside it, glancing at Doom before he did.

Dr. Doom stepped in the sunlight, Ryker cleared his throat.

"In this corner we have the mad lad, the man with a plan, the Doctor that doesn't recommend colgate as toothpaste; Dr. DOOOOMMM!!!!" Ryker said, the crowd going wild afterwards.

“Kyle, take heart that I take no pleasure in this. I shall let you attempt to hit me with all you can muster first.” Doom stats his force field shut off as he steps onto the sand.

Kyle walked into the sunlight, "And here in this corner we have Kyle. That's it, just Kyle." Kyle flipped Ryker off who returned it back with another warm smile.

"Alright, I'll make sure that I go full power from the start." Kyle nodded at Doom.

Doom was a man of his word having said he was going to let Kyle strike first he just approached Kyle with an easy stride.

"The battle begins in three!"

Kyle clenched his fists.


Kyle started to stretch.


Kyle then took a deep inhale and looked at Doom itself into its eyes.


And so the battle began, Kyle ripped off his shirt. As he did that blue symbols appeared all over his torso, his legs, and arms too. Kind of like tribal symbols, the blue symbols glowed and Kyle summoned dual wielding blades made out of an energy Dr. Doom did not recognize. A blue aura erupted around him like a volcano, he then took off his hat revealing wings of dragons but made out of Wakfu. He started to float into the air, his wings keeping him afloat, portals appeared all over Dr. Doom surrounding him like a dome. Kyle then went in the portals, flying in portal after portal and speeding up. Kyle rammed himself into Dr. Doom.

One hit was what Dr Doom offered and as soon as his armor registered the blow his teleportation system kicked on and he was back in the air. His force field reactivates and two sword-like blades extend from his gauntlets. The Ionic Blades were sharpened to an atom thick and charged with energy. “My Turn,” with that Doom opened his palm and sent a blast of atomic energy hot enough to melt steel at Kyle.

But due to him flying in and out of portals, becoming faster and faster he evaded the attack, Kyle then shot a blast of Wakfu at the doctor, going back to the portal and flying about.

Doom had boosted his force field to resist the chi blast he saw Thanos use. The energy of the Wakfu struck the field producing a light show as the two energies react to each other, however that was all the result. The magical and technological powered force field could restand the blows of the incredible hulk as well as the energy of the beings of near omega level power.

With a rush of speed he shot down his Ionic blades charged up he released a slashing charge of energy at Kyle. “Portals won’t protect you for long. Keeping them open is a drain on your resources.”

“You’re right.” Kyle said, his voice seemingly coming from everywhere, the portals collapsed and Kyle stood there at the other end of the arena. “So, Doctor… What do you call a Banana when he needs to leave?” Kyle asked him as he clenched his swords.

“Now no need to split on my part, why don’t you stick around.” He made the finger gun motion a small black pebble appeared heading to Kyle, then it started growing to the size of a beach ball. The orb of blackness if touched would stick to the person, much like Syndrome used on Mr. Incredible in the Incredibles.

“Hey!” Kyle tried to shake it off, he then decided to try and cut it, however he failed. “What the hell is this?!” Kyle asked the Doctor.

“A little lead laced polymer. Or you might call it fire proof leaded glue. Got the idea from something Hans shared with me.”

Outer walls

Phoenix had been scaling the outer walls as the matches went on. He had little interest in the other competitors anymore, now that he had a mystery to solve. And by god did he love mysteries. He made multiple circles around the arena, but came across nothing of interest. “Shit, thought I was onto something earlier. Oh well.” So instead, he teleported to the room where his kunai had found Link.

Right as he did that he was punched in his nose by a metal fist, the force made him fall on his ass. Phoenix looked up to his attacker to see the Arkham Knight.

“You shouldn’t be here.” Arkham Knight looked down at the blue haired jackass.

“That, mister, is exactly why I’m here.” Phoenix gave a cocky grin before metal bending his armour off.

“You need to go back.” What he saw was a cybernetic African American, metal parts where metal parts shouldn’t be, he wore a cybotic eye which glowed red. “You must go now, you really need to go before Ryker comes over here.” Warned the cyborg.

“Now, just hypothetically speaking,” Phoenix put his hands together in front of him. “What if I didn’t?”

“You will be sent back to your universe or even worse… The White Void.” Arkham Knight shivered.

Bringing a hand to his chin, Phoenix thought over what he had just heard. “You do drive a hard bargain……. But then again…..” Phoenix spun his waist around and delivered a punch straight to the cyborg's face. “I’m a betting man.”

The Arkham Knight took the punch unflinchingly, he then grabbed Phoenix by the neck as an Eliatrope walked by.

“Alice, escort him to the arena.” Arkham Knight applied even more pressure onto the bastard.

“Pfffft, fuck that.” Phoenix squeaked out. And with a click of his fingers, he was gone.

“He could have gone far, lock down the castle!” Arkham Knight ordered getting his armor back on, switching it to the Sea Prism Stone setting.

“You’re right, I couldn’t have gone far.” Phoenix said from behind Arkham Knight. Placing a finger to the side of his head, Phoenix whispered. “Disaster, sleep.”

Arkham Knight fell down onto his side, asleep, Alice summoned her Wakfu weapon. A Wakfu Halberd, Alice ran at Phoenix spinning it around then trying to slam it down on Phoenix.

Slipping off his ring, he took the blow in the chest, before chopping Alice on the neck with the side of his hand. “Rules were, no healing when in a match.” Stepping back, he removed the halberd from his chest before closing the wound. He then slipped the ring back on, just in case.

Multiple armored up Eliatropes came from portals that were formed behind Alice. Their armor was similar to that of a Storm Guard’s but it couldn’t be different, being more human and not gorilla like. They summoned their Wakfu Shields and Swords.

“Ughhhh, can ya’ll just fuck off! I just wanna speak with Ryker for fuck sake!!” Phoenix shouted, before jumping back into a fighting position, his weapon drawn.

They stopped, looking at each other then back at Phoenix.

“Why didn’t you just say so?” The Guard asked, before walking through a portal and coming out with Ryker.

“What is it? I’m missing the match.” Ryker deadpanned at Phoenix before realizing he’s out of the arena. “Oh wait, I must’ve forgotten to incorporate that. Silly me,” He said before a collar appeared on Phoenix’s neck. “Okay now what are you saying?”

“First off, kniky.” Phoenix said, tugging at his collar. “Second, I think this would go a lot smoother over a game of chess. What say you?”

“Kinky indeed, but anyways, sure why not? May not be the best player but I’m not the worst. Unlike Bullet.” Ryker said dismissing the Guards, they took the Arkham Knight away. “To my room! And no, don’t even start.” Ryker walked forward then took a right, going through a wall.

Phoenix followed suit just behind him, but with a hint of distrust. Ryker and Phoenix walked down the hallways that followed the wall, they soon reached Ryker’s room. To their right, Ryker opened the door for Phoenix and he let himself in. Ryker soon followed and a chess table was right in front of them with their respective pieces.

“Mind if I go white?” Phoenix asked.

“Ya got a problem with black?” Ryker joked. “Shoot for it kiddo.” Ryker took a seat, mid air without any chair to support him, there was a chair on Phoenix’s side but not Ryker’s.

“Haha very funny.” Phoenix rolled his eyes before walking over to the table. Kicking the chair out the way, he levitated Chastiefol from his back before reverting it to it’s pillow form. Taking a seat on it, he levitated it just in front of the table, almost ressemblent of a genie. He then made his move.

“Ladies go first.” Ryker offered, his emerald eyes glowing.

“The worst part about the statement is that I can’t prove otherwise.” Phoenix chuckled, gesturing for Ryker to make his move.

“So, what do you want to talk about Phoenix Wri- Phoenix.” Ryker moved his pawn.

Moving his pawn, Phoenix spoke without looking up at Ryker. “What did you get from Link? Other than that potion thingy. I already read your mind, but somethings came out blurry, or unexplainable.”

“The Fierce Deity enchantments.” Ryker informed the blue haired man, he moved another pawn on the far right. “What I’m using it for is… To make someone stronger, and no, it’s not me.”

“I see.” Phoenix moved his horse to the center. “Well, may I ask as to whom else you plan on taking from? Looked to me that Shiva had nothing to your liking.” Phoenix hadn’t looked up at Ryker once, but instead studied the board.

“Shiva has a variety of abilities. Her Pack Links are fruitful, although Katakuri would be angry if I took her into my lab. Shiva reminds him too much of his mother, and you know men, always protecting those that are close to them.” Ryker moved his horse from his board and onto the far left.

“Can’t say I’d know about that.” Phoenix moved a pawn up. “So, predictions for who will win? I may be going off topic, but you and me both know I’m here to make you slip info; I’m not even going to try and hide that fact.”

“You are? I couldn’t tell.” Ryker said sarcastically. “I predict it will be either Eric or Thanos winning. Though Black has a multitude of abilities that can destroy this very earth we walk on, I do not believe he can handle Eric’s shadow souls. Especially from what happened to… him.” Ryker put emphasis on him, as he moved his Bishop from the same spot that he moved his pawn from.

“No faith in me? I’m heart broken.” Phoenix chuckled, “Though, I get where you’re coming from. Those guy’s energy levels are like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” Phoenix moved his pawn on the far right.

“You know… I believe you may have a shot at beating Thanos. He seems… Off. Like he’s full of regret.” Ryker told Phoenix before he moved his other pawn. “If you can exploit that weakness you can crush his will to fight, as well as hisap resolve.”

“Noted.” Phoenix said, nodding to himself.

“Not going to lie ya both have very decent chess skills,” Ed faded into the room sitting next to the duo.

“Thank you Edward, joining into the conversation aren’t we?” Ryker raised an eyebrow looking towards the Sage.

“Ryker, we both know you knew he was there ages ago.” Phoenix said, pointing a thumb to the new company.

“Not gonna lie as I said, it took me a couple of tries to get in this place, you’ve got it pretty decently shielded,” He held up his arm to reveal his blackened hand. “I had to break out my void energy to get here.”

“Thank you Edward, from yourself, a Void Dweller, that’s a large compliment.” Ryker grinned, “Also, your move Phoenix.”

“Right, apologies.” Phoenix made his move, though he wasn’t too focused on the game anymore. His attention was on milking the info from the two with him.

“Not a fully realized dweller yet more like a seed,” Ed corrected with a sigh. “My deal with Truth let’s me draw on its power as its avatar. It takes a considerable amount of time to gather void energy of this amount on my own. Enough of the now, I’m here now. Who exactly are trying to save and why this tournament. I already gather the tourney to gather as much power as possible as fast as possible and now I have the incentive. The thing I lack is the knowledge as to why you didn’t just ask for help outright.”

“And what makes you think that I’m trying to save someone?” Ryker asked, “The Dark Ki? If that’s what you think then you are sorely mistaken.” Ryker then moved his pawn on the far left.

“Don’t toy with me boy,” Ed grew darker in color. “I could just as easily send them all back and seal off your world from ever being accessed by displaced again.”

Grabbing a piece that had been removed from play, Phoenix flicked it at Ed’s head. “Cool your jets, you oaf. That won’t get you anywhere. What we need is answers, not threats, and right now you’re failing to bring anything useful to my hand; so if that’s all you have to say, buzz off!”

“Hm… I guess I could tell you.” Ryker sighed, he moved his Rook, “I’m trying to save my daughter.” Ryker answered.

“I’m old not stupid but that doesn’t mean I won’t act on my own,” Ed held up the pawn. “I honestly think you’re a good person Ryker, that’s why I stuck around after you pulled me here, that and a tourney is good entertainment for one such as myself and my benefactor. So I'll help you save your daughter. I had one of my own children murdered and I couldn’t do a single thing. It was horrible as I watched it happen.”

“I’m a bored old soul, I need entertainment. It’s been around… A few ten thousand years before I actually got entertainment.” Ryker informed them, “Your move Phoenix.”

“You know, for a smart guy like you, you’re really quick to believe him.” Phoenix said, finally looking up from the table and towards Ed. “As much as I love a good sob story, I’m finding it difficult to believe a man with as much power as Ryker couldn’t save his daughter himself. Obviously no offense to you.” Phoenix turned to Ryker as he finished. He then moved his rook.

“It’s hard to lie to truth,” Ed said as part of his face was a black void.

“You’d be surprised bitch boy.” Phoenix scoffed at Ed. “I am the embodiment of ‘Lying’ itself.”

“You and I will never fully get along kiddo,” said another voice from all around. “Don’t forget I'm merely using my avatar to speak with everyone. I can't do more unless he says I can so. Don’t be so tense!”

“Fucking asshole,” Ed scoffed.

“She’s trapped in another dimension, I need the energy to get to that dimension. It’s impossible to reach unless you…” Ryker stopped before sighing, He then moved his Bishop to take out Phoenix’s Rook.

“I see. Well, as much as I want to believe you, I can’t. Or more specifically, won’t.” Phoenix moved a pawn. “My closest friends have lied to me, so why should I believe a stranger. A stranger who just so happens to be keeping monsters with power levels in the millions in your basement.”

“Ed, I’ll need you to sign this paper, because I kind of need you to do that to get my daughter back.” Ryker held up a paper to him that said.

“I Ed, will not interrupt any matches, nor harm anyone until Ryker says otherwise. I will also not leave until Ryker says otherwise.

Sign here ____________”

“Ed, I swear to god, if you sign that, I will gut you from armpit to asshole!” Phoenix shouted, almost knocking the pieces off the table. “We need more info!” He then picked his bishop and slammed it into place.

“You’re getting info out of me, are you not? How about something, I’ll tell you anything, but only if he signs that paper. Cross my heart, hope to fly, and stick a cupcake in my eye.” Ryker swore, moving a pawn.

“You, know, if Pinkie saw a god of war and destruction such as yourself copy her tradition, I think she’d faint.” Phoenix said, taking Ryker’s pawn.

“Yes we are but not what we want,” Truth cackled.

“I won’t be signing anything without my lawyer present,” Ed leaned back in the air as he folds his arms behind his head floating there. “I have no intention of stopping anything. Like I said before, this tournament is fun to watch. Unless I see the need I won’t step in, but that being, Black is my family and I won’t let you touch him unless he gives you permission, do and I completely destroy everything and devour you and every last soul in the universe.”

“That sounds dirty.” Ryker responded, “Also, noted.” He said before muttering “If you even can you prick…”

“Ed, you're giving him more info then we’re getting -useful info anyways- so if you don’t keep running your mouth we’re gonna have quite the kerfuffle!” Phoenix shot a glare at Ed before continuing. “God why do I always get teamed up with fucking idiots!!” He raised his hands in the air before letting them fall to his side.

“Calm down, we’re playing chess.” Ryker pointed out before moving another pawn, and Phoenix took it, taking a deep breath before he strangled someone.

“And how does that affect me?” Ed looked over. “We’re here for entertainment, not to help unnecessarily. It may seems like I help you guys but it’s only to further my own enjoyment.”

“Shut up you prick and quit using my voice to talk,” Ed yelled. “I fucking hate you.”

“You’re interrupting our game with that nasty attitude.” Ryker shot Ed a side-eyes glance, his green eyes glowing.

“Bite me asshole!” Ed returned the glares, his eye shifting to his Mangekyo sharingan.
“Sorry, I don’t see you like that.” Replied Ryker with a snark.

“This is going nowhere.” Phoenix sighed, before moving up a piece. It was only then he realised he was losing badly in terms of positioning.

“I apologize, I was trying to be civil.” Ryker moved up another piece before grinning. “Checkmate.” Phoenix scoured the board for a move, but found none. He then looked up and nodded to Ryker in approval.

“I-“ “shut your whore mouth, link severed,” Ed growled as the black on his body faded away. “Sorry about that, that thing usually stays quiet.”

“As the kids say these days, gg no re.” Ryker stood from his “chair” and shook Phoenix’s hand.

“Oh don’t worry. There will be a re.” Phoenix said, squeezing Rykers hand. “Maybe not in chess however.” Phoenix grew an evil grin, having spent the entire game scouring Rykers brain for any ounce of info as to what's in store for the rest of the tournament.

Ryker smiled and squeezed Phoenix’s hand back damn near breaking it, “Perhaps in checkers?” Ryker inquired.

“Sure, let’s go with that. Though, I believe you had something else in mind.” Phoenix released Rykers hand and gave him a wink. “Don’t worry, I’m great at keeping secrets.”

“Just a fair warning Ryker,” Ed remarked. “Everything that Truth said for me, was meant. Tread carefully as it is far more merciful than I am.”

“Ah, I see.” Ryker said with a warm smile. “Now we must be off.” Ryker opened a portal to the arena, before he walked in.

“Agreed.” Phoenix said, frowning at the lack of info he had received. “All that acting for nothing…” He muttered under his breath before teleporting to the arena.

“In due time Lier,” Truth’s voice whispered in Phoenix's ear. “In due time…”

“I hate you so much,” Ed grumbled as he let through his own portal.

During the meeting with Ryker, Phoenix, and Ed.

Kyle then disappeared, turning into sand and blowing into the wind, anything that was on him gone. Kyle appeared behind Dr. Doom and grabbed him from behind and flew up into the air. Going above the clouds and going back down, going Mach three he then slammed Dr. Doom into the ground. Dr. Doom’s head was now stuck in the ground.

Or that what Kyle thought as the dust settled the force field did pop with the impact however himself was fine. His anti-gravity generators easily kept him from personally impacting the ground.

“Shocking you would attack from behind. Not very honorable.” Doom righted himself and then activated his armor’s electrical field. The result was Doom stood in the center of a ball of lighting and he sent that energy in a sweeping blast, even if Kyle dodged one strike Doom was generating a hundred bolts of lighting around him. Sand of the arena turned to glass as it absorbed the plasma discharge.

“CRAP BASKETS!!!!” Kyle was hit by the electricity, it shook him to his core and he started to thrash about, before falling on his back. It was right then Ryker had disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Doom was no longer in a good mood; he approached Kyle and lifted his hand activating his concussion blast. The effect was like standing in front of the world's most powerful subwoofer. Sound itself moved the air at such a deep frequency. This very weapon when used at point blank range could shatter rock. Doom did a quick calculation in his head to make sure he wouldn’t do lasting harm.

Kyle stood there, silent, taking two steps back before nearly falling. Kyle caught himself before looking up to Doom. He put his right hand up, “DEZARTO JIRASORE!!!!” He slammed his hand to the ground, suddenly Doom was standing on quicksand, Dr. Doom with his metal armor started to sink inside of the quicksand. Kyle jumped back, gaining breathing distance as he watched the Doctor sink.

One would think sinking into the ground would be fighting. Doom’s armor can withstand space and the deep oceans, a few feet of ground was not a problem. Doom took a moment to think and then teleported out of the quicksand and behind Kyle.

Kyle used the wings on his head to gain some breathing room and went back far, “Dezarto Supardo!” Blades of sand went after Doom, like air slashes but diagonally, the sand having intense pressure and sharpness.

Doom’s armor crackled as lines of damage appeared. It wasn’t so much the pressure but that it was all focused on the edge of the blade. “So you marked me. Impressive.” That was when his force field reactivated providing even more protection. Doom lifted his arm and released a blast of atomic energy. If Kyle was paying attention when Doom fired his blaster there was a gap opening in the field for the energy to leave.

Kyle was hit by the blast and was sent careening into the wall, coughing out some blood as he did. Kyle slipped down the wall and fell on his ass, Kyle looked at Doom and chuckled. “Might as well make this entertaining… SABURUSU!!!” Kyle held up a palm and a tiny little sand tornado appeared. Kyle stood up and ran at Doom and threw the sand tornado at him. On impact the small sand tornado became a full on sandstorm. He spun around in it, Kyle put both of his hands on the floor “Guraundo Desu!” The entire landscape became sand and Kyle pointed at Doom. “Sand Tsunami!” The sand on the ground became a tsunami and hit Doom like a truck and buried him, “And to finish it off…” He held up a hand to his face. “Sand Burial.” Doom was “crushed” under the pressure.

The force field shattered and soon Doom was hidden under the hill of sand. Then a flash of light and he once again Teleported into the air dents were clearly seen on his armor and not a bit of fabric remained.

Doom moved his hands in a pattern and called out “CRIMSON BANDS OF CYTTORAK!” ribbons of crimson light sprang from his glowing hands and wrapped around Kyle mummifying him in the crimson energy.

“That shit won’t work on me, I’m a Logia type Devil fruit, meaning I can reform my body!” Kyle then collapsed into sand and appeared above Dr. Doom fifteen feet in the air. “Dezāto Gurande Esupāda!” A sword of sand pierced Doom’s side, Doom stumbled to his right.

“Seven Rings of Raggadorr!” Mystical energy rings appeared around him spinning at such a pace they blur into a solid light deflecting direct attacks. Then Doom arms seemed to duplicate and suddenly there were five Doom’s in the air. Four fake images, one real. “FLAMES OF FALTINE!” five jets of flames burst out at Kyle each one could put Celestia to shame, only one was real however.

Everyone could hear a cry of pure unadulterated agony, dust surrounded Kyle’s area, Kyle was on his knees when the dust cleared. He looked up at Doom with a grin, blood dripping from his mouth. He then flew into the air, above Doom. “THIS IS IT DOOM!!! USE YOU’RE STRONGEST ATTACK ON ME SO WE CAN END THIS AND I’LL RETURN THE FAVOR!!!!!!” Kyle’s right arm turned into sand.

Doom looked up and visibly shrugged. “Very well.”

“DEZARTO RASUPADA!!!!” He shot blades of sand at Doom, four blades were shot at Doom.

Doom didn’t use a spell instead he flew up, going through the sand and punched Kyle, at the same time released another high voltage electrical attack this time all focused on his fist as the focal point.

Kyle was sent above the clouds, unconscious, his body fell from the clouds and hit the floor making an audible crack. Spider-web like cracks beneath him, Kyle’s eyes white. Ryker was back, and looked down saddened.

“Awww… I missed it! The winner Dr. DOOOOOOMMM!!!!!” The crowd cheered and Doom walked over ignoring the fact he was bleeding from gashes from sand swords that did get through his defences. Once he arrived near Kyle he cast a quick healing spell to make sure he wasn’t in life threatening harm. Kyle was then picked up by some paramedics and was hauled off to the infirmary.

Doom turned and headed off the Arena Stage his armor systems already tending to his wounds and repairing internal systems. Even his clothing regenerated from the unstable molecules in the golden disks on his armor.

Before he left the stage, he noted with grim resignation that Shiva was watching from the stands. Her ears flat with disappointment before she turned away and retreated into the locker room.

-Meanwhile in the infirmary-

Link slowly woke up with a groan, raising up from his bed while reaching up to grab a hold of his head. “That is the second worst I’ve been through.” Link said as he shook the daze out. “I thought Thanos would see reason when I said I didn’t want to keep going.” Link said as he let go of his head to look around. Link saw Kyle in a bed next to him, Kyle looked on over to Link weakly.

“Sup… Did you get your ass kicked too? Oh wait, I was there…” Kyle chuckled, weakly.

“You both got your asses handed to you,” commented someone from a corner of the room the two losers looked to see Ed. “Want some ibuprofen?”

“Why the- Why not?” Kyle grunted, trying to get himself in a comfortable position.

“Ibuprof- what?” Link asked in confusion. “Also, I could have chosen to fight seriously, but it would have lead up to my death.” Link explained as he reached into his pouches to search for something.

“Ryker is a cruel man, he doesn’t want people to just quit, he wants them to fight with everything they got until their end. That’s what I did and look what happened to me?” Kyle said looking at his bandaged torso.

“I’m pretty sure healing is allowed outside the fights,” Ed tilted his head and tossed a white bolt to Kyle. “The meds are for headaches fairy boy. As for fighting, you still would’ve had your ass handed to you on a silver platter. I can heal you both up if you like, want a Senzu?”

Link was about to take a Blue Potion out when he stopped half-way at the mention of a Senzu Bean. “I was going to share half of my potion, but a Senzu Bean would save it for later.” Link said as he pushed the bottle back down into his pouch.

At that moment, Shiva entered the infirmary, only to mope as she realized Ed was taking care of Link. “Tsk. Seems I’m too late to be of any aid,” she mused. Black followed shortly as he teleported into the room using Instant Transmission.

“No big deal, save it for when you need it,” Ed snapped and two green beans fill into the duo's hands. “Now for the reason I’m here,” he turned to Link. “Do you remember anything from before you were brought here. You were taken by Ryker and some of the others found you in one of his labs. He extracted the ability to use the Fierce deity mask from you apparently.”

“He’s going to use it for his project to save his daughter.” Kyle sat up, who already ate the Senzu bean. Right as he said that Thanos opened the door. Thanos waddled over to Link.

“Link, I apologize, I shouldn’t have gone that far. I just wanted to give the crowd a good finale for our duel. I realize you surrendered and I attacked you after you surrendered, you still got knocked out afterwards but I still apologize.” The Titan bowed his head in shame.

Link let out a sigh. “I’m not some planet buster like you guys. The worst I’ve ever had was when I went up against was some lesser void dweller who had way too many phases, especially when it turned into a building.” he said with a shake of his head of the memory. “And it was the last time I used the Giant’s Mask too.” he finished as he popped the Senzu Bean into his mouth and chewed it, watching all of his injuries vanish as well, especially the loud pop that corrected his broken nose.

“I hear you,” Shiva noted. “The worst I’ve gone up against before all of this was Day Breaker. And even then, I had help from the Elements of Harmony.” She sat next to Link’s bed. “I’d say I wonder if I should’ve rejected the invite, but Phoenix’s memories implied that I would’ve been taken regardless.”

“Worst thing I’ve face was my Sombra, not counting Edward.” Black said, leaning against a wall as he got a short glimpse of that fight.

“So… Do you accept my apology?” Thanos asked the Hylian Champion.

“Have you found any new leads?” Ed asked the mad titan. “I managed to get into his area with some help from my watcher and he fed me his ‘this is to save my daughter line’ with Phoenix there as well, not to mention Truth using me as a phone.”

“On Ryker? No, I’ve been training myself to sense Dark Ki to see who’s infected and who’s not.

Link went silent at first as he ran the fight through his mind. “...How long have you been Displaced?” he asked Thanos before turning to look at Kyle. “..He did what?” Link asked with minor panic in his voice, soon pulled out the Fierce Mask from his pouch. He runs his hand over it, still sensing the war god within the mask. “But it’s just the powers, right? I’m unsure if anyone else besides me can cooperate with the spirit if it was replicated..” he said in worry.

“1,700 years, or five years if you don’t count the stone sealing.” Thanos sighed, “I don’t know,” Thanos said, answering Link’s question.

“Kid, we all have our own demons that give us power and as for what he did I can’t tell you because I’m not sure, it was before he pulled me here in a moment of passion, weakness, and sleep,” The sage explained. “In short I think he just replicated your ability by force, similar to how we share power willingly. That’s the short version of it anyway. Perhaps I should see the good Doctor after this.” He tapped his chin. “His understanding of tech runs deeper than mine after all.”

“You mean the deity’s willingness to share a small amount of power with me? Or something else?” Link said before looking over at Thanos. “That’d explain a bit of how you acted. I bet you enjoy the power rush, huh?” Link asked Thanos curiously. Thanos just nodded slowly.

“You did say it was a god of war,” Ed reminded the room. “It probably heightens traits of aggression and eagerness to fight. Many displaced Igor each other to test themselves. Deep down we all have it ingrained in us in some form, even those who don’t physically fight have the urge to compete and test themselves.”

“More along the lines that it enjoys fighting powerful foes. If I came here a lot more earlier in my Displaced life, the deity would have fought to the end, even at the cost of my life.” Link said as he looked down upon the mask, remembering all the times the spirit within the mask wanted the thrill. “Goddesses above, it took years of reasoning with it to make it realize that I’m the only one willing to use the mask and that anyone, or anypony would have rejected it out of fear.” he explains, then paused. “..Imagine if it had its original body rather than a mask that appeared in my inventory upon Displacement.”

“We all have things like that kid,” Ed sighed. “You might not want to admit it but deep down that mask is still you in some aspect or other form.” Ed held his and up to his face and a cyclonic skull mask forms in his hand. “My hollowfication is a perfect example.”

"Hollowfication? Like from that anime whose title has nothing to do with the anime?" Kyle asked the Sage.

"Like seriously, how do you get Bleach out of hollows and demon slaying badasses.”

“I always believed they meant bleach white, as in the color of a ghost.” Link pointed out as he looked over at Thanos. “You’re forgiven, Thanos. Just remember to balance out that power with some wisdom and courage.”

"Balance." Thanos frowned at Link's unintended pun towards him, "Alright so anyways, why Bleach? Why not Hollow Slayer, or Hollows Grim Reaper?"

“Don’t say the B word in front of Thanos,” Ed advised Link, dispelling his mask. “As for bleach it refers to White, or Hollow Ichigo as the viewer knew him. Though his true name was actually Zangestu, old man was actually the manifestation of Ichigo’s Quincy powers.”

"I haven't really seen Bleach that much, but hood to know- Wait, we're getting off topic!" Thanos realized, trying to get the two back on topic with him. Kyle just laid there and took a well deserved nap.

“And which topic would that be, we’ve had nearly seven this whole time,” Ed mentioned blankly.

"Good point." Thanos said putting a finger to his chin. "But still, Link doesn't know about Dark Ki and everything else that has been happening." Thanos turned to the champion.

“Not for long,” Shiva offered, extending her pack link with the memories from their discussion.

“I wonder if Ryker is using the Deity’s power to amplify the fighters’ lust for battle so they’ll be more susceptible to become infected with Dark ki and once they are the Deity’s influence grows even stronger as does the ki,” Ed thought.

“Dark Ki… Is that something the fandom made, or is it something that was made after my Displaced? The last time I saw anything ki related, was dragon ball GT.” Link said.

"No, it's from Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse, a game that came out in… 2013 I believe." Thanos thought, "In any case the games increase the fighters powers by twenty five to five hundred, it depends on the strength of the enemy." Thanos informed the two.

“It was created by a demon women named Towa, she would infect different warriors from other points in time. It would create a sorta ripple that would generate energy, once she got enough, Towa would take it, using it to revive the demon realm.” Black explained with detail. “She never succeeded though.”

“Originally it’s from Dragonball hero’s the arcade game,” Ed pointed out. “Either way this stuff is very bad news to anyone and everyone.”

“So why does Ryker want everyone full of bloodlust as if this is Death Battle? Please don’t tell me he’s collecting energy caused by the conflict like he’s got a Majin Buu.” Link said with a groan.

"I don't think so, I believe he's like Towa collecting energy for a big project. To save his… Daughter maybe." Thanos added to the conversation.

“There was some truth behind his words, my hated void dweller confirmed it,” Ed glared up at the ceiling, ”Evil bastard, but he doesn’t lie.” He looked back to the others. “But he’s still hiding a lot. He actually tried to get to sign a contract saying not to interfere with fights unless he said to. I’m old not stupid.”

“A shame gossip stones don’t exist here. They’d reveal a lot about the universe they’re in.” Link said.

"I would put it right on my palm, IF I HAD IT!!!!" Thanos frowned, "A shame my Void-Dweller didn't give me it. Also, another universe too, can't use them." Thanos reminded the two before looking to Ed, "Speaking of Void-Dweller, have you met Kilton?"

“You mean your gauntlet’s functioning outside of its universe? Of course, it’d be a s-” Link paused, preventing him from unintentionally referencing what Thanos’s likes to do. “Simple.” Link finished.

“I have a contract with one that can’t be broken already. I don’t need more void dwellers in my life,” Ed crossed his arms over his chest. “As for gossip stones, I may be able to pull some here.”

"Eh? Don't that's cheating." Thanos waved his finger around with a frown.

“It depends more on the area, or at least that’s how they function back in my world. They tell a lot, but not always what you want it to be. Think of them as agents sharing everything they hear wherever you place the stone.” Link explained.

"Still cheating! Plus, wouldn't It be more fun if we were patient and wait for the plot to unfurl?" Thanos tempted Ed.

“I said I could maybe do it. Those things are tough to move,” Ed reiterates. “I’m not going to deny the entertainment aspect either. But I still don’t want to see anything bad happen. The last thing we need is another Displaced War.”

“Wait there was a Displaced War?!” Black exclaimed, never knowing such a thing existed.

“Be serious, Thanos. If Ryker means harm, one does not simply wait to know if they are or aren't.” Link said, almost holding his hand in a o.

"We don't know if he does, he could be just a sketchy bastard." Thanos crossed his arms, "We need proof before claiming- What's the word for it? We need evidence to support our claim before we present it to Lady Justice."

"One does not simply try to reveal Ryker's secrets." Kyle said, awaking from his nap.

“..Thanos is right.” Link said as he crossed his arms. “You guys have picked up a lot of information easily, and chances are he could be manipulating us much like Viggo Grimborn from Race To The Edge.” he said.

"Is that from How to Train A Dragon?" Thanos asked Link.

“Yes it is, Thanos. The guy's very cunning, always one step ahead.” Link explained.

“Cunning lad, and we should consult with Phoenix on that aspect,” Ed pointed out. “He was playing a decent game of chess with Ryker earlier when I popped in. I know he would’ve fared better had I not been there.”

"Whoever wins should wish to send us all home… Or something like that." Thanos planned.

“You really want to waste a wish like that?" Ed raised an eyebrow. “I can send you all home.”

"Now that you say that… I think we should wait until the end and ride this out, plus if Ryker turns out to be good, banquet?" Thanos said with a grin as wide as the ocean.

“Oh yea that reminds me,” Ed smirked. “How do rocks taste Thanos?”

“Speaking of sending people home..” Link began as he reached up to grab some sort of stone with a hole in it around his neck.

"They taste fucking epic, like the best thing you ever tasted in your actual life. I recommend it." Thanos said with a thumbs up.

“Good to know, and what ya got there kid?” Ed laughed as he wiped a tear from his eye.

“My howling stone. I was about to use it and see if I can’t go back to my world through the Twili portal.” Link explained as black pixels swirled around Link, changing him into a red, green, and white wolf very similar to the original Wolf Link, except the symbol on his forehead was different.

Shiva stood up, her ears perking in awe. “By everything sacred, that’s amazing…” she whispered.

Wolf Link looks past Ed, noticing no black and green portal appearing.

Ed moved to the side, “so basically is a homing device to your world. This the right portal?”

Link returns back to normal with a look of concern on his face, accompanied by a disappointed whimper from Shiva. “Something is preventing it from appearing, I don’t like the look of this.” Link said with worry.

“I think your stuck here until the end kid,” Ed reached his into the partial portal. “Hmmm…. yea something is definitely mixing in here.the void energy is off, like mixed in with another displaced. Did Ryker have all of you sign a contract when you got here?”

Shiva and Black both nodded.

“Yea, I gave it a good read before I signed mine.” Link said before blinking. “I should have used my Len’s Of Truth on it.” he said as he looked at Ed, thinking there was some fine print. Signing contracts was the least common thing in his world.

“That’s not good at all,” Ed shook his head. “In short, you’re all stuck here till otherwise. Even if I did send you home Ryker would just pull you right back.”

"For fuck's sake!" Thanos cried out.

Shiva hummed. “Then it sounds like we need to be prepared,” she said. “And if there’s one thing I learned from my time in Equestria…” she offered her claw it. “It’s that it’s better if we stand together.”

“If that’s the case, we should gather the others and start training immediately.” Black mused as he looked to Shiva. “We need all the help we can.”

To be continued...

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