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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Chapter Fourteen, A Battle for the Ages! Team Titan vs Team Xelor! Part 1.

Chapter Fourteen, A Battle for the Ages, Team Titan vs Team Xelor!

The air was different today, everyone was in the Diner Room, except for Nox. Thanos was sitting there eating a bowl of magma with a rock spoon. He held an emblem, the same emblem he took out before. It had a Dragon Symbol on it, his hands shook before he clenched them. He then began to eat his magma. Phoenix stood in the far corner of the room like the edgy bastard he is, eating an apple and observing the group.

“What’s with you guys? Why is everyone so fuckin tense all of a sudden?” Phoenix asked, growing tired of the awkward silence.

Black looked towards the edgy man, “Today’s the last match in the tournament. But I also believe something bad is coming our way.” Black explained as he turned away and continued to eat his breakfast… which was a buffet.

“Whether good or bad, I seriously hope we can return home and enjoy some peace away from this place.” Link said as he allowed the back of his head to rest against the nearest wall

"Yeah, I sense it too, it feels… Ominous. But let's not talk about that, who are you guys betting on? I'm betting on my pal Thanos!" Nappa said, patting Thanos' back who just ignored him.

“You felt it as well?” Eric asked the Bald Saiyan with concern as he guzzled down his morning coffee. “Pushing that aside I’d say Nox has the upper hand if he has a chance to use his time magic. However Thanos has the upper hand in every other aspect.”

“Fighting Nox will be a lot different than knowing him personally, so there might be tricks up his sleeve we don’t know about,” Link pointed out.

“Would say Thanos, I mean… we kinda turned a wasteland into the next apocalypse event.” Black said with a nervous smile.

"So I've heard." Nappa said blankly, sipping some coffee. Meanwhile Kyle just floated about, just like he was in space. Grievous was sitting next to Nightmare, Grievous gazed at the mare.

"So, er… Who do you think will win this final battle?" The General asked the Mare, "It's alright, you don't have to tell me if you wish."

“Who knows, only time can tell,” Nightmare said simply, sipping a cup of coffee.

"Ah, the stoic type, I respect that." Grievous said, not knowing how to finish the conversation.

“We would say Sir Thanos would win the battle. Thou’s strength is impressive,” Luna Black interrupted.

"Indeed, though I wonder, will Thanos bring out… him?" Grievous asked, Lucci scoffed.

"Like he would ever." Lucci looked to Thanos, "I hope he doesn't…"

“Honestly, my money is on Thanos, but I’m a bit biased as I am yet to witness Black in action.” Phoenix finished his apple and stepped towards the group.

"Speaking of bringing out, I had decided to offer an idea." Ryker popped up from the ground with a TV screen. It had three different things on it. First was the area called Planet Titan, the other was a question mark and the last was DB's Antarctica. "You've noticed that there is a question mark here, we're doing a poll, the other two are the maps for the fight. They will change over the course of the battle, what are your options for the second one? Well…" The TV revealed the Village hidden in the Leaf, Planet Namek, Wall Maria, and the Future in Ruins. "I'll see y'all later, the voting booth is right here." A table reveals itself below the screen and there was a pen and a paper on it. "Bye now!" Ryker made a portal and struck a Jojo's pose before going in.

“..I don’t know any of those places except Namek, but I suggest something that’ll survive being blown up.” Link suggested with a sigh

Eric stepped forward and cast his vote for Planet Namek which caused Luna to raise an eyebrow in confusion

“Why another planet?” Luna asked slightly confused

“Planet Namek has three suns, more suns more shadows to command” Eric answered with a grin

Shiva, who had been quietly sitting off to the side for most of the conversation, took one look at the poll, and immediately wandered over, casting a vote for the Leaf village.

“Forests are nice,” Shiva commented to anyone that looked at her with curiosity.

"Uh huh…" Lucci, Nappa, Grievous, Luffy and Entity made their way over to the poll and they cast their vote one at a time.

"Did you really just vote for a place where naked giants eat you?" Entity asked Luffy.

"But blades are cool." Luffy said blankly, they all just walked off. They walked by Thanos who closed his eyes and then talked to… Thanos.

"So, you finally want to talk to me in the daytime?" Thanos asked John.

"Yes, I think it could help us bond more." John replied to the Titan.

"Hmph." Their conversation left at that as Thanos continued to eat his bowl of magma. The doors swing open and all of the Commanders entered. Towa, Akainu, Fujitora, Katakuri, Arkham Knight, Lord Twigo, Zabuza, Herobrine, Necrozma, Ganondorf, and Douglass Bullet.

Shiva’s tail wagged at the sight of Fujitora. “Hello, Issho,” she greeted.

Fujitora, unusually kept silent, before Herobrine tapped Fujitora's shoulder. Fujitora jumped,
"Oh, uh, hello Shiva." Fujitora waved at Shiva, not missing at all.

Shiva still tilted her head at his odd silence from before. “You alright?” she asked.

"Y-yeah, I just feel… A little off." Fujitora chuckled, rubbing his head, Zabuza glanced at black.

"Had a good sleep last night?" Zabuza jokes, before Herobrine just rubbed his blocky forehead.

"For Notch's sake Zabuza, can you not?" A text box appeared over Herobrine's head.

“I slept well actually, thanks for asking.” Black said with a smile, continuing his breakfast buffet. Luna Black snickered a bit.

"Oi, you." Akainu pointed at Kodo before he lit up his cigar.

Kodo tilted his head. “What?”

"You're around the same age group as Herobrine, are you not?" Akainu asked the canine.

Kodo glanced at the blocky humanoid. “You mean to tell me that guy’s only one year old?” he asked.

"In Dog years, yes." Akainu told the young pup as Herobrine had a text box over his head.

"Well yes I kinda am." Herobrine shrugged, Akainu turned to Herobrine to read his text before turning back to Kodo.

“Huh,” Kodo hummed. “I guess I am, then.” He looked up at Akainu. “Why? Is it important?”

"No, I just thought you two would make good friends. Heh, though it looks like you guys won't have much time to talk when you guys-" Before Akainu could finish he received a glare from Katakuri. "Leave."

“I don’t like that pause……” Phoenix stepped over to Akainu with a bit of wariness.

"Oh don't mind him, he's bad with words!" Bullet laughed suddenly behind Phoenix and patting Phoenix on the back with his massive meaty arms.

“You do realise I’m a fuckin lie detector?” Phoenix looked over his shoulder at Bullet with increasing unease.

"Your mom's a lie detector?" Bullet asked, "Well looks like Dad won't have any fun when she's gone! KAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Bullet laughed joviously.

Phoenix elbowed Bullet in the gut, sending him into a wall, before speaking with venom. “I wouldn’t know, never met em.”

"Kahahaha! You got some spunk hitting me! I wonder how long you'll last, pause on that." Before Bullet could pursue Katakuri stepped in the way.

"For God's sake, Bullet learn when to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" Katakuri shouted, his Conqueror's Haki putting immense pressure on those around him, some of the furniture and walls cracked.

"Bah, alright, alright…" Bullet scoffed, Katakuri walked over to Phoenix, giving a bow.

"I sincerely apologize for Bullet's actions, to make you cheer up and not angry, would you like my token?" Katakuri asked Phoenix, raising a broken mirror.

Phoenix moved the mirror away from him with the back of his hand and scoffed at him. “A few things, one, a man should not bow on another's behalf. Otherwise, the apology is meaningless. And two, I have no idea who you are, so why would I be inclined to use your token.” Phoenix glared at the man, before hearing a familiar voice in his head. His demeanor suddenly changed and he looked back at the man.

“That’s Katakuri,” Shiva explained to Phoenix through a pack link. “Easily the strongest fighter in this world. Whoever wins - Thanos or Nox - has to take him on next.”

“I see…..” Phoenix nodded to Shiva in appreciation before turning back to Katakuri. “Sorry for my rudeness, however today is a touching day for me, and my mood is well….. Less than pleasant……” Phoenix looked down and clenched his fist, dragging up memories he’d rather leave behind.

"I understand, we all do have our off days." Katakuri said soft chuckle, "You all must be wondering why we're all here…"

"Well, we're here to inform you that… Uh… I don't think I have the heart to say this…" Arkham Knight looked to Towa who rolled her eyes.

"Okay, what he's trying to say is that Black, you are no longer able to buy a fucking buffet of food." Towa said blankly, Lord Twigo sighed.

“OH Come on! I’m a Saiyan, I kinda need to eat this much!” Black complained.

“Wouldn’t a Senzu Bean be more helpful than consuming a weeks worth of food?” Link asked curiously.

"Though you are a Saiyan, are you sure that you want us to go out of stock?" Lord Twigo asked the Saiyan.

Black looked at them blankly, before pointing a hand towards the corner of the room. A moment later, his hand glowed and the entire corner of the room held towers of bits and gems. He then went back to eating his food, “Buy more then…” Black said blankly

"Nigga, there is only so much food in this world! Do you know how many times we had to feed you Saiyans or Luffy?! There have been over 300 Saiyans here!" Arkham Knight said to Black.

“Why don’t you go to another planet and set up trade?” Black asked, his voice going deep like the Arkham Knight.

“Now, how the fuck does someone like Ryer have a food sortage? Hell, anything that’s grown I can make in an instant!” Phoenix gave Arkam a confused look.

"A. That's Invasion, B. There's a lot of Saiyans and Shounen anime characters with big appetites that come here. C. Fuck you." Arkham Knight gave Phoenix the finger. Phoenix simply took the power from his hand, and it fell limp. "Smart."

“How’d survive for so long then?” Black asked with a raised brow.

"Potatoes." They all said at the same time, Herobrine shivered.

"We've been eating nothing but potatoes for FIVE WHOLE FUCKING YEARS!!!" Herobrine shouted out.

“You guys couldn’t just eat the gems?” Shiva asked.

"Not everyone is a Diamond Dog or a damn Dragon, Shiva!" Fujitora snapped, turning to Shiva, who raised her claws in a placating gesture.

“It was just a suggestion,” she said. “No need to get snappish.”

"Did you say… Snap?" Thanos slowly turned to Shiva. Shiva rolled her eyes with a sigh.

“Whatever,” she muttered, walking out. Kodo trailed along behind her.

“I don’t think they could digest gems, tried it once… never again…” Black said as he continued to eat.

“You know,” Phoenix chimed in, a hand on his chin. “How bout I make ya’ll what I call a tree of giving. It’s basically just a big ol’ tree that will provide any grown plant in an instant, edible or not. It does take a lot of energy, but it’s not like I’m due to fight.”

"In anycase, that was a joke, the real reason is that… We all want to say…" Fujitora said, the Commanders loosened up.

"Fuck you!" The Commanders all say at the same time, raising their middle fingers high. "And also, have a good day."

Phoenix blacked at them all, before turning to the rest of the group. “Any objections towards me taking the power from their vocal chords?” He pointed over his shoulder to the Commanders.

"Objection!" Thanos stood up pointing at Phoenix, his boys doing the same.

“Overruled.” Link said with a facepalm.

“You just wanted to say that to a guy named Phoenix, didn’t you?” Phoenix cocked a brow at Thanos.

"Perhaps…" Thanos said leaning back and putting his fingers together.

“That’s my line, cock juggler! I say perhaps! That’s my whole shtick!” Phoenix yelled at the mad titan.

"Says the boy who lost to a damn purple bean! You flamboyant, no dick having ass motherfucker!" Thanos countered.

“Bitch if I wasn’t wearing this god damn ring I would have gutted you from armpit to asshole in a nanosecond!” Phoenix shot back.

"Nigga I would be throwing you in space So that you could be frozen like the cold hearted bastard that you are. Fucking edgy protagonist, Sonic the hedgehog hair having, you probably dyed it like that so you can spin off a bridge you dickwad!" Thanos spat back.

“Pretty bold coming from a guy who literally looks like a fuckin baboons ass cheeck!!! Your just jelous cause I have hair you toe eyed fuckin cabage!!!”

"Well I'm bald this way you Rotten tomato! It's probably red because you're so moronic, you thought tomato sauce was soap and you washed yourself in your clothes because you're such a damn dumbass!" Thanos grinned.

Phoenix went to respond, but suddenly two pack links shot out and grabbed the two by the throats. Shiva stormed back in, her ears flat and her eyes black.

“Will you STOP!” she growled. “MEASURING! DICKS!” With a lash, she knocked the two’s heads together, before her voice boomed in Thanos’ head. “Thanos, you know that we need to work together for what comes next. You’re literally the biggest man in the room. Start acting like it!” As his brain rattled from her inner voice, Shiva also sent a thought Phoenix’s way. “Same goes for you, Phoenix. We need to stand together. Just because he can’t control himself doesn’t mean that you should rise to his taunts. His words are nothing but pimples on a gnat's ass. So, stop sinking to his level.”

Dissipating her links with a flick of her wrists, she turned on her heel and stomped out of the room, her head held high.

“You know, she might be the one person here that I’m afraid of…..” Phoenix mumbled, staring at Shiva as she left with wide eyes.

"Pissing off?" Thanos finished for Phoenix, pause on that.

“Something like that. Limpdick.”

"Oh fuck off, no dick, at least I have one." Thanos crossed his arms.

“Bitch you look like the kinda guy to pull out a guitar at a party, and proceed to play nothing but wonderwall you failed abortion.” Phoenix shot back, forgetting everything Shiva had said.

"Oh shut up you ineffectual cock sucker, you are built like a vampire reject. Go back to your horrible dramas, fucking pretty little fairy." Thanos turned to Phoenix when he countered.

“Well at the end of the day, vampires get the pussy, and Thanos does not.”

"Bitch, have you ever fucked an Alicorn you miserable bag of horse dicks." Thanos snarked.

“Yeah, pretty sure it was the same one too, same universe and everything you low life weasel ass cunt.” Phoenix retorted.

"Oh ho ho! You wanna do this again? Bitch I will turn your life upside down like it's Prince of Bel Air." Thanos chuckled.

“I have no idea what that means, but no u.” Phoenix crossed his arms as he looked at the giant oaf. Thanos looked down at the vampire fairy thing, unaware of Shiva wandering back in with a resigned expression. She paused, peering at the two like she was figuring something out.

"Uno reverse card." Thanos countered.

Phoenix rolled his eyes at the response. “And also, can you keep it down with the vampire thing? The people reading my story don’t know that yet.” Looks at camera.

"Oh I see, you're from your stories future, I don't get that, but alright. Expect me to say nothing else, Reader!" Thanos turned to the camera as well.

“Thanks limpdick……” Phoenix muttered under his breath. Thanos just stared at Phoenix motherfuckerly. before noticing Shiva watching him, like his next words would decide what she was going to do. “Be the bigger titan,” was written across her face.

Phoenix turned to Shiva, before pointing at Thanos. “Whatever you’re mad about, it was his fault.”

"Bitch ass motherfucker…" Thanos said softly under his breath turning away from Phoenix. Phoenix took the opportunity to try and slam him into a wall face first. Unfortunately, Shiva caught his wrist, and forced him back.

“Enough,” Shiva growled. “If you two really can’t be civil about this, settle it in the sparring room.” Grabbing Thanos with a pack link, she teleported them both to the gym. Phoenix immediately teleported them back.

“That won’t be necessary, besides, I don’t need that much room to take him down.” Phoenix scoffed and pointed to the titan.

Thanos' suddenly relaxed, his face no longer goofy but regal. "Oh really, is that so? It only took me little room to take down Earth's mightiest warrior, quite easily in fact." Thanos said in a regal tone.

“You mean the Avengers?” Phoenix laughed. “You could tie my hands behind my back, disable half my abilities, blindfold me, and those guys would still be utterly defenseless.”

"Oh really? How about we test that theory when the witch and that blonde haired woman comes into play." Thanos replied, "And what about Thor? With his… Might, you may have a hard time." Thanos replied to Phoenix.

“Two words.” Phoenix raised two fingers and looked Thanos in the eye. “Mind hacking.”

"Not very honorable, are you?" Thanos chuckled, this sent shivers up Lucci's spine. "I can respect that, one must do anything to win. After all that is what I did when I went for the stones."

“Well, I suppose. However, if they themselves did not initiate the fight, then I would not use such tactics.” Phoenix glanced over to Shiva with an apologetic look. Shiva, however, nodded in thanks.

"I'll go give the control back over to John," Thanos said before he looked left, then right. "What the hell happened?" Thanos asked as he looked down at Phoenix.

“Nothing but some friendly bonding.” Phoenix replied with a grin.

"Thanos took control didn't he?" Thanos sighed, rubbing his eyes.

“Seems like it,” Shiva replied.

“Perhaps.” Phoenix added.

"Oh that motherfucker! For god's sake, don't interact with him you two. In this body, he is a fucking God. He'll literally kill all of you without a second thought, please, do not speak with him. Scratch that, don't antagonize him." Thanos pleaded.

“Ooo a challenge…..” Phoenix rubbed his hands together, scheming ways to bring ‘Thanos’ back out.

“Phoenix, please,” Shiva said, before giving a more sympathetic look to Thanos. “I assure you, I have no intention of antagonizing anyone.” She cracked a grin. “I wasn’t willing to risk Celestia’s wrath, there’s no way I’m antagonizing someone stronger than her.”

“I too shall not provoke him, but that’s only because I’m afraid of the lecture Shiva will give me if I do.” Phoenix shivered and tried not to look at Shiva.

"Thank god…" Thanos sighed, "Well-" Thanos was interrupted by the intercom.

"Thanos go to the deployment room, please."

“Sounds like it’s time,” Shiva noted, patting Thanos’ side. “Good luck.”

“Give it your all, limpdick!” Phoenix made sure to slap Thanos on the back with more might then usual.

Thanos then pulled out a shotgun and cocked it before looking at Phoenix. "I will burn Ponyville first because you did that." Thanos said with a heartfelt smile.

“Go for it man, currently, another version of Chastiefol is sittin pretty, waiting for pricks like you to start some shit!” Phoenix gave the titan a toothy grin.

"I meant my universe dumbass!" Thanos snapped before walking off.

“Why the fuck would you do that…” Phoenix mumbled to himself as Thanos left.

“Dunno,” Shiva noted. “Why do you feel the need to keep insulting him?”

“No offense, but he seems like the only person here that can take it. And also, he’s also one of few who have the balls to insult me back. I don’t think either of us actually hate each other, I respect him greatly in fact, it’s just he’s fun to piss around with..” Phoenix explained, closing his eyes and nodding to himself.

Shiva hummed in intrigue, watching Thanos go as she rubbed her chin. “I see…” she murmured in thought.

“Thanos,” Eric said, gaining the Titan’s attention. “Good luck… And don’t forget to have a little fun.” the Shadow Man smiled as he vanished in the shadows of the room

Arena Stage.

Everyone sat there idly, Ryker's Commanders were there as well as Mr. Perfect Cell and the others. They were all there waiting to see the outcome of the battle. Lord Twigo slowly turned to Kodo.

"So, have you managed to cut through steel yet?" Lord Twigo asked the canine with a raised eyebrow.

“Better,” Kodo replied, withdrawing a diamond from the bag Ed had given Shiva. Tossing it into the air, he narrowed his eyes and drew his blade. With a quick slash, the diamond popped cleanly in two. Kodo sheathed his sword and caught the two diamonds with one smooth motion.

"You've learned well, young padawan, but I have a question for you." Lord Twigo said as he looked at Kodo in the corner of his eye.

“What is it, Master?” Kodo asked, leaning forward.

"Have you ever heard of the tale of Darth Diabetus the wide?" The Holy Knight asked the pup.

Kodo glanced at his mother, who shrugged. “I… don’t think so,” he admitted. “There was Darth Vulcan the Vicious, but he was just a legend. At least, I hope he was.”

"Well, Darth Diabetus had the power to… Stop evil just by blinking, the evil would just… Disappear… He also had this ability to make sure he could not become what he was fighting… Evil." Lord Twigo said.

Kodo’s brow furrowed. “But… how was he able to define evil?” he asked. “Like, if a dog did something bad… but he was trying to help his family… is he still evil? Does he disappear completely?”

"He had another power to Look into someone's heart, to see their true desire, what they were fighting for, who they were protecting, and why they're doing… Crimes." Lord Twigo told Kodo.

“It’s a load of horse shit Kodo.” Phoenix interrupted, “No one has the power to prevent turning evil, because it’s impossible to prove. No matter what you tell yourself, it is always a possibility.”

"Nothing Is impossible if you have the right mindset." Lord Twigo, glanced at Phoenix. "I mean, look at you Shiva. You never thought you would do the things you are doing and yet here you are."

“When you say mindset, I think you mean influence, power, and connections. I’m sorry to break this to a fellow holy knight, but some things just can’t be achieved.” Phoenix said, crossing his arms.

"Hm, I guess young Kodo will never know…" Lord Twigo said looking at a random Dragon, he was all angry and one could see the evil in his eyes. But with a blink from Lord Twigo, the dragon calmed down. And looked around, confused. He looked over to Kodo with a look that whispered, 'I told you so.'

“Don’t get me wrong, the kid can believe what he wants, but he should probably see the other side of the coin before he makes his decision.” Phoenix explained, ruffling Kodo’s hair. “Maybe I’m just a pessimist, but believe me when I say that plenty of things are impossible.”

Shiva chuckled. “‘A pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist,’” she commented softly.

"If you are ever interested… Give me a call young Kodo, and I will teach you the ways of the Blink." Lord Twigo chuckled, looking at Ryker who nodded. Noticing the silent exchange between Lord Twigo and Ryker, Shiva subtly drew a pack link around Kodo. The link pulsed, but all Phoenix or any other mind readers saw was a field of gems. She suddenly heard a voice in her head. “Noice.” She turned to Phoenix to see he was holding a thumb behind his back. Shiva nodded with a grin.

“Didn’t you get your ass handed to you by Meliodis that one time? If you had a technique like that, why didn’t you use it?” Phoenix asked out of curiosity.

"That was in the show, I was taught by Darth Diabetus." Lord Twigo explained to Phoenix.

“Seems legit.”

"Alright everyone, this is the final battle between Thanos and Nox, so let's introduce the Mad Titan, the one the only-" Ryker was cut off as everyone heard a loud thunder thingy.

"What the hell is going on?!" Fujitora asked as the clouds turned gray and a shadow loomed over all of them. Everyone looked up and they saw a giant eastern azure dragon.

"WORORORORORO!!!!" The Dragon laughed as he entered the arena, or at least tried to, given that he was the size of Ponyville. Ryker frowned.

"Kaido…" Ryker seethed, frowning Kaido ignored Ryker and flew over to where the competitors were. He looked down at Phoenix.

"Nice hair, also Ban from Seven Deadly Sins, nice." Kaido complemented.

“It’s polite to introduce oneself before initiating a conversation with a stranger.” Phoenix summoned Shadowfall to his back just in case, having noted Ryker’s reaction to Kaido’s entrance.

"Stranger? I already know you! Phoenix E.. e something. I already have one of my men lurking around in your Equestria. I won't tell you where but they're there." Kaido looks over to Shiva, "However, I do not know you, my name is Kaido, King of Beasts.”

Shiva glanced at Phoenix, before managing a curtsy. “King Kaido,” she replied. “I am Alpha Shiva; once a humble dog, and now the leader of the diamond dogs.”

"Nice to meet you, is that your son? He looks like a brave soul, would you mind if I recruited him into my army?" Kaido asked, his giant draconic eye looking over to Kodo.

Kodo and Shiva glanced at each other, panic briefly shining in Shiva’s eyes. However, it quickly faded when she saw Kodo’s look of determination. She looked back up at Kaido. “If he joins you,” she asked. “What do our world and pack get in exchange?”

"We have a lot of services we can provide, money, power, some fame here and there. We have a lot we can do for you, god it sounds like you're trying to enroll your kid to a school." Kaido jokes.

Shiva shrugged with a grin. “He is around that age,” she replied.

Kaido then turns to Goku Black, "And then there's you, Black, don't you worry you have someone with you too! His name is Percedel or Dally, whichever you prefer." The Dragon told the Saiyan.

Black looked to the dragon, “And… does it look like I care?” Black asked with a raised brow.

"I like people like you!" Kaido grinned ear to ear, laughing as it shook the whole arena. "Ah, good luck with that."

Phoenix gritted his teeth at the man, before attempting to shove his index and middle finger through the side of Kaido's scaled shoulder, but not piercing. “Mind elaborating on your earlier comment.” Phoenix’s voice was laced with venom as he stared at the ground.

"If you really want to know they're at the bottom of the ocean hanging out, his name is Jinbe and he's a Fishman."

“Don’t expect any more reports from him after I return home.” Phoenix practically spat out.

"Don't hurt him, he actually enjoyed that place, he's retired now, maybe an ally for you later on. Who knows?" Kaido chuckled before he heard a whistle, his eyes turning slits and he turned to the Arena Floor and there was Thanos.

"Back in the sword!" Thanos ordered, Kaido cursed under his breath as Thanos held up his sword. Kaido then went inside of the sword, Thanos just stood there. Thanos then holds his emblem to his chest, then expands and engulfs Thanos. He was then covered in black armor, black spikes stuck out of Thanos' shoulders and just like he had said before. It was Dark Souls type shit, his fist that wasn't a gauntlet was not a black gauntlet that had spikes on it. But his chest plate was a sight to see. The emblem before was on his chest and on the back was spikes that resembled Omega Shenron. His lower half was just heavy black armor.

"This… Is my Demon Slayer Armor!" Thanos announced, Ryker still in shock from Kaido's appearance. "Get Nox in here."

"O-okay." Ryker nodded, "Here is Team Nox, the man, the myth, the legend, and the God of Time, Noximilien!" Nox appeared with many beings cheering for him, his children accompanied him with four puppets that held swords.

"WHYYYYY?!?!?!?" Thanos screamed, all eyes were on him. "WHEN CAN I CATCH A BREAK!!?!??! All I've been fighting is Gods! Black, fucking Fierce Deity Link, this asshole Phoenix, and now Nox. When did this all happen?! I BLAME YOU KAIDO!!!!" Thanos shouted out.

“That’s what happens when you gain too much power, Thanos, god-like beings are the only thing that can match it!” Link shouted from the stands.

"Now who wants-" Grievous immediately appeared at Thanos' side. Faster than anyone could see. Ryker blinked, "Oh… anyone else?" Ryker then turned to Luna, "Alright, you're in Luna."

"Wh-" Before Luna could respond she was next to Thanos.

A distant rising voice began to echo in the arena, “Mine mine mine mine mine,” not long after, Black appeared next to Luna, “Mine.”

Kodo glanced at Shiva. “Uh…” he sighed. “Eh, screw it.” Bursting into smoke, he shot down into the stands, appearing next to Black.

“Kodo!” Shiva barked, but before she could stop him, he had joined the others in the arena.

“This should’ve happened with Phoenix, Mom,” Kodo insisted.

“But what if you get hurt?” Shiva demanded.

Kodo kept his eyes on his opposition as he drew his sword. “What doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger,” he replied.

"The rules are simple, only fight your opponent and no one else, do not interfere with other fights, and now… G-" Ryker was cut off.

"Well howdy there, Black." A country accent echoed across the arena.

Blacks eyes widened slightly, recognizing that voice. “Is that… Android 13?” Black muttered.

Kodo tilted his head in shock as the source of the voice appeared. “Why does Nox have Von Shadow, and why is he talking like Applejack?”

"Nope, it'a me, mah name is Eric 2.0 look at mah trucker hat." Eric 2.0 spoke appearing before Black, via shadow, he had the same trucker hat as Android 13.

"I JUST FIXED THAT!!!!" Nox shouted out, Eric 2.0 scoffed.

"Now doc, ya can't fix what ain't broke." Eric 2.0 flashed Nox a grin.

“Oh… Oh this is precious.” Black chuckled, he looked to Nox with confidence, “You expect to beat me with this automaton of fun?”

"Yesn't." Nox replied blankly. "However, Luna I have the perfect opponent for you." Nox turned to Luna.

Luna tensed hearing this and took a defensive stance, suddenly an Iron Man suit dropped out of the sky, then proceeded to superhero land. The Iron Man suit stood up.

"Oh hey Moony, how's it going?" The Iron Man suit asked.

“Have we met before?” Luna asked lightning arcing around her body

"Eh, you could say that," Iron Man shrugged, "We met but… Damn this stuff is complicated time wizard." Iron Man turned to Nox.

"I'm a Xelor." Nox deadpanned at Iron Man.

Luna raised an Eyebrow at the group of robots as her hor glowed

"We have an Iron Man, Eric but better, my children aka Androids, and four samurai."

“So how do we divide this up?” Luna asked her teammates. “Who fights who?”

"I'll take Nox and his children." Thanos popped his knuckles, grinning.

"Alright, I'll take the swordsmen. Alone." Grievous said, looking to the others.

“Let the child back you up” requested Luna. “Besides I’d feel better he fights with somepony rather than having him fight alone.”

“It’s true,” Kodo admitted. “Wolves are pack animals.”

"No." Grievous said blankly, "He needs to learn to fight alone. Also fighting swordsmen is my specialty. I hunt them for fun and kill them. This is literally made for me." Grievous told the Alicorn.

“Fine then” Luna shook her head. “Kodo I’d ask that you stay close to me” a midnight purple portal opened up as Luna pulled out a purple claymore with a star covered blade. The weapon of the feared Nightmare Moon.

“Will do,” Kodo replied, stepping closer to her with a grin.

"Ah'm fightin' the Saiyan." Eric 2.0 looked at Black.

“I was hoping you’d say that…” Black said darkly, popping his neck.

"Er, that leaves just you and me Moony. I'd rather not fight a kid, I'm not Cap. Bucket head, let Kodo fight with you." Iron Man turned to Grievous.

Grievous looked to Kodo, then the swordsmen, then Kodo, then the swordsmen. "Fine." Grievous turned to Kodo and waved at him. "Boy, get over here."

Kodo tsked, but strode to Grevious’ side all the same.

"Alrighty… The battle begins in three!" Ryker grinned holding up three fingers as the area around them transferred to Planet Titan.


Grievous clenched his swords, looking at the swordsmen as they shifted to a wreckage. Luna gripped her blade as lightning ran through the weapon and her body, Haki began to cover her arms and legs before covering her sword. Iron Man clenched his fists, his body humming. Kodo’s fur began to steam and crackle with lightning like a storm cloud, while Haki covered his claws and paws.


The aircraft flew above Titan, four different screens revealed themselves.

Thanos clenched his fists steam began to emanate from his body as red lightning appeared on him as his eyes turned red, Brute clenched his fists as well before slamming his gauntlets together, Light just popped her neck before getting her bow and arrow out, Grab got his arms ready, Grab stretching his right arm in the air., Shield readying his… Shield. Nox just stood There idly.


The Swordsmen shot off to the skies and flew to the wreckage, Grievous looked at Kodo, the two exchanging a nod before Grievous ran towards it at breakneck speeds. Kodo kept pace behind him, turning into a literal storm cloud with lightning blasting him forward. With Grievous jumping over rocks and other items, and Kodo flying behind him, the two closed in on their opponents.

Luna rushed forward as Iron Man got out his Halo type blade. They clashed unfortunately for the Iron man the sheer force of Luna's weapon knocks the blade out of his hand.

"Well shit." Iron Man said looking at his weapon before turning to Luna. "This should be fun." Iron Man said, sarcasm oozing out of his body.

Luna raised her lightning charged weapon and brought it down on the robot’s shoulder, however any damage dealt on the robot was repaired instantly as the light on his chest glowed brighter.

"Thanks for the power boost Loony!" Iron Man said before he stomped on Luna's foot, the foot expanding before digging itself into the ground. Iron Man's fist turned into rams, Luna had noticed that the rams were outlined with rubber. Luna then felt the force of two rocket powered rams, Iron Man struck her in the gut before landing an uppercut. Iron Man stepped off of Luna's foot as his Arc Reactor glowed blue before firing at Luna. Sending her a good way backwards, she then hits a boulder.

“Luna!!” Eric shouted rushing to help her only to be stopped by Sombra

“She’s a Logia type Eric, That blast won’t kill her an she’s been thrown into worse” Sombra assured his friend keeping his hand on his sword in case Eric turned violent. “Remember: she was once the dreaded Nightmare Moon! She’s not a weak flower, she’s an alicorn it’ll take more than being thrown around to defeat her.”

"Have faith in your friends." Fujitora told Eric as he ate his bowl of Ramen provided by Arthur who was passing out Ramen to everyone.

“Not just friends,” Shiva said quietly, her eyes on Kodo. “Family too.”

As she spoke, Kodo blasted past Grievous and reached the swordsmen. Avoiding a slash from one of his foes, Kodo blasted a pack link right into their chest. The swordsman stumbled, a brief bout of exhaustion making him pause, as Kodo flew back into the air.

“General!” Kodo shouted, throwing a ball of energy at him. “Power Boost coming your way!”

He threw the ball, which was caught in the clawed hand of Grievous. He crushed the ball in his hands, his metal body glowing as he stood tall over the swordsman. Grievous peered down at the swordsman.


"You must realize… You. Are. Doomed!" Grievous grabbed the swordsman by his head and slammed it onto the ground, making a satisfying crack another swordsman went to come at Grievous from behind, only for Kodo to snag them with a pack link. Briefly, the swordsman struggled over the pack link, before Kodo dissipated his link instantly, allowing Grievous to catch them with a backhanded slash. Kodo reformed next to Grievous and tossed him another ball of energy.

A swordsman looked at the duo, then back at the other with a weird sword that had an eye. "Jack! Release Rubilax!" The swordsman ordered, Jack nodded looking at the sword before throwing it into the air. He then spoke French as the sword was engulfed in light, Grievous looked at that, knocking out the duo that had faced him. He raised his Sword of Lightning and went for a diagonal slash, only for it to be held back by the swordsman, though the swordsman was being pushed back as Kodo caught him with another pack link and drained his strength. Though through sheer will he went to a knee.

"Hurry Jack!" Jack began to speak faster as the sword with the eye's pupil became a slit. Letting out an evil laugh before both Jack and the other swordsman was blown away. The sword with an eye was now a four foot tall golem. Grievous deadpanned, turning to Kodo.

"Now I just feel bad for them, go handle it." Grievous sheathed his blades and turned around.

"Come at me bro!" The Golem held his arms out like he was going for a hug.

Cricking his neck, Kodo charged the golem, splitting into smoke and passing him by, before catching it with a pack link from behind. Yanking himself forward, Kodo carved into the Golem’s heel before splitting back into smoke and flying away.

However, as Kodo rolled away, his eyes widened in shock as the Golem grew to five feet. Spikes jutted out of his back, and he cackled in delight.

“Oh… kay,” Kodo muttered.

"I'm going to start punching you." Rubilax said.

Kodo grinned. “No. You’re going to try,” he replied, before bursting back into smoke.

However Rubilax used Kamisori to appear above the Pup, covering his fist in Armament Haki he slammed the fist down towards Kodo's noggin. However, Kodo’s cloud zigzagged away.

Grievous blinked as the pup desperately tried to dodge Rubilax’s attacks.

"Yeah you can handle this, I'm going to just watch."

“WHAT?!” Shiva howled in rage, rising up as her fur crackled with lightning.

“It’s fine, Mom!” Kodo insisted. “I got this!” He barely dodged another attack, paling as he saw his leg get skimmed by the Rubilax’s punch. “I think…”

Grievous then shoves some chips into his "mouth," crumbling them into crumbs. "Jolly good show!"

Rubilax then spun before slamming both of his feet into Kodo. As Kodo hit the ground rolling, Rubilax pounced like a tiger wailing on the pup. Kodo blocked, dodged and endured as best he could, but no punches were pulled. Grievous just smiled, though he had no mouth.

"Kick his ass! Fight back!" Grievous shouted to the canine as he watched him struggle.

Growling, Kodo caught two of Rubilax’s punches, his claws coated in Armament Haki and the Pack Link. His fur sparked with lightning as he absorbed the energy from the punches and the inner energy of the beast, before he let loose with a howl. The howl formed a vortex not dissimilar to a Fus Ro Dah, blasting Rubilax across the area. As Rubilax hit the ground, Kodo leaped over him, catching him with another pack link, and absorbing more of his strength before yanking him off the ground and slamming him back into the wreckage.

Suddenly the Demon grew to the size of the wreckage, walking through it. His spikes had more detail to them now as Rubilax charged at Kodo, using Soru to go there faster, covering his fists in Armament Haki and moving faster than anyone would expect from his size; he landed a colossal punch on the canine.

Kodo exploded into smoke, but the momentum still carried the majority of his body across Titan before he managed to fade completely into a cloud. His teeth and glowing eyes briefly reforming as he growled, he raced right back into the fray, letting another howl of defiance loose.

Rubilax then shot something out of his back: a stone golem that looked like Rubilax was shot at Kodo. However, Kodo’s arm and sword reformed, and with a brutal swing, he bisected the mini-Rubilax in half. Spinning, he ensnared the head with a pack link, draining the energy from the clone before tucking back into smoke and charging forward even faster than before.

"Heh…" Using Kamisori, Rubilax appeared above Kodo and sledgehammered the pup, the canine met with the soil and they had an "awesome" time together. Grievous stood there watching.

For a moment, Rubilax stood triumphant. However, a low chuckle sounded from where Kodo had fallen. Rubilax noticed steam once again floating around him. Not just from the crater where Kodo met the ground, but also from around the battlefield.

"Where are you, you damn brat?" Rubilax looked around as Grievous just chuckled.

"Oh boy… This will be fun…" Grievous muttered under his breath.

Indeed it was. As one several bolts of lightning sparked all around the beast. And as Rubilex turned, trying to track which one was real, hundreds of pack links suddenly spiraled out from hundreds of Kodo clones. The beast quickly found himself constrained by ropes of lightning, as an army of smoky wolves bared their teeth in wicked smiles.

"You forget one thing…" Rubilax said before releasing thousands of his rock clones into the air, then proceeded to crash down raining down like meteors.

Sure enough, the smoke clones burst away into nothing. Yet, as Rubilex grew, he felt the earth shift underneath him, and noticed the pack links slither down into the depths like snakes.

“I forget?” Kodo’s voice, magnified, mused with a chuckle. “I believe you forgot one thing…”

The ground began to quiver and shake. Rubilax struggled to keep his footing.

I’m a magic DIAMOND DOG!” Kodo boomed, before bursting from the ground.

To say the pup had gone through a growth spurt would’ve been a severe understatement. The pup was the size of a fully empowered Lord Tirek, his fur crackling and smoking like a living hurricane. With a roar like a dragon, he hit the ground, and a massive pit opened up underneath Rubilax. The Golem plummeted down into the darkness, before Kodo hefted the ground up like a blanket, and covered the golem like he was tucking it in for a nap.

"I knew you could do it." Grievous chuckled, looking up at the… Young pup?

Glancing over at the General, Kodo let a howl loose, shrinking down back to his regular height. He nodded at Grievous.

“That’s how the pack works,” he said. “We contribute.”

“Take a look at that Shiva,” Eric said with a massive grin on his face. “I told you he was stronger than he believed.”

Shiva smiled softly, before hearing Katakuri tsking.

"They think they won already… Oh dear…" Katakuri sighed, face palming. Fujitora just winced as he knew what was coming.

"Uh huh, though I was expecting to step in given that you are indeed, still weaker than me. I'm not trying to- Well, it's a fact I guess. We can't really interfere so we're stuck here." Grievous explained to Kodo, "What is your opinion on cheese?"

Kodo tilted his head, before everyone on the battlefield felt a tremor, it nearly knocked both Grievous and Kodo off their balance. "OH COME ON!!!" Grievous shouted out.

Kodo growled. “Just can’t take a hint, can you?” he grumbled, reverting back to his smoke form and launching into the air as Rubilax rose from the ground, now imagine the Mega Kaiju from Pacific Rim Uprising, now multiply the height and width of it by ten. A mountain of a fist slammed into both of them at speeds that left Rainbow Dash gawking. Kodo’s cloud form exploded away into pieces, while Grievous was sent flying, crashing through the star objects before finally stopping when gravity took its effect and slammed him onto the ground. Grievous just looked up at the sky.

"Why do these things happen to me?" Grievous grumbled, going to his feet, very slowly and sluggishly.

Kodo reformed next to him, helping him up.

“Okay, I was really hoping I could beat this and prove my worth,” he admitted. “But…” he turned to Grievous. “How the heck do we beat this thing?!”

"Kodo… Leave this to me, I have a plan. The greatest plan. Do you have a helicopter?" Grievous turned to Kodo.

Kodo tilted his head. “What’s a helicopter?”

"Onto plan B I guess, Author! Can I get a Giant's potion?" Suddenly a potion appeared before Grievous, "Thanks! Now Kodo, watch and learn, do not interfere. This is for me, and me alone. This is my time to shine, where I finally get to beat a villain!" Kodo nodded, stepping back, while Grievous then poured the Giant’s Potion onto himself then in a flash he grew to be the size of Cherno Alpha. "I've been watching a lot of pacific rim."

Grievous then proceeded to run at Rubilax, while Rubilax ran at him. Grievous clenched his fists, for though he grew, his swords did not. Their fists then clash…

Meanwhile a couple of a hundred meters away, Luna burst forth from the remains of the boulder before disappearing in a flash of lightning, Iron Man looked around trying to locate the alicorn

"Friday, try and detect her heat signature," Iron Man mumbled before he spotted the signature.

Without warning a pair of arms wrap around the Man of Iron's waist as he is lifting up and into the ground, Luna then Pulls off a German suplex on the tin man, his head stuck in the ground.

"Shit…" Iron Man then shot up, looking at Luna, Iron Man made his rams again and decked her in the muzzle. He does it again, and again, and again. "You know, over time, you should really know how to DODGE!!!" Iron Man gut punches the Lunar Princess before slamming a fist down on her noggin. Making her have a very personal meeting with the soil.

Pushing off the ground lightning struck the ground where Luna stood, one the flash was gone Iron Man noticed the Princess was gone. Iron Man checked his scanners to find her, unfortunately lightning began to strike the area around him throwing his scanners off

"Clever," Iron Man complimented, he then pops his shoulders, getting ready to attack Luna when she pops up.

Luna reared her fist back and slammed her fist into Iron Man’s gut sending him flying, Using her magic Luna brought her blade back into her hand.

Iron Man flew back to where he was, "You know, knocking me back isn't going to do much.”

With a flash of lightning Luna was above the robot with her haki covered blade raised high, Luna swung her sword severing Iron Man’s arm from his body

"I just want to say, I have pain receptors." Iron Man told Luna, putting a hand on Luna's shoulder as he suddenly regained his arm back from some flying object that swooped by and dropped a piece of metal. "Why? You're a nice Alicorn right? You literally cut my arm off, the reason why I'm not screaming is because I want to get this out before doing so." Iron Man told Luna before screaming bloody murder for five seconds before stopping. "That's better, now, Luna. Level down with me here, why did you cut my arm off? That was unprofessional." Iron Man said right before a big gauntlet appeared, Iron Man then gut punches Luna. The force felt like she was hit by the Mad Titan himself. Suddenly, Iron Man stabbed Luna's arm, she felt weak for it was made out of Sea Prism Stone. Suddenly Iron Man got armored up and he was the size of Thanos.

"I'm going to beat you now." Iron Man pulled Luna close… And bashed her with his fist, over and over again, ruthlessly and relentlessly. The punches were fast, Iron Man decided to do the same thing he used on Hulk back in that town, this fist shot at Luna then retracted. It then sped up, Luna getting hit more and more. "I can do this all day!"

Flaring her magic Luna teleported out of the mech's grip before reappearing a few feet away, reaching to her arm before pulling out the Sea Prism Stone blade. Regaining the control over her Devil Fruit Luna charged her entire with lightning

Iron Man then took to the skies before firing a bunch of repulsive shots at the mare. Trying to harm her and purposely missing sometimes to block her view as it made dust.

However each blast went harmlessly through her lightning charged body. “30 million volt: Thunder Bird.”

From around Luna’s body came a large bird that arc’d yellow and blue lightning, the creature of lightning flew up and went after the man of iron.

"Oh you gotta be shitting me," Iron Man muttered under his breath, he then fired a powerful beam from his chest to destroy the bird, the plasma and electricity made an explosion.

Without warning another charged at him before he realised he was surrounded by countless Thunder Birds

"Shit, shit, shit, shit!" Iron Man blasted off going to the star like structures and went inside using the ruins to his advantage he sleekly evaded the birds as they crashed into other ruins.

As he evaded the birds and dodged their attacks he failed to notice the streak of lightning rush in front of him, the streak changed into Luna who had reclaimed her sword and stabbed Iron man through his arc severely damaging it. Without missing a beat Luna pulled the blade from his chest and slammed the pommel into his left repulsor damaging it that one as well.

Iron Man grunted, Iron Man clenched his fist which made a blade show from his… Fist. Iron Man shoved the blade into Luna's rib, slightly cutting into Luna's left lung. Iron Man ripped it out and grabbed the horn of Luna, clenching it, Iron Man then slams the princess down on the earth. He then grinds her face against the earth before making his way up through the star building ruins. He went through the roof before wrapping his arms around Luna before spinning around, he then went back down the building and pulled off a Hidden Lotus on the mare.

Luna crashed into the ground, digging a crater into the ground. Luna stumbled out still covered in lightning, however something threw off the man of iron. The Lunar Princess was smiling at the mech

"...I don't like that smile…" Iron Man said pointing at Luna.

“Haven’t you noticed I’m not holding the dagger anymore” Luna said, flashing her hands causing Iron Man to quickly looking to his right hand and noticing the dagger dug deep into his remaining repulsor. “Now let’s see how you deal with THIS!”

60 Million Volt: Thunder Dragon.

Without a moment to dodge a yellow and blue electrical dragon rushed from Luna’s body and phased through Iron Man causing him to stagger a bit before aiming his hand forward trying to dispel the excess energy only for it to backfire and damage his arms.

"You know, I'm starting to get real tired of your shit." Iron Man frowned, looked at Luna, crossing his arms as he looked down at Luna.

“The feeling is mutual” Luna said, firing another Thunder Dragon at the metal man, this time the Iron Man saw it coming. Using the environment to his advantage he rolled for cover.

"If you and Thor met you would be great friends from what I am seeing from you." Iron Man told Luna.

Peering behind his cover, Iron Man found Luna missing.

"Oh for God's sake!" Iron Man said as he clenched his fists and shook then angrily in the air. "Why doesn she always do that?"

Iron Man closed his eyes turning back, opening his eyes he found a midnight blue hand on his face “1 Trillion Volt Electrical Discharge!"

"Fuck." That was the only thing Iron Man could say as he was thrown back by the force of the attack and out of the wreckage. The force Made Iron Man flying out of his HulkBuster suit. Iron Man crawled away and onto some rubble to lean on as he saw Luna walk out.

"I think we can be friends as long as you don't kill me." Iron Man grunted out as he used a spray to stop the oil from his body to leak out. Iron Man looked at Luna, "So range attacks don't work on you, but if I get close I get shocked, great. Just fantastic," Iron Man said, still leaning on the rubble.

“You are in quite a difficult situation” Luna said her lightning taking on a more yellow hue

"Oh you don't say? I have no way of beating you so why don't we just calm down okay? You can't even Interfere with the others due to the rules anyway, all you get for beating me is some bruises. I'd preferably not want to get hurt, so why don't we sit down, and have a chat. We can know each other better." Iron Man offered.

“I don’t wish to hurt you any more,” Luna said, turning to Ryker. “But you and I know Ryker won’t end this fight until one of us is out”

"Come on, Ryker's only focussed on those who'll dish out the most Dark Ki. Like Rubilax and Grievous, Thanos and those guys, Black and Eric 2.0, he doesn't care about us. As far as I know, you've been kicking my ass! So let's just have a nice talk over some… Tea?" Iron Man tilted his head.

“Very well, so long as you won’t object if I cast a sleep spell on you when the time comes” Luna said lifting the robot to his feet

"I literally can not sleep, have you not noticed I am a robot. I can power myself down, sheesh."

“I am the Alicorn Princess of the Night. Nothing is immune to my slumbering spells,” Luna boasted with a smile

"Now what if they literally have no brain?" Iron Man asked before stumbled to the side, catching himself. "I am a computer, you're an Alicorn, you have a brain, I do not."

“It matters not, I have the ability to give anypony no matter what they are a peaceful slumber”

"So you can even make a brick sleep?" Iron Man asked the Alicorn.

“So long as it shows intelligence I can” Luna said with a warming smile

"...You're unbelievable…" Iron Man shook his head at Luna in disbelief, "Oh anyways do you want to know more about this Thor fella? You're basically the same people… But one is Asgardian and you're a furry… Thing." Iron Man pointed at Luna.

“Alicorn...You were actually pretty impressive absorbing my lightning” Luna said to the metal man

"Technology at its finest… I'm gonna… I'm gonna lay down…" Iron Man walked over to the place he was flung into and sat there, he leaned his head back on a steel slab. "So comfy." Iron Man chuckled, looking at another wound before spraying it with his armor.

“Please don’t hate me for this,” Luna said placing a hand to the ground

"Don't you dare! We made peace!" Iron Man warned reading a blade.

A lightning arc cage appeared around the metal man. “I have seen a lot of people fall when they let their guard down around their opponents” Luna said with a tone of sadness. “This is merely a precaution.”

"I'm hurt… You put me in a cage like an animal. Why? I trusted you, I thought we could walk around! Have a nice talk, walk and talk… Traitor." Iron Man scoffed.

“When you’ve had as many assassination attempts as I have you learn to be cautious,” Luna said lowering her head. “I do apologize for damaging your orbs,” Luna pointed to Iron Man’s repulsors

"Meh, they're fine, I can repair them. Also, can you come close real quick? I can close up that wound of yours." Iron Man pointed to where he stabbed her.

Luna scooted closer moving through the bars, Iron Man got up and stumbled a bit before reaching her. He held up an arm and began to spray it down, closing up the wound. "You're welcome, also sorry for punching you in the nose… Repeatedly."

“It’s fine” Luna said with a warming smile on her face as she stepped out of the cage.

"...Can I get out now?" Iron Man asked the mare.

Exhaling a bit Luna dispelled the lightning cage, Iron Man walked up to Luna.

"I'm gonna go to space!" He was suddenly armored up with the HulkBuster armor, he then shot off to the skies.

“I’ll prepare you some tea when you return,” Luna said to herself. Flaring her magic Luna summoned a kettle filled with her and her sister’s favorite brew of tea.

"Eh, good fight." Lucci said looking at the part of the screen before gazing at Maud, "Wouldn't you agree?"

“Definitely” Maud said seeing Entity out of the corner of her eyes

Entity slowly inched his way further from Maud, hoping that she would not notice the blocky man. "Don't mind me…"

“Entity...” Maud said getting the creatures attention

"What do you want from me woma… I mean what do you desire from me? You look stunning today." Entity said a sweat droplet appeared on his face.

“I’m sorry about our fight” Maud said, not looking at Entity. “I understand you and I were affected by the Dark Ki. I’m sorry for letting my emotions getting the better of me,”

"I already apologized but… did you really have to kick me in the balls?" Entity asked the stone cold mare.

“You called me a cunt” Maud said

"And I apologized!" Entity countered.

“You never call a mare that.”

Thanos lunged to Nox cocking back a fist to strike the Xelor only for the attack to be blocked by Shield. Thanos grunted as he tried to push Shield, it was working, Shield was then pushed back by the might of Thanos.

Brute then flew at Thanos, cocking back a fist to punch Thanos, however Thanos was prepared for it, but he wasn't prepared for Grab's… Grab. Grab grabbed Thanos by his ankle and then his arm stretched, he then slammed the Titan down. Thanos jumped up as Grab and Brute took their stances, they ran at Thanos and Thanos ran at them, the duo then went to the side as Light shot her arrows at Thanos. Thanos raised his sword and parried the attacks.

"Parry this you filthy casual!" Light then put three arrows onto her bow and shot it at Thanos, the arrows combined and made a super arrow. Thanos tried to parry it and he exploded, dust filling the air.

Thanos stood up, “Okay, is this how we’re going to play it?” Thanos ran at the duo, Grab lunged at Thanos, Grab went for a punch. Thanos grabbed his arm, he then spun around and threw him into Brute. Thanos then shot a Ki blast at them, it made a big explosion, dust filled the air. Thanos then fired another Ki blast at Shield, using his shield to block the attack it made a huge purplish cloud that surrounded them, blocking their view. Suddenly two chained blades shot from the dusty cloud. Thanos blocked the attacks, they were pulled back and out came Grab.

“I’ve been watching a lot of Kung-Fu Equestria.” Grab chuckled looking at his two weapons. Thanos’ body suddenly relaxed, he then stood up all regal.

“Let’s see how your shows will help you.” Thanos said, clenching his fists, Grab ran at Thanos and threw his chained blades at Thanos. Thanos evaded the attack by making his body slimmer, he heard a crash and looked behind him. The chain blades connected with a broken house, Grab then pulled on them and stuck his feet out, by the time Thanos turned around he was kicked into the house. However Grab didn't exert enough force for Thanos to crash through the house. Thanos stumbled forward, Grab pulled his blades from the house and started slashing at Thanos. Thanos with his gauntlet blocked most of the attacks, gaining some injuries here and there.

"He's back against the wall," Sombra said observing the Titan’s fight, Lucci shook his head.

"No, Thanos has Grab right where he wants them." Lucci peered at the screen, seeing Thanos' small grin. "Right where he wants him…"

Back on the battlefield Thanos suddenly caught Grab's arm, he then threw him into the house, Grab was now cornered. "Oh how the tables have turned…" Thanos mused, covering his fists in Armament Haki.

"Oh no…" Grab said shakily, Thanos landed a solid punch to the rib. Grab grimaced at this, Thanos landed a strike right to the abdomen Grab wheezed at this assault. Thanos continued his assault on the poor android, punch after punch Grab was suffering, to the point that the bandages that covered his mouth were ripped open so that he could cough blood without choking himself. Thanos punched Grab in his forehead sending Grab's head through the wall. Thanos then landed a punch to his thorax, everyone felt a bone crack and Grab let out a weak shriek of pain. As Thanos punched Grab, Entity turned to Eric.

"This, this right here, is why you were so lucky that you didn't fight Thanos." Entity pointed out.

“Maybe, but in a fight nothing is guaranteed to go the way you plan it” Eric said to Entity

"You guys should not piss the actual Thanos off so much that he takes control, that is bad, that is very bad and could get us all killed." Entity informed any and everyone.

"Noted." Metal Cooler said, bringing out a small notebook and a pen to write that down. Mr. Perfect Cell, Frieza, Fujitora, Bullet, Katakuri, Arkham Knight, and pretty much anyone who values their life, did the same.

Thanos landed a final punch on the poor android, this time it was boosted by steam, Thanos punched Grab and sent him through the house. Thanos then tilted his head, but that was a good call for a yellow arrow whizzed by him. Thanos turned around to see Light and Shield angry.

"I see that the cloud had finally dispersed, could you have not walked out of it?" Thanos asked, Light clenched her bow.

"Light, I'm going in," Shield shot off to Thanos like a rocket, Brute was about to join in when Thanos appeared before the Viking and shot a Ki blast to his gut, it sent the Viking far. Brute let out a Goofy scream as the Ki blast detonated and let out an explosion. Shield and Light looked at that then growled, Nox sat there and read a book. Shield attempted to punch Thanos with his gauntlet only for the Titan to catch the attack. Thanos then crushed the gauntlet along with Shield's fist. Shield grimaced, before Thanos tried to gut punch Shield, but like his name suggested he had a shield and it was ready for Shield had blocked the Titan's blow. Though the punch sent Shield flying, Shield fell on his back. Thanos jumped in the air, Thanos then unsheathed his blade for he was about to slam his weapon down on the man. Shield rolled out of the way, Light then fired a conjunction of arrows at Thanos. Luckily Thanos had instincts sharper than Sombra's blades and evaded the attack.

"You'll have to be quicker than that." Thanos commented, Light then raised her bow to the skies and then shot her arrows rapidly. By the time she stopped there were hundreds of arrows raining down at Thanos. Thanos raised his hand.

"Steam Blast." Thanos shot a wave of steam at the arrows and just like it did with Link's they dispersed. Shield looked to Light, she had used up all of her arrows. She then raced off to Nox.

"Looks like it's just you and me," Shield said, raising his shield, Thanos said nothing as he fired a Ki wave at Shield. Shield had blocked the attack with shield, doing a maneuver like Iron Man, Shield had gotten out of the Ki wave. He was about to slam his foot down on Thanos' fist like Iron Man did but moves like that only work once. Thanos caught his foot and slammed the android down on the ground. Thanos let go and Shield jumped to his feet and uppercuts the Titan. Thanos was forced to look up, Thanos then slowly looked down at the Knight. Shield saw there was no damage that was shown on the Titan.

"I have made a mistake." Shield squeaked, Thanos raised his blade, Shield held up his shield. Thanos then starts to bash his blade down on the android's shield. Thanos then quicked up the pace, covering his sword in Armament Haki as he brought down his blade on the shield. And like it did with Captain America's shield, it began to form cracks and break. Bits and pieces were shed from his shield, Thanos mercilessly continued, all that was left of Shield's shield was just a brick sized shield. Thanos cocked back his fist, covering the fist in Armament Haki, his fist began to heat up.

"HEAT CRASH!!!" Shield then felt the full brunt of the Titan's signature move, Shield was then sent flying. The force made trenches as Shield tumbled across the soil of the planet before finally stopping when he hit some rubble. Thanos then turned to Light who had just popped up again.

"Oh Light~!" Thanos mused, everyone could tell that this was the other Thanos. Light then suddenly tensed up. "You let your brother get knocked out, you dirty girl."

"...Dad get me off this planet right now." Light turned to Nox who was still reading his book, Nox flipped a page. "I'M NOT JOKING!!! GET ME OFF THIS PLANET RIGHT FUCKING-" Thanos appeared before Light and shoved an Armament Haki covered fist straight in her abdomen. Thanos then shot a Ki blast there, the Ki blast sent her flying into the sky before it detonated causing an explosion as big as your mother. Thanos then turned to Nox.

"Your children are defeated, it's just you and me now." Thanos commented, Nox didn't even bother turning to Thanos as he read his book.

"Oh I wouldn't be too sure about that…" Nox chuckled, before Thanos could say anything he was punched in his right cheek. This sent him for a tumble as he hit the ground, Thanos got up to see his attacker. It was Brute but his armor was gone as well as his gauntlets, Brute had Viking like tattoos all over his body. Brute was suddenly the size of Thanos and he was ripped, Brute's pupil's were gone too.

"I am Brute, and I am… THE STRONGEST THERE EVER IS!!!!" Brute cried out, his voice was heard from miles as Nox and Thanos covered their ears.

"Okay, Hulk." Thanos scoffed, Thanos ran at Brute preparing a punch. Brute mirrored the exact same thing, their fists then clashed. Any dust around them was blown away as these two goliaths duked it out to see who can out punch each other. Thanos and Brute covered their fists in Armament Haki as they began slugging each other, punch after punch they were pretty even. Suddenly Brute caught his fist, Thanos went for a punch with his other but it was caught as well. Thanos looked at his hands then he headbutts the Viking, it did nothing, nothing at all. Thanos whimpered as Brute looked down at Thanos, Brute threw Thanos into the air and landed a punch on the poor bastard. Thanos' pupils flickered, his pupils appeared and reappeared faster than his Dad had left him. The punch sent the Titan flying into several pieces of rubble, Brute then looked at the skies and stuck his hand out to them.

"Jeg innkaller guddommens drager!" Brute cried out in Norwegian, suddenly a portal was conjured, six different Dragons flew out of the portal. They all flew next to Brute, there was a brown Dragon with yellow eyes, the drake was as huge and bulky as Brute. There was a red one that was a Western Dragon. There was a white one with light blue mixed up with it, it's wings were as white as snow. There was a grey one with four wings and a slim body. Then there was a blue one with aquatic like features, one could infer that it was a Drake that worked well underwater. The final one was a yellow one with blue lightning tattoos over its body.

"Oh come on!" Thanos cried out looking at them, Brute looked to his right, then his left. Three Dragons were on each side of him, he then nodded and the Dragons let out a screech. They then fly at the Titan.


Somewhere on the battlefield, far from Grievous and far from Thanos. The Dark Saiyan stood there with a mischievous smirk, chuckling to himself as his arms were crossed. “I have a faint feeling you're not gonna make it out alive, androids are usually destroyed.” Black said as he began to pop his knuckles. He began to do some stretches, Eric 2.0 stood there unfazed by this, suddenly Black took off the top part of his gi, confusing the better version of Eric.

"Uh, ah'd rather ya not kill me." Eric 2.0 told Black getting his Obsidian Blade out. "Ah have a family, that's a lie, ah have nothin'. But don't kill me anyways, it's kinda against da rules." Eric 2.0 clenched his blade.

“I’ll try not to, but I’m not gonna make the same mistakes I did before.” Black grunted as he struggled to take off his turtle neck shirt. The Saiyan managed to pull off the shirt, it falling onto the ground and making a considerable crater in the ground. This shocked the Android as the Saiyan continued by taking off his wrist bands and boots, each having the same effect.

“Foo, that’s much better!” Black exclaimed as he pulled his top Gi back on. Doing a few hops in the air before doing a quick warm up with punches and kicks. Only this time, the Saiyan was quicker, his punches and kicks were sharper as he moved around the Android.

“There goes 500 tons!” Black chirped, stopping his warm up and taking a fighting stance. “Let’s say we get down to business.”

"Uh, can we talk about dis?" Eric 2.0 asked, seeing the Saiyan's look in his eyes Eric 2.0 sighed. "That's a no ain't it? Welp." Eric 2.0 lunged at Black and brought his blade down upon the Saiyan.

Black smirked as he produced a ki blade in his right hand, before clashing with the obsidian sword. The Saiyan didn’t hesitate to then grab the blade and pull it out of the androids hand before crushing it with his hand. Black then spun and kicked Eric 2.0 away, swinging his blade in the android’s direction as explosive needles flew from the ki blade itself. Luckily Eric 2.0 was fast as fuck, Eric 2.0 sprinted, jumping over some debrie and rubble to avoide the attacks, the androud then rushed at Black, taking out his scythe, Eric 2.0 then slammed the blade down upon the Saiyan.

Black bursted into Super Saiyan 2 as he used his forearm to block the attack, the blade having no effect against his skin. “You sure are fast for a cheap duplicate of a good fighter, I wonder if you would use cheap tactics like the real one.” Black snarked as he kicked the androids leg, tripping Eric 2.0.

“Oh hell no, ah would never, ah was programmed to be a warrior, not a rogue like Eric is. ah’m him, but better.” Eric 2.0 commented jumping to his feet and landing a solid uppercut on the Saiyan. “Shoryuken!” Eric 2.0 then kicks the Saiyan away, he cups his robotic hands together. “SHADOW HADOKEN!!!” Eric 2.0 shot a Big Bang attack sized attack at the Saiyan, full of shadow.

Black placed his hand in the ground, dragging across it as he recovered, landing on his feet. He looked up to see the Shadow Hadoken soaring towards him. Black smirked as he faced a hand in the direction of the attack. “BIG BANG ATTACK!” The Saiyan shouted, a small condensed ball of ki flew from the Saiyan’s hands, impacting against the Shadow attack. The two energy attacks exploded, creating a massive crater and mushroom cloud. “But that doesn't make you the real Eric, like how I’m not the real Goku, I’m just a carbon copy of him!”

“Ye’re right, ah’m not Eric, ah’m my own being. And ah’ll see to it that ah make mah own choices, ah live mah own life, and not others. Ah’m Eric 2.0 and ah’m not Eric!” Eric 2.0 shouted out, inhaling deeply and blowing the dust away so Black could see him. Eric 2.0 then lunged at Black, Eric 2.0 spun his scythe before unleashed a horizontal swipe at the Saiyan.

Black grunted as he narrowly dodged the scythe before creating his signature ki scythe. As Eric 2.0 went for another swing, Black clashed with his Netherite scythe. “Then how about we enjoy ourselves, battle for a while while we have the chance. Cause I’ve got the feeling this final battle won’t be the end.” Black commented.

“A’right.” Eric 2.0 nodded, Eric 2.0 then spun his scythe before suddenly stopping and bringing out a pistol.

“OH SHIT HE’S PACKING HEAT!!!!!” Mr. Perfect Cell shouted out, Eric 2.0 shook his head before shooting multiple Shadow Bullets at Black.

The Saiyan squinted as time seemed to slow down for him, seeing the bullets in slow motion as he began to dodge them. He jumped in the air and spun around as the bullets flew by him, narrowly dodging them. To Eric 2.0, it looked like Black had dodged the bullets just like Spider Man would. Eric 2.0 threw his gun up and lunged at Black, he then launched a diagonal slash down upon Black.

Black threw his hand forward, yelling as a beam of energy shot forward, engulfing Eric 2.0. From the smoke revealed the Android crossing his arms, blocking the attack. The Saiyan smirked, “If you wanna be your own person, why don’t you make yourself your own name? Why use Eric’s name and add a number after it?” Black questioned, pointed his iconic ki scythe at the Android.

"Uh, ah don't know… What 'bout Erebus? That means God of Shadows, ah don't wanna toot mah own horn but uh… ah'm good at controlling shadow." Erebus rested his scythe on his shoulder. "A prime example is dis." Erebus touched the ground and suddenly the surrounding area was shadow. Black stood on shadow, he tried to take a step forward but found himself stuck. Suddenly a spike lunged from the shadow and pierced Black in his chest. Then Shadow Crows emerge from the shadow, they then circle around Black like sharks. Circling faster until Black was in the middle of a Shadow Storm.

"Shade-Shade, Shadow Storm." Erebus named his attack as Black was hit by all sides by nothing and by something at the same time. "Ah know dis looks dishonorable but if ya can git out of dis, ah will go full power on ya. No holdin' back."

The Saiyan hunched forward, his face hidden as he continued to be struck by the dark spikes. “You claim you want to be your own being, cut loose from the strings of your creator.” The Saiyan looked up, his eyes turning blood red, “Your nothing but the same as Eric… Dishonorable…” Black growled as his hair turned blood red, an explosive aura showered the area as the Android was pushed back.

“Alrighty then... Ah’ll show ya what for…” Erebus said with a grin, his teeth and eyes become crimson. His “skin” turned black and horns appeared from his forehead, going to the length of four feet tall. His hair began to grow and just like Raditz it hung on his back, wings of shadow began to sprout from his back like flowers. Mimicking that of a crow’s, both his teeth and his nails became as sharp as blades. Erebus was then armored in black and red, Erebus glanced at his scythe before slamming it down. The scythe began to grow and his height was now mirroring that of Katakuri’s, exactly fifteen feet tall. “Let’s fight, mah friend, for ah’m Shadow Emperor Erebus!”

Black chuckled as he began to move his neck side to side, a satisfying popping noise accompanied it. “You know, for every opponent I’ve faced, they’ve always got the ability to change size and looks. The only one to make me shit myself was Edward.” Black commented as he did a few stretches before taking a stance.

“Well, ah’m not Displaced, ah’m a carbon copy of Eric er…” Erebus chuckled, his scythe being outlined in shadow.

“And I’m a copy of Son Goku, what's your point?” Black chuckled as he readies a ki blade in his right hand, the size of a longsword. Erebus lunged at Black, not attacking with his scythe but rather his fist. He slammed his fist into Black, the force sent the Saiyan flying. Erebus then swung his scythe at Black and shadow balls were fired at Black.

The Saiyan recovered in the air and saw the balls incoming. He smirked as he deflected one of them and sliced the rest with his blade. He shot forward with tremendous speed, taking Erebus by surprise as he kicked the Android in the gut. The Saiyan then spin kicked him away. “Now you’ll taste my blade!” Black exclaimed as he did multiple motions with his ki blade, hundreds of thin needles shot from it and stuck into the Android.

They did a few more motions with his blade before striking a pose, “Divine Lasso!!” Black shouted. A split second later, the needles exploded, sending out a powerful shockwave. Nightmare shivered at the sight of the attack, remembering her fight with the Saiyan a year ago.

“Ya pack quite a punch.” Erebus commented, he then pointed to his trucker hat, “But with dis hat, ah’m unbeatable.” Erebus then lunged at Black, he then spins his scythe.

Black smirks as he charges forward, clashing with the androids scythe with his ki blade. “Well I wouldn’t say unbeatable, but it does look damn good on you.” Black complements as the two continue to clash with each other, looking for openings. Suddenly the air morphed into the Future In Ruins, they both then stopped their battle and looked at their surroundings.

“Um…” Black was interrupted when he felt something vibrating on his right index finger. Looking at it, his eyes widened, “This can’t be right… how does Ryker have this power!?” Black questioned himself.

“Da hell?” Erebus tilted his head, suddenly Thanos blew past them, crashing into buildings as six dragons fell on him. “...Wanna continue to fight?”

“We shouldn’t be here… none of us should.” Black said, looking towards the Android. “We can’t see what happens here, it could change everything.”

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DolWl-qVGA ]

“Do ya hear dat?” Erebus asked the Saiyan, looking around to locate the music.

Blacks eyes widened as he began to look around, feeling a tremendous power in the distance… like his… “We need to leave now!!”

“BEGONE!!!” A fused voice cried out as Vegito came crashing towards them, Merged Zamasu soon followed after them before looking at the pair. “What… Are you two?” Merged Zamasu asked the two.

“Vegito?! We’re in this Future?!” Black exclaimed, but upon looking at the disgust fusion of Zamasu, he began to growl.

“Black how… Wait, you’re not Black…” Vegito said, getting up from the rubble, looking at the scar on the Saiyans cheek, “And who the hell are you?” Vegito turned to Erebus.

“Mah name is Erebus, look at mah trucker hat!” Erebus pointed to his hat.

“I am Black, but let’s just say I’m nothing like that cunt dirtbag known as Zamasu…” Black hissed.

“Quite the potty mouth, well, doesn’t matter if you want to help me take care of this freak, be my guest.” Vegito said, getting in a fighting stance, Merged Zamasu scoffed.

Black looked to the superior fusion with a smile. “Oh, it’ll be my pleasure.” Black said as he got in a stance, bursting into Super Saiyan Rosé.

“Let’s go!” Vegito smirked before rushing at Merged Zamasu, Merged Zamasu clenched his giant fist and flew at Vegito. Vegito and Merged Zamasu’s fists clash before Erebus cuts Merged Zamasu’s back, crying out in pain, Merged Zamasu turns to Erebus.

Black took this chance to fly under the disgusted fusion and gut punch Merged Zamasu. At this the fusion gasped, feeling the air taken from him. He then kicked the fusion in the chin, sending Merged Zamasu flying into a destroyed building. He pointed a hand at the structure, “Big Bang Attack!” Black exclaimed, sending the ball of ki into the building. A huge explosion followed as a massive dust cloud grew.

“Damn, you really know your moves.” Vegito complemented before he was gut punched by Merged Zamasu, the deity grabbed Vegito by his leg and threw Vegito right at Erebus. Unfortunately for both Vegito and Merged Zamasu, Erebus appeared above Merged Zamasu and unleashed a large cut down on the deity’s purple arm. Vegito took this opportunity and used his signature attack.

“FINAL KAMEHAMEHA!!!!” Vegito launched his Ki wave at the Fusion, Erebus teleported beside Black to avoid the attack. Merged Zamasu wasn’t so lucky as he took the full brunt of the attack, sending him flying. “Hmph.”

Black teleported behind Merged Zamasu, kicking the fusion into the ground, “I’ve got a better one!” Black exclaimed as he shot towards Merged Zamasu, sending a barrage of punches and kicks before launching the fusion into the air. He threw his hands to the side, “FINAL BIG BANG…” Black then began to charge the attack next to him, the blast growing larger by the second. “KAMEHAMEHA!!!” Black roared, sending the ki wave towards the fusion, the blast growing to the size of multiple buildings.

“...Holy crap…” Vegito was wide-eyed at the attack, “Is he even alive after that attack? I doubt anyone could survive that.” Vegito chuckled.

Black teleported to the fusion’s side with a growl. “I don’t know… he does have Zamasu as a part of him. Yet again… Gowasu did say that if you hit him with a strong enough blast…” Black mumbled.

Suddenly Vegito diffused and out came Goku and Vegeta, Erebus leaned his weapon down on his side, Goku then sensed multiple strong power levels as did Vegeta. “Whoa! What’s that energy?” Goku jumped on top of a building, he saw Thanos fighting Brute and the dragons, the giant Grievous fighting the demon that is Rubilax.

Black sensed the energy and smiled, “Oh that would be the others, we cannot intervene with the fight. It’s against the rules of the tournament.” Black explained, looking up to the cheerful Saiyan.

“What tournament?” Vegeta turned to Black, with a raised eyebrow.

“The Displaced Tournament. A gathering of fighters not from your 12 universes, but thousands of different universes with loads of warriors and fighters,” Black explained.

“Wow! So there’s more, but I have a quick question, how strong is that guy over there? He seems crazy strong!” Goku points to Thanos who was currently dodging and punching the dragons.

“That purple Mr. Clean is Thanos, one of the many Displaced I’ve fought. We fought to a draw when he kinda broke one of the rules when I accessed Ultra Instinct.” Black informed the cheerful Saiyan, watching Thanos fend off the dragons.

“Huh, what’s Ultra Instinct?” Goku tilted his head.

“Might as well explain, already ruined this timeline…” Black sighed as he was about to explain.

“Don’t.” Erebus warned, “Just say it’s food.” Erebus warned mentally.

“But we’ve already changed this timeline by interfering.”

“They were going to win anyways.” Erebus reminded Black.

Black sighed as he looked at the two Saiyans with a serious look. “I can’t say much but I’ll say this… movement.” Black said, confusing the two rivals

“Hmph, well whatever this Ultra Instinct thing is we’ll achieve, I just know it.” Vegeta scoffed before looking on as Thanos was getting ganged up on, “This Thanos guy is getting outnumbered, he can transform, can he?” Vegeta glanced at Black.

“He can, but he’s afraid he’ll kill them in the process.” Black commented, watching his friend trying to fend off the dragons, but failing to. “I wish I can help him, but I’d be breaking the rules.”

“Tch, all we can do is cheer him on, but they seem so strong! I want to fight them!” Goku whined, looking as Thanos landed a kick to the White Drake.

Black looked on, but then getting an idea, he quickly looked to the Android with a serious expression. “Can those two join the fight, Ryker said I cannot intervene with the others fight, but he didn’t say anything about these two.” Black asked Erebus.

“Well, last time I checked he didn’t specify who can intervene.” Erebus pointed out, “Damn, it looks like we’ll just have to watch…”

“And if I have them fight with Thanos, they could help…” Black told himself. He waited a few moments before looking at the two Saiyans. “Ryker, the one who put the Displaced Tournament together said us two cannot intervene, but nothing about you two.

“Alright!” Goku cheered, “Let’s go Vegeta!” Goku shot off to go join the fray.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Vegeta snapped, following after Goku.

“Wait real quick… “ Black ordered as he walked to the two Saiyans. He pointed at them, the two then covered in a green glow. Soon all of their injuries were gone with their power fully replenished.

“Thanks!” Goku nodded with a grin… Right before he was kicked by none other than Noximilien. Goku stumbled towards the area where Nox had kicked him, Goku then turned to Nox. “Who are you?”

“I am Noximilien, and I will not let you intervene.” Nox said, Vegeta scoffed, going straight into Super Saiyan God.

“Get out of our way you mummified rust bucket!” Vegeta ordered, Nox frowned.

“Make me.” Goku went into Super Saiyan God as well as the pair flew at Nox who just clenched his fists.

From the distance, Black had a sad frown upon his face as he watched the two rivals fight against Nox, “Wished I could fight alongside them…”

Thanos jumped out of the way of a fire breath, Thanos began running on the buildings, jumping from building to building. As he was about to jump from another one, the Rock Dragon appeared and slapped the Titan with his tail. This sent Thanos into the ground, Thanos jumped up and the Water Dragon was above him. The Water Dragon fired a wave of high-pressure water at the Titan. Using Armament Haki to make the pain not as bad, Thanos stumbled backward, suddenly the water around him turned into ice as the Ice Dragon made its way into view. “Oh, for fuck’s sake!“ Thanos cried out as the ground turned into ice, Thanos was now unable to move. The Fire Dragon made its way into view puffing out smoke from its nostrils, the Fire Dragon took a deep breath.

“Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin!” Thanos cried out, his body became seven feet tall as opposed to his normal eight feet tall, his body became slim but still muscular. Thanos then shot off to a building crashing inside, he rolled and stood to his feet. He was in a wrecked office, and suddenly the Air Dragon appeared with its six wings. The Air Dragon flapped his wings, and it made a miniature tornado, unfortunately for Thanos it hit him, Thanos spun and spun around, Thanos was suddenly launched out of the building. The Lightning Dragon shot lightning at Thanos as he was flung out, but Thanos was prepared for this, using Kamisori, he appeared to another rooftop. Thanos groaned and went to his feet, the Fire Dragon bursts from below. The drake then dove down and flew at Thanos, Thanos frowned and appeared before the Fire Dragon using Soru, Thanos then spun around like a ballerina and landed a solid kick to its jaw. The drake was sent to the skies, the Fire Dragon caught itself before looking down at Thanos. The Fire Dragon let out a roar before going down again.

“Come on you filthy animal!” Thanos said as he awaited the dragon to come, right as the dragon got close Thanos landed an uppercut to the dragon. Using this to his advantage Thanos grabbed the Fire Dragon’s tale, he then spun around and threw it into the Rock Dragon that thought he was being sneaky. Thanos ran after them as they were thrown off the building, Thanos covered his two legs in fire before slamming them both down on the two dragons. Sending them down to the earth, as Thanos went down for gravity took its effect, the Lightning Dragon shot his lightning at Thanos. Thanos narrowly evaded the attack, though his side was burnt due to the lightning, Thanos winced. The Lightning Dragon continued to fire lightning at Thanos as Thanos ran on the side of the building to evade the bolts of lightning. Thanos went to another building and the Lightning Dragon followed after Thanos. As Thanos went from building to building, the Ice Dragon lunged from a building, unleashing a sneak attack on the Titan. Thanos was hit by the Ice Dragons talon before he was blasted by ice, Thanos was now falling because he was covered in ice now, the Lightning Dragon fired its lightning at Thanos, and the ice exploded.

“GRAGH!!!” Thanos cried out as he hit the floor, Thanos grimaced as he looked at his injuries, Thanos got up slowly, his Demon Slayer armor still holding out. Thanos looked at the two elemental dragons as they took a step forward, Thanos then bolted to the right, trying to flee from them. Jumping onto building to building, trying to find somewhere to recuperate, but the Air Dragon appeared from the skies and shot air slashes at Thanos. Thanos cried out in pain as he hit the floor, Thanos struggled to get up this time, Brute and the Water Dragon were there. Thanos frowned, he then got in a fighting stance.

“What are you doing, you purple bastard?!” Thanos looked around to locate the voice, he found it to be the voice of Vegeta. Not even questioning how he’s here he tilted his head. “Just transform already! You’re strong, are you?” Thanos nodded dumbly, “Then fight with all you got!”

“Oh… Alright.” Thanos said right before he was punched by Brute, the force sent Thanos flying through the wrecked buildings. Brute looked at the last building Thanos crashed at, suddenly Thanos jumped from the building. Back to his normal form but his skin was light purple as steam went off his body, Thanos looked down at Brute for he was flying due to the steam.

“Netsu-Netsu… STEAM MAN!!!” Thanos said dramatically, Vegeta smirked as he was punched by Nox. But back to Thanos, Thanos shot off to Brute, he used steam to propel himself towards Brute. Thanos then spun around as steam circles around Thanos. Thanos appeared before Brute, a boatload of steam following him. “STEAM SHOCKWAVE!!!” Thanos fired an explosion of steam into Brute sending him flying, the force of the attack blew the buildings around Brute to smithereens. Thanos grinned as the Elemental Dragons appeared before him.

“COME ON!!!” Thanos demanded, the dragons let out a screech before they flew at Thanos as Thanos ran at them. Thanos punched the first dragon in the snout, which was the Rock Dragon, the dragon cried out in pain. Thanos spun around and let out a steam boosted kick down on the drake, the Rock Dragon hit the ground. “Steam Kick!” The Lightning Dragon fired off lightning at Thanos, Thanos just tilted his head, and he evaded the lightning.

“Too slow.” Thanos taunted which got a reaction out of the drake, the drake then shot more and more lightning at Thanos, Thanos evaded them. Thanos looked up and saw the Fire, Air, and Water Dragon there. Thanos frowned, using Soru, Thanos appeared before the Lightning Dragon. Sending an Armament Haki covered fist to the drake’s abdomen, the Lightning Dragon unleashed a cry of pain. Thanos then fired a Big Bang attack on the dragon, sending the Lightning Dragon into a wrecked skyscraper. Thanos then shot off to the skies, cocking back a fist, the Ice Dragon then appeared from the clouds, the drake shot an icy breath at Thanos. Thanos frowned, using his Magma Dragon Slayer Magic, Thanos inhaled.

“Magma Dragon… ROAR!!!” Thanos magma at the Ice Dragon, ice, and magma clash, unfortunately for the ice dragon. Thanos had the elemental advantage, the magma singed the Ice Drake. The drake let out a screech of pain before falling to the ground in pain. Thanos looked up as the Fire Dragon fled to the clouds, Thanos scoffed. The Water Dragon and the Air Dragon dive down to face the Titan, Thanos clenched both of his fists. “Magma Dragon’s IRON FIST!!!” Thanos’ fists were covered in magma, Thanos then punched the Water Dragon. The drake let out a whimper of pain, the Air Dragon then blew the magma off Thanos. Thanos turns to Air Dragon, suddenly he was blasted in the back by water. Thanos turns around.

“Hot Wind Fist!” Thanos shot a fist of fire at the Water Dragon, the drake shot water at the attack. When the two attacks met each other, it made an explosion of steam, the Water Dragon flew into the steam. The drake looked around to try and locate Thanos, then was suddenly punched on the head by Thanos, Thanos’ fist was covered in Ryou Haki.

“Super Sonic Heat Crash!” Thanos cried out, the steam was blown away as the Water Dragon hit the earth, Thanos then flew at the Air Dragon. The Air Dragon shot air slash after air slash, Thanos was avoiding them all. Then Thanos clutched the Air Dragon’s horns before doing a backflip and throwing the drake into a skyscraper. Thanos then let gravity take its effect as Thanos went down, but unknown to Thanos, the Fire Dragon flew down from the clouds, behind the Titan. The drake opened his mouth as he looked at Thanos’ arm, aiming to bite it off.

“Oh, no…” Shiva mumbled.

“THANOS!!!” Luffy cried out, looking at the Titan, though Thanos couldn’t hear them, for the audience were in an aircraft. Lucci and Nappa were wide-eyed as they saw the Fire Dragon close in on Thanos.

“LOOK OUT!!!!” Goku cried out, Thanos turned around and instead of his arm, it was him. The Fire Dragon had engulfed Thanos but didn’t swallow the Titan. The Fire Drake then spat him out, Thanos was flung out, he was on fire and crashed through multiple buildings before hitting the ground. A massive crater formed under him, Thanos’ armor was melted. Thanos closed his eyes and winced at the pain.

"Damn… It..."

Grievous had landed a solid uppercut on the Shushu. Rubilax grew in the aftermath of the attack. Grievous looked down at Kodo who was pint sized to him. "Have you ever heard metal punch solid rock?" Grievous asked the pup.

Kodo smirked. “More than once,” he replied.

"WELL YOU'RE GONNA HEAR IT AGAIN!!!" Grievous cried out, unleashing his other arms, Grievous then started to punch the Shushu at a rapid pace. The punches were quick for someone his size, as Grievous punched Rubilax, he began to laugh.

"More, MORE!!!" Rubilax demanded, Grievous frowned and continued to punch the Shushu.

Kodo grimaced. “General, we’re just making him stronger!”

"WHAAAT?!?!?" Grievous couldn't hear the young pup as he continued to punch Rubilax.

Kodo growled, before amping his voice up with a howl. “YOU’RE JUST MAKING HIM STRONGER! HE’S ABSORBING THE ENERGY FROM THE ATTACKS!”

"HOW?!?!?!" Grievous shouted back, continuing to punch the Shushu unknowingly.


"THAT'S BULLSHIT!!!" Grievous began to shrink as Rubilax grew, Grievous kept on punching Rubilax.

“ABSOLUTELY!” Kodo agreed.

"Am I getting smaller or is he getting bigger?" Grievous asked before turning back to normal sized.

“Both,” Kodo deadpanned, as Rubilax towered over both of them.

Imagine the biggest thing you've ever seen, now multiply that by six, that's how big Rubilax is. "Grahahaha! You fools!" Rubilax said looking at the two.

"Kodo, I have a secret technique that will help us." Grievous turned to Kodo, his cape blowing in the wind like a badass.

“Whatever it is,” Kodo said, his eyes not leaving Rubilax. “Do it fast!”

"Oh I'll be doing it fast! FUCKING RUN KODO!!!" Grievous started to run away from Rubilax as the area turned into the Future In Ruins.

Kodo followed suit, his canine heritage allowing him to easily keep pace with the General. They ran like their lives depended on it, jumping building to building, leaping over wrecked cars, then Grievous didn't hear any colossal footsteps, Grievous then stopped and hit behind a building pulling Kodo close. "Boy, I think he's either not following us, a lazy motherfucker, or we lost him. I want to say the last one but I don't think it's likely."

Kodo didn’t look behind him. “The guy’s the size of…” He shook his head. “I’ve never even seen anything that big before. He doesn’t need to follow us.”

"Kaido looks like a damn scarf compared to Rubilax, no, he looks like a belt. Alright now the actual plan that I had for a long time. This plan is risky, very, very, risky… I'm sending him to space." Grievous told Kodo, unflinchingly.

Kodo nodded. “Alright. What do you need me to do,” he replied.

"I have a blade called the Air Sword. It helps me walk on clouds and it makes wings of air. With the wings of air, Geppo, Soru, Kaioken, and Ki I should reach him. But I'll need to be faster. That's where you come in: you use your Smoke Smoke Fruit to propel me faster. I'll need you to go full power, we'll most likely break the sound barrier, it's not the first time and it' not the last." Grievous planned, "This plan has no way of failing, but I also have a plan to send him into the sky to make it easier."

Kodo merely nodded. “Well, as one of Skippy’s books said,” he muttered, as his fur shimmered and faded away into smoke. “‘Ask, and ye shall receive.’”

Twining around General Grievous, Kodo’s smoke form condensed, ready to propel him at maximum speed towards wherever he needed to go.

Suddenly a large shadow loomed over them. With Kodo concealed in his smoke, General Grievous looked up to see Rubilax grinning down at them. "How in the actual fuck did we not hear him coming?" Grievous asked.

"Grievous the Dragon Slayer, Grievous the Murderer, your judgment day has come… DIE!!!" Rubilax shot a fist at Grievous, Grievous turned to Kodo.

"Have you ever played Asura's Wrath?" Grievous asked as the building they were hiding behind crumbles.

Kodo merely blinked at him from his smoke. “I’m the son of a diamond dog,” he reminded him. “I wasn’t born a human or whatever you guys were before you became… this.” He indicated… everything.

"Tch, well I'm going to pull an Asura, Kodo move aside!" Grievous looked up as the fist came closer.

Kodo’s smoke condensed against Grievous’ cape, and he prepared for flight as Grievous lifted his right leg up and slammed it down onto the ground, he repeated the process with his other leg. Grievous spread apart his arms like he was going to catch the fist which was his exact intention.

"COME ON!!!!" Grievous dared, ask and you shall receive, the fist was slammed onto Grievous but fortunately he caught it. Grievous was pushed to the ground, his metal body groaned, as if warning that this is above his pay grade. Grievous grunted as he tried to push back the fist, Kodo helpfully loaning energy with his pack link. Grievous then coated his fists in Armament Haki, Grievous then started punching at the fist. Repeating a phrase.

"ATATATATATA!!!" Grievous repeated, punch after punch, suddenly cracks began to form on his arms. Grievous grimaced at the pain but with Kodo’s energy pushing through him like an Uber charge, the General pushed on anyway. Grievous then covered his fists in Ki. Suddenly Grievous' yellow eyes began to glow.

"Eric, Celestia, and Kaido, these are the people that've lost too. All of these people I lost to… A year ago… I'll show them what a year of training in that damn void can do to someone like me! Kodo when I start to break the atmosphere, let go." Grievous warned as he continued to punch the fist.

Kodo nodded. “I made a mess of things when I took charge,” Kodo mused. “I’m not trusting myself with giving orders. All I’ll trust myself for now is following them.”

"You'll grow up to be a good leader one day. Who knows? Maybe I'll give you a book about leadership." Grievous chuckled, Grievous then kicked it up into Kaioken times ten, his metal body groaning more at this. His body wasn't made for such pressure but through sheer willpower and some aid from Kodo's energy. Grievous pushed on, unleashing a mighty roar that would put a Dragon to shame, Grievous unleashed a final punch. And that punch sent the giant up to the clouds. Grievous unsheathed his Air and Water Sword, the Air Sword made Grievous sprout invisible wings. Grievous raised his Water Sword high and it began to rain, as it rained the water droplets went to the Water Sword. It made a Water Drill.


"KODO DO IT!!!!!" Grievous ordered, still in Kaioken, Grievous shot off to the skies as his wings flapped, using Geppo and Soru to boost his speed. Obeying, Kodo leaped off the General, sending one final vortex of smoke to help him as he tumbled out of harm’s way.

Rubilax then unleashed over a thousand of his rock clones down upon Grievous the clouds then went to the General as Grievous' Water Drill grew to be massive. "This dril… Is the drill… THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!!!" Grievous cried out, Grievous suddenly became slim, he then broke the sound barrier. A trail of white and red following Grievous as he went through the clones like a hot knife through butter. Clone after clone, they were dropping like flies. Grievous then struck Rubilax, his weapons drilling into Rubilax, the damage only made Rubilax bigger. Grievous shot above the clouds, Grievous then began to break the atmosphere, Grievous and Rubilax were both in the thermosphere. However, Grievous kept going before cutting a diagonal line across Rubilax's chest.

"I AM THE MULTIVERSE'S STRONGEST SWORDSMAN!!!!" Grievous cried out, suddenly his Water Drill became ice. "Oh shit…" Grievous muttered, Grievous then unleashed a Ki blast, sending him back to earth. As he did it Grievous just put his Water Sword back to its respective sheath.

Below him, a glowing web spread out like a net; a pack link net made by Kodo to catch the General. The Son of the Howlite Howler watched, his brow furrowed, as the giant Rubilax tumbled off into the void of space, before shifting his concentration to Grievous, as the General hit the net, and landed safely on the ground.

"I… Am the multiverse strongest… Swordsman." Grievous said tiredly, before Kodo’s pack link spiraled around him, making him glow as his injuries were healed and his stamina replenished. Grievous rose, his armor sparkling like it had never been damaged. "See, this is why we're the best team!" Grievous told Kodo.

“Sure,” Kodo said distractedly, his eyes still focused on the sky just in case Rubilax came back for Round Three.

"Well, our battle is over, let's go watch…" Grievous looked up, he then saw a red dragon go behind Thanos. "AAAH THANOS WATCH OUT!!!!"

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