• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Third Floor! The Ninja of the Mist, Zabuza!

Third Floor! The Ninja of the Mist, Zabuza!

Everyone looked at the deformed creature, the creature began to click three times before speaking.

"Hello my brudda, my name is click Elae." Ugandan Knuckles said, greeting the party.

Luke and Shiva exchanged a glance. “Um… hello,” Shiva greeted with a bow.

Black starred at Elae with an intense stare. “Can I please kill this stupid meme…” Black said simply, taking Luna Black by surprise.

“Wait, THIS is a meme?” Link asked in disbelief.

“Gladly,” Eric charged Raising his sword to bring it down on the K-mart brand Knuckles. The Ugandan Knuckles simply clicked and the sheer force of that knocked Eric back down the stairs.

"You guys saw what happened to Cell…" Lucci deadpanned at Black. "What do you think is going to happen to you?"

“No.. I never saw what happened to Mr. Perfect Cell… Of course I saw what happened in that DevilArtimes video!” Black shouted as he turned to Lucci, “But all that happened in that video was for pure content!”

"I have come to ask you one question." Elae began, "Doe u kno de wey?" Elae asked the group.

“Pretty sure, yeah,” Luke said, pointing up.

"Dat is not de wey." Elae told the canine with a click.

One of the Dark Saiyan’s eye twitched when hearing the question. “Oh… Oh I know the way.” Black said through gritted teeth, lifting up a hand.

"MY BRUDDA!!! Come join me, let us sing the song of our people! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Elae sang like the true talented deformed echidna he is.

“I’m already starting to hate his thing…” Link said with a sigh as he turned around to see if there was a way to progress to the next floor.

Black began to growl as a ball of ki grew in his hand. “I know the way… PAST YOU, YOU DUMB MEME!!” Black roared as he went Super Saiyan and threw the blast at Ugandan Knuckles.

Like Eric, Elae just clicked and the ball disappeared, "But for real tho, I am on your team, we Ugandan Knuckles are discriminated against, we are a part of the resistance." Elae explained to the Displaced.

Link halted in his step at the mention of resist and how it was on their team. “...Was the clicking and the stereotypical jamican voice necessary?” he asked with a frown.

Noticing a chunk of stone on the ground Sombra kicked it towards the Ugandan, the stone landed behind the creature as he drew his ancestral sword, Crystal Heart

“I wouldn’t recommend that Sombra, if he can just click and send your friend into a wall and make my blast disappear, I don’t think we can stand a chance against this dumb meme…” Black said as he glanced over his shoulder.

“Agreed,” Shiva added. “Plus, he said he’s on our side.” She glanced at the Knuckles. “Even if his howling skills need work,” she added in a deadpan manner.

“But Crystal Heart wasn’t forged to kill.” Sombra said to the group. “It’s purpose is to bring eternal calm to who ever is hit by it”

“Guy seems pretty calm already,” Luke pointed out.

“Even still, you don’t want to mess with a meme, especially this one… He has the power of Ebola on his side…” Black said as he continued to stare down Elae.

“....That doesn’t even make sense!” Link said with a groan.

“Ebola?” Luna Black asked with a raised eyebrow.

“A disease back on earth that was extremely deadly, basically turning your organs into mush in a few weeks.” Black said, a shiver going down his spine.

“Just charge up one of your blasts,” Sombra said to the Saiyan.

“That sounds like a really bad idea,” Shiva insisted.

"You don't say? With that disease, if you… Touch him you'll die!" Elia said, trying to add her two cents in.

"I only choose who gets Ebola and who does not." Elae informed the Eliatrope.

“You don’t understand, this meme was able to blow up Mr. Perfect Cell just with a click,” Black said as he turned to Sombra. “Even going full power on him won’t have any effect, plus I think I would get the Ebola Virus…” Black explained as he turned back to the meme.

"I am already calm for I kno de wey and I have found the path to enlightenment." Elae explained to the Displaced once more, before peering into the eyes of Sombra.

Sombra stood his ground as he swung his sword several times causing several chunks of stone to float amissly. All who were familiar with One Piece realized what he was using. With a flick of his wrist the stones were sent past the ugandan.

“I’m ending this,” Sombra said, expanding his ‘room’ diameter. “Now… Shambles!”

Each and every displaced vanished from Elae and were replaced with several chunks of stone, without hesitation Sombra casts a Teleport spell to send him and the others further up the tower. However he was only able to get them to the next floor which was covered in a thick mist.

Mere seconds after they vanished, Kodo ran up the staircase, pausing as he took in the sight of Ugandan Knuckles.

“Uh…” Kodo mumbled, completely stunned by what he saw.

Black looked around the new area before looking behind him and down the staircase. “Welp… Sombra’s dead…” Black says plainly.

“Who’s Displacer or Void Dwellers idea was it to make a meme a living thing?” Link asked with a shake of his head.

“Whoever it was,” Shiva replied. “I’m assuming they won’t be missed.”

“Amen, let memes be memes, just jokes to laugh at, not fear.” Link said as he looked around the area.

“You all speak as though I’m already passed from this world, Saiyan” Sombra said sheathing his sword.

“Impressive, you managed to get past one of the strongest memes ever known, right next to El Hermono…” Black says, looking over his shoulder towards the dark unicorn.

“It was either that or do what Eric did and get blasted down the stairs” Sombra said before realizing he didn’t bring Eric with them

“That fucker is beyond annoying” Eric said, kicking the door open with a familiar pup on his shoulder. “Almost makes Thanos seem mature.”

“Just wait until you meet any other memes, like Ultra Instinct Shaggy or Doge or Kronk.” Black said with a laugh.

“...How about no?” Link asked with a groan. The hylians had enough of overpowered beings to last him years.

Sensing his thoughts, Shiva smiled, similarly ready to go back to her world of underpowered beings. Though her focus was quickly yanked to the pup on Eric’s shoulder. “Kodo!” Shiva cheered, catching him when he leaped into her arms. “Are you okay?”

Kodo held himself up with triumph. “Arkham Knight is taken care of,” he replied. “Also, I’m pretty sure Thanos will be along shortly.”

“You did great, pup,” Eric said, praising the pup in Shiva’s arms. “And you manage to not get blown away by that abomination.”

“Yeah, I was meaning to ask about that,” Kodo noted to the others. “What was that?”

“They called it Ugandan Knuckles,” Shiva replied.

“It’s something called a ‘meme,’” Luke added, before glancing at Shiva. “Is that some kind of human thing?”

Shiva shrugged, before Eric spoke up.

“It is,” Eirc said with slight irritation. “They are the product of all the fucking millennials in the world, they deserve to burn in hell with all the other fucking memes of earth.”

“Pretty much. Some memes are good when there is creativity, but most just take a random scene or image, then spam or quote a million times thinking it's funny.” Link said as he remembers the times his human friends back on earth would piss him off with stale memes.

Kodo and Luke both glanced at Shiva. “Humans do that?” Luke asked.

Shiva just shrugged again. “Need I remind you guys, I was a dog,” she noted. “I had no idea about any of these ‘millennials’ or ‘memes’ or stuff. I just knew humans as the masters who gave food and shelter. Anyway, what’s important is that we’re together again.”

“Almost,” Kodo rectified. “Thanos is still down there, but he should be along shortly.”

“Good, We’ll need all the people we can get when facing Ryker,” Eric said when he saw a shifting in the mist causing him to draw his sword. “And it looks like Zabuza is upon us.”

Black immediately frowned at hearing the name. “Oh… This is that Jackass's level…” Black growled.

“Zabu-who?” Link asked as he wasn’t familiar with Naruto.

“Zabuza, the Demon of the Hidden Mist,” Eric said, readying his weapon. “Wielder of the Executioner's blade: one of the Seven Swords of the Mist. A weapon that can repair itself using the iron in the blood of it’s victims”

“Yeesh..” Link said with a cringe.

Shiva quickly sent pack links out to everyone, while Kodo and Luke prepared for battle, Luke turning his arms to diamonds while Kodo lifted into the air on a ball of smoke.

Sombra quickly put his family sword in his teeth before drawing a pair of twin swords. “Three Sword Style…” Sombra said, spinning on his heels creating a spiral motion. “..Dragon Twister”

Sombra’s attack created a spiral vacuum which blew away the surrounding mist revealing a dark skin toned man with a large sword across his back.

Link still had his sword and shield out at the ready since things started getting weird since the first floor. Kodo had his sword ready too, though he kept giving nervous looks at the absolute beast of a sword on their opponent’s back.

"Hello," Zabuza greeted, "Would you like some tea?" Zabuza suddenly had a cup of tea in his hand. "It's quite calming."

Shiva’s eyes darted between her companions. “I’d take the tea,” she admitted.

“Either move or die” Eric growled out in anger. “I’m already had to fight a Fucking Meme, and right now I don’t want to screw around”

Zabuza chuckled darkly, "Looks like I'm gonna die then, my name is Zabuza, brother of Ryker. I will not let you pass and harm my family!" Zabuza cried out, suddenly disappearing and turning into water. A thick deep mist surrounded our heroes, before they then heard a chuckle.

"My family is everything to me, I may not like violence but you began the attack. You guys already beat Arkham Knight, and Bullet. Two of my family members, I will NOT let you go past me, Fujitora is on the next floor and I'd rather not let you guys disturb the poor man." Zabuza said, though it felt hundreds of them were speaking.

Shiva’s ears perked at the mention of Fujitora. “What if we promised ‘not’ to disturb him,” Shiva offered. “I just want to talk to him.”

"I know you have a thing with him but I simply can not allow that, since you guys are not killing my family. Which is very polite of you, I'll let one of you pass, wait, no. I won't, because Fujitora ordered me to not let you pass Shiva, under no circumstances. Dying or ill." Zabuza spoke, more voices added onto them.

Shiva’s ears flattened, while Luke’s fur bristled. “What kind of ‘thing’ did he have with my mate?” Luke growled.

“Luke, calm down,” Shiva ordered. “We were friends. Believe it or not, it’s possible for a male and a female to be friends with each other. Especially when the female is already mated to the male of her dreams.”

“Guys, can we focus please?” Kodo barked at both of them before perking his ears. “Do you feel that?”

Luke and Shiva paused, sensing it with seconds to spare. From the earth, Thanos jumped up, launching rock everywhere. Thanos then crashed down with Bullet in his arms.

"Ow…" They both groaned, laying down on the ground.

“Thanos!” Shiva barked, transferring her links to him. “Hang on, I got you.”

"Thanks, Bullet lost, I couldn't leave him down there as I held up the tower." Thanos got to his feet and he then lost sight of Bullet. "...Wherever he is…"

“Hopefully not about to ambush us,” Kodo said worriedly, looking around for the God of War.

“Look. I know you’re only protecting, but I don’t think it’d be wise to take on so many of us…” Link said slowly as he reached into his pouch.

"Oh really? Just you guys… VS A THOUSAND?!?!?" The mist cleared up and on the trees were over a thousand Zabuzas.

From out of his pouch, Link threw out what appeared to be a black and yellow striped grenade. After a few seconds, it exploded, releasing many tiny bees bouncing between the trees. The bees would bounce harmlessly on Link’s allies, but to the Zabuzas or his clones though? Though the beenade was effective,, the other water clones pushed on.

Eric swung his blade dispelling a large number of his water clones with a razor wave of shadow

Black smirked as he pointed a hand towards the clones. With a shout, he shot a pressured wave towards them, dispelling a majority of them with ease. “Water… really?” Black mocked.

"Jutsus are tricky," The Zabuzas replied in synchronization.

The Zabuzas rained down on the others, raising their blades high, they all fired off a particular jutsu. Shiva briefly launched over Luke before spinning and hurling Luke like a ball and chain. The male diamond dog turned into a full diamond statue, and Shiva began spinning him like a ball and chain, smashing Zabuza clones left and right.

"Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!" Thousands of dragons forged out of water flew at them, specifically the Devil Fruit users. A Zabuza snuck behind the others and dragged Bullet away.

“Hey!” Kodo barked, slashing at the Zabuza sneaking Bullet away. The Zabuza just turned into a log, which promptly fell into pieces from Kodo’s strike, before the Zabuza towered over Kodo. The Zabuza raised his blade and attempted to strike the young pup. But as Kodo caught Zabuza’s strike, he flattened himself against the ground, allowing Shiva to hit Zabuza with Luke’s diamond form while the dark ninja was distracted by Kodo.

"Tch!" They hit the actual Zabuza, "Listen, just let me get my brother to safety and I'll let you and your family pass."

Shiva, Luke and Kodo exchanged glances. Before they could speak, however...

“Three Sword Style, Secret technique” Sombra whispered, twirling his swords in his hands. “Billion-fold World Trichiliocosm!”

Zabuza smartly grabbed Bullet and shot off to the skies, vanishing into thin air as the unicorns attack dispelled all of Zabuza’s water clones

Link reached into his pouch again, soon pulling out some sort of long rod with an orange gem at the top as Link aimed it to unleash a blast of fire at the water clones, believing it would vaporise the fakes.

"Well, well, well. Looks like you guys can beat fodder quite easily!" Zabuza mocked, his silhouette appearing far away. There was a thick mist that appeared suddenly, and just like it came, it went away. Zabuza was directly in front of the party.

Shiva’s ears flattened. “To be fair, we did let you leave with Bullet,” she pointed out.

"Indeed. So, Shiva, Kodo, Mr. Skywalker," Zabuza did some ninja hand signs before a water bubble engulfed the trio. Zabuza then throws them far, all the way to the exit to the floor. "Have fun!"

“Mr. Who?” Luke yelped as they were flung away. Though he was drowned out by Shiva’s response.

“Thank you!”

"You're quite welcome!" Zabuza waved farewell to the trio. Zabuza then looked back at the group. "Guess what you guys just did?"

“What?” Eric said gripping his sword

"You done fucked up," Zabuza said darkly as a huge… Thing of water crashed down on our heroes right as he ended his sentence.

“Dark Flame!” Sombra shouted launching a flurry of black and red flames at the water

The water evaporated covering the entire area covered in steam. “Eric get everyone to the next floor, I’ll handle Zabuza” Thanos was already at the other side drinking hetap, everyone was so caught up they forgot their main purpose. To get up off the floor.

“Got it,” Eric said, pulling everyone into his shadow before using the Shave Technique to race to the door with the Titan.

“Don’t you dare make me tell Fluttershy you won’t be coming back” Eric said tackling the door down

“I would never put that burden on you” Sombra said, tightening the grip on his weapons. “My friend”

"DON'T KILL HIM SOMBRA!!!!" Elia cried out as she walked up the stairs, Entity following her.

“I’ll do my best,” Sombra said, widening his stance. “No promises”

"Quite the killer, are you?" Zabuza said, leaning his sword on his shoulder. "Tch, killers, I despise them."

“I try not to kill, But I will if it means protecting my friends,” Sombra said, charging the Ninja swordsman

"Fun Fact, did you know Monkey D. Luffy never killed anyone who deserved to be killed?" Zabuza turned into water as soon as Sombra struck Zabuza.

Sombra looked around to find the Ninja but the thickening mist proved to hide him quite thoroughly.

"Would you like some tea? You seem stressed." Zabuza said, his voice echoing across the thick forest.

“As tempting as that sounds something tells me you aren’t just going to let me leave this floor” Sombra said constantly looking around trying to locate the swordsman

"But of course I am! So why don't we just enjoy some tea while we get to know each other better? I am currently setting up some tea right now!" Zabuza told the Dark Prince.

“I’ll pass Zabuza,” Sombra said to the ninja

"...Alright…" The mist cleared up and there was Zabuza drinking tea through his mask, with a pinkie out. Zabuza then showed Sombra his palm, as if saying, 'wait'. Zabuza then finished his drink placing it down, Zabuza pulled out his blade and coated it in Armament Haki. "Let's dance." Zabuza then shot off at Sombra at tremendous speeds.

Sombra coated his blades in Armament Haki before blocking Zabuza’s Executioner Blade with all three swords, Zabuza then exerts some force into the attack, pushing Sombra back slightly.

“You’re strong,” Sombra mused as his arms tensed. “One Gorilla,” Sombra’s left arm bulged. “Two Gorilla” Sombra’s right arm bulged. “Three Sword Style..”

"Oh." Zabuza said before using Tekkai to enhance his body and reduce damage.

“..Demon Crow!” Sombra puts his head at an angle, and with the other two swords creates the shape of a bird's leg. Then begins to turn over himself and, passing over his opponent, causes multiple injuries, simulating the traces of a crow walking on his legs.

"Oh ho ho! That would be painful as hell if I didn't have a high pain tolerance!" Zabuza chuckled, suddenly Zabuza appeared below Sombra. "Hello, I am under the water, please help me." Zabuza said in an Indian Accent. Zabuza then popped out a few meters from Sombra. "Water Release: Stormy Blockade!" Like a waterfall, water poured down onto Sombra from the heavens.

Sombra was forced to the ground from the pressure of the water, suddenly as he was getting pushed down Zabuza fired off another water style.

"Rising Water Slicer!" Zabuza fired off a water slash that dug its way to Sombra.

“Dark Incinerator!” Sombra shouted erupting in a mountain of black and red flames

The Water holding him down as well as the water blade evaporated into steam, Sombra gripped his weapons as he stood up with slightly singed fur

"That's hot." Zabuza said with a chuckle.

“Enough with the jokes,” Sombra said, igniting his twin blades with his Dark Flames. “Dark Flame Three Sword Style..1080 Pound Flaming Phoenix” Holding one of his swords horizontally above the shoulder of his sword arm, Sombra then performs a circular swing that launches the blazing air compressed projectile spiraling towards the target.

Zabuza just coated his sword in water, as he effortlessly did a mountain sized slash to combat Sombra’s slash. “Water Sword Style, Poseidon’s Anger!”

Sombra’s and Zabuza’s attacks clashed with one another with such force it caused a shockwave that knocked the two of them away from each other. Zabuza dug his sword onto the ground to cease the knockback, fortunately it worked. Sombra seemed to have a similar idea, by digging his blades into the ground, however once he slowed down enough he pulled on his swords launching himself towards the ninja. Holding his blazing swords parallel from each other Sombra prepares to attack the ninja

“Dark Flame Two Sword Style..” Sombra said. “Flaming Twin Cutter”

Zabuza then sheathes his blade surprisingly, Zabuza then begins to do some hand signs. Zabuza was a fast boi, doing the hang sign fast enough. “WATER RELEASE: GREAT WATERFALL TECHNIQUE!!!!!” A mountain sized force of water, the size of a mountain. The water shot towards Sombra in a horizontal tornado type way.

Using his born magic Sombra teleports a good distance away from the Jutsu, Sombra however couldn’t help but smile at the Human.

“You’ve got quite a few tricks in your repertoire, don’t you Zabuza?” Sombra asked grinning

“Hell yeah I do, would you like to see another one?” Zabuza asked, cloning himself via water. The water surprisingly filled the whole floor to about knee level.

“I would if you want to see another one of my Dark Spells” Sombra said bursting into a toothy grin

“Well isn’t this nice? Just guys being dudes and showing off their skills?” Zabuza asked chuckled, standing on a tree branch.

Sombra stabbed all three of his swords into the ground as balls of dark fire formed in his hand before erupting like a active volcano

“Hell flame” Sombra said hurling the fire at the ninja however they missed the ninja entirely

“That’s one trick pony…” Zabuza said, appearing from another tree. “Now, I suggest you move to a tree top.”

“I’m not done yet” Sombra said hurling more Hellflame balls at the ninja, however Zabuza noticed the aim of the Unicorn seemed rather off the mark

“... This is intentional…” Zabuza said blankly as he saw the Hellflame balls fly past him. “It’s a Hellzone Grenade isn’t it?”

“Look behind you Ninja” Sombra said as Zabuza looked behind him seeing Sombra’s Hellflames hand limited him to a specific area

“I fucking knew it.” Zabuza said, sighing as he knew what was coming.

“Ring of Hellflame” Sombra said, causing the fire to connect before forming a dome around them. “And now..Dark Hellzone” Sombra said causing the heat to increase drastically causing the water below them to evaporate instantly

“...Pain.” Zabuza grunted as he looked to the skies, his back onto the ground.

“What’s the matter Human?” Sombra said with a grin. “Feeling a little hot under the color?”

“....You know what? That’s a good one,” Zabuza chuckled before going to his feet.

“Now Room!” Sombra said as an invisible dome spread from the unicorn. Reaching down Sombra lifted two small rocks before they were replaced by Sombra’s twin swords. “In my Dark Hellzone combined with my Devil Fruit I am practically untouchable”

“Tch, well it’s a good damn thing I’m good at this,” Zabuza then points behind Sombra, “OH MY GOD FLUTTERSHY IS WITH ANOTHER MAN!!!!” Zabuza cried out.

However Sombra just blinked at the Ninja with a look that said “really? Did he think that would work?”

“...” Zabuza looked at Sombra, there was an awkward silence as the two just stood there.

“I’m not Thanos, I won’t fall for something so idiotic” Sombra said growing irritated

“... OH MY GOD!!! IT’S UMBRA THE DARK!!!!” Zabuza cried out, pointing behind Sombra, Zabuza then turned into a log that caught on fire. Zabuza had vanished.

“You do realize unless you can control fire you can hide inside my Hellzone” Sombra said rearing his weapons back.

Outside of the Hellzone there stood Zabuza with fourth degree burn marks on his body, there was a clone next to Zabuza that used water from a vial to repair his skin. Though the burning was still there. Zabuza let out a sigh.

“1080 Pound Flaming Phoenix!” a Flaming compressed air shot hit and destroyed Zabuza’s clone as the unicorn bent the flames to avoid getting burned

“... You know what?” Zabuza then got his hands ready, “Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave!” Suddenly a colossal, no, imagine multiple mountains stacked on top of each other. That is the size of the tsunami, the tsunami then crashed down onto Sombra as Zabuza vanished from the water.

The wave knocked Sombra back into the Hellzone, evaporating the wave and causing severe burns to form on the unicorn. Jumping to his feet Sombra smiled as he sheathed his sword and held the other in both hands.

“Fine then” Sombra said using his Dark Magic to gather all the Hellfire around his sword. “Hit me with everything you’ve got”

“Alright, if you wish.” Zabuza said, looking down at Sombra. “Water Release…”

“Dark Flame One Sword Style…”

“GREAT EXPLODING WATER COLLIDING WAVE!!!!!!!” Zabuza cried out, imagine ten Mega Kaiju stacked together, that’s the size of the tsunami, the water then crashed towards Sombra. Zabuza then rode on top of the tsunami like a surfer.

“Flying Fire Dragon: HELLFLAME BLAZE!” Sombra shouted, charging the ninja with fire around his sword with the size of hell itself.

An explosion rang through the entire floor causing it to crack and shake violently, the steam began to clear showing both opponents stood ten feet from each other, both facing away from each other. Blood mixed into the water below their feet as both Sombra and Zabuza staggered clenching the large deep gashes on their chests, While Sombra’s was deeper than his opponents Zabuza was inflicted with the most pain as the entire area surrounding the gash was severely burned with fifth degree burns.

“I...I can still...fight,” Sombra said, turning to his opponent. “This is nothing more than a flesh wound”

“D-Do... you wanna fuckin… Square up?” Zabuza got in a fighting stance, pulling out his sword. “Tis but a scratch.”

Sombra gripped his swords and lifted them weakly. “As That cat once said. ‘Square up Nigga’” Sombra said almost falling only to catch himself

“…” Zabuza said nothing, almost falling due to his blade’s size.

“Stand...Down Zabuza” Sombra said, his eyes showing Dark wisps as his wound began to slowly heal. “I have a family to protect”

“I… Have a family to protect too, and even if I die, at least I’ll go down-” Bullet just walked up behind Zabuza and chopped his neck, and like a ton of bricks he fell down.

“Thank me later.” Bullet deadpanned at Sombra, pulling a healing flask from Zabuza’s pouch. He then poured it on Zabuza, the water fell out of the flask and Bullet just stood there blankly.

“Let me pass” Sombra ordered Bullet. “You are in no condition to fight”

“Are you mentally handicapped?” Bullet asked Sombra, “Because does it fucking look like I want to fight you? Do you HONESTLY think I would you pea for brains? I’m helping my brother, go fuck off.” Bullet pointed to the door to the next floor. “Go on, leave, do it now.”

Sombra sheathed his sword and quickly made his way to the door- or what’s left of it- leading to the next floor.


To be continued...

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