The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap

by Uncle Iroh

First published

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

Thanos, The Mad Titan, Goku Black, Equestria's Divine God, Eric Von Shadow, The Reaper of The Cristal Empire, Death of the Four Horsemen, Ban The Demon of Equestria, Link, The Champion of Equestria, Shiva, The Howlite Howler, and finally Dr. Doom, all of these Displaced finally meet to compete against each other in a tournament that will change their lives forever. The prize of the tournament could shake their worlds, one tournament, one dream, one wish, and one Displaced who will come on out.

But in the shadows, someone is pulling the strings, someone who is very dangerous and could kill them all and end their tales right there.

How will they stop this evil? Will The_Chill_Author stop bugging me for TFS references? You're about to find out in The Displaced Tournament! Presented by Hetap...

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Chapter One, And So It Begins...

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Chapter One, And So It Begins…

Eliatopia (Equestria 4194)

Ryker’s POV.

I sat upon my throne with a blank expression on my face, yawning I’ve been bored for millennia, and doing an event like this was my greatest idea yet. I had eight letters on my lap so I made a portal, sticking my right arm to the side and showing my palm to the air. An orange portal appeared, and I threw one in.

“One for Shiva…” I said throwing one in, I made another portal, “One for Thanos.” I threw one in, “One for Son Goku Black…” I continued to throw them in before I heard footsteps in front of me. Turning attention to the footsteps I see my Dragon Assistant, a female with cyan scales and a golden stomach. Someone else walked beside her an Eliatrope with a cyan hat and a golden colored gi. “Ah, the Elia Twins, my favorite assistants! What brings you here?” I asked them.

“We heard you were enacting the plan and we decided to go check on you, King Ryker.” The Eliatrope told me, I rolled my eyes.

“Jasmyn, how many times have I told you not to call me King Ryker? Call me Ryker!” I said with a jolly grin, Jasmyn sighed. “Now, Ryola, what is it you came to me for?” I asked the drake.

“Well, I want to make sure that you’re okay, you do remember what happened the last time you brought a Displaced here?” She told me, I growled, that damned clown.

“Don't mention that again please, now if you excuse me, I need to go back to work.” I threw the letters into their respective portals and I sighed.

“All done, now I must make haste.” I lifted my fatass from my throne and I walk forwards. Ready to meet the Displaced.

Outer Haven (Equestria 3521)

Ever since Outer Haven separated from the Crystal Empire, Shiva had gotten fewer and fewer appointments from her subjects. Which left her very unprepared for what came next.

Instead of a subject using the door… they used a portal. A writhing void of dark and purple energy.

The Diamond Dog Queen didn’t hesitate. Springing to her paws, her pack link crackled to life, making her white fur glow like Celestia… right as a letter flew through the portal, and landed at her feet.

Her eyes narrowed. She picked up the letter and narrowed her eyes at its strange runes. She growled.

“SKIPPY!” she barked.

The changeling - still cleverly disguised as a diamond dog - rushed in. “My Alpha?” he asked.

She sheepishly offered the letter to him. “I still can’t read,” she admitted, trying not to blush.

Grinning, Skippy took the letter, and translated its words for her:

“Congratulations,” the letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

Shiva blinked in surprise, sharing a stunning look with Skippy.

“Before you ask,” Skippy replied. “I have no idea what even half of those things were.”

“I understood the wealth part,” Shiva noted, rubbing her claws with a curious light in her eyes. “If wealth translates out to diamonds, I think it could help keep our kingdom very happy.”

“I volunteer,” a voice barked. Skippy and Shiva turned as her son Kodo entered the room. Skidding to a halt, he bowed before his queen and mother. “Please, Mother; let me win this tournament. For the glory of Outer Haven. For the hopes of redeeming myself, I beseech you.” He gazed up at her pleadingly. “Let me do this for you.”

Shiva smiled softly. She brushed her son’s fur. “My son…” she began.

“Are you sure?” Skippy asked. “After what happened with Sombra… he may not be the best choice.”

“Officially, no,” Shiva admitted. “But it did say I could bring four allies. If I officially went…”

Kodo looked up with hope, only for his sister - Shiva’s daughter - to arrive.

“But what about the kingdom?” Celine asked.

Shiva turned to Celine. “You will lead them in my absence,” she assured her. “Let them know that we embark on a quest to gain great wealth for Outer Haven.”

Celine turned, only to find the diamond dog betas gathered outside.

“We heard ‘wealth,’” they admitted.

Shiva smiled at her subjects. “Take heart, my pack,” she declared. “If all goes well, your Queen will return with riches galore.”

The diamond dogs howled with glee, as Shiva looked to her son, who wisely did not draw attention to himself.

“Ready?” she asked.

Kodo chuckled. “This may be the weirdest mother-son trip we’ve ever taken,” he said, before taking her arm. “But I’ll take it.”

With a mutual smile, mother and son signed the contract. And the portal reopened for them. Sending them off to adventure.

Minos, (Equestria 69420.)

Thanos was walking to his palace, walking through the town, and waving back at everyone who waved at him, Thanos was having the time of his life. Smiling all the way, as Thanos reaches the palace, he turns his attention to his daughter who was all muddy.

"Did you have fun at the park, Golden Shield?" Thanos looked towards the young minotaur.

"Mmmhm! It was nice to see the boy from earlier!" She grinned, Thanos raised an eyebrow.

"You forgot his name already?" Golden Shield grinned sheepishly, "Well in any case we're here." Thanos arrived at the palace waving at the guards who protected its grounds. The guards nodded towards him, he arrived inside the palace and the Sally leaned on the wall next to them.

"Sally would you be so kind to escort this young lady to her quarters?" I asked her with politeness overflowing me.

"Well, since you asked SO nicely I guess I can. Come over her Ms. Shield." Sally walked off, Golden Shield following her, Golden Shield giving me one more last look before leaving. he sighed and sat on his throne. A portal opened next to his face and a letter came out and slapped his face.

“What the fuck?!” Thanos looked towards the paper, it was a letter, Thanos opens the letter, and his eyes opened wide.

“Congratulations,” the letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are: five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

Thanos raised his eyebrows at this, he gets up, the letter in his hand and he walks towards the training area, walking down the hallway to the area he sees Emerald Gauntlet and Grievous. "Hello you guys, follow me," Thanos ordered, the two complied and followed him, once they reach the training room. They see Entity and Lucci sparring, Lucci dodging a scythe attack from Entity and countering the attack with a punch to the gut. Entity wheezed and punched Lucci in the jaw, Lucci stumbled backward and grinned.

"You're improving Entity." Lucci commented he was about to lunge at Entity before he saw Thanos, "Oh hey Thanos, what's up?"

"I've been invited to a Displaced tournament, I can bring only three allies, I think. So... Entity, Lucci, Nappa come on up." Nappa appeared out of nowhere, Lucci and Entity nodded in affirmation. Grievous looked at him with a "WHHHYYYY???" look on his face.

"But why not me?!" He asked, Thanos, sighed.

"Entity needs screen time and he needs some action, and no, I'm not talking about that kind of action, perverts." Thanos turned around and signed it, an orange portal opening. "Let's go." Thanos walked in, Entity following as well as Nappa and Lucci. Leaving only Grievous and Emerald Gauntlet.

"Want some beer?" The minotaur offered.

"I could go for one right about now..."

Below Canterlot, (Equestria 2975)

The sound of a nail being slammed into the side of wood echoed through the forest. Black stood up with a smile, wiping off some sweat from his forehead. He had been making progress on his little cabin over the past week since he and Nightmare returned from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He had gotten the walls up and was about to go call Nightmare to go get more wood, but the parasite showed up at the door frame.

“Hey Black, you don’t know anypony else besides the girls and me. Right?” Nightmare asks the Saiyan. This left Black a little confused, but regardless he answered.

“Yeah, and the two displaced that I’ve met in the past month, why?”

“Well, you got a letter…” Nightmare says as she pulls out a letter, handing it to the Saiyan who was left bewildered.

‘A letter, I’m pretty sure the populace isn't very comfortable with me, so who would be writing a letter to me?’ Black thought as he opened the piece of paper, reading it aloud.

“Congratulations,” the letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are: five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

Black blinked a few times before he let out a large grin. “A Tournament, one against another Displaced, I’m intrigued,” Black said as he looked at Nightmare, who gave him a skeptical look. “Oh come on, don’t be like that, you can come along as well,” Black said with a reassuring smile.

Nightmare scoffed, “That's not what I meant, for all we know, it could be a trap.” Nightmare explained, Black rolling his eyes on response.

“Nothing bad is going to happen alright, plus it did say I can get a lifetime supply of hetap!” Black said with a smile. He opened his hand and a pen appeared. He then proceeded to sign his name on there. Almost immediately, a dark portal opened next to them, holding power inside. “Come on, let's head out!” Black declared as he ran and jumped in, Nightmare sighing heavily as she followed. The portal disappearing behind them, leaving a crackling boom after.

Everfree (Equestria 374613)

The wind blows within the living forest known as Everfree; her gazing eyes ever watchful over her home. The peace is disturbed by the sounds of leather boots stepping into the dirt belong to a man who was forced to become a hero and take on the appearance of a fabled Hylian Link.

"...Strange, Celestia said the disturbance came from here, but I don't s-" Link paused as a portal opened up, allowing a letter to slowly drift into his leather gauntlet worn hands.

“Congratulations,” The letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are: five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

"...Devil Fruit? Hetap? What in the Flying Pot are those supposed to be?" Link asked with a frown on his face. "The one-time wish sounds more promising though." Link said as he thought about it. "Displaced Tournament..." Link repeated the letter's title; his mind swirling thoughts of possible powerhouses and god-like beings considering the vast void of the multiverse. "...I believe I'll give it a try. If things get worse, I can always leap back to my world using my Howling Stone." Link said as they served as warp points if the ones he judged meant to do any harm or misuse his trust. Using a very weak spark of Din's fire, Link wrote his name on the dotted line. When he finished, a portal opened up. Link raised his hood up, allowing the cloak’s enchantment to hide his face in a blank of darkness. Link went through to the other side and into the world that was hosting this tournament.

Ponyville, (Equestria 77777)

Phoenix’s point of view

Well, that’s a lot to take it. Going on a trip is one thing, but one day to pack?! The griffon kingdom didn’t seem so far that it would take a frickin week!

My thought process was interrupted by a rift appearing just in front of me. I had just stepped into my house, so I closed the door before turning back around. Now I had seen some wack ass shit, but this was up there.

Reaching my hand out forward, I went to investigate its purpose but was cut short. A letter suddenly shot out from the rift, hitting me straight in the nose. Groaning, I reached my hand up and grabbed it from my face before reading the inside.

“Congratulations,” The letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are: five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?”

After reading it over again to check I didn’t miss anything, I determined that it was a waste of my time. Plus I already had other plans to divide and conquer and all that jazz.

And so, I set the parchment ablaze, letting it fizzle into ashes. However, the portal thingy didn’t take too kindly to that. In response, it grew in size, now standing taller than me, and began sucking me in.

“Oh hell no!” I shouted in refusal, but my attempt to escape led me nowhere, as I was soon enveloped by the mysterious rift before me.

Equestria - 16497/23 Griffonstone

In the lab of Victor Von Doom, a monitor started beeping. Doom looks overseeing the display. “Hmm, interesting.” With just a thought a device received its command and a small portal opened and a scroll appeared.

Doom didn’t pick up the message right away, first, he cast a few spells to determine if it was safe. Finally, he picks it up and reads the letter. “Hans!”

A dark shadow seeped in from under the door then took the shape of a seven-foot-tall man in a black suit and faceless white head. “Yes, my Sovereign?”

“I just got a message from some King of Eliatopia, a tournament of Displaced. Tell me do you know what Devil Fruits are?”

“Devil Fruits are magical fruits from the anime One Piece. I’m not familiar with all the details but they grant superhuman abilities.”

“What about Hetap?”

“I’m sorry my Sovereign, that one is beyond my knowledge”

Doom sat the note down and thought about it “I have no need for such items, but the possibility to study other Displaced. Very well Hans I shall join this endeavor. Summon Gilda, Maud Pie, and her pet Boulder.”

“Boulder? My Sovereign are you sure, he’s still… young.”

“Do you doubt my intellect, Hans?”

Hans bows “No sir, I’m just struggling to comprehend your brilliance.”

Doctor Doom snorts “You are getting better at covering your rear.”

Doom Snaps his fingers and his signature appeared on the invite. “Very well King Ryker, it’s your game.”

On The Shadow Damnation On The Sea… (Equestria 1293)

Aboard a black galleon ship, a dark figure stood watching the rising sun. His shirt and coat lay a few feet away, allowing him to display the large scar across his chest.

His brief enjoyment of the brisk morning air was interrupted by the sound of parchment hitting the deck. Turning his head, Eric Von Shadow found a bound scroll as it rolled to his feet. Picking up the scroll and unfurling it the captain began to read:

“Congratulations,” the letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are: five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

“Hmm… Interesting,” Eric mused, rolling up the scroll and gathering his coat and shirt.

Heading below deck, Eric quickly found his strongest and most trusted friends: Sombra, Rainbow Dash, and Maude Pie.

“Up you get, boy and girls!” Eric declared. “Meet me up deck!”

His voice boomed through the deck’s interior, and the three ponies wisely scrambled to meet him up top.

“Did you have to wake us at the crack of dawn?” Rainbow grumbled, rubbing the sand from her eyes… just in time for Eric to hand her the invitation.

“I received an invitation to participate in a tournament,” Eric explained. “It said I was allowed to bring four allies.” He grinned as Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened. “And I’m choosing the three of you”

“You don’t think this is a regular tournament, do you?” Sombra asked.

“It’s just a feeling, but something about this tournament doesn’t sit right with me,” Eric admitted, taking the letter back from Rainbow Dash. “Like whoever this Ryker is has an alternative motive.”

“So you’re bringing the three of us because we're the strongest on the ship” Maud summed up.

“Precisely,” Eric replied with a grin. He wrote his name onto the invitation, and the portal reopened.

“Eric?” Ask a voice that all four recognized. “Where are you guys going?”

Turning around Eric was met with the sight of Princess Luna, who was exiting the captains quarters. Eric showed Luna the invitation causing the alicorn to glare at the shadow man

“And you’re going? What if it’s a trap to kill you?” Luna asked her voice filled with concern

Eric made a move to speak but was stopped by Luna.

“Why is it that every time I turn around you get yourself into a situation that could get you killed?” Luna asked, placing a hand where Eric’s scar was located. “You almost died when we fought Chrysalis, and I lost you for two whole years.”

“Eric I don’t want to lose you anymore than I already have,” Luna said as bits of her hair turned to sparks of lightning. “I’m coming with you, whether you like it or not

Realizing that there was no persuading the princess Eric sighed as he motioned the princess to the portal. Eric and his four companions entered the portal as it closed leaving the inhabitants of the Shadow Damnation completely unaware of the absence of their five passengers.

Castle of the Two Sisters; (Equestria 1142)

Four Horsemen were sitting against the nearest stone wall of their currently broken home before a small portal opened up. A single rolled-up scroll landed on the ground.

"Someone sent that," a male clad in heavy armor noted, pointing towards the scroll

"Give me that," a masked male stated, snatching it up

“Congratulations,” the letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

"That might be interesting," another masked male mused "We're all going right?"

"No," the other masked one stated "I'm taking Fury only. Someone has to stay behind and protect the world. Strife; you and War can take the next tournament."

"That's a bullshit excuse," Strife argued

"I'm the oldest if you haven't forgotten and I decided to take her. We don't know what this tournament contains and you'll get trigger-happy and War will cause more problems with the blade."

“Death is right," Fury added "Two go and the others stay behind. What about the prizes?"

"I'm not interested in wealth and no wish would undo the damages we've done. This is just because it sounds fun."

Death concentrated for a moment and summoned a portal onto the wall behind him and stepped turn; he was wearing dark purple armor with a skull-like design on the kneecaps of the boots and pauldron on the left shoulder. The only item missing from the armor by choice was a set of horns on his forehead. Now properly dressed; he decided on using the tip of his now current dagger; Harvester and pricked a finger; using the blood to sign the scroll. Once signed; a full-size portal opened up as Death and Fury stepped inside.

"Have fun," Strife called

Eliatopia (Equestria 4194)

The Displaced arrived at the entrance to Eliatopia Thanos standing beside Phoenix, Phoenix standing beside Black, Black standing beside Doom, Doom next to Shiva, they looked at each other confused about how they all got together at the same time. Thanos just grinned at Black.

“Long time no see, Black!” Thanos said Nappa popped up behind Thanos, Lucci, and Entity as well.

“It’s been a few months for me, How have you been?” Black asked the Titan as Nightmare arrived at his side.

“Meet the boys, this is Rob Lucci, a black man who turned white, and this is the White Reaper, Entity and you already know who Nappa is.” Thanos introduces the boys.

“Nice to meet you guys, so anything interesting happened when you went back to your universe?” Black asked.

“Well, I fought Kaido, in his Dragon Hybrid form, I killed him by kicking him to the moon and destroying the moon and uh… After that, we went back to our Universe and made the Reality Stone make the HyperBolic Time chamber, and I was taught Ki control and Kaioken by Nappa.” Thanos finished

“I met King Kai myself so don’t try me,” Nappa commented.

Black put up his hands and laughed, “Don’t worry I won't.”

“So are you going to Introduce your ‘Boys’ to everyone you meet or only for the special people?” Eric said putting his hands in his pockets as he approached the Titan and Saiyan

“Eyyy it’s you guys! Also, yes, I will introduce my boys to everyone. Hello Lesbian, I remember “killing” you. Oh and this is Lucci, basically Eric but with pure strength and he’s a leopard. This is Nappa my friend, and this is Entity_303, the White Reaper.” He introduces his boys.

“Is this creature always like this?” Asked Sombra

“Unfortunately,” Eric said before greeting the titan properly. “How have you been Jacob?”

“IT’S JOHN GOD DAMN IT!!!! Also, I’ve been doing fine, I fought Goku Black, he used Ultra Instinct and I use Burst Man, White Hot Edition. How are you doing Monohan?”

“Good, but Monohan died two years ago,” Eric said chuckling

“Edgy bastard.” Nappa laughed, “How edgy can one be?”

“It’s not Edgy, it’s the truth,” Eric said to the bald Saiyan. “I am Eric Von Shadow now and forever”

“Says the Edgy one, if you were to fight Thanos right now, he’d kick your ass,” Nappa commented.

“Really now?” Eric said, holding back his light chuckle. “And pray tell did Thanos tell you of the time we fought?”

“Indeed he did, but you both were holding back, not to mention can you turn the moon to dust like he did while fighting KAIDO!???!?!” Nappa said dramatically.

“True but can Thanos do this” Eric said as Nappa was pulled into his own shadow

Said shadow began thrashing around until it began shaking, pulling the bald Saiyan from the shadow realm Eric and the others found Nappa shaking in fear.


“So uh… Sombra, you’re the second strongest right? Basically the “Zoro” of the group.” Lucci glanced at the unicorn

“I’m not familiar with who this ‘Zoro’ is but in terms of physical strength then yes,” Sombra said before glancing at the grey pony. “In terms of Devil Fruit then that title belongs to Pinkie’s older sister”

Entity and Maud were just having a staring competition, none of them said a single word, just silence. Thanos blinked at that and he shook his head.

“Wanna hear more about me and Goku Black’s fight? It was totally epic, I literally burnt an entire landscape for miles wide! Also thanks for the Netsu-Netsu No Mi.” The Titan thanked the shadow man.

“Perhaps another time Thanos,” Eric said offering the titan a smile. “We really must catch up after this, after all we haven’t spoken for over two years”

“I just wanna say… If you had seen the fight between Black and Thanos your jaw would be dropping like a fly. Anyways what are they doing?” Nappa looked over to Entity and Maud just staring at each other… MENACINGLY!!!!

“Should we be worried about your friend giving Maud a literal Death Glare?” Asked Rainbow

“Oh, I forgot you were there you Lesbian,” Thanos said blankly.

“Stop calling me that!” ordered Rainbow Dash angered by the titan’s choice of words

“Anyways, don’t worry about Entity, he’s the silent type sometimes and he just wanna compete against the bastard,” Thanos said, shaking his head, looking at the two.

“Don’t worry Rainbow he won’t pick a fight with somepony who can literally destroy an entire Island if she wanted” Eric reassured the Pegasus

“Can he turn it into ash tho?” Thanos said turning towards the shadow man.

“Okay, enough with this dick measuring contest!” Lucci shouted out, looking at Eric and Thanos. “Thanos stop trying to make it so that Entity could destroy an Island, which he can but just don’t say it! Eric, stop instigating him! Like, NIGGGAAA!!!!!!!!” Lucci said, throwing his arms up in the air. “Oh and Rainbow Dash, maybe if you got rid of that yee yee ass hair cut you’ll get some stallions inside ya, or better yet stop being competitive, nigga!”

While the group from Equestria 1293 and 69420 bickered with one another, Kado gasped as he looked at Sombra's direction and went to her mother's side.

“That’s Sombra,” Kodo whispered. “I-It’s him, right?”

Spotting the stallion, Shiva narrowed her eyes, putting herself between her son and the stallion.

“I got you,” she growled.

Eric heard this and immediately turned to the dogs before heading towards them. Shiva’s ears perked at the sight of the human, though her eyes kept darting to Sombra. Eric stood before them and blocked any path of escape using their shadows to form caged walls around them. Shiva briefly glanced at the caged wall of shadows behind them, before her pack link surged to life, spreading like wings across her back as she watched the shadow man, caution and anger fighting in her eyes.

“What the hell are you doing?” Lucci asked the shadow man.

“Though he may resemble the Sombra from your Equestria, he is far different from that monster,” Eric said, slightly irritated. “He has proven time and time again that he is on the side of good, Do not speak ill about my friend again or you will come to regret it.”

Kodo bristled, but Shiva calmed him with a pack link. She watched Eric with caution and curiosity, before lowering her head in a nod. “Forgive me, sir,” she said. “The Sombra from my world… possessed my son when he was still in my womb.” Her hand remained on her son’s shoulder. “It caused us… a few problems.” She gave Sombra another searching look. “But if you say that your friend is different, I’m willing to believe you.”

Eric’s gaze softened by a fraction. He withdrew his shadows, returning them to their proper place

“I can understand that,” Eric said, giving the side glance to Shiva. “In my Equestria, the source of Sombra’s evil and vile nature was through the remains of a king by the name of…”

“Umbra,” Kodo remembered. “I heard him talk of this Umbra. Some sort of… demon, right?”

“The first Tyrant King of the Crystal Empire who sought to immortalize his name,” Eric said, turning his gaze to his friend. “He possessed Sombra many times and the last time, he successfully managed to revive himself.”

Shiva stared at Sombra in shock. “That poor stallion,” she whispered. “I’m starting to wonder if we only dealt with Umbra then.”

“Before being taken over, he ordered me to kill him. I couldn’t bring myself to do it,” Eric said with regret clear in his voice. “I will not have him relive any memory of that constant nightmare.”

Shiva nodded. “I understand,” she said. “The worst kind of fight is against those you love.”

Kodo lowered his head in shame. “Umbra was just an influence,” he muttered. “He may have given me the suggestions, but I still followed them.” He covered his eyes. “I got so many diamond dogs killed, I…” His voice cracked. “I got my dad killed.”

Eric stepped up to the pup before kneeling down and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Power leads to corruption, however it takes strength to break free,” Eric said lifting the pup's head. “You must keep a strong heart and a stronger mind.”

Kodo nodded. “Yeah,” he said. “I will.” He took a breath. “I know I messed up… and I’m going to redeem myself. Whether that’s by winning this tournament for my pack… or finding another way.”

“You realize what happened was wrong,” Eric noted with a nod. “That’s good. It shows how much stronger you are” Eric smiled at the pup. “Hold onto that strength and become stronger for both yours and your mothers' sake”

Kodo nodded, while Shiva smiled in gratitude. “Thank you, sir,” she said, gazing at him with reverence. “You know, it’s been far too long since I’ve gotten to see humans again, but…” She lifted a hand for him to shake. “But I’m glad to see you’ve lost none of your humanity.”

“You may be right,” Eric said, rising to his feet and looking Shiva in her eyes. “But I have none left.”

Shiva’s ears flicked, and her hand lowered. “What do you mean?”

“Tell me would you go back in time to kill a loved one if it meant saving your beloved from death,” Eric said with a look of pure shame and regret plaster on his face. “Even if it meant that the life of one mare would cause everyone you love and care about to die horrible deaths”

Shiva stiffened, sharing a look with Kodo, who backed away from her, his tail tucking. Shiva gazed down at her claws.

“No,” she said. “Not if I had to exchange one for millions. The cost is too much.”

“Well I did,” Eric said in regret. “I killed my best friend to save my wife, and in doing so I killed Princess Luna, as well as the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle.”

Shiva looked away, blinking in shock. “I…” she mumbled.

“Ahem…” Nappa stood there at the three, “You’ve been talking for more than one hundred words, I’m also a fourth-wall breaker. No! I will ruin this moment! AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN!!!” Nappa shouted to the heavens.

“Forget it, I’ve moved on,” Eric said shoving his hands into his pocket before returning to his friends. “Just keep getting stronger kid, there will always be somepony stronger than you.”

Shiva huffed a hollow laugh. “A lesson I’ve been trying to teach him for some time,” she noted, before turning away with a sigh. “Wow, these humans are much different from how I remember them.”

“No… there’s far more to these humans,” Shiva whispered. “I can sense it, but…” It took all of Shiva’s dignity as a queen not to start shrieking in utter delight. “It’s been so long since I’ve been around humans from my home again!” She paused, glancing away. “A-At least while I was in my right mind,” she muttered.

Kodo winced and didn’t respond, remembering his part in that particular adventure. Meanwhile, Shiva crept up to Phoenix, her claw inching out towards his body. Phoenix in response gives the diamond dog a confused look, that turns into one of concern as Shiva presses her hand on his face. She feels around it, whispering inaudible words of shock under her breath. Phoenix slowly lowered Shiva’s hand with an uncomfortable look evident on his face and placed it back at her side (trying to figure out if she was all there) before turning back to the rest to size them up.

Realizing how uncomfortable she was making Phoenix, Shiva turned away, trying to suppress her blush.

Doctor Doom let out a grunt and looked around. Without saying a word he lifted his left arm and snapped his version of the Infinity gauntlet. “Nothing, so definitely in a different reality.” He then taps on his gauntlet and a panel opens and he taps a few commands. If anyone could detect it he was taking medical scans of those around him.

Turning his head he looked to Shiva “Human?”

Shiva swallowed, sizing up the massive armored human before her. “That’s… what you are, right?” She peered at him. “Unless you’re something more? Like, uh… what were those metal things that humans would make?” She lifted her claws before he could reply. “I’m sorry; I was a simple dog before I got these powers, so I am probably… out of my mind, right now.”

Link’s hidden eyes looked between each Displaced; his pupils widening at the few he saw. “...Thanos? Dr. Doom? Goku Black?!” he mentally shouted to himself. There were real powerhouses here. “...What’s the tournament host even thinking... Entertainment of the weak struggling?” Link mentally said before softly sighing to him. Link’s right ear twitched when one of them claimed they were humans here. “...I don’t think any of us are still human other than our minds..” Link said to Kodo as he looked over at the Diamond Dog.

Doctor Doom turns his head to look at Link “Speak for yourself, I am indeed human, though my mind is far beyond those of lesser intellect.”

He returned his attention to Shiva “I am indeed Human flesh and blood within this armor. So you're an uplifted life form?”

Shiva glanced at her claws. “I believe so,” she admitted.

“Perhaps I could have a drop of your blood for me to analyze?”

Awed by the steel-plated human, Shiva managed a nod. “I can work with that,” she replied. Offering up her arm, she bared her claws, and pressed into her fur, withdrawing a bead of blood that she offered up to the Doctor.

“Your offering is appreciated. The fact you harmed yourself wasn’t necessary,” He removed a small device from his belt and placed it on the wound, and collected the blood sample. “I’m curious if your uplifting bears' similarities to the High Evolutionary uplifted creatures.”

Shiva rolled her wrist, gazing at her healed wound with a pondering light. “Wish I could answer that for myself,” she admitted. “I’m still not fully sure who or what gave me this power.” She turned her attention to Kodo, who nuzzled up against her in concern. “But… I make it work for the ones I care about.”

Before Dr. Doom could respond, the conversation was cut off as Phoenix walked over. “In need of some data rust bucket?” The man in question went to respond but didn’t get far as he was cut sure by a spurting sound and a large stream of blood. Phoenix had rolled up his sleeve and amputated everything from his elbow onwards with a spear he had been carrying on his back. Shiva stared at his action in dumbfounded horror, but Phoenix picked up the arm, before presenting it to Dr. Doom. “You’re very welcome.” He in turn simply gave him a confused expression. After waiting a moment, Phoenix frowned. “Suit yourself,” the psychotic man exclaimed, before burning the limb to a crisp. Shrugging, his hand reappeared once more as he strolled away from them, hands in his pockets.

“...When I said human, I mean normal ones from the world we came from before Displacement.” Link explained as he gave Dr. Doom a curious look due to the armored man’s form of speech.

“A very noble trait” He then looked to Link then lifted his hand to his face and removed it. Revealing the twisted scarred but still recognizable human face. “Human in the flesh.”

Shiva winced in sympathy at the sight of his scars. Hesitantly, she reached up to him. “Is there… something we can do about your… injuries?” she asked, her paw glowing half-heartedly.

“Don’t worry about that Linky boy.” Thanos grinned, patting Link on his back, seemingly out of nowhere and undetected despite his height. After all, he is the tallest out of them.

Doom looked to Shiva. “Do not worry about my scars, I have come to accept them. They are proof of my might, of what I endured. To get rid of them now is to remove the proof of me being a Warrior.” He replaced the face mask “Besides, this is my true face now. The face of Doctor Doom.”

“I see,” Shiva said, lowering her hand and then her head in a bow. “Judging by your aura, I’d say King or Emperor Doom might be more appropriate.”

“Don’t forget yourself, Mother,” Kodo reminded her, looking up at Doom. “You stand before Alpha Shiva; Queen of the Diamond Dogs, Protector of Outer Haven, Bearer of the Pack Link, and...”

“Kodo,” she chastised. “Enough with the titles; you make me sound like some sort of false goddess.” She ruffled his head with a grin before glancing apologetically up at Doom. “Forgive my son. His love for his mother is strong; it can blind him to when we are clearly among our betters.”

“It is true I am the sovereign ruler of the world I found myself inhabiting. Most of the land I have conquered, Griffonstone, Equestria, and the Storm King’s domain. So the title Emperor is fitting. Those titles I got by fighting and conquest, the title of Doctor I got by learning and struggling to better myself. One can’t rule if they can’t master themself after all.”

Shiva nodded in understanding. “Indeed, they cannot,” she agreed.

Meanwhile, Shiva’s and Eric’s conversation was coming to a close, Black had been quiet about it, but he had been glaring at Sombra when he first laid eyes on the dark unicorn. ‘So after all this time… you show your face once again…’ Black mentally spat.

Sombra eventually felt an uneasy feeling, like a pair of blades were aimed at the back of his head. Turning towards the Saiyan

ng around Sombra was met with the angry glare of the black-clothed Saiyan: Goku Black, curiosity got the better of him considering he had never once met the creature before. So he had no idea what had elicited the level of anger and malice from the Saiyan, walking up to the Saiyan the unicorn attempted to understand the Saiyan's source of anger.

“You alright there?” Sombra said his hands laying against the hilts of the swords

“Oh, I’m perfectly fine…” Black said before disappearing, the Saiyan reappearing behind Sombra with his back facing the dark unicorn.

Sombra sensing malice intent, Sombra summoned his ‘room’ and swapped places with Goku Black, Immediately Sombra went to unsheathe his sword but stopped and exhaled.

“Forgive me, reflex.” Apologized to the unicorn. “It’s obvious you see me as an enemy and yet I have no recollection of you”

Black turned his head to look over his shoulder. “I too realized that you're not my Sombra, but that still won’t change my view on you. Not after what my Sombra has done to me…” Black said as he walked away from the dark unicorn.

Sombra exhales releasing his grip on his sword. “It would see my world wasn’t the only one who suffered because of Umbra...”

“...Linky boy?” Link asked with a raised eyebrow as he reached up to lower the hood, revealing to Thanos that Dr. Doom wasn’t the only one with a damaged face. In Link’s case, his right ear had been clawed, slash marks on his right cheek, and another claw mark down the middle of his face. “I don’t think Doom understands the difference between a human appearance and a normal unpowered human of our original world.” Link whispered as he covered the right side of his cheek over with his right to prevent the Doctor from reading his lips.

“Sup, the name is Thanos, and I’m wondering if you-” Suddenly everyone heard a loud slam, everyone ceased their conversations and turned towards the one who made the noise. It was a human with light brown hair and emerald eyes, in royal garb, he wielded a staff that was taller than Thanos himself, the human had leather boots and khakis on.

A single portal opened up as Death and Fury stepped through. Not knowing or caring about the others, they stood off to the side keeping to themselves.

Black looked confused for a second, “Is he wearing Khakis?” Black asked out of the blue.

“Is there something wrong with wearing… ‘Caw-keys?’” Shiva asked.

“Rarity would scream if she saw this..” Link whispered with a frown.

“I second that,” Phoenix added from the side.

“Third,” Eric said, approaching the two in agreement.

“Ahem…” The human coughed into his hand, “My name is Ryker, and welcome to ELIATOPIA!!!!!” Ryker said dramatically, throwing his hands into the air. “There is one more Displaced but they’re already at the stadium. If you have any questions hold them off for now, because we’re going to the stadium this instant.” Ryker turned around and walked forward, there was a huge archway above them that was a total of ten meters high. And as they passed it, they saw a huge lush green land that stretched out for miles but filling the green land were houses, much like the ones in Ponyville but bigger.

“If you have questions it’s best to ask them now,” Ryker said as he walked with his staff.

“Can I go home?” Phoenix groaned, as he slowly strolled along at the back of the group.

“No, not yet…” Ryker shook his head. This earned him a long-drawn-out whine from Phoenix.

Shiva spared a sympathetic gaze to Phoenix, before darting closer. “This ‘hetap’ and ‘devil fruits’ you spoke of in your invitation,” She noted. “Are they some form of treasure?”

“You could say that, Devil Fruits are incredibly powerful, you can turn into rubber, turn into dragons, and turn into literal magma! These are just a few of the types of Devil Fruits.” Eric explained informing those who had no knowledge of Devil Fruits

“Indeed Mr. Von Shadow, Devil Fruits are incredible.” Ryker said grinning at Eric.

“Wow…” Kodo breathed in awe. “Now I want one.”

“And this is hetap,” Black said as he pulled a can of it from his gi, cracking it open and taking a sip. “A brilliant drink from the parody Dragon Ball Z Abridged,” Black explained.

“I have no idea what this ‘Dragon Ball Z Abridged,’ is, but it sounds quite intriguing,” Shiva noted.

“It’s a fan-made show that’s a stupid kind of funny, like the three stooges,” Eric said as he followed the group with Sombra by his side

Shiva’s ears flattened. “I’m… afraid I’m not aware of the three stooges either,” she noted.

“Wait, I think I know what those are,” Kodo noted. “It’s like Pinkie Pie when she’s trying to entertain those baby twins.”

Kodo sniffed at the hetap from behind Black. “Smells intriguing, too,” he noted.

“Nothing my brilliance couldn’t replicate,” Doctor Doom refuted. “I’m here to study other Displaced, beyond that this game is of little consequence for me.”

“Indeed, you are very smart, that’s another reason why I brought you here,” Ryker commented as he moved with rhythm, some humanoid dragons waved at Ryker and he waved back. Five guards armed to the teeth saluted at Ryker.

“What of me, Ryker?” Link asked curiously as he crossed his arms, knowing he wasn’t exactly a planet buster or even capable of moving at the speed of light. At best, Link would compare himself to maybe Kid Goku, more or less.

“Well, you’ll just have to wait and see, Link, Champion of Equestria,” Ryker said while observing Thanos closely, detecting massive power untapped within the titan.

“I’ll assume that goes for the rest of us,” Kodo mumbled, his fur bristling as he sensed the impossibly high power levels from what had to be the competition. He looked to Shiva with fear; wondering how his mother would possibly win against beings such as these.

“Hmm... I don’t like this.” Sombra whispered to Eric.

“You feel it as well?” asked the shadow man under his breath to hide the conversation. “You don’t trust him?”

“I trust him about as far I can throw when I was still the prince,” Answered Sombra.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see a rather bored-looking Phoenix. “Don’t doubt your mother like that.”

Kodo blinked, before nodding and carrying on walking. Yet now with more of a plight in his mind, as he knew for certain he didn’t say that out loud.

“So you have alternative motives besides some game of sport.” Doom looks at Ryker and directs his armor sensors to get a strong reading of him.

“I’m simply bored and interested in this Generations power, nothing more nothing less, I am also interested in your adept intelligence Mr. Doom.” Ryker smiled looking back at Doom.

“Champion Of Equestria, at least this Ryker character used the most common of my titles and not the more weird ones such as ‘Hero Of Many Faces’” Link mentally said to himself as he gazed around the area curiously. Link would often look at the three main heavy hitters of the group, mentally debating using the Wide Angle, or just don’t bother as to avoid getting a headache from the large numbers presenting their strength and power.

Doom’s hands went behind his back as he walked his fingers casting a simple spell. Thanos would hear a whispering voice in his ear “I assume you are as devious as the true mad titan. If this is the case I don’t trust this Ryker. The reward for this game is as the saying goes too good to be true.”

Thanos leaned towards the doctor, “I know what you mean but I can feel his energy and it’s off the charts, whatever power this guy is hiding, it’s dangerous, I think we should play it safe until we find an opening.” Thanos whispered back.

As they spoke, Shiva’s pack links waved towards the two like seaweed in the water, sensing the use of magic. Shiva glanced up, her ears flattening as she heard their conversation. But she said nothing; the dog within her was unwilling to believe humans were capable of such trickery so soon after she had been reunited with them. “And yet… Chrysalis was the same way,” she couldn’t help but remember. Shaking her head, she kept walking, resolving to let things play out.

Black heard the conversation even though they were whispering, ‘Now that I’m thinking about it, there is something off about this king… There’s something off about his power...’ Black as thought about the two’s conversation.

Before either could continue, a curious Phoenix poked his head between the two before whispering out, “What are you whispering about?”

Nappa went besides Thanos, “Yeah, what is it? I wanna hear!” Nappa grinned, Lucci shook his head.

“It’s none of our business,” Lucci said, also looking towards Phoenix. “And you should know to stay in your lane pal, or there’s gonna be a wreck,” Lucci said, giving off an intimidating and deadly aura.

“I’m remembering killing Thanos from my own universe of origin, given we are both from similar concepts?” Doom mused. “How would one consider a comic book reality? Let just say I feel a bit of kinship with the Mad Titan here.”

Phoenix, whistled with his hands placed behind his head as if he saw and did nothing before returning to his spot at the back of the group.

“...This guy could give Ganondorf a run for his rupees…” Link softly commented at the man giving off the aura.

‘He could easily kill Umbra the Dark if he wanted to’ Eric thought to himself.

“Whoa, we’re here!” Ryker exclaimed, there was a stadium as big as the eye could see. “Alright, follow me, everyone, I’ll show you the locker room.” Ryker walked forth, seemingly not hearing all the comments that were said about him. He opened the door and an Eliatrope was there, she bowed towards Ryker.

“Welcome my king.” The Eliatroped greeted. Ryker just waved her off and went down a hallway, the hallway was long and there was a door at the end of it. As they reached the door everyone felt gravity intensify. Shiva pulled Kodo close on instinct, their pack links twining around each other defensively. Ryker opened the door and saw Fujitora and Necrozma arguing.

“I should be the one who eats the final slice!” Necrozma argues looking at the pizza, the blind man flipped to pokemon off.

“No, I should!” Fujitora growled, “I’m disabled!”

“That’s enough you two,” Ryker said and immediately the two stopped, Ryker opened up a portal and two boxes of pizza fell out of it and onto a table. “There, now go eat.” Ryker shook his head as he entered the locker room. The locker room had a gym inside of it and a gravity chamber, though the gravity chamber was far away and inactive, they could feel gravity acting weird around the blind man. “Now come on in, make yourself at home.”

Watching the gravity chamber cautiously, Shiva and Kodo entered, sniffing around where the pizza had been in the hopes of finding scraps.

Black walked to Ryker with a curious look, “Just out of curiosity, when will the tournament start?” The Saiyan asked the ruler.

“In twenty minutes, the bracket starts like this, Thanos vs Link first, Shiva vs Phoenix second, Death vs Doom third, and finally Black vs Eric last. Whoever wins gets a chance to fight the current champion, Katakuri, and the prize.

“So we’re to fight a Mochi man?” Asked Eric confusing most of the people who were not familiar with Mochi

“What’s Mochi?” asked Luna walking up behind me

“It’s a type of doughy pastry” Eric answered the Princess.

“Hehe, indeed but even if you guys lose to him, which is highly likely, you still get the prize, the champion yearns for battle. After all, he is the strongest, besides me of course, in this very realm.

“Is that so, well Imma go do a quick training session, anyone is free to join me,” Black spoke as he walked in the direction of the Gravity Chamber. Thanos follows the Saiyan determined to not lose.

“Puppy girl, works for me,” Phoenix said, shrugging as he walked over to the gravity chamber.

Dr. Doom shrugged and eyed the other fighters, his HUD display bringing up the info his scanner had picked up already. Thanos would be the hardest to fight given what he can detect this Displaced Thanos was even stronger than the one he remembers.

Upon hearing that he was going to be fighting Thanos, Link had a nervous expression on his face, however, the expression faded as his eyes landed on the golden gauntlet that Thanos wore, realizing that gauntlet won’t have any power in another universe, thus giving the Hylian some form of confidence. Link made his way over to the table, soon taking a seat as he started going through his gear, making sure most of the items were fully stocked thanks to his pouches void regeneration.

“I wouldn’t relax just yet,” Warned Eric as he walks past Link’s table. “Thanos holds the power of a heat-based Devil Fruit while at the same time knows both Haki and the Six Powers.”

Link just ignored the shadow man, only focused on his items, “No, no… That wouldn’t work…” Link muttered

Kodo glanced over at Phoenix, who shared a solemn glance with Shiva. Instantly, Kodo dragged his mother towards the ring.

“We need to get you ready to fight, NOW!” Kodo declared.

“No argument there, my son,” Shiva agreed, summoning her pack links in the form of lassos. “Care to help me out, Kodo?”

Her son smiled and summoned his own links. “Always, my Queen,” Kodo replied.

A beep from Doom’s gauntlet caught his attention and he looked down as the analysis of Shiva’s blood came up on his display. “Interesting” was all he said then returned his attention to Ryker. The oddity of the gravity didn’t hinder him at all as he looked around the Locker Room.

“Oh and here are the rules.” Ryker pointed to a poster behind them.

  1. No killing
  2. No healing
  3. No hurting anyone in the crowds, that’s instant disqualification.
  4. There are no Ring outs, fight until you’re knocked out.
  5. No cheap tactics, aka no sand in the eye, or continuing to hit the opponent's injury and exploiting it, that’s dishonorable.
  6. No immense damage to the arena (You’ll have to pay for it)
  7. No Johns, we hate people with the name John.
  8. Weapons are allowed but no weapons that could literally level up the planet
  9. Have fun! :)

“If that’s all, I’m getting out of here, and oh, just remember guys… I’ll be watching you…” Ryker made a portal beneath him and he jumped in casually like he didn’t even sound threatening.

Black glared at the last place the king was before he jumped through the portal. He looked to Thanos before continuing his walk to the gravity chamber. ‘No healing, there goes that tactic, the area I can easily repair. But what the king last said… I’ve got a bad feeling about his…’ Black thought.

Phoenix eyed the sign, or more specifically, the second rule. I’ll have to ask about that……. He thought.

Shiva swallowed at the ominous tone in his voice, before giving a glare to the ‘no healing’ and ‘no damage to the arena’ part of the sign. “Change in plans, Kodo,” she noted. “I can’t use healing spells on this. And we might want to think twice before digging holes in the arena.”

Kodo groaned, before twining his pack link around himself. “Okay, not gonna be a problem, not gonna be a problem…” he muttered. “So… what do we do?”

Shiva looked down at her links. “You… keep doing what you’re doing,” she replied. “I’m just gonna have to change things up a little.”

Reading the sign, Link’s was now feeling more confident considering there was a ‘no killing’ and a no ‘blowing up the planet and the arena.’ “Have more confidence in yourself. No use having fear now as it may affect your combat performance.” Link said to Shiva.

“Your words are wise and kind, Champion of Equestria,” Shiva replied. “But fear has been my friend. As long as I don’t let it overwhelm me, it helps me focus; know when to use caution. And above all, to respect my opposition.” She caught her son with a pack tendril. “Something I’ve had trouble instilling into this one,” she added with a grin.

"No killing," Death muttered "I don't really want them passing through the Well anyways. More to answer to the Council about."

Ryker popped up once more and put a ring on Phoenix. “No healing factor too, sorry about that, if you take it off… I will destroy you…” Ryker said as he made a portal and walked towards it.

Wait, sir!” Shiva yelped, catching him just before he could leave. “Sorry, but I just needed to clarify…” she indicated her claws. “I’m a diamond dog, so… digging’s kind of in my nature. But, if you don’t want me digging in your arena, please let me know.”

“Since it’s in your nature, yes.” Ryker said, “I don’t want you to feel discouraged.”

Shiva bowed her head in thanks. Kodo cleared his throat, drawing her gaze.

“Right-right, I’m getting there, Kodo,” she added. “You said we could bring four allies, so… is that for battle, or just support?”

“Moral Support, after all, what are you without your friends?” Ryker said slowly turning towards Thanos, narrowing his eyes as his emerald eyes glowed. He turned his gaze back to Shiva. “Anyways have fun, and don’t go running off because if you leave this stadium… I will find you…” Ryker chirped.

With that, Ryker jumped back into his portal. Shiva exchanged a glance with Phoenix before the two parted ways, Phoenix pondering the info she had unintentionally given him.

“Noted.” Phoenix simply stated with a nod. Shiva glanced at Phoenix before looking down at where Ryker had gone.

“So…” Shiva asked worriedly. “‘Damage to the Arena…’ I’m guessing that includes digging holes in it?” When Phoenix glanced at her, she shrugged. “What? I’m a diamond dog?” He shrugged back and turned around, more info in hand.

“...I suppose draining someone’s health to heal yourself is also out of the question…” Link said with a frown, making a mental note to not use two of his armor’s enchantments.

“Welp, we have to go, I’m sure Ryker doesn’t want any non-fighters here.” Entity turned to the door and the rest of the boys left.

Doom looked around and then headed to Thanos “Thanos, do you have a tad bit of hair on that purple body of yours?”

“NO!!!” Thanos yelled from the Gravity chamber as Black did thumb push-ups while pushing his body in the air, Thanos doing sit-ups as well.

Link blinked at such a straightforward comment from Doom to Thanos. “..Not sure if that was an observation or a pickup line…” Link mentally said to himself as he reached into his pouch. Link’s outfit went from green to red in a gentle flash. The Hylian has just equipped a unique red unique that held the enchantments of ocarina of time and a link to the past, granting immunity to heat and an increase in defense.

He shrugged and tapped on his gauntlet interface. “How about a drop of blood. I assure you, on my honor as a ruler, I would not be using it to gain an advantage during combat. After all, that would be considered dirty fighting.”

“One word; Corona.” Thanos grunted as he did his sit-ups, “And other diseases.”

“Five more minutes until the match between Thanos and Link begins!” Someone said on the intercom.

“Corona? The Eternal Thena went by that name… wait..” Looks over as if he was distracted in truth he mentally asked a question to Hans. “Ah, the Coronavirus. That was an airborne ailment.”

“...The coronavirus?” Link asked with a raised eyebrow. “Is that from another Equestria or something?” Link asked as he slipped on the Golden Gauntlets to help increase his lifting and swinging strength.

Phoenix facepalmed at the lack of brain cells in front of him before walking off into a corner to do some static stretches.

“...Hey, I was Displaced twenty or so years ago. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it.” Link said as he held up his hands in self-defense.

“Same for me as well, I’ve been trapped with the shadows of the Crystal Empire for the last thousand years,” Eric said as a shadow covered his body before receding revealing Eric in his Captains Armor

“NICE ARMOR BROOO!!!!” Thanos yelled from the chamber, now doing finger-push-ups.

“What? This old thing?” Eric asked in a boasting manner. “This is just the armor I wore as Captain of the Crystal Royal Guard”

“Should’ve seen my armor when I went to war against the Equestrian Empire back in the old, old, old days. It’s destroyed now but I still have it in my heart.” Thanos said remembering the armor.

“Is it like the gold armor Thanos wore in the Avengers Movies?” asked the shadow man

“No, it was black armor that looked intimidating like you know Dark Souls intimidating kind of intimidating,” Thanos said, continuing his finger pushups.

“Never played Dark Souls but I’ll take your word for it”

Meanwhile, Nappa himself pops up from the ground in his Ghost Form, looking at Eric.

“Sup bitch, can’t do shit to me now can you?” Nappa said, having no shadow, grinning coyly.

“Having no shadow means nothing, I can still hurt you” Eric said to the ghost form of Nappa. “I can always search the multiverse and find….”

“Mr. Popo,” Eric said enticing fear into the bald Saiyan

“OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!” Nappa disappears into the floor verily.

“Thanos your friend is a punk ass with no discipline,” Eric said to the titan

“Ahem… Don’t mind him, he’s just an asshole and someone who just pisses people off for the hell of it.” Thanos finishes his sets of finger pushups, he then does regular pushups.

“I’ve noticed,” Eric said the shadows on his body becoming more prominent

“I never said a word,” Phoenix responded, giving Link a smirk.

“I’ve never heard of Coronavirus either,” Shiva offered to Link, before turning to Phoenix. “Is it bad?”

Phoenix walked over to the two of them and patted both their heads in a condescending manner. “Indeed, something wittle children shouldn’t worry about.”

“I’ve never heard of Coronavirus either,” Shiva offered to Link, before turning to Phoenix. “Is it bad?”

Phoenix walked over to the two of them and patted both their heads in a condescending manner. “Indeed, something wittle children shouldn’t worry about.”

Kodo’s fur bristled, but Shiva waved him off. “Sir, I’m sure you’re completely taken by my irresistible charm,” Shiva noted, partially sarcastically and partially coyly. “But I’m not a child.”

“Of course you’re not,” Was all Phoenix had to add before he made his way back to the corner and continued his stretches.

Rolling her eyes, Shiva turned back to her son, and the two continued to spar, Kodo’s attacks growing more intense as he glowered at his mother’s opponent.

“Well, you're very welcome.” That was all Phoenix had to add before he made his way back to the corner and continued his stretches.

Humming in thought, Shiva turned back to her son, and the two continued to spar, Kodo’s attacks growing more intense as he glowered at his mother’s opponent.

“That was a nice training session,” Black said as he walked out of the gravity chamber, his top gi was hanging off to his side with his turtleneck short-sleeve shirt revealing his muscles. “With all of these Displaced here, it’s always good to get the blood pumping before a fight,” Black said as he created a towel to wipe off the sweat.

“Thanos and Link, I ask of you two to come to the ring.” Said someone on the intercom

“Wish me, luck everyone, because I might need it” Thanos walked out of the locker room.

“Go fuck him up, Link!” Was all the input Phoenix offered.

“Don’t go too hard on him Thanos,” Black called out. Pulling the top part of his gi back on.

As Link made to follow him, Shiva let a pack link twine around his wrist. “Don’t let fear blind you,” she whispered to him. “But don’t forget to ask for its help. Its help may just guide you to victory.” Releasing him, she stepped back and nodded in encouragement.

Thanos stood there on his side of the ring, with his arms crossed, he sees Link going out of his entryway.

“May our battle be one that pleases the crowd,” Thanos commented before adopting the stance of Monkey D. Luffy.

“I believe the crowd will be surprised and wowed considering what we are…” Link said as he reached his side to pull out the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield. Link was thinking of using the Ordon Sword, but that poor thing would be broken in half like a stick between two fingers if he used that against Thanos.

Thanos grinned, meanwhile Ryker from his throne stood up.

“The battle begins in three!” Ryker announced.

Thanos clenched his fists. Link gripped his sword.


Thanos took a deep breath. Link took this moment to sync his mind up.


Thanos popped his shoulders. Link shifted his legs into position, taking on his fighting stance, although with the sword and shield mirroring that of Skyward Sword Link.


Chapter Two, Round One, The Mad Titan vs The Champion of Equestria

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(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!


Up in the box seats for the contestants and their companions, many began to converse with one another.

“So any idea who’s going to win this fight?” Rainbow asked.

“Hard to say, Rainbow,” Eric said, rubbing at his chin. “Thanos is a formidable adversary. Now, while he can’t use his stones outside of his universe, he still has mastery over all three forms of Haki, the Six Powers and has full control over his Devil Fruit.”

“An impressive roster of abilities,” Shiva admitted, shifting her gaze to the Titan’s smaller opponent. “But strength isn’t the only thing that matters in a fight.”

“Indeed,” Eric agreed, following her gaze with a grin. “If he’s anything like the games I played, Link is a resourceful little spitfire.”

“How so?” Luna asked with curiosity.

“Well for starters take a look at what he’s wearing,” Eric replied, causing his friends to get a closer look at the hylian’s attire.

“It’s just a red cloak and hood,” stated Rainbow Dash

“Precisely,” Eric said. “Link’s red tunic gives him a resistance to extreme heat. To the point where he can stand in an active volcano and not break a sweat. And let’s not forget about Link’s infinite storage.”

“Infinite Storage?” Sombra asked.

“Link can literally carry anything he needs on his quests. Be it extra shields, his other tunics, even weapons and equipment,” Eric stated with a smile, remembering the times he snuck out of his house just to play video games with his only friend. “Link in every Legend of Zelda game was literally a walking storage tank, and with his twenty years in his Equestria, who knows what kind of weapons he has now?”

“You forget,” Lucci reminded the shade. “Thanos has fought a whole war without the Netsu-Netsu No Mi. He is a master of Armament, Observation, and Conquerors Haki. To be frank, it would be a surprise if Link even wins. And not to mention Thanos’ transformations.”

“Transformations?” Kodo murmured, nudging his mother to make sure she was listening.

“And honestly,” Entity added to Eric. “With your opponent Eric, you should already dig a grave for yourself. Because there is no way you can beat Black: Thanos has spent a year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that he conjured up with the Reality Stone. It’s got ten times the gravity and we trained in there for a year. So we’re twice as strong as when we fought Kaido.” Lucci nodded in agreement.

“Then again,” Black spoke, crossing his arms, “I have no idea what you can do Eric, no idea what tricks you’ve got up your sleeve.” The Saiyan looks at the man, “So I’ve got to be on guard.”

“Not to mention he knows Ki Control,” Nappa added. “Thanks to me, and knows the Kaio-Ken, a technique that strains your body, but with Thanos’ strong body he can go up to Kaio-Ken times four before he strains, sure he strains but it’s bearable then. Anymore and it damages him, which shouldn’t be a problem considering his body is able to use all six Infinity Stones, twice.” Nappa grinned looking down at the Titan.

“Be that as it may,” Eric insisted. “Link is the type of person who is incredibly resourceful.” He leaned back in his seat. “Especially if he holds the power to turn into a wolf like he did in Twilight Princess.”

“Turn into a wolf?” Shiva commented. “Interesting…”

“Mother, you better not be thinking what I think you’re thinking,” Kodo chastised.

“Kodo,” Shiva scolded. “You know your father was the only male for me.” She peered at Link. “But if humans could turn into other animals… maybe it could explain what happened to me when I was sent to Equestria.”

“I can turn into a leopard,” Lucci commented, knowing cats and dogs don’t mix well.

Unfortunately, Shiva had little experience with her natural feline adversary, and only offered him a small, “Hm.”

“It would increase his speed and reflexes three times from the average Hylian,” Eric said, analyzing the combatants. “And let’s not forget that the wolf has a bite force around 1200 PSI. Trust me I’ve been on the receiving end of one of those.”

Unconsciously Eric rubbed a spot on his left forearm, Sombra and Rainbow - who were there when it happened - winced in sympathy. Shiva noticed their reactions, and scooted herself away in case he held a grudge.

“Can he outpower a final-big-bang-kamehameha?” Nappa asked, looking at Eric as he said that.

“I’m not sure,” Eric said, leaning forward entwining both his hands together, placing them in front of his mouth. “It would take a miracle.”

“It would take one.” Black interjected. “When I used that technique, I was pretty much at Perfected Super Saiyan Rose with 50X Kaioken. Thanos managed to stand up to that blast, but he was practically covered in blood, he lost his Armament Haki and he was pretty much out of breath. I’m surprised a gust of wind didn’t knock him over.” Black explained

“Hey Shiva,” Kodo noted, looking around. “Where’s your opponent?”

“Phoenix?” Shiva asked, looking for him. “I didn’t see him leave the waiting room.” She hummed. “Dr. Doom didn’t leave either. Maybe they’re still preparing?” She narrowed her eyes before nodding at Kodo. “Go see what they’re up to.”

“Alright, everyone welcome to the first ever Displaced Tournament!” They all turned their attention to Ryker who leaped off his throne and walked on air. “We have a lot of competitors today, so let’s get started.”

Kodo nodded, and went back to the locker room.

Reaching the entryway, Kodo peered inside, his ears flattening and his tail perking in intrigue.

Doctor Doom had taken his time in the locker room. Where Thanos and Link had worked out he scanned the equipment for any skin or sweat samples he could. Once finished he looked down and noticed that the DNA of Phoenix was finished being analyzed.

“Looking like a stalker there, rust bucket,” Phoenix noted from the corner of the room, his hands in his pocket. He slowly approached the Doctor. “Got what you need?”

“That depends,” Doom replied, looking to Phoenix. “Tell me, would you want to visit Earth again? Thanks to Shiva, I can open a portal to at least the Earth she came from. What can one of us Displaced do to an Earth that’s unprepared?”

“The earth I hail from is long gone, buddy,” Phoenix responded. “Went kablooey a long time ago.”

“That’s not an answer,” Doom chastised. “A universe right near the one you came from could still have an Earth similar enough you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.” Doom shrugged and lowered his gauntlet and started walking to the doorway.

Kodo backed up from the doorway, hiding in the shadows as Doom started to pass. Secretly, he feared for Shiva. Had she just given this human the key to their destruction? But before he could make a decision, Doom paused, forcing Kodo to stay still and silent.

“But my goal isn’t returning to Earth,” Doom continued. “As powerful as we Displaced can become, we are still pawns to those that brought us to our respective Equestrias. That power… I have seen before, the beyonders.”

“As much as I do agree with that sentiment, that is not why I’d rather stay in Equestria. The simple answer is...” Phoenix smirked ominously, “I never liked Earth all that much to begin with.”

Doom smirked behind his mask. “Phoenix I don’t agree with you. Earth I didn’t hate, the population on the planet. Their history has shown they are rather annoying. Now I wish to see this Mad Titan’s abilities.” As he walked past he sent a command via his communicator to his team.

Phoenix followed him, albeit purely because they were headed the same way, and frowned. “Couldn’t have said it better myself….” He mumbled. He stopped as he walked, just before he exited the room, and spoke at a volume so anyone in the room could hear. “Try concealing your aura next time! Eavesdropping is bad manners, kid!”

Kodo bit back a yelp, and gazed down at his claws. At first, he feared Phoenix was going to attack him. But instead, he continued by, leaving Kodo to his thoughts.

Cautiously, he crept after them, keeping his thoughts of reuniting with his mother on his mind just in case Phoenix read his thoughts again. And yet, he also couldn’t help but think:

Previously, he had thought that these ‘Displaced,’ as they called themselves, had been power houses. But if there was something even stronger than them… Kodo shook his head.

“Can’t worry about that now,” he thought. “Right now, just focus on seeing Mother through this. It’s the least you can do… after all the pain you caused her…” Kodo bent his head in shame, before continuing back to his mother, his pack link ready to share what he had learned with her.

Doom kept quiet and just headed to the Box, after all first rule of war was to let your opponent under estimate you, no need to alert these other Displaced that he has hearing in the super range so every mumble and whisper was recorded.

Ryker pointed to an entry way on the side of the arena. “In the left corner, weighing a total of 700 pounds, he is the eater of the Netsu-Netsu No Mi, the Hero of Villains, and the guy who will restore balance to his Equestria. Please welcome… the Mad Titan, Thanos!”

Out came Thanos, waving at the crowd with a grin.

“And in the right corner,” Ryker continued, pointing to the other entry way. “Weighing a total of eight Hyrule apples - and I thought Americans were weird with their systems - the Champion of Equestria, and the bringer of light. Please welcome… the Legendary Link!”

Link entered the arena, stopping only to face the titan.

“Challengers ready,” Ryker declared. “Prepare… and let the battle BEGIN!”

On the stage Thanos stood there, he looked at the Hylian and sighed, he closed his eyes. When he opened them his Conquerors Haki exploded across the arena. He suppressed it enough for it to only engulf the arena, yet the audience felt it: Entity felt light headed and shivered. Shiva bit back a yelp and sunk down in her seat.

“Mother?” Kodo whispered.

“I… saw my old master,” Shiva mumbled, clutching her head. “Before Equestria. Was that… Conqueror’s Haki?”

“Yep,” Entity groaned. “I hate it when he does that.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Sombra said blankly.

While in the Conquerors Haki Link saw Thanos change, his whole body radiated malice, his eyes turning blood red, he grinned widely and at the same time his teeth became blood red as well. Link didn’t see a Titan, he saw a demon. Thanos then stopped his Conquerors Haki, finally thinking it was enough.

“You have a strong will, handling my Conquerors Haki is an admirable feat.” Thanos praised, slowly getting into a stance similar to Monkey D. Luffy.

“Tch. I gotta be considering the Fokkeru the two witches often summon in Equestria and the anomalies that Celestia senses daily,” Link said as he twirled his master sword around.

“Alrighty then, I’ll go at you first, I don’t wanna kill you so I’ll be holding back.” Thanos then vanished from sight, the Eliatropes and Dragons all around raised an eyebrow and looked around for him, Thanos appeared before Link, cocking back his fist.

“Tekkai, Go!” Thanos said before he punched Link.

Link was quick and blocked the blow with his shield. But even still, the force and the speed of the punch had sent the lightweight champion careening a good ways away.

Link gently cringed as his back hit the floor. “Even without the stones, he still packs a punch.” Link mentally said. Link’s mind raced with his thoughts, first time having to fight something this powerful and fast. Taking out his bow and nocking an arrow, Link aims toward the sky as the tip of the arrow radiated with a bright glow. Those who knew of their Hylian History would believe at first for it to be the Light Arrow, however their expression changed when he fired it into the air; the arrow turning into a ball of light, soon exploding into a shower of light arrows honing toward Thanos.

Thanos looked up as the literal squadron of light arrows descended onto Thanos like bombs, but before they could hit Thanos held up a palm, towards the arrows.

“Steam Blast!” Thanos shot a small shockwave at the blast, the arrows disappeared from sight, Thanos just stood there and looked at Link. “My turn.” Thanos took a step, and ran at the Hylian. Thanos then launched a multitude of kicks while several feet away from Link, soon those kicks became air slashes. “Rankyaku!” Five waves of air slashes were sent towards Link. Thinking quick on his feet, Link crouched down, bracing for impact as the blasts of air pushed his back. As the air blasts cleared, Link moved his Hylian Shield back, only to pull out a new shield that reflected with the nearby lights, however keeping the gleam from hitting Thano’s eyes. It was too dirty of a tactic to do - similar to throwing dust - but that is not why he took it out. Sheathing his sword for just a moment, Link’s right hand crackled with fire, soon throwing a fireball at Thanos.

Just like when Rainbow Dash tried to hit him with fire, Thanos caught the fire and tried to extinguish it with his hand, but then at the same time the fireball exploded, knocking Thanos onto his back. Thanos blinked, out of pure shock.

“THAT WAS SO FUCKING COOL!!!!!” Thanos shouted out, jumping to his feet. “How did you do that?! Also since we’re fighting in a turn based manner get some Pokemon Music.”

“Alright I gotchu! Turn on the music!” Ryker ordered.

“Slob on my knob-”

“NONONONONONONONO WRONG ONE!!! I’m so sorry! I got it!” Ryker said as sweat began to fall down his cheek.

“Alrighty, let’s do this shit! Thanos uses Power-up Punch!” Thanos ran at the Hylian attempting to get a direct hit. Thanos tried to punch the Hylian in his gut, Link, once again blocked the attack. Though the force made him fall on his ass.

“Right, holding back.” Link said with a groaned, thanking the Goddesses above he had equipped the Golden Gauntlets, otherwise his arm would most likely be paste. “You’re hitting quite hard for doing just that, and here I am doing the same.” Link said as he reached into his pouches to pull out some kind of brown faced mask with white hair. Bringing it up to his face, the mask suddenly sprouted arms clinging to his face, but before Thanos could be grossed out, there was a brief flash, and suddenly a much bigger fist on fire coming straight toward Thanos’s jaw.

Just before the fist connected with Thanos he muttered something under his breath, “Tekkai.” His whole body became stiff and when the fist hit, Thanos didn’t budge. Thanos looked at Link, “Nice punch bro, but mine’s better.” Thanos’ body began to heat up, “My body has now reached one hundred and twelve degrees Celsius.” Thanos said, taking a step forward and punching Link right in his nose. The red tunic’s magic and the rock hardness of a Goron took most of the impact, however blood was drawn.

“The heat is not really much here, Thanos.” Goron Link said as he reached back, only to pull out a metallic hammer that would be recognized as the Megaton hammer, soon swinging it at Thanos with all his might in an attempt to send Thanos flying.

“Oh, I see now.” Thanos unsheathed his Infinity Blade and their weapons met, the strength of the two users sent all the dust on the arena flying.

Doom walked to the box seat and sat down. “Seems we are fashionably late, Phoenix.”

“It would appear.” Phoenix took a seat leaving one space between him and Doom.

Shiva’s tail wagged as Kodo returned to her side. “I’m sure you had a good reason,” she murmured, as Kodo’s link bound his claws to hers, sharing what he had seen.

A chime alerted Doom and he lifted his gauntlet and saw the reading. “To answer your question from earlier Phoenix, I didn’t get enough DNA in the workout room. So no I didn’t get what I was searching for.”

Phoenix pulled out a notepad and pen and jotted something down. He then ripped out the page and handed it to his accompaniment. “Here. After Shiva does a number on me, hand this to the doc in the med bay. Take as much blood as ya need!”

Doom took the note from his hand and looked down to find it had a consent form written on it. “You had spilled enough blood from before, I can clone an army of you. The divine energy I picked up in your DNA, however, I am not sure I could reproduce.”

“Well that’s good news for you. Cause if ya could,” Phoenix tilted his head round to eye Doom. “I’d have to kill ya.”

Doom shrugged “I have heard that before, or I remember others telling me that before. One thing I have discovered is I’m an oddity among the Displaced.”

“Don’t take it personally. Just wouldn’t feel comfortable with someone such as yourself wielding such power.” Phoenix placed his hands behind his head and crossed his legs to view the match more comfortably.

“I had already been a God once, Phoenix, or more to the point I remember being a God. It was beneath me.” Doom motions for a drink then sighed remembering his butler wasn’t here.

“That is precisely the problem,” Phoenix noted, before gaining an idea. “Now what if you wanted to become even more than a God?” He tilted his head slightly in honest interest.

“It was boring, no challenge. Just like how I took over the Earth I remember with mind control. There was no challenge, no thrill. Ultimately, Phoenix, having such power made life boring. I’m more worried about the beings who are bored. Bored enough to snatch random beings and give them power and drop them in other universes.” Doom sat back and looked down at the fight.

“Whelp, I’d rather that be the thing to quench their boredom than destroying said universes.” Phoenix got up and gave a small wave over his shoulder. “Cya dude.” He then made his way back to the waiting room, already satisfied with the details he had been collecting on the competitors in the ring.

Shiva watched Phoenix go with intrigue, before moving closer to Doom. “You talked about these beings,” she noted. “Bored enough to give random people power and drop them in other universes.” She glanced down at her claws. “So… are these beings the same ones that uplifted me… or… you also mentioned uplifting animals in your own world. So… who could’ve uplifted me and sent me to Equestria?”

Doom turned his head to look at Shiva “That I don’t know. Even with the vast power I remembered controlling, I couldn’t grasp the way beings beyond the borders of realities think. You are unique because of your Uplifted quality. Something so far other Displaced haven’t demonstrated to be part of their nature, just like how I remember being Victor von Doom of the Marvel Universe 616, but I know I am not him. By this time I don’t even think like that man because I have matured and grown beyond the limitations the writers have shackled that Doctor Doom with.”

Shiva turned back to Thanos and Link’s fight, pondering the Doctor’s words. “Intriguing…” she mumbled, before Kodo nudged her.

“Either way,” Kodo noted. “Does it really matter how you got here? I think you’ve done alright with what you had.”

Shiva chuckled. “Yes, but you're my son. You’re biased.”

Kodo pouted, but she could see a glitter of amusement in his eyes. “Well, I’ve got a good reason to be biased,” he replied, getting a chuckle out of her. Leaning next to each other, they continued to watch the match.

Back in the ring, Thanos and Goron Link both jumped back to gain some breathing room, Thanos sighed deeply.

“This is so fun! I actually feel happy, I’m always happy but still!” Thanos laughed before spinning his blade, walking closer to the Champion

“...You’re starting to sound like Goku.” Goron Link said with a chuckle.

“Shut it will you,” Thanos said with a grin.

Link shrugged as he held the Megaton Hammer over his shoulder. “Don’t let a Displaced Vegeta catch you talking like that.” Goron Link said jokingly as he put away his hammer, only to pull out a fairly sized ball and chain that would be less than half of Thano’s. Link started to swing it around with ease; causing the air to hum with its swiftness. With a strong swing, he sent the ball flying toward Thanos.

Thanos ran at the ball and punched it back at Goron Link, the ball slammed itself into him like a truck, however Goron Link caught it in his big goron hands, skidding back a bit.

“I know this is supposed to be a fight, but it’s feeling like a mettle.” Goron Link said as he put away the ball and chain. “I don’t mean to joke, but I’ve got a question..” Goron Link said with a friendly smile. “Bombs?” Goron Link asked as he pulled out a blue bomb with its fuse lit. “You want it?” He said as he rolled it toward Thano’s feet. “It's yours my friend.” Goron Link said with a slightly immature grin.

“... I know it’s a bomb but I must.” Thanos took the bomb and stood there until it blew up in his face. He coughed, “Crap, okay, okay, okay, my turn, like in any Pokemon Game there is a power up. So, IMMA MEGA EVOLVE!!!!” Thanos’ body started to heat up, steam started to radiate off his body. Thanos skin turned light purple. “Netsu-Netsu… STEEEAAAAM MAAAAN!” Thanos threw his head back and struck a pose, Thanos levitated, steam aiding him.

Outside of the arena building a portal opened and a figure dressed in a black suit and sporting a faceless head walked through. Once looking about he motions for others on the other side of the portal to come through. The second figure was a 7 foot tall replica of Ben Grimm however this version of the Thing had titanium alloy joints and granite like body. On its shoulder was the bipedal Maul Pie. She patted the large form “Boulder, it's like I told you the portal is safe.” Boulder grunts then moved forward, giving room for the last of Doom’s guests, his apprentice Gilda dressed in her version of the Scarlet Witch outfit.

Goron Link looked at the crowd, wondering what their thoughts were that the man with the body of a famous Mad Titan was acting like a total goofball. He got an answer with Shiva, who was covering her snout and trying not to crack up. “Just a moment there, Steam man.” Goron Link said, feeling off calling Thanos that. He gestures with his rock arm for Thanos to come on down. “I’d like to suggest something to you that’ll make the crowd get more excited.” Goron Link said before mouthing the words ‘In Secret’ toward Thanos.

“Alright, I’ll play your game.” Thanos grinned, Thanos looked at Link and then dashed at Link, a sonic boom appearing afterwards. Thanos appeared before Link. “Strong… RIGHT!!!” Thanos punched Link faster than the Champion could even see and punched Link in his gut. The force and speed once again launched the Champion far, this time slamming him into the arena. Goron Link left quite a small crater due to the form’s weight. “W-what is with you and punching hard?” Goron Link said as he slid down, slowly getting up a little shakily. Goron Link reached up, grabbing a hold of his face as he began to pull; tendril arms refusing to let go at first, but eventually he removed his ‘face’, causing a brief flash of light, and earning a gasp from the crowd due to the disturbing thing they had witnessed. Link casually walked up to Thanos.

“What I wanted to suggest is me slowing down time and giving the crowd a show. We’d be moving faster and surprising them.” Link whispered.

“I’m already fast, so that would be awesome! Lez do it!” Thanos appeared at the other side of the arena. “Choose your fastest form to keep up with me, because it’s time we go “all out”.” Thanos winked, which was disturbing, a great Titan winking at the Hylian. Link’s expression was half humorous and half embarrassed.

“..Right.. Fastest…” Link said as he reached into his pouch, soon pulling out a blue ocarina and bringing it up to his mouth. Link concentrates on the images of himself and Thanos before looking his eyes. The sounds of the familiar notes of the Song Of Time played in reverse were sound; soon moving gears and cogs would appear all around Thanos and Link as time slowed down. To the crowd, they would not notice anything different yet, but to the fighters below, they’d notice things moving in slow motion. Link reaches into his pouch again to pull out a mask that looked a lot like Link, except female. “..I didn’t expect to use this again, but..” Link paused to shrug his arms. “I did ask Rarity to make that suit.” he said as he placed it onto his face; the same effect playing as before. The mask changed him into a suit similar to Sheik, but to Thanos’s shock or surprise, Link… was a female.

“That’s sus. Mad sus man, that’s kinda gay but let’s not talk about that. Wait, wouldn’t that make you a futa? Nevermind! Let’s just fight.” Thanos said as he dashed off towards Link, breaking the sound barrier once more.

Doom leaned forward. “What benefit would being turned into a woman give Link? I don’t understand that combat strategy.”

Shiva glanced at Doom with a coy expression. “Are you saying females can’t match up to males?” she asked.

“Oh don’t misunderstand, my dear Shiva, It’s not that I don’t think women are dangerous. The most powerful foes I faced were female. Susan Storm could defeat every one of her teammates if given the desire. It just that Link combat tactics gain no benefit from changing sex from what I can tell.” Doom stated matter-of-factly. He looked down to his gauntlet and noticed his crew had arrived.

Shiva chuckled. “True enough,” she admitted. “Don’t worry, I see what you mean. I just remembered the diamond dog Alpha before me: he had a few opinions on what females were good for.” She watched Link fight with a grin. “It was rather satisfying to prove him wrong.”

“Glad to hear you set his misunderstanding straight. In the natural world, females tend to be more aggressive overall than males. Though there are exceptions, generally, females are more deadly in the animal kingdom.” Doom sat back again and once more looked for a servant for drinks. “Hmm.”

“Maybe,” Shiva agreed. “But ultimately, males and females are better when they work together. Males can be stronger; females can be smarter. But ultimately, it’s only when they’re united that they reach their full potential.” She nodded. “That’s one thing I always agreed with Twilight on; friendship can be magic, but teamwork makes the dream work.” She noticed him looking around. “Something wrong?”

“It is something I found on my Equestria. Male and Females were treated equally. Now species however were open for bias, but sexism was not an issue.” He looked back to Shiva. “I was just looking for a drink. Nothing to worry about.”

Accepting his word, Shiva turned back to the fight.

As Thanos drew closer and closer, Link stood motionless. Just as he got close, Link suddenly flipped high into the air, much higher than usual; the cloak's enchantment known as Roc’s Feather allowed him to jump high. With his - now her - hands lighting on fire, Link threw a barrage of smaller Din’s fires toward Thano’s.

Thanos verily dodges the attacks zigzagging closer to Link, Thanos tries to deliver a kick to his side, Link evades it, Link tries to attack Thanos and he evades it. They disappeared and shock waves appeared all over the arena, they were so fast even Lucci couldn’t see them. Thanos shot a Steam Blast at Link and she was sent to the ground, but at the same time Thanos was kicked in his jaw by Link. Both getting struck. Link, using the thinner agile body, backflipped away, twirling around into a somersault to land a distance away. Link twirled around as a green ball of light floated into the air, flying behind Thanos as Link suddenly vanished and appeared via the use of Farore’s wind. “Just don’t be getting ideas seeing me like this.” Link warned, half serious, half joking.

“Celestia was the only one for me, so... Yeah.” Thanos said as he started to float, “I should start using my Soru, basically the art of moving so fast your opponent can’t see you. And uh… Yeah. Soru!” Thanos vanished and uppercuts Link with his Gauntlet, he covered it in Armament Haki, multiplying the punch by two times, Thanos also added Tekkai Go to multiply the damage even more. “SHORYUKEN!!!!” Thanos cried out.

“Why can’t that moron take anything seriously?” Eric said planting his palm into his forehead

“It’s probably who he is,” Maud of Eric’s Equestria said, turning her blank expression to the shadow man. “Kinda how Pinkie can’t take a fight seriously without the aid of Pinkamena”

Doom raised a brow and looked on. “Now that is new, the Thanos I fought in my memories wasn’t able to generate an energy blast.” Doom then turned his scanners to max as his equipment started analyzing the energy signature.

Outside, the Slenderman Hans turned to Maud and Boulder. “Looks like everyone is distracted by the combat. Maud and Boulder set the crystals in place.”

Maud looked to a box she held then opened them revealing six black crystals. “I don’t like the feel of these Crystals, neither does Boulder.”

Gilda sighs “You said that already. They are under Doom’s control, just plant them like he told you. Hopefully he wouldn’t need to use them.”

“Snatch.” The box flew from Maud hands and over to the right of the small group. They all looked to see Phoenix, tossing it up and down in his hand. “Now hold on there buckaroo. Mind telling me what these thingies are?”

“None of your business, now return them or else.” Gilda stepped forward in her hands two orbs of fire form.

Shrugging, Phoenix chucked the box back over to her before walking off. “Don’t do anything stupid. Today isn’t a good day to get on my nerves.”

Hans' hand lashed out, stretching to catch the box. “Gilda, remember our orders, minimize trouble.” He then looked to Phoenix “These are nothing but a safety measure. Just in case of problems, we aren’t planning any. Given you are walking away looks like you aren’t seeking any.”

“Sure, let's go with that.” They heard from the distance, before Phoenix left their view.

Once Maud and Boulder got the box back, they both sank into the ground till ownly Hans and Gilda remained. There was no evidence that Boulder once stood there.

Back to the fight, Thanos and Link clashed once more before appearing on the other sides. Thanos let out a sigh, “This is getting epic, show me what you got!” Thanos said, taunting the now female Champion.

“I’m not even trying to kill you and you’re just egging me to do it?” Link said, unsure whether to laugh or be confused.

“Come at me, fight me, I will give you one minute to knock me down.” Thanos crossed his arms and went out of Steam Man.

Link let out a sigh, deciding how to use the Wide Angle ability to see Thanos’s current health, how much energy he has, their weaknesses and what their body resistances. Link saw his weaknesses, Ocean Water, Water, Sea Prism Stone. Resistances, Blunt forces, sharp objects, energy blasts, magical blasts, heat, magma, wind, and finally Bullshit. “..Alright, I’ve got something.” Link said as he removed the Linkle Mask, returning to his original form.

Taking out the Master Sword and raising it skyward. “This is just one of my more potent spells, but it's not the strongest. Think of it as me testing your durability..” Link said as his sword took on a glowing blue; swirling around with cold wind. Link was drawing in the cold air from the atmosphere and polar winds through the use of the Ether Medallion. The wind started to pick up all around the arena as energy built up. Soon, from the tip of his master sword unleashed a powerful wave that swept across the arena, quickly turning it into a winter water land of fierce polar winds and freezing cold from the atmosphere above. The blast would soon hit Thanos, coating him in a block of ice. Link knows that weaker enemies would be permanently frozen or shattered when hit by this spell, however with this being Thanos, Link is confident it shouldn’t kill the mad titan.

"Alrighty, let's do this!" Thanos cried out, he lifted his right leg up and slammed it into the arena, he repeated the process again with his other leg. "COME ON!!!!"

“If anything his tenacity to face a strong opponent is as strong as he is heavy” Sombra stated still feeling uneasy in the arena

“I FUCKING HEARD THAT!!!!” Thanos cried out as the spell hit him locking him in a block of ice

“Alright, lets get some music shall we?” Ryker said before pointing to an Eliatrope nearby, “Play it!”

The first two seconds of Never Gonna Give You Up plays before it shuts off.

“I swear to god Kyle you better get it right.” Ryker rubbed his eyes, Kyle laughed nervously

“Hey, Kyle’s doing his best!” A random Eliatrope said.

“Who said that?” Ryker asked, looking at part of the crowd.

“I did!” A gunshot soon followed afterwards.

“Shot through the heart, and you're to blame!”

“I SWEAR TO GOD KYLE YOUR NEXT!!!!” Ryker turned to Kyle, who tried to hide a snicker.

“Sorry, I had to, alright let’s go.” Kyle then puts on an ost.

Thanos sat there, frozen solid, suddenly he heated up and his ice prison exploded. Thanos stood there, now unfrozen Thanos checked his forehead, a single drop of blood appeared.

"All that for a drop of blood?" Thanos asked the Hylian.

“I did say it wasn’t my most potent spell.” Link said with a shrug.

"Hm, I see, alright then." Thanos said

“It’s difficult to give you my best without breaking the No Death rule.” Link explained as he scratched the side of his head. “Like I could have blown you up while you were frozen.” Link said as he sheathed his Master Sword, but kept his hand on the sword’s hilt.

"I doubt, doubt that anything from your arsenal could kill me." Thanos said, sure of his insane durability and his will to fight stronger than anything this Hylian could throw at him.

“Maybe I should go for the head?” Link said jokingly with a shrug that would remind Thanos of what Sans would.

"Oh fuck off will you?" Thanos chuckled slowly, bringing out his blade, then stopping. "You know what? I'm going to use the Rokuogan on you." Thanos said putting up his fists.

“Roku-what?” Link asked confused as he raised his Mirror Shield cautiously. Thanos let out a sigh and used Soru to appear at Link's side, Link held up the shield and Thanos put his arms in a unique pose.

"Oh shit." Lucci said as Thanos and Link locked eyes.

"Rokushiki Ogi: Rokuogan!" Thanos produced a shockwave that bypassed his shield and all of his natural defenses and hit him directly in his ribcage, harming his lungs as well. Link’s eyes went wide with fear, coughing up quite a lot of blood. Slowly as he shakely raised his hands to the sky; Link channels blue energy, then quickly hugs it against his chest to cause a strange diamond shield to manifest and surround him. This quickly ceases the pain, preventing further damage to him.

“Alright, think you’ve made your point..” Link said as he wiped his mouth of the blood. This was the second most painful he’s felt in his Displaced life next to the time he was impaled by the stinger of a manticore that almost ended his life.

"That simple shield won't stop this form of Armament Haki, able to even break platinum without the attack connecting." Thanos cocked back his right fist, covering it in Ryou Haki, he threw a punch and the punch knocked Link back but it didn't cause him any damage. "Ye fokin wot m8?" Thanos raised an eyebrow, ceasing the Ryou Haki.

“Nayru’s Love.” Link explained with a friendly grin, only for it to fade when it broke it in a pained chuckle. Sure, the barrier was preventing the pain, but mentally he knew there was damage down there. “Think I'll share with you the last surprise and do it now before I end up dead.” Link said as he reached into his pouch, soon pulling out what looked to be a white haired version of himself. Placing the mask on his face; there was a crackle of thunder before it erupted, blinding everyone in the stadium.

“So we finally get to see Fierce Deity Link” Eric said with a grin on his face

“Fierce Deity?” Luna and Shiva asked with equally confused expressions.

“The strongest mask in the Majora’s Mask game,” explained the shadow man. “So strong it could only be worn in boss rooms, otherwise the game would be too easy to beat.”

“What does it do?” Rainbow asked her eyes lighting up in amazement

“Well besides turning kid Link into adult Link, he gets a strength and health boost as well as the Deity Blade, a duel metal sword forged in a helix able to cut through the air with such speed it puts the Tempest Kick to shame!” Eric’s grin grew wider. “Every swing of that blade may as well be another sword entirely.”

“But will it be enough to defeat Thanos?” Goku Black asked

Kodo leaned forward with narrowed eyes. “We’re about to find out,” he noted.

"This is going to be amazing!" Entity squealed.

“This may be the miracle Link needs to defeat the Titan,” Eric said, trying to hide the excitement in his voice as he watched the transformation.

Thanos sighed, chuckling slightly, clouds formed over Thanos' head. Lightning then struck him, Thanos then radiated a blue aura, his Gauntlet lightning up by lightning like Thor's hammer. Thanos turned into his Steam Man form and covered his fists and boots in Armament Haki. "Ah, finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!" Thanos raised his fist high, grinning.

Link let out a humming laughter. “Come now.” Link began, his voice sounding lower than before. “A Kung Fu Panda meme to start it off the final round?” Link said as he slowly reached back, pulling out the helix sword that the Shadow Man was explaining; its blade singing as it moved through the air.

Thanos pulled out his Infinity Blade to make it a sword against sword battle, it lit on fire and had a lightning aura. "Let's go!" Thanos vanished from sight, he appeared before Link, a sonic boom following him. "Super Sonic, Thor's Blade!" Thanos swung his mighty sword at the Hylian Champion- No, the Hylian Deity. Link raised his sword, blocking Thanos’s own sword as a rush of energy exploded, causing some of the tiles to break and some of the crowd to fall over. Link extended with his other hand as fire built up in his palm, suddenly slamming it into Thano’s chest causing a rather powerful dome-shaped Din’s fire erupt very much like how it looked originally. Despite Link was inside of the dome, the flames favored him much like the Goddess Of Fire. Unfortunately, Thanos’ Heat-Heat Fruit allowed him to mostly ignore the damage.

"Alrighty then, I'll have to use this on you then." Thanos went into Daewi's stance, a stance Black was all too familiar with. Thanos threw his sword into the air. "First Stance, Fist of the Black Tortoise!" Thanos punched the Deity in his chest, "Second Stance, Vermillion Bird!" A pillar of fire erupted beneath Link, "Third Stance, White Tiger!" Thanos let out a barrage of punches and kicks, some connecting with the Deity some not. Suddenly Thanos went into a stance similar to the Rokuogan but couldn't be any different. "Last Stance, AZURE DRAGON!!!" A blue dragon went through the Deity followed by the most devastating shockwave anyone has seen digging a trench that was equal to a Kamehameha being shot. The wall was intact, but the arena wasn't. There was a lot of dirt and smoke as silent filled the air. Suddenly, from within the ground smog, a blue energy disc was flying straight at Thanos very quickly.

Observation Haki kicked in and Thanos ducked and evaded the attack, looking at the location it was thrown. "So you're still standing, huh?" Thanos crossed his arms as he looked at the smog.

“Of course, Thanos.” Link’s voice answered as a small melody was heard. The smog was split in half as golden angel wings sprouted from Link’s back after he had played the Song Of Soaring. The song’s magic was altered by his Displaced to be more than a glorified teleporter to a Owl Statue. Quickly flying up into the air and soon keeping himself float, Link brought his flex sword to his chest as blue energy started to charge along its edge. Link glances toward the crowd. “I do hope rupees will be of value here!” he yelled out toward the host of the tournament, Ryker, before looking down at Thanos as he began to swing his Helix sword wildly, unleashing more of those blue energy discs at the Mad Titan.

Thanos ducked under one disc, the other one coming close to his neck, Thanos blocked another disc sent his way with his Gauntlet. As Thanos evaded the attacks the audience could see the attacks coming closer and closer to Thanos. "SHIT!!!" Link fired more of the discs and one finally hit Thanos directly in the chest, Thanos stumbled back and was soon hit by a multitude of them. Thanos now getting hit by the discs, scratches appeared on his body and Thanos winced slightly but only the Deity's watchful eyes could see the wince of pain. Thanos stumbled backward and fell on one knee.

"Damn; how do you do that? First you turn into a rocky fat man, then go Rule 63 on my ass, then you turn into a fucking God?! Honestly not the weirdest thing I fought but still!" Thanos got to his feet. "Link, I admire you for your insane will, you knew that I was stronger than you but you played your tools right and you made me go on one knee and made me say the iconic "All of that for a drop of blood" schtick. You are truly, truly amazing, great with your items and your skills. Honestly I don't think I can pull half the shit you're doing." Thanos laughed.

“You’ve got a lot of power, although you’re a little reckless with it.” Link said as he rested his sword on his shoulder. “I had to dig deep into my pouches just to survive all of the blows, especially in inverted time.” Link said with a wink as he slowly glided down to earth. “I could keep going, but..” Link said as he reached up to pull off his face, turning it back into a mask. “But I think at that point, I’d be asking for a deathwish, and I’d rather-” He paused in mid-sentence as he stopped himself from giving into his lunge’s pain. “N-not have my wife Princess Luna crying when she learns i’m dead.” Link explained.

"You're married to Lulu?” Thanos laughed. “Everyone does love Princesses." Thanos said before putting his hands to the floor and crouching in a position Eric was familiar with.

“Hey I resent that,” Eric said jumping to his feet

"I know you do bud, Steam… Hopper!" Thanos shot steam out of his fists and he flew at Link, Link verily dodged out of the way but Thanos used steam to knock himself up. Thanos then bounced around Link like a ping pong ball going faster and faster by the second. Very punch Link was struggling to reach into his pouch, forcing his arm away every time. Link manages to pull out a mask; a rather dull looking one as he slips it onto his face.

“You’ve-” Link spoke in pain between breaths. “Won-already.” Link said as Thanos bounced off the air around Link like a ping pong ball. Link was hoping the Stone Mask’s enchantment would bore Thanos; to make him as interesting as a pebble on the ground.

"Yeah, but I wanna give the crowd a rousing finale!" Thanos said not being visible anymore

Without warning Thanos was tied and bound by thousands of shadow and light tendrils covering his entire body.

“Who the hell did that?!”

Chapter Three, Disagreements and Rest.

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(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

“That’s enough, Thanos,” Eric said emerging from Link’s shadow, while Shiva flew in with her pack link wings.

“He surrendered! It’s over!” she agreed.

“Don’t torture the kid more than you already have” Eric said helping Link back to the stands, Shiva following behind him as her links twined around Link and Eric.

Ryker looked down at Eric and Shiva, crossing his arms. "You do know aid from outside the ring is considered a "Dirty tactic" right? And not to mention, if you guys interrupt, then I'll have no choice but to simply… Kill you. Breaking the rules of a game is a crime, and as a criminal should be, they will be punished."

Shiva’s ears flattened, before Kodo jumped to her side, linking with her as well. Eric, however, drew their attention.

“Forgive us, your majesty,” he said. “But Link surrendered of his own accord, which means that the fight goes to Thanos.”

"Did I say anything about the opponent being allowed to surrender? Or did I say the person has to be knocked out?" Ryker countered.

At that moment the adrenaline coursing through Link left. “..M-midna?” Link said, confusing Eric for Midna due to his hazed vision. Suddenly, Link goes limp in Eric’s arms. Shiva rushed to his side, while Kodo took up a defensive stance before them. Ryker appeared at the arena floor and made a portal beneath Link appear and made another one beside him. Link fell through the portal and was at his side.

Briefly, Shiva’s pack link tried to pull Link back through the portal, but the portal shut, snapping her links and sending her reeling.

“LINK!!” Eric yelled flaring his powers as he turned to the king with his red and black eyes. Kodo barked at his side, his darker pack link spreading like wings across his back.

“Alright, the match is over, therefore the winner is the Mad Titan, Thanos. And If you wish to engage in combat with me, Monohan, then I'll give you a fight, one that you will never forget." Ryker said as his emerald eyes glowed. “One that will make Day Breaker look like a night light, Son of Shiva.”

Reluctantly Eric backed down and retracted the shadow mist that had formed around the arena and calmed himself, Eric knew he had no way of fighting him without the aid of his Shadow Soul and even then he had no idea if it would even harm the king.

Kodo growled, before Shiva set her claw on his shoulder. With a shake of her head, Kodo reluctantly dissipated his own links, and stood down.

“Let’s go back to our seat, Lady Shiva,” Eric said, turning away from the king and back to the audience. “We wouldn’t want to anger the king further” though shadow continued to pour from his body as his anger and rage remained

Shiva spared Ryker a cautious glance, and followed after the Shadow Man. “On that, we can agree,” she assured him, her pack links remaining firmly twined around his wrist and Kodo’s wrist.

"You know what?" Entity jumped from his seat and landed onto the arena.

“Entity don’t!” Eric boomed, sending out a strong wave of Conqueror Haki which caused Kodo to fall into his mothers arms. Shiva herself fell to one knee.

"I'm going to fucking do it! this bastard pissed me off!" Entity said unaffected by the Conquerors Haki, seemingly too pissed off for his will to be crushed by Eric's. "Fight me Ryker! Right fucking here!"

“You will do no such thing!” Shiva barked, her pack links spiraling out like spider webs and restraining the White Reaper. The links pulsed, trying to drain the white reaper of his energy. but the white reaper strained valiantly against them.

“Entity!!” Eric said, aiding the Howlite Howler by binding the White Reaper in shadow. “Back. To. Your. Seat. Now!”

Ryker walked up to the bound reaper, Entity glaring at Ryker. Ryker leaned close to the Minecraft human. "I simply do not think you can possibly match up to me. Simply because you’re. Too. Weak." Ryker flicked Entity's head. Entity roared, and his aura burst the bindings.

Unfortunately, Shiva’s pack link had done it’s work. Entity felt weak and tired. Trying to fight past it, he summoned his scythe and was about to slam it on to Ryker but Ryker put two portals in front of himself and a Blast made out of Wakfu hit Entity right in the gut and sent him flying into the wall. Entity slid to the ground, knocked the fuck out.

“Entity, I told you to stand down,” Eric said running to the Reaper.

“Curse it,” Shiva growled in regret, re-extending her links and trying to return the energy she had taken from the white reaper. “Why did you have to keep going?”

Before Shiva could strengthen Entity again, Eric pulled Entity into his own shadow, once again shredding Shiva’s pack links. The Howlite Howler sighed in resignation, while Kodo blinked in alarm at the human vanishing into darkness.

“Hate us all you like Entity,” Eric said, completely pissed. “But we’re keeping you alive!”

"This is why a peasant should never try to oppose their King." Ryker turned his back against the others and walked off. Stopping after a few steps, "Almost forgot about you Link, you fought quite admirably." Ryker picked up Link and dragged him like a trash bag.

Shiva watched Link get dragged away before turning away, a mournful keen slipping past her snout as Kodo helped her back into the stands.

Once back to their seats Eric released Entity but kept him bound by his shadow, Immediately Eric’s and Thanos' comrades confronted him

“What’s going to happen to Link?” Rainbow asked

“I don’t know,” Eric said

“What does the King want with him?” Luna asked

“I don’t know.” Eric said his shadow becoming poured thicker around his body

“What will you do?” Maud said blankly

“I. Don’t. Know?” Eric said through his teeth

“Well then what do you know Eric?” Asked Sombra

“I know that we were right not to trust this asshole,” Eric said as his shadow vapor covered the entire area confusing some of the other displaced

"To be honest, it's kinda your fault Eric," Lucci crossed his arms looking at the shade.

“I don’t need to hear it from you Lucci,” Eric said black veins forming on the sides of his face. "I’ve watched too many good soldiers die after surrendering.”

Shadow poured from Eric’s body like a waterfall as he rose to his feet. Shiva, however, tried to get between the two, her pack links offering light in the oppressing darkness.

“Both of you, enough!” she insisted.

"You either die or you win, there is no surrender in battle. I should know." Lucci looked on as he remembered the war as he saw himself bowing before an enemy and getting kicked around, getting stabbed, getting his finger damn near cut off.

“But in a Tournament?!” shouted the shadow man. “I’ve hosted many tournaments and they were only to be contests of strength and glory!” Eric yelled as his form started to shift to many different images. “They were never to be fought to the death, when a person surrenders, that’s it! Fight over. You never and I mean NEVER attack someone who has surrendered to you!”

“Eric has a point...” Shiva tried to add.

"I was the champion in Minos! It's dishonor for a warrior to surrender! Surrendering to a man is Pathetic! And whoever surrenders in combat deserves to die!" Lucci argued.

Shiva’s ears flattened. “So people should be allowed to beat surrendering people to death?” she snarled. “The people who surrender deserve to be whipped and beaten to death?!”

"Indeed, that's what they did to me, and it's Warriors’ Code." Lucci crossed his arms, shivering slightly.

Black’s patience began to waiver as the two continued to bicker and Shiva utterly failed as a mediator. He gritted his teeth as he stood up to his full height, bursting into Super Saiyan. He threw a hand into the air and shot a beam of energy into the sky, stopping the conversation. “Enough!!” The Saiyan’s voice echoed throughout the arena. “All of you, You're all acting like damn children!” Black growled.

Without thinking Eric fired a black bullet at the voice. However, Shiva knocked the bullet aside with her pack link, her fur bristling at her lack of control.

“Everyone, please!” Shiva insisted. “Black’s right.”

"Damn straight." Thanos crossed his arms disappointed in the two. "And Eric apologize you cunt." Thanos walked over to Eric before placing a hand on the shadow man’s shoulder

“Don’t you dare touch me Oliver,” Eric said, swiping the Titans’ hand away from him. “Especially after you purposefully attacked after your opponent surrendered.”

"Stop with the violence, difference should be settled by combat, not with words." An unknown voice said everyone looked towards the voice and there stood Katakuri. Looking down at them, "Let's all talk with our fists."

"OMFG KATAKURI GIVE ME YOUR AUTOGRAPH!!!!" The crowd roared, Katakuri looked back at the fans.

"Shut the fuck up." Katakuri said blankly.

Eric turned to Mochi man before turning away with a furl of his coat, Walking over to the edge of the stands Eric sits down clearly still furious. Shiva glanced at Katakuri with caution, before slowly going to join Eric and his companions. She didn’t get any closer than his companions dared.

“So what do we do?” Luna asked keeping her distance from the shadow man, knowing full well how dangerous he was when he was enraged

"Uh…" Nappa shrugged, "Popcorn?" Nappa held up some Popcorn to Luna.

Without hesitation Nappa was dragged into his shadow by Eric before spitting him out outside the arena. Shiva watched Nappa disappear into his shadow with a yelp of alarm, before watching the shadow man with caution bordering on fear. However, she swallowed down her fear, and dared to get closer to the shadow man.

“If it makes you feel better,” Shiva began. “I agree with you. Attacking someone when they don’t want to fight?” She shook her head. “That was disgusting.”

“Once I became known as The Reaper of the Crystal Empire, and even after I became captain of the Royal Guard, I held a strong belief that when your opponent surrenders you Do. Not. Attack.” Eric fumed as Luna did her best to comfort him. “Whether they were friend or foe, you do not attack somepony who has surrendered”

“You don’t need to tell me,” Shiva replied. “When I first came to Equestria, I was forced into a fighting pit.” She shook her head. “Those… ‘evil’ creatures I had to call Master forced me to fight others. Creatures that didn’t want to fight. They whipped us to fight until one of us couldn’t get up from the ground.” Her claws trembled. “I have many regrets in my life. But getting out of that pit from Tartarus will never be one of them.”

Fujitora joined in on the conversation. "I also believe that as well, between you and me, young lady, attacking while the other gave up is horrible." The blind man said, turning towards her voice.

"Issho? Why are you here?" Katakuri asked Fujitora.

"I'm so lonely, I'm blind and I have no friends. I need interaction." Fujitora told the fifteen feet tall man.

“How can you serve a creature like Ryker?’ Sombra asked.

“Well…” Kodo noted. “Why did we all accept Ryker’s invite?”

Shiva huffed. “I don’t think Phoenix did,” she noted, remembering his words.

"The answer, Sombra…" Fujitora said as tears began to form in Fujitora's eyes. "Is that I don't want to…" Fujitora's voice cracked.

Sensing his grief, Shiva hesitantly approached him, her pack links flitting out in an attempt to comfort. “It’s okay,” she assured him. “You don’t need to tell us if it’s too painful.”

Black knew something must’ve happened to Fujitora, “What happened? Were you taken by force, or were you tricked into working for him?” Black asked the blind man.

"He threatened my Parents, and promised me that he will revive my dog… And now I'm here…"

Shiva nodded. “Aye,” she noted. “I understand; I was hoping I could wish my husband back if I won his tournament.”

"He has the damn Dragon Balls but he says if I serve him for ten years he'll revive her!" Fujitora clenched his fists. "I've been serving him for more than ten years…"

Shiva gasped. “You poor thing,” she whispered.

“I don’t think he will…” Black said with a hint of disgust. “A man like him would trick you to do his bidding, changing the deal for every few years just so then he can have a loyal servant.”

Shiva stared at Black with horror. “That’s cruel,” she protested. “That’s horrible.”

“But that’s the truth, every tyrant with that power would do it for amusement. I knew one being who would do such a thing.” Black said as he glanced at Sombra with a glare. “A long time ago.”

Shiva followed his gaze with a glower. “Well, not me,” Shiva growled. “I lead the Diamond Dog Pack, and I have always taught them the values of equality and understanding.”

“And that doesn’t make you a tyrant; that makes you a being that cares for their subjects, one that understands the feeling of not having the best jewelry or gems in the world. It makes you the best a being could be, that’s just being mortal.” Black explained.

Shiva sighed. “If only more rulers were like that,” she noted. Her implication hit Kodo hard, and he looked away with his tail tucked in shame.

“Which is why I never want to rule or have the title of a ruler.” Black said as he powered back down to base form. “I just wanted a normal life after all, living in a cabin in the woods would be nice.” Black mused. The Saiyan sighed as he sat down, “But sometimes we don’t always get what we wish for…”

Shiva’s tail tucked. “Yeah,” she agreed. “We don’t.”

"In truth we all have to serve him or we will die, we signed a deal with the Devil and we can't oppose him unless we want to end up like Herobrine." Both Fujitora and Katakuri shivered.

"Oi, Eric,” Thanos suddenly asked. “You gonna revive your wife?"

Eric’s eyes grew wide hearing this. Shadows exploded from his body

“She’s Dead!!!” Eric Screamed as the shadows swarmed around him. “And she’s never coming back”

Kneeling to the ground Eric slammed his hand into the ground, the shadows converged on the shadow man increasing his size by five feet.

“Shadow Soul: Soul of the REAPER!”

Eric’s skin vanished revealing nothing but bones before being clothed by torn shadow robes, from the shadows emerged a massive scythe. Grabbing hold of the weapon Eric rushed to titan, Thanos attempted to strike Eric with a haki covered fist Thanos and Eric both clashed, Thanos being silent.

"Alrighty then, we'll not talk about that." Thanos said pushing Eric away, Thanos turned his back on Eric.

However Eric vanished from the Titan’s view before appearing behind him the scythe staff pressed against the Titan’s throat with a strength that not even the Titan could match.

“Eric, wait!” Shiva yelped.

“My wife is dead, and dead she will stay,” Eric said in a dry raspy voice as he increased pressure on the titan. “I’ve learned the hard way that I must let her go”

Pushing the titan to the ground Eric raised his scythe, aiming it straight for the titan’s head.

“AND YOU CAN JOIN HER!!!” Eric screamed bringing down his scythe

Without warning Eric and the Titan began to scream as bolts of electricity coursed up and down their bodies. Eric’s body reverted to normal as he fell into Luna’s arms.

“I’m sorry Eric” Luna said with pure regret in her voice. “But you needed to be stopped before you did something you’d regret.”

"Okay boomer." Thanos said with a "I don't give a fuck" face.

“Thanos, for the sake of Faust!” Shiva barked.

"I can't handle it! I'm sorry! I'm a comedian." Thanos laughed.

Thanos…” Black growled, looking to the Titan with malice. “I know you can’t handle the fact of not being a joker for a minute, But there are points where you need to shut. The Fuck… UP!”

"Ah, I see." Thanos said. Fujitora looked towards Thanos.

"FUCK YOU!!!!" Fujitora stormed off tears, running into a wall before going to the exit.

“W-Wait!” Shiva barked, reaching out for the blind man, but he was gone before she could protest. She shot Thanos a dark glare before turning her back on him with a growl of frustration.

"WHAT DID I DO!??!?!" Thanos cried out looking towards everyone, Lucci shook his head and Nappa appeared next to Lucci.

"He is very sentimental with his eyesight; anything with the words see, saw, sight, anything that even relates to sight makes him cry. He was a photographer and a lover of nature when he was on earth and any of those words make him sad. Poor guy really." Katakuri shook his head.

Sombra went over and helped Luna pull Eric back to his seat before looking at the titan

“Personally I’d have Eric cleave that fat head off your body,” Sombra said lifting Eric’s body. “But Luna is much nicer than I am.”

"If he even can." Thanos said, muttering under his breath before drinking a can of Hetap out of nowhere.

Black scoffed at Sombra’s comment before he sat back down, rolling his eyes.

“And for future reference” Sombra said, setting the shadow man down. “Never bring up Eric’s late wife.”

"The author told me!" Thanos argued, "Damn it!"

“Can you not shut up for one second!” Black shouted as he stood back up, walking up to Thanos before proceeding to bitch slap the Mad Titan.


“How about being an insensitive prick?” Shiva snapped. “Are you capable of recognizing being an insensitive prick?”

"...N-no…" Thanos admitted, rubbing the back of his head.

Shiva stared at him for a second, before chuckling humorlessly, turning away. “Yeah,” she growled. “Great. I come here thinking I’m gonna get some wealth and maybe my husband back, and instead, I’m trapped in the fighting pit again.” She chuckled again, her laugh sounding broken as she started talking to herself. “I spend all that time thinking the ponies are bad, and then I turn around and walk right into another trap…”

"I just wanna say Shiva… You are by far my favorite one among you all and if anyone dares attack you with dishonor I will personally kill them for you." Katakuri said grinning behind his scarf that covered his mouth.

"KATAKURI!!!" Katakuri looked behind him and saw Akainu, "Get your ass back to the base right now!"

"If you ever need help just call me by saying Katakuri three times and I will be at your doorstep." Katakuri handed Shiva a token of a broken mirror before walking off with Akainu, waving Shiva goodbye before leaving.

Shiva smoothed the fur on her neck out, and watched Katakuri go with a grin of gratitude. “Thank you,” she said with a nod that bordered on a bow. Watching him walk away, Shiva turned her attention to Eric, and the alicorn tending to him. “Is he... well, I can’t say ‘okay,’ but…”

“He’ll be okay” Luna assured with a smile on her face as she stroked his hair as if he were a pet. “This isn’t the first time he’s been hit by my Devil Fruit powers.”

“Oh?” Shiva asked.

“When I accidentally ate the Rumble-Rumble Fruit my powers surfaced immediately and went haywire” Luna said, recalling the tale.

“He was the first one to try and help me, he got hit by so many bolts of lightning that he almost died” Luna said, turning to the wolf. “He’s risked his life so many times for my behalf, however part of me believes he still holds love for his wife over me”

Shiva’s tail tucked in sympathy. “I hate to be blunt,” Shiva admitted. “But there will always be love in his heart for his wife.” She chuckled. “I thought I moved on from my husband after he died, but…” She shook her head sadly. “The minute I heard that the prize for this tournament had a free wish, I thought about reviving him and…” She shrugged helplessly. “Our dead loved ones have a vice on our hearts.”

“Even so, he has never reached that level of anger when I was insulted or harmed,” Luna said, sadness taking control of her voice. “Not to the point where he uses his Shadow Souls.”

Shiva shook her head in sympathy, unsure of what to say as Luna tended to the shadow man.

“I love this man with all of my being, but he… He still dreams about….Her?” Tears formed as she spoke. “I know I have no right to feel jealous or hurt by a dead mare, but it just hurts so much that he loves this mare more than his current love.”

Shiva blinked. “W-You two are together?” she asked. “He still holds love in his heart for her, and yet he and you…?”

“Yes. When he came back after disappearing for two years he took me into the palace gardens that night and started playing his treasured violin,” Luna said, a smile forming on her face. “He told me that he loved me and that he would always be by my side,” Luna began to chuckle a bit.

Shiva shook her head. “I… can’t understand that,” she said. “Why would he…? I mean…” She turned away. “If he still cared about her, why would he… string you along… like…”
Shiva leaned over. “Oh, by Faust…” she whispered.

“You know it’s kinda funny,” Luna said, laughing.

“How is it funny?” Shiva whispered.

“I’ve turned down every stallion I’d ever fallen in love with,” Luna explained, still holding her smile. “Because of my immortality I would have watched each and every one of them grow old and die, but with Eric...”

“He’s immortal?” Shiva asked.

“I thought so once,” Luna stated. “Ever since I met him I have not once thought I’d have to watch him die one day because at the time I assumed him to be a shade.”

“So… some sort of spirit,” Shiva guessed. “Immortal.”

“But ever since we had to save him from the effect of Umbra’s final spell I learned he was mortal” Luna said, still petting the top of his head. “Nothing more than a tortured human from another world.”

“Tortured?” Shiva asked. “Like… in a fighting pit?” She rubbed her arms subconsciously, where the scars she had gained could still be seen under her fur.

“No. By his own parents.”

Shiva’s tail tucked, and she backed up in horror. “No!” she whispered.

“From what we saw from his memories, they wanted to live an easy life.” Luna explained, frowning at the memories she witnessed. “In his world musicians are paid a lot. Even more so if you play for a noble. Eric was tortured to learn and play every instrument his parents gave him, and when he disobeyed they would hurt him...severely...”

Shiva clenched her claws, her own scars throbbing in sympathy.

“There are scars...deep scars...covering his entire back. Not to mention he’s mentally unstable when they are touched or talked about.”

“Like what happened with…?” Shiva nodded towards where Eric and Thanos had their fight.

“No. More. Like, he begins to breathe really hard like somepony is choking him, he starts shaking like it’s colder than a Wendigos breath and his voice is filled with so much fear” Luna said remembering when she first laid eyes on Eric’s scars. “Twilight explained it to me, she told me that Eric has something called...”

“Post Traumatic Stress,” Shiva said with a grim nod.

“It was awful seeing him like that and even worse seeing it done in his memories,” Luna said, shaking her head at the thought. “But even with all his flaws, I still love him and he loves me, but…”

“He can’t let go of his love for her,” Shiva said with a nod.

“He’s said he’s let go, but his dreams say otherwise,” Luna said, her frown deepening.

Shiva sighed. “I don’t know much about the world, Princess,” Shiva admitted. “I certainly don’t know how he’s managed to recover from what he’s been through.” She turned back to her. “All I know is that it’s important not to be blinded by what could be.” She rested a claw on Luna’s shoulder. “Even with his late wife still on his mind, he’s let you into his heart. You can’t ask him to forget about her; that’s something he’s got to figure out on his own. All you can do is be there for him, and take joy in what you have.”

For a moment, Luna pondered Shiva’s words. When she looked at the wolf, it was with curiosity.

“Why did you join the tournament, Alpha Shiva?” Luna asked. “What did you hope to get out of the list of rewards?”

Shiva lowered her head with shame. “I convinced myself it was for the wealth that Ryker promised,” she said. “That I could use the wealth to establish an alliance with the dragons or just make my diamond dogs happy for a time.” Her ears flattened. “But if I’m being completely honest… it was because a part of me couldn’t let my husband go. And I hoped that the one-time wish could…” She didn’t finish, but her eyes landed on Eric, as if afraid he might overhear. Shiva shrugged with a broken smile. “You can call me a hypocrite, if you want, but I think I discovered it already.”

“That was your reason. I will not question or judge you. But I must know...” Luna said looking down at Eric’s unconscious form. “Why did Eric join? Was it for the… the Wish?”

Shiva’s tail tucked. She looked down at her claws, watching as they sparked with magic.

“Only he can answer that,” she admitted. “But…” She swallowed. “There could be a way to find out.”

“How? I can’t spend too long in his dreams. Otherwise the soul of his Devil Fruit will attack me,” Luna explained

Shiva nodded. “So it recognizes dream-walking,” she mused. She clenched her claws. “My pack link allows me to read thoughts and memories. It’s not exactly like dream walking - from the little I know of dream walking,” Shiva added sheepishly. “But usually, if I want to know something from someone…” She hesitantly reached out for Eric’s head. “I can just ask… and it shows.”

“Please,” Luna pleaded. “I must know.”

Shiva breathed, and extended two links. “Take my link,” Shiva encouraged, as the other link softly brushed against Eric’s head. Hesitantly, Luna took the link, watching as it twined around her hand.

“Now I just ask?” Luna asked.

Shiva closed her eyes, and her fur glowed like Celestia. “Why did Eric join the tournament?” Shiva’s voice whispered.

A vision answered them both: a Pegasus mare appeared before them. Amber colored hair blowing gently in the breeze. A soft blue coat. A gentle smile.
The vision shifted, almost like a mirror; Luna and Shiva saw Eric and the Pegasus staring at each other. Love evident in their eyes. The Pegasus faded away into smoke, and Ryker rose in her place. Behind Eric, downed forms appeared: Thanos, Doom, Black, Phoenix, Death, Shiva, Link,… all the other contestants lay beaten. Eric Von Shadow had won.
Ryker offered forward the rewards; wealth, Hetap. And a glowing ball that had to be the wish.
Eric brushed the wealth aside. He moved the Hetap away. He reached for the wish. The Pegasus mare appeared silhouetted within the wish as he held it. He intended to use it to…

The vision shattered. Shiva backed up, fearing that the soul of the devil fruit had found them. But Eric still lay unconscious. Luna, however, had turned away. Covering her face even as tears streamed down her eyes.

Shiva looked down with a whimper. “I’m sorry,” Shiva whimpered. “I shouldn’t have…”

Without hearing another word, Luna ran out of the arena, shedding hurt tears.

Shiva didn’t stop her. She sat down with a sigh, her head in her claws, as Kodo feebly tried to comfort her.

Without warning, Eric jumped up with a gasp, before looking around.

All he found was Shiva sitting before him, Kodo nuzzling her, as she quietly sobbed into her claws.

“What happened?” Eric asked the crying Shiva.

“We’re both fools, Eric Von Shadow,” Shiva said softly, gazing forlornly down at the ground. “Chasing dead dreams.”

“What do you mean?” Eric said. But as she looked up at him, he recognized the look on her face. “Wait I know that look. You’ve been in my head. Why?”

“Hey, don’t get mad at her,” Kodo protested. “Luna asked her to.”

“What did you show her?” asked the shadow man.

Kodo looked nervously at Shiva, but she lowered her head in regret.

“She…” Kodo licked his lips nervously. “She wanted to know why you entered the tournament.”

“You joined for the same reason I did,” Shiva whispered. “Hoping to revive the one you loved.”

“No….No, that isn’t why I joined,” Eric said jumping to his feet

Shiva looked up in alarm. “What?” she asked. “But… the wish… you…”

“Where’s Luna?”

Kodo pointed, his fur bristling at Eric’s expression. “She went out of the arena,” he said.

Cursing, Eric ran out of the arena trying to find his princess. Shiva watched him go with conflict.

“Should we… go after him?” Kodo asked.

Shiva shook her head. “I fear we just made things worse,” she whispered.

Leaving the arena Eric knelt down to the ground and put both hands to the ground, closing his eyes Eric focused his attention on every shadow in the area.

“I refuse to lose you,” Eric said before hearing the sound of crying coming through the shadows. “Found ya.”

Traveling through the shadows, he surfaced a good distance from the princess.

“Luna,” Eric said softly.

“Leave me alone,” Luna sobbed, teleporting away.

“You know there is literally nowhere you can hide,” Eric said following her shadow's presence. “Please, I need to talk to you!”

“Why don’t you talk with your wife?” Luna yelled firing a bolt of lightning at the shadow man.

Eric just stood there and let the lightning hit his body. He grimaced, and sunk to one knee, but rose as the lightning faded away.

“She’s dead,” Eric said sincerely, approaching the princess. “But you’re still here.”

“Not for long,” Luna snapped. “Once you finish the tournament, you’ll be able to bring her back with your wish.” She stormed away. “That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Luna!” Eric said, chasing after the princess. “Luna, you’re wrong about my wish!”

Eric ran up and put his hand on Luna’s shoulder, however her body turned to lightning, shocking Eric away.

“I’m not wrong, Eric! I saw what your wish will be! Shiva showed me!” With every exclamation, Luna’s body arced with dark blue lightning of despair.

“Luna after what happened with Doctor Whooves,” Eric said, continuing his approach. “I left Amber to die in the past.”

“No, you love her more than me!” Luna yelled, her lightning turning red. “You’ve always loved her more than me!”

Eric stopped his approach when Luna’s lightning hit the ground in front of him

“My wish is to let go,” Eric said.

Luna’s lightning lessened as she looked at him in confusion. Despite the pain, he put his hands on her shoulders.

“Luna you’re right,” he admitted. “I still do love Amber and I can’t let her go.” Luna’s powers flared, but before they could scorch him… “But my wish isn’t to bring her back, my wish is to finally be able to let her go.”

“But your dreams…” Luna said before Eric planted a kiss upon her lips before parting from Luna leaving her dumbfounded

“I want to love you and only you. Now and forever,” Eric said, gazing into her starstruck eyes. “But I can’t love you with all my heart until I let her go.”

“I… I’m so stupid” Luna whimpered, burying her head into the shadow man’s chest. “How could you have fallen for a complete idiot?”

“Well, I fell hard,” Eric replied with a smile. “And I do love you.” However, as the two hugged, he tapped the back of her head, earning a pained yelp.

“What was that for?” Luna asked

“For going through my mind….and my dreams… Again,” Eric said, hugging her. “Anything else I should know.”

Luna tensed up, remembering the entire conversation she had with Shiva and her pup.

“Okay, now don’t be mad,” Luna begged, preparing for Eric’s disappointment glare. The one that usually signaled that he would be ignoring her for a select amount of time, depending on what she did. “I… may… have… Told Shiva.”

“Told Shiva what?” Eric asked his tone as serious as his demeanor.

“About your parents,” Luna admitted, not meeting his gaze. “And… your scars.” He didn’t release her.

“That all?” Eric asked.


Eric hummed. “Alright then.” He walked over to the nearest wall. Placing a hand on the wall, shadow begins to cover it creating a shadow path leading right back into the stand.

“You-you’re not mad?” Luna asked.

“About my scars? Yes,” Eric said, motioning to the shadow. “But I’ll let it go just this once.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Luna took Eric’s hand, and they walked into the shadow, returning to their seats in the stands.

Shiva and Kodo looked up, noticing them returning. Shiva stood up, her tail tucked like she knew she had crossed a line.

“Mr… er… Captain Von Shadow?” Shiva asked. “I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

Without warning, the diamond dog was pulled into her own shadow before being pulled out, her fur paler than usual and spiked like a porcupine, and her eyes wide. Kodo’s head darted back and forth between his shocked mother and Eric.

“WHAT’D YA DO THAT FOR?!” Kodo howled.

“I do not take kindly to people invading my mind,” Eric said, going up to Shiva and placing both hands on both her shoulders. The mere contact caused her to flinch. “Treat this as a warning, I only showed you a small glimpse of your worst fear.”

“I’m sorry, he acted similar when I entered his dreams for the first time,” Luna said, calming the dog down a bit.

“I can believe it,” Shiva mumbled.

“Do not take it personally,” Eric said, taking his seat. “I still hold you in the highest respects, Lady Shiva.” His expression darkened. “But I refuse to let my mind be a plaything to others. It’s where I draw the line.”

“Just asked Luna what happened to the Music Mistress,” Eric said as Luna and Shiva glanced at each other.

“Another time maybe,” Shiva said. “For now… I’m gonna find some place to cuddle with my son.” Picking up her son, she tottered away, holding Kodo like the world’s grumpiest teddy bear.

Meanwhile on the arena walls. Phoenix had perched himself upon the large roof overlooking the arena. He looked down at the many participants, watching as they all squabbled between themselves. “Jeez, just wanted a better view, and now all that just happened.” He reached for Chastiefol on his back, and gave it its orders, “Increase.” The weapon split apart into hundreds of kunai, circling around him. “Decrease.” Then, the majority of them disappeared, leaving only one. “Find Link.” Phoenix watched as the blue kunai zoomed off into the distance, searching for it’s target. “Whelp, at least now I know their weak spots. Just bring up their significant others and it’s an easy win!” Phoenix jumped off of the roof backwards, and disappeared into seemingly nothingness.

Herobrine looked down at them, his body was fully black and his white eyes glowed.

"... Who are these people? W-who am I?" Herobrine looked down at his blocky hands. Someone put a hand on their shoulder.

"Don't worry… You're okay, just take the pills." A being kneeled down and gave him a pill, Herobrine engulfed the pill.

"It… tastes… bad…" Herobrine said looking towards the being.

"The pain is gone right? You know why you're here right?" The being said grinning.

"Y-yes… I'm… I'm… I'm here to destroy…" Herobrine said ominously.

"Yes you are! But not yet… just wait until the plan Is in action." The being stood up.

"But the plan is already in action." Herobrine looked at the being, he chuckled.

"Indeed it is… Indeed it is…"

"Is Entity here? I can't sense his Ki." Nappa said, crossing his arms.

"Probably stormed off in a huff." Thanos said, "I think I might do the same… I'm not normally this assholish. Somethings off about me."

“Oh really, I haven’t noticed,” Black snarked as he walked by the Titan. “You better change that if we fight each other, cause I will pulverize you if you don’t…” Black finished as he walked to the training room to punch some poor punching bag.

"Yes sir." Thanos nodded, as he flew off to collect his thoughts, but just as he flew off he was hit by a barrier. "What the-" Thanos flew forward and was hit by It again, he ran into the barrier over and over again. "LET ME DA FUK OUT!!!" Thanos punched the wall, the Crowd decided to leave as the next fight was going to happen tomorrow. Lucci walked through it harmlessly.

"Just as I thought, only non-fighters can leave. That sneaky bastard." Lucci walked back, Thanos went back to the group.

"Alright you guys go to your rooms." Everyone looked at the figure who stepped out of the shadows, the Arkham Knight. "Now. The rooms are next to the training area, Son Goku Black probably found it already."

At the moment, Black was creating punching bags that were able to withstand his attacks, but it didn't mean that they were spared the might of the Saiyan. There were a few punching bags with holes and cuts all across them with some of them being turned into ash.

"Hey…" Someone spoke behind the Saiyan. Black turned around with a raised eyebrow.


"You're supposed to be asleep, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you trying to blow off some steam but however I cannot allow you to hurt these poor and innocent punching bags." Black got a look at him, it was Zabuza, Zabuza had his big sword on his back.

Black turned away from him and created another punching bag, “Sorry, but after my 1000 year long nap, I don’t need sleep.” Black scoffed as he hooked the punching bag to the ceiling.

"But sir, not sleeping lowers your life span, which means one second of your life getting cut down. And I think everyone should live their lives to the fullest." Zabuza said in a pacifistic manner.

Black glanced back to the man before he sighed. “I already did, but the nightmare inside of me took that away years ago. If one of the awards of the tournament was immortality, I would’ve turned that down…” Black said as he did some light punches to the bag. “Immortality is watching everything around you turn to dust after all…”

"...Can I read you a book? Or offer you some calming Jasmine Tea, because you seem stressed." Zabuza said, smiling innocently.

Black stopped for a moment, considering the idea of having some tea. “I’m good,”

"...Music?" Zabuza offered the Saiyan just looked back at the ninja with a blank stare. Zabuza sighed, "Well, I'll be here… Drinking my tea and reading my book… Alone." Zabuza shuffled off into a corner.

Black continued to beat down some punching bags, occasionally taking glances at Zabuza enjoying his book and tea. He began to get some second thoughts of the idea of relaxing, but he shook the idea off. But it kept coming back to him, before he gave in. He let out a massive groan before walking to the other end of the wall across Zabuza. He slid down the wall, putting a hand on his face. “God…” He mumbled.

Zabuza had already had the tea ready with a grin and a book ready, “I truly knew you would come around, would you like to talk about why you were blowing off steam? It might aid you in your quest for balance.” Zabuza said as he took a sip of his tea… through his mask…

Black slid his hand off his head, sighing as he used telekinesis to bring the tea to him. “The fact that I can’t get rid of the hatred for Sombra or the fact that I have a Nightmare in my body that wants to destroy all mortal life?” Black asked.

“Speaking of Nightmares, is Nightmare Moon here? I sense her presence nearby. Before we talk about your struggles, it helps if there are more joining in on the fun.” Zabuza said, smiling under his mask.

“I’d rather not bring her into this, she already has it hard enough being in a new body.” Black said as he took a sip of tea. “But yeah, she’s here.”

“I see, so Sombra in your universe is basically like Freezer. And yes, I say Freezer because I watch Team Four Star. Anyways, Sombra must have killed your master, since you're a Saiyan and you must’ve had something to awaken your Super Saiyan transformation. Indulge me about how you faced Sombra or how you met him.” Zabuza sipped his tea afterwards.

The Saiyan set down his tea and looked into Zabuza’s eyes. “He is a mix of Frieza and Cell, he killed a filly I swore to protect right in front of me. I would’ve transformed there, but I was currently impaled through the chest.” Black explained as he lifted his shirt and pointed toward his right bicep.

“By Chrystal? That’s rough buddy also, killing a child is a sin, I hope he got what he deserved.” Zabuza set his tea down and did the whole criss crossing leg thing.

Black winced when he heard him say Chrystal. “No, he literally impaled me with his hand. I was practically bleeding out as he laughed. But he didn’t stop there, he then went on a killing spree on my friends who were the current Elements of Harmony at the time, including my master, Master Starswirl…” Black hissed. He took another sip of tea before sighing. “That was around the time… He… showed up.”

“Hm… Inform me about who “he” is. For I am curious.” Zabuza said with a hand rubbing his chin.

Black rolled his eyes, “Come on, give it a guess… what being would want to destroy all mortal life in the universe in the name of justice?” Black asked the man.

“...Tirek? No… Zamasu, am I correct?” Zabuza snapped his finger confidently thinking he got it right.

Black nodded as he began getting some small flashbacks, “He’s the nightmare that’s currently inside of me. But a few months ago, his soul was taken away, but his mindset still remains in my head. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t sleep anymore, cause he would send me the horrors of what he and his counterpart would do to mortal life…”

“I have some form of Magic, I can make the Nightmares disappear. Just like a ninja in the mist,” Zabuza said the last bit with some pizzazz

“If a gloomy douchebag displaced can’t get rid of my nightmare by literally taking His soul, I don’t think magic can do it.” Black hissed as he stood up. “Plus, I don’t like other beings messing with my head, except for one.” The Saiyan finished as he made his way towards the door. Opening it, and turning back to glance at Zabuza.

“Thanks for the tea, I guess…” The Saiyan then left the training room to go to his assigned one, leaving Zabuza alone.

“...I’ll miss him when he’s gone…”

As Black went to his room, he slammed the door behind him and sat on the bed. He felt his eyes were getting heavy, but he ignored his fatigue. He complimented on having him closing his eyes for a few minutes, but he knew he would sleep for much longer. He slapped himself once before getting off the bed, continuing to practice his moves and fighting stances.

Zabuza slowly, slowly, slowly opened the door to the room. “You’re supposed to go to sleep.” Zabuza mused.

Black pointed his hand at the man, a ki blast forming in it, “Go away…” Black sneered.

“Excuse me… But I uh… Don’t think violence is the answer.” Zabuza said, “Also don’t make me get Mr. Popo, he will mess you up.” Zabuza said, pointing at the Saiyan.

Black thought for a moment on the idea of just blasting Zabuza, but scoffed, lowering his hand. “Fine…” Black said as he walked towards the door to face Zabuza, “But I’d rather sleep under the stars, their more… comforting.” Black finished as he teleported away, somewhere around the arena stage.

“Let’s head to the arena stage then.” Zabuza suggested but Black was already gone, “Man, I am slow.” Zabuza sighed as mist appeared around him and he disappeared.

Black appeared with a pop, the stadium completely silent of all sound. The only thing he heard was his own breathing and a gust of wind passing through. Looking up, he saw the moon was out, thankfully it was a crescent moon that night. It was however ruined when he heard Zabuza appear behind him. “Can you just please leave me alone…” Black asked.

“Okay…” Zabuza used Geppo and left the stadium.

Black let out a sigh as he stepped off the area onto the grass, walking to the stadium wall before laying on it, his back to the wall. He looked up again to see the stars glistening in the night sky. He took a picture of him and Luna out of his gi, glancing at it for a second before putting it away. For the first time in months, he closed his eyes. ‘I’ll be home soon…’

Zabuza stood there five feet from Black sipping his tea, and eating a biscuit. Unfortunately he was enjoying his tea a bit too much. That was shattered as a small Ki blast hit the tea, evaporating it and shattering the tea up in his hand.

“Iroh would be displeased.” Zabuza said as he bit into his biscuit. “Very displeased.”

“Just go away, I’m trying to sleep…” Black growled.

“Alright, I’m going now.” Zabuza fake walked away by stomping his feet and making his feet hit the floor with less impact.

Black opened one of his eyes, glaring at Zabuza. But his pupil changed draconic for a moment before going to normal. “Go away before I incinerate you.” Black threatened.

“Fine,” Zabuza walked away, and once he was out of sight, Black closed his eyes.

“Finally, inner peace.”

Zabuza tiptoed all the way back five feet away from Black, with more tea. Zabuza sipped his tea, quietly.

Black groaned, standing up as he walked towards Zabuza. He pointed a hand at the man, a dark purple sphere of destruction formed in his hand as he glared. A black hand grabbed onto Black’s arm, he looked towards it and it was Mr.. Popo, standing there, ominously. “I will fucking kill you if you land on this pacifistic assassin.” Mr. Popo said, his face unmoving, smiling.

Black stood there for a second, before he dismissed the Haki and ripped his arm from Mr. Popo’s grip. “Then tell him to leave me alone, Mr. Popo.” Black said as he walked to the other end of the stadium, making a hammock and then going to sleep.

“Black… Black…” A voice mysteriously mused, Black immediately recognized him as Ghost Nappa.

Black groaned as he held out a hand, making a phone with some earbuds. Putting them in, he connected them to his phone and began to play some calming and relaxing music.

“Oh shit this is nice.” Ghost Nappa admitted.”I’m going to rap over this shit, uh, yeah, uh, uh, yeah!

Mexicans have great food
Black people are fast
White people can SUCK MY MOTHER FU-”

“Yeah that’s enough Maggot.”

“MR. POPO!?!?!?!??!”

“First comes you, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, Popo’s stool, Zabuza, Kami, Ryker, then Popo. Any questions?”


“You’re going to Brazil Maggot.”


“You’re next Black.” Popo laughs and his voice fades away.

Black laid there in the hammock, about to fall asleep before smirking, “Screw you The_Chill_Author.” Black said before falling to sleep.

(Not if I screw you first, no homo bro) - Chill

Thanos walked to his room and laid down onto his bed, sighing deeply.

“Alright John, time for a reality check. These opponents are no pushovers, each and everyone of them have strength. You need to snap out of it and get serious! No bullshit, no jokes, only focus on winning, show mercy, even if it’s against your Master’s teachings. Thanos, you can do this, just be the silent guy.” Thanos said, sighing deeply as he ruffled his bald head. “Time to be... The no nonsense guy you were before you met the crew.” Thanos laid down in his bed and closed his eyes, outside his door Lucci chuckled.

“Getting serious eh? That’s nice.” Lucci sighed, "Well, I guess we should all be getting serious." Lucci proceeds to walk off.

Side Story, A Saiyan's and a Titan's Camaraderie.

View Online

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

Thanos and Lucci walk inside the locker room, seeing Eric and Dr. Doom there, Thanos glances at Eric before whistling and going into the Gravity Chamber.

“Alright, let’s get training, time to get serious!” Thanos exclaimed, Lucci grinned.

Doom stepped aside as two large stone golems carrying a 6 foot long and 3 foot wide crate and brought it over to him. Once the crate was put down it opened up revealing a mobile armor repair bay. Lucci and Thanos decided to spar in the chamber throwing light punches, though it was obvious who is the physically strongest of the two. Lucci went in for a series of punches but that series was cancelled when Thanos caught Lucci’s fists and turned the would-be assassin into a barrel rolling down a hill. Lucci hit the floor and winced, he jumped to his feet and Thanos snickered.

“Do a barrel roll Lucci.” Thanos chuckled, Lucci gave Thanos the bird.

“Fuck you nigga I’ll see you later.”

“Oh nigga don’t hate me because I’m beautiful nigga if you got rid of that yee-yee ass suit you’ll get some bitches on your dick, or better yet, if you stop being a massive pussy you’ll actaully fuck Supergirl. Niggaaaa.” Lucci tried to say something but he stopped.

“Yeah, I know better.” Lucci shook his head,

Doom sighs and stands inside the repair bay and his armor opens allowing Victor to exit. “Such stunning intellectual comments. There might be more brains in his head than a slug, not much more thought.” Turning around the looks over the interior of his armor.

“I highly doubt it,” Eric said loud enough for the Doom displaced to hear. “Thanos and his boys are filled with nothing but brute strength.” He shook his head. “Brainless dolts.”

Eric took a seat and pulled out a sharpening stone. Setting the stone down, Eric reached into his body and pulled out Obsidian Blood; Eric’s Family Sword. Eric began to sharpen the blade before Doom got his attention

“Quite the blade you have there.”

Unlike Ironman, Doom’s armor is modular and he starts removing parts the size of pens. Sensing the bits of Technology with his Observation Haki, Eric immediately pushed the weapon back into his body.

“I’d ask that you keep your technology away from my sword,” Eric said, giving the tin man a side glance.

Doom looked over. “I doubt I could unless I’m free of this place. Unlike the more physical of us, I use technology and magic; not brute strength. I even have technology in my body.”

“I understand Doctor Doom from the movies,” Eric said, turning to the comic book villain. “But when it comes to this sword, my request still stands. Don’t touch it.”

Doom turned to look Eric in the eye. “I am not that cheap movie copy. Though I have come to understand I am an amalgamation of the comic book versions, the movies are way inferior to the true Doctor Doom. I assure you I have no interest in your melee weapon.” Doon turns back to his armor and looks over what he has in storage on his repair bay. “Intensified Molecule Projector? What made me think that would be useful?”

Hearing this Eric resummed sharpening the weapon before Doctor Doom spoke again.

“I will confess your warning has earned my curiosity, why would I need to keep my technology away from your sword?” Doom then started working on his force field projector.

“Obsidian Blood was a sword that belonged to my late wife’s family,” Eric said as his sharpening hand stopped. “And with me being the only member still alive, naturally it belongs to me.”

“To the untrained eye it looks like a regular blade,” Doom said, giving the weapon a side glance. “However I’ve noticed a faint glow and feel magic coming from that sword.”

“Obsidian Blood is a magic sword forged with a magic Obsidian Steel core.” Eric said, lifting the blade examining the razor edge. “They’re special, cause their magic changes depending on how you temper them.”

“Obsidian is a volcanic glass, never mind that it seems someone chose the word because it sounded cool.” Doom looked at the weapon. “I’ve seen many magical swords, but everything you said still doesn’t answer my question. Why would I need to keep my tech away from it? I am a sorcerer that is on par with the Sorcerer Supreme and in line if he should fall.”

“I already told you, this sword belonged to my late wife.” Eric said, pulling a single hair from his head. “And it’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever let somepony else touch it” Eric said dropping the hair as it sliced in half the moment it touched the blades edge

“Ah, sentimental attachment with the ego driven need to make me know it’s special for you.” Doom snorted and returned to his work. “Your sword means nothing to me, and I treat it as such.”

“Try and touch it and I’ll add your strength to Obsidian Blood,” Eric said, stashing the weapon back into his body before rising to leave.

Victor Von Doom put his tools down and stood up, turning to face Eric fully. “Seems I have to use simple words. Your sword is nothing to me. It means nothing to me. I have seen many just as magical. There is nothing I will gain from your trinket. Now do you understand your sword is safe from me.”

Eric’s eyes still narrowed, before Shiva’s voice spoke up from a corner of the room.

“Eric, it’s fine,” she assured him. “No one’s going to touch Obsidian Blood.”

Eric’s glower didn’t fade. Walking past Doom, he bumped his shoulder before hissing in his ear.

“It matters not how you treat it. I will add your strength to the family sword.” Eric promised as he left the locker room and made his way to his room.

Doom shook his head. “Muscle headed fools with egos and power, such is the same in every world.” He returns to his armor amplifying the Personal Adapters to work with the high level of Chi Energy. Shiva watched him work, settling on her haunches and shaking her head in sympathy.

“And I thought the Diamond Dogs were bad at first,” she noted to Dr. Doom with a chuckle. “At least they figured out it was better to work with me then against me.” She looked down at her claw. “Then again,” she pondered. “None of the diamond dogs could destroy planets with a single claw.” She grimaced. “Why would anyone even want to do that? Even with the multiverse in consideration, planets have so much life; so many living creatures with their own stories and ways of living. Why end all that for nothing but a dominance display? So you can threaten some other planet and make them hate and fear you?” She sighed. “Maybe it’s because I still see things from a dog’s perspective, but I just don’t get it.”

“It’s what Frieza did, same with majin buu,” Black interjected, walking in from the exit to the stadium. He yawned as he scratched the back of his head, dark bags hung under the Saiyans eyes as he trudged his way into the Locker Room. “Majin Buu was a pink monstrosity that only knew destruction. While Frieza was a tyrant who sold planets and took some of the species on said planets and turned them into soldiers.” Black yawned again as he sat down near a random locker. “Both of them did for either enjoyment or it was programmed into their minds.”

Shiva paused, pondering Black’s words. “It was… programmed?” she asked. “Like, they were conditioned and raised to think that such acts were enjoyable or part of their nature?” She shuddered. “That’s either sad or disturbing… or both.” She shook her thoughts away before glancing at the bags under Black’s eyes. She offered a pack link to Black. “Need some energy? It’s not exactly sugar or whatever humans drink to wake up. But it’s better than nothing.”

Black waved aside her link. “I’ll be fine; a quick warmup should do it,” he assured her, moving towards Thanos as he continued to train with Lucci. Shiva shrugged before continuing to watch Doom work on his armor.

Thanos simply sighed, "You know, you guys are right about me… Nothing but Brute Strength and brainless dolts, muscle headed fools with egos and power. I am all of those, but what I'm not from that list is a brainless dolt, I may act funny and act dumb but it doesn't mean I'm a complete idiot." Thanos said as he blocked a kick from Lucci, their light sparring match continuing.

"He is rather smarter than he looks, or acts." Lucci commented as he threw a punch at Thanos' abdomen.

“Very true, he tricked Goku in their fight when he said it would take 5 minutes to destroy the planet.” Black explained, “In reality, it took about 30 minutes, mind games really are handy.”

"One of Sun Tzu's tactics I believe." Lucci commented as Thanos threw a heavy punch at Lucci and he directed it away.

"I remember watching that Film Theory Video about it, good times." Thanos sighed, smiling in the process, "And also when I fought Kaido I destroyed a moon, I calculated my damage output and I found out my strength alone could destroy a planet. Doesn't mean I would though. Also we were in Kaido's Equestria when we did this and everyone was dead." Thanos informed his adversaries.

“Damn…” Black said, closing his eyes and letting out a massive yawn. “I guess Luna would be mad if she found out you destroyed a moon, let alone a different universe's moon…”

"Well… My Luna and I aren't on the best of terms, with her being a trusted friend to now being an enemy. I swear when Celestia decided to try and force me to snap every evil away, things went downhill." Thanos told Black, deciding to stop for now, heading towards his locker he grabbed out an emblem with a red symbol onnit outlined with black. Thanos looked at it and put it in his back pocket.

Black spotted the emblem the titan grabbed, but paid it no mind as he rubbed his eyes. “I swear, sleep is going to be the death of me…” Black commented as he let out a massive sigh. He stood up, stretching as he felt a couple of bones pop.

"Let me guess, Zabuza?" Lucci asked the Saiyan, with a blank stare.

“Not just him,” Black said with a groan, “Mr.Popo and Ghost Nappa showed up for a bit, but it was mostly Zabuza annoying the crap out of me when I tried to let off some steam yesterday.”

"Well, I started the whole thing basically when I decided to land one final hit on Link. But the reason why it actually started to heat up is because of Eric. I mean did he really have to snap at me like that?" Thanos asked, "All the time man, all the time.”

Black blankly stared at Thanos, “Your kidding me right?” Black asked, “You brought up his dead wife and proceeded to shit talk him,” Black explained.

"Did I really talk shit to him? Let me get this straight, my Celestia betrayed me, got the whole world against me, got my pony friends against me as well, so I only had my boys and girls. The only pony friend I had, I had to kill because she was psycho. Also, Screwball666 asked my damn author to tell me to say that, I know your small brain can not handle that we are not real and are just things to entertain others but blame Screwball." Thanos said his mouth was basically overflowing with excuses.

Shiva stared at Thanos as he ranted. “Screwball?” she asked, glancing at Doom. “Is that a Beyonder or something?”

Kodo chuckled, walking up next to her. “Sounds like they know how to pick names,” he noted, before throwing a pack link to his mother. “C’mon, Mom, you can’t sit around. You need to be ready for your match.”

Black groaned as he rubbed his eyes once more, getting tired of all the crap the past day. “I get that, but at points you need to stop being an insensitive jackass.” He looked up to the titan, his pupils changing draconic for a second before returning to normal.

"A. Nice eyes, no homo, B. I get that I'm being an insensitive jackass but alas, I don't know why, I wasn't like this before. So what is up with me?" Thanos asked Black before a can of hetap popped into existence in his two hands. He threw one to Black and took a sip of his.

“Wait, forget the last question… what did you say about my eyes?” Black asked, a beat of sweat rolling down his cheek.

"Your eyes, you know it changed into that of a Dragons. I should know, I had my encounters with one." Thanos said as he looked around for something to do.

The Saiyan’s eyes widened as he quickly stood up, “Dear Dende…” Black rubbed his eyes again, trying to rub his fatigue away. “You’ve got to be shitting me…”

"You shouldn't be surprised, you had a normal life once, went into Equestria as a damn Saiyan, is in love with a Princess, got turned into stone, and fought a Displaced, this is normal." Thanos argued.

“You don’t get it, do you?” Black hissed as he stared daggers at the Titan. “Who else has draconic eyes, or did I forget to mention something to you about my past?”

"Oooooohhhh… Sombra? That guy huh? I remember that guy, crushed that nigga's skull." Thanos started pacing back and forth.

“Not that damn Tyrant, I’m talking about Nightmare Moon you dolt!” Black hissed.

"HEY!!! Call me a dolt and we're going to have a problem little one!" Thanos snapped, as he stopped pacing and looked at Black.


“EXCUSE ME?!” Shiva snapped out of her pack link, glaring around in suspicion. Thanos glanced at her, before lowering his voice towards Black.

"Ey yo you better rephrase that before the Rule34 artists go after you." Thanos took a sip of his Hetap and glanced at Shiva, "In any case, cunt is more offensive to a woman, not a man. Call me a dick but anyways! You have Zamasu in your mind, so you may or may not be corrupted again." Thanos said before pausing. "Which means… Oh no."

Black sat down again, placing both of his hands on his face as he groaned. “The Elements of Harmony didn’t work, Zeldris’s soul taking technique didn’t get rid of him… I don’t know what would.” Black looked up to the Titan, his tiredness catching up to him, “I see the horrors of what he did, through his eyes. I see what he would do to my Equestria, my universe.”

"What if… now hear me out, if I summon you to my universe and use the Reality Stone to bring Zamasu out of your head, now Zamasu will have his physical body and his powers but we could take him." Thanos planned.

“But how long will that take?” Black questioned the titan, “What if I snap here? What if I lose control due to the amount of stress in the air.” Black asked

"Oough damn it! If only we had someone who could- Wait." Thanos put two fingers to his head and vanished, he came back with Ryker.

"Why am I here?" Ryker looked around, seeing the competitors lounging around. "I am confused as fuck."

"Listen Ryker bring us to my universe and give us an hour, teleport us to the Badlands too, this is very serious if we can not bring Zamasu out of his head the Tournament will blow up to smithereens." Thanos put his hands on Ryker's shoulders, Ryker pushed his hands aside.

"Oh really? Why can't you do it here?" Ryker inquired

“Cause if we do, I could snap at anypoint, Zamasu could take control and kill everyone here. But he won’t stop there, he will continue to annihilate every mortal in existence until it’s only him.” Black explained to the king.

"Hm… Fine, only an hour though." Ryker made a portal and pushed them through, they arrived at the Badlands and they saw it riddled with weapons and skeletons.

"Well uh… Welcome to the Badlands." Thanos introduced the Saiyan to the Badlands.

Upon seeing the skeletons and weapons across the lands, The Saiyan went into a trance, hearing the sound of clashing metal and screams of rage and pain.

“Save Me Mr. Black!!!” The sound of a filly’s cry for help echoed in the Saiyans mind.

“Do whatever it takes to survive!”

“Another one, you could’ve saved…”

“Don’t lose yourself!”

"...Brings back memories I don't want to remember again…" Thanos sighed as he prepared his Reality Stone and put it up to the Saiyan's head. "I would say this will only hurt for a second but… I would be lying."

“Just do it…” Black said with a dead expression.

"And I oop!" Thanos' Reality Stone glowed and he pulled it away ripping out a green aura and throwing it far from them. Black felt a part of his mind tear for what it seemed like hours but it was only a few seconds.

“AAAHHHHHHGGGG!!!!” Black roared in pain, gripping the sides of his head and falling to his knees. A green sphere flew out of his head, landing a few meters away. The orb exploded in fashion as a smoke cloud grew. The Saiyan stopped his yelling, huffing in pain as he looked to see a familiar silhouette in the cloud of smoke.

"Sup bitch!" Thanos cried out, looking at the silhouette before crossing his arms.

The silhouette didn’t say anything as it slowly walked out of the smoke, revealing a slim green figure with a white mohawk. His silver eyes glared at the Saiyan. “You are such a disappointment.” the figure spoke with a sigh. “I could’ve shaped you into a fine god, but you had to throw that way for… Love.” The figure shuttered at the last word.

"Will you shut up you green skinned wet paper towel?" Thanos asked the green man.

This angered the figure, “How dare you speak to me like that! You should be slain, you simple minded beast!”

“I have to agree with him though, you talk too much.” Black huffed as he stood up to his full height.

"I think I speak for all of us when I say you talk a lot. Might as well call you Sir Talks-a-lot the green skinned donkey fucker." Thanos roasted the green man basically turning him into a darker shade of green.

“Enough talk Thanos… I’ve got something to finish, something I should’ve done a long time ago…” Black said darkly. His hair flowed up as he transformed straight into Super Saiyan two. “I’ve got a god to kill…” The Saiyan disappears, only to reappear in front of the green figure, gut punching him. “You’re done for, Zamasu…”

Zamasu spat out a large amount of blood, wheezing as he looked into the Saiyan’s eyes, “You… dare strike… me…” The kai spat, only to cry in pain as Black pushed his fist straight through the kai. Blood gushing out of the corrupted kai.

"Oh damn," Thanos said, "Is he still alive? Because I wanna use the Sai Dai Rin Rokuogan on him." Thanos asked the Saiyan.

The Saiyan slowly turned his head back to Thanos with a dead look of emotion. “He tormented me, he’s mine.” Black said simply.

"That move can cause so much internal damage to him and he could be in more pain, and you laugh at him as he is helpless because he is very, very, injured." Thanos pointed out before drinking some hetap.

“I'm not him, I don’t laugh when I cause pain, I don’t enjoy killing.” Black said as he pulled out his fist out of Zamasu’s guts. The Supreme Kai recoiled, stepping back while holding a hand over his gut.

“You’ll regret that mortal!” Zamasu spat as a green aura surrounded his wound, it healed while the Supreme Kai huffed and puffed, seemingly out of breath. “I can heal my wounds easily without immortality.

“But how long can you keep it up?” Black asked as he appeared behind the kai, making Zamasu step back. “I know that technique, it consumes a lot of stamina.” Black made a long ki blade, shooting forward at high speeds as he sliced through Zamasu. Cutting the kai in half before he incinerated the Kai’s lower half with a ki blast.

"Hey, now he's a top." Thanos laughed as he ate his hot dog that he got out of nowhere, Luffy was there as well.

"Hey Thanos, did you win the Tournament?" Luffy asked the Titan, making him jump.

"Jesus Christ!" Thanos yelped.

"No, it's Luffy." Luffy said blankly.

"I need to put a bell on you, alright, no I did not win, yet, if you want to fight this green bastard, don't otherwise Black will kill you and how's life Luffy." Thanos turned to the Straw-hat wearing man.

"It's nice, what about you?" Luffy raised his eyebrow.

"Meh, fine." Thanos said with a shug.

The body of the kai landed in front of the two, Zamasu was cut in many places, missing a limb, and had smoke rolling off him as he groaned in pain. The Saiyan slowly walked up to the kai with a dead look.

"Do you want me to use the Rokuogan on him?" Thanos asked looking down at the Kai.

Black said nothing as he pointed two fingers at Zamasu, a thin ki blade penetrated Zamasu’s chest as the Saiyan lifted the Kai into the air. The kai stared into the Saiyan’s, seeing nothing but hatred and silent rage for the kai. “Don’t you see!” Zamasu spat. “These are what mortals do, kill kill kill! That’s all you know! That’s why you must be expunged from every universe!” Zamasu shouted.

"The definition of mortal is "A human being subject to death, often contrasted with a divine being." I'm a Titan, basically a god who can live more than one thousand years. I'm not a mortal, Black isn't one either because he is you, so wouldn't that make you a mortal as well because you are him?" Thanos countered, Luffy looked at Zamasu.

"He has a point, by the way, do you poop?" Luffy asked the green man.

Zamasu said nothing, contemplating what the straw hat man asked. He didn’t get a choice as he was thrown into the air, Black swung his hand around as he sliced the kai into two. Black then threw his hands to the side as two orbs of ki formed. The Titan immediately realized the technique the Saiyan was going to use. “FINAL!!!”

"Oh shit Luffy hold on let me surround this in Bedrock." Thanos put up a dome around the two, made of Bedrock from Minecraft.

“BIG BANG!!!!” Black threw his arms forward, combining the two balls of ki into a massive ball of yellow and deep blue. He pulled his arms to one side and made the blasts larger.

"I will build a Wall just in case" He says as he builds the walls from attack on titan.

“KA-ME-HA-ME!!!!!!!” Black roared as his hair became spiker, a large spiky aura surrounded his godly aura.

“HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Black roared, throwing his arms forward as he launched a massive blast the size of a mountain plato. It struck Zamasu, engulfing the corrupted kai as the blast flew out into space, nearly hitting the moon as it traveled out into the stars. The blast killed the kai as it erased every atom the kai had. Black huffed, his aura crackling around him as it disappeared, his hair going back to his base form.

Thanos made the walls and extra precautions disappear. Thanos walked up to Black, "I thought you needed to use the Hakai to kill him." Thanos asked the Saiyan.

Black looked to Thanos, “That wasn’t the immortal Zamasu, that was the one before he wished for an immortal body.” Black explained.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!" Thanos said as it all clicked, "Well, he said an hour so… Wanna hang out?" Thanos asked the Saiyan.

"Damn, Thanos, we're still recovering from his attack and he-"


They saw a blast bigger than Thanos' dick zoom by. Celestia looked towards the badlands. She looked towards a guard.

"That wasn't Thanos… I'll rally the elements, farewell." Celestis popped away and the guard stood there.

"I hate my life." The guard said with a sigh

“Why not? This is actually the first time I’ve been to another Universe by choice.” Black explained, his dark deminer disappearing.

"Alright, do you love Chick-Fil-A?" Thanos asked the Saiyan.

“Who doesn’t?” Black said with a laugh.

"Good question, anyways." Thanos made a Chick-Fil-A with his Reality Stone full with it's workers. "Let us eat!" Thanos and Luffy marched inside.

Black smiled as he followed the two inside while shaking his head. Luffy walked to the counter and ordered literally everything, Thanos decided to get everything, three times for everyone to eat. The workers look at them weirdly then salute and dash off, Thanos finds a seat next to the window, Luffy, and Black sit down next to him.

“So, since we’ve kinda got to wait, how’d you two meet?” Black asked the two. Luffy and Thanos glancing at each other for a second before looking back to the Saiyan.

"Well, it all began when I got captured by some Displaced, they got the jump on me and cuffed me in Sea Prism Cuffs, making me weak due to my Devil Fruit restrictions. I was sent to Kaido's prison and met him myself, Kaido is a dragon, a literal dragon. Eastern Dragon too. Grievous decided to fight him, got Yamcha'd on the spot, then there's basically a break out and in a cell I met Nappa. There he told me you're a simp and yada, yada, yada then we finally meet when we march up to Kaido. It was a… Nine on one. We nearly lost but I beat his ass nonetheless." Thanos said remembering the whole arc.

"I'm also a Pirate now, with a bounty of two billion!" Luffy grinned.

“Neat,” Black said with a smile, slamming his hand against the window, shattering it before he stuck a hand out. He then created a mountain of gold coins, shocking Luffy. “But I personally don’t care for money.” Black said as he blasted the mountain of gold away.

"In the One Piece world the Bounty system is like a power level thing, in the actual canon Kaido had a bounty of four billion, he also jumped from the clouds ten thousand meters in the air and slammed down onto earth in his human form, and he only got a headache!" Luffy grinned.

“Interesting, I’m curious what my power level would be, but as we all know. In the words of TFS Tien, ‘Fuck Powerlevels’” Black said with a laugh

"Did he say that? I think that was Vegeta." Thanos said, trying to remember the show.

“Nope, that was Tien, he said that when he tried to hold off semi-perfect cell.” Black explained.

"Can I tell you about the other Yonko's aka the Four Emperors?!" Luffy's eyes beamed.

“Sure, we’ve got time,” Black said with a wave of his hand. Repairing the shattered window of the process. But they were interrupted by the sound of a teleportation spell outside the Chick-Fil-A. Luffy looked towards the noise and Celestia, the wielders Elements of Harmony, Sunset Shimmer, Fizzle Pop, Thorax, and Ember were there. Luffy turned back to Black.

"As I was saying there are Four Emperors right? One of them is Whitebeard with the Gura-Gura No Mi, he can make seaquakes, earthquakes, and shockwaves! One time he even tilted the sea itself." Luffy explained, Celestia took a step.

"Who are these two, Thanos? Some of your allies?" Celestia asked the Titan, he just glanced at her.

"They're friends now fuck off we're having a conversation here." Thano said nonchalantly to his mortal enemy.

Black glanced at the new arrivals with a curious look. “If you think of me as an enemy, then you have nothing to worry about.” Black stood up from his seat and stared at them. “But if you came because of a massive blast, that was me.” Black said with a smirk.

"What?! T-then you must be stronger than Thanos!" Rainbow Dash pointed at Thanos, just as the food arrived.

“I’d say we’re evenly matched if he didn’t use Observant Haki and I didn’t use Ultra Instinct or any healing abilities.” Black pointed out as he put his hands on his hips.

"If we both did that it would be like Frieza vs Goku all over again, by the way food's here." Thanos reached for a Chicken Sandwich and he bit down on it.

Black turned back to them with a grin, “You'd better not eat at the nuggets.” Black sat back down and grabbed a bowl of Chicken Nuggets.

"Don't worry, I won't, be worried about Luffy stealing your food." Thanos chuckled, before slapping Luffy's hand as he reached for his fries.

"Stop ignoring us!" Rainbow Dash shouted out, yet they continued to ignore them.

Black turned his attention to the hot headed mare, “Hey, after just ridding myself of my Nightmare Parasite, I’m kinda hungry alright!” Black said as he continued to eat.

"Exactly, relieving yourself of stress is very… What's the word for it? Energy consuming, plus we haven't ate all day!" Thanos pointed a finger at them, Celestia shot a beam of literal light at Thanos. Thanos ducked, Luffy ducked as well because he was beside Thanos.

"Enough of this farce Thanos, how long do you think it will take for a damn army to come after you?" Celestia glared at Thanos.

“You wouldn’t send one.” Black said, bringing Celestia's attention to him. “Why would you? I know you have a sliver of… what’s the word? Oh… Love for the Titan, don’t you?” Black asked.

Celestia took a step back, "That's false! I do not hold any feelings towards this heartless beast!" Celestia growled.

“If that’s true, why didn’t you kill him when you had the chance before.” Black questioned, walking up to the Princess. “I figured you sealed him away, but for what reason, you could’ve killed him right there and then.”

"I-I… I thought he may have changed but after destroying Canterlot, overtaking someone's Kingdom, and killing countless lives, I realized he couldn't change!" Celestia clenched her fists.

"Wouldn't that make you a heartless monster? Committing genocide on the humans, trying to destroy all evil thus creating an imbalance in the universe, hunting me down after I refused to do your bidding, wouldn't that make you a heartless monster? Given your philosophy." Thanos said before finishing his Chicken Sandwich and digging into the fries.

“And the fact that you wanted him to erase all evil from Equestria, hence Genocide.” Black pointed out. “But neither action with the infinity stones is always a good one. Like erasing evil or erasing half the universe of population to stop universe hunger.” Black explained.

"Not to mention killing an entire race…" Luffy crossed his arms before side-eying Celestia. "That's pretty heartless, don't you think?" Luffy licked his ice cream, menacingly.

"Silence! Stop your barbaric eating and fight us!" Celestia took a step forward.

"Nah, I don't really feel like it." Thanos finished his fries and went onto the next.

“I might, who knows.” Black says as he eyes up the ponies and dragon.. “But I will warn you, you won’t win.”

"Are you sure? With our abilities you won't be able to-" Luffy stood up and walked outside, Luffy turned to Black.

"Black, I want you to watch and learn what Haki can do." Luffy asked the saiyan before turning to the group.

“Go for it, just make sure to let me have a go at one point alright.” The Saiyan asked politely.

"You will, oh you will alright…" Luffy said, coating his arms in Armament Haki as he walked towards his enemies whilst his straw-hat on.

"Do you really think you can handle all us?" Ember crossed her arms, Luffy said no words and threw his arm to his side, his rubber body making it so that it went to a pumping position. Luffy vanished from the fight and appeared above Ember, he then punched the drake's head into the earth.

"Gomu Gomu no, Hawk Stamp!" Luffy threw his leg back and threw it at Sunset, hitting her. Rainbow Dash lunged at Luffy only for him to vanish, Rainbow Dash opened her eyes wide and got gut-punched by him. Rainbow Dash fell on her back, Applejack tried to kick Luffy, coating her hoof in Armament Haki, only for Luffy to catch it and flip her on her ass. Luffy was then kicked at the speed of light as Celestia kicked him, Luffy crashed into the Chick-Fil-A, only a window next to them.

"You better not get that glass on my food!" Thanos said jokingly with his mouth full.

Black rolled his eyes as he jumped out of the window, standing next to Luffy. “Nice Armament Haki, but you need to be more aware of you opponents. Leaving yourself open could be dangerous.” Black commented as he stepped up against the ponies.

"I dodged almost all of their attacks and got hit by their strongest, plus she caught me off guard and kicked me at the speed of Light! She ate the Pika-Pika No Mi, making her literal light!" Luffy said warming his arms up.

“Interesting…” Black muttered as he starred at Celestia. He chuckled as he powered up, a black and purple aura surrounding the Saiyan. “Is there any way to counter her attacks if she’s literal light?”

"She's also Logia type Devil Fruit user, meaning she can't get hit because she's an elemental, you have to have Haki or being coated in their corresponding element. Like you can hit someone if they have the Sand Sand Fruit if you are coated in liquid." Luffy informed the Saiyan, steam coming from his body, his skin pink. "I ate the Gomu Gomu No Mi, meaning I'm Rubber, the reason why I'm pink is because I'm accelerating my blood. Making me stronger, each pump makes me stronger, like the Kaio-Ken." Luffy said getting in a stance.

Black then got an idea, “So since her element is light, would it be possible if I went Super Saiyan, generating a lot of light.” Black looked to Luffy, “Could I be able to hit her?

"Hm, I don't think so unless your in like a Shadow or Darkness then maybe. You can't fight light with light." Luffy turned to the Saiyan.

“Good to hear… thank Dende this happens whenever I power up.” Black commented with a laugh. He clenched his hands as let out a roar, his aura spiking up as clouds started to form around them, growing in size until it covered the sun. He let out a sigh before grinning.

"You also need Haki, but you know Armament Haki right?" Luffy raised his eyebrow.

“Yeah, gotta thank Thanos for that.” Black said as he generated a ki scythe in his hand, then proceeded to cover it with Armament Haki.

"Alright, let's do this!" Luffy grinned ear to ear. Luffy ran at Sunset, Sunset clenched her fist and threw a fire fist. Thanos' eyes widened.

"She has the Flame-Flame Fruit! Also a Logia, she could be hit if she's wet." Thanos cried out.

"Oh my~"

“Shut it Zarbon!” Black yelled. He then ran forwards, charging at Celestia as the Alicorn prepared herself. Black swung his scythe at the Princess, her clashing with his scythe with a sword of pure light. The two weapons grinded against each other, making a terrible screeching noise, like grinding metal. “So Tia, do you wish to go back?” Black asked the Princess, confusing Celestia.

"Go back where?" Celestia grunted.

“You know,” Black commented, backing off and trying to find an opening in her attacks as they swung weapons at each other. “To the time where you and Thanos loved each other.”

"Tch, shut up!" Celestia jumped back and coated herself in her Golden armor. She radiated a shining aura, Black sensed her power level increased, like a buff.

The Saiyan smiled, “Come on, I know you do.” Black commented as he powered up to Super Saiyan. “But I wonder what really happened between you two?” Black muttered.

"Shut the hell up already! Stop saying these… Weird things?!" Celestia shouted out, she then tried to kick Black at the speed of light. Black dodged the attack, the Alicorn taken by surprise as the Saiyan moved behind her.

“Let me truly show you a kick,” Black said as he covered his leg in Armament Haki. He quickly spun around, spin kicking the Alicorn in the back. Sending her forwards a few meters before she recovered. Celestia growled and turned into light, becoming a streak and she appeared before Black and corkscrew punched his gut. Making the Saiyan spin and land on his back.

The Saiyan laughed, “Oooh, did I touch a nerve?” Black asked the Alicorn as he stood back up. He dusted off any sand that got on to his Gi, “You Alicorn sure do pack a punch.”

"Glad I can pack one, next thing I'm going to pack is you." Celestia said, frowning at the Saiyan.

“Oooh, number 37,” Black randomly said as he dropped his ki scythe, is disappearing into thin air. He popped his knuckles, them popping loudly as he got into a fighting stance. “Come,”

Celestia discarded her Sword of Light, now disappearing in thin air. She went into a stance similar to the Mad Titan himself. "Let us engage in hand to hand combat, warrior." Speaking like a warrior herself.

Black smiles as he charges forward, Celestia doing the same as they clashed fists, creating a small crater beneath them. Celestia threw a kick to Black's side light boosting her attack. Black covered his side in Armament Haki for a moment as her kick made contact. He took the hit, wincing slightly as he smiled. “So, who taught you to fight?” Black asked as he threw a fist for Celestia’s gut.

"...Thanos." She admitted right as she blocked Black's fist with her forearm, coating it in Armament Haki to somehow make the Saiyan get injured.

“So that’s why you took his stance,” Black commented, piecing it together. He covered his tail in armament, wrapping it around Celestia’s leg before pulling. Making the Alicorn slip, “So why don’t you have your own Stance?”

Celestia mouthed "Shit!" Before she fell, "Tch, because Thanos is the best fighter I know and his stance is damn impenetrable." Celestia did a breakdance, spinning her legs and making Black slip. She stood up and gave Black a smug look.

Black fell to the ground, but recovered as he pushed off it with a hand, doing a backflip and landing on his feet. “Don’t be so smug, I’m barely warmed up.” Black boasted as he got into a fighting stance similar to Goku’s when he first fought Vegeta.

"Same here." Celestia said like she wasn't terrified of a being who could rival her ex-husband.

Black saw right through this, but he smiled as he played along. “If that’s’ true, then hit me.” Black said as he pointed to himself. “Hit me as hard as you can.”

"Alright then, be prepared." Celestia's horn lit up and vanished, Black sat there and tried to sense Celestia. Suddenly he saw Celestia coming in hot, at light speed no less with her powerful wings making her faster, she then kicked Black at lightspeed- no, more than light speed.

“Come on, show me your full power!” Black shouted at the Alicorn. The speed, the weight, and the force of the Alicorn's kick, sent Black flying into a distant rock formation.

"Fucking bitch…" Celestia scoffed, before dusting her hands off. She was about to head over to Luffy’s location to help the others, but was interrupted when the lands began to rubble. It then turned into an earthquake as she almost fell on her ass. The Alicorn turned her attention to the rock formation she kicked the Saiyan into. It began to fall apart before a big yellow sphere appeared. Growing in size for a moment, only to break into many particles of energy.

"...You got to be fucking kidding me." Celestis asked to whatever God that was up there.

When the energy disappeared, it revealed a different looking Saiyan. His hair was black and went down his spine like a Super Saiyan 3. His top gi was gone, leaving it to show his chest and arms covered in a deep red fur, except for his biceps and his abs. A red tail swished around him as he opened his eyes. He smirked as his pupils turned gold, under his eyes had a red lining. “That was a decent attack.” Black spoke, his voice turning gravely. He widened his eyes slightly, a massive gust of wind appearing out of nowhere, pushing the Alicorn backwards.

"Furry!" Thanos said in the distance, Celestia rolled her eyes.

"Ignore him, he's just being an ass."

"By the way nice ass Celestia!" Thanos shouted out, Celestia's face turned blood red.

Black rolled his eyes, “When is he never one?” Black asked the Alicorn.

"Good question." Celestia rubbed her eyes with a sigh. "Now let us commence our battle." Celestia brought up her fists and pulled her right leg up too, she then started spinning around rapidly.

GOKU Black popped his neck, hearing the satisfying crackling noise. “If you can call it one.” Black mocked before he let out a primal roar. His aura growing in size, the Saiyan charged forward faster than Celestia could comprehend. Before he made contact, he disappeared from the Alicorn's sight. Celestia tried to look for the Saiyan, but to only cry out in pain as she felt Black's fist make contact with her gut.

Black looked up to meet Celestia’s gaze, smirking. “Trust me, this is only the beginning”

"Go to Tartarus." She said before doing a backflip and spun rapidly once more then stopping, her right leg now on fire. "Diable Jambe!" She flew at the Saiyan, "Joue Shot!" Celestia kicked the Saiyan in the nose and threw him far.

“Oh trust me,” Black muttered. He appeared behind her, his back facing hers. “There are things I’ve done, even if they were heroic, put other ponies in danger. I would rather go there than the afterlife.” Black said as he turned his head to face her gaze.

"And why is that?" Celestia asked, shifting her stance, to turn her waist towards Luffy.

“Because I was afraid to kill, Sombra making me watch him kill my friends, one I considered family, my master. And a filly in front of me. I snapped thought, killing him and his race, same with the crystal ponies.” Black explained, a hint of sadness in his eyes

"I don't recall seeing you there, strange creature." Celestia said as she took a step towards Luffy.

“Whoever said I was there, I’m not even from this Universe,” Black said as he teleported in front of Celestia.

"What do you mean?" Celestia asked Black.

“Tell me, have you ever heard of… multiverse theory?” Black asked, putting a hand out, to make a projection with many orbs, containing multiple galaxies in it. Celestia looked at it with surprise.

Black walked to Celestia’s side, looking at the orbs with her, “This is an example of what it could look like. All of these universes contain an Equestria, looking the same with… minor differences.” Black explained as he dropped out of Super Saiyan 4, the top part of his Gi reappearing.

"I see, so do you have a Universe where Thanos' home planet resides?" Celestia said before pointing a finger at the Saiyan and firing a beam of light in his chest, aiming at his heart.

The Saiyan tanked it, not taking any damage at all, except for a hole in his Gi. He looked down and shaked his head. “I don’t know, I’ve only been on Equestria the whole time. Plus, I’m the only one of my kind there.” Black said as he looked to Celestia. “You’ve got to thank your sister for making me not go insane.”

"What do you mean by that?" Celestia asked summoning a small Knife of Light to try and kill him again.

The Saiyan sighed as he slapped the knife away. He closed his fist, the images of the multiverse disappearing. “Tell me this, what would you do if you were the last of your kind, the only one on a planet of different species that view you as a monster?”

"I would simply try to make a friend, try to prove them wrong." Celestia inched closer to the Saiyan.

“Good answer. I tried the same thing, succeeding when Lulu wanted to be my friend. But for every deed I did for the ponies, they retaliate with raids against me and assassinations.”

"That's odd, when Thanos and his friends came they were more welcome to them. I think it was because they bested Discord in combat." Celestia took a step forward towards Black.

“Did the same here, but Discord kill one of the elements of Harmony. The ponies were angry, saying that I could’ve stopped the spirit.”

"Just because of one simple mistake? This is why I had to rebuild the nation." Celestia frowned.

“When the fight with Sombra came, he framed me. He made me snap when he killed the rest of the elements of Harmony, including my master. Master Starswirl.” Black hissed.

"He always was a snake, I feel sorry for you, this is why I hated Evil and it's ways." Celestia shook her head.

Black sighed as he turned away from Celestia, walking towards Luffy. “Your way of ending evil is wrong, but it’s the same with what Thanos wishes to do with the infinity stones.” He stopped in his tracks and looked back to Celestia, “Personally, I would get rid of them, put them in a box and send them to the deepest ocean.” Black said as he turned his back away from the Alicorn. “No one should have that power.”

"Indeed, yet you have the power to rival that of Thanos. Should you be locked up too?" Celestia said as she crept up on Thanos, her footsteps quiet.

Black stopped in his tracks, “Maybe I should, but you don’t get to make that decision.” Black said as he sensed Celestia moving towards the mad Titan. He pointed a hand at her, a ki blast formed in it. “Plus, isn’t friendship your motto?”

"Mm, maybe." She summoned her light sword and turned it into a spear, she spun it around. "But sometimes, friendship can't solve every problem."

Black hummed in response, “True, but…” black disappeared from her sight, appearing behind the Alicorn. Celestia turned her gaze to meet his, only to see his eyes changed to silver. “Killing isn’t always the way.” He covered his fist in Armament, gut punching the Princess before she could dodge.

When Celestia was hit, her whole gut felt like it was hit by Thanos but a hundred of them, Celestia stumbled backward. She nearly fell down, but she threw the spear straight at Thanos' heart. Before the spear could make contact with the mad titan. Black appeared and stopped it with a pinkie. Pushing his finger forward, he shattered the weapon instantly.

“Just give up already, you can’t win this fight.” Black asked politely.

"A kind gesture but no." Celestis responded right before Thanos appeared beside her and shot her with a Power blast, shooting her into a distant rock formation.

“Damn she’s stubborn…” Black muttered. He turned his attention to Thanos. “Don’t worry, I can handle this, go help Luffy.”

"She needs to learn when to shut up, I need to learn that too but atleast I don't go and monologue all the damn time." Thanos took a sip of his Diet Doctor Kelp that he got from the Krusty Krab.

“She needs to see that killing isn’t a backup option.” Black argued.

"Exactly, when I killed Kaido, I knew he would just enact revenge if I let him live. He's the only "Main" Villain I fought these days." Thanos yawned, which caused Black to yawn, which caused Chill to yawn which caused ShirtMech to yawn.

“Plus, erasing half of all magical creatures isn’t going to solve anything, it will only cause an outbreak!” Black argued.

"I think everything would be better without Alicorns, and some Equestrians out there. I mean, I can use my Reality stone to make Equestria and it's sun seem like Earth's sun. Honestly if I rule Equestria, things will skyrocket drastically." Thanos countered.

Black looked at the Titan with disbelief, “I can’t believe you…” The Saiyan said with disappointment.

"What? I said some Equestrians, that means the Unicorns, Earth Ponies, and Pegasi's just to teach them a lesson." Thanos said looking into his cup.

Black walked away from the Titan, stopping a few meters away before looking up to the sky. “RYKER!!!!!” Black roared into the sky, “I'M READY TO RETURN, LEAVE THANOS BEHIND FOR ALL I CARE!!!”

Sunset was flustered at whoever said "Oh my~" she flew at Luffy and tried to punch him. Luffy uppercuts Sunset and kicks her away, Fizzle Pop kicks Luffy in the gut. Luffy grabbed her armor and headbutted her in the nose, but before he did he coated it in Armament Haki, knocking her down. Rainbow Dash flew herself at Luffy again but he jumped into the air and got shot down by Twilight. Luffy hit the ground and rolled to his feet.

"Damn it!" Luffy cursed, "Red Hawk!" Luffy pulled back his fist, it heated up. His fist was now fully heated up and he attempted to punch Twilight. But Twilight erected a shield and blocked the attack. Luffy jumped back, Ember hit Luffy's back with her scepter, Luffy stumbled forward and was bucked by Applejack. Luffy stumbled back and got caught in a full nelson by Thorax. Rainbow Dash popped her knuckles and headed over to Luffy.

"Not so tough now, are we?" Rainbow Dash snarked only to be punched by Thanos or rather bitch-slapped. Thanos then hit Thorax with his elbow, Thorax fell on his back.

"Bitch." Thanos said before Luffy and him fist bump. Thanos was nearly stabbed by Rarity but he grabbed the sword and broke it in half. He then punched her gut, sending her far and made Rarity fall on Applejack. Pinkie Pie loaded up her party cannon, Luffy flipped the cannon over and when Pinkie Pie fired it she was hit by her own cannon. Pinkie Pie was buried in cake, Thanos took a piece of cake and ate it.

"Pretty damn good cake, want some?" Thanos offered the rubber boy.

"Nah, I don't have much of a sweet tooth." Right then a portal opened up, Ryker stood there drinking coffee, in sandals.

"Get in you two." Ryker said, stepping aside, Black walked in first, but glared at Thanos before walking towards the portal. Thanos following the Saiyan.

"Hey! What about me?!" Luffy asked, looking at a white figure coming in hot.

"I don't know, figure it out." Thanos walked off, Luffy looked to Black for assistance.

“Come in for all I care, but take it up with Ryker. The best thing would be as a spectator.” Black scoffed.

"Well he said four and I only brought Lucci, Entity, and Nappa…" Thanos looked at Ryker, Ryker threw his head back and groaned. Ryker pulled Luffy in so fast that Luffy slammed into the wall.

“Goodness!” Shiva yelped, racing to Luffy’s side with her pack link glowing. “Are you alright?”

"There, now I have to get ready." Ryker walked off and the portal closed. Luffy jumped to his feet and looked at Shiva.

"Are you a Mink? By the way, do you poop?" Luffy asked, pointing at the wolf.

Shiva blinked up at him. “Um, I’m a diamond dog, sir,” she replied. She turned away with flattened ears. “And it should be assumed that everyone poops.”

"...What about mermaids?" Luffy asked.

Black turned to Shiva, “Ignore him, he asked my Nightmare the same thing.”

Shiva nodded in thanks. “Ah, I see,” she said, turning away. Briefly, she glanced back at Luffy. “And yes… even mermaids.” She trotted back to her corner of the room, continuing to train with her pack link.

Luffy looked confused, "But… They don't have butts… I… I'm… What?" Luffy's brain short-circuited, Thanos just walked off to go and train.

Black stood next to Luffy, “Tell me, do you agree with your friends method of peace in Equestria?” The Saiyan asked.

Luffy puts his hands on the back of his head, "He never really told me, all he said is "Technology" or something like that." Luffy shrugged.

Black kept looking at Luffy before walking off and saying, “What if Alicorns and some Equestrians… never ceased to exist?” Black then walked to the stadium to wait for the fight.

"But they… Do exist…" Luffy said before stopping, he sat down and gave it thought.

"Well shit…"

Chapter Four, Round One, The Howlite Holwer vs The Vessel of Power.

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(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

In A Lab In Ryker's Castle.

Ryker stood in his lab, looking at Link's unconscious form. He looked through his bag, pulling out a multitude of arrows and masks but only one stook out for him, the Giant's Mask. He studied the Mask, looking at it curiously like a puppy looking at a new toy. He set it down in a safe sized room, which was connected to a machine, he set down a bottle on the machine and started it up. Ryker looked at it with anticipation, looking at it as it shakes.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Suddenly the bottle was filled with an orange liquid and Ryker snatched it up and put a bottle cap on the bottle. "I duplicated the enchantments with this machine, now theoretically I could be able to make anything giant if I pour this on it. But… The giant body will cause strain on the user, better use it on one of the Elementals than a living being. Thus making the Elemental more dangerous." Ryker said while being giddy. "Now I can-" He was interrupted with a thud, he looked where it came from, a door. Ryker walked towards the door when he opened it, no one was there, he looked at the door and found a Kunai. He took it and closed the door, looking at the Kunai curiously.

"Well thank you to whoever decided to be a ninja." Ryker walked over to one of his other contraptions and made a portal, reaching into it he brought out a sword. He then put it in said contraption. He waited two seconds before the machine made a ding and it spat out an enchanted sword. Ryker caught it and grinned. "Another fine addition to my collection." Ryker made a portal and threw it in.

"Oh wait I have to go and be at the arena." Ryker groaned and he looked to Link, "I'll see you later." He made a portal and jumped in, disappearing.

At The Locker Room.

Shiva huddled in darkness. The bars of a cage stood before her.

“No,” she mumbled. “Not again.”

And yet… it was worse than the last time she had been in a cage. As the shadows cleared, she saw her children. Also in cages. Kodo’s cage was black as obsidian. Sombra’s - no, she recalled, Umbra’s - green eyes glittering down at him like a predator stalking its prey.

“Mother?” Kodo whispered, fear in every syllable.

She wanted to reach out for him, but a shriek of pain pulled her back. On the other side, her daughter Celine stood trapped. Nightmare Moon and Day Breaker stood behind her, whips of fire and silver curving through the air to strike at her daughter.

“Celine!” Shiva shrieked, nearly rushing to her aid. But as she turned her back on her son, the demonic Umbra cackled, nearly rushing into the cage to devour her child.

Shiva turned back to him, but then the laughter of the demonic alicorns sounded, followed by the cries of pain from her daughter.

“Help us, Mother!” they screamed, their voices a duet of torture.

Howling her despair, Shiva desperately threw out her pack links. Hoping to ensnare both of them.

But her pack links clanged uselessly off the bars of her cage. She was helpless. Useless. And her children were going to suffer. All because of her.

“Mother!” Kodo cried.

“I’m sorry,” Shiva began to sob. “I can’t…”

“Mother!” Kodo’s voice was… clearer. Not scared, but concerned. “Mother, snap out of it!”

Shiva gasped and snapped out of her pack link. She was back in the locker room. Her son stood in front of her, his silver eyes wide in worry. Around her, the other displaced trained or worked on their own projects.

The cages were gone. The demons were gone. And yet…

Kodo’s ears flattened. “Was that… what Von Shadow showed you?”

Shiva didn’t want to think about what she had experienced. She opted for a slow nod of her head.

Kodo’s claws clenched. “That was uncalled for,” he growled. “You didn’t deserve that.”

“I invaded his thoughts, Kodo,” Shiva whispered. “He…”

“That doesn’t give him the right!” Kodo protested. “Luna made you do it!”

“But I’m still the one who offered,” Shiva replied, settling herself against the wall with a sigh. “Eric Von Shadow holds great pain inside him.” She looked up at the others. “They all do.”

Kodo followed her gaze with a grimace. “We’ve all suffered,” he replied. “That doesn’t give them the excuse to take it out on you.”

Shiva looked away pondering. Her gaze shifted to the ceiling, fear still plaguing her mind of how Celine was doing. Kodo followed her gaze, brushing her shoulder with his nose.

“I’m sure Celine’s fine,” he promised her. “She’s got Skippy. And the diamond dogs.” He chuckled. “Even the ponies and changelings love her. She’s completely safe.”

Shiva smiled softly, but she knew that only the sight of her daughter would calm her. At the same time, going back to Outer Haven with nothing would also be detrimental. Assuming Ryker let her leave, considering both the amount of distrust everyone seemed to have towards him combined with the stunt she had pulled with Von Shadow and Link. She bowed her head in conflict.

Suddenly, Phoenix teleported in with a concerned look on his face. “Shiva! My kunai told me your heart rate was higher than healthy, is everything alright in here?” He quickly approached the two, looking them over for injuries.

Kodo grimaced. “It was Von Shadow,” he growled. “Shiva was helping his Luna with something, so she pack-linked with him. And he responded by throwing her into a shadow. A shadow that showed her something.” He nuzzled at her as she shivered again. “Something really bad.”

“I see….” Phoenix replied slowly, now looking more relaxed. “Well, I have to say that’s your own fault. I make it a rule to only delve into peoples outer layer thoughts; unless of course I have permission to go deeper.”

Kodo glared up at him. “Luna gave her permission,” he insisted. “She told Shiva to do it!”

“Kodo!” Shiva barked, silencing her son. “Do not test the boundaries of others.” She lowered her head. “Besides, he has a point. Luna may have given permission, but Eric didn’t.”

“Your mother is wise, young Kodo, less of the backchat.” Phoenix ruffled Kodos hair before turning in the other direction, still eyeing the two from the corner of his eye with a grin. “Well, if everything is fine, then I shall go prepare. Don’t disappoint me Shiva!” He waved a hand over his shoulder before disappearing into another room.

Shiva shook away her dark thoughts and rose with a grin. “Will do,” she replied. “See you in the arena.”

"Uh, did you hear about the circus fire? I hear it was… in tents." Thanos grinned, proud of his joke.

Kodo groaned, sulking in the corner like a pouting teenager. Shiva merely rolled her eyes with a grin.

Some Eliatropes came in the Locker Room with uniforms.

"This is the Comedy Police! The joke is too funny!" One of the Eliatropes said. Thanos pulled out a gun, his hands shaking.

"I'M NOT GOING BACK TO JAAAIILL!!!" Thanos shot at the Eliatropes and both Thanos and the Eliatropes ran out of the Locker Room.

Kodo and Shiva watched the Titan flee with dumbfounded expressions. Kodo shook his head.

“I’m glad we didn’t bring Celine,” he admitted.

"Who's Celine?" Luffy asked, picking his nose with a pinkie.

“My daughter,” Shiva explained.

“And my sister,” Kodo added, glancing around. “Obviously.”

"You two are related?! You have children?! WHAT?!?!?" Luffy pointed at the two.

Kodo and Shiva glanced at each other. “It… wasn’t obvious?” Kodo asked.

"Yeah!" Luffy said, he then crossed his arms and gave it thought. "Now that I think about it… You do look similar…" Luffy snapped his fingers. "I see! You two are cousins!" Luffy completely disregarded everything they just said.

Kodo face planted into the ground in exasperation, while Shiva just sighed in resignation.

“Yes,” she said sarcastically with a sigh. “This is Kodo; my cousin.”

"Also, you said you have children, why have children when you can be free?" Luffy asked the "Mink" in his eyes.

Shiva chuckled. “Let’s just say there are certain, oh, how should I put it…”

“Consequences?” Kodo mumbled dejectedly from the ground.

“No!” Shiva protested, before considering it. “‘Results’… to ruling a small kingdom and having certain types of… ‘fun.’”

"You're a queen?!" Luffy jumped back a bit, "Also what type of fun? Like playing type of fun? Or "fun"." Luffy peered at the dog.

“More of an ‘Alpha,’ but Queen’s okay too,” Shiva replied. “And by fun, I mean...” she made her eyes half-lidded and spoke in a husky, coy tone. “Fun…”

"Wait-" Luffy was then pulled off by Nappa.

"I'mma tell him about the birds and the bees, bye!" Nappa said, waving Shiva goodbye.

Shiva went slack jawed. “Oh my word, I nearly ruined a lad’s childhood innocence!”

"Shiva and Phoenix to the arena, Shiva and Phoenix to the arena please!" Someone over the intercom spoke out, most likely Kyle.

“Thank you, convenience!” Shiva praised, darting for the arena. Kodo tried to follow after her, only to run into a shield that kept him from going with her.

“What?” he stammered. “No!” He stared at his mother. “I-I was supposed to go in! Not you!”

Shiva gave her son a piteous look. “I was concerned about this,” she admitted, before giving her son an attempt at a brave look. “I’m sure I’ll be fine, Kodo. Be sure to cheer me on.”

Kodo whimpered as she turned her back on him. “But… you shouldn’t be doing this for me…” he whimpered.

Phoenix sighed from within the gravity chamber, before sinking into the ground to make his way to the arena gates.

Ryker stood at his place, looking at the arena stage. "Alright in this corner we have the… Uh… The.. Oh right, the Howlite Howler and the Alpha of a Diamond Dog pack, Shiva!" Ryker introduced Shiva as she stepped into the sunlight.

As the sunlight lit up Shiva’s fur, she let her pack link activate, making her look like Celestia raising the sun. Anyone who lacked sunglasses quickly donned them.

As Shiva gazed around, lifting her arms and her pack link wings in a display of light, her eyes landed on her son, seated in the front row. They smiled softly at each other, before giving a more cautious look to their host. Shiva wisely curtsied to the host before turning to meet her opposition, two pack link tendrils spiraling out into whips that she lashed with a burst of lightning.

"Now the one, the only, Phoenix Wri-" Someone whispered in his ear, "That's not his name? Alright; here we have the Master of Elements, the biggest asshole you ever met, Phoenix!" Ryker introduced, as it was Phoenix's turn to enter the sunlight.

Phoenix stepped out from the gates, hands in pockets, before waltzing up to the platform. He gave Shiva a curt nod before flipping the bird to Ryker.

Shiva blinked, glancing up to see Ryker’s reaction. Ryker returned Phoenix the favor and flipped Phoenix off with a warm smile.

Phoenix returned the smile, before turning back to his opponent.

Shiva sniffed the air, grinning softly at Phoenix. “You smell powerful,” she commented.

“You smell, well, like a dog, I guess.” Phoenix tilted his head, trying to force a half decent response to the odd statement.

“That would be my natural musk,” she replied with a grin.

Before the battle begins, I have an announcement to make,” Ryker started “The combatant known as Death has broken an unwritten rule in the tournament. Each member must show some enthusiasm and participation in events; but it seems he has failed to do so.”

“If that’s how you want it,” Death started. “Fury; get over here. We’re leaving. This is not a bad thing as someone like me is the last person anyone wants to see. To the one that fell first; he has a bright future ahead of him. As for the rest of you; good luck.” Ryker made a portal next to him and they walked in, Ryker then pulled out Ed. Ryker looked at him.

"Well then, he's a Spectator, Kyle you're fighting Dr. Doom!" Ryker turned to Kyle.

"Why me?" Kyle shouted out.

"Because you're not overpowered!" Ryker replied.

”Do I even get a say in this?” Ed looked around.

"No." Ryker said blankly "WITHOUT A FURTHER OR DO!!!! The battle begins in three!"

Shiva winced in pity for Kyle, before returning her attention to Phoenix.


Phoenix pulled Chastiefol from his back.


Shiva crouched on all fours, her tail perked and her links lifting like scorpion tails.


Phoenix took a more serious stance before chanting. “Spirit Spear Chastiefol! Fifth configuration! Increase! Four times over!” Shortly after his words, the entire arena was clouded with blue kunai. You could barely see through the gaps. No matter where you stepped, you’d most likely end up a pin cushion.

Shiva, however, wagged her tail. “Magic…” she whispered, scenting the energy in the blades. Her links swirled around her, before lashing out with her links. Everyone’s eyes widened as billions of white, lightning-like ropes spiraled out, seizing every kunai in the arena. Blue and white light glowed against the stands.

“Does anybody want popcorn?” Ed asked waving.a large bucket of popcorn around as he watched.

Nappa walked over to Ed, Luffy's traumatized form under his arm, "Sure, why not?"

“Here ya go,” Ed gave Napa a jumbo with a large Dr. pepper and some for Luffy who merely stared.

Kodo ignored them, his focus solely on his mother as her pack links danced around her.

Phoenix looked up, impressed with the billions of strands of light in the air. He whistled before speaking. “Ever thought about doing kids parties?”

“Every one of my kids birthdays,” she replied with a grin. “But tell me this; how familiar are you with Tirek?” From the light of her links, a picture of the magic stealing centaur formed, laughing as he drained a group of unicorns.

“Ahh Tirek. A pathetic old fool. Twilight told me all about him.” Phoenix studied the lights, before closing his eyes and muttering under his breath. “May they rest in peace.” Opening his eyes once more, he faced Shiva once more.

“Agreed,” Shiva said. “And his greatest weakness was he couldn’t share.”

Her links flowed as magic surged into her. Just before Phoenix could retaliate, however… she sent the magic towards him. “Something I don’t have a problem with.”

Doom walked into the viewing booth behind him stood his butler, the Slenderman Hans. “Good I haven’t missed Shiva’s battle.” Doom comments as he sits down.

“Not a single moment Metal Head” Eric said watching the battle intently

Luffy went over to Doom and fell on him, grabbed Doom to catch his fall, "SEX MAKES BABIES!!!" Luffy said shakily.

“Very much so,” Ed patted Luffy on the head and turned to Doom and stared intently then “Popcorn?”

Doom gives Luffy a shove. “Do be respectful and don’t fall on others.” He then turns to Ed “I don’t care for popcorn.”

Hans looks over “I wish I could but unfortunately I lack a proper mouth. Thought I can see your energy is quite high perhaps a nibble?”

“Hans don’t make such low brow comments.” Doom looked over at Ed. “I prefer cheese and crackers over popcorn.”

“Cheese and crackers it is,” Ed remarked as said snack appeared before Doom. “How about some Zap apple wine from my world as well.” He said as a bottle of shimmering rainbow wine appeared next to Doom’s food. “I’ve been waiting and wondering when I would meet you and your other self good Doctor. Tell me, how does that portal tech of yours that you developed with Gar’s Twilight fair?”

“Gar… so you are one of his brothers I assume. The portal tech is going well. I already improved it from the version I left for Gar. I estimate I can cross dimensional clusters about every five years twice. So if I so wish I could return to an Earth we remember, thought not the one Hans originally came from.” Doom commented before taking a bit of the cheese.

“I shall explain a bit more on that later if you wish but for now we should leave the science and magic outside this room and enjoy the fights,” Ed smiled. “I’ll also give you some data that will further you portal tech and network via nanomachines if you wish.”

“My portal is more of a side project. I'm sure I could improve it far more if I really desire.” He reached down to his belt and removed a small disk about the size of a dime and placed it under his chair. Then he looked at Ed right in the eyes and winked “ Nanomachines I haven’t figured out just yet using the tech of the Equestria I found myself in. They were around the late 1800’s early 1900’s.”

“Very well an accord struck, but for now the fight,” he said as he and doom clinked glasses.

After taking a swallow of the apple wine Doom noded. “I look forward to a rewarding friendship, if what I heard from Gar is anything to go by, we might have similar personalities. For now let’s enjoy this fight. I’m cheering for Shiva; she shouldn’t have to do this.”

A thicker pack link bound around Phoenix’s arms, and he became more accurately aware of Shiva’s voice in his head. Audible only to him and no one else.

“Before you attack me, hear what I have to say,” she whispered.

Images flashed before Phoenix’s eyes: he was back in Ponyville. The portal swallowing him. His voice: “Oh Hell No!”

Then the vision shifted. Them walking next to Ryker. He had asked, “Can I go home?”

“Call me crazy,” Shiva’s voice noted. “But it sounds to me like you’d rather not be here.”

“Call me crazy,” Phoenix thought to her, “But it sounds like you’re attempting to bribe me into surrender.”

Shiva came into being before him, making puppy dogs eyes. “It was that obvious?” She teased. “I wasn’t exactly kept for my combat skills, after all.”

“Apologies,” Phoenix began, “But I have turned down way cuter girls.”

Shiva tsked, leaning back. “Got me there,” she admitted. “By the way…” she formed one of his kunai in her claws. “You told one of these to ‘find Link,’ and… well, it found him.” Her ears flattened. “What are the odds that the loser of this match is going to end up in that lab next?”

Phoenix’s face dropped, thinking back to what he saw. “He was still alive. And anyway, I believe investigating powerful beings is a job for powerful beings. With that being said, beat me now and I will transfer all the knowledge I have accumulated on everyone here; including Link and Ryker.”

Shiva hummed. “We don’t have to fight,” she noted, before pausing. “Okay, I mean, Ryker wants us to fight, but I don’t think anyone fully trusts him. There’s got to be a way we can work together to free Link and make sure we all get out.” She winced. “Though one of us does have to be knocked out for the first part to work.”

“I understand where you’re coming from Shiva. I really do. But I’m afraid allowing someone with weak mental barriers to know my plan may be detrimental. Just know this, no one here is your friend.”

“We don’t have to be friends to work together,” she replied. “I wasn’t friends with the ponies when we took down Chrysalis. Who’s to say…” she paused, glancing away. “Wait. Someone’s trying to listen in.”

“That would be Ryker,” Phoenix replied, following her gaze. “If you’re smart, you’d start fighting me.”
Sighing, Shiva snapped out of her link and used her link on Phoenix to throw him into the air.

“Good catch,” she whispered. “My links are not used to trespassers like that.”

Phoenix twirled himself in the air before landing back on his feet. “Apologies, Shiva.” He smirked before clenching his fist. “But I have to win this fight.” Suddenly, the kunai covering the arena began forming into new shapes. Now gold with a more distinct triangular blade. “Disaster! Forced activation!” The power from within the kunai began pumping into Shiva's body at a tremendous speed.

Shiva yelped as the power shot into her. However, she quickly realized that the power wasn’t trying to hurt her. It was making her stronger. Unsure as to the reason, she narrowed her eyes and summoned her whips, looking to Phoenix with determination.

“And I have my son watching and my pack depending on me,” she said firmly. “I can’t go down without a fight.”

“Then let’s see just how much power that frail ol’ body of yours can handle!” Phoenix shouted. The kunai slowly began to go a grey colour at the tips as the power was sucked out from each of them.

Shiva laughed, her wings growing more solid, and lifting her off the ground. “Old?” she mused. “This ‘frail old body’ held the power of every species in Equestria once upon another dimension.” She spun into a ball. “And I can do it again!”

“Ah ah ah. Not so fast.” Phoenix wagged a finger as he made his way towards her; the kunai made a route for him as he walked. “Status promotion!”

Instantly, pain shot through Shiva’s body. The strain of holding in the magic suddenly felt sharper. Like it was twice as painful than before. Normally, healing magic would have reduced the strain easily. But Shiva remembered the rules, and grit her teeth, recalling her torture in the cage.

“You lived through that,” she snarled to herself. “You’ll live through this!”

“That you will,” Phoenix stated. Using the magic, she made a lunge for Phoenix, but he managed to side step out of the way, leaving a slight scratch on his cheek. “Pretty fast. Then again, you are stock filled with my magic.”

Shiva grinned. “Not just yours,” she replied, spinning back towards him. “I got a few tricks of my own. Ever seen a dog speak?” Shiva barked, sending a blast of energy towards Phoenix.

Opening his right hand to receive the blast, he closed it in his palm. “Try compressing it next time, more efficient.” Phoenix demonstrated by forming a small pin of fire and firing it towards Shiva.

Ducking down, Shiva parted the ground below her like water, diving underground and sealing it back up just as the flames rolled over where she had been.

Pulling the serversta from his back, he plunged into the ground, before using his earthbending to shoot Shiva back out from the ground. “I’m afraid that won't work on me.” Phoenix said with a cocky smirk. Rushing to the now exposed Shiva, he thrust at her stomach with his blade; the kunai still forming a path around him.

Shiva dodged, the magic increasing her already impressive speed. Hitting the ground running, she launched at Phoenix, and caught him with a slash across the back, doubling back and hitting him with another slash to the chest. He stumbled away from the force, before the ring Ryker had forced on him glowed in warning.

“Shit!” Phoenix exclaimed in realization. “I can’t fucking heal!” He rubbed his wounds a bit before turning back to Shiva, who was already charging at him again. “Sorry, but I can’t hold back now.”

Shiva’s eyes widened, and she almost tried to stop. However, her hesitation was Phoenix’s advantage, and he caught her out of her charge. Placing her in a choke hold, he began lowering them to the ground, as he was always confident in his grappling techniques.

Unfortunately, he forgot about her claws, which she promptly raked down the arm on her neck, her enchanted claws bypassing his leather skin.

Phoenix winced, and immediately let go, teleporting a good 50ft away from her as she caught her breath and swiped blindly at him. “Fine! I didn’t wanna use this on a woman, but I guess CQC ain’t cutting it.” Phoenix began levitating skywards, bright flashes of light shining down on him from seemingly nowhere. “Spirit Spear Chastiefol! Configuration Zero!!!!” His voice boomed from the arena as a bright white light covered everything around him. In its wake left Phoenix, now completely covered in armour, raw energy beaming out of him in attempts to escape their shackles. “If you surrender now, I’ll make this as quick as possible!!!”

For a moment, Shiva pondered his proposal. Gazing up at the impressive power before her, she knew that she wasn’t a match for him, so drawing the fight out was pointless.

But then she looked to Ryker, remembering what had happened with Link. Was that going to be her fate as well? Beaten until she passed out?

No, she thought, as a ball of purple light condensed in her claw. There is another way.

She gazed up at Phoenix, hoping he could hear her thoughts. “You know Ryker won’t like that,” she pointed out.

She lifted her ball of purple light. A play dead spell, she thought, hoping Phoenix would hear. An experiment, admittedly, but one that will allow me to appear knocked out.

But what she said out loud was, “And besides, why should I go out with a whimper?” she asked. “When I can go out with a bang?”

Phoenix hummed, intrigued. “Then it seems this match is over.” He raised his sword to the sky.

“Indeed it is,” Shiva agreed, launching up at him. Drawing her spell back, she tucked into a cannonball, letting out one final howl of defiance.

Her body clashed against his sword, and the two fighters vanished in a blinding flash of light. The arena lit up like the sun itself had covered the sky. Warmth rushed through the stands, and everyone turned, shielding their eyes.

Kodo powered through the light. Struggling to see his mother. After a pregnant pause, through the blobs in his eyes, he saw the fighters.

Phoenix was lowering to the ground. An unconscious Shiva in his arms.

Smiling at her craftyness, Phoenix deactivated his ‘Zero form’ and summoned his kunai. He immediately began going over her injuries with ‘pollen garden’, stabilizing her more serious injuries along with her power stores.

Kodo was almost unhinged, clawing at the shield before him to the point that his claws began to bleed. “What is he doing to her!?” he demanded. “Is she okay!? BY EVERYTHING SACRED, LET ME GO TO HER!”

"The winner is Phoenix Wri- I mean, Phoenix!" Ryker shut down the shield and Kodo jumped from the audience stands, practically charging to Shiva and Phoenix’s side.

“Mom!” he cried, skidding to her side. “This is all my fault; I should’ve gone in your place, I…” He paused, sensing the effects of her spell. “I…” He exhaled in relief, practically fainting on top of her body. “You scared the crap out of me, you…” he sniffled, hugging his mom’s still breathing body.

“I’m almost done with her injuries,” Phoenix began, turning to Kodo. “I’m sorry for the scare, kid, just know that your mother was one of the few to force me to use that form. She sure is a tough cookie.”

Kodo chuckled softly, moving back to allow him to work on her. “That she is,” he said softly, linking with her and causing a smile to form on her sleeping face. “That she is…”

During the match

"Damn, this fight is nearly evenly matched." Thanos walked over and sat next to Ed.

“Indeed Thanos, however I believe Phoenix became dependent on his healing." Doom commented.

“Reminds me of Astas recent fight with Ayumi the Goddess of Balance,” Ed remarked munching on popcorn. “Want some?” He held up the bucket to Thanos.

"Balance?" Thanos turned his head towards Ed, "Yeah sure." Thanos shrugged.

“She’s a displaced version of Twilight that has a freak ton of power and a mixed and matched origin story of a genetic tree,” Ed shrugged. “Shes a good kid, kinda pervy, but a good kid.”

"But Balance tho." Thanos said looking at Ed, "Also, are you the Crimson Sage? Black told me about you."

“I wouldn’t mind getting a sample of her genetic structure. So far I have Phoenix, and Shiva’s both had some interesting elements.” Doom then looked to Thanos. “I could still use a drop of your own blood.”

“Trust me, Balance,” Ed pointed at the mad titan. “His power level is just out of range of Black’s. Fought asat till the kid passed out on his feet, then she passed out. My fission piece had to invoke some of my void power in order to reinforce the barrier around the arena. Hetap?” He held up a six pack of Hetap.

Hans leaned forward. “I haven’t been exposed to the abridged version of Dragonball, what is this Hetap?”

Doom however looked over to Kodo, who was completely invested in the still ongoing match, and took out an amulet one of similar construction to the Alicorn Amulet but this one was green and black instead of red. “Hmm, perhaps… Ed, might I request a little assistance. I have a trick up my sleeve.” Doom asks Ed then motioned to Kodo. “If Kodo has a power boost, could you train him?”

“How much time do you have?” Ed asked as he munched on popcorn. “I could always use the Teach skill I have. Be instant just Like that,” He snapped.

“Whatever Ryker’s plan is, it involves this contest. So I doubt he will make his final move till near the end. So… That’s our time table. Right now I’m stacking my hand, and perhaps Shiva’s as well with this move.” Doom looked to the amulet “I made this for a certain filly to boost the magic flow in her body, without the side effects of the original amulet. I am unsure how much of a boost it would provide Kodo.”

“I mean I was pulled away from playing with my kids and snuggling with my wives so yeah if you’re gonna throw a wrench in his plan, then I’ll gladly help,” Ed shrugged.”What do you want done to the kid specifically?”

Doom looked back at Ed “I don’t have enough data to get a full understanding of what would happen. However a quick calculation of a beings natural energy flow increases by ten fold with an Alicorn Amulet. The flaw in the original is that the rush is addictive and damages empathy centers in the brain, more so if the desire is driven by ego or negative emotions.”

He held up his own version “I haven’t fully tested this one, but I do know what I am doing. The side effects should be removed. So a Diamond Dog who can dig through earth and stone, should be able to rip steel and other metals easily when boosted. That’s a lot of power if applied properly.”

“I can give him martial arts skills if that helps,” Ed remarked. “Make him an earth bender so he can do all that without the amulet at first. Put it on boom super effective take down.”

“I wouldn’t recommend doing that,” Eric said, looking at the metal man. “Even if you guarantee there will be no side effects it’s still a bad idea”

"Sorry, I blanked out for a bit, damn virgins…" Thanos took a sip out of his Hetap that he grabbed out of thin air.

“I didn’t realize Thanos,” Ed chuckled. “I need ale. Dragon Ale actually,” He reached into a dimensional rippled and pulled out a flask. He took a swig. “ahhhh… that’s better.”

"And why's that Monohan?" Thanos looked to Eric, side-eyeing him.

“It’s Von Shadow, John don’t forget that” Eric said, rising to his feet glaring at the Titan Displaced before returning his gaze to Dr. Doom. “And the reason behind why it’s a bad idea is because Power always leads to corruption.”

Kodo didn’t let on that he was listening, but his ears flattened at the mention of ‘corruption.’

"If you're like that it's King Thanos to you Von Shadow, for I am royalty." Thanos said "And if that's the case, are you corrupted for you are powerful?" Thanos countered.

“Trust me Thanos I know I’m corrupted” Eric said using his shadows to meet the titans eyes. “But my point still stands, Power will always lead to corruption, all it takes is a matter of time”

"I had the Infinity Stones from the start, yet I am not corrupted, also King Thanos." Thanos pointed, "If you want to be called Von Shadow then you should call you what I want you to call me. It's called respect, you give what you get." Thanos took a sip of his Hetap he made out of nowhere.

“Not Corrupted eh” Eric arched an eyebrow. “Didn’t you start a war with your wife over your power?”

"My wife hunted me down, threatened my friends, I sought for shelter, and each shelter I went into she destroyed." Thanos chuckled, Thanos' eyes glowed for a split second.

“You’re avoiding the question, Titan” accused the Shadow Man

"Well, she still attacked me, so I decided "Fuck it, you want it, I'll give it to you.", and I gathered the Griffons, Changelings, Storm Kingdom, and the Minotaur Kingdom and we fought." Thanos said setting his drink down and putting his hands on the back of his head, leaning into his chair.

“And you both fought in the war for control of your power” Eric said lowering himself to the ground. “Face it: both you and your Celestia are corrupted in your own twisted way.”

"I fought for freedom,” Thanos argued. “She fought for my power, and yet how are you even better? Honestly you lack power." Thanos turned to Eric. "Your own comrade betrayed you and you didn't do shit, getting locked up by your own friend…"

“I’d choose your next word wisely Thanos” Eric said, his scalia turning black as his pupils turned red and shadow wafted off of him. “Need I remind you two years ago you could barely keep up with my Reaper Soul and you certainly can’t beat him now.”

Thanos stood up, "And I'd choose your next actions wisely, "Little one.", and barely? Tch, I wasn't even trying and want to test out that theory as well?" Thanos looked down at the Shadow Man, his body heating up.

“And you know your Heat-Heat Fruit will have no effect on me.” Eric said, black veins forming from the corners of his eyes. “It’s precisely why I gave it to you”

"My Ryou Haki will, as will as my transformations." Thanos emanated steam, "Also, news flash bitch, I have Ki, that means one Rokuogan time ten, and you're done." Thanos glared down at Eric.

Eric, however, laughed, “As if any of that would allow you to beat me,” mocked the Shadow Man. “I still have four other Souls you haven’t met”

"I honestly wish you can win against Black, so that in the Finals it will be more satisfying when I crush you." Thanos crossed his arms.

Without warning, two blade tips covered in haki appeared at the necks of Thanos and Eric.

“That is enough from the both of you,” Sombra growled, forcing the two back by digging his swords deeper under their necks. “I don’t know about you, Thanos, but I support Shiva in this fight, and I know you do too, Eric. Now sit down and watch the match.”

Reluctantly Eric backed away from Thanos before giving the Titan a malice fueled glare

“You better win so I can kick your purple ass for the lack of mercy you gave the kid,” Eric growled.

"Same goes for you,” Thanos replied. “You useless edgy teenager with the lack of strength to protect your loved ones."

Eric’s powers flared hearing this, to the point he almost used his Shadow Soul for the second time in two days, However, Sombra placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Calm yourself Eric” Sombra said, keeping both of his three swords in his grip. “If you're going to kill him, then kill him in the ring. And you,” Sombra added, pointing one of his swords at the Titan. “You are his friend. Act like it”

“Can’t believe I’m agreeing with him on this,” Black growled, but sighed as he starred at Thanos with a glare. “But you agreed to start acting serious, if you're going to stay true to your word. Stop acting like an insensitive jackass.” Black growled.

"Understood, Sombra, Black. I apologize. I feel off. I'm not normally this way." Thanos sighed.

"So uh… Black." Thanos scooted over to Black, "How should I go about apologizing to Eric?" Thanos whispered.

The Saiyan looked at the titan, “How the hell should I know, I barely know him, plus…” Black scooted away from Thanos, “You should figure it out yourself,” He said as he crossed his arms, looking back to the fight.

"...Formal apology it is then." Thanos scooted back to his spot. "Also, is Nappa training you in the Rokushiki Techniques?" Thanos asked the Saiyan.

“He hasn’t taught me anything yet, I just came out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after a few months there.” Black explained. “But, I suggest we get back to watching the fight…”

Thanos just nodded and watched as, slowly but surely, Shiva’s chances dwindled. As they saw Phoenix light up with power beyond the poor diamond dog’s level...

“Alpha Shiva isn’t going to win, is she?” Luna asked, turning her gaze from the match and to the shadow man.

“Afraid not,” Eric said plainly. “This Phoenix is holding back.”

"Was it that obvious?" Lucci looked at the Alicorn.

“Not in a hundred years Lulu…” Black said as he continued to study the blue haired man’s attacks. “He’s obviously not giving her a chance to escape.”

“He’s giving her no opening,” Sombra stated, remembering how he used to do the same..when he was… Umbra. “She’s going to lose but hopefully this one has more honor than…” Sombra gave a side glance towards the Titan which went unnoticed. “..Others”

Nightmare felt disgusted by the methods Phoenix used, but felt a pain rise in her chest when she realized that she would do the same. “It’s a disgusting way to fight, but it is effective, I’ll give him that.” Nightmare spoke, after being quiet for the whole tournament.

“You are not wrong, Luna” Eric said assuming the voice belonged to his princess

“Um..Eric that wasn’t me” Luna said, causing everyone to look towards Goku Black, next to him was the dark past of Princess Luna. Nightmare Moon

“That was me you dolt…” Nightmare scoffed, rolling her eyes as she watched the fight.

“And you must be Nightmare Moon,” Eric said, turning back to the match. “The villain that tried to plunge Equestria into a beautiful eternal night.”

“What gave it away, the fact that I’m completely a different coat or was it the eyes?” Nightmare said sarcastically. She stopped and realized what the man had said, turning to his direction. “Wait… Wait did you say? Beautiful?”

“Yes I did,” Eric confirmed, though he didn’t glance at her. “With my past, I never got to enjoy the day. I only got to have fun after my parents fell asleep. I always enjoyed the beauty of the night as I snuck over to my friends house.”

“Th- Thank you…” Nightmare said with disbelief. She’d only thought Black would be the only one to say such a thing to her. But she was proven wrong by Eric. “But it was honestly a stupid dream for eternal night, everything would’ve been killed if not for Celestia’s sun.” Nightmare said as she rubbed her arm.

“You are correct. However there are some things that only bloom in the night,” Eric said, remembering the time he and a drunken Luna watched his Crystal Orchid bloom in her moonlight. “If you ever get the chance try looking for a plant in the frozen north, they tend to grow in caves.”

“I will,” Nightmare said as she looked through Luna’s memories, seeing faint images of such a flower existing. Meanwhile, someone was watching them… Someone with white eyes.

Chapter Five, Conversations.

View Online

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

Chapter Five, Conversations.

"Ignoring everything that previously happened, I fought Black. You know the guy you fought? Ended up in a draw but it was damn epic." Thanos chuckled.

“Kodo,” Doom called, causing the diamond dog to jump. “Come here. I got something that could help you, help your mother.”

“Doom don't,” Eric said, moving between him and the pup. “I told you this is a bad idea”

But the mention of helping his mother caught Kodo’s attention, and he zipped to Doom’s side with his ears perked. “No, what’s he talking about?” he insisted.

"Pup you have no idea the dangers his amulet will cause," Eric said trying to reason with the Diamond Dog

At first, Kodo was silent, looking down with flattened ears. He chanced a glance at Sombra, his fur bristling as old memories came to him. The memories surfaced in his pack link, swirling around him and bubbling with emotion and images.

“Sombra wasn’t just some influence I picked up,” Kodo growled as the memories displayed his words. “I was born with him.” His pack link displayed an image of Shiva fighting. Getting grazed and scarred by dark magic. “A part of his magic got into my mom during a fight with him, and it found refuge in me while I was still in the womb.”

Eric gave a glance toward his friend remembering the times he had to face him. Slowly, he knelt down to eye level with Kodo as the diamond dog made his confession.

Kodo breathed. “For my entire life, I heard him. Whispering in my ear. Warning me that my mother was too soft. That she deserved better. That the ponies were my enemy. I thought it was normal. I thought he was my friend.” His claws clenched. “Then he took my mom from me… and I got to feel what it was like to give in. To make the ponies fear me. To take out my anger and rage.” His teeth briefly bared, before he looked down with shame. “But then we faced a foe our combined strength couldn’t beat. And I was left alone…” His tail tucked. “I lost Sombra. I lost our power. But worst of all… I lost the trust of everyone. The ponies. My pack…” He looked up with a laugh that bordered on a sob. “She’s too good a diamond dog to say it, but even my mom lost faith in me.” He looked down at his claws again. “Made me wonder why the Elements didn’t just kill me with Sombra.”

Without hesitation Eric slapped the pup across his face with as little strength as he could muster. Black almost stood up to stand between the two, but held himself back to see how it would play out. Kodo jumped back with a bark of shock, only to go silent as Eric’s powerful voice halted any protests.

“Listen to me, Kodo cause I will only say this once, Only the weak seek death, and death brings suffering to everyone you love” Eric warned with a serious look in his eyes. “Only cowards wish for their death.”

“I wasn’t seeking death, you…!” Kodo stopped himself before he finished that sentence. He looked down with a glower. “I just don’t know how to make up for what happened. To show that I changed. That I learned.” He sat down. “Sombra or Umbra… the demon is purged from me. But everyone still acts like I’m dangerous. That I’m insane.” His claws clenched. “The only way I can think on how to fix that is to show that I’m different! Otherwise… I don’t know how I’ll get that trust back.”

“Trust is never given, young one” Eric said, rising to his feet. “Trust is earned and earning it must take time.”

“Do what you think is right.” Black spoke up. “You may never gain that trust, I sure hell didn’t. But you could be happy if you did something that made a difference.”

Kodo chuckled softly. “I tried,” he admitted. He looked to the arena. “I volunteered for this. That should have been me out there. Mother was never a fighter, she was a healer. A diplomat. She hates fighting. I don’t know if I could’ve done better, but…” He shook his head. “But Ryker wanted her. And now she’s out there… fighting my battle for me.”

Black sighed, “Sometimes we never get a choice in some matters kid.”

“Trust me when I say this Kodo, your fight will happen when the world sees that you are ready” Eric said reaching into his body. “All you can do prepare for that day”

Eric removed his hand from his body and pulled out a white fruit with black swirls, Kneeling before the Diamond Dog, Eric begins to speak more seriously

“This is to apologize for what I did to your mother” Eric said putting the fruit in the pup’s claws. “Neither of you know my experience with mind control so it was unforgivable of me to do that”

Kodo lowered his own head. “Yeah,” he admitted. “I guess… with Mom’s pack link, everyone in our kingdom… knows each other. We’re all so open with our thoughts because we can trust each other. Even Sombra didn’t force me to do things like attack my family, so… the idea of being forced against your will…” he shuddered. “It sounds so… alien. Cruel.”

“Then you should understand,” Eric said, lifting the pup’s chin. “The last time someone took over my mind I was given one simple order, Kill Luna. it was here that I drew the final line in the sand, nopony messes with my mind and lives”

Kodo bowed his head. “I understand,” he said. “Mom didn’t mean to make you relive that. She just wanted to help.” He smiled softly. “It’s in her nature.”

“I know, I’ll be making it up to her later as well,” Eric said, giving the Diamond Dog a slight smile. “You’d better either eat that or put it in a pocket dimension”

Kodo glanced at the fruit and chuckled. “Well, pocket dimension’s out of the question, so…” he quickly bit into the fruit. His ears flattened and his fur bristled at the taste, but he powered through and swallowed it.

Black winced at the scene, “Oh god, I thought Thanos was joking about it tasting bad. But after seeing your reaction… he wasn’t joking…”

“Oh no they are absolutely Rancid in the taste department” Eric admitted as Kodo’s body started turning into smoke which caused the pup to panic slightly

Forcing down his fear, Kodo breathed, watching as his limbs evaporated around him. “Okay,” he growled softly. “I can do this.” He clenched his claws into fists, forcing his body to remain solid. “This power will only be used for good. No matter how tempting it gets, I will not fall to darkness again.” He breathed steadily and calmly, as his limbs reformed, though still smoked like he had escaped a fire.

“I’ll admit you’re doing much better than Rainbow Dash did when she ate her Devil Fruit" Eric said with a chuckle. “She completely spazzed out and I had to throw her into a pond”

Kodo laughed. “Well, if there’s one good thing the Sombra from my world gave me, it’s experience with smoke, obsidian and shadow magic.”

“He was always a trickster with that bullshit…” Black muttered.

“You too faced Sombra?” Eric asked. "Good or bad?”

Black glanced at Eric, “He murdered my friends, a friend I considered a brother, killed my master and an innocent Filly in front of me.” Black listed out. “So yeah, I faced the dirtbag.”

“Look I understand how you feel,” Eric said with sincerity. “By all accounts I should have killed him the moment I laid eyes on him, but past all the evil and brimstone he was just a victim of another dark ruler.”

“That’s what he told me as well,” Kodo admitted. “I’m not sure how different it is, but the Sombra in my world turned to Umbra as a way of keeping out monsters in the Frozen North.” He watched the smoke drift up from his fur. “The way he described it… it really sounded like he had the best of intentions.”

Black put a hand to his chin and began to think aloud. “That could’ve happened to my Sombra, but he’s long dead after I…” Black looked away for a second, his face full of shame, “After I snapped…”

“You can speak, I’m comfortable about death,” Eric said to the saiyan

Black sighed as he turned his attention back to Eric, “After I snapped, I turned into Super Saiyan 2, but much more… psychotic when Gohan did it against Cell.”

“Yeah never got that far, Me and my friend could only get an episode or two before I had to sneak back home” Eric said remembering his tortured youth. “We had just finished the Frieza arc before I was sent here.”

Kodo blinked at them. “And I’ve… never seen what you’re talking about. I’m sorry, who’s Gohan? Is Cell short for Celestia?”

“It’s something from our world. You wouldn’t understand,” Eric said

Black chuckled, “It’s alright, it's a show back from where I’m from. There was a teenager with so much potential to be a great warrior, but he’d rather not fight. But was forced to when his father told him to fight a being called cell. An android with the cells of every warrior in the universe, except for Buu.” Black explained as he stood up from the bench. “When Cell had kill and Android turned good called #16, the kid snapped, transforming into a ascended form of Super Saiyan, for example.” Black gripped his hands and transformed into a Super Saiyan 2.

Kodo yelped, and burst into a cloud black smoke. Growling, he struggled to reform.

“Black chill” Eric said, interrupting the saiyan. “I gathered from your form that you were a major fan like I was with One Piece but like I said he wouldn’t understand”

Black realized what Eric meant, “Sorry, couldn’t help myself…” Black nervously chuckled while rubbing the back of his head. Black looked to Kodo, seeing the pup was having some trouble.

Eric immediately saw that Kodo was struggling to reform his body, only getting bits and pieces to return to normal

“Having trouble?” Eric asked

Kodo growled as his head briefly formed, looking like he was poking his head out of a storm cloud. “I don’t get it,” he grumbled. “Sombra made this look so easy.”

“You’re forcing yourself to reform aren’t you?” Rainbow asked as she approached the group

Kodo took one look at Rainbow Dash, yelped again, and poofed into smoke. “Yes,” his voice moaned from the cloud.

“There’s your problem, squirt” Rainbow said with a million watt smile. “It’s like this, when it comes to Logia’s like you, me, and Eric, you’re trying to beat a river into submission when in reality you need to surrender to it’s flow”

“And here I thought you never listened,” Eric said elbowing the pegasus

Black looked to the mare with surprise, “Is it just me, or did she just teach something useful?”

“Pretty much,” Eric admitted. “Remove the bravado and the ego and you have yourself a fine soldier”

Kodo’s head reformed from the smoke. “So… I just… go with the flow?” He glanced down at his smoky body.

“Precisely” Eric said said as Kodo began to reform almost instantly much to Rainbows surprise

“You’re kidding?” Rainbow asked dumbfounded. “It took me weeks to control it without bursting into flames”

“I think we’ve got ourselves a protage.” Black said with a laugh, crossing his arms.

Kodo chuckled sheepishly. “I had a bit of training when I had Sombra in my head for… most of my childhood.” He swallowed as he glanced at Rainbow Dash’s look of disbelief. “Speaking of which… you may not be the Rainbow Dash from my world… but I feel I owe you an apology all the same.”

“What for Squirt?” Rainbow asked

Kodo’s grin faded to regret. “While Sombra was in my head, he figured out how to hide my mom from me. Then, he made me do a lot of bad things to get her back. Things like…” he swallowed. “Taking over Canterlot.” He lifted his claws before she could speak. “I know it was wrong now… and I want to make amends.” He bowed his head. “So… I’m sorry. For that.”

“Oh...uh...apology accepted” Rainbow said utterly confused, while she knew of Eric’s origin and that there were others like him she was still new to the whole multiverse concept. “No..hard feeling”

Kodo covered his eyes with embarrassment, like a camera-shy dog, fading into a cloud of smoke again.

“Don’t worry kid you’ll get the hang of it soon enough” Eric said with a chuckle. “Everyone usually does”

“Oh, by the way kid, sorry for scaring you earlier.” Black said while nervously laughing and scratching the back of his head.

“Oh?” Kodo asked, reforming. “Oh, you’re fine.”

“Oh, before I forget you’ll need to know a few things” Eric said taking the nearest seat. “Your Devil Fruit is known as the Smoke-Smoke Fruit or the Plume-Plume Fruit whichever you want to call it, Your body is completely smoke but that doesn’t make you invincible”

“Right,” Kodo said, nodding as he took in every word.

“For one you are affected by gas, our friend Echo informed us of the fight he had with your fruits predecessor” Eric said soon seeing stars in the mutts eyes. “Also stay away from deep sources of water, the downside to every Devil Fruit user is they lose the ability to swim and sink like rocks in water”

Kodo blinked. “I get the sense that baths are going to be even more painful from now on,” he noted.

“No not really, showers and baths seem to be fine, they just weaken you a bit” Eric assured the Diamond Dog. “And lastly Haki” Eric said pulling up his sleeve showing his skin which soon turned black.

Kodo gasped in awe. “It’s like obsidian armor!” he whispered, before looking down at his own claws. He clenched them with a grin… only for them to poof into smoke. His ears flattened with a huff of disappointment.

“Don’t beat yourself over it alot of creature don’t have the ability to command Haki”

“What is Haki?” Kodo asked

“Haki is the manifestation of ones will, It creates this armor which enhances both Strength and Defence. It is also able to harm Devil Fruit users” Eric explained to the Diamond Dog

Kodo rubbed the fur on his chin. “But… I’m a Devil Fruit user now,” he noted. “At least… I think I am. So… this Haki doesn’t hurt me if I use it, or…?”

“In a battle of Haki users it ultimately comes down to who’s willpower is stronger” Eric said his arm returning to normal. “There are three types of Haki.”

“Armament Haki: which is the one I just showed you allows you to actually harm Devil Fruit users if they have no physical body” Eric said as he grinned for the next part. “I want you to attack me”

Kodo blinked up at him, before hesitantly lifting his claws. “I’m gonna regret this,” he moaned, before bursting into smoke and lunging forward.

“Left claw,” Eric said, catching the pup’s arm with a Haki covered arm. “Immediately followed by a kick to the stomach” Eric then grabbed the Diamond Dog’s right leg with another Haki covered arm

Kodo stared at his caught limbs in shock. “Sombra never mentioned this happening to him,” Kodo mumbled.

“This is the second form, Observation Haki: with this Haki one can read what their opponent is going to do before they do it. It is also use for sensing other around you even through thick walls” Eric said before closing his eyes letting the pup go

“And lastly the final form” Eric said, sending out a weak wave of Conquerors Haki.

Kodo shivered as the Haki flowed over him. “I remember that from the first fight,” he admitted.

“This is known as Conquerors Haki or the Haki of the Kings.” Eric said ceasing his Haki. “It’s very rare, only one in every million are able to use it, it holds the power to knock out those with weaker wills and even force enemies to their knees”

“A perfect ability for a King,” Kodo commented, glancing at the arena. “Or Queen…” he pondered.

“But like I said, not everyone can use it, plus it takes years to fully master” Eric said, remembering his time away. “I mean it took me two whole years to master mine”

“Yeah,” Kodo agreed. “And I’m only getting started on this stuff.”

“That’s the spirit kid” Eric said as everyone returned to the current match.

“Yeah, I saw your fight with Black,” Ed nodded. “Surprisingly he used Ddraig to his full potential. l thought he had access to it the time. Still a good fight. I have to say eight out of ten.” He drank more ale. “Black is somewhat of an extended family so I have to keep watch on him. I do that with all my family through the void.”

"Also, Doom, you can have my blood." Thanos pulled out his sword and cut his forearm. Drawing blood in the process.

“Why does everyone seem so dramatic? All I need is one drop not a bucket worth.” He removes his analyzer and takes a blood sample. “This should prove interesting.”

"Sorry," Thanos chuckled, "It doesn't really hurt me anyways."

“Go big or go home,” Ed commented. “As for my blood don’t bother. It’s all human crap and it can’t exist outside my body or it’ll turn to ash. This isn’t even my original body anyways. That died a while ago.”

Hans looks over “So a constructed form? I myself inhabit a created body, my original is now Doctor Doom’s.”

“My body is one hundred percent real and human but at the same time it’s just a fleshy puppet I use to interact with the world around me that I am summoned to, or pulled to in this case,” Ed said as he took a swig from his flask. “The only parts of me that won’t flake away in to the wind if my flesh is gonna are my arm and leg and if my body doesn’t regenerate my limbs are pulled into my weapons vault for safe storage.”

When Shiva had collapsed, and Kodo had reunited with her, Ryker appeared, causing Kodo to twine his arms around Shiva protectively.

Luckily, for now, Ryker didn’t seem interested in taking her. Instead, he set Link down before them.

"I got what I needed from him,” Ryker said, before making a portal and walking back through it. Ryker was gone.

Passing Shiva to Kodo to hold, Phoenix got up and made his way over to Link’s body, levitating the hylian’s body up towards him. He then began to check for injuries, but found none. “He’s fine.” Phoenix said, turning to the rest of the group. “Just needs some rest.”

Kodo sighed, and a pulse of thought went into Shiva, causing her tail to briefly wag as she learned Link was okay.

“Hey Kodo.” Phoenix called out, drawing the diamond dog’s attention. “I’ll need to take Shiva back to the arena before Ryker comes back, take care of Link.”

Kodo growled in protest, before Shiva’s pack link pulsed again, thoughts exchanging between mother and son. Kodo’s growls turned into keens. But after a brief standoff, Kodo finally released his mother with a huff, and reluctantly made his way over to Link.

“Ed,” Phoenix called, turning to him. “We need to make sure she stays in good health, and out of Rykers hands for now. The extra bulk would be appreciated.” He bent down and picked up Shiva in his arms, making sure to be as careful as possible.

“I will be as careful as possible,” Ed nodded. “I wouldn’t be much of a surgeon if I wasn’t now would I.” He held his hand up and opened a portal. “This pocket room should do for her treatment and seeing as I am conscious now, that bastard won’t get the drop on me. I will have a nanomachine take care of any injuries she has and leave a clone to attend her for now. Would that work for you?”

Pulling Chastiefol from his back, Phoenix chucked it to Ed. “If anything happens, this thing’ll deal with it, you can trust me on that one.” He then handed Shiva over to Ed.

Suddenly, Kodo’s pack link twined around them. “She’s not hurt,” he said, his voice panicked and desperate. “She’s under a play dead spell; it allows her to appear unconscious, and she’s supposed to be able to snap out of it when she wants. She’s not actually hurt, just don’t… do anything with scalpels.”

“That’s cool and all,” Phoenix began, “But that won’t stop Ryker from taking her.”

“I will be alerted if the clone goes poof,” Ed said as a double of Shiva appeared from white smoke of himself. “And no need for blades, young pup. My machine can open a body through the tiniest of openings. There will be no need for cutting.” The clone took Shiva and Chastefiefol folded behind it as they entered the room, the portal closing behind them.

Phoenix nodded to Ed before speaking. “Well, I have some matters to attend to regarding some new information, so I’ll be heading out. Cya.” Phoenix gave a small wave before teleporting out.

Kodo sighed in relief, before giving a worried look back at where Ryker had been. Hefting Link on his shoulders, he scurried into the locker room. Thanos then walks off looking behind him before going down a hallway, Thanos opens a door nearby him and walks in.

"...How do I get stronger?" He asked himself, "I have Haki, Rokushiki, Kaio-Ken, Ki, and my Devil Fruit. And… This armor…" He took out his emblem. "Wait… I have some magic… Oh. My. God. I can use that magic to my advantage!" It all clicked to Thanos, Thanos grinned.

“What are you whining about again?’ Ed said with a flat stare as he cleaned his ear with his pinky finger.

"Just planning on how to get stronger." Thanos said turning to the Sage.

“Can I flick you, I feel like I should flick you in the forehead,” Ed looked at the mad titan. “Maybe I should Mr. Popo?”

"Why?" Thanos raised an eyebrow, Thanos crossed his arms. "Why are you even here in the first place? Why'd ya follow me?"

“I’m just looking around really,” Ed shrugged. “I can be anywhere and everywhere I want as long as it’s not in my world. I was forced into this world anyway so I’m not bound by all the rules you guys are for the tournament as well. Being A Spectator I can do whatever the hell I want really. I’m not on any displaced’s side either. I also find the fights exciting and I want a piece of Ryker for taking my snuggle time with my girls away. So what’s your dilemma grape ape?”

"Trying to get stronger." Thanos leaned on some crates that were stacked in the room.

“I can teach how to bend one of the four elements if you want?” Ed shrugged as he went over to the crates. “Who needs He-man actions from the seventies?”

"Nah, bending isn't my style." Thanos said as he studied the room idly.

“Maybe this then,” A yellow crystal plopped into his hand. “Dragon Slayer Magic? Doesn’t have to be lightning either?”

"Dragon Slayer eh?" Thanos turned to Ed, "Now I'm interested." Thanos chuckled.

“Like the name says this type of magic was designed to destroy Dragons." Ed explained as he tossed the crystal up and down. “You can gain it a few different ways. One be taught by a dragon, two have one of these crystal implanted in your body, or three eat dragon flesh from the world of Fairy Tail.” He let the crystal float in the air. “You gain a slight elemental resistance to things, can eat compatible magic to create new move or replenish your own magic etc. Down side is motion sickness to anything you consider a vehicle. But the last one is mainly mentality but it’ll still affect you. You can in fact have multiple types of dragon slayer magic but at most only eight. The only way this is done is by implanting these crystals into your body.”

"Alright bet, but what do I get? Fire, Lightning, Ice, Earth, Water, what?" Thanos asked Ed impatiently.

“What ever ones you want,” Ed said flatly. “Name it I have in stock or can make it real quick.”

"...Earth… With my Heat Heat Fruit I can make it Lava." Thanos said as he lifted up his right arm and it began to heat up. "Not to mention it will be pretty damn hilarious watching everyone look at me eating rocks."

“How about I just give you a Lava Slayer Lacrima then,” Ed raised an eyebrow. “Better yet I’ll do both,” he held up two fingers with a smirk. “Lava and Earth!”

"...Alright, both it is!" Thanos declared, grinning in the process.

“I look forward to a thrilling fight in return,” Ed smiled ashe held up two crystals in his hand, one red and the other brown. “This won’t hurt for too long.”

Thanos walked up to Ed and took them before shaking his hand. "Thank you, I'm highly resistant to pain. Now do I just shove them in or… Pause on that." Thanos pointed out before his whole body hardened, using Tekkai Go, he then costed himself in Armament Haki becoming black.

“Hmm.. Haki,” Ed smiled evilly. “That won’t do any good as your body undergoes reconstruction and reconfiguration to adjust to the new dragon in you though.” He dusted off his hands to Thanos’s surprise. “All done. I did it when you shook my hand.”

"Ye wot m8?" Thanos looked at his hand, he then felt the crippling pain. He then screamed in realization and agony, his scream being heard throughout the universe. He then stopped, "Now that I got that out of my system, imma eat some rocks." Thanos walked off.

“Always the riot,” Ed snarked as he walked into Shiva’s room to check on her.

Chapter Six, Just "Chilling"

View Online

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

Thanos walked inside the bar and saw Lucci, Luffy, Nappa, and Entity there, Entity placing down an Ender Chest and putting on his Netherite Armor with Protection, Blast Protection, Thorns, Feather Falling, and Unbreaking all the way to the Max.

"Damn, Ryker, if I had my Armor then, ohohoho he would be so fucked!" Entity seethed, Thanos just shrugged.

"Want a drink?" Thanos offered, the Minecraft Man looked at Thanos before shutting up. Entity crossed his arms and sighed.

"Fine, I guess."

Black walked in, still in his Super Saiyan 2 state, looking around all the bar. The Saiyan spotting the Titan and his friends. “When the hell was there a bar here?” Black asked as he walked towards them.

"I don't know, also, barkeep!" Thanos walked next to the counter, a dragon popped up.

"What will it be?"

"Ohhhhh I’ll have one can of hetap, one shot of whiskey, one cup of apple juice or so

And bring me some strong cider I’ll give that a go!

Bring me two Angel's Ale, one hot, one cool

And bring me some vodka at least 7 years old or call me a fool

Then bring on the vodka I’ll start with at the top

And wash it all down with a juice of somes kind, keeping giving to me until I drop

Some weird and cherry booze and some more Dragon's ale

Some old bud light and a Snow Storm's’ gale

Hetap, Mountain Dew, Champagne or perhaps make it slim

Rum, Red Bull, and a wide grin

Sunlight, Zebra's brew, a Diamond Dog's beer and G-Fuel

Some old sour spiked water and two turtle flops

Silver's Fairy Rain, Frozo, Black Cloud, a new Red Flower or old

Centaurs Blood, Mr. Popo's sacred water, and one for the road!" Thanos finished and the barkeep grabbed those items and gave it to the Titan.

"And one bottle of Vodka for Entity, this is all mine." The Barkeep threw the bottle at Entity and he caught it. Thanos began to drink his beverages.

“Say goodbye to your liver I guess…” Black muttered, finding a stool to sit next to them.

"Shut up, you don't know how my body works, this is light-work for me, I usually have five until I go under the table." Thanos grinned, waddling over to his seat.

Black rolled his eyes, “Barkeep, I’ll have a bottle of whiskey.” The Saiyan called out, the barkeep doing just that. Black grabbed the bottle, opening it with ease and taking a drink. He took a glance at Entity, noticing he was shaped like a Minecraft Steve or Alex. “I just realized you're from Minecraft.”

"You now realized that? Bitch I am Exactly two blocks tall which is 6'4 but even still! I am a 6'4 blockly man." Entity frowned.

“You can’t blame me, we're kinda in a tournament which isn’t shady at all.” Black pointed out as he took another drink.

"Indeed it is!" Ryker said above them in a leprechaun outfit, "...Don't ask, I've been to Ireland."

Black raised an eyebrow, but shrugged as he set down his drink. “Never was going to ask.”

"But just in case though, also Thanos I hear you now have Dragon Slayer magic." Ryker turned to the Titan who was drinking his… Drinks.

"Perhaps." Thanos gurgled. Black only shook his head and took another drink from his bottle of whiskey.

"Also, you both fought already didn't you two? Don't ask how I know, I know people." Ryker said blankly.

“I fought his former marefriend if that counts,” Black said as he pointed a thumb at Thanos.

"I meant in your Equestria, Black." Ryker facepalm.

“Oh yeah, it ended up in a tie since we were both exhausted. We had agreed to not use Observant Haki, healing, or Ultra Instinct.”

"Since you already fought, what if you both fought… Only using your Martial Art skills? like old Dragon Ball!" Ryker then hummed Makafugi Adventure.

“Wouldn’t it be unfair since I’m more experienced with ki than Thanos?” Black asked the king.

"...Did I say Martial Arts or Ki?"

Black deadpanned, “They used ki in old Dragon Ball…”

"Ohh, sorry been a few thousand years."

“Oh it’s alright, totally understandable.” Black said with a wave of his hand.

"Rules of you two fighting, no Observation Haki, Healing, Transforming, Devil Fruits, or any of the sort. That includes Kaio-Ken. So it's basically like Piccolo Jr. Vs Goku." Ryker grinned.

Black smirked, “I must say, I am intrigued at these rules.” Black took a swig of whiskey before putting the bottle on the table. “But I think I’m still at an advantage. Plus there’s the fact if I even fight Thanos.”

"What about his Haki? Armament Haki, Conqueror's Haki," Ryker went on.

“Even without transformations or healing, I could obliterate the solar system with a powerful blast.” Black explained.

"Can you destroy a moon in one punch, no Ki?" Thanos pointed out.

“Possibly with Armament Haki and if I’m moving at a very high velocity.” Black explained. “But I won’t truly know for sure, plus I think Luna would be mad at me if I tried that.”

"Bitch, I have the Dragon Balls. We can wish that shit back." Ryker chuckled, "Now, Imma get drunk!" Ryker walked up to the Barkeep.

Black rolled his eyes, “Dragon Balls, I swear they were useful, but they always cause trouble.”

"Bitch, if you keep on rolling your eyes they're going to roll out." Thanos sneered at the Dark Saiyan.

Black looked to Thanos with a smug grin. “Is that so?”

"...Don't give me that look," Thanos deadpanned at Black.

Black rolled his eyes, “I think I’m starting to miss funny Thanos, just a little bit.” Black said as he pinched his fingers.

Thanos pulled out a gun, "Don't you fucking roll your eyes again." Thanos frowned, "I will blow your eyes out."

“When have guns ever worked in Dragon Ball?” Black asked while crossing his arms

"Did on Goku when he was fighting those criminals." Thanos countered.

“Didn’t work on him when he was a literal child.” Black pointed out.

"He's an adult now and stronger, so what's your point?" Thanos tilted his head up.

“It’s called Chichi telling him to get a job, making him lose time on training.” Black countered.

"...You got me there," Thanos gave the gun to Lucci who put it in his pocket. "Also if you want to learn the Shigan, aka Finger Pistol, you can use it for a variety of things. Such as fingering Luna." Thanos grinned.

Black made a finger gun and pointed it at Thanos, a tiny ball of ki forming at his finger tip, “Care to repeat that bitch? I will destroy all of your alcohol!”

"B e t." Thanos said looking at Black, his vision was blocked by Iron Block.

"Can you two not?" Entity asked the two.

Black put his hand down, the ki disappearing as he starred at Entity, “Fine, but how the hell does Minecraft block’s working in the fucking real world?” Black asked.

"Just roll with it like you roll with the fact that you are a literal anime character in a girl's tv show." Entity said blankly.

“Wait, Equestria is a girls tv show!?” Black asked out of pure surprise.

"My Little Pony, My Little Pony," Entity began to sing. "I used to wonder what friendship could be, until you shared all of it's magic with me!"

“I don’t even recall such a show existing back from my earth.” Black explained

"That's probably because your body decided to keep yourself away from that shit." Entity broke the blocks with his Netherite Pickaxe.

“Probably, but I would’ve seen something even related to it.” Black muttered as he put a hand under his chin.

"Powerpuff Girls? Care Bears? Power Rangers?" Entity looked at Black curiously.

“Power Rangers is the only show I could think of, but the others I’ve never heard of or seen at all.”

"Bruh, do you have cable? Let me show you one of the episodes." Entity pulled out a TV and set it down before them, with a remote in hand, he turned on the fight between Tirek and Twilight.

Black immediately turned away and crossed his arms, “Hold up, is this the future or past. Cause I don’t want to know what happens in the future..”

"...Future… Alrighty then, Uh Return of Harmony p1 and p2!" He turns on the first and second episodes.

Black watched the first two episodes with Entity. He cringed at some scenes he knew happened, “How the hell did I not cringe when these things happened?” Black asked himself.

"Because you can avoid them by beating the shit out of people." Entity answered Black.

“Yeah, but still…” Black muttered. “Funny thing is that back in my Equestria, Nightmare Moon would’ve ended the girls immediately when she would get the chance.”

"I swear if I was there right now, I would slap all of them. Then leave. The cringe level is over 9000 in this show, and not to even mention how they handled Discord." He turned on the two parter episode with a shiver.

“I wasn’t there for most of the parts, like when Luna first appeared or the party, kinda was in another universe because of the Elements of Harmony.” Black explained, “Something about a magical overload or something.”

"Didn't happen to Thanos when he got stoned, which is ironic. When he got stoned it was slow, or so I heard." Entity looked towards Thanos.

“Heh, Nightmare Moon tried to awaken the Nightmare inside of me by leaving Luna’s body and entering mine. But I tricked her, having the girls use the elements on me.” Black explained

"...You should pick your words wisely, because the way you're saying shit can… FUCKING RULE34 ARTISTS!!!" Entity cried out.

“How about this, Nightmare Moon left Luna’s mind and entered mine, trying to break through the mental barrier I had placed to keep Zamasu from escaping.” Black exasperated.

"Better, also… I think it's time I teach you how to break the Fourth Wall." Entity set up straight.

“Oh god,” Black slammed his head against the bar table, muttering something about Deadpool and Pinkie Pie corrupting everything.

"Alright so we're currently being written by two men, in their homes about a story regarding a children's show. On a site called Fimfiction, now we come from different stories. I have an author and you have an author." Entity began.

Black let out a muffled scream, already tired of all the shit that’s been happening for the past day or two.

"And that's how I met your mother." Entity finished looking down at Black.

“Jokes on you, I’m an orphan.” Black spoke, his voice being muffled by the table.

"Let me guess, Anakin?" Entity asked the Saiyan jokingly.

“The fuck?” Black immediately swinged his head up and looked at Entity, “No…” Black said blankly. “No, I've been an orphan for as long as I remember.”

"Ah, you're in the Denial stage, the first stage of Grief. It's okay buddy." Entity pats Black's shoulder.

Black looked away from Entity and looked at ShirMech, “Can you believe this guy?” Black asked, pointing a thumb at Entity.

(What the hell did you do to him Chill!) -ShirtMech

(Hahahahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) - Chill.

"Ah, Anger, the second stage." Entity sipped from his bottle of whiskey.

Black rolled his shoulder, popping it. “I think imma go stretch, been sitting on a bench all day.”

"Yes, relieve yourself of your stress."

“Anyone is free to join me in the gravity chamber for training, except for Thanos.” He turned his head to the titan, “Still mad at you for even thinking of pulling that ‘Thanos’ crap.” Black walked out of the bar.

"I'm going, you guys can be drunk." Lucci followed Black.

"Fine, I'll just send them- I- Fine I'll leave them be when I win the war." Thanos threw his head back and took a swig of his drink.

Black walked into the gravity chamber, looking for a console to up the gravity. Lucci entered shortly after the Saiyan did.

"Sup, do you mind if I go into my Hybrid Form? I need to be a Hybrid every now and then." Lucci asked the Saiyan.

“I don’t care, go for it.” Black said, waving his hand as he continued to look for the gravity controls.

Lucci sighed and turned himself into a Half Human, Half Leopard, towering over Black as seven feet tall. "Also the console is over there." He pointed at a console beside Lucci.

Black turned to Lucci, “Thanks, by the way, how much gravity can you withstand?” Black asked as he went to the controls.

"Hm… Our Time Chamber had upgradeable gravity and so far I could go up to fifty without suffering from it." Lucci commented, But in my Hybrid form… One hundred." Lucci informed the Saiyan.

“Good, let's push that shall we?” Black said as he changed the gravity from normal to 120X normal gravity. Black barely felt the change as he hopped around the room with ease.

Lucci fell on all fours, Lucci grunted and slowly stood to his feet. "Ya kno the good thing about being a cat is that you always land on your feet." Lucci said with a grunt.

“True,” Black said as he frowned at how easy it was to move. He put a hand upon himself, a glow appearing on his forearms and shins. Big cylinder weights appeared on the Saiyan, pulling Black down to the ground. “Weighted training usually works in situations like this.” Black said as he felt it harder to walk now. “Five tons each should do it.”

"Oh go fuck yourself…" Lucci decided to do finger pushups.

Black let out a laugh as he went to his own side and began to do ceiling pull ups after creating a strong enough rope and attaching it to the roof of the gravity chamber. “1… 2… 3…. 4…. 5....” Black counted to himself.

Out of nowhere the displaced and their parties began to hear a noise, even the king and his men heard the sound. It was eerie yet passionate at the same time, leaving their activities everyone goes to investigate the source of the sound. The noise grew in volume as they made their way to the arena, once inside they were met with the sight of numerous people sitting in the stands looking towards the ring with stars in their eyes. Down in the ring stood Eric his eyes closed as he ran his bow across the strings of his treasured violin

Shiva, Kodo and a handful of others were down in the ring with Eric completely starstruck as he played his melody.

Black stood there at the exit of the stadium, watching the performance below. The Saiyan was intrigued to say the least, not hearing music of this sort in over a millennium. He crossed his arms, smiling and humming along with the tune.

While the saiyan was observing the Human, Sombra made his presence known to Black

“Amazing isn’t it?” Sombra asked his expression completely tranquill

Black glanced at Sombra, holding down his anger for the unicorn, “It sure is… haven't listened to something like this... for some time now.” Black explained, keeping his voice down to make sure no one would be annoyed.

“It’s his magic,” Sombra said to the saiyan, earning a raised eyebrow from the saiyan.

“Magic?” Black asked with curiosity. “Is it something he specializes in?”

“My father told me that every creature has magic,” Sombra said, reminiscing of his past. “Dragons have their breath attacks, changelings have their shapeshifting and Eric…” Sombra said, cracking a smile at his friend. “Eric’s magic is his music”

“Music sure is magic, but how is it Eric’s? I know humans specialize in many things.” Black asked the unicorn.

“For some reason when Eric plays any instrument it draws a crowd and lifts one’s spirit” Sombra said, closing his eyes. “His music has the ability to make you forget your sorrows and your pain as if it was never there in the first place”

“It does make me reminiscent of old times, before He showed up.” Black explained, seeing brief flashbacks of a time he longed to go back to. “It kinda reminds me of this photo.” Black said as he pulled an aged photo out of his gi. It showed him and Luna laughing while the alicorn had cotton candy on her snout. The Saiyan smiled at it, “Makes me want to go back…”

“I know what you mean” Sombra said chuckling

Black put the photo away, before he did he caught a glance at the ring on his finger. His smile disappeared as he stared at the ring. The one item he never used in his life, “I could go back…” Black muttered. No Black, you’ve agreed to never use it. The Saiyan told himself.

Unfortunately for Black Sombra heard him,

“Going back won’t fix anything it’ll only make things worse” Sombra said slowly opening his eyes

Black sighed as he took one more look at the ring before looking to Sombra. “I know… It just keeps taunting me every time I look at it.” Black explained, “I wish I could just throw it away and be done with it, but i can’t let it get in the wrong hands…”

“The only thing you can do is keep them alive in your memories and move on” Sombra said descending the stairs and joining his comrade. “But don’t let them control you, good memories can save your life”

Black stayed behind, looking at the dark unicorn, “If you only knew what I became when ‘you’ killed my master.” Black whispered, staying for the rest of the performance.

Starstruck by Eric’s music, the diamond dogs' heads tilted up, and they softly sang along, their howls almost like flutes as they added to the music.

Thanos hummed to the music as he walked down to his room, suddenly feeling homesick. Thanos missed Sally but he dismissed it as he went inside his room.

“Nice piece,” Ed nodded walking out of a portal. “Elegant, strong, and upbeat. Tells the struggle of one who has been through much that comes to a trampling end as they have achieved their goal.” He looked at the diamond dog. “You seem to have made a decent recovery.”

Shiva stretched with a hum. “Phoenix healed my injuries,” she noted. “He could’ve done worse to me, but he didn’t.” She nodded, looking around for the blue haired human. “There’s good in him, even if he’d rather act like there’s not.” Her ears flattened as she looked down. “I guess I’m out of the running.” She shook her head. “I… don’t know what I’m going to tell my pack. I promised I’d return with wealth, but… it looks like that’s not happening.”

Kodo stopped his howling, looking down with a sad expression. “We can tell them that I messed up,” he replied. “They’ll believe that.”

Shiva gave her son a pained look, but didn’t refute him.

“Lies are never a good thing in packs, young one,” Ed noted. “Truth is better. And what wealth do you want? Power, money, or knowledge?”

“Technically,” Kodo pointed out, “I volunteered. I don’t know if I should’ve pushed to be in the match, but they called for Shiva, and I just… let it happen.”

Shiva shook her head. “You would’ve had even less of a chance against Phoenix than I did,” she replied, before turning back to Ed. “Sorry, Ed. To answer your question, I was mostly looking for diamonds.” She chuckled. “I know they’re called ‘diamond dogs,’ but the amount of gems and jewels we collect is insane. And trying to do anything with the stuff is a nightmare. They hold onto the gems like Twilight holds onto books. At least it makes sense why dragons do it; one of my allies mentioned they have a magic in them that lets them grow stronger the more treasure they have. But… when I try to collect gems for an alliance with even one dragon…” she shook her head with a laugh. “My dogs want twice as many to replace.” She sighed. “My pack links keep too many of them from freaking out, for the most part; lets them see that I have a plan and makes them feel included, but…” She shrugged. “I don’t know; I was hoping the wealth would translate out to a big pile of diamonds to keep them happy for a short time.”

“Want an endless sack of diamonds?” Ed asked. “It’s not hard to create with my magic. A simple thought and poof,” He said as a bag appeared in his hand, “Here they are.”

Shiva stared at the bag in shock. Hesitantly, she reached out for the bag, glancing up at Ed as if asking permission.

“Take them,“ He held them out.” I have no need for more wealth.”

Shiva took the bag. Reaching in, she uncovered a solid diamond. One that made Kodo start to drool as his diamond dog instincts kicked in.

“Thank you… Ed,” Shiva whispered in awe. She placed the diamond back in, and leaned back in her seat, pondering something. “You know, I don’t understand why Ryker would want me in this?” she asked, more to herself than Ed. “I was out of my league even before I fought Phoenix.” She looked down at her claws. “What place did I ever think I would have among Gods?”

“Gods?” Ed raised an eyebrow. “Displaced are far from gods. We may be able to do great things but we still have mortal souls. At least we all start out as mortals anyways. I’ve been around for over fifteen millennia and still don’t consider myself divine in any way. There are those amongst us that do have divine powers but we are still mortals at our core. As for why you’re here,” he leaned back and looked up. “I can’t answer that. Why would he suddenly pull me out of nowhere? I can just as easily go home anytime I want. I’m not bound here by the rules of a summon like the others and I can thoroughly screw things up with my power too. I know why I’m staying. Not everyday you get to see a displaced Tourny. Being an outlier I can help who I want and make things more interesting for everyone here including myself for my own entertainment. In a way I am god like that though i still don’t like the monicure.”

Shiva smiled. “You might not have liked the real thoughts of dogs, then,” she noted. “Before I came to Equestria…” She paused. “My word, it feels like another lifetime ago… but, before Equestria, I was just a dog. One of several hunting hounds. And one of the other dogs… he spoke of how he saw our human masters as gods. ‘It makes sense,’ he would insist. ‘They make fire. They give meat. They rule land. They must be Gods!’” She shrugged. “And I couldn’t refute him. The humans were our masters, and we lived to serve them.” She looked down at her claws. “Then… whatever happened, happened, and I ended up in Equestria.” Her ears flattened. “And the ponies proved unworthy of being my master.” Her tail wagged. “And yet… then I found my pack.” She smiled as Kodo nuzzled under her arm. “I found my family. And now…” she looked towards Eric as he continued to play. “I’m back with the true masters. And they’re even more powerful than when I left them.”

“Hmm… I was alone for a long time after I was cut off from my brothers. My parents disowned me and I saw my younger brother little. My middle brother went off to train in the east for a few years and I was never really close with my kid brother. Not long after my middle brother started his career after coming back home I was sent to my Equestria,” Ed explained. “I wandered for years. Found Faust. Trained the sisters for a few years. Then left out of their lives for the next seven thousand. Came back; fell in love with Luna. Became Mimosas King. Got married. “ he sighed with lonely sadness. “Then I was betrayed. Turned to stone for two thousand years. Went insane then sane and came back upon Discord’s release. Not much after that, mainly displaced here and there gathering power.”

Shiva pondered his words, before her ears perked, picking up the sound of a walking stick.

Fujitora walked into the room, tapping his walking stick as he went to make sure he didn't fall. "Hello, I heard something and thought I'd come on by." Fujitora said, sensing their presence with Observation Haki.

Shiva turned to Fujitora with a wagging tail. “Oh. Hello, Fujitora,” she said, making a spot for him. “Please. Join us.”

Fujitora tapped the ground with his walking stick, he felt a chair and he sat down, slowly. "Please, call me Issho, Fujitora is just a title, standing for Purple Tiger." Fujitora said with a smile, knowing the voice of the Diamond Dog.

“Ah, I understand,” Shiva noted. “So… Issho, then.”

"Uh… I really don't have much to say, first time meeting an outsider really," Fujitora commented.

“Not much needs to be spoken sometimes,” Ed pointed out.

Fujitora jumped back at Ed's voice, sending Shiva to her paws, "Dear Kami I almost had a heart attack!" Fujitora held his Heart. "My body is 54 years old damn it."

“Got ya beat by a few thousand there, kid,” Ed chuckled “Speaking of you. Do you want your eyes restored?”

"I'm fine, I've been like this for twelve years, five months, one week, ten hours, five minutes, thirty four seconds and counting." Fujitora rubbed his forehead.

Shiva shivered. “A long time,” she noted softly, before glancing at Ed. “Not long to some… but long to you.”

“Time is a relative concept to all,” Ed shrugged. “But if you wish i can improve your senses or restore your eyes. Or not your call.”

"I have Observation Haki, I'm alright." Fujitora yawned, "By the way, have you ever heard of Devil Fruits?"

"Who hasn't in my line of work?" Ed pointed out.

"Good point, I have the power of gravity due to the Zushi-Zushi No Mi, since I awakened it, I'm more powerful. The power to drop down Meteorites or Moons down to the earth or whatever the hell this planet is." Fujitora informed the Sage.

"I am well aware of you powers and what you are fully capable of my friend," Ed nodded. "I fought a Zoro Displaced once after all. I actually have a similar ability to manipulate gravity with my eyes." Ed activates his Rinnegan. "You may not be able to see them but I know you can feel them."

"The Rinnegan? I wonder what would happen if Madara and the actual Fujitora Met. They would be dropping down meteorites on each other." Fujitora "looked" around, "Do you know where I can get some ramen?"

"Cup or fresh?" Ed asked

"Fresh." Fujitora answered the Sage.

"I'm not the best cook but you learn a thing or two growing up in the swamps," Ed remarked. "If don't mind me using gourmet ingredients froM Toriko's world I can fix you some if you like?"

"Toriko is the best anime for food, beside that one lewd anime that has people having "foodgasms" as some would say." Fujitora popped his neck.

“Foodgasms?” Shiva mused with a chuckle. “Sounds like an orgasm while eating.” She moaned. “Why didn’t I ever try that with Luke...?” she mumbled to herself.

Kodo turned a bright red and glanced away. “I really don’t need to know about that part of your life with Dad,” he noted.

"Food wars, urrrrrr…" Ed shuttered. "I like food but not to the point of orgasm. Give me one second," He said standing up and walking in a portal.

"Their clothes even pop off, Anime Logic man…" Fujitora said before chuckled

"Like I said I like food," Ed noted as he set in front of Fujitora. "But not to the point of orgasms. One round of Century Ramen hit from the kitchen with chopsticks or a fork which ever ya prefer."

"Chopsticks, eating anything from Japanese culture with a fork is a sin." Fujitora "frowned."

"Chopsticks it is then," Ed smirked as he set a pair of fresh chopsticks across the bowl. "I hope you enjoy your meal," he gave a bow and sat back down.

Fujitora enjoyed his meal, a slight smile snuck it's way to his face. "Ah… That was a good time." Fujitora was now full on grinning.

Eric paused in his music for a brief second before starting another only this time he actually began to sing, Immediately Luna beamed remembering the song

Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you

Eric sang with a smile on his face as his body dropped into the floor leaving a shadow copy to play the violin in his place, Emerging from the ground Eric continued to sing as he made his way towards his princess

Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you?
Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be

Eric stood before Luna with a wide smile as he extended his hand

Take my hand
Take my whole life too

Luna gladly took the shadow mans hand as he pulled her towards his body as they began to dance with one another, all the while he continued to sing

For I can't help falling in love with you
Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand
Take my whole life too

Luna and Eric’s dance slowed to a stop as they put their foreheads together

For I can't help falling in love with you

Eric sang as Luna finished the last verse

For I can't help falling in love with you

The pair's attention was immediately caught when they heard a plethora of cheers and claps. Black, still at the exit of the stadium, looked at Eric with a soft smile, giving the man a thumbs up. Shiva and Kodo whistled.

“God Dammit!” Complained the Shadow man. “I got lost in my music again”

“You don’t hear me complaining,” Luna said planting a kiss on Eric cheek

Me neither man, can’t sing at all, Black spoke to Eric telepathically. Good on you…… Black finished as he turned away and walked back to the gravity chamber with a smile on his face.

Eric sent away his copy and retrieved his violin before storing it within his shadow body,

“Thanks Black” Eric said as he and Luna went to their sleeping quarters. ‘Better give it your all in two days’

Black entered the gravity chamber, realizing no one was there. The Saiyan made his way to the console, turning up the gravity to 5000X earth gravity. The room turned deep red, the weight pushing the Saiyan down. Hope you're ready Eric, cause I won’t be holding back… Black told himself as he created ki copies of himself. He charged forward and the clones did the same, clashing with a powerful shockwave, it being nullified by the chamber.

Katakuri stepped in or rather squeezed himself in, him being fifteen feet tall, the chamber was big so it reached to his full height. Katakuri stood there in the chamber with no trouble. "Training, are you? Good on you, because I'm doing that too. As Champion I should always keep myself in shape." Katakuri said before going into a push-up position.

Black eyed Katakuri, but paid him no mind as he continued battling himself, looking for weakness so he could improve. He caught a clones fist, kneeing the clone in the gut before throwing it to the side.

As he did the push ups he lifted his scarf to keep it from revealing his mouth, Katakuri quickly transitioned to finger push ups.

Black got blindsighted, getting struck across the face sent him to the chamber’s floor. He recovered, landing on his feet as he looked up. There was a barrage of ki attacks coming from one of the clones. He shielded himself, feeling the impact of the blasts pushed him back. He swiped at the air, the smoke vanishing as he saw his clones charging at him. He smirked to himself as he charged back forward, It’s gonna be a long night…

Katakuri decided to push a button on the console and hundreds of tiny robots appeared from the console, they then fired lasers at Katakuri, but Katakuri was faster than any of the robots could be. Dodging and turning them off.

Some of the drones went after the Saiyan as well, he dodge a clones kick. The Saiyan blasting the clone away while simultaneously dodging some drones and turning them off. “Add more of a challenge huh?” Black asked as he kicked a clone away, deflecting a laser from a drone.

"Possibly, alas, this is just an everyday occurrence for me." Katakuri tilted his head avoiding a laser.

“Doing the same training every day, kinda sounds boring to me.” Black grunted as he tanked a punch from a clone. He yelled as he overpowered the clone, punching it in the gut before blasting it to oblivion. “Do you have a training partner?”

"Indeed, I have Ryker, Fujitora, Sakazuki, and… Douglass Bullet." Katakuri said that last name dramatically.

“Interesting, I’ve only got Nightmare Moon.” Black said as he charged up to multiple drones, dodging every laser and turning them off. “But since she’s in a new body, she can’t use it to its full potential.”

"A new body huh? I remember someone swapped bodies with me, it was a female and it was the weirdest experience I've ever had. Besides getting teleported to a Hentai Universe, courtesy of Ryker." Katakuri said as his arms stretched and turned off the drones.

Black shivered at the thought of being transported to a Hentai Universe. “The Weirdest thing for me was either walking through a door and being transported to another universe into my marefiends room, or the fact that I’ve gained the body of Super’s best antagonist.” Black said as he kicked a clone's legs, tripping it before curb stomping it into the chamber wall.

"Easily the best villain in the Dragon Ball Series, besides that there is this one villain named Donquixote Doflamingo, kind of a tragic villain really." Katakuri chuckled.

“Mingo’s just insane by then time the fight comes around and I have to agree Black was the best villain of the whole Dragon Ball series,” Ed said as he popped into existence. “You guys been here for a bit ya know.”

“I know, but I think Frieza was a fantastic Villain, definitely can compete with Black.” The Saiyan said. All the remaining clones tried to jump him, but Black brought his hands to the chest. With a primal roar, he threw his arms to the side, making a powerful ki blast around him, insinerating the ki copies.

“If you really think about it and I MEAN REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. Frieza is just another short bald guy with anger issues cause he can’t beat a tall guy,” Ed pointed out.

"In my honest opinion Perfect Cell is Second best, he deserved to die, was fleshed out well, had his moments, killed Goku. I mean the first villain to kill Goku besides Raditz, and come on, Raditz really didn't kill him. Honestly, I wanted him to be in the T.O.P that would've been fun." Katakuri chuckled as he turned off the robots.

“It would’ve been cool, but at that point he was weaker than Piccolo,” Black said as he dodge a laser.

“Wouldn’t Piccolo still have been considered a villain at the point in the story?” Ed ponderd. “If you considered that then technically only two villains have ever actually killed Goku. Still on the fence about Piccolo though. I guess that just really comes down to who perspective.”

“Excuse me” a voice spoke up from behind the group causing some to jump in fear

Entity went through a portal that was made from Obsidian, Entity looked at Maud before falling down due to the 5000x gravity. Entity sprang back up due to his Armor.

“Do you guys know where the kitchen is?” Maud asked, reaching into her pocket pulling out her pet rock. “Boulder’s hungry

"Go down the hall, take a left, then a right, it's right at the end of it, ya can't miss it." Entity commented dusting off himself.

“Thanks” Maud said turning to leave only to be blocked by Entity

"Excuse me would you like to take a moment to talk about our lord and savior Go D. Ussop?" Entity jokes.

“I’ll pass” Maud said trying to move past the minecraft creature

"Alright," Entity stepped aside, "By the way, do you have a Devil Fruit?"

“I do” Maud said making it to the door

"You probably have a Devil Fruit better than that Party Mare, fucking cocaine addict." Entity shook his head.

Maud stops in her tracks before turning to Entity. “Care to repeat that?”

"Bitch, don't make me go onto my Dragon Block C account." Entity threatened, "I have Super Saiyan Four on that Mod."

“Devil fruits are hard to make,” Ed complained as he floated in the air. “At least the first generations are. I wonder if I could get my hands on a fish fish fruit? Did someone just insult pink the sugar demon in front of her sister.”

"She has a sister?" Entity turned back at the Sage, "I thought she was an orphan, they don't look related, must be adopted. It simply isn't genetically possible for them to be blood related." Entity raised a blocky eye brow.

“Man you’re just diggin your hole deeper,“ Ed warned. “Maud is Pinkie’s older sister and being a big brother I know she won’t stand for you talking about Pinkie Pie like that.”

"I have Netherite Armor with all max protection, not to mention I have my Netherite scythe with Sharpness, Smite-" Entity’s words were cut short when Maud slammed her fist into his stomach

Entity was sent flying into the wall leaving a dust trail of where he once stood, groaning Entity freed himself from the wall and found cracks and tears covering every inch of his armor and weapons.

“They grew up on a rock from!” Ed remarked. “She can literally destroy boulders with her front feet in under ten seconds.”

“Never insult my sister again” Maud said with her usual expression

"Ya know what?! Ya sisters a bitch." Entity splashed Xp potions, repairing his armor before drinking a potion with rainbow colors. "I now have my Strength, Speed, Jump, and Health powered up, and now…" Entity went into his Infernal Form, the same form that he took where he fought Eric.

Black stopped his training and stood between them, “Hey, cut it out!” Black shouted.

“I know she can get on your nerves sometimes but you should really think about what you’re getting into man,” Ed cautioned. “Or do you want all the pies on your ass, plus the apples who could possibly be related to the pies.”

Maud walked pass the Saiyan and up to Entity and lifted a single hand, the grey earth pony put the tip of her finger to the Minecraft Player, a white aura covered her hand

"Oh shi-" Entity managed to get out before she one inch punched Entity into the same wall

“I warned him,” Ed shook his head. “Hmm… I wonder where Ryder is hiding?”

"It's Ryker!" Ryker said, kicking down an imaginary door, he wore a Leprechaun outfit. "Don't ask, I'm Irish."

*CLICK* Ed took a picture of Ryker. “That’s for pulling me away from my girls during snuggle time.” He held up the picture. “And sent to everyone across the network. And that’s for taking me away from my kids.”

"That's it!" Entity's white fur turned yellow, and electrical sparks appeared over him. "KAIOKEN!!!!"

“Tremor…” Maud said rearing her fist back. “..Air palm”

Maud throws a palm strike into the air causing massive amounts of cracks to form in air, a powerful gust of wind blows knocking Entity as well as the others to the ground destroying the floors

Entity held up his ki-netherite-armament-haki-infernal scythe up to shield himself it was Effective but not by a large margin. Katakuri turned to Maud, and gave her a thumbs up.

"Kick his ass warrior Maud of the Pie family." Katakuri said smiling under his scarf.

“Take it back” Maud ordered

"NNNAH" Entity chucked as he appeared in front of Maud and sent a Ki blast to her stomach and sent her into a wall.

“Ryker may I ask to use your arena?” Maud asked pulling herself from the wall with no trouble

"Do what the hell you want, I'll deal with it when i'm sober." Ryker said, his face flat on the ground.

“Ooo… Next official fight Maud v Entity,” Ed rubbed his hands together. “All in favor say ‘I’.”

Black shook his head as he went to the console and turned the gravity back to normal. “So
much for a training session…” Black mumbled, walking out of the gravity chamber.

Chapter Seven, Local Minecraft Myth gets wrecked by The Rock's Sister.

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Chapter Seven, Maud Pie vs Entity_303.

Thanos sat there on Ryker's throne and cleared his throat, the competitors there and some of the commanders there as the audience. "Alright everyone because of some stupid reason we're settling this. Remember Eric, we had that conversation…" Thanos shouted out.

“Are we really going to go through with this?” Sombra asked the Titan using his Devil fruit to appear next to the throne

"Sadly yes, I am sorry about this stupid shit, why is this happening? Entity needs to learn when to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!" Thanos shouted in a voice that rivaled the Royal Canterlot Voice.

“I don’t blame you,” Sombra said, tightening his grip on his blades. “I blame your friend for doing something as asinine as insulting Mauds younger sister”

"Exactly, he's a bitch! I am tired of this shit! Can someone please go a day without killing each other?! God damn!" Thanos punched a wall and made it shatter.

“Yes,” Ed nodded. “He was warned several times to.”

“You know if you discipline your comrades more often stuff like this wouldn’t happen” Sombra said as he watched Maud began to crack her knuckles

"Nigga I have no control over them, blame Grievous, he's a standard white boy! He teaches them when I sleep!" Entity stood on his side of the stage, his ears crackling like fire.

“Well let’s get this over with so we can all sleep for tomorrows match” Sombra said giving the titan a side glance. “Just promise me you will intervene if this gets….Deadly”

"Alright… ON THIS CORNER WE HAVE MAUD PIE!!!! The One who's going to win," Thanos introduced Maud

“Did some one eat the Party Pony she’s gonna be pissed if she doesn’t see this,”. Ed advised.

"Then we have THE ABSOLUTE BITCH THAT IS ENTITY ON THIS SIDE!!! The one who is going to lose." Thanos shouted out.

"Hey! That's rude!" Entity snapped.

"You know what's also rude? Shit talking someones sister in front of them! I need to get some sleep before I kill everyone in this entire Universe!" Thanos shouted out.

“You were warned to back off, you didn’t so you take the lumps,” Ed remarked flatly.

“Several times from what I hear” Sombra shouted

"EXACTLY!!!" Thanos shouted out, scolding the Minecraft Man, "God damn can something bad not happen for once?" Thanos prayed.

“You just made it worse,“ Ed slapped his face.

"Sorry, I'm just… Really pissed off today…" Thanos grumbled before drinking some rich wine.

“Well since we’re here might as well make this fun” Ed said cracking his knuckles then using his powers to transfigure the ring into a city landscape. “Good big or go home!”

"...The fuck's this?" Entity looked around, Entity's monkey tail flicked around.

“Your undoing Bucker'' Maud said cracking her neck with a twist of her head. “I’m gonna make you regret speaking about my sister like that”

"I'm gonna make you regret striking me you emotionless cunt." Everyone paused in the arena.

“WHO SAID THAT?!” Shiva’s voice echoed from down the hall.

Immediately the hands of Sombra, Thanos, Ed, Katakuri, Fujitora, Zabuza, Akainu, Arkham Knight, Lucci, Nappa, Luffy, Necrozma, and Goku Black collided with their foreheads creating a resonating slap throughout the ring.

“This Mother Bucker is absolutely insane” Sombra said sensing the forbidding death approaching. “Thank Faust Eric and Luna went to bed otherwise we might have to be cleaning Entity off the walls and floors”

"This Nigga’s out of his got damn mind” Lucci said rubbing his eyes.

“More like he just doesn’t know how to stop being an asshole,” Ed said flatly. “It’s like it’s ingrained in his dna. Don’t tell the purple book pony cause she’ll grab the big needles, no on second thought tell her..”

Zabuza starts to dig a grave, Nappa and Lucci helping Zabuza too.

Down in the city modeled ring Maud just closed her eyes and deeply inhaled into her nose

“Maud,” Sombra said as the earth pony opened her eyes. “Kick his ass.”

“Yea and shove a red hot fire poker up it too,“ Ed added

“THEN HANG HIM UP BY HIS GENITALS!” Shiva’s voice added.

Maud ran at Entity at a speed the minecraft player couldn’t track, she only became visible when her closed fist slammed into his left cheek sending him crashing into one of the buildings, the building then fell onto him. A pillar of fire bursted from the rubble sending magma rocks flying everywhere. Entity stood, his white hair covering his left eye, Entity stumbled out of there and ate an Enchanted Golden Apple. "Alright bitch, let's do this." Entity flew at the Earth Pony, fire boosting him. Entity spun around and tried to kick Maud only for her to duck down effortlessly dodging Entity's kick. Entity then shot a quick Kamehameha at her only for her to appear behind him.

“Tremor Strike!” Maud shouted in slight anger as her fist slammed into his back throwing him into the ground leaving a Entity shaped hole

"Fuck you!" Entity cried out.

Calmly Maud walked over to the closest and tallest building, gripping the walls in her hands Maud slowly causes cracks to form along the bottom. the Building was lifting off the ground as Entity began to leave the hole only to ghawk in horror at the building

“Oh Shi..” Entity said as Maud slammed the building right onto the minecraft player

“This is what happens when you’re just an outright asshole and don’t listen to warnings,” Ed said and everyone else only nodded in agreement.

Entity flew up from the buildings remains glaring down at Maud. Entity brought out his two scythes. "Two Scythe Style, Pony Slayer!" Entity slammed his two scythes into Maud but blocked it with an Armament Haki covered Arms. She was sent careening into the top of a building, Entity then threw flaming cars at the building and made it knock down.

The car crashed into the building knocking the top part of it down, the collapsing building kicked up boundless amounts of debris block view from everyone

“Is it over?” Thanos asked with a croaky voice.

“No, Maud is by far the strongest out everypony in our equestria” Stated Sombra. “She was an even match for the Tyrant King Umbra the Dark, your friend is no Umbra and has no way of defeating her”

“Never underestimate the stone faced ponies,” Ed added with a smirk. “The Pie family in particular, especially granny pie.That old mare sneezed once and knock a mountain range over.”

Entity flew above the dust and debris keeping his eyes below him, without warning a pair of arms wrapped around his chest locking his arms to his side.

“Tremor Hidden Lotus” Maud said kicking her legs causing the air to crack and give her a speed boost as she and Entity raced towards the ground

"NIGGATO MY FAVORITE ANIME!!!" Thanos said before falling back on his seat.

"Pfft- Niggato." Lucci chuckled.

“Eric taught her that particular move” Sombra said smiling as he enjoyed the match.

“Wonder if she could handle a 180x Kugi punch?” Ed thought.

"What about a Kaio-Ken times ten Rokuogan?" Lucci said, curiously.

The Two crash into the ground destroying the surrounding areas, Entity kicks Maud away as he wipes blood from his mouth. Entity then went Super Saiyan Two, the electric sparks becoming more prominent now. Entity walked up to Maud who stood there stoically. "Naruto, nice." Entity commented, catching his breath.

“Eric taught me” admitted the earth pony

"That's cool, oh and by the way, have you ever been burnt so much it feels like your skin has melted off?" Entity asked Maud.

“No” answered the tremor pony

"WOULD YOU LIKE TO?!?!?!?" Entity blasted her with Black flames, she slammed into multiple buildings before hitting the arena's walls.

Maud showed no emotion as she got to her feet and walked towards Entity

“WHY WON’T YOU STAY DOWN ALREADY!?!?!?! Like god damn…" Entity grumbled.

Maud quickened her pace before disappearing from view entirely, Entity frantically looked around for her until a black fist collided with his nose throwing him back. Entity was then struck in the back knocking him forwards, to the observers all they saw was Entity being flung back and forth like a pinball

“You all should know that Maud Pie is a complete master of the Shave Technique” Sombra stated

Entity stumbled forwards before he put An emblem to his chest. "Combat Armor, go!" Entity was covered from mesd to toe in Netherite Armor, wearing Netherite Gauntlets too. He smashed his fists together. Entity vanished from sight, Maud didn't give a damn though, crossing her arms to wait for Entity's puny attack to strike her rock solid form. Maud was then "crushed" by an elevator.

"Nice ass by the way." Entity jokes, he laughed in hysterics afterwards.

“I must say he’s putting up a rather decent defense against her,” Ed pointed. “But one thing a displaced person should never underestimate is the love of family and the determination of a Pie.”

A black arm burst from the remains of the elevator, Maud pulled herself from the remains and glared at the minecraft player with pure unadulterated anger. swishing her tongue around Maud spits out a single tooth

“Oh, she’s really pissed off now,” Ed snickers.

"OHHHH!!! Now you fucked up, no you fucked up, now you fucked up!" Nappa clapped his hands in a rhythmic way. "NOW YOU HAVE FUCKED UP!!!"

“Mmmm, yes rather badly at that,” Mr. Popo added. “Now, BBBBYYYYYEEEEEE!!!”

“I’m sorry” Entity said in fear, fear of seeing an actual rage fueled expression on the expressionless pony

Maud lunged at Entity seizing him in her iron grip slamming him into every building she could before throwing into the air, Jumping after him Maud clamps her hands together

“Tremor Gong!” Maud planted her clamped hands into the minecraft players armor causing it to crack

Entity slammed into the ground forming a massive shockwave that decimated the ring and creating a large crater, thrusting her arms down Maud fell right on top of him

“Tremor…” Maud said rearing her fists back. “...Burial”

The force utter wiped the ring off the map as well as bury Entity into the ground, the only thing visible once the debris cleared was Maud standing over a pile of rubble with a armored hand sticking out

“A rather impressive showing you two,” Ed clapped. “Next time I’ll just turn him to a soccer ball and let the foals play with him for a few hours.”

Mauds expressionless demeanor returned as she walked away

“Never insult my sister again,” Maud said walking away, her body showing no sign of injury

“What have we learned today everyone?” Ed snapped and Entity blinked into the stands coughing up gravel.

“You never insult Maud's family, especially Pinkie Pie,” Sombra said, finding the entire fight completely enjoyable. “Just be thankful Eric wasn’t here”

“Oh I was”

Turning their heads around everyone was met with the sight of both Eric and Luna, and both were pissed and both emitting Shadow and Lightning from their bodies

“We saw the WHOLE fight,” Luna said her lightning taking on a more red hue

“You want a private dimension for the beating of the videogame prick pinata?” Ed asked.

“I wouldn’t mind” Answered the Shadow Man as his shadow crept towards the minecraft player

“Wait guys you’re not going to leave me with him are you?” Entity asked, his voice shaking.

“What part of ‘private dimension to beat the prick pinata’ did you not understand?” Ed raised an eyebrow. “You were warned several times not to do what you did by many of us. Yet you did it anyways. You take the lumps as you pile them up buddy boy. You could always go with Mr. Popo.”

The genie twiddled his fingers at Entity.

“Really it is your fault,” Sombra said drawing his sword and lifting Entity’s chin with the tip. “You called a mare the One word that must never be spoken”

“But they wouldn’t know about that”

“Oh we know, as Luna said we. Saw. The Whole. Fight” Eric said through gritted teeth as his shadow reached Entity’s foot and started to slowly crawl up his body

“I have a fire poker,” Ed pulled out a red hot piece of metal with a spike.

“We won’t need it” Luna said lightning sparking in her hands

“Okay,” Ed threw it over his shoulder, someone complaining about their leg was heard. “What dimension do you want?”

“Anything with shadows will do” answered Eric his eyes shifting from blue to red and black

“How about the Shadow Realm from the original Yugioh series,” Ed suggested

“Sounds Perfect” Eric and Luna said in unison as the portal opened behind them.

“Your chariot awaits, and your luggage,” Ed held up Entity now as if he were a suitcase.

From the portal multiple tendrils of shadow grab hold of Entity by his legs, Entity starts to claw at the ground as he is slowly dragged towards the portal

“No wait! I’d prefer Popo!” Screamed Entity trying to grab hold of something

Entity manages to grab hold of Sombra’s leg

“Please talk to him you’re his friend, Tell him to calm down like you did with Thanos,” pleaded Entity

“Thanos wasn’t drunk then,” Ed pointed out.

“Yea I wasn’t drunk then,” Thanos agreed as he downed another hetap.

“And the word left your lips,” Sombra said, kicking his leg free. “You must ride the tracks you have laid down”

“And I’m coming too,” Mr.Popo smiled. “Mmm bye!” he kicked Entity in the face and followed him into the portal.

“Fuck me in the ass, no!”

“Great Idea” Luna said grimly her lightning intensified. “We’ll start there first”

“God you are hot when you get like this” Eric said stepping through the portal behind his princess

“Tell me about it,” Ed nodded. “You should get in before Mr. Popo,” maniacal leaving and screaming came from the portal. “Has all the fun.”

“Popo!” Mr. Popo said, causing the portal to close.

“So his name closes the portal?” Sombra asked raising an eyebrow

“No it just knows better than to mess with him,” Ed shook his head. “I’m not opening that again by the way. I’d do LSD with the genie but not going against him.”

“O-Kay,” Sombra said, kinda confused. “Is he going to hurt Eric or Luna?”

“Judging from their shared reactions and what their thought patterns were, they’ll be fine,” Ed shrugged. “As much mush as I’d really like to see and over size circle peg shoved in a square whole I’m not going near a pissed off sex game right now. If you feel like disturbing that kind of screwy relationship then be my guest, here is a shadow crystal to open the portal,” Ed handed over the crystal to Sombra. “I’ve been around for a while and I’m married to the sisters and have two kids with one of them and another on the way not to mention my other mare. I have learned not to stick my nose in someone else’s shit.”

“Yeah for some reason Luna’s Sex drive gets worse when she’s livid,” Sombra shuddered at the fact his room on the Shadow Damnation was right next to theirs, before he bunked with the crew “They’re the same kind of bucked up as Popo”

“No they are in a class all their own which is FUCKED UP to the highest degree of Pi,” Ed pointed. “I need a drink, you wanna go interdimensional bar hopping?”

“I think I’ll join you,” Sombra said, slouching slightly. “After tonight I’m definitely going to need it”

“Then let’s go my sword wielding amigo,” Ed pointed as a new portal opened up. “I know this great place that sells fire whiskey.”

“I’ll just stick..” Sombra then thought for a moment about what could be happening to Entity right now. “You know what buck it Fire Whiskey”

The duo walked into the portal to drink the night away, far away from the messed up shit happening in the Shadow Realm that is.

Chapter Eight, Dr. Doom of Griffonstone vs Kyle, just Kyle nothing else.

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Chapter Eight, Dr. Doom of Griffonstone vs Kyle, just Kyle nothing else.

Thanos walked down the hallway only to see Entity walking down perfectly fine. Thanos paused, he looked to Entity.

"Are you okay?" Thanos raised an eyebrow, Entity stopped to turn to him.

"I actually feel fine! I don't remember much because I blacked out when I was going to the Gravity Room yesterday and-"

"Wait, you don't remember insulting Maud and getting tortured by Eric and Luna?" Thanos frowned, leaning closer to Entity.

"I insulted Maud?! I don't remember drinking," Entity scratched the back of his head.

"Tch, you were infected with Dark Ki," They turned to see Nappa, "I should know, I've been in the Time Patrol for a while. Only I could sense you were corrupted."

"WAIT WHAT!?!??!? Who corrupted me?!" Entity looked at Nappa with worry.

"I get a feeling it's Ryker, ever since we've been here you two have been acting strange, and the only way to purify you is to beat you. So Thanos… I'm gonna start beating you now, I don't know when I'll stop." Nappa cocked back his fist and transformed into Super Saiyan.

"Well sh-"

Kyle stood there in the Locker Room, he looked at his fist then at Doom. Kyle then started to shake in absolute fear, Kyle’s blood was cold. He started to shiver as he remembered his time in the lab, being experimented on and being tortured. Kyle stood up and ran out of the door.

Shiva watched him go with concern in her eyes. Glancing at Doom, she cautiously crept over to the metal human.

“Excuse me, Doctor,” she said softly. “I know I’m hardly the type to make suggestions, but…” She nodded at where Kyle had run off. “There is a way for you to take it easy on him.”

“Take it easy? In what way? Should I hit him as hard as I can so any suffering he would feel would be fast and relatively painless? Or let the fight last longer by pulling my punches, thus making the time he suffers extended?” Doom looked at Shiva then to where Kyle went. “Mercy can bring its own agony. Ryker wants a show, so making the fight last longer would play into his hands. It would also allow me to not reveal all of my abilities, but like I said that means the time of physical combat is longer, and Kyle would be taking more hits.”

“But I heard you mention that you use technology and magic. And since you’re eager to learn about what we can do…” Shiva extended her claw, and a ball of purple light formed in her claws. “This is how I got out of my own fight with Phoenix,” she explained, her pack link ensuring that no onlookers heard them. “It’ll essentially allow you to put Kyle into a catatonic state resembling being knocked out. It’ll admittedly need to be covered by some flash - you’re not wrong about Ryker wanting a show. But with this, you at least won’t need to pummel him into unconsciousness like Thanos did to Link. And with my pack link, I can transfer the knowledge of how to use it straight into your memory.”

Just as Shiva finished her sentence, Thanos came crashing through a wall and into a punching bag. Nappa walked out with Entity with him.

“Where’s Maud, I need to apologize to her, though I wasn’t in control of myself due to Dark Ki. Where is she?!” Entity cried out, looking for the solid stone cold mare.

“She’s Training with Sombra,” Eric said entering the room

“Thank you Von Shadow, have a nice day.” Entity tipped his helmet to Eric before trying to walk off to apologize to the mare.

Eric however blocked Entity’s path by erecting a wall of shadow in front of the exit

“Oi! What’s the problem?!” Entity asked with a frown.

“You insulted her sister and called her a Cunt,” Eric said glaring at the minecraft player, and earning an irritated huff from the female diamond dog nearby. “She utterly wrecked you in your fight. Speaking to her now before she has had time to calm down is suicidal.”

“I CALLED HER A WHAT!??!?!? I don’t remember any of that! All I remember is walking to the gravity chamber then blacking out and waking up here! You gotta believe me!” Entity said with desperation, “Also, I knew she could beat me in a fight, I’m a blocky man. I was just staring at her for jokes.” Entity chuckled.

“Even still, heed my advice,” Eric said, dropping the shadow wall. “Don’t speak to her until she has calmed down.”

“If you don’t trust him, trust my word on this,” Shiva added. “It takes a ‘long’ time for a woman to calm down from an insult like that.”

“...Understood.” Entity nodded, as Thanos was being punched by Nappa, over and over again.

“Also I’d refrain from sitting down anytime soon. Luna did a number on your tainthole,” Eric said laughing as he left the locker room

“I don’t feel any pain, remember, Minecraft Human? And also, kinky.” Entity laughed with him, or rather himself. Lucci walked inside, suddenly black.

“Hello guys.” Lucci’s voice was different, more African-American, “What’s up?”

Luffy turned to Lucci, “Hey, you look different. Did you take a bath in chocolate?” Luffy asked the Leopard Assassin.

Black walked into the locker room with bags under his eyes again. “Zabuza ga watashi o nemurasenai yō ni shi tsudzukerunara, watashi wa kare ni hakai o tsukau to chikaimasu…(I swear, if Zabuza continues to prevent me from sleeping, I will use destruction on him...)” Black muttered, speaking japanese. The Saiyan looked to Lucci, taking a second to process what he just saw. “When did you become African American?”

“Wait,” Lucci checked his hands and pure tears of joy appear on his eyes, “I’M BACK AND I’M BLACK BABY!!! HALLELUJAH I’M BACK TO BEING BLACK!!!!!!!!!” Lucci cheered before punching Luffy in the face. “Also that’s racist.”

Shiva and Kodo glanced at each other, utterly bamboozled at his joy. “Um… hooray?” Kodo offered.

“Wait, were you African American before you became a Displaced?” Black asked as he rubbed his eyes.

“Yes!” Lucci started crying, finally happy after all these milenia, “Yes, I was!” Lucci grinned.

Black yawned, “That's great, good on you.” Black said with a smile. “Sorry if that yawn annoyed you, it’s just Zabuza has been a total ass…” Black hissed.

“Oof size large on that.” Entity said, “If that man comes close to me, he’s on the chopping block.”

“Exactly, also, I’m sorry for you.” Lucci said before walking off, “I’m getting some Fried Chicken, it doesn’t taste as good when you're white. Also, if I’m black, it’s not racist.” Lucci said to the Readers as he walked off, Luffy following him.

Black just shook his head as he created a tiny sphere of haki, it’s pressure being felt through the locker room. The Saiyan then proceeded to bounce it in the air, using his foot. Kicking the sphere of destruction like a soccer ball. Kodo watched like he was expecting Black to throw it. Hesitantly, he tried the same tactic, though his limbs kept exploding into smoke.

His limbs exploding into smoke drew his mother’s gaze, and she blinked in shock as he reformed his limbs instantly. “Kodo, why is your fur turning into smoke?” she asked.

Kodo swallowed sheepishly. “Um… Von Shadow gave me this ‘Devil Fruit.’ Said it’ll give me the power to turn into smoke. Though now I’m weak to water.”

Shiva’s ears flattened, and she glared at him like he had been out past curfew. Kodo shrugged defensively.

“It was either the Smoke-Smoke Fruit or some version of the Alicorn Amulet!” he insisted. “I’m going to make up for what I did, and that means making sure I’m strong enough to protect you.”

“My version of the Amulet. One I could if need be disable with a snap of my fingers. The last thing I would want would be another megalomaniac with sadistic tendencies.” Doom huffs then heads out of the locker room.

“And another megalomaniac is something you’re not going to get,” Shiva called after him before glaring at Kodo. “Right?” she growled darkly.

“I told you, I’m not putting anyone through that again,” Kodo whined.

Shaking his head at the mother and son argument, Doom left. Yet, as he left, he placed a small disk on the lockers, it took just a second for the disk to dissolve and merge with the metal.

Shiva still grimaced, but her glower faded at the logic in his words. She sighed, putting her head in her claws.

"This is what happens when you put too many op displaced in one place kids," Ed added from a side panel. "Please do thorough research before bringing so many characters in at any given time. Thank you and have a great day. Hey guys wait up I want some chicken too."

“Chicken?” Kodo and Shiva asked, following after them like dogs that smelled dinner.

“Stop making me hungry Edward,” Black said as he felt his stomach growl. “I mean, Nightmare had wanted to take a break from training. Every time I’ve tried to do some training, some stupid shit always happen. What else should I do?” Black said as he caught the sphere of destruction in his hand and started to spin it on the tip of his finger.

"How about you play a role in stopping whatever Ryker is up to," Ed said. "Sorry to say but with this many displaced in a dick measuring contest of this magnitude, there will be tons of bullshit flung around. I mean Maud Pie kicked Entity's ass. Yeah, he was possessed by dark ki but at the same time, I think he was also just being an asshole cause he wanted to be. Nappa is currently purifying Thanos by beating the crap out of him. Keep your head down and wits about you is all I can say. I can help whoever and in whatever way I want as I'm not under a contract here. If you see anything let me know. I still own the dick head a metal fist to his fleshy face for pulling away from my girls."

"I heard that!" Ryker cried out, "Good luck on punching me though! No really, good luck because it's been so long since I felt pain. And without pain there is no pleasure! Oh god, that sounded masochistic. Is that a word? Questions for later." Ryker said sticking his head through a portal next to them. He then went back into the portal and vanished.

"That guy is worse about talking out loud than me," Ed raised an eyebrow. "And if I really wanted to hurt you, I would’ve done so by now."

Black stopped spinning the sphere of destruction, swiping it away as it faded into nothing. “I mean, you could, but you would probably be sent back to your universe along with Death.” Black said as he laid back against the lockers with his hands behind his head. “I guess I could prepare and train some Displaced to learn how to use ki if this tournament goes to shit.” Black mutters.

“Even if he could send me back I’ve already been to and from here several times to other worlds and universes,”Ed shrugged. “Getting back is no big deal. Beside I doubt he wants a pissed off void dweller all over his ass,” he twirled his finger and pointed at his eye. “Truth sees everything I see and he’s very invested in this tourney for his own amusement, similar to me but more for shits and giggles.” Edward sighed. “And it would be a good idea to teach some of them ki, also let me see your hand,” Black knew what Ed was talking about and the sage taped Black’s hand and the dragon’s soul orb in the saiyan’s hand glow brightly for a minute. “You’ll be able to access a three minute partial full armor transformation in Balance Breaker form without losing have to pay for it. I supply Ddraig with a few mana stones and open up your dragonic pathways so your power will flow more freely.”

Black glimpsed at the draconian gem in his palm, “Man, you just spoke a mouthful. But understandable, I think I would be able to hold it for a while.” Black stood up and stretched, hearing multiple bones pop. “As for training them, I’m not so sure I’m the best teacher, but I’ll give it a shot.” Black said with a sigh. The Saiyan looked around the locker room, the other Displaced doing their own thing. He sensed energy in the gravity chamber, feeling the life force of both Sombra, Maud Pie, as well as Kyle. Let's see what they're up to… Black thought as he walked to the chamber.

Inside Black staggered a bit at the level of gravity pushing against him, feeling that the gravity is more than his normal training sessions. The Saiyan glances to the gravity controller to see it at 5100X Earth Gravity. They don’t mess around I see… Black thought as he turned to see the three in the chamber training with each other. “I’m impressed, how are you guys able to withstand this much weight.” Black asked curiously.

"..." Kyle sat there silent in his corner, strategizing, planning, he was still shaking in terror.

“We have someone on the ship who can increase the gravity,” Sombra said, stopping his training with the earth pony. “But Eric has forbidden this kind of training on the ship”

"Zushi-Zushi No Mi, the fruit that allows you to increase Gravity." Kyle said shakily.

“That’s the one,” Maud said relatively calmly. “I would set it higher but this is the only setting I could use before Sombra could collapse.”

“Well, the gravity chamber can produce over 5000X normal gravity, you don’t need a fruit to increase it further.” Black pointed out. “Either way, it’s impressive that you can handle this much weight.”

"At That point, you're just asking to die, that much gravity on one's body can cause uncanny amounts of stress on your body. But you guys aren't like me so…" Kyle said, rubbing his hat on his head.

“Fighting the Crimson Sage is basically a death wish if he intends to kill you… I would know,” Black said as he rubbed his right arm. Said arm being covered in a long scar.

“This may look easy for me, but this is still nowhere near the level Eric is,” Maud said kicking Sombra’s sword from his hand

"I swear to fucking Ryker! Stop trying to one up each other. ‘Oh I can do this but he can do that.’ Stop with the shit." Kyle complained, rubbing his forehead.

“I don’t know you so I’m not going to “one up” somepony I don’t know,” Maud said, handing Sombra back his sword. “Eric Von Shadow is Stronger than anypony I know, he was able to kill the stallion who killed my father after all.”

“Either way, I’ve come with an offer if anyone and pony is interested,” Black said as he crossed his arms.

"Please teach me!" Kyle said lunging at Black and falling on his chest, skidding to a halt at Black's feet.

“Me and Eric wouldn’t be against learning,” Sombra said, sheathing his blades. “After all this place….it’s messing with us...Eric and Thanos are friends and yet… it’s like they want to actually kill each other”

“You're not wrong with that,” Black said as he looked at Sombra, “I may not know how far their friendship goes, but if you say that this isn’t normal for them, I’m going to somewhat believe you.” Black said as he turned his attention to Kyle. “You alright?”

“It’s not just Eric and Thanos. Everyone is being affected” Sombra said with concern. “I’ve met Entity before and he’s a ass but he’s never once flat out insults someone”

“I haven’t been affected,” Kodo noted from outside the gravity chamber. “Mom hasn’t either.”

“I have, my nightmare had almost escaped, thank Dende that Thanos noticed something wrong with my eyes.” Black explained as he pointed to one eye.

"Everyone here is Infected with Dark Ki." Everyone turns their attention to Nappa, who stood there leaning on a wall in the chamber.

Kodo huffed. “Again?” he mumbled, glaring down at his claws. “Wouldn’t be the first time.” He clenched his claw. “Maybe that’s why Mom and I haven’t been acting the way the others have. I had experience with dark magic, and our pack link makes pretty much any magic we get exposed to partially beneficial.”

“I know what you mean, pup,” Sombra said, turning his gaze to the diamond dog. “It’s like out of everyone here, it’s like those who have been possessed by a dark spirit or dark magic are the only one’s acting sane.”

Kodo chuckled. “Never thought I’d have something to thank Umbra for,” he mused.

“Never thought I would come to the problem with Dark Ki,” Black mumbled as he put a finger to his chin. “The only one’s I know that could do such a thing would be Towa, Demigra, and Fu…” Black said to himself.

"When I fought Demigra, I obliterated him, he wasn't alive." Nappa informed The warriors, "It affects the purest of souls, such as Max, Gohan, Vegeta, Gotenks, and Trunks."

Overlooking the arena, Doom listens in using the hidden tech he has been planting around the complex “Dark Ki, I see. I would have to limit my time out of my Armor.” He returns to his thoughts arms folded over his chest as he adds the new information into his plans.

“But that doesn’t explain why Eric is being affected,” Sombra said putting a hand to his chin

“Maybe the dark ki is latching onto negative emotions,” Kodo offered. “I don’t know what kind of friendship he had with that ‘Thanos’ titan, but it sounds like the dark ki is increasing any competitive spirit they had to outright rivalries. Princess Twilight Sparkle said that Sirens did something similar in a parallel world, but I didn’t get that much detail on what was happening then.”

“You know, the kid’s got a point,” Black said. “It’s not that far fetched now that I come to think about it.”

“No, that's not it,” Sombra insisted, cutting them off. “When Eric killed Umbra, the dark king cast a spell and infected his mind, I used the same spell to purge him with the help of the Element Bearers and the princesses.”

“After that Eric was able to use any of Umbra’s spells with no corruption to his mind” Sombra said retelling his tale. “By the theory Kodo stated, Eric shouldn’t be affected by this Dark Ki.”

Kodo sighed. “Lucky,” he muttered. “When I got purged, I lost all of Umbra’s abilities. Nearly lost my pack link too.” He hummed, processing the rest of Sombra’s words. “But if Eric’s being affected despite being possessed… maybe we’re all at risk.”

"Which begs the real question: Where Is all this Dark Ki going to next? What Is the Vessel? And why are they doing it?" Inquired Nappa.

“Which is why I came with an offer that could help if this Tournament went to shit.” Black said as he walked to the middle of the chamber. “The offer is that I’m willing to teach anyone here how to harness and use Ki.” The Saiyan offered. “Any of you can decline the offer, but it can be very helpful not just here, but in your universes.”

Kodo watched his claws turn into smoke. “And we can use this Ki even with the abilities we already have?” Kodo asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m currently working on combining ki with my new abilities.” Black said with a smile. “But I doubt that I could teach you all how to use Ki to its fullest before the end of the tournament.”

“I’m not sure,” Kodo noted, flaring up his pack link. “My mom described pack linking as being able to connect to not just the magic inside creatures, but their energy as well. After all, diamond dogs can’t do magic spells like unicorns, but my mom found a way.” He dissipated his link. “If this Ki is anything like the energy she used to power the pack, I think I could make some headway.”

“If that’s the case, this will be a lot easier than I thought.” Black said with a sigh, “I don’t consider myself a teacher, I’m barely able to teach Nightmare Moon. Other than that, want to take up on that offer?” The Saiyan asked the pup.

Kodo nodded with a grin. “My mother may be the diplomat, but my father was the fighter.” His ears briefly flattened. “He’s not gonna be able to be there for her now, so whatever I can learn to be her champion… I’ll gladly take it.”

“You speak the words of a True Saiyan Warrior, puppers,” Nappa said with a grin. “And training you all will go faster if I help as well.”

“That’ll be a lot of help Nappa.” Black thanked his fellow Saiyan. “Anyone else up for it?” Black asked as he looked to the rest of the Displaced.

"I SMELL MEEAAATTT!!!" Luffy ran into the Gravity chamber

Immediately the rubber man was grabbed by a large black claw.

“That’s the gravity room you dunce” Eric’s voice rang out as he entered the room, his arm engulfed in the shadow that was holding Luffy. “The lunch room is….”

Thanos ran through Eric and tackled Luffy, "You son of a bitch, you're not going anywhere until you finish our round of checkers!" Thanos got up, "Hey, why's everyone here?"

“Really? Do you honestly think this numbskull has the patience or intelligence to play checkers,” Eric said as his body reformed

"I believe in my comrades like I believe the heat death of the universe is impending. Just like Thanos snapping half of the universe. Couldn't be me, yup… couldn't be." Thanos said rising up to his full height, bruises and cuts on his body.

Black rolled his eyes, “I'm currently offering Ki training to everyone who doesn’t know how to use it. Thought of it as a precaution if the tournament went to shit.” Black explained.

“Sure, anything to take out this large purple Lard Ass,” Eric said, staring Thanos down.

“Oh, no…” Kodo grumbled, sending out a pack link in search of his mother.

Hey,” Black growled, “None of that here, alright!”

"Listen, I'm trying to be at least nice for once. And you gotta do your homie like that? Remember me helping good old Bow and Pie learn to be serious and admit their weaknesses? What about all the things you've learned from my boys?!" Thanos asked Eric.

“If one of you even has the thought of fighting each other in this damn chamber. By Luna’s stars I will knock the both of you the fuck out! Alright!” Black hissed.

“Fine,” Eric sneered

"Understood Black." Thanos nodded, "By The way, want some hetap?" Thanos suggested it to the Saiyan.

Without hesitation, the can exploded spraying the titan in its liquid. looking at the can Thanos found ten thin black darts inside.

"...You can insult my body, kick me to the ground but you do not fuck with my hetap." Thanos pulled out his sword. while Eric summoned his scythe.

ENOUGH!!!!!!” Black roared, his voice being amplified to sound like the Royal Canterlot voice. The Saiyan went straight into perfected Super Saiyan Rose, the pressure of the transformation pushing everyone back. “One more damn insult or action against each other, I will see to it personally that both Eric And Thanos won’t be getting any training at all, got it!” Black roared with a commanding voice.

“No training?!” Kodo barked in alarm, before flaring up his pack link… and bursting into smoke again. “Dangit, this should’ve been more intimidating!” Kodo whined. “I’m not missing out on this training, though! I will have order! Somehow!” Kodo was reduced to inelegant barking as he tried to reign his conflicting powers in. The others stared at the struggling pup, trying not to laugh.

“Understood Black,” Eric said retracting his blade and moving away from the titan

Thanos nodded at Black's order, sheathing his blade. "Alrighty…"

Black let out a heavy sigh, dropping out of Perfected Super Saiyan Rose. He rubbed his face, groaning at the amount of shit happening. “You’ll get your training Kodo, don’t worry.” Black said as he looked around the room.

“I believe the best course of action would be training them separately,” Sombra advised. “Maybe give Thanos to Nappa, and let Eric train with you Black”

“Sounds like a plan,” The Saiyan then looked at Kodo once more, “Who would you like to train with, kid?”

Kodo glanced between Nappa and Black, before turning back to Black. “If you’re training Eric, I’ll stick with you.” He gave an apologetic look to Nappa. “No offense, but I’m thinking working with Eric can help me get some better control over this Devil Fruit and maybe that Haki stuff.”

"But Nappa already taught me! I want to train under Black!" Thanos complained.

“Sorry Thanos, but I’ve got to handle a few.” Black apologized to the titan.

“Plus, I know Eric. He’ll just shove Nappa into his shadow again,” Sombra said, glancing at the bald Saiyan. “He should train with someone with more discipline”

"Ya got a point." Nappa sighed before crossing his arms.

“Yo,” Ed said as he came out of a portal. “Looks like you guys got it going on in here. I see that you perfected your god form Black.” He looked around and saw the pup. “I have something for you if you want a new weapon.”

Kodo’s ears perked, intrigued. “New weapon?” he asked.

“Yes,” Ed nods. “Are you familiar with katanas?”

Kodo tilted his head. “Not really, no,” he admitted. “I grew up with pick axes and mining stuff.”

“Katanas are primarily used for attacking in the defense of others, at least that’s how I see it'' Ed waved his hand out to the side and an old sword came from a golden ripple. “This is the Tessaiga. A sword forged from the fang of the great dog demon. It is used to defend those you love.” He held the weapon up to the pup.

“Whoa,” Kodo whispered in awe, taking the blade and holding it reverently in his claws.

“Katanas are also the traditional weapons of Samurai warriors in feudal era Japan” Eric said, admiring the weapon. “It’s a great honor to be blessed with the label of a Samurai”

Kodo tightened his grip on the weapon. “Then it will be an honor I will do my best to live up to,” he said solemnly.

“This is not the only sword I have for you pup,” Ed remarked as he pulled a simmer but cleaner looking sword from another ripple. “This is the Tenseiga, the brother sword of the one you hold. Unlike its brother, the tenseiga can’t kill, but save those who have died from any injury and kill the undead permanently. Use its power wisely, as it can only revive someone once.” Ed moved to give Kodo the second sword, before another visitor entered the chamber.

“Um… Kodo?” Shiva asked, having been summoned by his pack link.

“Mom!” Kodo yelped, clutching the Tessaiga to his chest.

“Why do you have… that?” she asked cautiously, glancing at the other displaced.

Instantly, Kodo’s thoughts spiraled out of his mind: “Black’s going to train me in Ki, and Ed was giving me these swords so I could protect you.”

For a moment, Shiva was silent, her eyes wide like a deer in the headlights.

“I can explain…” Kodo started to say, before Shiva shrugged.


Kodo blinked, and the others glanced at her in shock. “O-Okay?”

“Kodo,” Shiva said with a laugh. “I got my tail handed to me on a silver platter by one of these guys.” She waved a claw at them. “If they’re willing to train you instead of hurt you… who am I to argue? Heck, I want in on it if there’s an offer open.”

“It’s still open.” Black said with a smile. “I think it will also both benefit if you both trained together.” Black explained.

“Agreed,” Shiva said, taking to Kodo’s side. “Just know,” she added teasingly to Kodo. “If you start talking to yourself about evil plans of taking over Equestria again…” Her voice briefly darkened. “We’ll have problems.”

Kodo chuckled sheepishly, but Shiva’s grin was disarming, making it clear she was joking.

“Those are incredible weapons,” Eric stated. “However if it was me, I’d be more of a Incursio or Murasame wielder anyday”

“Are those the blades you want then?” Ed asked as he looked at Eric with a serious glare.

“They are by far the best weapons from the entire manga.” Eric said shrugging his shoulders

“If you want them I can give them to you but I only have the copies for this world, meaning I will not have access to them unless I go to another world,” Ed explains. “So, do you want them?”

“I do,” Eric said, reaching into his body and pulling out The Fish-Fish Fruit, Model: Azure Dragon. “Here consider this an even trade.”

“More than even actually,” Ed took the fruit and in exchange pulled out Murasame and Incurio and handed them over to Eric. “I’d say you actually have earned another weapon for the fruit if you want.”

“If that’s the case,” Eric thought for a moment. “Do you have Issei’s sacred gear after he absorbed Vali’s Divine Dividing.”

“All of them have it but it's a matter of unlocking it,” Ed pointed out. “You’re more than powerful enough to have the balance breaker if you train a bit so yeah you could have it in no time.”

“Training is a daily habit of mine” Eric commented. “Anypony can take and master power, but it’s another thing entirely to train with it.”

“No kidding,” Shiva mused, causing Eric and Ed to notice she had wandered over to them.

“You sound like my younger brother,” Ed laughed. “Here’s your new sacred gear,” Ed held out his hand and in it was a perfectly round emerald with a burning orange fire inside it. “Just know that he can be a handful, hehehe…” He gave the orb to Eric and it transformed into a bright red gauntlet.

“Thank you Ed,” Eric said, sending the gauntlet away before returning his gaze to the alchemist. “But I have a question”

“What?” The alchemist tilted his head.

“You said I remind you of your brother,” Eric stated sending both Murasama and Incursio into his shadow body. “Was he also Captain of the Royal Guard as I was?”

“No he was captain of the Black Bulls Magic knight squad,” Ed shrugged. “He’s the Wizard King now technically but he is called the Black King by his people and all others of his world.”

“That is awesome for your brother,” Eric said, a frown soon covering his face. “I too was a king once”

“So was I about two thousand years ago,“ Ed added. “But now I’m just a boogie used to keep calves in their beds at night.”

Lucci came in, “Did anyone say… Black?” Lucci grinned, his voice more African American, and his skin black. “I’m black again, bitches!”

Instantly, Shiva gave him a stunned look. She glanced around. “I’m the only female dog here,” she pointed out.

Lucci went into his Hybrid Form, “I’m the only cat man here, what’s your excuse?” Lucci in his Half Leopard Half Human form looked down at Shiva, taller than her.

“You called for female dogs to notice that you were black again,” she replied with a shrug. “I guess… hooray for you, then.”

“Oh, that’s an insult. Bitch for Humans is offensive towards women… And men, it means that you get to fuck around with them, basically you being the Alpha. Or at least it’s that way in Prison, just like Thanos is a prison-” Lucci's was gut punched by Thanos.

“Shut. Up.” Thanos said before walking off.

Shiva watched the whole exchange with a confused expression. She glanced between Lucci and Thanos before shaking her head in confusion.

“You humans have very odd customs,” she decided.

“You can say that again. I would say I’m the last of my kind, but we have Mr. Clean over here.” Black said, pointing a thumb to Nappa with a grin.

“Go fuck yourself” Nappa shot a grin back at his comrade.

“You first, Michel Phelps,” Ed commented. “Has anyone seen Fujitaro?”

“Who said my name? Also, it’s Fujitora.” Fujitora walked slowly inside the chamber.

Shiva’s tail wagged at the sight of the blind swordsman. “Issho,” she greeted. “Good to…” she stopped herself, before opting to get closer. “Hello again.”

“Hello lady Shiva, I’ve been walking around feeling the breeze, winning any type of gambling.” Fujitora grinned, Nappa tiptoed closer to Shiva.

“Hey Shiva, have you met Candice?” Nappa snickered.

“My bad,” Ed scratched the back of his head. “Don’t answer that Shiva.” Ed said flatly

Shiva tilted her head at him. “Why? Who’s Candice?” she asked. Ed slapped himself in the face.

“CANDICE DICK FIT IN YO-” Immediately Fujitora unsheathed his sword that was concealed with a walking stick. Fujitora swiped at Nappa and Nappa was sent flying into a wall, horizontal Gravity pinning him to the wall.

At the same time, Shiva’s pack link flared out, binding tightly around Nappa’s neck. With a clench of her claws, Shiva’s pack link glowed golden, and a wave of exhaustion fell over Nappa as his energy left him. Black ignited his ki blade, and Kodo unsheathed the Tessaiga, with many others who wielded swords unsheathed their blades and aimed them at the bald saiyan. Eric flared his shadows and aimed numerous pointed tendrils at the Saiyan’s body

“You know in hindsight I shouldn’t have said that.” Nappa muttered under his breath. The Blind Admiral clenched his sword/cane.

“Ya think,” Ed stared at the pinned Sayian.

“No, you shouldn’t have,” Shiva advised, glancing at the others with a grin. “Thank you all for your support,” she added, before retracting her links.

“Case and point on why Thanos trains with this imbecile,” Sombra said, retracting his Haki covered blade from the saiyan’s throat.

“Why do you think I have a Nappa barrier around my world,” Ed rolled his eyes.

“Would you mind putting one around my Equestria?” Eric asked inching his tendrils closer

“Sure,” Ed nodded. “Summon me sometime.”

“He may be a bone head, but he is really helpful in situations if he starts being serious.” Black said, still pointing his Ki-sword at the Saiyan.

“Wait, you’re the Crimson Sage! YOU MADE THAT DAMN SEXBOT!!!!” Nappa turned into Super Saiyan Two and started to struggle and try to break free.

Black slammed his hand against his head, “You're still on about that?!” Black exclaimed.

“I’m going to permanently wax that dirty sanchez off your face,” Ed glared.

“I could always use Umbra’s spells and get rid of that undisciplined mind of his,” Offered the Shadow Man. “Could make him better, faster, Stronger...”

“Don’t do that, he is the literal guy with comedic effect here.” Lucci said, crossing his arms.

“I have an idea,” Ed said. “Technically I’m not part of the Tournament but that doesn’t mean i can’t fight someone. Whoever does fight me if they lose doesn’t count as a loss,” He looked at Napa. “Wanna go, baldy my bald?”

“Fuck yeah, square up!” Nappa growled before pausing, “Wait… The Dark Ki is having an influence on me.” Nappa sighed, and took deep breaths.

“Good that means I can beat the crap out of you with a clean concious,” Ed smiled, cracking his knuckles.

Black lowered his ki blade, walking up to a wall and leaned against it, Welp, looks like this is the end of him...

“Okay Nappa, not appropriate to say that to a woman with a child, not to mention a dog. That’s fucking illegal.” Thanos commented, pointing his sword at the Saiyan.

“Alright, let’s keep calm and-” Kyle summoned a portal to the wall he was pinned to and Nappa fell in. Kyle walked over to Fujitora with a smile on his face.

Thanos and Luffy were playing checkers and Luffy destroyed the checkers board. “OI!!! Do you know how much that cost?!” Thanos stood to his feet, Luffy shrugged.

“...In any case, everyone out here is getting power ups. That’s nice… Actually not so nice for me. But I do have Dragon Slayer Magic so I’m fine.” Thanos crossed his arms.

“Why is everyone getting stronger and we’re just sitting here? Come on, fight me!” Luffy looked at Thanos, Thanos frowned.

“...Fine.” Right as he said that Luffy let off a quick Jet Pistol, Thanos caught it and pulled Luffy close and punched him into the ground.

“I think somepony should find out what this Ryker is up to,” Maud said behind Nappa, causing him to jump in surprise. “Preferably one who can move around unnoticed."

“I agree with the badass martial arts earth pony,” Ed nodded.

"Oh me? I'm up to nothing, just a bored lad." Ryker laughed appearing behind Maud undetected.

Kodo jumped, bursting into smoke again with a bark of frustration. “Not again!”

Ryker laughed, "Oh you all forget, I hear everything! Also Kodo, keep calm and clear your mind. That helps a lot." Ryker told the pup.

From the cloud of smoke, Kodo managed to reform his claw giving a thumbs up, before the rest of his body cleared back into existence. “Thanks.”

"Yer welcome!" Ryker grinned.

“Hey mastermind of all evil that brought us here“ Ed said, getting Ryker’s full attention. “Me and the Mr. Clean with the gay satchel wannna fight.”

“...This is the literal day of Dr. Doom vs Kyle. Also, I’m not evil, evil depends on perspective.” Ryker informed the Sage.

“Okay then after doom and Kyle we wanna fight, and from my perspective, your evil,” Ed said with a deadpan expression. “Right now at least.”

“Where did you send Nappa to, Kyle?” Ryker turned to Kyle, Kyle wore a sadistic grin.

“To the realm of Furries…” Kyle then full on laughed, imagining the rawr x3’s and the owo’s.

Shiva and Kodo exchanged a glance with each other. “I have no idea what these ‘Furries’ are,” Shiva commented. “But they sound terrifying.”

“Indeed they do. I’m going on a walk if any of you guys wish to join me.” Fujitora then sheathes his blade back into its sheath and walks out of the chamber, or rather tries to and bumps into a wall.

“Very much so,” Ed nodded.

Shiva glanced at Black. “So, is the training with Ki later?”

“Well, we can begin with the basics on ki before the fight with Doom and Kyle. After that we can get into the more complicated bits.” Black said, crossing his arms.

“Looking forward to it, Black” Eric said flashing a grin and giving the saiyan a thumbs up as he summoned his boosted gear

“Same here,” Kodo agreed.

“Excuse me, where is the door?” Fujitora turned back to everyone.

“I got you,” Shiva said, gently guiding him towards the door.

“You have sharp nails, or you could even say they’re claws.” Fujitora noted as he walked out of the door before giving Shiva a thumbs up… Not even in her direction and looking at a wall.

“She’s a Diamond Dog, Fujitora,” Eric said for the blind man to hear. “None of their nails are for decoration.”

“A… dog?” Fujitora asked. A wave of sadness hit him, but Fujitora, the master of emotions suppressed them.

“Okay this is going to getting annoying in the near future,” Eric said approaching the blind swordsman and placing a hand over his eyes

Closing his eyes Eric began whispering under his breath causing purple wisps of magic to leave the corner of his eyes, opening them everyone saw that the whites of his eyes had taken a more greener hue

Fujitora unsheathed his blade, “Can you not touch me, or my eyesight? No, don’t-” Fujitora warned, “IF YOU DO, RYKER WILL KILL MY FAMILY!!!” Fujitora shouted out.

“Eric?” Shiva whispered in concern, but the shadow man was focused on his spell.

“Recover what you have lost” Eric spoke in a dark voice; one that made Kodo and Sombra shudder at the familiar voice. “Dark Rejuvenation”

Fujitora kept his eyes shut, refusing to open them. His teeth gritted, remembering what Ryker said all those years ago. “If you open your eyes, your whole family dies!”

The magic circling Eric’s hands and eyes faded as he moved away from the swordsman

“That spell should give you temporary eyesight,” Eric explained. “However it will only last a couple of hours.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s temporary!” Fujitora barked, Fujitora raised his blade to his eyes. “I. Can’t. Open. Them.”

“Eric, I’m sorry, but if it’s going to hurt him this badly...” Shiva said, before offering up a pack link. “Issho, remain calm. I’m here.” Carefully, she wound her pack link around his eyes, and they pulsed with the same green light.

The pulse of light flew to Shiva’s claws like she was Shang Tsung absorbing a soul, and the white rope-like pack link faded from Fujitora’s head. When he opened his eyes again, they were once again white. Shiva held up the green ball in her claws.

“If you change your mind… or Ryker does, I suppose,” Shiva said carefully, lifting the spell up. “I can return the effects. It’s your choice.”

Magic returned around Eric’s eyes as he fired a orb at the blind man causing him to collapse, fortunately Eric caught him with his shadows and set him down gently

“Why must you hurt me this way?” Fujitora asked to the heavens, which was actually Eric as he slowly began to lose consciousness.

“Eric, what did you do?” Shiva demanded, taking to Fujitora’s side.

“What I did was get to the bottom of his distress,” Eric said kneeling down and placing a hand on the swordsman’s head

Eric turned to Shiva before offering a hand.

“I will need your help, he seems to trust you enough.” Eric said

Shiva almost reached out for his hand, before pausing. “You’re not going to throw me into that shadow realm again, are you?” she asked cautiously.

“You have my word,” Eric said, reassuring the Pack leader. “I will never send you there again.”

After a moment of reading his face, Shiva saw the truth in his eyes, and took his hand, her pack link spiraling to life.

“And I always keep my word,” Eric said before whispering the incantation.

“Dig deep into the unknown” Eric said as Shiva began to feel the familiar feeling of sharing memories through the pack link. “Dark Invasion.”

Shiva lit up like a light bulb, and the world faded away into light and shadow. Opening their eyes they were met with an endless white void filled with nothing but numerous doors, each a different shape, color, and design.

“Huh,” Shiva noted. “This is… different from when my pack link usually shares memories.”

“Well Lady Shiva, while your pack link shares memories, Umbra’s magic spell invades one’s mind to see their memories and tamper with their personality”

Shiva backed up. “Tamper with… Eric,” she said firmly. “You can’t ask me to corrupt his mind like that!”

“Fear not Shiva,” Eric said, calming the dog down. “We are merely observers in here” Eric said walking down the void before stopping when he remembered something. “Oh, and don’t touch anything, one wrong move and we could trigger Fujitora’s defenses”

“I’m well aware of the mind’s defenses,” she assured him, following after him with caution. “Different species have different reactions to my link rooting around in their minds.” A wave of curiosity drew her. “What kind of defenses should we be prepared for?”

“Well, as you mentioned, it’s different with everypony,” Eric commented as he passed door after door as if he was looking for a particular one. “For me, my defenses took the images of my past, before I was displaced.”

Shiva listened intently, staying right by his side as he searched.

“Mother... Father... Even my friends and nobles I played for,” Eric said, dropping his head. “I honestly wish I could erase those memories, but alas I can’t enter my own mind and Sombra refuses to do it for me.”

Shiva nodded solemnly. “I understand what you mean,” she said. “Sometimes I wished I could get rid of the memories of my time in the fighting pits.” She shuddered. “What scares me is how easy it would be. To simply transfer them to another dog or a dragon or someone that isn't affected.” Her ears flattened, and her eyes steeled. “But I could never do that. No one deserves that pain.”

“I could get rid of them,” Eric said, stopping in his tracks before turning to look at the Diamond Dog. However, she shook her head.

“No,” she said. “Even if they are unpleasant, those memories shaped me. They gave me experience. They helped me grow strong. And taking them away…” she shook her head. “I don’t know what that would do to me, but I don’t want their loss to change me into something less of who I am.”

“Heh..” Eric chuckled, confusing Shiva.

“You find that funny?” she asked.

“No I don’t. It’s just you sound like Amber when you talk about what we gain in our most horrible experiences.” Eric said, laughing a little before stopping

Shiva smiled softly at his words. “It sounds like she was a wise woman,” she noted, her head lowering. “I’m sorry I never got to meet her.”

“Well she wasn’t that wise if she fell for an abomination like me,” Eric laughed out of sorrow for his loss. “She was the best thing to happen to me when I got displaced.”

“When I first started dating her she had this weird way of preventing me from saying no to her” Eric said smiling. “She even reignited the spark for my love for music. Funny right? On earth I had a love for it but my parents ruined it for me, you’d think I’d stay away from it at any costs on Equestria...”

“But she found a way to make it something wonderful again,” Shiva noted with a grin. “My Luke was the same way… diamond dog romance isn’t quite the same as pony romance, but… whenever other diamond dogs wanted to test my strength or thought I was only good for breeding… he’d be there for me. And… I could power him with the pack link, but he always insisted on fighting alone. He said that it proved his strength when he could fight without aid.” She smiled. “He’d get the utter diamonds beat out of him, but he’d always find a way to win in the end. And then, I’d patch him back up, and…” She smiled softly. “Oh, he was a wonderful male.”

“Love is the strongest magic of all,” Eric said smiling.

“Even stronger than friendship,” Shiva agreed.

Eric stopped all of a sudden, causing Shiva to bump into him

“We're here,” Eric said looking to his left

Shiva followed his gaze. Eric’s gaze was trained on a metal bolted door locked with chains and iron bars, on the door was a single black word written in dark red letters


Shiva glanced at Eric. “This is the place?”

“Yes,” Eric said approaching the door. “Everyone’s mind is like this, others are darker than this one, but all their memories are organized, it’s just a matter of finding the right door.” Eric said putting a hand on the door

It was then that Shiva noticed that every other door each had their own unique doorknob, while this one had none. Her eyes narrowed, and she stepped closer to the door. The smell of iron and blood filled her nostrils. She shuddered, before looking at Eric.

“So,” she said. “What we’re doing here… it will help him?”

“No it won’t” Eric said, noticing a small keyhole.

“However…?” Shiva asked hopefully.

“It will shed some light on why he tried to destroy his eyes” Eric said, turning his arm into shadow and putting it into the keyhole. “And it will hopefully tell us what Ryker is up to.”

“Cause I trust him about as much as I can out eat Pinkie in a cupcake eating contest” Eric said turning his arm and unlocking the door

Shiva huffed in amusement, before turning back to the door and helping Eric push it open.

“Whatever Ryker has on Fujitora will be in here” Eric said slowly forcing the door open.

Suddenly the door swung open causing the pair to tumble righting into the image of one of Fujitora’s memories. Immediately Eric stopped the two of them from making contact by grabbing the diamond dog by the nape and firing a tendril to tie itself around the door.

“Somepony definitely doesn’t want us here,” Eric said, pulling the Diamond Dog from the memory.

“No kidding,” Shiva mumbled, clinging to his arm like it was a lifeline, as her pack link bound itself around his arm.

What they saw was Fujitora in a town, not just any town; the town that they entered before entering the arena. Fujitora “looked” around and realized he couldn't see.

“I can’t see... I can’t see! Where’s the lights?” He waved his arms forwards and realized something was in his hand, he then felt it with his two hands and it was… A wooden sheath, not that Fuijtora could see it.

“Oi, old man, did you forget that you’re blind?” Someone walked up to him, someone who Eric recognized as Douglass Bullet.

“Blind? I’m not blind!” Fujitora clenched his fists.

“Your eyes say otherwise,” Bullet replied. He then poked Fujtora’s eyes, Fujitora tried to open them but it was strained yet… He couldn’t see.

“So this is the moment he became Displaced,” Eric commented, moving on to the next memory. “And remember what I told you touch nothing, not even the memory images”

“I understand,” Shiva assured him. “Even in my pack linking, it was dangerous to mess with memories. I still remember the mess that happened when I accidentally transferred a memory so one diamond dog thought he was with his blood brother’s mate.” She shuddered. “I’m not going through an experience like that again,” she added as they moved on to the next memory, showing Fujitora running. Bullet right on his tail.

“Hey! You’ll fall down old man!” Bullet chased after the Blind Swordsman, Fujitora pushed everyone and everything aside before falling. He then scurried to his feet only to run into someone.

“Sorry, excuse me, I’m very lost.” Fujitora said, rubbing the back of his head, the two walked past Fujitora and saw Ryker. His crown upon his head.

“I can see that... oh, I’m sorry, sir, didn’t mean to offend you.” Ryker said with a smile, Fujiotra sighed.

“It’s alright,” Fujitora sighed, Ryker put a hand close to his chin.

“What do you say you come with us? We can help you in ways you couldn’t even imagine, even revive your dog.” Ryker promised, Fujitora took a step back.

“How do you-” Fujitora was cut off by Ryker.

“We Eliatropes can see… EVERYTHING.” Ryker chuckled, Ryker grabbed Fujitora’s arm.

“This will be the start of a beautiful friendship!” Ryker laughed.

“I hope so…” Fujitora grumbled, as the memory came to an end.

“This is where he met Ryker,” Eric commented. “Good.”

“We’re close to the memory you’re looking for?” Shiva asked.

“Indeed,” Eric said. Together, the Shadow Man and the Howlite Howler followed the stings of memories as they played out into an office, Ryker on one side, and Fujitora on the other.

“So, Fujitora… You’ve been here for about twelve years, no?” Ryker said.

“Indeed sir.” Fujitora nodded.

“And in that time, you’ve done excellent work… But there’s a time where we must be serious." Ryker began, "And now, I'm sorry to say this but… If you open your eyes I will kill your family."

"What?!" Fujitora nearly fell back on his chair.

“Now understand this,” Ryker said with a grin on his face. “We’ll start a tournament with a few specific Displaced in mind, when they lose that is when….”

The memory froze, immediately the entire voice started to tremor very violently

“Oh shit” Eric cursed as the tremors got worse affecting Shiva in a negative way

Shiva curled into a fetal position, gripping her ears with her claws. “What’s happening?” she whined. “W-Why ‘Oh shit?’”

“We need to get out of here” Eric said as he slowly began to back up keeping his eyes on every memory image

Shiva backed up with him, turning back to the tendril connecting them to the door. She gripped his wrist, and a pack link strengthened the shadow tendril, pulling them away from the memory. without warning she was plucked from the Shadow Man's grip by a red-eyed clouded version of Fujitora

“Shiva!” Eric yelled, sending a shadow ball right into the blind man's head right as she lashed out with a pack whip, causing him to let her go.

Shiva yanked herself back to Eric’s side with her pack link, another pack link tendril forming a shield in case the red-eyed version tried again.

“Eric What’s happening,” Shiva asked. “Is that his defense?”

“Yes and no” Eric said hastily pulling himself and the Diamond Dog out of the memory room. “Help me with the door!” Eric said pulling on of the beams covering the metal door

Lashing her tendrils at the red-eyed images inside, Shiva pulled with everything she had, trying to close the door.

“Yes these are his defenses, the red eyes are always a dead give away” Eric said as the other images in the room turned to face the pair with their burning red eyes.

Fear gripped the Diamond Dog as the door slowly began to move. Winding her pack links tighter around her wrists, she pulled harder, willing the door to open faster.

“However, it wasn’t us who triggered them,” Eric said

“Then who?” Shiva asked. “Ryker?”

“That tremor was a Mental Quake” Eric explained as the images began to climb the wall leading to the door. “It’s like a secondary defense measure, a firewall to keep unwanted invaders out”

Shiva shook her head in shock, unfurling one of her links to lash out at the red-eyed defenders. “This is way more advanced than anything I’ve used with the pack link,” she muttered.

“Normally I’m in and out, remember this is Dark Magic” Eric said before firing another ball of shadow at the images. “Nopony wants that kind of shit in their mind, however this is a far stronger tremor than I’ve ever felt”

The Red-eyed images of Fujitora were almost upon them and the door wasn’t even a third of the way closed.

“Fuck it! Forget the door!” Eric said letting go and making a run down the void. Shiva gave chase after Eric, lashing her link-whips at the red-eyed images as they opened the door with ease and gave chase.

“So, out of curiosity, what happens when they catch us?” Shiva asked, running on all fours like a wolf. “I doubt they’re gonna give us biscuits and talk about the weather.”

“Well for starters any damage we sustain here will happen to our real bodies” Eric said using his powers to conjure a horse, mounting the shadow beast Eric grabbed the dogs arm and pulled her up. “Best conserve our energy.”

“Why?” Shiva asked, shifting to the shadow horses flanks and continuing to try and fend off the images with her pack link. However, Eric merely pointed ahead. And what he had to show caused Shiva’s pale fur to somehow get paler.

Ahead of them, all of the memory doors began to open themselves, from each door every Fujitora Images glared at them with primal carnage as they left their respective memories

“A mind’s defenses doesn't just send the memory you tamper with after you” Eric said forming a scythe in his hand.

“It sends them all,” Shiva realized, tucking her tail. “Please tell me you have a way out of this,” Shiva noted.

“I do,” Eric said not convincing the Diamond Dog

“Well, now’s a really good time to show me,” she replied, struggling to sound casual. “Because this is way out of my experiences with the pack link.”

“I need to recite the spell to get us out of here” Eric said before springing on the bad news. “However with Fujitora’s defences up it’ll take longer to break out.”

“How long?” Shiva replied, reforming her whips.

“I’ll need at least twenty seconds of total concentration,” Eric said. “Unfortunately we’re limited to our base powers and our magic, any abilities you got from the others is useless here”

“And to make matters worse the memories recover any damage done every ten seconds”

Shiva nodded, the fear rapidly replaced by a mask of determination. “Then get started,” she growled, spinning her whips into shields of light. “I’ll hold them off as long as I can.”

“Try not to die,” Eric warned as he rode through the images. “I’d hate to have to tell the pup I got his mother killed.”

Shiva almost barked a laugh at Eric’s advice at not dying, but the mention of her son brought a new fire to her eyes. Swinging her whips like a ball and chain, she smashed aside the images with a howl of defiance, carving a path through the images.

While atop his shadow steed, Eric tried to concentrate on returning to their bodies, unfortunately the images kept jumping after him.

Shiva did her best to fend them off, spinning and flipping as her whips crackled around her in arcs of pure destruction. But minute after minute of non stop flipping and spinning began to disorient the diamond dog. She started to struggle to stand on the steed, and nearly threw up in the face of one of the images.

“How’s it coming, Eric?”

“Not good,” Eric said before he and his steed fell to the ground from the unbearable weight of Fujitora’s gravity. “”

Shiva hit the ground rolling, the ground spinning out from under her and keeping her from regaining her paws. Out of sheer desperation, her pack link surged out of her back, forming into spears of light that stabbed and pierced the images that tried to surround them like a crazed spider. Yet, even then, the pack links flickered and struggled to do damage.

“We… can’t lose,” Shiva growled, forcing herself up. “Kodo… Celine… I’m not leaving you yet!”

Forcing himself up to a single foot Eric grit his teeth from the pure will he displays. “You’re not… leaving them! And I’m… not… leaving… Luna!” Eric mustered out as the images of Fujitora jumping into the air, unsheathing their swords to deliver the killing blow.

Eric slammed his hand into the ground causing a eruption of shadow, knocking the images against the doors and walls

Shadow Soul: Soul of the Knight.

Eric’s size grew by an additional ten feet as the shadow covered his entire body becoming thick plated armor, in his left hand a large round shield, in his right was a twenty feet long claymore with a cross guard that looked like it was forged by god himself.

Shiva gazed up at Eric’s 17 foot tall form, her pack links flickering out as she stumbled on her paws in awe. “Holy…”

“Get. On.” Eric spoke in a deep commanding voice as his pointing his thumb to his back

Too tired and shocked to question it, Shiva jumped up and scrambled onto his back, climbing up to his shoulder and perching herself there like the world’s weirdest parrot.

“And Hang on” Eric said rushing forward breaking the sound barrier

Shiva’s pack links sprung to life, tying themselves to Eric’s shoulder. Shiva hung on for dear life, as hordes of the blind swordsman swarmed around the shadow knight. However Eric kept a calm demeanor as he raised his shield and plowed through the swarm with ease. Eventually they all retreated to their respective doors

“Yes,” Shiva whispered in glee. “Yes, go back. Go back and please don’t come back…” She leaned her head against Eric’s shoulder. “By everything sacred…”

“Not Over Shiva,” Eric said pointing to the area ahead of them with no door on a large Fujitora image. “The Final Boss!”

Shiva stared deadpan at the giant Fujitora, before making a choked sound that was somewhere between a laugh and a sob. “Why not?” she mumbled.

“Piece of Advice, never celebrate early” Eric said, tossing his shield away and gripping both hands on the claymore hilt. “It’s like begging the universe to say fuck you to yourself.”

“I could’ve sworn I learned that when Chrysalis did it,” Shiva pondered.

The Fujitora image stepped forward drawing his katana before pointing it at the shadow knight and his passenger. The force was nothing to Eric. However Shiva began to feel her bones start to break.

She clutched her trembling arms. “What’s he doing?!” she demanded.

“It’s the Power of his Devil Fruit, he can control the force of gravity, to the point where he could take the moon out of the sky if he wished” Explained Eric as he wrapped her in shadow and transferred her a safe distance away

“You guys are insanely overpowered,” Shiva mumbled from her spot. “Did I ever mention that?”

“It’s not power, it’s control” Eric said, rushing the image and crossing blades with it. “Any idiot can wield an overpowered force, but a powerful one knows how to properly control it.”

Eric pushed the image away and held his sword up.

“Observe” Eric said as the blade began absorbing the surrounding shadow. “Shadow Excalibur...” Eric said bringing the blade to his side holding it parallel to the ground

“...THRUST!!!” Eric Screamed rushing forward breaking the sound barrier

Both combatants charge each other, a single clash of their swords rang through the mind. an explosion of shadow utterly destroyed the memory Fujitora and sent a shockwave through the entire mindscape

With the Image defeated and all the doors sealed shut Eric powered down and helped Shiva to her paws.

“You alright?” Eric asked concern for his comrade

Shiva rolled her shoulder. “Been better, been worse,” she replied. “One thing’s for certain.” She glanced around. “This is easily the craziest adventure I’ve ever had. Of all time.”

“True,” Eric said looking over her injuries. “I’ll heal you once we return to our bodies.”

“Thank you,” Shiva agreed, settling next to him. Though her ears remained flat and her tail tucked.

Magic enveloped the pair as Eric began to speak the spell

“Dark Invasion”

The pair was enveloped in a dark light as they vanished from Fujitora’s mindscape, blinking their eyes they were met with not only the gravity room but the pain they sustained in the mind of the blind swordsman.

Eric’s hand was covered in a dark aura as he cast his Dark Rejuvenation spell on Shiva, concern entered her eyes as she shifted her gaze to the sleeping swordsman.

“This man is just as much a victim as we are,” she mused. “And yet… my heart tells me that we should fear him.” She looked up at Eric, and let her thoughts get carried to him in a pack link: “Whatever Ryker’s plans are… they involve him in some way.”

“Do us all a favor Shiva” Eric pleaded

“And be silent about that?” she asked.

“No, when it comes time to fight Ryker and his forces” Eric said, helping the Diamond Dog to stand. “Don’t fight him, if you thought they were strong in his mind then remember, those were memories of him.”

“And that big one was him from when he first got here,” Eric said, bringing more fear to the Diamond Dog.

"Dr. Doom and Kyle to the arena stage, Dr. Doom and Kyle to the arena stage please." The being over the intercom droned.

Doom chose to live up to the saying ‘what’s the difference between a villain and a supervillain? presentation.’ He activates his armor's antigravity systems and floats into the air, his cloak blowing in the wind A force field of blue around him.

Kyle just sighed, slowly and looked at his palm, a tiny little speck of sand was on it. Kyle clenched his fist. Kyle made a portal next to him, his palm glowing as he did he walked inside it, glancing at Doom before he did.

Dr. Doom stepped in the sunlight, Ryker cleared his throat.

"In this corner we have the mad lad, the man with a plan, the Doctor that doesn't recommend colgate as toothpaste; Dr. DOOOOMMM!!!!" Ryker said, the crowd going wild afterwards.

“Kyle, take heart that I take no pleasure in this. I shall let you attempt to hit me with all you can muster first.” Doom stats his force field shut off as he steps onto the sand.

Kyle walked into the sunlight, "And here in this corner we have Kyle. That's it, just Kyle." Kyle flipped Ryker off who returned it back with another warm smile.

"Alright, I'll make sure that I go full power from the start." Kyle nodded at Doom.

Doom was a man of his word having said he was going to let Kyle strike first he just approached Kyle with an easy stride.

"The battle begins in three!"

Kyle clenched his fists.


Kyle started to stretch.


Kyle then took a deep inhale and looked at Doom itself into its eyes.


And so the battle began, Kyle ripped off his shirt. As he did that blue symbols appeared all over his torso, his legs, and arms too. Kind of like tribal symbols, the blue symbols glowed and Kyle summoned dual wielding blades made out of an energy Dr. Doom did not recognize. A blue aura erupted around him like a volcano, he then took off his hat revealing wings of dragons but made out of Wakfu. He started to float into the air, his wings keeping him afloat, portals appeared all over Dr. Doom surrounding him like a dome. Kyle then went in the portals, flying in portal after portal and speeding up. Kyle rammed himself into Dr. Doom.

One hit was what Dr Doom offered and as soon as his armor registered the blow his teleportation system kicked on and he was back in the air. His force field reactivates and two sword-like blades extend from his gauntlets. The Ionic Blades were sharpened to an atom thick and charged with energy. “My Turn,” with that Doom opened his palm and sent a blast of atomic energy hot enough to melt steel at Kyle.

But due to him flying in and out of portals, becoming faster and faster he evaded the attack, Kyle then shot a blast of Wakfu at the doctor, going back to the portal and flying about.

Doom had boosted his force field to resist the chi blast he saw Thanos use. The energy of the Wakfu struck the field producing a light show as the two energies react to each other, however that was all the result. The magical and technological powered force field could restand the blows of the incredible hulk as well as the energy of the beings of near omega level power.

With a rush of speed he shot down his Ionic blades charged up he released a slashing charge of energy at Kyle. “Portals won’t protect you for long. Keeping them open is a drain on your resources.”

“You’re right.” Kyle said, his voice seemingly coming from everywhere, the portals collapsed and Kyle stood there at the other end of the arena. “So, Doctor… What do you call a Banana when he needs to leave?” Kyle asked him as he clenched his swords.

“Now no need to split on my part, why don’t you stick around.” He made the finger gun motion a small black pebble appeared heading to Kyle, then it started growing to the size of a beach ball. The orb of blackness if touched would stick to the person, much like Syndrome used on Mr. Incredible in the Incredibles.

“Hey!” Kyle tried to shake it off, he then decided to try and cut it, however he failed. “What the hell is this?!” Kyle asked the Doctor.

“A little lead laced polymer. Or you might call it fire proof leaded glue. Got the idea from something Hans shared with me.”

Outer walls

Phoenix had been scaling the outer walls as the matches went on. He had little interest in the other competitors anymore, now that he had a mystery to solve. And by god did he love mysteries. He made multiple circles around the arena, but came across nothing of interest. “Shit, thought I was onto something earlier. Oh well.” So instead, he teleported to the room where his kunai had found Link.

Right as he did that he was punched in his nose by a metal fist, the force made him fall on his ass. Phoenix looked up to his attacker to see the Arkham Knight.

“You shouldn’t be here.” Arkham Knight looked down at the blue haired jackass.

“That, mister, is exactly why I’m here.” Phoenix gave a cocky grin before metal bending his armour off.

“You need to go back.” What he saw was a cybernetic African American, metal parts where metal parts shouldn’t be, he wore a cybotic eye which glowed red. “You must go now, you really need to go before Ryker comes over here.” Warned the cyborg.

“Now, just hypothetically speaking,” Phoenix put his hands together in front of him. “What if I didn’t?”

“You will be sent back to your universe or even worse… The White Void.” Arkham Knight shivered.

Bringing a hand to his chin, Phoenix thought over what he had just heard. “You do drive a hard bargain……. But then again…..” Phoenix spun his waist around and delivered a punch straight to the cyborg's face. “I’m a betting man.”

The Arkham Knight took the punch unflinchingly, he then grabbed Phoenix by the neck as an Eliatrope walked by.

“Alice, escort him to the arena.” Arkham Knight applied even more pressure onto the bastard.

“Pfffft, fuck that.” Phoenix squeaked out. And with a click of his fingers, he was gone.

“He could have gone far, lock down the castle!” Arkham Knight ordered getting his armor back on, switching it to the Sea Prism Stone setting.

“You’re right, I couldn’t have gone far.” Phoenix said from behind Arkham Knight. Placing a finger to the side of his head, Phoenix whispered. “Disaster, sleep.”

Arkham Knight fell down onto his side, asleep, Alice summoned her Wakfu weapon. A Wakfu Halberd, Alice ran at Phoenix spinning it around then trying to slam it down on Phoenix.

Slipping off his ring, he took the blow in the chest, before chopping Alice on the neck with the side of his hand. “Rules were, no healing when in a match.” Stepping back, he removed the halberd from his chest before closing the wound. He then slipped the ring back on, just in case.

Multiple armored up Eliatropes came from portals that were formed behind Alice. Their armor was similar to that of a Storm Guard’s but it couldn’t be different, being more human and not gorilla like. They summoned their Wakfu Shields and Swords.

“Ughhhh, can ya’ll just fuck off! I just wanna speak with Ryker for fuck sake!!” Phoenix shouted, before jumping back into a fighting position, his weapon drawn.

They stopped, looking at each other then back at Phoenix.

“Why didn’t you just say so?” The Guard asked, before walking through a portal and coming out with Ryker.

“What is it? I’m missing the match.” Ryker deadpanned at Phoenix before realizing he’s out of the arena. “Oh wait, I must’ve forgotten to incorporate that. Silly me,” He said before a collar appeared on Phoenix’s neck. “Okay now what are you saying?”

“First off, kniky.” Phoenix said, tugging at his collar. “Second, I think this would go a lot smoother over a game of chess. What say you?”

“Kinky indeed, but anyways, sure why not? May not be the best player but I’m not the worst. Unlike Bullet.” Ryker said dismissing the Guards, they took the Arkham Knight away. “To my room! And no, don’t even start.” Ryker walked forward then took a right, going through a wall.

Phoenix followed suit just behind him, but with a hint of distrust. Ryker and Phoenix walked down the hallways that followed the wall, they soon reached Ryker’s room. To their right, Ryker opened the door for Phoenix and he let himself in. Ryker soon followed and a chess table was right in front of them with their respective pieces.

“Mind if I go white?” Phoenix asked.

“Ya got a problem with black?” Ryker joked. “Shoot for it kiddo.” Ryker took a seat, mid air without any chair to support him, there was a chair on Phoenix’s side but not Ryker’s.

“Haha very funny.” Phoenix rolled his eyes before walking over to the table. Kicking the chair out the way, he levitated Chastiefol from his back before reverting it to it’s pillow form. Taking a seat on it, he levitated it just in front of the table, almost ressemblent of a genie. He then made his move.

“Ladies go first.” Ryker offered, his emerald eyes glowing.

“The worst part about the statement is that I can’t prove otherwise.” Phoenix chuckled, gesturing for Ryker to make his move.

“So, what do you want to talk about Phoenix Wri- Phoenix.” Ryker moved his pawn.

Moving his pawn, Phoenix spoke without looking up at Ryker. “What did you get from Link? Other than that potion thingy. I already read your mind, but somethings came out blurry, or unexplainable.”

“The Fierce Deity enchantments.” Ryker informed the blue haired man, he moved another pawn on the far right. “What I’m using it for is… To make someone stronger, and no, it’s not me.”

“I see.” Phoenix moved his horse to the center. “Well, may I ask as to whom else you plan on taking from? Looked to me that Shiva had nothing to your liking.” Phoenix hadn’t looked up at Ryker once, but instead studied the board.

“Shiva has a variety of abilities. Her Pack Links are fruitful, although Katakuri would be angry if I took her into my lab. Shiva reminds him too much of his mother, and you know men, always protecting those that are close to them.” Ryker moved his horse from his board and onto the far left.

“Can’t say I’d know about that.” Phoenix moved a pawn up. “So, predictions for who will win? I may be going off topic, but you and me both know I’m here to make you slip info; I’m not even going to try and hide that fact.”

“You are? I couldn’t tell.” Ryker said sarcastically. “I predict it will be either Eric or Thanos winning. Though Black has a multitude of abilities that can destroy this very earth we walk on, I do not believe he can handle Eric’s shadow souls. Especially from what happened to… him.” Ryker put emphasis on him, as he moved his Bishop from the same spot that he moved his pawn from.

“No faith in me? I’m heart broken.” Phoenix chuckled, “Though, I get where you’re coming from. Those guy’s energy levels are like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” Phoenix moved his pawn on the far right.

“You know… I believe you may have a shot at beating Thanos. He seems… Off. Like he’s full of regret.” Ryker told Phoenix before he moved his other pawn. “If you can exploit that weakness you can crush his will to fight, as well as hisap resolve.”

“Noted.” Phoenix said, nodding to himself.

“Not going to lie ya both have very decent chess skills,” Ed faded into the room sitting next to the duo.

“Thank you Edward, joining into the conversation aren’t we?” Ryker raised an eyebrow looking towards the Sage.

“Ryker, we both know you knew he was there ages ago.” Phoenix said, pointing a thumb to the new company.

“Not gonna lie as I said, it took me a couple of tries to get in this place, you’ve got it pretty decently shielded,” He held up his arm to reveal his blackened hand. “I had to break out my void energy to get here.”

“Thank you Edward, from yourself, a Void Dweller, that’s a large compliment.” Ryker grinned, “Also, your move Phoenix.”

“Right, apologies.” Phoenix made his move, though he wasn’t too focused on the game anymore. His attention was on milking the info from the two with him.

“Not a fully realized dweller yet more like a seed,” Ed corrected with a sigh. “My deal with Truth let’s me draw on its power as its avatar. It takes a considerable amount of time to gather void energy of this amount on my own. Enough of the now, I’m here now. Who exactly are trying to save and why this tournament. I already gather the tourney to gather as much power as possible as fast as possible and now I have the incentive. The thing I lack is the knowledge as to why you didn’t just ask for help outright.”

“And what makes you think that I’m trying to save someone?” Ryker asked, “The Dark Ki? If that’s what you think then you are sorely mistaken.” Ryker then moved his pawn on the far left.

“Don’t toy with me boy,” Ed grew darker in color. “I could just as easily send them all back and seal off your world from ever being accessed by displaced again.”

Grabbing a piece that had been removed from play, Phoenix flicked it at Ed’s head. “Cool your jets, you oaf. That won’t get you anywhere. What we need is answers, not threats, and right now you’re failing to bring anything useful to my hand; so if that’s all you have to say, buzz off!”

“Hm… I guess I could tell you.” Ryker sighed, he moved his Rook, “I’m trying to save my daughter.” Ryker answered.

“I’m old not stupid but that doesn’t mean I won’t act on my own,” Ed held up the pawn. “I honestly think you’re a good person Ryker, that’s why I stuck around after you pulled me here, that and a tourney is good entertainment for one such as myself and my benefactor. So I'll help you save your daughter. I had one of my own children murdered and I couldn’t do a single thing. It was horrible as I watched it happen.”

“I’m a bored old soul, I need entertainment. It’s been around… A few ten thousand years before I actually got entertainment.” Ryker informed them, “Your move Phoenix.”

“You know, for a smart guy like you, you’re really quick to believe him.” Phoenix said, finally looking up from the table and towards Ed. “As much as I love a good sob story, I’m finding it difficult to believe a man with as much power as Ryker couldn’t save his daughter himself. Obviously no offense to you.” Phoenix turned to Ryker as he finished. He then moved his rook.

“It’s hard to lie to truth,” Ed said as part of his face was a black void.

“You’d be surprised bitch boy.” Phoenix scoffed at Ed. “I am the embodiment of ‘Lying’ itself.”

“You and I will never fully get along kiddo,” said another voice from all around. “Don’t forget I'm merely using my avatar to speak with everyone. I can't do more unless he says I can so. Don’t be so tense!”

“Fucking asshole,” Ed scoffed.

“She’s trapped in another dimension, I need the energy to get to that dimension. It’s impossible to reach unless you…” Ryker stopped before sighing, He then moved his Bishop to take out Phoenix’s Rook.

“I see. Well, as much as I want to believe you, I can’t. Or more specifically, won’t.” Phoenix moved a pawn. “My closest friends have lied to me, so why should I believe a stranger. A stranger who just so happens to be keeping monsters with power levels in the millions in your basement.”

“Ed, I’ll need you to sign this paper, because I kind of need you to do that to get my daughter back.” Ryker held up a paper to him that said.

“I Ed, will not interrupt any matches, nor harm anyone until Ryker says otherwise. I will also not leave until Ryker says otherwise.

Sign here ____________”

“Ed, I swear to god, if you sign that, I will gut you from armpit to asshole!” Phoenix shouted, almost knocking the pieces off the table. “We need more info!” He then picked his bishop and slammed it into place.

“You’re getting info out of me, are you not? How about something, I’ll tell you anything, but only if he signs that paper. Cross my heart, hope to fly, and stick a cupcake in my eye.” Ryker swore, moving a pawn.

“You, know, if Pinkie saw a god of war and destruction such as yourself copy her tradition, I think she’d faint.” Phoenix said, taking Ryker’s pawn.

“Yes we are but not what we want,” Truth cackled.

“I won’t be signing anything without my lawyer present,” Ed leaned back in the air as he folds his arms behind his head floating there. “I have no intention of stopping anything. Like I said before, this tournament is fun to watch. Unless I see the need I won’t step in, but that being, Black is my family and I won’t let you touch him unless he gives you permission, do and I completely destroy everything and devour you and every last soul in the universe.”

“That sounds dirty.” Ryker responded, “Also, noted.” He said before muttering “If you even can you prick…”

“Ed, you're giving him more info then we’re getting -useful info anyways- so if you don’t keep running your mouth we’re gonna have quite the kerfuffle!” Phoenix shot a glare at Ed before continuing. “God why do I always get teamed up with fucking idiots!!” He raised his hands in the air before letting them fall to his side.

“Calm down, we’re playing chess.” Ryker pointed out before moving another pawn, and Phoenix took it, taking a deep breath before he strangled someone.

“And how does that affect me?” Ed looked over. “We’re here for entertainment, not to help unnecessarily. It may seems like I help you guys but it’s only to further my own enjoyment.”

“Shut up you prick and quit using my voice to talk,” Ed yelled. “I fucking hate you.”

“You’re interrupting our game with that nasty attitude.” Ryker shot Ed a side-eyes glance, his green eyes glowing.

“Bite me asshole!” Ed returned the glares, his eye shifting to his Mangekyo sharingan.
“Sorry, I don’t see you like that.” Replied Ryker with a snark.

“This is going nowhere.” Phoenix sighed, before moving up a piece. It was only then he realised he was losing badly in terms of positioning.

“I apologize, I was trying to be civil.” Ryker moved up another piece before grinning. “Checkmate.” Phoenix scoured the board for a move, but found none. He then looked up and nodded to Ryker in approval.

“I-“ “shut your whore mouth, link severed,” Ed growled as the black on his body faded away. “Sorry about that, that thing usually stays quiet.”

“As the kids say these days, gg no re.” Ryker stood from his “chair” and shook Phoenix’s hand.

“Oh don’t worry. There will be a re.” Phoenix said, squeezing Rykers hand. “Maybe not in chess however.” Phoenix grew an evil grin, having spent the entire game scouring Rykers brain for any ounce of info as to what's in store for the rest of the tournament.

Ryker smiled and squeezed Phoenix’s hand back damn near breaking it, “Perhaps in checkers?” Ryker inquired.

“Sure, let’s go with that. Though, I believe you had something else in mind.” Phoenix released Rykers hand and gave him a wink. “Don’t worry, I’m great at keeping secrets.”

“Just a fair warning Ryker,” Ed remarked. “Everything that Truth said for me, was meant. Tread carefully as it is far more merciful than I am.”

“Ah, I see.” Ryker said with a warm smile. “Now we must be off.” Ryker opened a portal to the arena, before he walked in.

“Agreed.” Phoenix said, frowning at the lack of info he had received. “All that acting for nothing…” He muttered under his breath before teleporting to the arena.

“In due time Lier,” Truth’s voice whispered in Phoenix's ear. “In due time…”

“I hate you so much,” Ed grumbled as he let through his own portal.

During the meeting with Ryker, Phoenix, and Ed.

Kyle then disappeared, turning into sand and blowing into the wind, anything that was on him gone. Kyle appeared behind Dr. Doom and grabbed him from behind and flew up into the air. Going above the clouds and going back down, going Mach three he then slammed Dr. Doom into the ground. Dr. Doom’s head was now stuck in the ground.

Or that what Kyle thought as the dust settled the force field did pop with the impact however himself was fine. His anti-gravity generators easily kept him from personally impacting the ground.

“Shocking you would attack from behind. Not very honorable.” Doom righted himself and then activated his armor’s electrical field. The result was Doom stood in the center of a ball of lighting and he sent that energy in a sweeping blast, even if Kyle dodged one strike Doom was generating a hundred bolts of lighting around him. Sand of the arena turned to glass as it absorbed the plasma discharge.

“CRAP BASKETS!!!!” Kyle was hit by the electricity, it shook him to his core and he started to thrash about, before falling on his back. It was right then Ryker had disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Doom was no longer in a good mood; he approached Kyle and lifted his hand activating his concussion blast. The effect was like standing in front of the world's most powerful subwoofer. Sound itself moved the air at such a deep frequency. This very weapon when used at point blank range could shatter rock. Doom did a quick calculation in his head to make sure he wouldn’t do lasting harm.

Kyle stood there, silent, taking two steps back before nearly falling. Kyle caught himself before looking up to Doom. He put his right hand up, “DEZARTO JIRASORE!!!!” He slammed his hand to the ground, suddenly Doom was standing on quicksand, Dr. Doom with his metal armor started to sink inside of the quicksand. Kyle jumped back, gaining breathing distance as he watched the Doctor sink.

One would think sinking into the ground would be fighting. Doom’s armor can withstand space and the deep oceans, a few feet of ground was not a problem. Doom took a moment to think and then teleported out of the quicksand and behind Kyle.

Kyle used the wings on his head to gain some breathing room and went back far, “Dezarto Supardo!” Blades of sand went after Doom, like air slashes but diagonally, the sand having intense pressure and sharpness.

Doom’s armor crackled as lines of damage appeared. It wasn’t so much the pressure but that it was all focused on the edge of the blade. “So you marked me. Impressive.” That was when his force field reactivated providing even more protection. Doom lifted his arm and released a blast of atomic energy. If Kyle was paying attention when Doom fired his blaster there was a gap opening in the field for the energy to leave.

Kyle was hit by the blast and was sent careening into the wall, coughing out some blood as he did. Kyle slipped down the wall and fell on his ass, Kyle looked at Doom and chuckled. “Might as well make this entertaining… SABURUSU!!!” Kyle held up a palm and a tiny little sand tornado appeared. Kyle stood up and ran at Doom and threw the sand tornado at him. On impact the small sand tornado became a full on sandstorm. He spun around in it, Kyle put both of his hands on the floor “Guraundo Desu!” The entire landscape became sand and Kyle pointed at Doom. “Sand Tsunami!” The sand on the ground became a tsunami and hit Doom like a truck and buried him, “And to finish it off…” He held up a hand to his face. “Sand Burial.” Doom was “crushed” under the pressure.

The force field shattered and soon Doom was hidden under the hill of sand. Then a flash of light and he once again Teleported into the air dents were clearly seen on his armor and not a bit of fabric remained.

Doom moved his hands in a pattern and called out “CRIMSON BANDS OF CYTTORAK!” ribbons of crimson light sprang from his glowing hands and wrapped around Kyle mummifying him in the crimson energy.

“That shit won’t work on me, I’m a Logia type Devil fruit, meaning I can reform my body!” Kyle then collapsed into sand and appeared above Dr. Doom fifteen feet in the air. “Dezāto Gurande Esupāda!” A sword of sand pierced Doom’s side, Doom stumbled to his right.

“Seven Rings of Raggadorr!” Mystical energy rings appeared around him spinning at such a pace they blur into a solid light deflecting direct attacks. Then Doom arms seemed to duplicate and suddenly there were five Doom’s in the air. Four fake images, one real. “FLAMES OF FALTINE!” five jets of flames burst out at Kyle each one could put Celestia to shame, only one was real however.

Everyone could hear a cry of pure unadulterated agony, dust surrounded Kyle’s area, Kyle was on his knees when the dust cleared. He looked up at Doom with a grin, blood dripping from his mouth. He then flew into the air, above Doom. “THIS IS IT DOOM!!! USE YOU’RE STRONGEST ATTACK ON ME SO WE CAN END THIS AND I’LL RETURN THE FAVOR!!!!!!” Kyle’s right arm turned into sand.

Doom looked up and visibly shrugged. “Very well.”

“DEZARTO RASUPADA!!!!” He shot blades of sand at Doom, four blades were shot at Doom.

Doom didn’t use a spell instead he flew up, going through the sand and punched Kyle, at the same time released another high voltage electrical attack this time all focused on his fist as the focal point.

Kyle was sent above the clouds, unconscious, his body fell from the clouds and hit the floor making an audible crack. Spider-web like cracks beneath him, Kyle’s eyes white. Ryker was back, and looked down saddened.

“Awww… I missed it! The winner Dr. DOOOOOOMMM!!!!!” The crowd cheered and Doom walked over ignoring the fact he was bleeding from gashes from sand swords that did get through his defences. Once he arrived near Kyle he cast a quick healing spell to make sure he wasn’t in life threatening harm. Kyle was then picked up by some paramedics and was hauled off to the infirmary.

Doom turned and headed off the Arena Stage his armor systems already tending to his wounds and repairing internal systems. Even his clothing regenerated from the unstable molecules in the golden disks on his armor.

Before he left the stage, he noted with grim resignation that Shiva was watching from the stands. Her ears flat with disappointment before she turned away and retreated into the locker room.

-Meanwhile in the infirmary-

Link slowly woke up with a groan, raising up from his bed while reaching up to grab a hold of his head. “That is the second worst I’ve been through.” Link said as he shook the daze out. “I thought Thanos would see reason when I said I didn’t want to keep going.” Link said as he let go of his head to look around. Link saw Kyle in a bed next to him, Kyle looked on over to Link weakly.

“Sup… Did you get your ass kicked too? Oh wait, I was there…” Kyle chuckled, weakly.

“You both got your asses handed to you,” commented someone from a corner of the room the two losers looked to see Ed. “Want some ibuprofen?”

“Why the- Why not?” Kyle grunted, trying to get himself in a comfortable position.

“Ibuprof- what?” Link asked in confusion. “Also, I could have chosen to fight seriously, but it would have lead up to my death.” Link explained as he reached into his pouches to search for something.

“Ryker is a cruel man, he doesn’t want people to just quit, he wants them to fight with everything they got until their end. That’s what I did and look what happened to me?” Kyle said looking at his bandaged torso.

“I’m pretty sure healing is allowed outside the fights,” Ed tilted his head and tossed a white bolt to Kyle. “The meds are for headaches fairy boy. As for fighting, you still would’ve had your ass handed to you on a silver platter. I can heal you both up if you like, want a Senzu?”

Link was about to take a Blue Potion out when he stopped half-way at the mention of a Senzu Bean. “I was going to share half of my potion, but a Senzu Bean would save it for later.” Link said as he pushed the bottle back down into his pouch.

At that moment, Shiva entered the infirmary, only to mope as she realized Ed was taking care of Link. “Tsk. Seems I’m too late to be of any aid,” she mused. Black followed shortly as he teleported into the room using Instant Transmission.

“No big deal, save it for when you need it,” Ed snapped and two green beans fill into the duo's hands. “Now for the reason I’m here,” he turned to Link. “Do you remember anything from before you were brought here. You were taken by Ryker and some of the others found you in one of his labs. He extracted the ability to use the Fierce deity mask from you apparently.”

“He’s going to use it for his project to save his daughter.” Kyle sat up, who already ate the Senzu bean. Right as he said that Thanos opened the door. Thanos waddled over to Link.

“Link, I apologize, I shouldn’t have gone that far. I just wanted to give the crowd a good finale for our duel. I realize you surrendered and I attacked you after you surrendered, you still got knocked out afterwards but I still apologize.” The Titan bowed his head in shame.

Link let out a sigh. “I’m not some planet buster like you guys. The worst I’ve ever had was when I went up against was some lesser void dweller who had way too many phases, especially when it turned into a building.” he said with a shake of his head of the memory. “And it was the last time I used the Giant’s Mask too.” he finished as he popped the Senzu Bean into his mouth and chewed it, watching all of his injuries vanish as well, especially the loud pop that corrected his broken nose.

“I hear you,” Shiva noted. “The worst I’ve gone up against before all of this was Day Breaker. And even then, I had help from the Elements of Harmony.” She sat next to Link’s bed. “I’d say I wonder if I should’ve rejected the invite, but Phoenix’s memories implied that I would’ve been taken regardless.”

“Worst thing I’ve face was my Sombra, not counting Edward.” Black said, leaning against a wall as he got a short glimpse of that fight.

“So… Do you accept my apology?” Thanos asked the Hylian Champion.

“Have you found any new leads?” Ed asked the mad titan. “I managed to get into his area with some help from my watcher and he fed me his ‘this is to save my daughter line’ with Phoenix there as well, not to mention Truth using me as a phone.”

“On Ryker? No, I’ve been training myself to sense Dark Ki to see who’s infected and who’s not.

Link went silent at first as he ran the fight through his mind. “...How long have you been Displaced?” he asked Thanos before turning to look at Kyle. “..He did what?” Link asked with minor panic in his voice, soon pulled out the Fierce Mask from his pouch. He runs his hand over it, still sensing the war god within the mask. “But it’s just the powers, right? I’m unsure if anyone else besides me can cooperate with the spirit if it was replicated..” he said in worry.

“1,700 years, or five years if you don’t count the stone sealing.” Thanos sighed, “I don’t know,” Thanos said, answering Link’s question.

“Kid, we all have our own demons that give us power and as for what he did I can’t tell you because I’m not sure, it was before he pulled me here in a moment of passion, weakness, and sleep,” The sage explained. “In short I think he just replicated your ability by force, similar to how we share power willingly. That’s the short version of it anyway. Perhaps I should see the good Doctor after this.” He tapped his chin. “His understanding of tech runs deeper than mine after all.”

“You mean the deity’s willingness to share a small amount of power with me? Or something else?” Link said before looking over at Thanos. “That’d explain a bit of how you acted. I bet you enjoy the power rush, huh?” Link asked Thanos curiously. Thanos just nodded slowly.

“You did say it was a god of war,” Ed reminded the room. “It probably heightens traits of aggression and eagerness to fight. Many displaced Igor each other to test themselves. Deep down we all have it ingrained in us in some form, even those who don’t physically fight have the urge to compete and test themselves.”

“More along the lines that it enjoys fighting powerful foes. If I came here a lot more earlier in my Displaced life, the deity would have fought to the end, even at the cost of my life.” Link said as he looked down upon the mask, remembering all the times the spirit within the mask wanted the thrill. “Goddesses above, it took years of reasoning with it to make it realize that I’m the only one willing to use the mask and that anyone, or anypony would have rejected it out of fear.” he explains, then paused. “..Imagine if it had its original body rather than a mask that appeared in my inventory upon Displacement.”

“We all have things like that kid,” Ed sighed. “You might not want to admit it but deep down that mask is still you in some aspect or other form.” Ed held his and up to his face and a cyclonic skull mask forms in his hand. “My hollowfication is a perfect example.”

"Hollowfication? Like from that anime whose title has nothing to do with the anime?" Kyle asked the Sage.

"Like seriously, how do you get Bleach out of hollows and demon slaying badasses.”

“I always believed they meant bleach white, as in the color of a ghost.” Link pointed out as he looked over at Thanos. “You’re forgiven, Thanos. Just remember to balance out that power with some wisdom and courage.”

"Balance." Thanos frowned at Link's unintended pun towards him, "Alright so anyways, why Bleach? Why not Hollow Slayer, or Hollows Grim Reaper?"

“Don’t say the B word in front of Thanos,” Ed advised Link, dispelling his mask. “As for bleach it refers to White, or Hollow Ichigo as the viewer knew him. Though his true name was actually Zangestu, old man was actually the manifestation of Ichigo’s Quincy powers.”

"I haven't really seen Bleach that much, but hood to know- Wait, we're getting off topic!" Thanos realized, trying to get the two back on topic with him. Kyle just laid there and took a well deserved nap.

“And which topic would that be, we’ve had nearly seven this whole time,” Ed mentioned blankly.

"Good point." Thanos said putting a finger to his chin. "But still, Link doesn't know about Dark Ki and everything else that has been happening." Thanos turned to the champion.

“Not for long,” Shiva offered, extending her pack link with the memories from their discussion.

“I wonder if Ryker is using the Deity’s power to amplify the fighters’ lust for battle so they’ll be more susceptible to become infected with Dark ki and once they are the Deity’s influence grows even stronger as does the ki,” Ed thought.

“Dark Ki… Is that something the fandom made, or is it something that was made after my Displaced? The last time I saw anything ki related, was dragon ball GT.” Link said.

"No, it's from Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse, a game that came out in… 2013 I believe." Thanos thought, "In any case the games increase the fighters powers by twenty five to five hundred, it depends on the strength of the enemy." Thanos informed the two.

“It was created by a demon women named Towa, she would infect different warriors from other points in time. It would create a sorta ripple that would generate energy, once she got enough, Towa would take it, using it to revive the demon realm.” Black explained with detail. “She never succeeded though.”

“Originally it’s from Dragonball hero’s the arcade game,” Ed pointed out. “Either way this stuff is very bad news to anyone and everyone.”

“So why does Ryker want everyone full of bloodlust as if this is Death Battle? Please don’t tell me he’s collecting energy caused by the conflict like he’s got a Majin Buu.” Link said with a groan.

"I don't think so, I believe he's like Towa collecting energy for a big project. To save his… Daughter maybe." Thanos added to the conversation.

“There was some truth behind his words, my hated void dweller confirmed it,” Ed glared up at the ceiling, ”Evil bastard, but he doesn’t lie.” He looked back to the others. “But he’s still hiding a lot. He actually tried to get to sign a contract saying not to interfere with fights unless he said to. I’m old not stupid.”

“A shame gossip stones don’t exist here. They’d reveal a lot about the universe they’re in.” Link said.

"I would put it right on my palm, IF I HAD IT!!!!" Thanos frowned, "A shame my Void-Dweller didn't give me it. Also, another universe too, can't use them." Thanos reminded the two before looking to Ed, "Speaking of Void-Dweller, have you met Kilton?"

“You mean your gauntlet’s functioning outside of its universe? Of course, it’d be a s-” Link paused, preventing him from unintentionally referencing what Thanos’s likes to do. “Simple.” Link finished.

“I have a contract with one that can’t be broken already. I don’t need more void dwellers in my life,” Ed crossed his arms over his chest. “As for gossip stones, I may be able to pull some here.”

"Eh? Don't that's cheating." Thanos waved his finger around with a frown.

“It depends more on the area, or at least that’s how they function back in my world. They tell a lot, but not always what you want it to be. Think of them as agents sharing everything they hear wherever you place the stone.” Link explained.

"Still cheating! Plus, wouldn't It be more fun if we were patient and wait for the plot to unfurl?" Thanos tempted Ed.

“I said I could maybe do it. Those things are tough to move,” Ed reiterates. “I’m not going to deny the entertainment aspect either. But I still don’t want to see anything bad happen. The last thing we need is another Displaced War.”

“Wait there was a Displaced War?!” Black exclaimed, never knowing such a thing existed.

“Be serious, Thanos. If Ryker means harm, one does not simply wait to know if they are or aren't.” Link said, almost holding his hand in a o.

"We don't know if he does, he could be just a sketchy bastard." Thanos crossed his arms, "We need proof before claiming- What's the word for it? We need evidence to support our claim before we present it to Lady Justice."

"One does not simply try to reveal Ryker's secrets." Kyle said, awaking from his nap.

“..Thanos is right.” Link said as he crossed his arms. “You guys have picked up a lot of information easily, and chances are he could be manipulating us much like Viggo Grimborn from Race To The Edge.” he said.

"Is that from How to Train A Dragon?" Thanos asked Link.

“Yes it is, Thanos. The guy's very cunning, always one step ahead.” Link explained.

“Cunning lad, and we should consult with Phoenix on that aspect,” Ed pointed out. “He was playing a decent game of chess with Ryker earlier when I popped in. I know he would’ve fared better had I not been there.”

"Whoever wins should wish to send us all home… Or something like that." Thanos planned.

“You really want to waste a wish like that?" Ed raised an eyebrow. “I can send you all home.”

"Now that you say that… I think we should wait until the end and ride this out, plus if Ryker turns out to be good, banquet?" Thanos said with a grin as wide as the ocean.

“Oh yea that reminds me,” Ed smirked. “How do rocks taste Thanos?”

“Speaking of sending people home..” Link began as he reached up to grab some sort of stone with a hole in it around his neck.

"They taste fucking epic, like the best thing you ever tasted in your actual life. I recommend it." Thanos said with a thumbs up.

“Good to know, and what ya got there kid?” Ed laughed as he wiped a tear from his eye.

“My howling stone. I was about to use it and see if I can’t go back to my world through the Twili portal.” Link explained as black pixels swirled around Link, changing him into a red, green, and white wolf very similar to the original Wolf Link, except the symbol on his forehead was different.

Shiva stood up, her ears perking in awe. “By everything sacred, that’s amazing…” she whispered.

Wolf Link looks past Ed, noticing no black and green portal appearing.

Ed moved to the side, “so basically is a homing device to your world. This the right portal?”

Link returns back to normal with a look of concern on his face, accompanied by a disappointed whimper from Shiva. “Something is preventing it from appearing, I don’t like the look of this.” Link said with worry.

“I think your stuck here until the end kid,” Ed reached his into the partial portal. “Hmmm…. yea something is definitely mixing in here.the void energy is off, like mixed in with another displaced. Did Ryker have all of you sign a contract when you got here?”

Shiva and Black both nodded.

“Yea, I gave it a good read before I signed mine.” Link said before blinking. “I should have used my Len’s Of Truth on it.” he said as he looked at Ed, thinking there was some fine print. Signing contracts was the least common thing in his world.

“That’s not good at all,” Ed shook his head. “In short, you’re all stuck here till otherwise. Even if I did send you home Ryker would just pull you right back.”

"For fuck's sake!" Thanos cried out.

Shiva hummed. “Then it sounds like we need to be prepared,” she said. “And if there’s one thing I learned from my time in Equestria…” she offered her claw it. “It’s that it’s better if we stand together.”

“If that’s the case, we should gather the others and start training immediately.” Black mused as he looked to Shiva. “We need all the help we can.”

To be continued...

Side Chapter, Around the Campfire.

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On the arena stage, Thanos added some wood to the fire as all the Displaced (And Nappa) were sitting around it, Thanos had called them all as well as their companions. Maud just gave Entity a glare but Entity had a shameful look on his face. Thanos cleared his throat.

“Do you know why I all gathered you guys here?” Thanos asked looking around at the Displaced.

“You’ve got an epic plan on how we’re all going to band together and form an unstoppable team!” Shiva declared with a wag of her tail and a flare of her pack links.

“You would be wrong lady Shiva.”

“Aw,” Shiva moaned, dissipating her links.

Thanos sat down on a log that was provided by Ed for everyone to take a seat. “We’re all here for a reason, we all have a reason to be here. So… What is that reason? Let us talk about our past adventures and further increase our bond, after all the only way to increase our camaraderie and teamwork is to know more about each other.” Thanos crossed his arms, they were all around the campfire, Link next to Thanos, Phoenix next to Link, Shiva next to Phoenix, Ed next to Shiva, Eric next to Ed, Black next to Eric, Doom next to Black and Nappa next to Doom then back to Thanos.

Shiva pondered his words, before glancing around at the others. “Well, if it’s past adventures you want…” She formed a circular screen, with images appearing in the light of her magic as she began to share her story:

“I started off as a simple dog,” she said. “No real knowledge of the outside world. Then, out of nowhere, some kind of lightning bolt hit me and my master. I woke up in the world I would come to know as Equestria, changed into what you see now… and it had quite a welcoming committee for me.” Her images showed her stumbling across a group of ponies. “My first encounter with ponies was… well…”

She let the images speak for her, as the ponies in the vision promptly knocked her past self out, threw her in a cage, dragged her to a mysterious dark place, and threw her into a ring with an equally scared looking diamond dog.

“...less than pleasant,” Shiva finally admitted. She ran a claw across her screen, and the images changed. “Luckily, I was able to get out of there, but…”

Once again, the images spoke for her: the head pony that had knocked her out was shown being slaughtered by a deranged looking Shiva. A scared looking Twilight blasted her off the remains of her victim. But as Shiva merely glowed with power and lunged at Twilight… Fluttershy came up with the Stare. Shiva shuddered as her past self instantly folded under the yellow mare’s eyes.

“Later, I found out that Twilight and her friends had nothing to do with the ponies that had locked me up,” Shiva admitted. “They were there investigating these ponies, but the rogue ponies had been through bad experiences with diamond dogs, so… I didn’t really help my case by killing one of them. But I didn’t really care about that at the time. I just wanted out. Luckily, I was able to discover my ability to absorb and redirect magic. And with that ability…”

Her images showed a daring escape from Canterlot. A mid-air battle with Rainbow Dash. A brutal brawl with Prince Blueblood. And a flashy ending with Princess Celestia being blasted back with a ball of light as Shiva made a daring leap into a river.

“For a short time after,” Shiva said. “I wandered the outskirts of Equestria.” She grinned as her images showed her coming across a diamond dog pack. “I managed to find others like me. And together, we formed a pack.” Her eyes narrowed. “Unfortunately, a magic diamond dog is not something they see very often out in the outskirts. And it drew attention.”

Her images showed Chrysalis. Eagerly coming forward to Shiva. Offering her some sort of deal. At the same time, Twilight and the Mane Six were seen approaching Shiva from behind. Pleading expressions on their faces as they tried to convince Shiva not to take whatever deal Chrysalis had.

“It was a tough call, I’ll admit,” Shiva said. “But, this may just be me, but I’m pretty happy with the choice I made.”

The images showed Chrysalis lying dead before Shiva. The ponies cheered in glee… only for Shiva to turn her backs on them, and retreat back into the wastelands. With her diamond dogs taking a hefty amount of pony gems, food and other supplies with them. While the ponies could do nothing more than watch in stunned silence.

To make matters even better, the images proceeded to show other changelings finding Shiva’s pack. Friendlier changelings that celebrated the death of Chrysalis. Their new Queen and Shiva were shown shaking hands - or hooves and claws.

“Celestia felt so horrible about what had happened, that I was able to give my diamond dogs a life befitting the ponies,” Shiva continued, as her images showed her seated on the throne of the Crystal Empire. Her ears flattened. “Unfortunately, some of my dogs let the power go to their heads… and it cost us.”

The images darkened. The demonic visage of Umbra was shown coming up behind Shiva. Her past self fell into darkness, and a Kodo with Sombra’s green eyes and black fur was shown leading a crusade against the ponies. As he marched on Canterlot, Celestia rose to meet him. But not as her usual princess form. No, she rose as the fiery Day Breaker. Who unleashed a burst of flames that caused the image to destabilize and flicker with static.

Shiva lowered her head as the image re-focused to show Shiva and her dogs brooding in an underground cavern.

“We haven’t tested the ponies’ remorse ever since,” Shiva admitted. “But, some still remain hopeful that peace can be possible with them.” She smiled as an image of a younger diamond dog appeared, looking almost exactly like Shiva with her white fur, though the younger pup’s eyes were a brighter blue. “My daughter Celine is most likely trying to repair bridges with them even as we speak.” Shiva dissipated her image. “But one thing’s for certain: my dogs can’t afford to have too many enemies.” She leaned back. “That’s why I came here. I was hoping that the wealth would help us forge alliances with other species, like the dragons and griffins. And from there, we’d take steps to unite all of Equestria… something that Twilight told me I actually accomplished in another time where she and her friends never met and the Elements of Harmony were never reforged.” She grinned at Ed. “Thanks to you, Ed, I may just be able to unite Equestria without breaking Twilight and her friends up.” She turned back to the fire. “All I need is to survive this adventure, and get home to put my plan into action.”

“You were misunderstood from the beginning, and as someone who likes dogs… I want to make them pay for what they did to you. But they’re probably dead already.” Thanos said looking down to his palm and clenching it.

Shiva smiled softly. “I appreciate your sympathy, Thanos,” she said. “But I assure you: the ponies have more than paid for their crimes. The ones who directly hurt me are dead or wish they were, and the ponies that I interact with now have done their very best to atone for the sins of their fellows.” She stretched. “In the end, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. It’s through cooperation, compromise and unity that I feel a much better life was forged.”

“Seems the power of friendship is lacking in your world, either that or xenophobia is a bit strong much like how humans fear what they have trouble understanding.” Link said with a gentle sigh. He had a good understanding of the multiverse but it still annoyed him that those kinds of worlds existed.

“It’s the same for my Equestria as well,” Eric said letting his presence known. “There are many who have killed for power and revenge and others who take whatever they wish with no remorse for their actions.”

“To be honest, I’d kill for a world like that. Mine’s boring, minus the whole ghoul thing.” Phoenix stated, cracking open a cold one; obviously a can of Hetap.

“Believe me, I’d trade worlds in a heartbeat if it meant me and my comrades could live in peace,” Eric said crossing his arms as Sombra nodded in agreement. “The creatures I’ve met thus far have been nothing but power hungry fools who seek to cover Equestria in their greed.”

Doom stood there, his arms crossed with his single ally Hans standing behind him. Once Doom learned of the possibility of Dark Ki in use he sent Gilda back. Hans technically being a symbiotic entity with him would share his armor’s protections.

“I take offence! May I remind you that I am literally the sin of greed!” Phoenix said sarcastically, placing his hand on his heart.

“I meant no offence, Phoenix.” Eric said to the Fairy displaced. “But Greed is a problem among my Equestria.”

"I believe we are slowly straying away from the story telling, I get why you two are talking but let us get back to telling our tales." Thanos turned to Eric, "Von Shadow, does thou wish to tell thy tale?"

“Could you stop being so polite? It’s freaking me out dude.” Phoenix said, turning to Thanos.

“I kinda like it,” Shiva noted.

“I’d say it’s an improvement over the last couple of days,.” Maud said, sitting next to Shiva. The Diamond Dog scooted over to give the earth pony room to sit, followed by Phoenix.

“I would have to agree with Maud,” Rainbow said sitting on a cloud above the group. “This is definitely an improvement since the end of the first match of the tournament”

"Fucking bitch…" Nappa muttered.

"I have decided that nothing good will ever happen to being rude to others. You get what you give, and I've been nothing but a jerk to all of you. And for that, I apologize." Thanos lowers his head, in shame.

Link shrugged his arms. “I’m used to the thys and thous to be honest.” he said.

“Whatever tickles your pickle I guess.” Phoenix said, shrugging.

“You said we would be regaling our tales and experiences” Sombra said, setting his swords down next to him and his friend. “So who, pray tell, will start?”

"Von Shadow?” Thanos looked to Eric, "You do not have to tell your tale if you do not feel the need to. I will understand and so will the others."

“Okay then,” Eric said, closing his eyes to think. “But where to start? Before or after I was Displaced?” Eric asked himself

“The beginning?” Phoenix offered.

“The beginning….” Eric muttered under his breath as his eyes and hands began to glow with magic

The campfire erupted into a massive plume of purple flames which opened what looked like a portal, from the portal showed images of Eric when he was younger and still held the fire of innocence in his eyes.

“Eric Monohan was my name. And me and my family were of the middle class of society,” Eric said retelling his past. “In my youth I held an incredible fondness for music: classical, jazz, rock and metal, you name it. The first instrument I ever played was an elegant piano that was at my school, and honestly I wish I never touched that infernal instrument”

The fire showed Eric gracefully playing a school piano shocking the classroom teacher

“Once I showed a talent in music my parents pulled me out of school and taught me nothing but music” Eric said his face shifting to a grimince

The flame now showed Eric having every manner of instrument shoved into his chest.

“On my earth, Musicians are the highest paying job title one can have, the pay is even higher if you are employed by somep..-body in the high class,” Eric said before showing an expression of rage. “My parents wanted money to elevate themselves from middle class to high class. They brutally taught me until I could play anything with my eyes closed. And if I refused… they’d punish me.”

The fire flashed dark red as images of Eric being tortured by his parents until his entire back was covered in blood.

Immediately Shiva covered her son's eyes, shivering. Even though she had heard about this particular part of his childhood, it still made her guts squirm and her blood chill to see parents willing to do such a thing to their own children.

"I am deeply sorry for the agony that you went through, torture is a sin and I hope that your parents got what they deserved." Thanos sighed, closed his eyes and shook his head, wincing at the images that were shown.

“Your sympathy is appreciated Thanos” Eric said before continuing his tale. “Over time, the fire I once held for music was snuffed out”

Eric’s spell now showed him playing a piano with a dead look in his eyes.

“But it never stopped...the beatings and punishment NEVER stopped,” Eric said through gritted teeth

Doom showed no emotion, that mask was useful in that regard. Hans however went from a smooth form to a figure with spikes and long blade like fingers. Softly he asks Doom “Could we go to this world, and cleanse it?” Doom shook his head “No Hans, focus on the issue before us rather than seeking revenge for another.”

The flame only showed a severely bleeding Eric lying on the floor holding a cello bow while the shadows of his parents screamed and slashed his back.

“My only comforts in my life were my younger brother...” Eric said, showing the image of his brother who tended to Eric’s woulds. “And my friend Callum.”

The flame showed the image of a grinning young boy with blonde hair, pale skin and bright green eyes, his attire consisted of articles of clothing showing an abundance of anime memorabilia.

“With my lessons beginning from dusk till dawn I was only allowed to hang out with both of them during the night,” Eric said, gaining a warm smile on his face. “Callum introduced me to anime and manga and eventually convinced me to join him to Comic Con which was happening the following month.”

“My Parents eventually found out and put bars on all windows and doors” Eric said as his spell showed his younger self staring outside behind the bars. “When my brother finally stood up for me they dragged him outside and into the car….That was the last time I saw my baby brother”

The flame showed Eric’s younger Brother being dragged into the car kicking and screaming, all the while Eric was helplessly trying to break out of his locked room.

As they watched Eric’s younger brother get taken, Kodo’s claws clenched Shiva’s fur. The mother wolf pulled her son close, silently promising him such a fate would never befall him.

“Part of me believes he’s alive, that they just put him in an orphanage or something” Eric said before getting up and removing his coat and shirt. “But I know that people who do this to their own son…” Eric said, showing everyone the scars covering his back, earning shocked gasps from the others. “Would have silenced him for good.”

"You had earned the blessing of a brother and they took it away from you… Damn them. If I had the power to go to their front door… God knows what will happen and he would be mentally scarred for all of his damn life if I did have a way to get there." Thanos clenched his fists until It bled. Lucci crossed his arms, clenching his teeth.

“Death is too good a fate for creatures like that,” Shiva said.

Once his shirt and coat was back on Eric continued his tale. “The only good thing that happened after that was when Cal risked his life and broke me out by destroying the bars on my window,” Eric said showing a pure smile. “He handed me the costume I prepared for the convention and we went to the wonderful world of Comic Con.”

“And your captors didn’t follow?” Shiva asked.

“No, thank god.” Eric said with relief. “I honestly don’t know if I could have lived with myself if I got my only friend killed.”

The fire showed Eric and his friend Cal both dressed as Original One Piece characters, it then showed Eric coming face to face with the Merchant that Displaced him

“I purchased a black Devil Fruit, the gun Mr. 5 used in One Piece and Edward Newgate’s Murakumogiri” Eric said as his spell showed him paying for the items and then disappearing in a flash of light. “Next thing I know I wake up in the frozen north of the Crystal Empire”

In the flame showed a confused Eric frantically looking around the snow covered area

“I blacked out from the cold and awoke in the castle's medical wing.” Eric said remembering when he met the king and the prince. “If Cal hadn’t been a brony I would have had no idea where I was, it had turned out I was displaced in the Crystal Empire, long before Sombra became corrupted and imprisoned in the shadows.”

“A time I had wished wouldn’t have happened” Sombra said looking away in regret

“It’s in the past, Sombra,” Luna said, placing hand on the unicorn's shoulder. “You must let go of your past in order to move forward. It’s what I did when I was freed from my father’s influence.”

"One must accept their mistakes and move on, look at me now, I'm different because I realized that… That being rude and insensitive isn't a good thing to be. Especially when you have other people, from other universes and having different teachings." Thanos said sagely.

“Indeed,” Shiva mused, before pausing. “Wait… your father? Who was your father?”

Hearing this question caused Luna to physically wince. She tried to find an excuse to leave but calmed when Eric placed his hand upon hers.

“Only answer if you are ready to share” Eric said, calming the alicorn.

“I want to, but some have been affected by him as well,” Luna whispered before inhaling deeply. “My father is….King….Umbra the Dark.”

"Nani?!" Luffy turned his whole body to face Luna, "Could he p-" He was slapped by Lucci.

"Shut." Lucci shook his head.

Kodo stood up, in shock. “Umbra?” he demanded, glancing at Sombra. “THE Umbra. The one that messed up Sombra’s life? Black’s life?” His claws clenched. “My life?”

“The very same,” Sombra said, his stature tensing slightly.

“Queen Lucinda, Celetia’s and Luna’s biological mother foresaw a war breaking out between Equestria and the Empire,” Eric explained having read about it and being told by Celestia herself. “To prevent this Lucinda ventured to the empire to negotiate with Umbra. However he broke the treaty and took Lucinda for his own.”

Shiva stiffened, her fur bristling.

“Outraged King Solaris, Celestia’s father, brought war to the empire to rescue his queen, Both Umbra and Solaris perished in their seven day battle.” Eric said, coming to a close. “However Lucinda was already with child. After giving birth to Luna, Lucinda died, leaving Celestia with no-one. Lucinda wanted Luna imprisoned in fear of becoming like her father”

“However Tia didn’t want to rule Equestria by herself,” Luna added. “So, she accepted me as if we had the same parents. Unfortunately, after the fight with Sombra, my fathers dormant magic flared. It instilled thoughts and lies until I gave into them and became Nightmare Moon.”

Kodo lowered his head. “She really is like me…” he muttered to himself, before looking up at Luna. “The same thing happened to me, Princess. Umbra’s influence just kept pushing at me. Telling me to attack the ponies and be Shiva’s vengeance.” He shrugged. “I was no Nightmare Moon, but… I was pretty close.”

"Speaking of "like me" I remember when I had to fight another Luffy, he was… Scared, being experimented on by the Ponies, crucified and tortured. I had him put him down by his request… It scarred me." Luffy shiver.

“I believe everyone here has suffered by the hands of Umbra,” Sombra said, causing everyone to remember the dark unicorn.

“He killed my father,” Maud said her tone taking on a slightly sad tone

“He killed Soarin,” Rainbow said in sadness. “My coltfriend at the time.”

“I can’t say I know much of him,” Phoenix began. “Never had any encounters, or even read any books. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was just as bad in my world.” Phoenix finished by downing the rest of his drink and cracking open another

"Almost killed Lucci, and killed the old Cp9 of Equestria." Thanos added.

“Is it my turn to share?” Rainbow said, rubbing the forming tears from her eyes.

"Please, go ahead Ms. Dash, tell us." Thanos said with a warm smile.

“Okay this happened over two years ago,” Rainbow began lowering her cloud closer to the ground. “Upon the request of Cold Scale, we sailed to the Island of Minotaurs.”

“Now keep in mind, My Equestria is separated by water” Eric stated. “It’s exactly like the One Piece World”

"Any Yonko?" Asked Luffy, turning to the shadow man.

“You’re Looking at them,” Sombra said grinning at the rubber man. “Pirate Slayer” Sombrahesta, “Shadow Reaper” Von Shadow, “Fire Fist” Dash, and “Lightning Flash” Luna but Eric calls us the Four Emperors”

“And Maud Here” Rainbow said, jabbing a thumb towards the earth pony. “Is our strongest Warlord”

Luffy just grinned back, "COOOOLL!!! Back at my Equestria I was a Yonko too! I had under eight thousand men behind me. Thanks to Ussop. My other Emperors are Mihawk, Monkey D. Dragon, and finally Phil Swift!" Luffy grinned ear to ear.

“Rainbow, your tale?” Eric turned to Rainbow with a raised eyebrow.

“Right right sorry Eric” Rainbow apologized

“So we arrived at the Minotaur Island of Minos. About a full day after landing the spoiled 2nd prince decided he wanted Applejack as his bride.” Rainbow said sitting up on her cloud. “She told him she’d pass but the prince refused to accept her refusal.”

Shiva smirked. “Males,” she noted with a shake of her head. “Why do so many of them need to have ‘no’ be accompanied by violence.”

"He stole my line!" Luffy growled. "I refuse your refusal is my thing!"

"Tsk, we had a King who's pride was too large to surrender." Lucci sighed.

“The Kingdom of Minos works alot like the Sabody archipelago” Eric commented

“So when Applejack pushed the prince, everypony froze and gasped out,” Rainbow said, anger starting to show in her expression. “Immediately she was attacked and arrested.”

“We later found out that the royal family treat themselves as gods, much like the Celestial Dragons,” Eric said

“We also found out that we could settle any argument with a contest of combat.” Rainbow said smiling.

“However she failed to realise that challenging the royal family meant she would fight the kingdoms top three strongest,” Sombra said shaking his head

“Meanwhile I found Cold Scale’s enslaved mother and got myself arrested to free Applejack,” Eric said, crossing his arms. “She helped us escape and asked if her son suffered in his death, I told her I killed him quickly, he felt no pain when he died. I promised to free her but she said she’s rather join her family than be free and see the minotaur brand another day”

“Rainbow fought each battle with everything she had,” Sombra said. “However she was exhausting herself, at the time she had a problem with precision attacks and was expending more power to use widespread attacks”

“I was still having trouble with that part of my powers,” admitted Rainbow Dash. “I had beat my first two matches and was left to near exhaustion, but I wasn’t about to let that minotaur have Aj”

“However I had no idea my next opponent was going to be the crown prince himself” Rainbow recalled the pain in her wings. “He was fast, faster than me. He dislocated my wings causing me to fight on the ground

"You should be thankful he didn't rip your wings off your back." Thanos said before muttering, "Like I once did to someone…"

“He did” Rainbow said reaching behind her back and touching the scar around her wing. “Sombra was able to reattach it, and after months of healing I was able to fly again. it still stings every now and then”

“Halfway through the fight me and Applejack arrived at the arena and saw Rainbow on the ground, missing a wing and bleeding,” Eric said “Appljack went to help but I stopped her saying that this is her fight, she must face this on her own”

"I never once disable someone, that… It's unacceptable! As the Champion of Minos I would personally kill him in the arena!" Lucci growled turning into his full Leopard form and roared.

“When All seemed lost I slowly pushed myself to my feet and glared at the crowned prince” Rainbow said retelling her victory. “Eric once told me that my limits weren’t meant to stop me they were made to be broken”

“And she didn’t just break them” Eric said grinning. “She absolutely Shattered them”

“I acquired a Flame transformation that I called” Rainbow said, flying up and igniting into a rainbow flaming spirit with burning rainbow wings. “Rainbow Flame Spirit”

"Gay!" Nappa said in the background only to be punched by Luffy.

“She used that form to kill the prince and win Applejack's freedom,” Sombra said before turning to Eric. “However the king didn’t take kindly to that”

“The King had the powers of the Magma-Magma Fruit,” Eric said, remembering the burn he felt that day. “I used my shadow powers to transfer everyone to the ship”

“I then saw no need to hold back and destroyed the island” Eric said using his magic to show the island and kingdom of Minos being wiped off the map by an explosion of shadow

"...And it's inhabitants?" Thanos looked to Eric with a raised eyebrow, "Also it hurts because I am now the King of Minos."

“Dead...Each and every one of them either died when the island was destroyed or drowned” Eric said showing no remorse for killing the minotaurs

"I see…" Thanos held up two hands to his face, "That's disappointing, not in you, but the fact that they did not survive."

“Remember I’ve met your Minotaurs you have nothing to worry about,” Assured Eric “I killed them because they tried to kill and arrest me and my friends, they would’ve gone to war with Equestria”

"Emerald Gauntlet, Sapphire Sword, Ruby, and even… Golden Shield…?" Thanos asked the Shadow Man.

“I never met any of them,” Eric admitted. “However Minos wasn’t the only Minotaur island, it was just one of many, the others are untouched”

"If you ever meet them… Please, do not kill them, they are my people in my universe and the next." Thanos told Eric before looking into the fire.

“I’ll keep an eye out,” Eric said cutting off his spell returning the flame to normal

Shiva glanced at Link, who looked like he was patiently waiting his turn. “What about you, Link,” she asked. “You look like you have some stories to share.”

“Too many to count.” Link said with a chuckle. “Where would I even start?” he asked as he leaned forward in his seat.

“How about when you got Displaced?” she offered.

“Well.” Link began. "Considering how everyones is a little fancy with their storytelling, I might as well use a little bit of ancient hyrule magic. I won't bother telling who I was before displacement since a lot of that old life is gone other than my old name, which I can't tell to non-displaced." As he spoke, he reached into his pouch to pull out what appeared to a fairly sized red leather bag. Link untying it and opens it up, Reaching in, Link takes a pinch of some sort of powder. Holding his hand over the fire; his triforce of courage radiant softly as he waves his hand across, sprinkling the magic powder. Ed would sense it to be like alchemy, yet felt nothing like his own; similar yet different. There is a gentle fluttering whistle sound as the flame's within the campfire danced and moved around, soon changing colors to form an image.

"Long ago, twenty seven years, back when I used to go by the name Jeff. The news told of a mysterious merchant and how people vanished or went missing when they bought from this man. No cop nor even the best detectives could solve this mystery, and any attempt at apprehending the merchant, the man would always escape. Due to this, I had chosen to avoid all comic cons and gatherings, even places where the merchant was last spotted. I didn't want to become the next victim, alas despite my best efforts, I was still tricked when someone rang my doorbell, and left that large treasure chest " Link explained; his words shaping the flames and their colors to show what had happened, revealing a young adult in his twenties opening a chest. "When I opened it, it showed it contained the triforce of courage; a powerful golden relic that contained the essence of the goddess of courage; Farore. Out of curiosity, I reached up to touch that artifact, and before I knew it, I found myself flying out of control toward the Everfree Forest, with only a diamond-like barrier to break my fall." Link explained, the fire forming to show very panic and much younger Link screaming inside of a blue diamond.

"For twenty years I searched throughout Equestria believing the triforce of power and wisdom existed somewhere out there. Throughout those years, despite wanting to go home so badly, I had done so many heroic deeds saving pony lifes, taking down powerful monsters and foes alike either three times my size, wielding untold power, or were too fast to take on in normal time." Link explained as multiple images flashed across. "But of course, those are just multiple for another time. We'd be here all night if I told them all, but let's just say I never found the other pieces of the triforce and eventually learned this triforce is just a void copy of the original, not even a way to return home. So I gave up and instead tried to live my life in the Everfree Forest, hunting my own food, living inside a makeshift home." Link said with a sigh as the bad memories of his past. Slowly, the flames moved forward to show another timeline.

"Life was somewhat alright until a filly too curious for her own good came along seeking out a Stone Mask she read in a book. Right here, is when I fought against a Manticore, trying to protect a young Moondancer. I couldn't fight at my best without endangering her or Everfree. However, due to my paranoia, I paid the price when the manticore impaled me through the chest, narrowly avoiding my heart when it tried to go after Moondancer." Link said as he reached up to pull down his red cloak and his green tunic to reveal a rather nasty star shaped scar on his chest.

The flames soon faded to reveal a gruesome image of Link's impalement by the manticore as Link let go of his chain mail's collar. "The rest of my life was just me healing up, being recruited as a guard to protect a strange fox-like pony who came from the future, then the unicorn nobles being paranoid of me and how I became a hired guard easily, them sending out dangerous assassins wanting to kill me, so many near death experiences that I've lost count. In short, they wanted me dead badly." Link said as he tightly grasped his fist, then slowly eased it. "The other seven years I won't deep into detail such as saving my Princess Luna, protecting parts of Equestria whenever Celestia sensed an anomaly. Alot of the monsters I've take down were creatures of the zelda universe, either the same as, or drastically changed due to whatever Master they serve." Link said with a frown, remembering a certain boss who kept turning him into a pink bunny using a magical shield while it danced around him, mocking him.

"My will to live and my drive to do good is what kept me going. Sure, I'm not a planet buster like you guys, but I try to make do with the powers and items I was given." Link said; his words causing the triforce of courage to glow at its brightest. Overtime, it slowly fades away; hiding behind Link's leather gauntlets.

Shiva smiled softly at his words. “In that regard, we are very much alike,” she said. “I couldn’t destroy a planet even if I wanted to. I got by through uniting others in the pack.” She grinned. “I heard a wise changeling once say, ‘The strength of the timber wolf is the pack. And the strength of the pack is the timber wolf.’ I don’t know if he meant it as a warning or as guidance, but it’s certainly served me well in my own adventures.”

“Maybe it meant that a powerful leader can lead the pack. A stronger leader being someone to look up to, inspire and thus given a reason to get stronger so they may protect the leader.” Link said with a smile. “In all honesty, I’m more of a lone wolf. I work best alone considering anyone with me may end up hurt. It's like trying to cast a wide spell, but someone will end up hit by accident.” Link explained.

"I respect it." Nappa held up a fist Link for him to fist bump it.

“Sure, you keep others from getting hurt,” Kodo replied. “But in a team, you have someone to watch your back and make sure you don’t get hurt either.”

“It takes a lot to earn someone's trust like that pup,” Ed commented finally. “I trust very few outside my own family. Last time I did I ended up insane inside a stone prison and watched my wife be sent to the moon for a thousand years, all while being right in front of me as she changed into Nightmare Moon. To see the one you love every night but yet be unable to touch them…”

Kodo winced. “I… guess I didn’t think of it like that,” he mumbled.

“You do have to be careful,” Shiva agreed. “You shouldn’t entrust your life and all your secrets to just anyone. But, if you manage to find the right creatures to add to your pack; the ones that respect what you’d rather hide and stand with you when you need them…” She shook her head. “There should be balance to it at the very least.”

“Trust can be a powerful ally, or a deadly enemy that can manipulate you and betray your trust.” Link said with a nod.

“You are right about that Shiva,” Ed agreed with the alpha. “As I said there are very few I trust outside my family, but there are still some that have earned it. Trust should always be thought of as a dual-edged sword that can be thrust into you at any time.”

"...Can I lay on your lap?" Said the fully leopard Lucci looking at Ed. "Cat tendencies."

“Do I look like a crazy cat lady?” Ed deadpanned. “Or a cat person at all?”

"...N-no…" Lucci slowly backed away into the shadows.

Link gave Ed a disapproving look before looking over at where Lucci went. “You can lay in my lap if you’d like. I used to have five cats before I ended up in another world.” Link said as he patted his lap.

Lucci used soru and immediately was on Link's lap, purring.

“Like I said not a cat person,” Ed shrugged. “I don’t really do animals period, except for my Bastiodon.”

Shiva cautiously edged away from Ed. “Is the Bastiodon…?” she started to ask. “A dog?”

“No need to worry she’s the biggest softy in the world,” He held up a hand. “But she is back in my world and I rarely bring her on trips. And no she’s a pokemon.”

“Ah, I see,” Shiva said, looking away, before pausing. “Wait… a pokemon?”

“It is short for pocket monster. They are a race of animals that evolve through combat with each other, similar to Displaced in a way,” Ed explained. “Have my niece in my world for about a month lead them to start showing up in my world. They come in all shapes and varieties like modern animals do so yes there are a few dog types But Clipuem isn’t one, that’s Bastidon’s pokemon name.”

“...Speaking of pokemon, I’d hate to see or know the current number now…” Link said with a chuckle of amusement.

“Mine only go up to the season of mega evolutions,” Ed waved off the remark. “Don’t know why and I don’t really care. I do prefer the Umbreon over an opossum that Luna has though. Clip may come in handy here though, she is a level one hundred and as x and y mega evolutions not to mention primal reversion.”

"Alright, Ed, do you want to share your tale of adventure?" Thanos inquired, looking at the Sage. "You do not need to tell us if thou doesn't want to."

“Hmm..” Ed rubbed his chin. “There is that time Greed and I team up to take down the other homunculi, but that spans over eight hundred years. Hmm… There's also the time I fought Zoro. I’ve never seen Celestia so pissed before. I laced her cake with ghost pepper. I also changed all Brook’s instruments with cardboard and licorice. I managed to kid Sanji and Pink to flip out in the kitchen. What did I do to Luna? It was one of my funniest adventures really. Can’t recall them all. One of my favorites was recently though, I got a megazord out of that one.” He scratched his head. “I don’t really have a short tell guys. I mean The shortest one would be the wedding or the Minos War when I become the Crimson King.”

“The war was the turning point in my life though,” he sighed. “Mostly good but also some very bad.”

“War should be over before it even begins” Eric said shaking his head

“Tell that to battle hungry Minotaurs,” Ed glared.

“Believe me I know, it’s like those muscle headed buffoons know nothing except combat and war,” Eric said

“Their king was quite smart, he planned out everything to the last battle but didn’t take into account my regeneration,” Ed looked up. “He had a crystal sword specially made for the sisters and planned for them to be tired after calming down a certain berserk alchemist. You don’t give them enough credit my friend, they’re much smarter than you’d except.” Ed said as a ripple in the air appeared and out came a massive crystal sword. “Jagged Edge was much smarter than most though. His power was on par with mine back then, It was nearly four thousand years ago or was it closer to three. Any ways After I killed the bastard I became king due to traditions. I was then able to officially marry Luna due to my status. Like I said, some bad but mostly good things happened. That’s my tell though.” He put away the sword. “I have to say one of the worst things I’ve ever faced would be void eaters though. Nasty creature that shouldn’t exist in the first place.”

“Before anyone asks, a void eater is basically a Displaced’s evil clone spawned from the void,” Ed said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his flasket and took a sip. “They are usually black with boney area on their bodies similar to Grimm from RWBY but they are also incomplete and seek out the original to feed on their origins void energy. Unless you beat them in a fight they’ll never stop coming for you. Do beat them and you have an eternal ally.”

“So something like this” Eric said, pulling out a copy of himself, only it had red lines all over its body and a more jagged skull mask from his shadow.

Link blinked. “So the lesser void dweller I fought years ago isn’t the only thing of the void that would present itself as a threat, grand..” he said as he started to pet Lucci softly.

“Void Eaters are much more dangerous, they’ll come after any Displaced in the area to feed.” Ed explained. “Even Void Dwellers keep clear of them. Worst part is the more they feed the more complete they become. They gain the powers of whatever displaced they feed off of too.”

“Yeah tell me about it, this little fucker was a huge pain in the ass to beat,” Eric said, shoving the bound creature back into his shadow

"You can’t kill void eaters no matter what you try,” he said with a very dark tone. “If you ever come across one, you can only do one of two thing. Fight it and pray you're powerful enough to beat it or run and pray it doesn’t track you.”

"Excuse me Edward, but are you done with your tale?" Thanos asked Ed.

“Yes I believe my horror story is done,”Ed waved. “So on to you then grape ape.”

Thanos turned to Nappa who stood there with his arms crossed, "Nappa I believe you said you had an adventure in Equestria, would you mind letting us hear it?" Thanos asked the Saiyan.

"Ugh… Does anyone want to hear it?" Nappa asked rubbing his eyes, groaning in the process

“...A question. Are you displaced as the original Nappa, or the abridged Nappa.” Link asked seriously.

"Nope! I'm the abridged Nappa, you'll know more about me if you guys want to hear my tale." Nappa grinned, putting a fist to his chest.

"All In favor of hearing Nappa's story say "Aye"." Lucci yawned.

“Aye! Might as well.” Black said, speaking for the first time.

“Aye!” Shiva and Kodo barked.

“Why not?” Eric said with his friends nodding in agreement.

“The floor is your,” Ed pointed at the saiyan.

Nappa just mouthed a swear before firing off a spell to the flame making a TV appear above it, not affected by the heat. Everyone leaned towards where it was facing.

Link almost jumped in his seat when Nappa fired off.

"Alright, let's begin. After becoming a Movie Producer, very long story, I was running out of ideas, I asked my good friend uh… Bill for advice to clear my Producer's Block. He advised that I go on a vacation and well…" The TV flashes white and it showed Nappa going on a mini-spaceship waving Bill goodbye.

"I went to go to the Bug Planet to…" Nappa looked back at the audience, "Kill their planet and I was stupid enough to spit out hot ass coffee on the control panel and…" It showed Nappa getting thrown around like a ragdoll in the ship before seeing the ship spin around and crash in Ponyville.

"Unlike you guys the locals were not bipedal, this is exactly the time when the Canterlot invasion happened. I called my Rainbow Dash gay, we started bickering, we went on a train, boom we arrived at Canterlot!" It showed Nappa crossing his arms and looking up at the palace, "The palace was bigger than the one on Planet Vegeta."

"Okay so I heard Princess Whorra wanted me to meet her, and so I did…" It showed Nappa and "Cadence" in her room, "She quizzed me, I failed because I was bad at math and well…" It showed Nappa falling from her room and going to "hell"

“...You went to hell for failing a math test? What kind of half-armos nonsense is that?” Link asked with a frown at how extreme the punishment was.

“I didn’t go to hell, just the mines… Also me and the actual Cadence bonded quite well playing games, Twilight came along and tried to kill Cadence, I however did not want that. Reasoning happens and we decided to go and save Equestria.” Nappa said as the TV showed Nappa, Cadence, and Twilight running, “Then we arrived I blanked out…” It then showed the events of Chrysalis revealing herself and Nappa standing there with a stupid grin on his face.

“I have a short attention span…” Nappa laughed, “Anyways, Chrysalis sent a few Changelings after me, and I played Patty Cake with them.” It then showed Nappa brutally pummeling the Changelings, and when I mean brutal I mean brutal. “Then a Lieutenant came along and we had an epic duel that turned out with me blowing my load all over his insides.”

“And when you mean ‘Blow your load all over his insides’ what exactly do you mean?” Luna asked raising her eyebrow

“I shot a hole through him!” It showed Nappa shooting a ki blast through the Changeling Lieutenant, the Changeling spewed out an ungodly amount of blood. And he fell onto the ground, dead.

“I knew what he meant,” Eric stated, still not liking the presence of the bald saiyan. “He just as idiotic and stupid as the show version.”

“Abridged or the actual one, because I am the actual abridged version.” Nappa raised an eyebrow.

“Both” Eric said with no hesitation

“Well, the actual Nappa wasn’t that dumb, but anyways, I fought Chrysalis and I pounded her ass like Eric would pound Luna.” It showed him beating Chrysalis with ease, breaking through her shield with an “Arm Crash” and sending her into a wall.

Without hesitation Nappa was hit by a bolt of red lightning that was followed by a flurry of small black darts

“Poor choice of words…” Link said with a frown.

“Very poor…” Ed agreed.

“So anyways…” Nappa said grunting the words out, “Then flashforward a few days and I fought King Sombra himself. I looked at him and said these exact words.” It showed Nappa between Sombra and Shining Armor, the cutscene Nappa then said “So anyways I started blasting.” And it showed Nappa shooting a barrage of Ki-blasts at Sombra. It then showed Sombra getting into his non-shadowy form and completely owning Nappa.

“My leg doesn’t bend that way, MY LEG DOESN'T BEND THAT WAY!!!!” It is then followed by a snap, “Now it does!” Cut-scene Nappa cried out.

Nappa felt Sombra grinning slightly, when Nappa turned back to Sombra it was gone.

“He then blasted me far and into a trench, so I had to wait until the Guards found me, which was a full day.” It showed Nappa getting rescued by the Crystal Guard. “Soon after that… The Brute Force attacked…”

“The brute force were under someone called King Colder, King Cold’s brother, the Brute Force were the hardest people I ever fought. Pause on that.” It showed silhouettes of five beings. Nappa looked over the Black. It then showed Nappa fighting an Albino namekian and a Yardrat, then an Android with pale skin and long silky black hair, then finally a Human with red hair. “It was a tough battle, nearly destroying the planet too.” Nappa claimed before it then switched to him fighting a bipedal Changeling.

“This mother fucker, THIS fucker right here is Raptor, a Changeling bred to kill me by none other than Chrysalis herself, she put her children in a Manticore pit and whoever came out alive… Will be her successor.” Nappa said as the TV shook when they clashed making a shockwave. “It was that time I went Super Saiyan because of the stupid plot device that is Raptor, I killed him without remorse and then I heard a broadcast from my scouter that told me I had two months to prepare before… Colder arrives.” Nappa sighed, there was then a flash and showed Nappa in Super Saiyan Two above Colder in his fifth form.

“Eventually I went into Super Saiyan Two and killed the bastard with a Dragon Fist through him.“ It showed Nappa kicking Colder far and flying at him, a golden dragon following the Saiyan as he went through the Frost Demon, the Frost Demon then fell. “After that my Author spoke with me, said I wasn’t going to let you die and threw me into Kaido’s Prison. That jackass… There marked my tale, it was bad, really bad. I hated it.” Nappa growled at the Authors.

Shiva glanced around, unsure who he was speaking to. “I thought it was rather nice,” she mumbled.

“So, Black, would you like to enlighten us about your past experiences?” Thanos added putting his fingers together.

“...Wait, how do you become a super saiyan? What does it even look like if you’re, I mean…” Link gestured to Nappa’s bald head that could rival Thanos.

“Well he’ll probably get a larger forehead” Eric said chuckling. “After all if you look at Super Saiyan 2 and 3 you’ll see their forehead grows, take away the hair and you’ve got caveman foreheads”

Link bursted out laughing at the imagine in his head.

Kodo hummed, glancing between Nappa and Black and remembering when Black when Super Saiyan Two. “Wouldn’t his moustache change color too?” Kodo offered. “I remember Black’s hair color changing when he went super.”

"When I'm Super Saiyan Three I get a Viking Beard and Moustache. You are correct, my beard and moustache turn yellow despite being naturally bald." Nappa informed the pup

“Well it would. All facial hair, tail, and your normal hair would change color depending on which form you take.” Black explained. “As for your question Link, to become a Super Saiyan, you have to experience something that gets you angry enough to trigger the transformation. Like when Goku saw his friend Krillen literally explode in front of him by Frieza.” Black explained as he held out a hand, an image coming out of it as it shows Goku turning into a Super Saiyan. “I experienced something like this when I fought Discord.”

“Wait.. What about their son? I remember the episode where they went super saiyan without anger.” Link asked with minor confusion.

“Well, that way was one of many, for example…” Black changed the image, showing an injured Prince Vegeta on a planet with meteors raining down. “He changed into a Super Saiyan after he declared he didn’t care for catching up to Goku anymore. He had been trying to turn Super Saiyan for months, but gave up in a fit of rage.” Black explained as the image disappeared. “There were many ways they turned Super Saiyan for the first time, but the most common theme was either losing something or a big fit of rage. As for higher levels, it was almost the same thing, but you had to train to hit a certain level.”

“That still doesn’t explain Goku and Vegeta’s sons turning into saiya- actually..” Link said as he waved his hand. “You can teach me more later, I don’t want to take up everyone’s time when they’re here to tell their stories.” he said.

“It’s alright, but I might as well explain my story to you all.” Black said, “Wazu!” The Saiyan suddenly called out, confusing the others. They waited a moment before Black realized something. “Right… he’s not here.” Black muttered.

“..Was that supposed to be a name for a cloud, like Nimbus or something?” Link asked as he looked around.

“No… it was supposed to bring out my angel assistant, but I realized I didn’t bring him with me.” Black explained. “Guess I’ll have to do this without him.” Black stood up, holding out a palm before facing it towards the sky. Shortly after, multiple images appeared above him, circling the campfire. All the images contained Black’s adventures, some of them making Black internally laugh. “Where should I start…” Black mused to himself. “Might as well tell you all how I first became a Displaced.” Black swiped his hand, an image coming towards him. He used both of his hands, expanding the image and making it become 3D, changing the surroundings around the group.

“I was just a normal guy, one without parents and ‘friends’, basically a loner. But that changed after the place I worked at was destroyed in a fire.” Black explained, the surroundings changing into a street with multiple buildings on the side. It showed a human in a black t-shirt with grey sweatpants and white sneakers. “I had gone to my favorite burger place and gotten myself a milkshake. And I noticed out of the corner of my eye, I saw a door in the middle of an alleyway, emitting a rainbow glow. Of course, curiosity got the best of me and I opened it, and got sucked into a vortex.” Black explained as his past human self did just that.

The surrounding changed, the street and buildings disappeared as it was replaced by a small bedroom with a theme of blue on everything. “Coming into Equestria was a bit of an experience, I may or may not have appeared in my future marefriend’s bedroom…” Black nervously laughed. This got most of the displaced curiously expressions onto they’re faces.

“I think I see where this is going, I’m guessing you saw her undressing?” Link asked with a mischievous grin.

Black blushed, “Thankfully she wasn’t, I actually came into the room before she did.” Black explained as a door appeared out of nowhere, opening and proceeding to spit out a younger looking Goku Black, a young adult. The younger Saiyan got up, being surprised at his new appearance as he looked into a mirror. “She came in crying as she was insulted by some ponies and getting into a fight with her older sister.” Black explained as his younger self walked up to the door, only to be slammed into the wall when the door smacked him. A young Luna ran into the room, slamming the door behind her and leaning against it as she was crying. “For awkward encounters, that may be one of them in my list.”

“After I calmed her down and explained who I was, we began to talk, exchanging information about where I came from and what Equestria was. When it became night, things got a bit awkward for me.” The Saiyan said as he began to blush. The image shows Black and Luna arguing about the younger Saiyan wanting to sleep on the floor, while Luna wanted to share the bed with him. The younger Black lost, almost being pulled to the bed and forced to cuddle with the Alicorn.

"PFFT-" Thanos put a hand to his mouth before looking at everyone, he cleared his throat, "Continue."

Black glared at the titan before he sighed. “The next morning, she wanted me to meet Celestia. On the way there, most of the guards gave me a dirty look. The image changed again, showing Luna draggin Black by hand. Encountering a few guards, but Luna gave them a glare. “I swear, I think one of the guards almost shat themselves.” Black laughed.

“Try being blasted by everything with a horn when you first meet them,” Ed looked off to the side as he took a swig from his flask. “Tia hit me so hard once I had a hole in me for about an hour.”

“Or being locked in a cage and forced to relive your worst memories,” Shiva added with flattened ears. “I know why the Luna of my world did it, but that doesn’t make me like it.”

“You and everyone else who still has a conscience,” Ed added.

"Or being forced to play bodyguard to a spoiled privilege brat," Eric said, causing sombra to glare at him

"I wasn't that bad!" argued the unicorn

"You made Blueblood seem like a holy saint," Eric said as Luna held back a chuckle.

“Uh…” Black scratched the back of his head nervously. “Well…” The image followed the pair as they walked into the Royal Courtroom, showing a younger Princess Celestia sitting on a singular throne. “After some explaining to her about where I came from, she welcomed me into Equestria. But she questioned where I slept, that led to… me being shot into a wall with a magical blast.” Black nervously laughed, the image showing one of Celestia’s eyes twitching before shooting the Saiyan into the wall.

“Luna did the same to me when I walked BACK into the castle and her life after about five thousand years,” Ed nods with a halfhearted chuckle.

“But after that, it was mostly peaceful, Luna showed me around Equestria while it was being formed, but that changed when Discord showed up.” Black spat. The Image changed a few years later, showing an older but still young Goku Black. The Saiyan stood side by side with Celestia, Luna, and the original bearers of the Elements of Harmony. “At that point, I was about the same strength as Goku before he fought Frieza. But it wasn’t enough to take on Discord, he had the same strength as a low tier god at that point.” Black explained as the image showed scenes of the group fighting against the chaos spirit, a massively one sided fight. “I turned Super Saiyan later into the fight as Discord killed one of the Elements of Harmony, one I considered a brother. The Chaos spirit even mentioned he would do the same to Luna.”

The younger Black transformed, his hair spiking up as it turned golden while his eyes turned light blue. But his pupils changed to draconic for a second before going back to normal. “I was still not able to compete with Discord since he’s a low tier god. Since one of the bearers of the Elements of Harmony was killed, Master Starswirl bestowed the power of the Elements to Celestia and Luna. I was more of a distraction then a competitor against Discord. But I held out long enough for the sisters to use the Elements against Discord, sealing him in stone.” Black explained the image showing the long fight between the Saiyan and the Spirit.

“Then years later you meet a comedic purple oven alien and he helps you deal with the chaos lord again. Then you two fought to a draw,” Ed smirked. “And Thanos tortures Discord via ghost Nappa.”

“AND I’D DO IT AGAIN!!!,” Nappa fist pumps into the air with a chaotic grin.

“No, that would be 1,007 years from now.” Black explained as the image changed, it changed into a snow wasteland with hundreds of ponies fighting each other.

“That’s why I said years later,” Ed pointed out.

“Didn’t specify,” Black bluntly said. “This was when I fought against Sombra and his Ruva army.” Black explained.

"He has a point." Thanos turned to Ed.

“Eh, touché,” Ed nods.

“This was a turning point in my life, I saw all of my friends and a filly killed right in front of me.” Black explained as the image shows Sombra proceeding to slaughter the Elements of Harmony with the exception of Starswirl, killing a filly in front of them while Black was impaled in the chest by Sombra’s hand. Then the tyrannical king caving Starswirl's head in. “This was the time I changed into the first Nightmare.”

“We all have times when we fall,” Ed sighed as an image of himself covered in crimson energy surrounds him. Merely as he walks through the landscape everything dies.

“Very true… something that we all can never be proud of…” Black sighed as the image showed Black transforming into a Super Saiyan 2, only to have his golden aura change into a black aura. The Saiyan’s eyes changed to full on draconic with a hazy image of black wings sprouting from the Saiyan’s back. “I went on a full on killing spree against the Ruva ponies, not having a spec of regret.” The younger Black went through Sombra’s armys, slicing them in half and punching heads off.

“I did the same during my time in my blind rage,” Ed looked at Black. “It’s what brings us back that is most important.”

“I eventually went to finish off Sombra, but he framed me before I killed him. But doing this, he had a curse that literally made the Crystal Empire and the Crystal ponies to cease to exist. The tyrant had framed me, making it look like I had killed both of the races. The pony populace hated me beyond belief, even though there were some attempts for assassinations against me.” Black explained as he sat back down with a sigh. “I went into depression for a year, later blaming myself for the Crystal ponies demise. But the Nightmare inside of me had begun spreading lies inside my head, until a few years later it tried to take control of me. I had asked the sisters to seal me in stone to prevent it.” Black explained as the image showing the events for the rest of the 8 years for the Saiyan, including turning him into stone.

“I came out a 1,000 years later, proceeding to fight Nightmare moon, being sent to another universe where I met Mr. Grumpy and your brother Gar.” Black explained. The image showing the short fight against Nightmare moon. Then switching to Gar and ‘Mr. Grumpy’ as it was a short trip. “After that fiasco, I met Edward after finding his token, calling him to see what would happen. Edward helped me with getting set up for the Grand Galloping Gala. Then we fought, he kicked my ass. Then after that, I meet purple Mr. Clean and he helps my fight against Discord. Then I fought him, agreeing to a tie.” Black explained as the events passed by on the image. “All of that leading to now.”

"Losing one's master is not that easy, going on a rampage is… Normal for Displaced." Thanos chuckled, 'I should know…' Thanos said to himself mentally, "Phoenix, Doom? Do you two wish to tell your story?"

Doom opens his hand and casts a spell creating a glowing orb of magic “My story is in the comics. I am Victor von Doom, and I am not Victor von Doom. To explain I let Hans start our tale, after all we are one and the same.

Hans' voice filled the air as he talked images from the globe of magic “I use the name Hans for now, but my name was not that at the start. Few of my memories remain but I do remember being poor, trailer park trash poor. My Father was a drunk abusive man.”

The image of a man hitting a brown haired woman and her falling banging her head against the table and a pool of blood forming around her fallen head played as Hans talked. “I think I was ten or twelve at the time my father killed the woman I think was my Mother. I can’t remember anything else about her.”

“A few years later he had a heart attack, I was 16 at the time. His abuse didn’t stop with my mother, I was beaten as well during his drunken rampages. So I made a plan.”

The image showed a brown haired teenager buying a bottle of potassium. “Potassium in high amounts could cause issues. His kidney was unhealthy from the drinking and the potassium built up in his blood. Enough so that his already weak heart… finally gave out.”

The display showed Han’s Father having a second heart attack and Hans stood there watching, making sure it was fatal.

“I was old enough to inherit the trailer. I wanted to be an artist, I tried to be an artist. One of the beatings I got was due to my father finding a book of male anatomy. The bastard thought it was gay porn. I never did learn to paint, but I did make costumes. I was a cosplayer, and my final work of art was the Doom armor you see before you.”

“Covid 19 stopped my trip to Comic con to show it off. I was bored one day and was looking at facebook when I saw an ad One item I saw for sale on the site was the Infinity Gauntlet, I figured why not and bought it. When it arrived I suited up and put it on. Then the world I knew vanished.”

Doom spoke up then “That when I came into being, I am Victor von Doom. One feature of the Doom armor is that it rewrites the mind of who wears it. Doctor Doom takes over any fool who tries to put on the armor, and given that whoever makes Displaced tends to replicate the powers and abilities of the subject. My armor started to rewrite Hans’s mind.”

“There was one slight issue, the infinity stones also were displaced, with that was the Mind Stone. That is the reason Hans awareness wasn’t destroyed when I took over. There are gaps in my memories, I remember doing what Hans’ remembers reading about in the comics. So I am in many ways a product of his imagination and mind. At the time Hans was nothing but a voice in my head, and technically still is. The body you see is just a projection created from the Infinity stones so he could interact in the physical world. If it’s destroyed he will be back to being just a voice in my mind.”

Doom looked to the others then continued “We found ourselves in Griffonstone, our world of Equis has bipedal variations of the beings in the show, more humanoid. Griffonstone was in economic ruin and various forces took advantage of that. Turns out Equestria uses economic power to minimize the threat from other nations. Less need to worry about a race of predators if they are fighting among each other for scraps of food. The story is not much after our arrival, I easily took over Griffonstone, then dealt with Discord, a version of myself from some 90s cartoons then waited for when the Changelings attacked Canterlot to Save Equestria. Of course I saved it from Celestia’s rule at the same time. I moved the sun and moon into proper orbits, and turned every pony on the planet into Alicorns, ending the tribal saperations. Then I got invited to this event, I expected a trap and came prepared.” Doom then removed his blood sampling device.

“I had my agents plant six gems similar to the ones that made the Changeling throne. The type that absorbs any magic. I need a sample of your blood to include you in the spell so they wouldn’t drain your magic at the time of activation.” Doom chuckles then “Yes I tend to have multiple reasons for what I do.”

“We are not taking any samples of blood as of right now, now Phoenix, what is your story?” Thanos turned to the Fairy Displaced.

“I already have your sample Thanos, I think the others have the right to make their own mind. Double now that they know one of my plans for making things harder for this Ryker fellow.” Doom replied.

“I see,” Thanos hummed, putting a finger to his mighty chin, “Well then, Phoenix?”

Finishing his beer, Phoenix placed it down before clearing his throat. “Well, I can’t say it’s a pleasant one, but I’m sure you’ll all understand my actions at the time.” Creating a large stone statue of a woman and a man, he began to speak. “Once upon a time, a teen couple gave birth to a baby boy. As much as they tried to prevent it, she still managed to become impregnated. And so, after conceiving the boy, she sent him straight to an orphanage around a hundred miles away from them.”

Phoenix dissipated the statues and created one of a building. “There, the boy was raised by many adults, most of which he didn’t bother to remember their name. However, one stood out to him, being Mr. Clannahan. Mr. Clannahan had, well, done stuff to this boy. Unimaginable things. Things you’d most likely hurl from. But no one believed the boy. They thought of him as a man that was due respect. And so, the boy ran, ran as far away from him as possible, until he found himself in the slums of a nearby town.”

Getting rid of the old statue, he formed a rather tattered looking toddler. “By this point he was 7, and had been living off of scraps he would find in alleyways for around a year. But that changed when he met Sergeant Ansel. Ansel took the boy in, albeit in a way most fitting for his title. The boy was placed on a training regiment, and was registered in the army. But really, he was just certified cannon fodder. The boy knew this, but decided that he had nothing else to live for, so why not sell his soul to his country?”

Phoenix once again reduced the statue to the ground and reformed it as a young boy. “Five years past, and people began to realise that the boy was somewhat of a prodigy, having mastered every technique shown to him. He even rivaled some of his grand elders. The boy was soon allocated to a squad, and him and his teammates became a family. They had grown to always look out for each other, and always stand at each other's side; even though the boy was 8 years yonder than the second youngest in the group.”

Phoenix gave a warm smile, looking off into the distance. “And then, three years later, the incident happened.” His smile dropped and he began gritting his teeth as he looked to the ground. “I won’t go into specifics, but let’s just say that boy was the only one to survive.” Phoenix clenched his fists, drawing blood from his palms. “There was no way of escape, and the boy was too weak to do anything at the time.”

He took a moment in silence before relaxing his fists and continuing. “Another three years past, and the boy had been using drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain, but one day, he realised something. If Mr. Ansel could have seen him then, he’d scoff and keep on walking. And so, the kid, now legally an adult, began making a living for himself.”

Dissipating the statue of a kid, he created another one, now of a man holding a guitar and singing. “The man had seen many things on his journeys, but one thing he always loved the most was music. When you go from place to place, all around the world, you really get to appreciate how different music is for everyone.” Phoenix grew a small smile as he continued. “Also, on said journeys, the man had been able to uncover music from centuries ago, found within fallout bunkers from past wars. And with those tracks, he began to make a living as an up and coming artist. And within a year or so, he was dubbed, ‘the thousand year old boy’. A fitting title if you ask me.”

He then formed his final statue, that being a large space ship. “Then, due to America launching a stupidly large bomb on the planet, humanity had to leave it behind.” Phoenix looked down in slight anger. “Thankfully, a company by the name of Aurora designed a space shuttle, capable of holding around 1 billion people. And luckily, with the man’s military record, he was allowed to board it.”

Raising his head, he looked on at the ship he had formed as he spoke. “A few years passed, and a star exploded too close to the ship. It was bound to happen at some point, it was just unlucky that it was so soon. However, via a series of coinky dinks, the man met Frociesta, who was gracious enough to lend him a new body and unfathomable power..” He looked down to his hands. “As well as a whole new world of his own.”

Phoenix grew a large smile, before looking up to the rest of the group. “Well anyway, this and that happened after, fought a bunch of ghouls, yadder yadder yadder, and now he’s here!” He exclaimed loudly, placing both hands on his chest. “Thank you for coming to my TED talk.”

“I get it!” Nappa cried out in the background.

“It must be madness inducing when you guys got turned to stone.” Link said as he looked toward the stars.

“Indeed…” Lucci grinned, “Thankfully I got out early, and got to be the Champion of Minos for six months.”

“How did that even work?” Shiva asked. “The… being trapped in stone. Were you ‘aware’ of what was going on? Was it like some sort of fancy cage?”

“It’s like... You’re able to see everyone in front of you, hearing their conversations, you couldn’t feel anything, not the breeze nor the rain. You were just… There, forever a monument, unmoving, unfeeling, and if you’re like that long enough… Unthinking.” Lucci said shivering at the thought of the last bit.

Shiva shuddered with him. “That’s disturbing,” she muttered.

“It’s a different feeling turning into the shadow of a disappearing empire” Eric said with a shudder. “Hearing everything in the world and yet never able to see the source, it’s like floating on the top layer of a swimming pool unable to move and only able to listen to ponies' words: their lies, their screams.”

“In any case both being set in stone, sent to Tartarus, trapped in shadow, sent to the moon, being obliterated, is all equally horrible, depending on how agonizing it is.” Thanos commented, roasting a marshmallow close to the fire.

“And when you don’t deserve it,” Shiva added bitterly.

“I can agree with that,” Eric said sorrowly. “However I did deserved my fate, for failing to save my friend before it became too late”

“It was never your fault Eric” Sombra assured his friend. “I was the one who had the weak will and fell for Umbra’s words”

“Link you look like you're packed full of stories… Anymore?” Thanos asked slowly, turning towards Link, kind of creepily.

“I actually have a story” Luna said slightly raising her hand

“Oh? Share it then.” Thanos smiled.

Luna exhaled slowly before steeling her expression. “Are any of you familiar with the Changeling Queen Chrysalis?” Luna asked seeing many of them nod and answer

“I am!” Nappa raised his hand, “Beat her ass too!”

“I know her too,” Shiva admitted. “The succubus wanted my pack link to try and conquer Equestria.” She clenched her claws. “I never liked her; every time I talked with her, it felt like she was eyeing me up. How my husband didn’t blind her is beyond me.”

“I don’t know her, but frankly, I just got finished with Discord. I rather not know the future.” Black said as he plugged his ears with earplugs.

“Well about a half a year before Eric decided to exile himself,” Luna said slightly glaring at the Shadow Man. “The Changelings of the Chrysalis Hive decided to Ponynap Eric and succeeded in controlling him, his order was to kill me”

Shiva tilted her head. “That was Chrysalis?” she asked, looking at Eric. “I thought that was the Music Mistress.”

“Chrysalis was the line in the sand,” Eric said holding a slightly angered look in his eyes, “However the Music Mistress did control me after, I then tore apart her hands and feet and pinned her to a wall as Celestia’s sun turned her to ash”

“The Music Mistress not only had the power of a siren but she also possessed the powers of the Bat-Bat Fruit, Model: Vampire” Sombra explained

“Why am I reminded so much of the Music Meister?” Link said with a frown.

“Who’s that?” Eric asked before shaking his head. “Nevermind, tell us later. Lulu please continue”

Hearing Eric call her by her nickname made the Alicorn blush as she continued her tale. “Anyway after several failed attempts Eric returned to Chrysalis” Luna said slightly frowning at the memory. “When we found him he was completely under her control and wearing changeling armor wielding his beloved sword. Me Sombra and the elements battled a losing battle with the changelings.”

“Chrysalis and I fought one another, however she had the advantage, having the powers of the Glint-Glint Fruit as well as an axe made from Sea-prism stone.

“Pika-Pika No Mi.” Entity muttered under his breath.

This however was heard by Eric. “I prefer the englished Dub version”

“Her tactics were awful,” Luna continued. “She would strike from afar while Eric would fight me, even getting hit by some of her light beams. Whenever I got close to her she would strike with her axe,” Luna spoke her hands squeezing her skirt. “She was a horrible creature and I wished I had taken her wings and her horn”

“Calm yourself Luna,” Eric said, embracing his companion. “You’re shifting again”

This made Luna’s eyes widen as she looked down at her hands and saw the black coat of Nightmare Moon, closing her eyes Luna put a hand to her chest and inhaled before exhaling and pushing her hand away from herself. Luna did this several times before she returned to normal, Looking ahead Luna saw the others looking at her in concern

“I apologize for my outburst” Luna said bowing

“You still have the nightmare?” Link asked in minor confusion.

“Yes and No” Luna answered. “Nightmare Moon is gone and will never return. but the form was caused because of my fathers magic, I am able to call upon it but it sometimes flares up when I become extremely angry.”

“Anyway I lost because of my inability to hurt Eric and lay before the queen completely at her mercy” Luna saud inhaling before exhaling. “She lifted her weapon to kill me, but for some reason Eric had grabbed hold of the shaft.”

“My only thought was I couldn’t let another comrade die,” Eric said, remembering his past battles. “I’ve seen to many of my soldiers die in front of me, I wouldn’t be able to tell Celestia that I watched her sister be killed in front of me”

“Eric then threw her into her throne and stood between me and her,” Luna said, frowning at the next part. “When Eric didn’t move when she ordered she fired several beams of light into his arms and legs.”

“Ouch,” Kodo noted with a wince.

“After that attack Eric’s body struggled to remain standing, but he still stood his ground to protect me” Luna said lowering her head. “Everything after that was a blur, I saw Eric hit the ground. His blood splashing across my face. And the next thing I felt was rage. Pure rage.” Her fists clenched. “Rage I hadn’t felt since I became Nightmare Moon.”

Luna lowered her head even further recalling the events.

“I lost control of my emotions and once again became Nightmare Moon,” Luna said with regret. “Only this time I didn’t hold the desire to cause eternal night, it was to kill Chrysalis.”

“Tell me this princess,” Ed spoke up. “What would you do if she was reborn completely separated from you with little to no memories of who she used to be? What if she was reborn a filly and raised right?” He spoke with truth in his voice.

“I-I don’t know,” Luna admitted. “On one hand I’d want to keep her as close as possible but on the other I’d want her as far away from me as possible.”

“It’s an interesting theory,” Shiva admitted. “But one that’s distracting from the tale.” She nodded to Luna. “Please continue, Princess.” Luna nodded, returning to her tale

“When I recovered from my outburst I saw Twilight and her friends looking at me in fear” Luna said squeezing her clothing again. “I never wanted to instill such fear in the ponies who freed me.”

“What if I said it was possible,” Ed interrupted.

“Here we go again…” Thanos muttered under his breath remembering Black’s ally, Nightmare.

“I was referring to my own world thank you,” Ed said flatly. “In my world Nightmare Moon was reborn thanks to the cult Children of the Night.They used several rituals and blood magic using Twilight’s blood as a base. She was reborn as Nyx and is living happily with Twilight as her mother and my Grandson as her father.” He took a swig of his flask. “And she is very happy and a great filly. Not to mention a prodigy when it comes to alchemy.”

“Even still, even as a filly I would be conflicted with keeping her close and keeping her away” Luna s repeated to the Alchemist

“That was how Celestia handled it and it really hurt Nyx,” Ed explained. “Luna was hesitant at first but soon realized it was better to have her near lest drive her back down the path of anger.” He kept saying. “I understand your thinking but it is better to be there and guide her to be a pony then a demon.”

“I agree,” Shiva noted. “Kodo was born with Sombra… sorry,” she said to Sombra. “Umbra’s influence. And though their personalities were distinctly different, there are ponies and even diamond dogs in my world who believe they’re one in the same, who can be a huge detriment to the child’s growth and development. I can assume there were some ponies who thought the same with Nyx, yes?”

“On both sides in fact,” Ed nodded. “The elements, her family, and especially her father and uncle helped her.”

“Exactly,” Shiva said with a nod of thanks, looking sadly at Kodo. “If they don’t have a pack that trusts them and shows them how to be better… the path of darkness is going to look very tempting.”

Kodo huffed. “You can say that again,” he noted, before looking up at Shiva with appreciation. “I’m thankful to have your guidance, Mother… even when the others wanted to dismiss me as a monster.”

“You’re only a monster if you let others believe you are,” Luna, Eric, and Sombra said in unison.

“In this or any world, it is entirely your choice on how others view you,” Eric said speaking his words of wisdom

“Hn… you say that now but you can ask Black what that darkness turns you into,” Ed scoffed. “He’s seen what darkness has turned me into, at least a piece of it anyways,he even fought it.”

“And as much as I’d like to say you’re right, Eric,” Shiva added. “I struggled for a long time with convincing the poNies that I wasn’t a monster. And figuring out that not all of them were monsters either. And none of us were dealing with Nightmares or Umbras or demons at all; we were just trying to figure out what was going on with the other side. While it is your choice to try, the people you’re trying to convince need to try as well. Cooperation and understanding is a two way street, after all.”

“True,” Eric said, flashing a toothy grin to the Diamond Dog. “But fear based cooperation works better in my opinion.”

Shiva squinted. “I… don’t understand what you mean. Like, ponies only work with you because they’re scared of you?”

“What he means is before we became the Four Emperors, he would usually try to prevent pointless fight by inducing fear into our opponents”

“There is little that can be done to a four thousand your old boogie man story still used to this day,” Ed pointed at the Alpha. “My demon took parts of my nieces souls and would have eaten them too. Even took her mare friend’s arm. My other niece was able to recover the soul pieces,” he chugged his flask. “But not before Me and her siblings had to take drastic measures.” Ed sighed looking at Shiva. “Sometimes fear is the only way for some to listen and learn in other words, sometimes it is the best way to maintain a semblance of peace and order for a time.”

“Fair,” Shiva admitted, remembering the times she had to rely on fear to keep her pack safe. “But you shouldn’t have to rely completely on it. You should be able to have balance; be able to be approachable, and yet at the same time, able to show that you’d make a very dangerous enemy. I’ll admit, be too approachable, and others will see you as a target. But be too forceful, and others will see you as a threat.” She leaned back. “At least, that’s what I’ve learned from my world.”

“Did you say… Balance?” Thanos turned to Shiva, staring into her soul.

Shiva’s pale fur got paler. Kodo turned to Eric. “Eric, this fruit can let me turn others into smoke, right?”

Before Eric could reply, Shiva said. “Doesn’t matter!” Pack linking to her son, a gray pulse went through her white tendril. The diamond dogs burst into twin columns of smoke, and shot away into the arena stands.

“Shut up with the Balance crap already,” Ed rolled his eyes. “It happened then it didn’t you didn’t do it so leave it be.”

“In time, everyone will know what it means to lose, to feel so desperately that one is right, only to fail all the same.” Thanos began, “Dread it, run from it, grief comes all the same. All of our stories have at least one thing in common, it’s that we’ve had our loved ones taken away from us. By themselves, by evil, or by our own hands.”

“Yeah you’re right about that,” Ed gave a somber nod.

“Did you just copy Infinity war…” Black said as he pulled out his ear plugs.

“I am Thanos so it is fair that I should quote him.” Thanos raised a finger, as he said that.

“Touche…” Black said with a smirk, “Sorenara, watashi ga nihongo de hanaseba kō ​​ tairadesu. (Then it’s only fair if I speak Japanese).”

“Just don’t lose yourself in the personification and become the same as Thanos.” Link said with a frown.

“Please!” Shiva pleaded from the stands, before Kodo hid her again with a hush.

“Did that once before… Never again… Never again…” Thanos sighed, “I’ll never act like him again, last time I did… I was tempted to snap half the universe but calmed myself and snapped back to reality. Op, there goes gravity…” Thanos said that last bit quietly.

“Gokū burakku no yō ni naru nante kangaetaku mo nai, saiaku no akumu…(I'd never want to even have the thought of becoming like Goku Black, it's my worst Nightmare…)” Black muttered under his breath.

“You just had to go there..” Link said as he slapped his hand over his forehead.

“There’s only one way to go when all hope is lost and you feel everything is wrong, the right way.” Thanos took a sip of his hetap.

“Adam Sandler’s anger management style,” Ed interjected.

“Really? I just thought of that now.” Thanos turned to Ed, “I must be really philosophical or big brained due to my bowling ball sized head.” Thanos pointed to his head, “Shiny as one too.”

“Bangō… (No)” Black said.

“Self roasts, those are rare.” Lucci commented, earning a chuckle from Thanos.

“Careful, you might end up knocking down those pins.” Link said jokingly.

“I’ll knock out half of them and leave the rest to turn me into dust.” Thanos countered before full on laughing joyously, “This is really fun.”

“A whole choir of guys sing I’m so pretty never gets old,” Ed chuckled

Cautiously, the diamond dogs poked their heads over the stands, checking to make sure Thanos wasn’t watching them.

“Speaking of which, you haven’t told us your story.” Luffy turned to Thanos who’s eyes widened.

“Thanos tell them of your experiences on your Equestria,” Eric said as some of the other Displaced nod in agreement. “I’m sure there is an interesting story about you and Celestia”

“Kore wa subarashī koto ni narudeshou. Pāpurumisutākurīn no hanashi o kiku koto ga dekimasu! (This is going to be great. We get to hear Purple Mr. Clean's story!)” Black jokes, but of course, no one understood him.

Thanos pointed to the stands, “OH MY GOD IS THAT FUJITORA ABOUT TO FALL DOWN THOSE STAIRS!??!?!?!” Thanos shouted out.

“It is not,” Shiva replied, already in the stands.

“Don’t try and weasel out Titan,” warned the Shadow Man. “We’ve all shared our stories now it’s your turn”

“The who and the what??” Link said in confusion, looking between Thanos and the mentioned stairs as he had no idea who Fujitora is.

“Kare wa bakagete iru koto sura arimasen… (He's not even close dumbass…)” Black frowned at Thanos’s attempt to avoid storytelling.

“You’re going to share Thanos,” Ed placed a hand on the mad titans head. “We all have and now it’s your turn.”

“Whether you like it or not” Eric said after the Alchemist

“Ight, imma head out.” Thanos decided to run for it as fast as his body could go to his room.

A Pack Link snared him around the neck. “If you don’t want to share,” Shiva said. “I can share for you.”

“We could always venture into that bald head of yours with our magic” Eric said as his and Sombra’s magic flared in their hands and eyes

“I can always project you memories straight from your head to ours,” Ed added.

“That’s literally what my link does,” Shiva noted, lifting a claw sparking with light. “Shall I?”

“But mine invades one’s memories” Eric said looking at the Diamond Dog. “Isn’t that right Lady Shiva?”

“FINE!!! I’ll tell you guys god damn it!” Thanos admitted his defeat, clenching his fits and wincing. Shiva released him from her links with a grin.

Eric’s and Sombra’s magic ceased their vile glow as they flashed smiles at the Titan

“Kono otoko o shinji raremasu ka? (Can you believe this guy?)” Black asked the displaced with disbelief.

“The way he acts and talks, totally,” Ed deadpanned.

“I have no idea what Black is saying…” Link said with a frown.

Black rolled his eyes, “What I said was, Can you believe this guy?” Black said with a small frown, pointing over his shoulder at Thanos.

It was then that Eric remembered something

“Oh and Black” Eric said, drawing the Saiyan’s attention. “If you ever want that nightmare of yours snuffed out I’ll gladly get rid of it for you” Eric said magic coursing from his eyes

“Thank you for the kind offer, but that would’ve been helpful a few days ago.” Black explained. “Thanos had noticed my eyes changing to one that resembles Nightmares, so he convinced Ryker to take me and him to his universe to use the reality stone. I quite literally turned my Nightmare into atoms.”

“Gone, reduced to atoms.” Thanos quoted Thanos with a grin. “Anyways gather round the campfire. This is going to be two thousand words, meaning it’s longer than my will to live.” Thanos smiled.

“Subarashī… (Fantastic…)” Black deadpanned with fake excitement.

Cautiously, Shiva and Kodo returned to the campfire, still partially shielded by smoke.

“How many Nightmares have you gone through now?” Ed counted on his fingers. “Three now.”

“Are we taking Dream Nightmares or Nightmare Moons?” Eric asked

“I think he’s talking about Nightmares like Nightmare Moon.” Black explained. “And are you referring to me about Nightmare’s or someone else?

“Both actually,” Ed matter of fact.

“No, when we first met Eric,” Luna began to explain to the Saiyan. “His dreams were plagued by nightmares of the night he failed to protect his wife”

“Every night I had to watch her die” Eric said, lowering his stature. “And when I was trapped in my own mind I was forced to watch the memory over and over again”

“I’m sorry to hear that…” Black apologized to the man. “I wish I could say the same, but I wasn’t plagued by watching someone I loved being killed. I had to watch civilizations burn, but that’s nothing compared to yours.”

Thanos walked close to the fire, “I have some magical powers because I drank Alicorn’s blood, long story, don’t worry, Celestia donated it. Don’t ask.” Thanos said blankly before groaning, he shot a magic bolt from his finger and into the fire. The flames erupted into a pillar of fire, going above the clouds, like Eric it showed images through the flames.

"A few centuries ago, there was a man named John D. Oliver, the D standing for Drake, my father wanted me to have a kick ass name. I had friends, those who you all know as my "boys'' there are three girls, but I still call them my "boys"." The fire then showed a male young black African American, with another one with him, there was an Asian kid with glasses and a blond haired American. Next to them was a brown girl with silky black hair wearing purple, a white girl with bri'sh qualities, and finally a blonde woman with a "cape" around her neck.

"We were all together since Kindergarten, swearing a bond that will last to the ends of the earth, flash forward into 2022, Coronavirus ended so we all went to Comic-Con. It was there we found our Merchant, Kilton." The Campfire showed seven people in costume looking at Kilton with a mischievous look on his face, "Unlike other Void Dwellers he gave me an option to go to Equestria, we all agreed to go."

"We arrived at the Everfree Forest, and I was Thanos with all the Infinity Stones in hand, I was nothing, a loser and I suddenly got this… Power. I could destroy a universe, turn it all to dust but… I snapped out of it, however there was a voice inside my head telling me to snap. I refused, then we realized Lucci gained all of the Rokushiki techniques. he taught us." The Campfire then revealed Lucci, Thanos, Grievous, Entity, Supergirl, Sally, and Rapunzel under a waterfall feeling the water hit their bodies.

"Flash forward three months and we were ready to fight everything, well, almost everything when the clouds turned into cotton candy." The fire shows Thanos and the others looking into the sky, cotton candy surrounding us, "Discord had found us, taking a look at us before Lucci tried to beat him." The fire flashed to Lucci in his human form fighting Discord.

"As you can see Lucci lost that fight, so we all decided to take him on together, and with a sick ass combo, I knocked him out with a devastating uppercut." The flames show Thanos uppercutting Discord above the clouds and knocking him out, "Keep in mind this Discord isn't as strong as Black's. This Discord is at least… Don Chinjao Level, Don Chinjao can destroy a continent but never mind that. The Princesses arrived at the situation seeing us kicking Discord while he was down." Everyone saw the boys kicking Discord's unconscious body and the Princesses standing there wide-eyed.

"After talking, we and the Princesses came to an agreement and locked him in stone, and as a reward for helping us, they offered us a stay at their castle which we gladly took and appreciated." The flames flashed and it showed Thanos hugging Celestia and swinging her as Luna frowned. Thanos grinned, "Good times, we were living there for two weeks until Golden Horn arrived with my late master, Cloven Diamond, we didn't meet yet, so I didn't know him. Golden Horn was curious about us and started training us, since he had to go back to Minos because he was a king and all of that, he left the strongest living creature alive with us, Cloven Diamond." It shows a Minotaur with horns as long as swords, the same Minotaur that was bigger than Thanos, he had light blue fur and a mane that was white as snow.

Black looked to the minotaur with a smirk, “I’m sure he was a good master?” Black asked the titan.

“The best.” Thanos replied, “Able to teach a damn squirrel how to learn Armament Haki. I’m not kidding, I fought against the damn thing.” Thanos informed the Saiyan.

"Cloven Diamond had the raw strength to beat armies on his own, making mountains his punching bags, and making Dragons his pets." The flames shot up and everyone saw Cloven Diamond on a pile of unconscious bodies and a full moon behind him. "He was known as the warrior of the night and day, a… Celestial Warrior if you will. He taught us everything he knew about Haki, taught me how to use Conquerors after almost "killing" Celestia. The same tactic I tried to use on you Black." The fire waved and formed into Cloven Diamond holding up a great sword to Celestia's neck, wielding it in one hand.

"I still believe you have Conqueror's Haki, but it's untapped. Just like Sombra said we had a run in with Umbra the Dark, but in the form of Sombra. We were sent to combat him, Lucci decided he wanted to take him down with the old Cp9, but they all fell in battle, their Devil Fruits lost in history, he was about to do the same to Lucci when I stepped in." The fire shows Sombra about to step on the neck of Lucci and Thanos putting his foot under Sombra's, stopping it from reaching it. "We had a duel that resulted in me winning, due to my comrades landing multiple fatal hits on him it was only one Armament Haki Dempsey Roll away." It showed Thanos swirling around like the infinity sign and punching Sombra repeatedly with no pulled punches.

"After that before he could be declared unconscious by his own body's orders. He and the Crystal Empire vanished; I was… Not very happy with that." The flames show Thanos roaring to the heavens in rage, "I wanted an epic finale, but that bitch decided to leave like my father. And Sombra was black too… Just like my father…" Thanos cleared his throat.

“At least you got to be there,” Ed mumble. “I was stuck in stone. Maybe if I had been there Sombra wouldn’t have imprisoned his mothers and turned to dark alchemy for more power and to extend his life. I was so busy with the minos and ponies of Equestria I couldn’t be there for one of the ponies I considered to be a son.”

“Oh you were talking about Sombra, not my father…” Thanos blinked before clearing his throat.

“Sorry about that,” Ed sighed. “Context can be a bit jumbled with everyone else's stuff here.”

"Then a few months later Cloven Diamond had to leave for war, for there was a war going on between the Minotaurs and the Avians. I decided to join, my comrades joined me in the war and one fateful battle…" It shows Thanos and his boys fighting off Avians in a desert and there was a giant golem in the background as large as a mountain, "He was fighting someone with the codename Heir of Umbra, I was confident he was going to win but…" The flames show Thanos going to check on Cloven Diamond, the campfire shot a pillar of fire into the clouds above. It then showed Thanos looking at Cloven Diamond's dead body.

"Just like Black my master had died." The flames formed Thanos full on wailing while Cloven Diamond's body was in his arms. "There were no transformations, no flashy moments, just wrath and just like Ed said, "We all have times where we fall." And this is where I fell and didn't want to get back up again, just like Black I started to go on a rampage on the enemy army, my allies had to fall back due to my destructive capabilities." The fire then turned blue and showed Thanos ripping the wings of an Avian off, crushing another one's skull until its brains covered Thanos' hands, and Thanos surrounded by purple flames, his eyes full of tears and anger.

“Blinded by rage and anger” Eric said, closing his eyes and shaking his head. “Something everyone here has gone through more than once.”

“And paid for,” Shiva mumbled guiltily.

Thanos sighed before continuing on. "The King was on the Battlefield and I used the Reality Stone to remove his eyes, his legs, and his arms, I proceeded to use the Time Stone to loop him, then I used the Space Stone to send him to the bottom of the ocean. Now he is drowning, repeatedly. I needed something today and that… Indeed, put a smile on my face…" The blue flames turn to Thanos dragging an Avian with a crown to a portal then throwing the Avian in with a grin. "But it was then I realized what I had done." It showed Thanos looking around at the bodies, the whole desert covered in blood.

"And after that I shut down, forced myself in a cage for my crimes, I killed… I killed over 3,000 Avians that day, and I regret every single death." The blue flames calmed down and showed Thanos in a corner in a cell, darkness covering almost his entire form. "But this is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so my friends got me out of that shit, and I married Celestia, finally." It revealed Thanos in a suit and Celestia in a bride's outfit.

“So he married my sister?” Luna asked, raising her eyebrow. “How did that work out exactly?”

“I am a Titan, a literal deity, able to live for one thousand years. I was more than suitable to be a husband for a Princess. Not to mention we beat Discord.” Thanos took a swig of a hetap.

“The titans actually pre-date the gods and are the gods parents,” Ed pointed out.

“Thanos take a sip of something a little harder?” Eric said, pulling out a bottle of Applejack Daniels. “Here.” the Shadow Man tossed the bottle to the Titan

“Y de fok not m8?” Thanos asked, catching the bottle and taking a sip, before his eyes widened, “This is the best shit I’ve ever tasted in all my damn life. I’LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!!!!” Thanos’ head compressed and his voice became wavy.

“What the hell does that phrase even mean by the way?” Ed raised an eyebrow.

“My Equestria may not be the safest,” Eric said using his shadow to snatch the bottle from the Titan. “But it does make the best damn Whiskey in the multiverse”

Eric took a sip from the bottle before turning to the Alchemist. “Hey Ed, think you could make us some cups, I’d like everyone..” Eric says before spotting the young pup. ..”Who is of age to taste the whiskey of my Equestria”

“Sure,” Ed snapped and everyone had a cup appeared in their hands. “I’ll stick with my grandson’s brew of Zap Apples and Poison jokes though.” He held up his flask.

“Fair enough,” Eric said before yanking the cup from Kodo’s hands. “Sorry pup, when your older” Eric said pouring a glass for himself then his friends before passing the bottle around the campfire

“Sorry pup, forgot you were under age,” Ed said as he summoned a new drink and levitated it over to the Diamond Dog youth. “This one is non alcoholic cider though. You can have as much of it as you want.”

“Physically, but not mentally, Thanos.” Link said toward the claim Thanos made about being a Titan. Link reached up and pointed at his head.. “Like me looking like Link, but I’m not a mute nor do I think exactly like him.”

“It is confirmed in the Breath of the Wild that Link decides to not speak because he only wants to focus on protecting the princess or something like that.” Thanos pointed out.

"It was good, but all good things must come to an end." The blue flames turn purple and form Thanos backing away from Celestia, "She wanted to destroy all evil in the universe with my gauntlet, I told her it would create an imbalance in said universe. She disagreed, and she started throwing pots and pans." It showed Celestia throwing literal pots and pans at Thanos, "So I decided to do what Luigi told me, "If she throws pots and pans, she can catch these hands." So, I… May or may not have hit a woman that day. I then ran away realizing what I did, so I got my crew and left. Searching for a new life beyond the forest… Celestia had other plans. She prevented me from leaving, sending guards after me for the sole purpose to take my gauntlet." The purple "hellfire" reveals Thanos and his crew running from guards and bolts of magic.

“You should’ve just hit her over the head with one of the frying pans,” Ed chuckled.

“That would’ve worked.” Thanos turned to Ed with a grin, “If I could turn back time…”

“I suggest NOT doing that, Thanos. Time traveling and manipulation isn’t a toy. One change in the past can split into many presents.” Link said with a disapproving look toward Thanos. Link was serious when it comes to time shenanigans.

“You’re right but it would’ve been funny as hell to see,” Ed took another swig of his flask

“I’ve experienced that first hand” Eric said, lowering his head in regret. “I went back in time and killed Sombra to save my wife, Unfortunately my bloodline set out to conquer the world, The Element Bearers, The CMC, and Luna perished from my actions, Celestia and Rainbow were the only ones alive” Eric took a sip from his cup

“But anyways I should’ve said Equal Rights, Equal fights when I hit her.” Thanos laughed, “And don’t worry, I wouldn’t time travel.” Thanos said, responding to the Hylian’s comment. Link nodded in thanks.

“That woman literally tears me apart if I piss her off or her sister, not to mention what Amore might do,” Ed actually agreed. “I will never raise a hand or pot to her. I love her too much for that. That being said, she still scares the crap out of me at times too.”

“You are not alone in that regard,” Shiva agreed. “I was scared enough of her when I saw her.”

“Then I pushed her into becoming Day Breaker,” Kodo added with a shiver.

“Same, last time I pissed her off… Let’s just say… Two days in the bedroom. And that’s it.” Thanos shuddered.

“I have to put us in another dimension for that,” Ed hung his head low, “For everything…”

“Last time I saw Luna completely pissed was when I came back after my two year exile,” Eric said, putting a hand on his check. “Slapped me so hard I nearly was thrown off the island.”

“OOF! I even felt that from hearing it!” Thanos rubbed his cheek as well. “Alright let us continue with ze story.”

“The slap heard throughout the omniverse as we know it,” Ed shuddered.

“Pretty Sure that’s every slap a Alicorn gives their partners,” Eric whispered

“The Snap, The Slap, what’s next?” Lucci chuckled.

“The crack,” Ed added, “Between the legs, not fun.”

“The fist.” Entity commented, “I heard good ol Looney Tunes here did a number on my ass. Don’t feel it because I’m a Minecraft Human though.” Entity took a sip of his water.

“How was Pops’ treatment by the way?” Ed smirked.

"Using the Space Stone, I reached the Storm Kingdom and pleaded my case, they decided to help me, providing me shelter, however… Celestia waged war on Storm Kingdom for "Land" when we all knew it was for me. The Storm Kingdom gained allies, the Minotaurs, the Griffons, and the Changelings. Celestia's side was the Avians, the Abyssinians, and the Diamond Dog tribes. We had two ponies on our side, Platinum Dusk and Platinum Shine, two sisters who made way into our brotherhood." It shows Thanos, Supergirl, Entity, Rapunzel, Lucci, Sally and Grievous with a unicorn with a silver coat and white and grey hair with the other being almost similar minus the grey.

"But… while Platinum Dusk was away a certain Changeling started to control Shine's body, mind control, she almost killed Sally." The fire turned into a wheel and revealed Platinum Shine on Sally about to stab a sword on her chest, "I had no other options, we had already killed the Changeling, but the spell still stuck… So, I… Killed her." The fire turned back to normal, and everyone looked in said fire and saw Thanos firing off a beam from his Power Stone, blasting Platinum Shine to smithereens.

"We decided to keep it a secret from Platinum Dusk, but she found out, and... I had to kill her too." Thanos' voice cracked as the flames showed a broken look in Thanos cut off the head of Platinum Dusk.

“She’s the one you told me about'' Eric started looking at the Titan. “The one with the Rumble-Rumble Fruit”

“...Yes.” Thanos said with a sigh taking a drink from his cup, “She was cocky, angry, and wanted to kill us. So… I had to.” Thanos looked down before wiping a single tear off his face.

“As Shiva said to me, ‘the hardest battles are the one fought against the ones we love’” Eric said, causing the dog to blush.

“The hardest choices require the strongest wills.” Thanos looked up and relaxed his body. Popping his shoulders.

“I’ll agree with you Titan” Sombra said drinking from his cup

"From then on, I became the Mad Titan, I began to act like Thanos, and nearly became him too, but a simple message from my Master made me realize… I'm not Thanos, I'm me. So me and the boys decided to camp out in White Tail Woods, we stayed there for one day and Celestia found out our location. She then went all "Kuma" on us and sent us to different locations… Except for Entity. They dueled." The flames show Entity clashing with Celestia.

The fire shows Entity getting blasted by a full power Alicorn blast from Celestia. "I'm not good with women." Entity laughed.

"Grievous was hunted down 1000 men…" The flames show the General running from a thousand men before being shot down by them because he was surrounded, the images flashed in red as it showed beams hitting Grievous mercilessly, they could almost hear the screams of agony. "Captured."

"Sally fought the Queen of the Abyssinians at the time…" The purple flames turn to white as everyone sees Sally getting ora'd by a cat. "Captured."

"Lucci fought Golden Horn," The white-hot flames show Lucci and Golden Horn clashing and appearing behind each other, Lucci falls to the ground. "Captured."

"Supergirl fought the Dragon Lord at the time." The white-hot fire shows Supergirl getting crushed repeatedly by a gigantic dragon. "Captured."

"Rapunzel was sent to Seaquestria, most likely captured. I was all alone, I got back to the Storm Kingdom and tried to let off an assault on the Castle of Two Sisters, their allies intercepted me, it was a big battle that lasted for a month. But nearing the end of the month I was exhausted; it was only me and the Princesses dueling." The flames form Thanos, Celestia and Luna dueling, clashing blades as sparks fly before both slashing at Thanos at the same time. Thanos stood there… Unmoving. "I stood unconscious, I was defeated and was sentenced to imprisonment via stone. By request we did it Gol D. Roger style." The white-hot flames show Thanos walking to a pedestal, the fire flashed to Thanos on the pedestal and being stoned.

"And after that I woke up, I freed Sally, Grievous, Lucci, and Entity, got the Power and Reality Stone, became the King of Minos, fought Von Shadow, fought Goku Black, and now we're here." The fire turned back to its usual orange as Thanos finished his tale. “Though it seems that I’m a brave bastard... I have a fear, not gonna tell ya too.”

“We all have fears, some greater than others,” Eric said before looking to his comrades. “Sombra’s fear is he’ll lose himself in the dark magic and become Umbra once again”

Turning his gaze towards Luna. “Luna’s fear is losing her sister and ruling Equestria by herself” Eric said looking towards Rainbow. “Rainbow’s greatest Fear is that she’ll be too weak to save her friends when they need her most” Eric then pointed to the earth pony. “And Maud…”

“My greatest fear is losing my sister and never seeing her warming smile again,” Maud said downing the rest of her drink

“And your’s?” Luffy asked the shadow man.

“My greatest Fear is that I’ll lose control of my powers and kill somepony important to me,” Eric admitted staring into his glass. “It's precisely why I hold back in every fight.”

Eric finished his cup before wiping his mouth before looking to his titan friend. “And you” Pointing to the Mad Titan. “Your greatest fear is making a mistake and everyone turning on you because of it.” Thanos chuckled lightly.

“Nah, it’s losing my friends, they’re the reason why I’m alive. Without them, I am nothing.” Thanos lied, yet only Eric could see through it.

“Try again, Titan,” Eric said. “You have more power than any of them”

“Bitch, you don’t know me, also you do realize Tirek exists? The same guy who could steal my magic and kill ALL of us?” Thanos asked the shade, raising an eyebrow.

“Thanos you are the type who flaunts his power but holds back in fear of doing something you’ll regret, such as hurting or god forbid killing your friends” Eric said raising to his feet and approaching the Titan as he slowly backed away

“Why must you lie?” Thanos chuckled, standing to his feet. “Oh? Are you approaching me? Save it for the match, then we can beat each other silly.” Thanos laughed and turned around to walk off.

Magic flared in Eric’s eyes as he vanished from sight, Eric appeared in front of the Titan with his eyes starting into his

“Reveal your darkest Fear” Eric ordered causing the Titan’s to cease movement

Thanos stared back, not budging before he spoke, his eyes taking on a greener hue “My darkest fear is… My friends dying.” Thanos had told himself this lie his entire lie so much that his body told his lie.

“How do you fear their deaths?”

“Grievous being slain by a Dragon, Lucci dying from Luna, Entity killing himself, Sally killing herself, Supergirl running away and never to be seen again, and Rapunzel getting her hair caught in something and paying for it with her life.” Thanos answered in a monotone voice.

“I can feel resistance in your words, so neither of us are completely wrong” Eric said freeing the Titan from his spell

“That’s a lie.” A voice from deep inside of Thanos spoke, “Me and John have been together for years on end, fought together, lived together, seen our allies die. He just doesn’t want to lose another one.” Words spoken like the real Thanos said as Thanos circled around Eric like a shark.

“We all have our fears,” Eric said walking away with a smile shortly followed by his princess. “Some will do everything to prevent them from coming true but I me fear will never come to reality”

“But some however, are telling the truth…” “Thanos” said before jumping into the stands, looking back at the others before walking off.

“Eric is not wrong,” Sombra said, finishing his drink before setting the cup down. “We all have fears, whether we let them control us or strengthen us is entire up to you,” Sombra leaving the arena

“To his defense, that was the actual Thanos talking for him, you must’ve made the actual Thanos decide to step in, because ya know you were trying to “invade” his mind and spill his secrets.” Lucci leaped off of Link’s lap before turning back to his normal form, crossing his arms.

“Everyone has a fear, even Gods have something to fear, even me despite, well..” Link paused to raise his hand, showing the triforce of courage. “The only thing I fear..” Link lowered his head. “Is the aftermath of what could happen if I failed to protect Equestria or someone’s life, especially if I ended up dead while trying. I don’t take failure very well when it comes to that.” he said.

“Well I think I’ve had enough of Eric’s whiskey and enough of this campfire,” Rainbow said stretching on her cloud. “I’m going to hit the hay and prepare to cheer Eric on in his fight against Goku,” Rainbow said dragging her cloud out of the arena shortly followed by Maud

“Thank you for your company and your stories,” Maud said bowing slightly

“Before you go, this campfire is sponsored by Raid Shadow Le-” Before Nappa could continue, Entity slammed his Scythe into Nappa, sending him into the wall.

“Thank you!” Link said as he threw his hands up into the air with relief.

“Entity,” Maud said with a slight eye twitch

“Yes ma’am? I apologize for what has happened back then, I was apparently under the influence of Dark Ki, thus making me more of an asshole than I was. And for that I apologize.” Entity bowed his head.

“You’re truly sorry?” Maud asked walking up to the minecraft player

“As true as Celestia raises the sun.” Entity nodded, unsummoning his scythe.

“That’s good,” Maud says back, handing Entity dislocating his jaw. “That was for insulting my sister.”

“I deserved that, and sorry for insulting your sister and calling you… A cunt..” Entity said before eating bread repairing the damage, as if nothing happened.

“You do,” Maud said, swinging her leg in between his legs causing him to clamp his boys and dropped to his knees. “That was for calling me a cunt”

Entity then ascends to heaven going above the clouds and into the unknown as Maud left to follow Rainbow Dash. Lucci looked up in shock, “He’s going to Valhalla.” Lucci claimed.

“Welp, when he falls back down I have a hole prepared for him.” Zabuza said, appearing out of nowhere with a hole and a tombstone engraved with his name on it.

"You'd think he'd learn to shut his mouth after she handed his ass to him," Ed ranked looking up as he slurped from his flask.

“My nigga apologized man.” Lucci chuckled, looking up and crossing his arms, “I get a feeling that he’s going to fall down tomorrow.”

“Alrighty… Tomorrow it is then…”

Chapter Nine, The Divine God vs The Reaper of the Crystal Empire.

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Chapter Nine, The Divine God of Equestria vs The Reaper of the Crystal Empire.

Above the ring the Displaced combatants and their comrades began to voice the odds of the upcoming match,

“The two Displaced I fought are now fighting… Two of my friendly rivals too, the Equestra’s Divine God vs the Reaper of the Crystal Empire.” Thanos chuckled, “If Eric did not give me that fruit, I wouldn’t have fought Black to a draw.”

“He’s a brilliant strategist,” Sombra said, giving the Titan a side glance. “He’s always thinking of a counter plan to every action he makes”

“So is Black, he can make Ki-mines, one step, boom. Eric is in the air, and the air is where Black shines, not to mention Black can multiply his power by turning Kaio=Ken

“Even still since he returned from his exile he has further improved his powers” Sombra said fully turning to the titan. “In the past even using a single Shadow Soul left him utterly exhausted”

Thanos looked at the Unicorn. “Shadow Souls vs Super Saiyan Transformations, I taught the Saiyan Haki, Armament Haki too.” Thanos informed Sombra.

“Any idea which one he’ll use Sombra?” Rainbow asked, turning her head to the unicorn. “I mean he has access to five of them”

“Correction Rainbow, Eric has access to four of them” Sombra stated turning back to the ring

“Also, different Shadow Souls? Describe them to me.” Thanos put a finger up to his mighty chin.

“Eric has five different forms,” Luna said to the group. “However he is only able to use four of them by himself”

“Let me guess the last one he has to be in immense mental stress to unlock it?” Thanos asked the Princess of the Night.

“I’m afraid you’re wrong Thanos,” Sombra said, cutting the Titan off. “Upon Eric’s request, I placed a spell on him preventing him from using his final soul without my expressive sayso.”

“He told me that it was too dangerous to be used unless it was the only option”

“We’ve been with him since he and Sombra were arrested three years ago” Rainbow mentioned leaning back in her seat. “And not once has he ever used his final form”

“Black has one more last resort too, Ultra Instinct, I just wonder if Eric could even push him that far like I did. Especially after the immense Zenkai Boost, he’s probably double the strength then when I fought him.” Thanos commented.

“First form, Soul of the Reaper. Turns Eric into the exact image of the grim reaper much like his shadow reaper construct,” Sombra explained as the Leopard Man spoke over him

“Remember Thanos, this fight will decide your fate.” Lucci side-eyed the Titan, Thanos nodded, “Also isn’t that the construct he used against me?”

“It was,” Thanos chuckled, “It was indeed but you still ended that fight in a draw.” Lucci remembered the fight like it happened yesterday.

“This form increases his speed to the point he could race Rainbow around the world and win five times before she could even finish once”

“Isn’t that an exaggeration? I mean he has to go through water, forests, volcanoes…” Thanos dragged on.

“He explained that he simple walked over it like a skeleton warrior named B..something

“Hm, interesting, let’s see if he can keep up with Black?” Thanos said with a grin wider than it normally was, almost rivaling Pinkie’s.

Doom made his appearance sitting down. “Truth is the only thing I don’t properly have a counter to, is the Saiyan’s speed. Unlike you other Displaced I haven’t been active for very long so my power hasn’t increased beyond far from the Marvel comics Doctor Doom. Though I have improved my forcefields.” Hans his trusty butler stood at the ready right behind him.

“If speed doesn’t work he’ll just switch to strength and defence” Sombra stated. “Soul of the Knight focuses more on both offense and Defence

“You do not want to try to outpower a Saiyan. You do not. While his form probably decreases his speed and upgrades his strength, Black’s transformation upgrades all of that. So how will Eric hit him?” Thanos asked the three-sword-style man.

“Power alone doesn’t really mean anything if you can’t land your hit or be able to deal any damage.” Link said with a shake of his head.

“I watched Trunks fight Perfect Cell and boy, that kid was getting his ass handed to him all because he went for strength, not speed.” Lucci chuckled.

“His third form is the Soul of the King,” Sombra continued. “This one gives him a minor strength and speed boost but boosts his shadow control, it allows him to do more with his shadow.” Sombra said to the group. “Truly a formidable form”

“Enhances his Devil Fruit ability, I do not see a way Black could outpower that in Ki, however… He does have his Ki Scythe, and his shards.” Thanos added, “However it all matters on who has the better control of their energy.”

“He has a chance to defeat it,” Sombra admitted to the Titan. “It has literally no base defence so one or two powerful hits dispel it immediately”

“No defense, so I’m guessing this form is to keep opponents away before the opponent could land a hit on the form?” Thanos quirked an eyebrow.

“Precisely, any opponent we’ve faced with that form hasn’t so much as caused it to move a single step” Luna said with a small grin. “But that doesn’t mean you’ll get the chance to get close to it,” Luna spoke, her expression returning to normal. “It’s able to create shadow out of nothing giving him an infinite amount of fuel.”

“I believe Black has the ability to make clones of himself, via the multiform technique, if Black could somehow occupy him at Black lands a lucky hit on Eric he might just have a shot.” Thanos thought off, snapping his non gauntlet finger.

“You forget Eric commands all shadow, which also allows him to sense shadow as well” Argued the unicorn

“..I remember that, doesn’t it cut the ki in half, even more so depending on how many you make?” Link asked as he does remember the multiform from Dragon Ball Z.

“However, if he transforms into a level that’s Super Saiyan Three and five little Goku’s fly at Eric… He could quite possibly get overwhelmed, with their yellow aura ready to light their way.”

“That would divide his max ki by five.” Link guessed.

“The multiplier of Super Saiyan Three is Four hundred so dividing that by five…” Thanos pulled out a calculator. “It enhances his strength by 80x for each clone. That’s barely even past Super Saiyan.” Thanos clutched his head in worry.

“Now his fourth form is the Soul of the Demon,”Sombra said, his gaze stealing on the ring. “This form terminates his intangibility”

“No Logia intangibility?” Thanos asked the Dark Prince.

“Correct this form takes all damage and converts it into power and strength”

“That’s new, like I said you should not try to outpower a Saiyan or a Titan, both of them were born for battle.” Thanos laughed, “I tried to outpower him and almost died.”

“You misunderstand Titan,” Sombra said, turning his glare at the Titan. “When I mean ‘take damage and converts it’ you lose power every time you attack him”

“I remember using that form of Tekkai, Saiyan’s are quite adaptable for instance when I used my Heat Man transformation, he used Ki Blasts.” Thanos recalled, before wincing at the final-big-bang-kamehameha

“Soul of the Demon is much worse than you realize,” Sombra said, softening his gaze. “All forms of attacks get drained from the user and Eric’s demon form has no limit on how much it can take”

“Honestly...” Link said as he shrugged his arms with a sigh. “Saiyans are like white blood cells, always getting stronger and adapting to take on stronger viruses and the like.”

“Like Perfect Cell, he has Vegeta, Gohan, Goku, all inside of him, pause on that.” Thanos said, “But… You have to watch out for the Perfected Super Saiyan Rose or even worse… Chō hon'nō” Thanos frowned.

“And if he gets enough he unleashes his ultimate attack” Luna said with a slight shudder. “He calls it Wrath of Gluttony”

“You people and your multiple super forms.” Link said with a frown.

“I’m with you there, Link. I wonder how a Saiyan would react to my Inhibitor Ray, it is more of a modified forcefield that reflects any kinetic attacks back at my attacker. Draw back is I personally can’t attack during the time it’s active and depending on how much force it reflects it can be a major power drain on my armor systems.” Doom motions for a drink and Hans hands him a glass of red wine. “I was going a bit soft on Kyle. Those sand claws were impressive but didn’t have the impact needed to disrupt the Inhibitor. If I had it on when he slammed me into the ground it would have reflected that same impact right at him.”

“Agreed,” Shiva muttered, just now joining them. “Why can’t you keep it simple and with one form?”

“Says the kid who transforms with masks,” Sombra said chuckling at Link

“Says the kid who turned into a damn woman!” Thanos seemingly shook with that last bit, grinning as well.

“Hey, each form isn’t stronger than the next, they all have their benefits and weaknesses. As for the woman part...” Link said, returning with his own grin. “Why not take a visit to Palutena’s world and see how you fare?” he said jokingly.

“How about no?” Thanos pointed at the Hylian, “Bitch, I- Wait let’s get back to the real topic. If you turned into a woman… Wouldn’t that make you a futa?” Thanos asked, seriously, peering at the Hylian.

Shiva glanced at them both. “What’s… futa?” she asked.

“A futa is both.” Link said with a deadpan expression. “And besides, I rarely use the Linkle Mask.”

“You call her Linkle…? I guess I would be Thanette, also… That can screw some people up, ima- Now we’re going too deep into this. Time to pull out, and I do not mean in that way!” Thanos groaned, slapping a hand to his mighty bald head. Shiva rolled her eyes, while Link bursted out laughing.

“Ah internet rule 63, I did a search of myself once… some of the female versions… Really you can’t call boob armor, armor if it just covers the nipples.” Doom grunted and took a drink. Hans tilted his head “I wonder if there's a female Slenderman, or slenderwoman in this case?”

Doom turns his head. “Yes Hans, there is, and yes there is also a Rule 34 of it.”

“Sorry I asked.” Hans muttered.

Thanos smiled and slowly pulled out a gun, “Care to take a laugh again you son of a bitch?” Thanos’ smile did not falter.

“Really now.” Link began as he held his arms behind his head. “You do that and you might not get the gifts I plan to give you.” he said.

Thanos fell silent, “You better talk or you get the glock.” Thanos put up his gun with a pained expression on his face. Link remains neutral with the triforce of courage brightly glowing, such an annoying relic.

“Ed did some sort of alchemy thing with ya and you blurted out how you didn’t want people hurt or killed, so I got to thinking you could use a bit of help. You mentioned you could learn some magic, so why not I give you some?” Link suggested.

“Alrighty then, but I remember specifically saying my friends, and I think of you as a friend,” Thanos smiled, his teeth reflecting the sunlight into others.

“You’ve got some loved ones as well back in your world, so the spells I’ll give you will be of great help.” Link said as he put his arms back.

“Alright how are you going to give me the spells?” Thanos raised an eyebrow

“It’s as simple as a handshake as I transfer some of the void energy and knowledge over to you.” Link said as he held out his right hand; the triforce still radiating. Thanos took the hand and shook it. At that moment, energy was flowing from Link’s hand to Thanos in a chaotic pattern of the void. At first, Thanos felt a paradox rush of feeling strong and yet weak; slowly his mind started to gain knowledge of two new spells: Nayru’s Love and the Light Arrow spell, however it started to provide extra instructions on how to channel that into Thano’s weapons and projectiles. Soon, the glow faded, leaving Link feeling a little drained.

Shiva watched the whole thing in awe. “That’s just like my Pack Link,” she whispered.

“If anyone wants some easy magic I can give you Skyrim Tomes,” Ed offered, sticking his head out of a portal and dropping down into a seat.

“Okay, Ed. You need to stop giving out things like these, it can fall into the wrong hands.” Nappa lectured the alchemist.

“I don’t give them out like candy and I’m the only one who has access to the library where they’re stored so shove it,” Ed held up a hand.

“Speaking of dangerous uh… If you find my Token in your world, Thanos? Don’t try to use the Twili magic within unless you want to turn into a wolf.” Link warned.

“So… Twili magic turns people into wolves,” Shiva mused, rubbing her chin. “But can it do the reverse: turn wolves into people?”

Eric sat in his room his eyes closed as the shadows around him swirled around him like lava-lamp

“Keep cool Von Shadow,” Eric breathed out before inhaling deeply. “Keep calm and….” Eric’s eyes snapped open feeling the presence of someone’s shadow approaching his room

Immediately all the shadow turned to spears all trained on the door, a large orb of shadow formed at the Shadow Man’s side before popping revealing a sheathed sword. Reaching to his side Eric gripped the hilt as the presence knocked upon his door

“Who is it?” Eric said slowly unsheathing his blade

“It’s Ryker,” Ryker opened the door, “I felt that you were… Stressed, and what better way to clear your mind other than chess?” Ryker asked, summoning a portal that made a chess set and a coffee table appear.

“I’m not stressed,” Eric said, moving to the side with the black chess pieces. “This is the first time I’d ever had a scheduled fight.”

“Nerve Racking is it not? I’ve been in my fair share of fights.” Ryker summoned a chair over to Eric and Ryker sat down on mid-air.

“That’s one word to describe it” Eric said looking over the game then Ryker. “I know you didn’t just come here just to play chess with me before my match, so what do you want?”

“Last time I played chess with Phoenix was very close mind you, I just want to see what you can do, in all honesty.” Ryker put his hands up before moving one of his pawns, “Now I’m not good at chess, I’m decent, nor perfect or bad. Half Perfect.”

“Half Perfect?” Eric scoffed, moving a pawn himself. “When it comes to chess there is no ‘half perfect’ you’re either perfect or your not me”

Ryker pulled out a notebook and a pen and wrote down something in it. “Noted.”

Shit List

  1. Eric

  2. Nappa

  3. George Washingmachine

  4. Phoenix.

“Alright let us play.” Ryker said with a smile warmer than the sun itself.

Eric moved his queen’s pawn forward one space before looking at the king. “You and I both know, you didn’t start this tournament just for shits and giggles”

“You would be correct, it’s to save my daughter.” Ryker said before moving a pawn, “Not to mention for entertainment, and… I shouldn’t say the last part.”

Eric saw the king's eyes, they didn’t have the fires of desperation for one's family, they had the dark dead eyes of someone who wanted power.

“I’ll assume you already know what I did to Fujitora,” Eric commented moving his kings knight forward

“Oh I know, I made sure to. Also, I can tell you doubt me, I speak nothing but the truth, the Dark Ki I’m gathering is to go to another dimension to save my daughter. She found a spell in a book after we had an argument, she took the book with her and ran away.” Ryker put a hand to his chess moving his bishop.

“So the source of us being at each other’s throats have been this Dark Ki, hasn’t it?” Eric asked castling his king

“Yes, when people who are infected with it fight, I collect it and you are no longer infected, I then store it… somewhere.” Ryker yawned, moving his knight.

“I suggest you stop while you’re ahead,” Eric warned moving his bishop

“Oh? And why is that? I already collected Thanos, Link, Phoenix, Shiva, Kyle, and finally… Dr. Doom.” Ryker inched his pawn close to Eric’s King.

“Take it from someone who has given everything up to bring a loved one back” Eric said, using his bishop to take Ryker’s pawn. “It would be better to leave them be, you’ll only be hurting yourself and the ones you care about”

“Well, she is the only one I ever loved with all me heart.” Ryker said, kicking in an Irish accent, moving his bishop to take down Eric’s.

“No need to go Irish on me; I’m just giving advice,” Eric said, moving his knight in front of Ryker’s bishop. “Check”

“I am Irish, lad.” Ryker looked at the Shadow Man, his emerald eyes glowed.

“I figured as much, you tried to hide it but that voice of yours had a subtle accent that would go unnoticed by some,” Eric said looking at the king. “But not by me”

“Alas, ye watchful eyes noticed it.” Ryker moved his king to evade Eric’s knight, “Quite impressive, I just visited Ireland, me home land. And by St. Patrick I missed it.” Ryker chuckled.

“From what I saw in Fujitora’s memories you had specific plans for some of us,” Eric said using his queen to take Ryker’s. “Check”

“Indeed, Dr. Doom will help me with my research to save me daughter, Thanos, to join me ranks…” Ryker slurred, moving his king.

“And what of me?” Eric asked the King. “How do I fit in this little game of yours?”

“Ye don’t.” Ryker looked up at shadow man, “Yer just here-”

“Then why bring me here?” Eric said using his second knight to take out Ryker’s rook

“I was gettin to that…'' Ryker grumbled, moving his other rook. “Yer here for entertainment, also who else would I invite? Such a troubled young man like yerself, you have some history with Thanos, yes?”

Eric couldn’t help but sense lies in the king’s words but he didn’t let it show in his words or his expression.

“I do,” Eric said, taking out Ryker’s knight. “He’s an asshole but he’s funny from time to time”

“I see, if you give me information about him and I shall give you information in return.” Ryker looked up at Eric before moving his pawn.

“I’d give it to you,” Eric said, using the same knight to take out Ryker’s remaining rook. “If I trusted you”

“Oh come on, information for something from me.” Ryker pleaded, moving his king to take down his knight.

“Sorry your majesty,” Eric said reaching for his remaining knight when the King spoke

“I will do anything for that damn info! Bitch, I will fucking suck your dick!” Ryker stood up shaking, triggered.

“Hard pass.” Eric said putting his fingers on his knight

Ryker frowned, and made a portal behind Eric before pushing him in and following him afterwards, they appeared at an archipelago, an empty plain island.

“So the king is finally showing his true colors.” Laughed the Shadow Man.

“No, ye just made me pissed off lad, I just want to blow off some steam, ye kinda put me on the spot like that.” Ryker shook his head before looking at the Shadow Man.

“I planned on it,” Eric said pointing to the kings ankle

Looking down Ryker was met with the sight of a shadow tendril around his ankle, Immediately Ryker was lifted and slammed into the ground several times before Ryker freed himself

Ryker jumped into the air and landed onto his feet. "I want you to hit me, as hard as you can." Ryker frowned, crossing his arms.

“Really now,” Eric said. “Feeling pretty cocky there your-”

"Now hold on, I think you might have misheard me." Eric scoffed, "Not "half as hard", or some arbitrary percentage. I want you. To hit me. As hard. As. You. Can." Ryker glared at Eric.

“And if I don’t play along?” Eri asked his powers flaring over his body

“Well I guess Amber was wrong about you.” Ryker rubbed his nose cockily.

Without hesitation Eric vanished from view before reappearing in front of the king with his signature scythe coming down on the kings neck, only for it to stop at his neck

“Oough, considered that nerve touched.” Ryker grinned.

Eric jumped back, in pure shock the attack had no effect on the King. “H-how?” Eric asked the Eliatrope King.

“Well as a soon to be broken man once said… You’re either perfect… Or you’re not me.” Ryker covered his foot in Armament Haki and delivered a devastating blow to Eric’s gut, making the shadow man coughed an ungodly amount of blood and his wind knocked out of him. Eric was sent through rock formations and onto another island before Ryker appeared above him. Ryker put a hand on Eric’s chest.

“I know you won’t tell anyone if… You don’t want the same thing to happen to Luna like it did to Amber. Now, beating you doesn’t mean I’m evil… it just means that I really do not want you to do anything bad to me plans lad.”

This made Eric’s eyes grow wide, slowly Eric rose to his feet before looking to the King.

“Just send me back to my room,” Eric ordered Ryker. “I’ve a match to fight soon”

“Also, I’m not evil, just throwing that out there. Not. Evil. No malicious intent at all, just want me daughter.” Ryker grinned, making a portal next to Eric before throwing him a Senzi bean, “Heal up lad! “

“I don’t give a fuck,” Eric said as he caught the healing bean before walking through the portal.

Once the portal closed Eric made his way to the Arena only to stop at the game he and the king were playing, grabbing the knight Eric moved it a few spaces towards the king

“That’s checkmate,” Eric said, walking past the board revealing a single king surrounded by a rook, queen, a knight, and a bishop. “Asshole”

As Eric walked off a portal appeared behind him and it revealed Ryker giving Eric the bird. “Horsefucker.”

Ryker felt something around his ankle before looking down.

“Oh here we go again…” Ryker laughed.

Ryker was pulled into his shadow appearing all over the colosseum smashing into multiple walls before being spat out into his throne

“Heh, that’s convenient. Saved me the trouble, THANK’S ERIC!!!!” Ryker cried out.

Arena Stage.

“So Nightmare, any ideas on who is going to win?” Luffy asked the parasyte.

The Nightmare hummed in thought, “I’ve only seen Black fight, I’ve got no idea what Eric can do. But I believe Black could land a guaranteed blow against him.” Nightmare looked to the straw hat pirate. “But that will be decided in the end.”

“Hm… My Belli is on Eric, he’s a Yonko!” Luffy shouted out.

“And Black is a Divine God.” Nappa countered, Luffy snapped his head to Nappa, his head spinning before looking at Nappa.

“Do you want a fight?!” Luffy growled, Nappa scoffed.

“Eric is no slouch either” Sombra stated with a smile. “He wasn’t known as the Reaper of the Crystal Empire for nothing”

“Black is not known as Equestria’s Divine God for nothing either, bitch.” Nappa countered.

“Hey how about you two sit down and watch the fight before we have another Eric and Thanos moment” Luna said getting in between the Saiyan and unicorn

“Agreed…” Nightmare growled.

“Thank or do I call you Nightmare?” Luna asked

“I’m no longer connected to her, just call me Nightmare.” The Parasite said to the Alicorn.

“Very well...N-Nightmare” Luna said, slightly uncomfortable saying that name.

“Call her Nig-” Lucci slammed his fist into Nappa, covering it in Armament Haki, Nappa was sent up through the stands and into a wall.

“Don’t.” Lucci sat back down with his arms crossed.

“ALRIGHT!!!!” They all turned to Ryker, who sat on his throne, “I wasn’t able to incorporate this because the first match it was so RUDELY interrupted, the second match SOMEONE was impatient.”

Ryker glared at Kodo, who snorted.

“Don’t fault me for loving my mama!” Kodo shot back defiantly.

Shiva gripped his nape with a cautious, “Kodo, easy!”

“Don’t make me get the sheleighleigh, ye fokin son of a literal bitch,” Ryker said in his Irish accent before turning to the Alpha. “No offense, Shiva.”

"A fighter knows when to let his anger fuel him, pup," Ed advised.

Shiva glanced at Lucci. “Seriously though,” she muttered. “Why is that an insult?”

“And I wasn’t there for the third match. We’re doing a count down system, to ten too. Now that we got that out of the way. In this corner we have The Captain of the Crystal Royal Guard, Reaper of the Crystal Empire, horsefucker, and One of the Four Emperors: Eric Von Shadow!” Ryker introduced the Yonko.

Shadow poured from the corner enveloping half the ring in a thick mist of shadow as a eerie voice spoke

When it comes time
for the Grim Reaper’s call.
Don’t mourn me at all.

No tear will you shed.
No sorrow will you feel.
When the Grim Reaper calls for me.

Your life is your own.
That, I will not disrupt.
No need to let you know,
when the Grim Reaper called for me.

You don’t know me in life.
Why know me in death?
Remain where you are.
No need to know
when the Grim Reaper called for me.

My one true love
is all who knows,
when the Grim Reaper called for me.

It is him,
and him alone,
who will set my ashes free.
After the Grim Reaper called for me.

My ashes are one
with Mother Earth.

They fly in her breeze,
nourishes her soil,
and swims in her seas.
All thanks,
to the Grim Reaper’s call for me.

Now my soul awaits
for the Grim Reaper’s call
for my one true love’s soul.

Until that day,
when the Grim Reaper
calls for him.
I will haunt you all.

My fiery rage,
you will know.
The damage,
the suffering,
will grow.

You may ignore me
in life,
but not
in death.

For when the Grim Reaper
comes a calling,
I will be the one
calling you.

From the middle of the shadow came Eric Von Shadow decked out in his royal armor, a black sword attached to his right and a gold sword attached to his left.

“Heh,” Sombra chuckled under his breath. “He always enjoys striking fear in others with his entrances” The unicorn turned to the audience who had fear filled expressions plastered on their face.

Except for Shiva. Her tail was wagging, and she howled a diamond dog’s call; a call of support. A call that said, “The Diamond Dogs stand with you!”

“And in this corner we have the man who fought the fearsome Crimson Sage, the one who fought the Mad Titan to a draw, the one who has the body of the legendary Super Saiyan Goku, lover of his Princess Luna, we have Equestria’s… DIVIIIINNNEEEE GOOODDD!!!!!” Ryker introduced with greater hype than Eric’s.

Suddenly to everyone’s surprise, a thunderstorm with a sickly green aura to it rolled into the sky. It covered the sun as it casted a dark shadow over the arena. Lightning stuck all around, it hitting the borders of the shield. A swirling vortex formed as the wind began to pick up, forming a tornado as it stuck the ground. A silhouette formed, it had glowing red eyes. The Thunderstorm then seemingly vanished after a powerful shockwave pushed it away, revealing the Saiyan in dark clothing, Goku Black.

“Nice entrance, Black” Complimented the shadow man

“Gonna have to compliment you back,” Black said with a smirk.

“Now before we begin… I have news!” The Arena was suddenly teleported into an Archipelago, the same one where Ryker and Eric “fought.” Eric and Black appeared on an island. The arena was now a spaceship as a screen showing the two fighters. Ryker just grinned ear to ear.

“Sure. Add insult to injury,” Eric whispered under his breath

“Now the battle shall begin in three!”




Eric placed both hands to the ground entangling Black in large thick tendrils made from his own shadow all the while covering the entire area in shadow

Black looked down to the tendrils holding him down, he scoffed. “If you think this will hold me, then you're sadly mistaken.” Black spat.

“They were never meant to hold you” Eric stated smiling. “I just need you in one place so I could prepare the field”

“Now rise Wolf Pack”

From the shadows came a bounty of large wolves with black fur and piercing red eyes all barked and snapped at the Saiyans general direction.

“Sic em” Eric said, throwing his wolves at the saiyan.

Black chuckled at this, he gripped his hands and threw them to the side, creating a devastating shockwave. It pushes back the wolves, “Wolves… that's cute…” Black laughed. The shockwave loosened the tendrils holding him down, but not enough for him to squirm free.

“Well they’re used for distractions” Eric said as Black was grabbed from behind by a giant Skeletal hand, Black was lifted up and was met with the sight of black skull with burning red eyes, eyes that begged for death.

“My Shadow Reaper” stated the Shadow man as his shadow continued to pour into the ground. “The strongest thing I’ve ever made before my exile”

The Reaper throws Black into the air before bringing it’s scythe down upon him knocking him into the ground with a cut over his chest.

Black looked down to see the cut had ripped straight through his gi, but not enough to draw any blood. The Saiyan laughed, “Did you really think that would be enough to injure me?” Black said as he stood up, dusting off any dirt on his gi.

“The king said nonlethal so I dulled my Reaper's scythe” Eric

“True,” Black commented as he looked back up to the Shadow Reaper, “I will say, that has definitely got the blood pumping now.” Black said as he began to stretch. He stopped his stretching a moment later as he grinned. “My turn…” The Saiyan roared as a dark aura surrounded him. He aimed his hand at the shadow reaper, shooting a devastating ki blast towards it.

It struck the Shadow Reaper, vaporising it instantly as it’s form disappeared from sight. Black turned his gaze back to Eric, “I think it’s time to get past the warm up, don’t you think?” Black asks as he transforms into Super Saiyan, his power increasing exponentially. Black charges forward as he leaves a mini trench behind him as he flies towards the Shadow man.

“I couldn't agree more” Eric said slamming his hand onto the ground causing a shockwave that knocked Black off course. “I assume you’re familiar with this form”

Shadow Soul: Soul of the Reaper

Eric’s body melted away with the shadows around him causing him to disappear from the Saiyans view

Black grabbed the ground, sliding across it before correcting himself and coming to a stop, “This will be troublesome.” The Saiyan muttered under his breath. Black jumped to the sky, leaving the ground at an alarming rate. Black looked back down to the ground and threw his hands forward, sending out a ki barrage towards the ground. The blasts hit the ground as it left a massive explosion after.

“Surprise,” a chilling voice said behind the Saiyan

The moment Black spun around his body was met with the business end of Eric’s Reaper Scythe, only this time the slash drew blood from the Saiyan. Black staggered a bit in the air holding the wound inflicted by the Shadow man as he turned his gaze to Eric’s Reaper form

“Non lethal huh… well that's a bit of bullshit if I’ve ever heard,” Black chuckled as he inspected the wound.

“I said I dulled my Shadow Reaper Scythe” Eric said in a voice that sent chills through everyone’s spines. “However this Scythe, isn’t made from my shadows and it has never been dulled a single day since I’ve owned it”

“Well, I congratulate you… for injuring a ki clone…” Black chuckled as his form disappeared in a sparkle of yellow ki. Eric was interrupted when he felt a white boot make contact with his cheek, sending him down towards the islands. The real Goku Black looked down and smiled, “They really do come in handy.”

“Ah, clones in battle” Eric mused to himself as he floated from the ground. “Reminds me a fight where some fool cast a Gemini spell that went haywire.”

Immediately Eric vanished from the Saiyans view, causing his eyes to grow wide, what followed next was the sound barrier breaking twice

“But can you match my speed, Saiyan?” The Shadow Man asked as the sound barrier was broken a third time

Without warning Blacks arm was cut surprisingly deep. Black yelped in pain as he gripped his arm, he glared at the air, looking for the Shadow man. His attempts bore no fruit as another gash appeared on his left shin, then another on his right shoulder.

The Saiyan growled, before letting out a primal roar, his aura growing twice in size as it pushed Eric back and stopping his barrage of attacks. Taking this chance, Black charged to the Shadow man and threw a right hook into his gut. Eric soared into the air from the impact allowing the Saiyan to unleash a barrage of his own. “Two can play at that game, Von Shadow.” Black roared as he threw a kick across Eric's face, it being followed up by a Kamehameha. The blast made an impact, a large explosion shaking the lands and skies.

Eric lay at the end of a long and deep trench his Reaper form completely decimated, Black breathed a sigh of relief seeing how the Shadow Man didn’t get up. However Eric soon began to laugh, that laugh grew and volume and depth

“Of course that wouldn’t put you down…” Black mumbled. Getting ready for another attack as he got into a fighting stance similar to Vegeta’s.

“I must admit, this is going to be hard.” Laughed the Shadow Man as he arose from the trench and stared at the Saiyan with his burning red Eyes.

“Well I knew this wasn’t gonna be easy, who knows what you can do.” Black said as he waited.

“I know right” Eric said, shadow began flooding from his body. “Do have any idea how hard it’s going to be to hold back and beat you”

“I’m just having a hard time figuring you out, once I’m done with that, the real fight will begin.” Black claimed as he activated his aura.

“You should feel proud, Black,” Eric said, cracking a few stiff bones before looking at him with hunger in his eyes. “Not many people can land a finger let alone a full punch on my Reaper Soul.”

Eric lowered his stance and placed a hand on the ground,

“Let’s see how you handle something with a little bit more… bite,” Eric said channeling the shadows around him

Black squinted at what Eric was playing, ‘Everything about him is shadowed based, what can I do to counter it…’ Black thought.

Shadow Soul: Soul of the Knight

Eric was immediately swarmed by the surrounding shadows, covering him in a cloud of darkness. Sensing a power stronger than the last form Black charged in only to be smack by what felt like a heavy shield, Black flew across the island and crashed into the same rock formation Eric hit hours prior.

Black layed in the rubble, “Huh… this is new…” Black commented as he stood back up, he looked to where Eric was, only to be surprised at the height of Von Shadow’s form. The Saiyan got brief flashbacks of him being crushed in Edwards' hands months ago. “Every time…” Black muttered as he started to pop his knuckles and his neck.

“Bring it, Saiyan.” Eric taunted in a now deeper and commanding voice as he raised his sword and shield

“If you say so,” Black chuckled as he gripped his hands, lightning now pulsating around him as his hair spiked up. With newfound speed, he charged forward and vanished from Eric’s sight. Von Shadow felt a strike against his chest, revealing Black with a grin. The blow made Eric stumble backwards a bit.

“Heh” Laughed Eric rearing his shield beck “Is that the Best you’ve got!!”

Eric backhanded the Saiyan with his shield, sending him right back into the rock formation’s rubble, Meanwhile up inside the stands...

“See, Eric’s knight form drastically increases both his strength and his defense” Sombra said crossing his arms watching his friend fight. “He would need something extremely powerful to get through Eric’s Armor.”

“Black definitely has a large arsenal of techniques that can get through his defense,” Nightmare commented as she watched Black being backhanded, “But he sure does like to take his time though…” Nightmare growled.

“Pfft-” Thanos held a hand to his mouth to stop himself from laughing at Sombra’s comment.

“Something funny, Thanos?” Sombra asked turning his gaze to the Titan

“Indeed Sombra, you said something drastically powerful to harm him, let me put scaling logic in here, one Kamehameha wave from Master Roshi can destroy the moon, what do you think a Super Saiyan 2 with a 100x multiplier on him can do to a tanky D&D character with good armor?” Thanos raises an eyebrow.

“Well unless he uses it soon he will eventually become too exhausted” Sombra said, turning to the screen. “And Eric knows this. Which is why he’s waiting for the perfect opportunity”

“Well good luck with waiting, he can hold those transformation’s of his for long periods of time.” Nightmare countered, “But the higher forms do take a strain on his body.”

“Too bad he doesn’t have whatever that thing Phoenix used on me,” Shiva grumbled. “It made using my own powers feel like I was tearing my muscles out.”

Back to the island Black rubbed his cheek as it had left a bruise. “Why is it always the bigger guys that I have to resort to this…” Black commented as he stood back up. He soon shot high into the sky, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

“Shadow Slasher!” Eric swung his blade sending a razor edge wave of shadow towards the airborne Saiyan, to Von Shadow’s dismay, the Saiyan was able to dodge the attack.

Black looked down upon Eric with a scowl, he threw his hands forward, chanting. “Big Bang…” A blue ball of ki formed in front of his hands as it grew in size, “Ka Me, Ha Me…”

“Nice try,” Eric said as purple wisps of magic formed from his eyes. “Dark Press” Eric raised his shielded arm to the Saiyan which caused Black to plummet to the ground from the unbearable weight that was pressing against him

“By Din’s fiery arms, that is some serious magic there...” Link said in surprise at how it was giving Black so much hard time.

“Tch, Black better get serious.” Thanos looked at the screen, and deeply at Black, “Come on kid… Show ‘em what you can do.”

Kodo glanced at Thanos before keeping his eyes on Eric. “Keep it up, Von Shadow,” he whispered. “Show us what that devil fruit can really do.”

“Dark Press…” Sombra stated slightly shaking his head. “It’s one of Umbra’s combat spells, it takes the weight of your sins and those around you and puts them all upon your shoulders” Sombra said, narrowing his eyes at the sheer level. “It is the very meaning of shouldering somebody's sins”

“So it's like San’s Gaster Blasters, but with gravity instead of damage over time.” Link said as he looked over at Sombra.

Black stood back up from the rubble with a dark haze covering his face. “Alright… I'm done playing around…” Black growled as his aura began to grow rapidly.

[Insert Berserk - My Brother (Extended) (Definitive Version)]

The Saiyan ripped off the top part of his gi and let out a primal roar. A sphere of yellow ki surrounded the Saiyan, letting off a power shockwave that sent Eric backwards. Moments later, the ki dispersed to reveal Black with a new look. Red fur covering his body for the exception of his hands, biceps, and abbs. His hair turned black and went down his back. His eyes had a red underline and his pupils turning yellow. His tail moved around him as the Saiyan stood there, fully transformed into Super Saiyan 4. “From here on out, things are gonna get ugly…” Blacks voice changed, it had a more grave effect to it.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Saiyan.” Eric said Raising his Shield. “Shield of Shade”.

Eric’s shield began absorbing the surrounding shadows increasing its strength as the Saiyan charged

“..With all this magic being thrown around, it’s making me wish I tried the Ultima Spell on you, Thanos.” Link said as he stroked along the blonde beard.

“That is no magic” Luna said, drawing the Hylian’s attention. “That is Eric’s Devil Fruit, It allows him to control, become, and manipulate all forms of shadow, even the ones he makes”

“...Damn it, Black you need to win this, I really do not want to fight Eric.” Thanos admitted.

Black charged forward, multiple afterimages splitting off of him as they began to charge Kamehameha’s. As the Saiyan drew near, he shot straight up into the sky with the after images following.

“3” Eric whispered under his breath

“Kamehame!!!” Black roared as the ball of ki began to grow in size, the after images splitting off while doing the same.


Much to Eric’s surprise, along with Black and his afterimages they all disappeared from sight.


They all appeared, but the afterimages were all there along with Black, charging real Kamehameha’s. “HHHAAAAAA!!!!” Black let out a primal roar with the rest, sending multiple blasts as they combined into one to the size of a mountain.

Eric almost failed in blocking the massive blast, but fortunately his shield did collide with the blast which exploded in a massive explosion of both Shadow and Ki, a massive dust cloud grew in size as it both engulfed Eric and Black.

“How ya holding up Saiyan?” Eric spoke through the dust

Watching the fight above Sombra noticed a brief flash of light which made him grin slightly. 'Heh, Clever' the unicorn thought as he watched the match

The dust then dissipated as it revealed Black charging at mach 3 towards Eric with a glowing yellow fist. “FIVE REN KUGI DRAGON FIST!” Black roared as a yellow dragon exploded from the Saiyan, charging forward.

“Oh shit” Eric said, casting a spell with haste. “Dark Pre….”

Black’s attack broke through the Shadow Man’s sword and armor forcing him back to normal, Eric stood tall before staggering to a single knee.

In the stands, Kodo’s ears flattened, as Shiva prepared to cover his eyes. “Come on, Von Shadow…” he muttered.

“YES!!!! Black with the Five Ren Kugi Punch!” Thanos pumped his right fist, “You can do this Son Goku Black!”

“S..shit..” Eric said, almost collapsing to the ground. “Looks like you are stronger than they say.”

Black said nothing as he hovered above Eric, staring him down.

“But I’m dying to know,” Eric said, magic coursing in his eyes. “Dark Bullet.”

Eric fired a bolt of lightning fast magic at the Saiyan which pierced his lower stomach

“How much longer can you stay in that form?” Eric asked as Black lowered himself to the ground, the Saiyan glared at Von Shadow as he held his stomach. He saw that his Stomach was cut deep into his gut.

Link softly cringed. “That’s gonna leave a mark...” he commented.

“You're just asking for me to kick your ass…” Black growled as he slowly stood back up.

“Hey it’s a nonlethal Shot” Chuckled the Shadow Man. “And besides I hit you in the one place that won’t kill you.”

“I can always heal you once We’re finished here” Offered Eric

Black smirked, ‘Thank you DW’, Tis but a flesh wound’, “Tis but a scratch.” Black jokes

“Sure whatever you say Monty” Eric swung his arm sending a wave of shadow at the Saiyan before bringing his hand to the ground again

Shadow Soul: Soul of the King

Eric’s form grew an addition five feet, his attire of shadows resemble that to a king in medieval times with a seven pointed crown atop his head

Black watched the growing man, but scowled as he looked to the side a spit a bit of blood. The saiyan popped his shoulder joint before creating a ki blade. He then plunged the blade into his hand, drawing a bit of blood before the Saiyan pulled it out. Molding it into a scythe as his power increased.

Eric’s King form said nothing as it raised it’s hand

“Come to me, My loyal Subjects” Eric ordered slightly confusing the Saiyan

The shadow covering the island began to rise and take the form of people, all pitch black and gazing at others with their dead red eyes. They all gathered around Eric who then closed his hand and pointed at the Saiyan

“Seize him”

Each and every shadow turned towards the Saiyan before letting out ear splitting shrieks, the shadow’s ran at the Saiyan their arms turning to blades as they rushing Black

“What in Faust's name are those...things?” Rainbow asked shocked.

“Oh that’s right,” Sombra said looking at the Pegasus, “This is your first time seeing this form.”

“She’s not the only one,” Shiva noted, the fur on her back spiked and her ears flat and covered by her claws as the shadows shrieked. “They sound like the cursed souls of Tartarus!”

“Those are Eric’s Army of Shade,” Sombra explained to those not familiar with the Shadow Man’s transformations. “Creatures made from shadow, he has full control of what they do, just not how they do it.”

“Damn it, come on Black try and beat their asses!” Thanos said, tapping his feet anxiously, “Can someone please take Eric down, I seriously don’t want to fight him. Come on Black!” Thanos pleaded to whatever god that watched over them.

“All he would have to do is order them to kill,” Sombra said, gripping his arms at the memories of that form. “And they would maime, dismember, tear limb from limb. Anything gruesome you can think of they will do it” Sombra shook his head and continued to watch the match. “As I said before a truly formidable Adversary

Black growled as he started to fly away, the shadows chasing him down as for every time they attack, he weaved out of the way before striking them with his scythe. The Saiyan continued to do this, blasting them left and right and slicing them apart. But a few had stuck the Saiyan as cuts split across his fur covered skin. Unfortunately for every one he killed two more took their place.

“They’re like damn hydra’s…” Black hissed, but a thought came to mind, “but their all shadows…” The Saiyan smirked as he increased his speed, flying high into the sky and stopping in front of the sun. He hooked the scythe onto his back and threw his hands to the side of his face. Black grinned before chanting,

“SOLAR FLARE X100,” Black yelled, a bright flash of light brighter than the sun grew.

“Son of a flying pot!” Link cringed as the holy mother of solar flare blinded him, forcing him to reach into his pouch and pull out the Lens Of Truth just to see through all that light.

Kodo and Shiva barked as they shielded their own eyes, slightly more used to the light show due to Shiva’s power, but still overwhelmed. “What’s Celestia doing up there?” Shiva mumbled.

“Celestia?” Kodo asked. “That’s gotta be Day Breaker’s essence, at the very least!”

“MY EYES!!!!!!!” Thanos roared while looking directly at it, not shielding his eyes.

Lucci looked at it with goggles before screaming, “THE GOGGLES!!!! THEY DON’T DO SHIT!!!!!” Lucci fell onto his back.

“Mother of Faust!” Sombra screamed as he and the others covered their pain filled eyes

Black opened his eyes to grab his scythe only to gaze ahead in horror to find the creatures were still there completely unharmed.

Black starred there with a pout on his face, “Well, this is a load of bullshit…” Black growled. Though the Saiyan took this opportunity to slice at the air, a blade of ki shot above the shadows before stopping in place. It opened wide to reveal streams of purple clouds coming out. The clouds forming into clones of Black, but almost drained of color. “You're not the only one who can do this.” Black called out.

“I’m afraid you are wrong” Eric said as his army retracted a little “This is not even the extent of my power in this form”

“That’s not even his final form?” Link asked jokingly.

“You bet your ass it isn’t!” Thanos laughed, “I can’t see, I’m legally blind not.”

“By the way, how’s your arm?” Eric asked causing the Saiyan to turn his gaze to his left arm

Without warning deep gashes appeared all over his arm, causing the Saiyan to roar in pain, feeling the limb losing all motor function. Turning his gaze forward the Saiyan was met with multiple blurs flying in the air before they all stopped behind the king, Behind Eric was ten of his Reaper forms each one wielding a shadow scythe.

Kodo gazed at the Reapers in awe. “Holy Mother…” he whispered.

“Damn it!” Thanos cried out, “For once in your goddamn life for fighting Displaced win for once! No draw! FUCKING WIN!!!!” Thanos bellowed, shaking the entire ship.

“Told ya power isn’t everything.” Link said with a shrug.

“I know but Black needs to win! I need him to win.” Thanos pointed at the screen looking at Link with a desperate expression on his face.

Black laid on the ground, his gi in taters as his left arm was covered in blood. The Saiyan shakely stood up to his feet, almost falling over. To Eric’s surprise, Black went back to his base form, shocking Thanos. The Saiyan breathed heavily, a dark haze falling over him.

Shiva whimpered at the sight of a bloodied Black, resisting the urge to jump down and try to heal him.

“Why do you want him to win through?” Link asked curiously.

“Because he fears what Eric will do,” Sombra said with no remorse. “And for good reason.”

Thanos breathed through his teeth, “It’s because…” Thanos swallowed his fear, “It’s because I’m afraid that if I fight him, we will both tear each other apart. Think about it, ever since we first met we kinda hated each other, I was some mysterious foe and he was a warrior that was better than me at the time. And now… Since he hates me, and I don’t really hate him I’m afraid this will divide our friendship further then it was once before. I don’t want to lose a damn friend!”

“..You built a friendship on power rivalry?” Link asked with a raised eyebrow.

“We built a friendship because it all started with me completely owning Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and helping Eric teach them, Eric gave me the Netsu-Netsu No Mi in return.” Thanos held up his right palm and clenched it.

“To be fair,” Shiva noted diplomatically. “There are stranger ways to form bonds with others. And any friendship, once formed, is priceless.”

“Indeed…” Thanos sighed, “Indeed, Shiva.”

Black had his eyes closed as he struggled to stand, “If you… think taking a… arm from me… is going to change the fate… of this fight.” Black whispered. He began to breathe softly, fully standing up without trouble.

“End this, Black,” Eric ordered, flaring his magic. “You don’t need to fight anymore, any more of this and it will kill you”

Black said nothing as he shakely looked towards Eric’s voice, “Don’t tell me… what I can… and cannot do…” Black whispered, a faint ocean like aura began to surround him. “Never tell me that…”

“It’s over Black, I have the high ground” Eric said pointing his hand at the Saiyan “Dark Slumber” A purple orb of magic fired at the Saiyan, only for it to pass through him and hit a nearby island.

[insert ]

“You underestimate my power…” Black whispered, opening his eyes as they shined with his pupils turning silver. A cylinder of heat rose around Black as his hair flowed up and pointed in different locations. Soon after, a burst of light surrounded him as he literally began to shine.

“Pity, you are a powerful adversary,” Eric complimented. “Not many can get me to use this form.”

Eric flicked his hand and the reapers behind him vanished.

Link looked around curiously. “..Am I going to be hearing an announcer talking in a deep voice here?” He said with a frown. So much display of power and yet the match was dragging on a bit too long.

“Damn it… Black’s losing, if only the damn bastard didn’t show off Super Saiyan Four, he would already be at Super Saiyan Rose.” Thanos clenched his fists.

“Not possible,” Sombra stated to the Titan. “You forget Eric still has one more available form.”

"Black can handle this," Ed added looking at Thanos. "You and I both know he is more than capable. He always plays his cards close to his chest."

“I… Know. I want the damn bastard to conserve his stamina and go into Super Saiyan God, to conserve his strength.” Thanos frowned, clenching his fists harder, as well as his teeth.

Black’s shining display vanished and it was replaced by a shirtless Saiyan. But his hair changed, turning silver along with his aura and power growing, it reaching the Displaced watching the fight. A red line soon formed on the side of his cheek as the reapers were upon him

“Maybe he’s trying to prove he can win without it? Either that, or he’s pulling a Goku and just taking advantage of the power boosts by allowing himself to be beaten just to get stronger..” Link said.

“Get him” Eric ordered as his army and reapers closed in

Faster than anyone had seen, Black appeared behind Von Shadow with his right arm lifted. Soon, a flurry of punches attacked Eric while Black remained in place. This sent Von Shadow flying into his reaper army, crashing through them and into an island.

Eric’s form faltered slightly as he got to his feet

“Unbelievable,” Sombra said utterly shocked. “He actually managed to move Eric” Sombra returned to normal before frowning. “But it’s too late”

Black was hit in his side by a large object which sent him flying, looking ahead he saw he was flying right towards a group of Eric’s Knight forms. Black collided with one of their shields before being knocked back and forth, finally one swung at Black with his shield and sent him fight into the knight’s sword. The shadow sword trapped him inside the blade, raising the weapon Many of the other knights crossed their swords forming a prison for the Saiyan before burying it into the ground

But the Saiyan let out a roar, it being multiplied in size and it began to bend the sword. His power growing as the swords gave way as a massive explosion blew the island away. The reapers being vaporized and Black standing in the massive creator

“Farore’s wind..” Link said in shock as he could practically feel Black’s ki vibrating from here.

“Quite impressive to say the least” Complimented Luna

“Wait, where is Entity going to la-” Entity fell from the clouds and into water, Nappa blinked and saw bubbles from where Entity landed.

The Saiyan appeared behind Eric without a second thought, it was too late for the Shadow Man as Black threw a flurry of punches into Eric. Each punch got stronger as Black continued to improve his Ultra Instinct. This was followed by Black kneeing Eric in the gut and a massive blast of his impacting the man.

Eric was blown back into the remains of the island, his King form vanishing as he dug a trench on impact. Eric however laughed as the Saiyan approached him, his body close to failing him

“By far, the most fun” Eric began still laughing. “I’ve ever had in a fight”

“What are you waiting for?” Eric asked the Saiyan as Black just stared at him. “Go on. Finish me”

To everyone, and I mean everyone’s surprise, Black turned away from Eric and began to walk away.

“SON OF A BITCH!!!!” Thanos cried out so loud enough Black and Eric heard him.

“His mistake is turning away from Eric,” Sombra said shaking his head as he watched the shadow around his friend

“You keep underestimating me,” Black said, a second voice overlapping his. “You should never underestimate your opponent,” Black turned his head to face Eric, but a grin formed.

“I never do” Eric argued. “I always assume my opponent is stronger than me, and I plan ahead for that case scenario.”

“True, but did you ever stop to think about where I was?” Black asked, his form starting to shimmer.

“Are you referring to the real you that you’ve been hiding during the majority of the match?” Eric asked smiling

“Nope, but gathering energy for one final attack, but where?” Black asked with a laugh as he completely disappeared.

“..Don’t tell me its a spirit bomb…” Link said as he slapped his forehead. He’s seen so much of DBZ to the point it’s become almost predictable

“SPIRIT BOMB YES!!!!!” Thanos threw his hands into the air with a grin.

“Spirit bomb?” Shiva stammered.

Eric looked up to see the Saiyan in Perfected Super Saiyan Rose, topped with a Kaio-ken x50 charging a blast the side of a fucking mountain with one arm.

“Well now I feel like less of an ass now,” Eric said calmly

“FINAL BIG BANG-” Black disappeared from sight, reappearing right in front of Eric with a look of rage.

“KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAA!!!!!!” Black roared as he threw his one arm forward, engulfing Eric in the largest blast seen. It soared past the audience as it flew straight into space.

“Oh, I was wrong. It was a warp kamehameha, but with a bang.” Link said.

“I had to take the full brunt of that you know…” Thanos pointed out, pointing a finger at the blast. “Hurt like a mother fucker.”

“Of course you can, meanwhile I’d be nothing but the remains of my triforce if I took that without Nayru’s love protecting me.” Link said with a frown. The hylian was not used to being near so much goddess-damned power.

“You’re not alone in that, Link,” Shiva noted, her own ears flat. “I’ve absorbed dragon’s fire and unicorn or alicorn blasts before, but trying to absorb a blast like that?” She shook her head, equally unused to the high power levels all around her.

Black hovered, seeing the trench go on for miles as water from the ocean split into it. He huffed and fell into his base form, shaking before falling to the ground and onto his back. Still somewhat conscious as he groaned in pain.

Footsteps approach the downed Saiyan as Eric came into view Umbra magic flaring in his hands

“Dark Slumber” Eric said, hitting the Saiyan in the Chest causing him to slowly lose consciousness. “You aren’t the only one who can create clones.”

Black struggled to stay awake, feeling the effects of Eric’s spell taking hold. But fell unconscious as his body went limp and his pupils disappeared. But no one could hear it, but Black’s heartbeat slowed down..

Shiva watched Black pass out, before glancing at Thanos with a nervous swallow.

“...I’m going to take a walk.” Thanos went to his feet and walked away, punching a wall on his way out, shattering it like glass before vanishing.

“So I’m a little lost here.” Rainbow began scratching at the back of her head. “How did Eric survive that blast and what more have fewer injuries?”

“Dark Copy,” Sombra explained. “it’s one of Umbra’s spells, it happened when both were hidden by the dust cloud but there was a brief flash of light.”

"I don't follow," Rainbow said tilting her head

"It's simple if you understand the spell," Sombra said, explaining the dark spell to the pegasus. "Dark copy allows one to make a perfect replica of a living or nonliving thing. Copy a person and their strength, speed, durability, and endurance are all perfectly copied right down to the littlest detail"

“I CALL BULLSHIT!!!!” Ryker shouted out, “HOWW?!?!?!? HOW DID THE COPY SURVIVE THE ATTACKS FROM SSJ FOUR!???!? HHHOOOWWWWWW?!?!??!?!?” Ryker cried out looking at Eric.

“My Shadows are stronger than many think they are your majesty.”

“Two Devil Fruits?! Do you have another being inside of you!?” Ryker asked, his eyes turning a flashing red.

“I’m afraid you are mistaken, Ryker,” Eric said, dropping into his shadow and appearing from the shadow of Ryker’s throne.

“....I… Get off.” Ryker ordered the shadow man, “Get off my throne. Go to bed.”

Jumping off as ordered Eric explains to the King his fruit

“Take it like this if you condense energy you get a more powerful blast” Eric began “Well My shadows can be condensed to form a powerful shield or barrier and I usually have that.” Eric said, showing the extremely cracked shadow under his shirt. “Under my clothes at all times.”

“You know what? Get over here.” Eric was brought to Ryker, “No magic, no being who is not divine can candle that type of blast, who the fuck are you?” Ryker demanded.

During the rising arguments between Eric and Ryker, Nightmare had noticed something about Black’s body. His chest had not been rising at all, showing no signs of breathing. “Oh no…” Nightmare ran off the ship, and flew at high speed to the Saiyans body. Upon reaching it, she placed an ear against his chest, her eyes widened in fear before facing the stands. “HIS HEART ISN'T BEATING!!!!!” Nightmare cried out, the argument stopping.


“Hang on!” Shiva yelled, leaping into the arena with the aid of her pack link wings. Skidding to Black’s side, she hovered a claw over him, sensing the dark magic within him. “Let me siphon off the effects of that ‘Dark Slumber,’” she said, wrapping a pack link around his eyes. She shuddered as the dark magic oozed into her link, turning it a sickly black, but condensed it into a small ball in her other hand.

Milliseconds later, Nappa immediately teleported to his side, “BLACK!!!! GET A MEDIC!!!!” Nappa roared, “Hold on I got a doctor’s degree!” Shiva backed up to a safe distance, her link still siphoning off the magic, while Nappa charged his hands with ki and put it on Black’s chest.

“CLEAR!!!” Nappa fired a Ki pulse into Black’s body.

“Move Imbecile,” Sombra barked, teleporting in. “Let the real doctor handle this.”

“His heart isn’t what?!” Link screamed out as he leaped over the stands to get over to Black’s body.

Sombra looked over the Saiyans body for any reason his heart would have stopped, his injuries were not that severe compared to his copies

“He literally used everything…” Nightmare muttered, “He used any drop of energy in that attack… even his life force…” Nightmare started to shed tears as she placed a hand over her muzzle.

“Nightmare,” Shiva said assuringly, the black spell of Dark Slumber becoming the size of a baseball in her claw. “He’s going to pull through. We’re going to do everything we can.”

Nappa fired off another pulse of Ki, tears welled up in Nappa’s eyes. “I’m not letting another Saiyan die!” Nappa fired another one off.

“It’s not just that,” Sombra said, closing his eyes and flaring his horn before his eyes grow wide. “His body is reacting violently to Eric’s spell.” Sombra said, looking to Shiva. “Shiva, get that magic out of him as fast as you can.” He turned to the stands. “Luna! Down Here! Now!”

Nightmare looked to Eric with daggers, walking up to him and holding him up by his neck. “Your spell is killing him… Undo it… NOW!!!” Nightmare roared as Eric struggled to breathe.

“I had no idea,” Eric said, trying to ease the former Alicorn.

“Both of you, enough!” Shiva barked, as the last of the spell oozed out of Black’s body and into her link. “I’m siphoning the spell off him right now.”

Eric was dropped when Nightmare’s hands were separated from her wrists

“This is no time to blame people,” Sombra said, his sword unsheathed and his powers flared. “And reversing it will only make it worse right now.”

“Go away Umbra! I’m saving one of my people, WITHOUT YOUR DAMN HELP!!!” Nappa went Super Saiyan Two and sent more Ki into Black to try and revive him.

“This is probably going to kill me, but fuck it.” Link said as he placed his hand on Nappa’s shoulder. “I need you to trust me on this and allow my magic through.” Link said.

“Please do whatever you can, Link, please!” Nappa stepped aside.

“First we need to extract the dark magic,” Sombra said.

Shiva offered the purple orb. “Already done,” she said.

“Destroy that,” Sombra ordered

Shiva gingerly handed it to Nappa, who crushed it into energy dust. “Link, do your thing!”

“Luna,” Sombra looked to the alicorn. “Think you can restart his heart?”

“I’ll try,” Luna said, her lightning sparking in her hand

“Low voltage Luna,” Sombra reminded her. “We want to restart; not fry.”

“Right, sorry” Luna said lowering the intensity on her lightning

“Hit em,” Sombra ordered as Luna put her hands to the Saiyans chest causing him to jump

Sombra put his fingers to his neck and found no pulse

“Again” Sombra ordered, causing Luna to repeat.

As they continued, Shiva sent pulses of her own through the link. “You’re not dying, Black,” she said. “Eric may have saved my life, but I didn’t want him to win like this…”

After three pulses, Shiva’s ears perked as she felt his mind flutter with life. “He’s coming back!” she called.

At the same time, Sombra began to feel the Saiyans pulse. “We got him!” Sombra said in excitement. “His heart’s beating again!”

Link let out a breath of relief as Black was now alive to a certain degree.

Nappa dropped out of Super Saiyan 2 and picked up Black before glaring at Eric and his group. Shiva wisely dissipated her link to the unconscious Saiyan.

“We still need to wake him up,” Sombra said to the group. “He’s still under the effects of the spell and as we’ve seen we can’t use dark magic to wake him.”

“I could still try talking to him through the link,” Shiva offered.

“No,” Nappa said firmly. “I’ll do that myself. thank you very much.” Nappa turned away from Sombra, “You guys have already done enough.”

“Nappa, don’t shake him awake.” Sombra warned.

“What the hell do you think I’m going to do? I’m going to wake him up, Ghost Nappa style,” Nappa turned into a ghost and went into Black.

Link facepalmed. “Goddess damnit, Nappa…” he groaned under his leather gauntlet.

Shiva blinked at him before sniffing at Black’s body. “Ghost Nappa style?” she muttered, before cautiously linking with him again. Leading her to see…

Black heard something tapping a microphone, “Ahem, is this thing on? Oh, I’m glad to hear your conscience is active. You must be questioning what happened. Well, Zarbon appeared…”

Black grunted in confusion.

“Yeah… He got you in the healing chamber, and you were naked. You now must be asking… What he did while you were naked.” Nappa chuckled darkly, “Have fun with that…”

Black jolted awake, his eyes widening as he felt a sudden surge of pain across his body.

Shiva jumped back, her link shredding as dark purple lightning arched and crackled along his body before exploding a lightshow, Black screamed in pain as it felt his body was being torn apart. A moment later, it stopped as Black fell face first, barely being caught by the diamond dog Alpha. Immediately Sombra checked his vitals with the aid of a spell and breathed a sigh of relief.

“He’ll live, He’s going to be asleep for a few days - which will give me plenty of time to repair any damage he sustained from their fight,” Sombra said, turning to Eric. “Eric...” only to find the Shadow Man gone.

“I guess we’ll talk to him later,” Shiva noted.

Sombra nodded, reattaching Nightmare’s hands. “Once he’s finished beating himself up over this,” he said solemnly.

Nappa popped out of Black and looked at Black with a grin, “You guys must be asking what did I do to wake him up. One word, Zarbon.” Nappa started to laugh chaotically.

Link waved his hand. “Yea, yea, yea. Most of us have seen the abridged version.” he said before looking at Nappa.

Shiva tilted her head. “I haven’t,” she noted. “I have no idea what this ‘Zarbon’ is, but it sounds like it was effective.”

Both of you shut up,” Nightmare growled, walking up to the Saiyan with daggers in her eyes, “You just caused more damage to him then helping…

“I didn’t mean to! He was my comrade. Also it is my requirement to say; Oh? You’re approaching me?” Nappa went into the DIO pose.

“Well I won’t know what kind of damage he caused until we get back to the Arena,” Sombra said.

But Nightmare didn’t care. She stood in front of Nappa, looking into his eyes as a dark aura surrounded the Alicorn. Giving them a cautious look, Shiva handed Black’s body to Sombra before cautiously approaching the two.

“Nightmare, don’t,” Shiva began.

“Mom?” Kodo whispered, creeping after her as his devil fruit started to act up.

“Dark Ki…” Nappa muttered under his breath, “Listen, I don’t want any trouble. I’m tired, he’s tired, you’re tired, we’re all tired!” Nappa cried out, “Let’s all take a nap and call it a day.”

“I agree,” Shiva said, stepping between the two, even as her son watched with worry. “Nightmare, Black’s still alive, and he’s going to be okay. Nappa helped with that.”

Nightmare ignored her, continuing to stare into Nappa’s soul, even creating a scythe out of dark ki in her right hand. Shiva’s tendrils began to spiral out, forming a wall between the two.

“You don’t want to tango with the rango, Nightmare…” Nappa peered down at the Nightmare.

“Okay, enough of this,” Shiva growled. Lashing her links, she seized both of them, and channeled her magic. “See as they see; feel as they feel!”

Instantly, emotions flooded the Saiyan and the parasite; their combined fear for Black, combined with their own mixed feelings of desperation, fear and anger. However, before they could act on the new emotions...

"SHUT UP!!!" Ed roared his voice echoing from everywhere, the force dispelling everyone's powers. "You're all acting worse than brats!"

Shiva blinked in alarm. “I wasn’t…” she tried to protest.

But Ed ignored her. He walked over to the Saiyan and held his hands over his Black. A green glow covered Ed’s hands and then Black'’s form.

"You're all stupider than I thought,” Ed growled. “I said I wouldn't let anything happen to my family and I meant it." Black's injuries were almost all gone. "Nightmare, have him eat this when he wakes up," Ed gave the alicorn a bean after he finished his work. "Before anyone asks, I am going to have a few chats with the others." Ed scowled walking out of the room via a portal.

Shiva watched him go with confusion. Kodo crept up next to her.

“Um… did we do something wrong?” he asked.

Shiva’s eyes widened in horror. “I’m probably about to,” she admitted, racing after Ed. “Kodo, stay with Sombra; make sure Black’s okay!”

“But…!” Kodo protested, only for Shiva to disappear with a flash of light.

Meanwhile, a flash of dark purple light covered Eric’s room, once the light faded Eric looked at himself in the mirror as saw someone with a look of pure regret on his face.

“This isn’t who you are,” Eric said, closing his eyes as his magic faded. “Next fight, I want you and your magic to stay out of it”

Eric opened his eyes and was met with a shadow resembling Umbra looking at him from behind his shoulder. The shadow just laughed at Eric.

“You forget, this isn’t my magic anymore,” Laughed Umbra. “It’s yours, Shadow Man”

Anger welled in Eric as he screamed in anger and punched the mirror. Breathing heavily, Eric saw the shattered reflection no longer had the image of Umbra in it. Pulling his fist back Eric formed a bubble of shadow. The bubble popped and dropped a dagger in his hands. Gripping the blade in his hand, Eric plunged it into his shoulder. Grunting from the pain Eric pulled the blade from his body before doing it again.

‘I almost separated Nightmare from Black. I deserve worse’

After several stabbings, Eric dropped the blade to the floor before leaving his room.

What he walked into wasn't the hallway, however, but an all consuming blackness that radiated anger. "I ought to do the same to you!" Ed's voice came from everywhere as millions of eyes looked at Eric seething in rage. "Retaliate, kid. I welcome it! Black and Nightmare are my family. Albeit extended, but still my family. And what you did has thoroughly pissed me off beyond REASON!"

You could hear the faint screaming and smashing of Thanos, “FUCKING DAMN IIIITTT!!!!” They heard the Titan cry out. Thanos kicked down a wall appearing in front of Eric.

“The. Fuck. Was. That Eric?!” Thanos rubbed his eyes. “You made a clone fight for you and not to mention, you literally… exploited a weakness. You kicked Black while he was down!”

"I use clones, but I make sure the real me is there," Ed remarked as the shadow dropped down and formed into the Alchemist next to Thanos. "I won't stand for the shit you pulled, though."

“Same here, don’t you think you couldn't have thought twice about that?” Thanos crossed his arms, “Did you think how… Pathetic Black would feel all because he was fighting a clone, not you?”

Nightmare teleported next to the Titan, glaring at Eric, “You’re nothing but a coward.” The parasyte hissed. “Were you also having a snack as well, as you watched others do the dirty work for yourself?!”

“That’s awfully dirty, wait… Could you get disqualified for that? Oh, oh! I remember when you made Black sleep while he was down, is that exploiting a weakness I saw?” Thanos asked, venom oozing down the Titan’s body.

“If you’re here to punish me then do it,” Eric ordered the group, slightly surprising them. “I know what I did was wrong, but Black also fought me with a clone.”

At that moment, Shiva had run into the room, desperate to try and stop a fight from occurring… only to skid to a stop as she heard Eric’s words.

“But it doesn’t excuse my actions, I almost crossed the line and nearly killed someone I had considered a friend,” Eric said, pushing past the others. “Do what you want with me, just know that after that, you won’t be seeing me again.” Eric looked back. “I’m withdrawing from the Tournament.”

“That’s not allowed,” Ed growled. “You put my friend through Hell, and now you chicken out cause we call you out on it? That’s even more of an insult to Black than fighting with a clone!”

“I don’t care!” Eric snapped back. “I nearly crossed a unforgivable line today, and right now I have no right to even face anyone!” Eric began walking away. “Not even Luna. To hell with the reward, I just want to go home.”

Ed was suddenly in front of Eric looking at him with death in his eyes. “You wanna leave? I can oblige with that.” Ed cracked his knuckles, “Just know it’ll be in pieces.”

“No!” Shiva yelled, jumping into view just as Ryker appeared from a nearby portal.

“Now Ed, ya don’t have to be outrageous,” Ryker noted. “If it makes you feel better, you can have a sparring match with me.” Ryker chuckled.

“I’m serious,” Eric insisted. “I've already caused enough problems for everyone.” He left the group. “They’ve suffered enough at my expense.”

“Not everyone’s suffered from you, Eric,” Shiva called after him. “Don’t forget you saved my life in Fujitora’s mind! You gave Sombra a chance, when any of us would’ve just dismissed him as Umbra’s pawn! You’re a good man, even if it’s hard to see that right now!”

Eric paused, contemplating her words. But he ultimately continued to walk away, leaving Shiva in the dust.

“Alrighty… Well Eric is being the edgy bastard that he is.” Ryker rolled his eyes before looking at Ed, “Wanna take me up on that offer?”

As Eric walked away, everyone took notice of the blood dripping profusely from his arm leaving behind a trail behind him

“You punishing yourself isn’t enough,” Ed called out.

Shiva turned back to him, her claws clenching and lighting up with her link. “Ed, I get that you’re upset,” she began. “Really, I do! Family’s beyond important, and what happened to Black was scary. But…”

“Excuse me, Shiva, but please don’t aggravate him,” Ryker recommended before turning to Ed. “Now, Ed, please-” Ryker was then cut off by Ed.

“Both of you. Shut your face holes,” Ed glared at Ryker. “And you!” his attention was back on Eric. “You stabbed yourself in the shoulder and now you think you can pussy foot out of this? No! You do NOT get to take the easy way out!”

“I know,” Eric said to the Alchemist. “Nothing I do will help.” The Shadow Man then stopped in his tracks before speaking to the group. “But if it’ll make you feel better... meet me in the infirmary in ten minutes.”

“You aren’t going anywhere until you hear me out, asshole,” Ed grabbed Eric and slammed him into the wall, forming spiderweb cracks.

“Ed!” Shiva protested, only for Ryker to hold her back as Ed growled at Eric.

“I don’t let cowards walk away, ever,” Ed snapped. “The only way you set this right is by finishing what you started. You stay, you fight, you win the right way until you can’t. You fight until you're completely broken and then, you fight more!”

Without warning cuts and bruises began to litter the Shadow Man’s body, his face contorting in pain and agony. Eric let out a scream as the damage from his clone was inflicted onto him.

“I don’t really care what the toll you pay is,” Ed said as he flooded Eric’s body with the same green energy he used on Black. “I can manipulate your void energy, kid, and turn back your personal time to undo everything done to you. But I won’t. Suffer in agony!” Ed threw him off to the side, cracking the wall. “You’re not backing out of this tournament. After what you did to my friend and my family, I won't let you!”

“FEEL AS HE FEELS!” Shiva bellowed, before a pack link ricocheted off Eric and hit Ed square in the chest.

Aside from knocking the wind out of it and pushing him back from Eric, it did little damage. However, it also caused Ed to get a brief glimpse into Eric’s mind. More specifically, the pain, sorrow and regret he was going through.

Not just from the wounds that continued to spring across Eric’s body as he fell to his knees. But also the agony in his heart, which he was clutching as he hit the ground. The sorrow. The self-hatred. The desire to take it all back. All of it filled Ed’s soul, weighing him down like lead anvils.

Blinking out of the haze of emotions, Ed found Shiva standing between him and Eric, her teeth bared to the gums and her pack links flared like a mother wolf defending her cubs.

Ed’s fists clenched, as he glared her down. However, the appearance of Katakuri gave them both pause.

“That is enough, Ed,” he declared in a M A N L Y voice. “Stop with the verbal abuse. It is not welcome.”

Ed narrowed his eyes at Katakuri before waving his comment off. “I don’t really care what’s welcome or not.” He returned his glare at Shiva. “You care so much about shadow boy?” He pointed at Eric, still clutching his chest. “Then do something about him before he K.O.s himself.”

Shiva didn’t turn around, keeping a consistent glare on Ed, but her pack link’s dove down and into Eric, drawing away some of his pain as she stood guard over him.

“Here, Shiva,” Katakuri threw a senzu bean at Eric’s head, “Senzu bean!”

“Oh god I think you made it worse!” Thanos and Ed screamed at the same time.

Katakuri held up a paper to Ed, “Can you sign this, please, please, please, please?” Katakuri asked the Sage.

“No,” Ed said flatly.

“IT DIDN’T WORK!!!!” Katakuri shouted out.

“God fucking damn it!” Ryker responds in the background.

“That’s it!” Ed scowled reaching into a portal then pulled out Ryker and threw his ass across the way in an open arena . “You want to mess with me fine, you got me.” Ed jumped down into the empty arena. “You wanted to fight, we'll fight. Once everyone is awake.”

Ryker caught himself, and leaned on a wall. “Alrighty… But first would you mind taking a sip of calming Jasmine tea?” Ryker teleported next to him with a smile, tea in his hand, offering it to the Dweller.

“Fuck your damn tea,” Ed walked away. “I need ale and bourbon!” He walked through a portal.

“...Irish Whiskey it is.” Ryker followed.

The group left the Shadow Man to his suffering. Except for Shiva. She slowly helped Eric to his feet. As they walked for the infirmary, he looked at her, silently questioning her loyalty.

“I owe you my life, Eric Von Shadow,” she whispered to him. “We fought as a pack to save Link, and we fought as a pack in Fujitora’s mind. You were there for me… now let me be there for you.”

Despite her link siphoning away some of the pain, the injuries still had to go somewhere. And as they walked, Eric realized that the pain and injuries were transferring to Shiva. He tried to pull the injuries back, but it only resulted in every step the two made causing their hearts and bodies to scream in mutual pain and agony. Eventually, they made their way to the infirmary where they saw Sombra and Nappa tending to Black, Kodo standing guard. Immediately, Eric withdrew from Shiva, staying out of sight from the pair.

“Now you’re positive this is the natural vitals for a Saiyan?” Sombra asked looking over the vitals of Goku Black

“Yup! Every time a Saiyan is closer to death they get stronger. They also heal a bit faster than ponies and humans as well.” Nappa informed the dark prince. “However you said it will take a while for him to go to the next level because he is unconscious. How many days until he wakes up? Because the next match is tomorrow.”

“I’m not sure,” Sombra admitted. “With the mental trauma you caused him... probably not tomorrow.”

“Sounds like the Zarbon thing was too effective,” Kodo noted, the mere mention of the name causing the unconscious Black to shiver.

“Zarbon? You know what, nevermind,” Sombra said as he glanced towards the door. He exhaled softly. “I know you’re there Eric, you don’t need to hide from me. I’m not angry with you like the others are.”

“Um… that’s great and all,” Shiva replied, wincing as Sombra spun to her in shock. “But… one problem with my link? It can only transfer wounds, not heal them. And, uh...”

Right on cue, Eric’s body gave out, and nearly brought Shiva to the ground.

“Mom!” Kodo barked, helping Shiva stabilize the Shadow Man.

“Nappa!” Sombra yelled, rushing to join them.

Nappa easily walked in and lifted the Shadow Man from the diamond dog’s claws.

"Gotcha ya horsefucker," Nappa said, putting Eric on one of the beds while Kodo tended to Shiva. Briefly, Sombra gave Shiva a look-over, but she waved him off.

“I’m fine,” she said. “That stubborn fool insisted on keeping his injuries; he’s the one you need to worry about.”

Not questioning her word, Sombra ran over to Eric and began to dress and care for Eric’s injuries, however, Sombra soon found himself looking at the Shadow Man in slight confusion.

“...Odd,” Sombra said, stopping his treatment.

“What’s odd now?” Nappa turned to the Prince.

“Well Eric is obviously experiencing the side effects of his Dark Copy Spell,” Sombra said examining the wounds on his friend. “However he only has the wounds from his knight form.”

Shiva grimaced, catching Kodo’s attention, but not the others.

“I like your funny words, magic man.” Nappa said with a grin, “Put it in a dumb way and maybe I will understand.” Nappa said flatly.

“Simpleton, Eric wounds mirror that his clone had after his clone returned to normal,” Sombra said, before realizing his words still meant nothing to the Saiyan. “Copy got hurt, now Eric gets hurt.”

“Oooohhh, why didn’t you say that the first time?” Nappa asked Sombra before shaking his head, “Anyways back to the topic at hand, these two need help, I’m not a doctor. I only got a Child Psychology Degree, this is not my field.”

“Yes but you are the closest source reference to Saiyan Biology that I have,” Sombra said as he noticed another cut forming. “But something isn’t right. His wounds are slowly surfacing, one by one.”

“The clone is still active, isn’t it?” Nappa groaned before walking to the door, “I’ll go handle that.” Nappa cracked his knuckles, grinning evilly.

“No. His clone was obliterated by Blacks final attack” Sombra said as multiple injuries start forming

“You mean the final-big-bang-kamehameha that had a 100,000,000 multiplier that could destroy the Solar System?” Nappa asked the prince.

“Something is causing a delay in the effects” Sombra said quickly dressing the appearing wounds. “All damage is supposed to happen all at once.”

Shiva keened, wanting to reveal what Ed had done, but unsure how Sombra would take it.

“Meh, I don’t know why, in any case I’m going to get some rest.” Nappa walked out of the infirmary, before Zabuza appeared in the shadows… Menacingly. Zabuza started to sip his calming jasmine tea… Silently.

But not silently enough to avoid Shiva and Kodo’s senses. The dark diamond dog pup turned to Zabuza with a growl, only for Zabuza to wave his caution aside.

“Calm. I come for Black.” Zabuza walked out of the shadows looking at the Saiyan.

“He’s in no condition to be moved,” Sombra said using his magic to set a monitor to Eric

“Alright. Going inside his head, then.” Zabuza put a finger to his head and onto Black’s.

“Don’t. His mental stability is already shot to hell because of that moron,” Sombra said referring to the bald Saiyan.

“Imma do it.” Zabuza threatened, “If you don’t tell me all you know about Thanos.” Zabuza turned to Sombra.

“I don’t know anything other than his connection to Eric,” Sombra said

“Do tell, what is his greatest fear?” Zabuza inquired, looking at the swordsman.

“His fear is losing his friends in death,” Sombra answered as his attention went to the rapid beeping of Eric’s monitor.

Zabuza unsheathed his blade, before chuckling darkly as he began to walk out of the room, “I may be a pacifist… But I’m going to be hunting tonight…”

“Wait, what do you mean?” Sombra said before turning back to the monitor as the beeping increased.

“Dream magic my friend, that’s all I’m going to say.” He said before mist filled the room. The mist then faded and Zabuza was gone.

Before Sombra could utter a word his eyes grow wide hearing the single monotone beep.

“Sweet Faust no,” Sombra began doing chest compressions upon Eric’s body.

“Eric?” Shiva demanded, lightning up her pack link again.

“Mom, no!” Kodo protested. “You’re already drained from carrying him here!”

“I owe him my life, Kodo,” Shiva insisted. “On my honor as a canine, I will see the debt repaid.” She raced to Sombra’s side, and with her pack link once again trying to sustain Eric’s life with her own, she began aiding Sombra with CPR.

Both Sombra and Shiva continued to restart the Shadow Man's heart only to be responded with the one sound of Eric’s monitor flatlining

“No! Dammit, Eric,” Sombra said pushing harder to save his friend. “You’re stronger than this! Don’t let a stupid spell kill you!”

Shiva linked to Eric. “Eric, I know you can hear me,” she growled. “You do not get to die while I still owe you. Not when I’m angry myself at what happened to Black! Wake up!”

“Cold Scale, Blueblood, Ronin, King Minos, Queen Carapace, Queen Chrysalis, King Umbra?” Sombra yelled, doing everything to bring Eric from death's cold grip. “You’re a strong, stubborn son of a bitch, You say you want death but your own body refuses to give in.”

Unknown to Sombra his magic covered his horn, Both in a grey and purple magic auras covered the stallion's horn. Wisps of magic flowed from his eyes, on his left eye came a grey wisp while his right eye flowed his usual purple wisp.

“I refuse to let you die like this,” Sombra said, his magic fueling his hands. “You are my bodyguard and I am your king, I am ordering you to return to the living!”

A sudden rush of weakness overcame Sombra, and he collapsed to the ground.

“I can’t lose you too.” Sombra whispered tears forming in his eyes. “You’re the only family I have left.”

Yet even Shiva was fading, her link the only thing keeping Eric’s heart going. She was slowly falling to her knees as well, the link from before taking a toll on her. Kodo gripped her, supplying her with energy, but even he was growing pale.

“Mom…” he whispered. “I don’t think we can keep this up.”

“We have to,” Shiva insisted. “Please, Eric… don’t do this…”

On the verge of breaking down Sombra’s eyes grow wide remembering the one spell to save the Shadow Man

“I could...I could use Umbra’s Resurrection Spell,” Sombra said, quickly jumping to his feet as he began to laugh like the villian he once was. “I could..cast the resurrection spell, give Eric life for a life.” A desperate grin fell upon the unicorn's face.

Shiva’s ears perked up, and she gazed at him. “Life for a life?” she asked.

“There is no such thing as a resurrection spell,” Sombra said, cackling as his magic flared. “It is basically trading one’s life for another.”

Shiva looked down at Eric. Her ears flattened, and she grit her teeth. “Curse it all,” she growled, before standing up. “Okay… take me.”

“NO!” Kodo barked.

“My life is his,” Shiva insisted. “I can’t let him die if there’s a way.”

“It’ll cost the life of an innocent, but I’m willing to make that sacrifice,” Sombra said

Kodo gripped his mother’s shoulder. “No,” he said. “You’re his best friend, Sombra.” He looked down. “I’m not welcome in my own world anyway…”

Shiva spun to him. “Kodo, don’t you dare say another word!” she snarled.

“Heh… it doesn’t matter which one of you dies,” Sombra looked at the pair, his eyes mirroring the dark king’s with increasing magic. “So long as my brother lives that’s all that matters,” his hand glowed a vile red as he aimed it at the two, his grin mirroring the Sombra from their world.

Shiva’s ears flattened, while Kodo’s eyes widened in horror. “Umbra…” he mumbled, before trying to move forward. Shiva tried to sweep him back.

“Kodo,” she warned. “Stay. Back.”

Kodo seethed, before glaring down at Eric. He slammed his fists into Eric’s chest, his pack link bursting in a shower of lightning. “DAMN YOU, VON SHADOW!” he roared, his voice turning demonic. “IF MY MOTHER DIES FOR YOU, I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!” Kodo forced his mother back, staring down Sombra with a snarl. “Not this time…”

Before Sombra could fire the spell his arm was grabbed in a tight grip before being tossed upward, soon rhythmic beeping was heard as the injured Eric stood next to Sombra. His magic syphoned Sombra’s until the unicorn passed out. Gently setting Sombra upon the bed he once lay Eric turned to the Diamond Dog with pure concern on his face.

“Are you guys okay?” Eric asked, slightly staggering.

Kodo seethed, wanting to claw the shadow man, but recognizing he was already hurt. “You…” he whispered, before he was swept aside by Shiva.

Careful not to touch him, Shiva sniffed him over with equal concern, before resting her head with a sigh. “I… was worried you weren’t going to make it,” she said.

“She almost gave up her life for you,” Kodo whispered, struggling not to cry. “Diamond Dog honor…”

“You have my thanks for that,” Eric said, kneeling to the canine’s eye level. “But never do that again. I’ve already have enough blood on my hands from the ones I’ve looked out for, I’d never forgive myself if either of you were killed on my behalf”

“Agreed,” Kodo said, turning to Shiva. “You hear him, Mother? You may owe him, but you also owe Celine, Skippy, Dad and everyone back in our Equestria. An Alpha without their pack may be nothing, but a pack without their Alpha is lost. You can’t do that to them.”

Shame gripped Shiva as she looked down. “I know,” she whispered. “But… Sombra made the offer, and…”

“I honestly do apologize for Sombra’s behavior” Eric said slowly getting to his feet. “His mental health hasn’t exactly been perfect since he became Umbra.”

Kodo nodded. “I can see that,” he noted.

“It’s probably why out of everyone here he’s the most calm,” Eric commented with a chuckle. “He must remain calm until I can find a way to help him.”

Eric backed up and rested himself on one of the empty beds. At the same time, Kodo guided an exhausted Shiva over to another one of the beds. For a moment, they were silent.

“Have you ever done something you regretted?” Eric asked, turning to the canines.

Kodo chuckled humorlessly. “Am I gonna get slapped again if I say ‘being born?’” Kodo asked.

“Kodo; yes you are,” Shiva snapped, clawing at him before he dodged out of the way.

“Not what I meant pup,” Eric said, his voice more serious. “What I mean is have you, yourself being of sound mind ever done something you truly regret?”

Kodo sighed. “Yes,” he said in a more solemn tone. “When Umbra first started talking to me, I knew there was something… off… about him. I didn’t fully understand, but he always made me feel strange.” His eyes closed. “Then he kidnapped Shiva. And he held her location over my head; telling me that he’d tell me where she was if I helped him conquer Equestria.”

Shiva winced and looked away.

“I could’ve asked Twilight for help,” Kodo admitted. “Asked Celestia… they knew something was off about me too. And they were more than willing to help.” Kodo shook his head. “Instead I listened to Umbra. And just like the Sombra before me… I hurt so many ponies… led my dad and countless diamond dogs to their demise.” He hung his head. “It’s fuzzy how much was Umbra and how much was me… but I know that he wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did if I hadn’t made the conscious decision to listen to him.”

“Have either of you killed an innocent pony?” Eric asked before looking down. “Who only wanted to use their powers to help others?”

Shiva whimpered, an old memory calling to her. “Before I had Kodo and Celine,” she admitted. “Shortly after joining my pack… Chrysalis tried to recruit me. Tried to turn me against the ponies of Canterlot. I wasn’t interested, but several of the ponies thought I was going to agree with Chrysalis. They sent royal guards to try and take me out. A fight broke out. And I just… lost patience.” She clenched her claws. “I stormed Canterlot right as the changelings attacked it. I took out pony and changeling alike. Fluttershy just barely managed to calm me down, but even then…” Shiva hung her head. “I saw one of the ponies that hated me get dragged off by changelings. And I did nothing to stop it. I could have… but I let hatred and anger blind me.”

“Do you know a pony by the name of Doctor Whooves?” Eric asked with regret

Shiva and Kodo glanced at each other. Kodo shrugged, and Shiva shook her head. “Never met him,” she admitted.

“Well in my Equestria he holds the power of the Time-Time Fruit, it allowed him to travel through time,” Eric Explained to the Diamond Dogs. “He used his powers to save ponies from horrible accidents and even evade their deaths.”

Shiva’s ears flattened. “Oh, no…” she whispered, already sensing where this story would go.

Eric’s face showed one of horror when he looked up. “I tracked him down, and forced him to take me to the past, on the day I lost Her. I used my sword to rend my best friends head from his body before he could kill Amber, my past self was erased and a new future was written.” Eric looked back to the ground, his body trembling at the memory. “But The Doctor came back. And I… I……”

“Eric, easy,” Shiva said, noticing his powers start to fluctuate. “You don’t have to…”

“I ran my blade through his heart,” Eric said, his powers growing unstabling in his emotional state. “I killed an innocent man just to be with my wife!” Eric then stood and slammed his fist into the wall causing cracks to cover the entire wall.

“Eric, easy,” Shiva insisted, trying to get up before Kodo forced her back down. Desperate, she gripped Kodo’s arm, a pack link sending a memory to him, while Eric exhaled slowly before retracting his fist.

“Luckily the one I killed was one from a future timeline,” Eric said plopping back to the bed. “I was pulled from my death bed along with a scarred Rainbow Dash and a one armed Celestia, the three of us were informed what would happen if the timeline was left as it was it would lead to the destruction of Harmony”

Shiva nodded. “I know your pain,” she said.

“Know my Pain?” Eric asked, turning to the dogs. “I learned from not only my future self but the Rainbow and Celestia that my selfish actions led to more than the death of my friends.”

“My bloodline, who all had the powers of MY Devil Fruit sought to conquer the entire world” Eric said standing to his feet approached the canines. “Can you fathom the pain I felt knowing that my actions led to the death of millions?

“Compared to the latest descendant King Shade Von Shadow makes Umbra seem like a tantrum-throwing child,” Eric said continuing his rant. “He would rape and impregnate any female he saw and would kill them just for shits and giggles.”

Shiva gazed patiently at the Shadow Man, before offering up a link. In the link, her own memories shined forth.

“Though I never met Doctor Hooves,” she said. “There was a pony in my Equestria who messed with time. She was called Starlight Glimmer, and she put me into a future where the Mane Six never formed. Where Celestia was weak. Where I beat her, and Chrysalis and every pony and creature that stood in my way to conquer Equestria.” She looked up at the ceiling, a conflicted gaze of wistfulness on her face. “I united the world. But it was not full Harmony. Anyone who questioned my rule… died.”

Her head lowered. “Not imprisoned. Not put on trial… I killed them. Not one of my descendants, but me. I killed anyone that didn’t get with my program. I programmed Kodo and Celine to think that such acts were good and just. And when Twilight and Spike from the original timeline came to try and fix it… I killed Twilight.” She looked up at Eric. “Not injured, not imprisoned. I. KILLED. Her.” She gripped her trembling wrist. “It’s only thanks to Spike that she still lives in my world. But if he hadn’t been able to fix Starlight’s spell…” She lowered her head. “I told you before that I didn’t want my memories messed with. Because I have seen first hand what I could become… if I didn’t become the wolf I am today.”

“Time travel is a shit show,” Eric exhaled out. “In the end I made a deal with the Doctor.”

“What kind of deal?” Kodo asked.

“I told him that I would never seek him out again. If… he would show me what my child would look like,” Eric said a smile creeping on his face.

Shiva offered her link again. “What did they look like?” she asked.

“Well turns out she was pregnant with twins. They looked more human than pony but still had the hooves and fur of a pony,” Eric mused with a warm smile. “The boy was named after my father, as funny as that is.”

Shiva hummed. “Odd choice,” she noted.

“Maybe. But the name Tiberius Von Shadow did have a nice ring to it. He took after me: my blue eyes, my black hair with just a few strands of amber” Eric said smiling. “Somehow I just knew he would be a ladies’ man. My daughter looked almost identical to Amber, same fur color, hair, even the beauty mark just behind her ear. However she had my eyes.”

“It was like looking in a mirror with her. Her name was Crystal, Crystal Von Shadow.” Eric said laughing slightly. “Somehow I have a feeling I would have been the scary protective father with her, scaring away any colt that even looked at her.”

Eric's expression turned to sadness as he regaled the next part.

“But every deal has a two way agreement,” Eric said, regaining his serious tone.

Shiva nodded sadly. “As all deals do,” she agreed.

“In exchange for seeing my children,” Eric said, his eyes taking on a more menacing look. “I had to kill Shade Von Shadow.”

Kodo’s eyes widened, and he glanced at Shiva, who’s grip on his claw tightened.

“And?” Shiva asked.

“I was sent to the future to save Celestia and Rainbow so the doctor could use them to convince me to not kill Sombra,” Eric said, shaking his head. “Then I fought and killed my blood descendant,” Eric then turned and sat back on the bed. “It was here when I made a promise to myself.”

“I will never kill my friends,” Eric said resting his hands on his knees. “And I almost broke that promise with Black.”

“But you didn’t,” Shiva said firmly. “Yeah, you scared everyone, but Black’s going to live. He’s going to pull through. And while the others have the right to be angry, you didn’t know that he was going to react to the spell that way, right?”

“No,” Eric said. “I had no idea he would react like that to one of my more harmless spells,”

Shiva nodded. “You know what you did was wrong,” she said. “You regret it, and Ed’s told you how you make it right with him: you continue this tournament, and you fight for Black’s sake just as much as your own.”

“But I can’t,” Eric said, slightly raising his voice. “My powers and spells are lethal. I’ve only ever used them to kill. I can’t fight seriously if I have to hold back.”

“You mentioned that you had tournaments back in your Equestria,” she noted. “Did you fight in those?”

“No, I was always just a spectator,” Eric said looking down. “I made it a rule after acquiring my Shadow Souls that I would never participate in a tournament. I only accepted this tournament cause I thought there would be someone stronger than me, someone that wouldn’t die if I went all out

Shiva twined her claws, and lowered her head in thought. She shut her eyes with a hum.

“And…?” she asked cautiously. “Phoenix, Thanos, and Doom aren’t stronger than you?”

“No-one can survive if I go all out,” Eric said, pulling away some of the dressings. “It’s why I had that formed sealed”

Shiva nodded solemnly. She glanced around, her nose twitching and her ears flicking as she looked for any possible eavesdroppers. She lifted her claw, and a purple ball flickered to life in her claws.

“Then you give them one final show,” her thoughts whispered through the link. She indicated her spell. “This is a Play Dead Spell; a magic of my own design. It allowed me to get out of the fight with Phoenix without him beating me into unconsciousness.”

The images flickered in her link. “You don’t have to go all out against your next opponent; just give them some flashy moves - some entertainment for Ryker - and then use the spell on yourself when they use a particularly powerful attack. You appear knocked out, they appear to win, and you leave with your honor intact.”

“Understood, however I’m the type who doesn’t take with giving something in return” Eric said cupping his arms together as multiple Devil Fruits emerge from his body. “Which do you want in return, Logia, Paramecia, or Zoan?”

Shiva carefully looked over the fruits, before carefully taking a brown Kiwi shaped fruit with black swirls from the Shadow Man. The Shadow Man laughed as he pushed the Fruits back into his body.

Shiva looked up at him in innocent confusion. “Something funny about this one?” she asked.

“Kinda ironic isn’t it?” Eric laughed, further confusing the Diamond Dog.

“I… guess?” Shiva asked. Kodo glanced between them.

“Do you know what Devil Fruit you hold in your hand?” Eric asked smiling

Shiva shook her head. “I’m still new to the different elements of your worlds,” she admitted.

“What you hold is called the Diamond-Diamond Fruit.” Eric said, snickering. “Kinda fitting isn’t?”

Kodo’s ears perked, and the irony came to him. He began laughing as well, leaving a very confused Shiva looking between them as she slowly connected the dots.

“So, that means…” Shiva gasped in realization. “Oh!”

“Do it, Mom,” Kodo said eagerly. “Let’s see a ‘diamond’ dog.”

Shiva chuckled at Kodo’s eagerness. “Alright-alright,” she said, biting into the fruit… and promptly giving a whimper of regret.

“Oh, sorry,” Kodo whimpered. “The taste isn’t that good. But the power?”

Right on cue, diamonds began to creep up along Shiva’s arms, turning them into solid gems. Shiva gazed in awe at the transformation.

“It covers the user in a strong and powerful Diamond,” Eric said, putting his hands into his pockets. “Which makes you great for both offense and defense.”

Shiva nodded, only half listening as the diamonds crept up to her shoulders. Luckily, Kodo quickly grabbed her claws, making her look at him.

“Don’t panic,” he assured her. “It’s a little strange at first, but I’ll help you through it.” He chuckled. “We’re gonna have some training ahead, but it’ll be worth it.”

Shiva smiled softly at her son, his assurance helping her turn the diamond armor back into flesh. She gazed up gratefully at Eric.

“Thank you,” she said.

“No problem,” Eric said as Sombra bolted up. “Ah good you’re awake,” the Shadow Man made his way to the unicorn.

Eric pulled his hands from his clothes and grabbed Sombra by his collar, rearing a haki covered fist back Eric punched Sombra across his face sending him to the floor. The punch caused Shiva’s diamond form to pop back up, but Kodo soothed her back to normal.

“Never...and I mean ‘never’ take another's life just to save mine” Eric said glaring at the unicorn who placed a hand on his reddening cheek. “If you do I will slit my own throat in front of you and make you watch every second.”

Eric turned away from the unicorn magic flaring in his hands as he cast his healing spell, leaving the unicorn alone with his sorrow.

“It’s not a threat Brother. It’s a goddamn promise,” Eric said, leaving the room with his wounds healed.

Kodo gave Eric a minute, before giving Sombra a glare. He silently led Shiva out of the room, his fur bristled and his tail tucked. Before he left, he gave one last look back to Sombra.

“Eric told us you were different,” Kodo noted. “But you sounded exactly like the Sombra from my world when he took Mother from me.”

Sombra winced, not facing the diamond dogs. Without waiting for his response, Kodo and Shiva left the room.

Side-Chapter, Training Montage!

View Online

Thanos was in an empty space, it was dark… cold, then he saw his comrades, Grievous, Entity, Luffy, Mogeme, Eden, Lucci, Sally, Supergirl, Rapunzel, Black, Nappa, Shiva, and Eric. Thanos grinned and he walked up to them.

"What's up guys? How have you been?" Thanos said, approaching them, right as he reached them. Eric was cut down, his head was flying and landed in front of Thanos. Thanos fearfully looked down.

"Oh… No…" Thanos squeaked out as Shiva and Nappa were cut down as well as an ominous mist swept over. "Nappa! Shiva! Show yourself!" Thanos pulled out his sword as he heard the death cry of Black.

"Stop it!" Thanos shouted out, right before he heard the oof sound of Entity, he heard footsteps and Sally running away.

"JOHN HELP US!!!" Sally shouted out which followed a slash, Thanos heard psychotic laughter afterwards.

"I can't, I don't know where you guys are!" Thanos shouted out, Rapunzel was then cut up into pieces and her rolling head reached Thanos. "STOP IT!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?"

Cut after cut, slash after slash he heard blood spewing and limbs dropping, clutching his head as tears well up in his eyes.

"DAMN IT!!!!!"

Thanos' eyes went wide and he fell out of his bed. Thanos went to his feet and leaned on an adjacent wall, catching his breath.

"Just a dream, just a dream, just a dream. Just… A… Dream… deep breath Thanos." Thanos said, inhaling and exhaling to try and regain his composure. It worked slightly but he still had that feeling that he had to check on the others. Thanos walked out of his room, it felt like it was night.

“More like a Nightmare,” Ed said as he was leaning against the wall. “One of my girls is the ruler of the dream realm after all and I have a weapon that allows me to help her out from time to time. Someone is messing with you, Thanos.”

Thanos walked up to Ed, frowning, "And why do you think that? It could after all be me being homesick, wanting to go back to my friends." Thanos crossed his arms, "No one is messing with my head, I'm completely fine. Nothing is happening, just Thanos being John."

“You slipped up there,” Ed was sending eye level with the mad titan. “Don’t lie to me please. “I’m your friend. Your Blacks friend. Your Shiva’s Friend, and even though he was a dick you’re still Eric’s friend. If you were really homesick then why were all those others you’ve only met outside your world there?”

"Correction, comrade, because friend has an end to it, and I don't want my friendships to end." Thanos chuckled before leaning on a wall, cool-headed. "Also, you got me there, but the majority of them were from my homeland."

“Zabuza is messing with your mind,” Ed floated back down. “He was in the infirmary earlier trying to get info from the ones overseeing Black and trying to treat Eric. When they didn’t give any information he left to go dream hunting. I know because my nanomachines are everywhere in the place right now.”

"Tch, it could be any of us he was after. Black, Eric, Sombra, Kodo, even you! Whatever Zabuza is planning, it's not with me." Thanos argued.

“Trust me,” Ed tapped his head. “I don’t dream. Not even illusions work well on my mind. My mind was completely destroyed at one point in my life and it took me the better part of five hundred years to piece half of it back together,” he sighed. “Not to mention all the other living souls swirling inside me make it impossible to find my central mind even for skilled masters of the mind. The mind stone might help,” He pointed at Thanos. “But even then you would be lost for a good deal of time without the souls to guide you and that’s if they want to help.”

"I have no idea what you just said, nor do I care, I'm getting breakfast…" Thanos walked off, "Wait, is it night time? GOD DAMN IT!!!" Thanos cried out as he continued to walk away.

“You’ve been out for a good while,” Ed shrugged. “Oh yea I’ll be having a friendly little match with our host by the way,” Ed commented as a portal opened. “If you want gourmet food, come to the Toriko world with me. You game?” Before he entered he turned back to Thanos and reached into a ripple and pulled out a large sword who’s blade was completely wrapped in bandages wit a skull for a pommel. “Samehada, aka Shark Skin. It is one of the Seven swords of the mist like Zabuza’s Executioner's Blade. This one is superior to his though and will give you a better edge in your fight with him.” Ed gave the weapon to its new master. “Remember it's a living weapon so treat it right. Think of it as a thank you for coming after Eric with me,” he walked into the portal.

Hands in pockets, Phoenix sulked around the insides of the arena, making sure to cover every nook and cranny with his aura. “I really hope uncovering this whole shenanigan will be worth my while.” He muttered to himself, finishing the last area. “Whelp, now's as good a time as any to get some practice in.”

Nearby, Kodo and Shiva trained in their new Devil Fruits; Kodo flew in a whirlwind of smoke around Shiva, but every attack he gave, she managed to block, her body shifting from diamond to flesh and back again seamlessly.

“You’re getting the hang of this even faster than I did,” Kodo commented.

Shiva shrugged. “It’s a lot like learning a new spell through the link,” Shiva noted. “If you just focus on the magic of it, it’s not really quite as difficult.”

“Well, there’s more to it than just magic,” Kodo said, briefly pausing as he shifted into smoke, and tried to disorient Shiva by flying right through her. Her diamonds completely solidified her body, allowing her to stand strong even when Kodo emerged from the shadows with a kick at her back. “Von Shadow told me that there’s also this stuff called Haki, that can give you some extra power.”

“Oh yeah?” Shiva asked, catching his paw with a diamond covered claw.

"Hell yeah it can!" Out of nowhere Luffy appeared next to them with a grin ear to ear. Luffy showed his arm and covered it in a dark substance.

Kodo yelped and burst into smoke, while Shiva merely grinned. “Hello again,” she said evenly, peering at the dark substance covering Luffy’s fist. “Is that the ‘Haki’ my son’s so excited to share?”

"That's Armament Haki, the first form too, there's the invisible armor and then… Ryou Haki." Luffy said that last bit ominously.

“Oh, didn’t expect anyone to be in here.” Phoenix said as he stepped inside the room.

“Just learning and improving, Phoenix,” Shiva replied. “Don’t mind us.” Phoenix nodded and made his way to a corner of the room to meditate. Shiva turned back to Luffy. “So… what’s this Ryou Haki?”

"An enhanced version of Armament Haki, allowing it to bypass one's natural defenses. Having the ability to damage someone's internal organs and break something without touching it, like this!" Luffy's Armament Haki covered fist started to glow.

“Whoa-whoa-whoa, hold up!” Kodo barked, jumping in between them. “If you’re gonna show her, show it on me, not her!”

“Kodo,” Shiva barked. “You’re being paranoid again.”

"Nah, I won't, just on this wall." Luffy's fist had a red aura, Luffy slammed this fist at the wall and without touching it, it shattered into pieces "See?"

Shiva whistled. “Impressive,” she praised. She glanced down at her diamond claw. “Sounds like I should work on this Haki, just in case these diamonds aren’t enough.” She grinned up at Luffy. “Care to show us what else you know?”

"Observation Haki, I have unlocked it so much that I can see a little bit into the future. Try and hit me." Luffy said before his light-hearted gaze turned into a serious look.

Humming at his seriousness, Shiva prepared a diamond covered claw. However, just as she lifted it up, smoke formed behind Luffy. Kodo’s eyes briefly formed from the smoke, winking at his mother. Kodo moved to strike, but Luffy quickly stepped aside as Kodo… shot forward in a burst of smoke. As the smoke once again flew through Shiva, she lunged forward, only for Luffy to once again dodge her.

Briefly, the two wolves jumped back and forth, trying and failing to catch Luffy in the crosshairs of their attack. After about ten attempts, Shiva skidded to a stop, and waved her claw at Kodo, causing him to return to his normal form.

“That’s incredible,” Shiva noted. “You can see into the future, can’t you? I’ve met diamond dogs with sharp senses, but none that sharp.”

“You can see into the future huh?” Phoenix asked, stepping towards the group. “Mind if I have a crack at it?” He popped his neck a couple times before removing his jacket and placing it on the floor.

"Sure, though I can see so much into the future that I can see you trying to punch me in the nose!" Luffy grinned, saying all of that violent stuff in a cheerful demeanor.

“Interesting…. What about now?” Phoenix snapped his figures and spoke. “Disaster, total separation.”

“Uh, oh…” Shiva mumbled, remembering their match.

“Don’t worry Lady Shiva, this is different to what I used during our match. This completely separates me from everything. I am a ghost of what I once was. Nothing but a mere afterthought…… Though, believe me when I say I still pack a punch.” Phoenix smirked as he looked back to Luffy. “So, Luffy, still see my future?”

"...You may or may not be firing knives at me like DIO from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure." Luffy frowned, hating knives due to it being his only weakness.

“Close, but no.” Phoenix instantly shot forward, aiming for a roundhouse kick to Luffy’s head. However the straw-hat man leaned back and evaded the attack. “Nice reflexes.” Phoenix said using his momentum (and airbending) to try once more. Luffy however saw this coming and used Soru to appear behind the man.

As the two sparred, Shiva tilted her head, a thought occurring to her. Kodo glanced at her curiously.

“Mom?” he asked.

“Just… thought of something,” she noted. “Something I’m wondering if I could’ve used during my match with Phoenix.”

“What’s…” Kodo perked. “Oh…” he nodded. “But… how would it work?”

“Well, one way to find out,” she replied, creating a pack link and twining it around Kodo’s wrist. “You don’t mind giving your old lady a bloody nose, do you?”

Kodo shivered. “Only if I pay for it later,” he mumbled.

But, obeying her command, he lunged forward, using her link for momentum, and slammed his paw right into her undefended snout. Her head jerked back, and she stumbled across the ground. Yet, as she regained her paws, a pulse traveled through the link… and Kodo reeled back as the pain from his mother’s injury jarred hard into his snout.

Shiva nodded. “I was either too soft or a fool, Kodo,” she said, bounding to his side and tending his nose. “I could’ve transferred the pain from Status Promotion. Ensured that he felt exactly what I felt.” She sighed. “I’m not good at the whole ‘offense’ thing.”

Kodo’s brow knit in sympathy. “Then let’s make sure your defense makes up for it,” he offered. “Observation Haki could let you see any attack coming your way, and with a combination of the diamond armor and Armament Haki…”

Shiva nodded in understanding. Luffy evaded another attack.

"I can teach you Armament Haki if you want to, but there is one last form of Haki I didn't show you." Luffy grinned, before striking Phoenix. "That's enough, I have to teach some dogs some tricks!"

Shiva and Kodo perked their ears in intrigue. “Oh? What is it?”

Luffy appeared before them, "Conqueror's Haki." Luffy again said this in a serious manner.

Kodo’s eyes widened in remembrance. “Oh, right! Yeah, the Haki where you can make someone submit through sheer force of will!” He shivered. “Yeah, that Haki’s amazing.”

"And If it's strong enough, affect your surroundings. Like this," Luffy unleashed his Conqueror's Haki, the walls began to crack and the ground as well, there was an intimidating red aura surrounding the straw-hat man. What they saw was no man, but a demon, just like they saw with Thanos in the arena. He then let go of the Haki, turning back to normal.

Kodo nodded, looking to Shiva. “You have GOT to learn that form, Mom,” he insisted.

"It's only one in a million though, only a true ruler can wield this power, you have to be born with it. Now, I have to show you one of my many transformations, it focusses on Armament Haki and shows the side-effects of it if you use it. Armament Haki is dangerous, it can kill others and even yourself, exhaust you until you can't move, or until you can't breath. It's pretty dangerous." Luffy informed the duo before looking at his surroundings, "Meh, I can fit in here." Luffy took two steps back before putting an arm next to his mouth, coating it in Armament Haki.

Shiva and Kodo watched carefully as Luffy used all of his gathered air and bit down on his left arm, air going into it.

"Muscle Balloon!" Luffy's left arm grew to the size of a white sedan, the arm then had a red aura around it. Still blowing on it the air went to his body making him grow. It also made his right arm grow as well, air finally going into his fingers, each finger growing to the length of a snake, Luffy then proceeded to ball up the fist that finally had it's fingers blown up. Tribal like symbols start to appear on his chest, matching the pattern of the Gum-Gum Fruit that he ate. Steam then blocked their view covering Luffy's whole entire body in steam. In the steam they saw Luffy's silhouette appear, it was his head, bouncing side to side Luffy pushed some steam out of his way and opened his eyes from the steam. His eyes fueled with determination, the steam then dissipated, revealing Luffy in a fighting stance, steam came out of his mouth.

"Gear…" He threw his head back dramatically, "FOOOUUUURRTHH!!!" His whole body appeared, him being seven feet tall, he bounced menacingly. His arms were bigger than the Mad Titans, his legs normal size but appeared to be small. "Bounce Man!" He bounced on his toes, making a clunking sound like metal.

“Fuck me.” Phoenix said, whistling. “Gotta teach me that one later. “

"I'm made out of rubber, only I can transform unless you have the Gomu-Gomu No Mi." Luffy reasoned, his voice was rough and serious.

Shiva shook her head. “Not us,” she replied. “Mine turns me into diamonds, and Kodo’s turns him into smoke.”

"If I get really, really and I mean really-really hard, I can drop out of this form. When I use this form I can't use Armament Haki for ten minutes." Luffy informed the two, "And when it runs out, which is like in fifteen minutes I get an inch closer to death."

“I can’t say I do, though, all I’d need to do is change my molecular structure to become more rubber like. How hard could it be?” Phoenix said, shrugging. “Also, Shiva, you said you turn into diamonds?”

Shiva grinned and clenched her claws. Instantly, her white fur turned into the glittering gems, and in seconds, a diamond statue stood before them, before she popped back into a being of fur and flesh. “Now I can be called a diamond dog for a reason.”

“Interesting,” Phoenix muttered. “I have a theory…. And if it works, I’m not sure even I could break your diamonds. Well, in this form anyway.” He gestured to himself.

“Right,” Shiva admitted with a chuckle, remembering his armored form.

Phoenix formed a block of cement next to him, and spoke. “Shiva, would you strike this for me?”

Shaking her claw out, Shiva turned the tips into diamonds, and struck. Yet, it didn’t leave a mark. Not a scratch.

“See, not strong enough as it is.” Phoenix said, looking over the block. “You see, I was increasing the molecular bonds as you struck it. One of the basic laws of physics, a denser object will break one less dense.” Walking over to the block, Phoenix struck it with his left hand. It shattered to pieces upon contact. “See?

She peered at the pieces. “I think so,” she noted, before glancing at her diamond claws.

“To put it simply, it’s a matter of whose surface is denser. Tell me, if a 1k block of tofu hit a 1k block of steel at 100 mph, which would remain intact?” Phoenix gestured with his hand for her to answer.

She hummed. “I want to say the steel, since it’s denser than the tofu, but if they’re both 1k…”

“You were right the first time.” Phoenix nodded. He reformed the concrete. “Now, strike it once more, but this time, clench your fist as hard as you can. Make sure every atom is as packed as possible.

Nodding, Shiva turned back to the concrete, and formed a fist. She breathed, letting her fist transform into a diamond fist. Yet even then, she continued to breathe. The diamonds glittered brighter as their molecular structure was packed tighter and tighter.

After almost a minute of composure, Shiva lifted her fist up, and brought it down. The concrete didn’t waver at first, but soon it fell down into nothing but dust.

“Goes a long way huh.” Phoenix said, admiring her work. “The Neko style’s a nifty thing.”

“I’ll say,” Shiva agreed, staring at her claw in delight. “I show this to my dogs, there’ll be nothing we can’t dig through.”

“Now in return,” Phoenix walked over to Shiva and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “You promise me to never use that technique on myself.”

Shiva nodded, crossing an arm over her chest in a symbol stylizing a salute, she did a bow that was probably strange to the human, but resembled a dog showing their chest in submission.

“As a diamond dog and Alpha of Outer Haven,” she said. “I solemnly vow this technique will never be used on you; the one who taught it.”

“Okay……..” Phoenix cocked a head in slight confusion. “Your word would have been fine, but whatevs.” Phoenix shrugged, before linking to her mind to speak. “Another thing, if all things go to shit in the tournament, you won’t betray me. My allies are few and far between at the moment, and I'm hoping you’re someone I can trust.”

Shiva smiled softly. “I assure you, Phoenix; magic may have altered me, but I’m still a loyal hound at heart. Though I’d rather prefer everyone get along, I will stand with you if the time necessitates it.”

Phoenix nodded in appreciation, before letting go of her shoulder. “And another thing, tell Kodo how to do that too. Even if it’s only with his bare knuckles, the same science applies.”

Shiva nodded, glancing back at her son. “He’s a fighter,” she said. “Same as his father. Anything that can help keep him alive on the battlefield, I will definitely share with him.”

“Whelp, I haven’t eaten in about two days, so I’m gonna grab some grub. Cya around!” Phoenix said, before walking off. He waved to Kodo and Luffy over his shoulder as he left.

“See you later,” Shiva said, waving at him as he left.

"I bet I can break your diamond!" Luffy laughed, "Wanna try out?"

Kodo laughed nervously. “Uh, no,” he said. “If what I’ve been learning about devil fruits is correct, her devil fruit is a Paramecia, which means she can’t grow anything back if the diamonds break.”

"Aw… That sucks." Luffy lowered his head as he went to sit down only for him to keep on bouncing.

Everyone heard the tapping of the ground, then footsteps following them. Shiva recognized this and turned around to see the eight foot blind man a few feet away from her.

“Issho,” she greeted. “How have you been?”

"I may or may not have created a blackhole, but don't mind that. I heard a crash so I went to go check on that." Fujitora stopped as he kicked in his Observation Haki, noticing her aura a few feet before him. "How have you been lady Shiva?"

Shiva glanced down at her claws. “I’ve been making some progress in my training,” she noted, her gaze turning ponderous. “Though, even with the progress I’ve made, I’m still way behind the others.” She settled against the wall. “Makes me wonder why Ryker invited me. I’m not exactly like the others.”

Fujitora took a breath through his teeth, "I should not say this, I really shouldn't…" Fujitora leaned close to her, "Ryker may or may not be trying to recruit you."

Shiva tilted her head, her ears perking. “Recruit me?” she asked.

"Well, you would add personality. Your Pack Links are intriguing to him, and you're a dog so he's hoping it will calm me down. It won't; you are a friend and I don't want you to stay because he will… Keep you here for thousands of years." Fujitora commented, wincing.

Shiva’s skin paled under her fur. “Thousands of years…” she mumbled. “But… I left my daughter back in my Equestria. My whole pack, I…” She rubbed her chin, horror fighting against regret. She looked back up at the blind swordsman. “I consider you a friend as well, Issho. And though I’ve heard of Ryker’s cause… how can he justify saving his daughter by separating another daughter from her mother?”

"...Ooo… He plans to-" Fujitora was grabbed by the head and was slammed into the ground. Shiva jumped back with a bark, finding the Arkham Knight standing over the blind swordsman.

"Are you a damn fool?!" Arkham Knight growled, Fujitora tried to stand but felt weak. "Sea Prism Stone Armor, remember?"

Shiva backed up, feeling the aura of danger emanating from his armor. But not all of her powers were devil fruit based. And she used her pack link on Fujitora, yanking him out from under the Knight. As the knight whirled on her, Kodo appeared in a burst of smoke, his sword unsheathed and held in defense of his mother and her friend.

“Enough!” Phoenix shouted, “I left the room for less than a minute….” Sighing, he walked up behind the knight and patted his shoulder before walking past him. “Take it easy would ya?”

"You bitch! That's it, killing you guys!" The Knight showed his palm to them and they were pushed back and slamming Into the wall Luffy as well. Though, Phoenix made sure to use airbending to prevent being blown away.

As they were pushed back, Kodo burst into smoke, seizing his mother and Fujitora in a cloud of smoke, and whisking them out of the Arkham Knight’s blast.

The Arkham Knight put his right hand onto the wall; mini trenches were dug into them and magma followed Arkham Knight's fingers. Arkham Knight tried to show his palm to the ball of smoke holding Kodo, Shiva and Fujitora. As he slowly got a bead on Kodo’s desperate attempts to dodge, his palm heated up, forming magma until… He was armored punched to the gut. Arkham Knight fell on his back, before looking up. Kodo burst out of the smoke, gazing in shock at their savior… Lord Twigo himself.

"That's enough, Mike." Lord Twigo looked down at the Knight. He clenched his fists.

"It's Arkham Knight, jackass!" Arkham Knight growled.

"Is it just me, or is that guy really weak?” Phoenix suddenly appeared next to the rest of the group and whispered to Luffy, pointing to The Knight.

“Probably why he hides in that armor of his,” Eric said walking in the hall from a nearby shadow, his friend Sombra dragged behind him by his collar

"Wanna say that again jackass?!" Arkham Knight charged up a beam of light as Lord Twigo stood between them.

"Yeah, weak." Luffy chuckled.

Teleporting behind Arkham, Phoenix placed a finger on his head once more. “Disaster, Sleep.”

"Oh you son of a bi-." That was all that the Arkham Knight could say before he fell into Lord Twigo's arms. Kodo cautiously lowered his blade.

"Thank you Phoenix Wri-, he is rather cool headed normally but he's kinda off today."

“You know, I might change my name to Phoenix Wright just to fix all the fucking confusion.” Phoenix said, frowning at his new nickname.

Shiva helped Fujitora to his feet, while the swordsman rubbed his head. "That kid needs to learn his manners, I'm old." Fujitora commented.

Kodo huffed, sheathing his sword. “He threatens you or Mom again,” he promised. “And I’ll be sure to give him a lesson he won’t forget.”

“Kodo…” Shiva chastised with a roll of her eyes.

“Calm down there, hot shot,” Phoenix began, walking over to Kodo. “You’ll learn that it’s a way better feeling to let your opponent know that they are not even worth the time of day. Don’t spare them the luxury of your hatred.”

“Indeed,” Shiva agreed. “The greatest insult an enemy can suffer is to be ignored. Be prepared, but don’t seek out a fight. Besides, we still have much to learn.”

Kodo sighed, but nodded at their words.

“You’ll make a fine warrior one day Kodo, just make sure your morals aren’t twisted.” Phoenix said, ruffling his hair because he knew he hated it.

“I agree with Phoenix,” Eric said smiling at the Pup. “One day nopony will be able to stop your righteous heart.”

Kodo shook his head like a dog drying itself. “Twisted morals are the last thing I want,” he assured them.

"Ugh, I swear one of these days I'm dropping a meteorite onto him.” Fujitora began with a shake of his head. “Also as thanks for helping me, if you ever want me to assist in your swordsmanship, just call me." Fujitora said with a smile.

Kodo smiled back. “I’d appreciate the aid,” he said, glancing back at his blade. “This sword’s good, but I’ve still got a bit of a learning curve; really wish the diamond dogs used more swords and less axes back home.”

“Does that go for me too? Your knight in shining armour!” Phoenix struck a pose with a hand on his chest, and used airbending to allow his hair to blow in a conjured-up wind.

"Twigo is a good swordsman as well, we can both teach you guys, isn't that right?" Fujitora turned to Twigo but he was on the other side of Issho.

"Indeed, as a Knight I will help you train! Hopefully when this is all over we can be friends!" Lord Twigo held a fist to his chest.

“I’d like that,” Shiva admitted with a wag of her tail.

“I was joking, if either of you know a style more efficient than the Amagiri Shinmei style, then I’ll buy you all the drinks you want for a whole week.” Phoenix said, forming a sword completely constructed from fire in his hand.

"I'll be off then." Fujitora said before a piece of the ground floated up as he sat down on it, it turned around and he rode off, "Weee~" Fujitora grinned, Lord Twigo then followed Fujitora, the Arkham Knight over his shoulder.

Shiva and Kodo watched them go with wagging tails, before Shiva’s pack link connected with Kodo’s. “If Ryker forces us to fight them, I’m probably going to cry,” she admitted forlornly.

Kodo keened, and nuzzled at her in a vain attempt to comfort her.

“You know, you should really think about strengthening your mind a bit. Even with your pack links it takes a simple grade 4 combination to get in.” Phoenix said, raising a finger to his head.

Kodo copied his gesture with a shocked look, while Shiva merely chuckled. “Telepathy isn’t really a sought after magic form on the Equestria I’m from,” Shiva admitted sheepishly. “I’ll see what I can do, but most of what I learned was self-taught, and the pack link encourages open minds, so...”

“I’m not saying you should learn to read minds or anything. God forbid you go looking through mine. I just think you should work on your defence. Anything from meditation to straight up picturing locked doors does the trick. It’s mainly a precaution for people like me and Ryker.” Phoenix finished.

At the mention of Ryker, both dogs’ tails tucked. Shiva’s thoughts instantly conjured up an image of a caved in cavern entrance, while Kodo’s depicted… a flock of chickens.

“Chickens? Really?” Phoenix cocked a brow at Kodo.

A growl bubbled from Kodo, but not his throat. He glanced down sheepishly. “I’m hungry,” he admitted.

Shiva held back a laugh. “Alright, my brave warrior,” she said. “Let’s find something to eat. We’ll train more later.”

“May I accompany you? I didn’t get half way down the corridor before I had to save your asses.” Phoenix said, rubbing his stomach.

“I’d like to join as well,” Eric said, pushing Sombra forward. “Afterwards somepony here has something he needs to say.”

Shiva curtsied. “An escort of gentlemen,” she noted. “I’m the luckiest girl alive.”

“Right. The only experience I’ve had with girls was when I was sixteen. Fuck that. Had to work so hard for a smile.” Phoenix’s face dropped in fake annoyance, before he began his way towards the door. “Let’s bounce!”

“Right behind you,” Kodo said, following after him.

Luffy followed them, bouncing with them while in his Bounce Man form.

“I didn’t mean literally, Luffy.” Phoenix turned to him and chuckled.

"I can't help it!" Luffy laughed, looking at the fairy man.


The party opened the Diner and saw Thanos eating his food in a sad state and Lucci eating next to him without much worry, and Nightmare who just sat next to them with a dead expression on her face.

“How are we doing today gents? And Ladies?” Phoenix said, waltzing into the room like he owned the place.

Shiva spared Thanos and Nightmare a look of pity, before Kodo made a beeline for the diner counter, forcing Shiva to follow him. Meanwhile Eric avoided looking them in the eye as he and Sombra approached the counter with Shiva

"And then, the whole world decided to turn on me! HOW FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!" Thanos laughed chaotically in a drunk manner, Throwing his head back and falling on his back before silently crying.

"Don't mind him; he just had a nightmare." Lucci shook his head at the Titans antics, taking a bite of fried chicken.

“Oh yeah, I remember that.” Phoenix said in realisation. “Can’t believe I wasn’t in it. I was heartbroken!” Phoenix placed the back of his hand on his head in sarcastic offence.

Luffy bounced towards the diner counter with a grin, Entity perked an eye at this. Nappa came into the room in a Cowboy outfit, Ryker in a Leprechaun outfit as well. Sake in hand.

"We're so fucking drunk!" They said in unison, kicking the air as they wrapped their arms around each other, before falling on their backs and cackling.

“Ummmm, and swiftly leaving.” Phoenix said with a thumb over his shoulder. He then proceeded to moonwalk over to Shiva, Kodo and Luffy.

Shiva shook her head at Ryker and Nappa’s antics. “And this is why I avoid alcohol,” she noted, turning to the counter. “Home-style chicken, please.”

The requested item appeared, with Kodo promptly diving on his like it was going to make a run for it. The bones crunched in his powerful jaws like chips.

“The whole immortality shtick means I can’t get drunk. My body instantly disintegrates any form of harmful drug.” Phoenix said, taking a seat next to Luffy. “I’ll have a light salad and some orange juice.” Suddenly his requested items appeared in front of him, and he began eating.

“Sirloin Steak with Sauteed mushrooms and onions, and a Coke Zero Sugar” Eric ordered his food being made the moment he finished ordering

Luffy started to gorge on his meal, which was a pile of meat. Throwing the bones behind him, Luffy grabbed a piece of fried chicken from Lucci before quickly regretting it as Lucci elbowed Luffy's hand. "So what do you guys wanna talk about?" Luffy asked, his mouth full.

“Nothing before you empty your mouth.” Phoenix said with a stern look.

Luffy emptied his mouth, gulping it down before he pounded his chest and went for a drink of water. "That's better, what were you saying?" Luffy, still in his Bounce Man form, spoke.

“I didn’t say anything.” Phoenix said in a ‘matter of fact’ tone, before he took a sip from his orange juice. “How bout truth or dare?”

Shiva’s eyes settled on Nightmare, who was gazing out into space. The diamond dog’s ears flattened in sympathy.

“Well, one truth I know,” Shiva noted. “That poor mare’s had it rough.”

“By the looks of her life force, I’d have to agree.” Phoenix said, turning his head to Nightmare with a blank face.

Shiva glanced away with a hum. “I never liked taking sides,” she noted. “I always preferred compromise and diplomacy.” She looked back towards Nightmare. “Eric didn’t mean for what happened… but it sure doesn’t take away from the pain she went through.”

“I honestly never meant for any of that to happen,” Eric said, taking a small bite of his food. “Ryker said victory by knockout, I assumed my slumber spell would fill that roll. I never sought to stop his heart.”

Standing up, Phoenix took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. “Well, when a woman's upset…...” He looked over to Luffy and Kodo and gestured towards Nightmare with his head. “It’s a man's job to cheer her up.”

"I can do that!" Luffy bounced up and turned around.

Shiva’s eyes darted back and forth between them. “Oh, I wasn’t implying…” she started to say. “I meant… I just wasn’t sure if I should talk to her, or…”

Before she could finish, Luffy then shot off like a rocket and hit a wall, he then turned to Nightmare with a grin. "Wanna see a trick?"

Nightmare turned her head slowly to face Luffy, her expression unchanging. “No…” Nightmare spoke, her voice sounding as if the life was sucked out of her.

Phoenix turned to Shiva and spoke in an understanding tone. “I get what you mean, but men are just annoying like that. They have to set things right. It’s a matter of pride.” Phoenix then turned his head towards Nightmare and began his way over.

Shiva keened, clutching her ears as Kodo ignored them, too invested in his chicken.

Luffy got two chopsticks out of nowhere and put them up his nose then stretched his mouth and put the other ends of them to his teeth. "Bleh!"

“That’s not amusing, it’s straight up gross.” Phoenix said, giving Luffy a hard slap on the back. The chopsticks fell out of his mouth from the force.

"How about… This?" Luffy held up his fist and the fist went inside of his arm like a spring going back to normal. "Tada~"

No response...

"Now what about…" Luffy then started to huff and puff, "Wh...Wha...What abo…" Luffy held a hand up to his chest as he started to catch his breath.

“Now what about….” Phoenix placed a hand on Nightmare’s shoulder and spoke. “Care to join us for a drink?” He used his other hand to gesture over his back to Shiva and Kodo.

Shiva gave a nervous smile, her body slowly turning to diamond. Eric stood from his seat, dropping a few bits on the counter and left, feeling the death Nightmare wanted from him before leaving the diner

Nightmare slowly looked between the two, understanding that they wanted to help. But she looked down to the table with the same expression.

"Blaruggahah!" Smoke came out of Luffy as he started to fly about, bouncing off walls and his body went back to normal just as he hit a wall. Luffy's body normal sized as he then slid off of it and hit the floor. "Side-effects…" Luffy squeaked out.

"Get fucked!" Lucci shouted out, laughing at the weakened Straw-hat. "Don't mind me just being… Me I guess." Lucci chuckled, kicking back in his seat.

"Then all of a sudden, Luffy got slammed by Jar-Jar Binks!" Thanos laughed as tears fell down his face, not out of joy but of sadness.

"...I can't move." Luffy frowned, before looking at a roach nearby, "AAA HELP ME THERE'S A ROACH!!!" Immediately busting down the door was Lord Twigo, Katakuri, Fujitora, Zabuza, and Arkham Knight.

"WE ARE THE EXTERMINATORS!!!" They shouted up, pointing their weapons into the air before running to Luffy and stomping on the roach. Shooting it, stabbing it, cutting it, doing whatever they can to damage it.

As they rampaged against the roach, Shiva sighed, and got up, settling herself next to Nightmare.

“Nightmare,” Shiva said softly. “I wanted you to know that, while I defended Eric, I don’t condone what he did to Black. And… if you need anything, I’m willing to help.”

Nightmare looked to the diamond dog with a blank look. The diamond dog’s diamonds crept up under her bristling fur. But after a few moments, a solemn look overtook Nightmare’s face. She looked back to the table, “Thank you…” Nightmare said softly.

Shiva nodded. “Of course,” she said, turning away and watching passively as the ‘exterminators’ went to town on the roach.

Eric was moving through the halls of the arena on his way to the training room, on his way he was met with Ed [whatever you’re doing]. Eric exhaled slowly before approaching the Alchemist who glared at him with a look that would kill.

“Ed I need to speak with you” Eric said stopping a full five feet from the Alchemist

"I have nothing to speak with you about," Ed coldly replies.

“Please.” Eric said, lowering his head. “I need your help, whatever you want from me I’ll give it to you.”

Ed turns and glares, "What is it?"

“Edward, I know the pain of losing the ones you love” Eric said dropping to the ground and bowing before the Alchemist. “So Please believe me when I say that I meant no harm to Black life, and I promise I won’t use my clone spell again. But to do that, I need more control over my powers. So, I’m asking… no, begging you to let me use the time chamber.”

"I'm not the one you should be begging from," The Alchemist crossed his arms. "And why not use the time chamber everyone else has been using?”

“Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling yours has a stronger time difference,” Eric said not lifting his head from the ground

“Did you think begging and apologizing to me would allow you access to my personal training area? What makes you even think I have a Time Chamber?" He scowled at the younger displaced.

“You want me to give it my all, I can’t if I keep holding back,” Eric said, digging his head into the ground further. “You have access to copies of almost everything. Please, I will do anything”

“Are you fully willing to commit to that everything, body and soul?” Ed continued to look down on the youngster.

“Yes.” Eric said still keeping his demeaning stance in front of the Alchemist. “Whatever it takes.”

“Good,” Ed said. “First, you’re going to prove you’re worthy of using my time chamber.” The alchemist noted. “You’re going to earn it like Black earned his. You’re going to fight me and I’m going to use the same form I used against him, but this time… I won’t be holding back nearly as much!” He points at Eric, his face completely obscured in darkness as two red circles pierced the younger displaced very fiber of being. “Only one of you whelps has faced me in a fight and he is currently under the weather meaning you have no idea what I am capable of or even what I look like. This will give you a somewhat good experience of what a displaced with a void dweller’s power can do. Make no mistakes, Eric Von Shadow, Ryker calls me a dweller but I haven’t evolved to that stage just yet. I am what you might call… a pseudo dweller.”

“Thank you, Edward,” Eric said, raising to his feet before rubbing the back of his head. “I honestly expected you to blast me through the walls the moment I asked for your help”

“I’m still considering it,” Ed squinted and Eric gulped hard. “Make no mistake, I have been throwing more power around without reason so far, now… I have a reason.” He explained. “This will give Ryker a little bit more insight on what I can do and give me the opportunity to vent a little.”

“I accept your terms, Edward,” Eric said

“You will meet me on the battlefield of Endgame,” Edward pointed at the youth allowing blood lust to feel the air. “When Celestia sun starts to show its first light tomorrow.”

“...Okay so Eric’s trying to get stronger.” Thanos crossed his arms, looking around in the Gravity Chamber. “I can not let him win, at all costs, if he wins I have failed Black and my master.” Thanos walked up to the console, “Is there a way to make it…” Thanos turns up the gravity and it goes past 5000 and all the way to 7500. “Higher…”

“Huh, alrighty then I’ll train in this place.” The area became red like blood and Thanos was forced to bend his knees, “Okay how about we kick it up to ten thousand?” Thanos shifts it to ten thousand and Thanos falls to his knees.

“...Well shit. Let’s do some finger push ups shall we?” Thanos put his fingers to the earth and started to do push-ups. “One, two, three…” Thanos then stops and goes to his feet. “This won’t do, I shouldn’t be doing some average training like this. I need to do… Something abnormal, something weird, something that will shock everyone!”

Then it all clicked to the Titan, “I have Dragon Slayer Magic… I HAVE DRAGON SLAYER MAGIC!!!! Okay, we’ll train in that.” Thanos uses some of his Ki to make Ki clones, the Ki clones took a stance. Thanos used his Magma Dragon Slayer Magic to make Magma Whips.

“Magma Dragon… Drake Attack!” Thanos then strikes his clones with his whip of Magma, the clones then explode and die. Thanos looks at his hands, then where the clones were. “Alright I’ll keep on training until I drop.”

“Care if I join you?” Maud asked entering the chamber feeling none of the effects of the gravity before walking over to the settings. “Do you mind if I change the settings?”

“Meh, why the hell not?” Thanos shrugged, taking down another Ki clone with his Magma lash.

Without warning, Maud shifted the gravity to a setting too much for Thanos to handle. He was forced to the ground, unable to move.

“Good now we can talk,” Maud said, sitting down right in front of the Titan. “It wasn’t his fault”

“Oh, you say that... '' Thanos grunted finding the strength to lift himself to a push-up position, “And yet he kinda almost killed a friend of mine, I know me and Eric are friends and all but I can not and will not lose a comrade. Not again, not ever.”

“Eric has killed others for good reasons,” Maud said standing up and sitting on top of the Titan forcing him back down. “Eric had no reason to kill Black, so why do you hold your anger for Eric?”

“Pffft! I’m not angry at him, I just don’t like how he won. When I fought Black, I tanked the whole attack, getting the feeling that he was putting everything he got into that attack.” Thanos responded to the stone cold mare.

“You’re referring to his use of his clone spell, Aren’t you?” Maud asked

“...Maybe, maybe not.” Thanos tried to force himself up once more, trying to get back to training or run away whichever was the better option in his eyes.

“Eric would not have survived that final attack, He would have died and then the roles would be reversed on everyone who disagreed with his choice.” Maud said before pulling the Titan’s head back. “And Eric gave that fight a lot more than he normally would. You forget though he made a clone that clone can’t use his Devil Fruit”

“Uh huh, you do know there was once this man named Zoro, a legendary swordsman, tanked the pain of Monkey D. Luffy which nearly killed him. However through sheer will power he survived.” Thanos used steam and shot to his feet, throwing Maud off of him.

“Then you should know that Eric is already suffering because of his choice,” Maud said, jolting to the Titan’s side, letting out a loud series of pops which seemed to relax the titan. “You should relax more often, this kind of stress will be murder for you in the future.”

“Hell yeah it is, I’m a King, in a body that could destroy the damn universe, a man who’s very confused, having nightmares… Yeah this whole thing is very stressful.” Thanos laughed, and sighed.

‘You can say that again, Purple Mr. Clean’ A voice ringed through both Thanos’ and Maud’s mind, ‘And what was that about Eric’s suffering?’ the voice asked.

“Eric’s Dark magic has drawbacks. While he is protected from the mental corruption, he isn’t protected from the Physical toll” Maud said, standing up and jumping on the Titan’s lower back. Another series of joints popped on the Titan. “His Dark Copy spell inflicts all injuries on the caster at double damage.”

“Eh? So double the damage huh?” Thanos raised an eyebrow, “Wait, that’s kinda bad for him.”

‘And I wasn’t going full strength on that attack. If I did that, it would’ve destroyed the planet from just the pressure of it.’ The voice noted.

“Your final attack killed his clone, meaning you killed him,” Maud said, causing Thanos nearly let out a laugh, Thanos held a hand to cover his laughter.

‘I did notice something off about him before I performed that Dragon Fist. But how was I supposed to know it would do more damage to him!’ The voice complained.

“However knowing Sombra he successfully brought Eric from Death’s cold grip,” Maud assured the voice of Goku Black. “More than Likely he will apologize for almost killing you once he sees you’re well enough

‘He doesn’t need to. He didn’t know that spell would kill me.’

“It’s how he is,” Maud said, jumping off the Titan. “He has a code he lives by and he never kills a friend.”

“Huh, that’s a different code my master taught me. Alas, we all have different forms of Martial Arts, masters, and universes.” Thanos grinned, “Well since we’re all from different universes and have the same goals, we’re all just a bunch of warriors trying to do what’s best for their families.”

“Technically I’m still a rock famer. Father gave me the farm when he passed,” Maud said

‘Well… not all displaced are good, what was that guy's name you were fighting after you left my universe?’ Black asked the titan.

“Kaido, the King of Beasts! He had an army of Displaced under him, everyone of his men across the universe, even yours Black!” Thanos rubbed the back of his head with a laugh.

“Eric told us about him,” Maud said. “He told us after he sent Azula, Pain, and some weirdo by the name of Enel, he had weird looking ears,” Maud said, sitting back on the ground. “They tried to take Eric to recruit him for his army.”

‘I haven’t come across his soldiers yet, but now I’ve got to keep an eye out for that.’ Black muttered, sounding irritated. ‘Either way, I’ve come to remind you two that just because my body has given out on me, that doesn’t mean ki training is cancelled.’

“Eric probably won’t take it since he’ll be training with Edward,” Maud stated before looking at the struggling Titan

‘HE’S DOING WHAT!!!!!’ Black roared in Maud’s ear, making the earth pony wince.

“THAT’S WHY I’M HERE!!! I WON”T LET YOU BEAT ME ERIC!!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared to the heavens, activating Ki clones and running at them, cocking back his fist and slamming into them.

“I was only here to help Thanos understand why Eric did what he did,” Maud said blankly

‘Thanos… I’m gonna need you to stop training and come pick something up at the medical bay, I have an extra token on me at all times.’ Black ordered the titan.

“I agree I don’t think your bone can handle much more of this gravity.”

“If my body can tank snapping half the FUCKING universe and snapping it again I can handle it again! Also I’ll be right there Black.”

Maud simply pointed at the settings showing the titan the level she set it to. “I just saying your current position being forced down with Twelve thousand times gravity will cause unfixable warping in your skeletal structure”

“Bitch I was training at ten thousand.” Thanos pointed out, raising a finger, “I can handle these things, I am a Titan.”

‘THANOS, MEDICAL BAY, NOW!’ Black roared into Thanos’ mind, making the mad titan wince.

“FUCK YOU YOU’RE NOT MY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared back to the heavens.

‘... ok… John,’ Black said simply.

“You little shit, don’t say my actual name or I’ll put a pillow to your face and suffocate you.” Thanos growled.

‘Then get your Mr. Clean ass down here… right… now.’ Black lowered his voice.

Thanos put two fingers to his head, before flipping Maud off and leaving to see Black.

Maud shrugged her shoulders before getting up and walking out of the room before stopping in her tracks. “Oh right” Maud returned to the room and returned the gravity to normal. “Some can’t handle that level yet.”

Thanos loomed over Black and took the pillow beneath Black. “You think I’m fucking joking, do you?” Thanos frowned.

‘You do this Thanos, you will you do this Thanos, you will never see the light of day again.’ Black threatened.

“Imma do it.” Thanos grinned, peering down at the helpless Saiyan.

‘Did you forget Edward is here? Cause he will never stop hunting you down.’

“You got a point however…” Thanos pulled out a permanent marker, “I will get my pay back.” Thanos took a step closer to Black.

Black coughed in Thanos’ mind, ‘Do you wish to further piss off Nightmare?’

“Bitch, I’ll cla-” Thanos paused before clearing his throat, “Bitch I’ll bea… You know you’re right. But~” Thanos started to write things on Black’s face with an evil grin. Laughing like the mad man that he is.

There were hoofsteps echoing in the hallway, getting closer until they revealed a dark Alicorn with a blank look shortly followed by a Earth Pony and a familiar white diamond dog. As Nightmare spotted Thanos writing on Black’s face, a dark expression appeared on her face, she summoned a scythe, while Shiva summoned her diamond claws, Maud had a white aura covering her hands and both walked behind the titan. “What do you think you're doing…”

“Banana.” That was all Thanos had to say when he disappeared with an audible pop. Thanos was gone without a trace.

Shiva snorted, before glancing at what he had written. One of her ears perked like a raised eyebrow, and she started wiping the ink off Black’s face.

‘Thank you Shiva,’ Black thanked the diamond dog telepathically, catching her off guard and causing her to think of a caved-in cavern. ‘Now I know not to give that purple bastard any training’

Apologies,” her thoughts whispered. “I’ve been training with Phoenix, and he’s recommended I start increasing my mental defenses.”

‘It’s quite alright, I understand that mental defenses are important.’

“Well you and Sombra agreed that he would train with Nappa” Maud said to the Saiyan

‘True, but Nappa is weaker than me. But other than that, Nightmare.’ The Saiyan asked the Alicorn, gaining her attention. ‘Do you mind grabbing the extra token in my pocket?’ Nightmare simply nodded as she walked up to the Saiyan, going into his left pants pocket, pulling out two golden earrings with green gems. ‘Say, where’s Kodo, didn’t he want to train as well?’ Black asked Shiva.

“I got him,” Shiva said. She sent out a pack link. A second later, the dark diamond dog pup trotted in, a full chicken clutched in his mouth like a dog returning from a successful hunt. Shiva rolled her eyes.

“Kodo, you had five of those already!” she said exasperated.

“And they were delicious,” he replied through a mouthful of fried chicken skin. “But this one ain’t for me.” He tossed it to Shiva with a grin, wiping the frown from her face.

Shiva smiled softly, and turned back to Black, nibbling on the chicken as the others gathered themselves.

“Do you want me to get Sombra or do you want to teach him another time?” Maud asked the Saiyan

‘With the way the tournament is going, I think it would be beneficial for everyone to have some control of ki, though I haven’t heard anything from Dr. Doom or Pheonix…’ Black said.

“Phoenix strikes me as the type of man who does what he wants when he wants,” Shiva replied. “Same with Dr. Doom. I’m sure they’ll show up when it’s convenient for them.”


There stood Thanos with a bucket of fried chicken, “I have come with a peace offering, does anyone want some Fried Chicken?” Thanos asked, looking at everyone.

Kodo gasped in delight at the sight of chicken, before Shiva lightly touched his snout with one of her chicken’s legs. “You. Had. ‘Five.’ Already,” she reminded him. Before promptly slipping him the leg she had nudged him with.

‘Thanos… you’re doing this to further piss me off… aren't you…’ Black growled.

“No! I’m here to make peace, I apologize for writing on your face, I am also sorry for dissing Eric.” Thanos grinned.

‘Either way, if this is to get training from me… you're still training with Nappa.’

“GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!” Thanos threw the chicken to the wall but before he could Lucci came bursting through the wall and took the bucket and ran through another wall, leaving the scene.

“Not a fan of chicken,” Maud said blankly.

“Herbivore, right?” Kodo replied.

“No. One of our crew members is a Griffin,” Maud said to the Diamond Dog. “I avoid meat similar to my comrade in the likely scenario that we both get stranded I don’t eat them.”

Kodo’s face fell, while Shiva slowed her own chewing. “That’s… not a bad reason,” she noted. She glanced at her chicken. “Suddenly, I’m questioning the alliance I was thinking of forming with Griffonstone.”

“Go for it,” Maud said to the older canine. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

“As long as we don’t have to give up chicken,” Kodo replied, investing himself in Black and Thanos’ argument.

‘You threatened to suffocate me with a pillow Thanos, as I’m vulnerable.’

“It was just a prank bro, you don’t gotta be serious about that. That was a joke, I’m sorry for threatening you.” Thanos bowed his head.

Black was silent for a bit, ‘Do you see the state I’m in? Anything like that is kinda dangerous for me at the moment.’

“Yeah and I’m sorry! PLEASEEE!!! This is the first time I would be trained by anyone outside of my universe except for the true Mr. Clean! I’m begging you!” Thanos got on his knees and put them both together and shook them in a pleading way to the heavens.

‘............... Under one condition…’

“ANYTHING!!!!” Thanos cried out.

‘Tell everyone in this room about… something with Celestia… something that can only happen in a bedroom...’

Instantly, Shiva gaped in alarm, and covered her son’s ears and eyes. “NOT everyone in this room,” she said firmly. “Just the adults,” she added with a suppressed smirk.

‘Right, sorry Kodo, your gonna have to sit this one out.’

“Yeah, not interested anyway,” Kodo replied, squirming out of his mothers grip and retreating from the room, keeping his ears covered and his mind filled with images of locked doors. Shiva planted herself next to where he had been, before giving Thanos a curious look.

“Celestia has been seeing Discord after his reformation,” Maud said, spilling the Princess’ secret relationship. “I know this because me and Pinkie saw both of them going at it in the Shadow Damnation store room.”

“Celestia slept with one of her reformed foes?” Shiva asked, before her ears perked up in horror. “Was that why she wanted me as an ally?”

“She did, if you ask me I think it’s a perfect match” Maud said slightly grinning. “Who else to bring order to Chaos than the Princess who brings Harmony”

Shiva instantly calmed at Maud’s words. “Ah, because of… of course. Yeah, order and chaos? That makes sense.”

“Eric said that Order and Chaos are two sides of the same coin so naturally they would be drawn towards each other” Maud said to the Diamond Dog before turning to her. “If you want I can help you with your Devil Fruit.”

Shiva looked intrigued. “I’m listening,” she said.

“Eric did give you a Devil Fruit like he did your son, correct?” Maud asked

Shiva nodded, lifting her claws, and showing them turn into diamonds.

“Hmmm…” Maud said, pulling the Diamond Dogs arms closer. “They’re weak” Maud said bankly

Shiva tilted her head. “Okay,” she noted. “And you can make them stronger?”

“Normally with heat and pressure until they form” Maud said looking the dog in her eyes. “So when you’re free you can meet me in the gravity chamber cause all it would take is enough force” the pony lifted one finger and tapped the Diamond Dog’s arm causing a series of light cracks. “To break them.”

Shiva swallowed and pulled her arm back, rubbing it as the cracked diamond returned to fur. She nodded. “Well... I can meet you after this ki training.”

“What specifically?” Thanos asked the Dark Saiyan.

‘Come on… you know what I’m talking about.’ Thanos didn’t know how, but he could sense the Saiyan had a devious smirk.

Thanos stood to his feet and sighed, everyone looked to Thanos as music began to play.

“...In the time that I was in the bedroom… For two days… Awful, AWFUL things happened to me.” Thanos said as he began to shake, “In that bedroom she… She… SHE DRESSED ME UP LIKE A DAMN GIRL!!!!” Thanos shouted out as manly tears began to fall down his purple face.

‘...Excuse me?’ Black was taken aback by this answer.

Shiva tilted her head. “Huh?”

“She would have me call her “mommy” and she made me her damn sex slave for two days! TWO WHOLE DAMN DAYS!!! I was running on sugar because she only fed me damn cake… CAKE GOD DAMN IT!!!!” Thanos then shook Shiva, “Cake… WHY CAKE!?!??!”

“I don’t know, but it sounds horrible!” Shiva stammered as he shook her.

“Interesting…” Maud says smiling. “Can’t wait for Pinkie and Eric to hear about this”

“I still have nightmares of that shit! I can still taste it, she made me dress up like an animal! I became her damn PET!!! I’m fucking black, THAT SHIT WAS RACIST!!! Then she brought three female royal guards THREE NIGGAS!!! THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! IT WAS THREEEE!!!!! THREEEEE!!!!!!!!!”

Shiva completely froze into a diamond statue, but Thanos threw her aside, clutching his head and continuing to scream.

“THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And then… And then… After two whole days I learned my lesson, never fuck with an Alicorn when she’s crazy… She was chaotic… I… auaghah-” Thanos fell to the ground and rolled up into a ball and started to shake.

“I am so telling them about this now” Maud said enjoying the whole thing

‘... You know, I was expecting something else, but that’s terrible.’ Black said simply. ‘Alright, you can train in the art of ki with us.’ Black sighed.

“Thanks…” Thanos squeaked, “Word of advice… Never fuck… With… An… Alicorn when she’s crazy!” Thanos told the Saiyan.

“That’s offensive…” Nightmare snorted, crossing her arms.

“Your a little late to tell Eric that” Maud said her expression returning to normal

“I could’ve told you that,” Shiva noted.

“Told him what?” Kodo asked, poking his head in.

‘Nothing that you need to know kid, just some grown up stuff.’ Black said calmly.

Kodo hummed. “Grown up stuff seemed to have a lot of emphasis on ‘three.’”

Shiva turned bright red. “So, you heard it all anyway?” she asked.

“Just the three part and something about cake,” Kodo replied, scratching his ear. “Then again, I’d be surprised if there was someone in one of the other universes that didn’t hear him at that point.”

“Miss Shiva If I may?” Maud asked, approaching the pair.

The dogs glanced at each other. “May what?” Shiva asked.

Maud knelt down and turned the Pups head sideways placing a finger on the lower part of his head. “Eric taught me a little trick,” a small white aura cover the pony’s finger as she tapped the Diamond Dogs head.

Kodo blinked, while Shiva stared at him in confusion. “What just happened?”

“There’s a certain spot on every creature’s head that if you hit just hard enough makes them forget the last couple of minutes,” Maud Explained letting go of the pups head. “Now do you remember what we were talking about?”

Tilting her head, Shiva sent out a pack link to Kodo. Sure enough, any mention of cake and three was gone from his memories.

As for Kodo, he glanced up at Maud with a confused expression. “What were we talking about?” he asked. “Mom just asked me to go outside for a bit… and now I’m back here.” He blinked. “Why am I back here? Mom didn’t tell me to come back in!”

‘Were about to start training, that’s why!’ Black said with a laugh.

“Eric explained that it causes slight trauma to ones brain which messes with one’s short term memory” Maud said.

“Trauma?” Shiva asked, pulling Kodo to her side and looking him over. “W-Is he going to… suffer some sort of lasting injury or…?”

“He will be just fine, I wouldn’t have used it unless I had mastered it” Maud assured the pair. “No creature I’ve used it on has suffered any ill effects. Trust me when you travel on a ship with a lot of males and you have a...Matured sister like mine you tend to get a lot of practice”

Shiva lifted a claw. “You don’t need to say anymore,” she said in understanding. “I get it.”

Kodo shuddered. “You mean those guys that have been trying to replace Dad?”

Shiva ruffled his fur. “No one’s replacing your dad, kiddo,” she assured him.

‘Nightmare, could you put the token in the middle of the room?’ Black asked the Alicorn, and she did just that, placing the token softly on the floor and stepping back. A few moments later, a holographic image of Black appeared with a grin. “Ah… much better then seeing darkness.” The Saiyan said with a smile as his image stretched about.

Meanwhile Thanos was still on the ground, Thanos then snapped out of it and stood to his feet looking at the Saiyan. “I am in incredible pain.” Thanos put a thumbs up and grinned, his teeth shining like his bald head.

The Saiyan looked at himself, seeing that his image body wasn’t fully rendered, “Give me a sec,” Black closed his eyes, moments later his image was completely, no longer see through. “Ah, much better. Anyway, who’s ready to learn about ki?”

“We are!” Shiva and Kodo howled.

“I am” Maud said blankly as she lifted her fist

“I am…” Thanos raised his hand shakily, the whole room felt like it was shaking along with Thanos.

“You’ll be fine Thanos,” Black said, waving his hand to the side. “I might not be able to perform anything related with ki at the moment, but I will be able how to tell y'all how to access it, except for Thanos, he already knows how to.”

Kodo exchanged a curious grin with Shiva, but Shiva motioned for him to wait. When Black’s image sat on the floor, the diamond dogs did the same.

“So Ki is basically another energy contained in your body, in other words it’s your life force. With it you can either shoot beams of energy, fly, teleport, and so much more.” Black said with a smile, but it quickly faded as he frowned. “But it can also be very dangerous if not controlled properly. Let's say that you gathered enough energy for an attack, but it was too much for your body to handle. You would either tear your body apart, or detonate yourself.”

Externally Maud held her usual blank expression, internally Maud was actually excited. ‘’

Similarly, Kodo was struggling not to yip with glee. Shiva gently held him in place, even as he excitedly whispered to her through the link, “This is just like pack linking. This is when we take magic from non-magic creatures. Like the other diamond dogs! ”

“Pay attention,” She whispered, frowning as Black explained about the ki being dangerous. “It may be similar, but it’s still got it’s own rules. Rules we need to understand.”

“But I won’t let that happen to either of you, and you won’t be able to do all of that stuff right off the bat, it takes time to master Ki, but with me as you trainer, you will be able to fly and shoot beams of energy in no time!”

“I can help as well!” Thanos put a fist to his chest.

“Hush, my student.” Black said while holding up his hand.

Thanos had visual anger but said nothing, “Alright, until we get to the extreme training.”

“Agreed, but for now we’ll start with the basics.” Black said as his image held his hands in front of him, using his hands like he was holding a ball. “The first step is to clear your mind of unneeded thoughts. You won’t be able to access it if your mind is riddled with thoughts.”

Shiva nodded, lowering her head and clearing her mind, filling it with the image of a softly flowing river. Similarly, Kodo cleared his own mind as well, envisioning a smooth landscape

Luckily for Maud her mind was already pretty clear, the only thought she had was her whole family at home for Hearths Warming

“After your fully relaxed, try to draw it out slowly, you won’t be able to force it out.” Black explained, shortly after, a small yellow ball appeared between Black’s hands. It hummed to life as it lit up the room.

Maud exhaled and held her hand out a pulsing green orb the size of Kodo formed in her palm.

Shiva breathed deeply… and a small white ball formed between her claws, rapidly pulsing between white and yellow while her claws gained a slight diamond tint from her devil fruit powers. At the same time, Kodo’s own ki formed as well, mixing with the smoke of his devil fruit and the dark lightning of his pack link.

Thanos inhaled and exhaled and clenched his fist, he held it in front of him and opened it. A purple orb grew to the size of Thanos’ palm.

“Man, I knew Thanos would be able to do it easily since he already knew how to do it, but to see you three doing it almost instantly is certainly surprising.” Black said with a smile

Shiva smiled softly. “My pack link drew on magic initially,” she admitted. “But when I found a home with the diamond dogs, who weren’t as capable as unicorns or alicorns, I had to draw on a different source.” She lifted her ki ball with a soft chuckle. “I always assumed I was drawing on some sort of inner magic… but I wonder if it was just ki in another form. It feels so… familiar.”

“We’ll do this a few more times, make it feel natural so then you can do it like you knew it from birth.” Black explained.

Nodding, Shiva closed her claws, dispelling her ki, and steadied her breathing. Kodo copied her movements, even as his tail began wagging hard enough to resemble a fan.

Thanos crushes his Ki orb and purple specks fly about like sparks flying through the sky.

Maud closed her hand and dispeled her Ki orb.

“Black, real talk, I think I may have God Ki.” Thanos said looking at his hand.

Black instantly looked to Thanos with a serious expression. He squinted his eyes, “I can’t fully tell, my body is still unconscious so I can’t sense ki. I can make sure after I wake up.” Black told the Titan.

“Yeah because ever since Nappa trained me, he noticed that I had a slight affinity to God Ki, also do you know how Ed said the Titans reign from the Gods?” Thanos looked at the Saiyan. “I may have God Ki.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. But I’ll double check after I wake up.” Black promised. The Saiyan turned back to the party, seeing that they were accessing their ki like naturals. Black smiled at this, “Alright, now that you can access ki, what would you like to learn first?” Black asked as the Saiyan stood up while placing his fists on his hips.

“There’s Ki Blades, Ki Aura, Flight, shooting Ki Blasts, forming them into disks…” Thanos trailed off, putting two hands behind his back.

Shiva hummed, before Kodo piped up. “Are there Ki Axes?” he asked. “Or is that just a variation of the Ki Blades?” His ears flattened. “Or is it just Ki Blades?”

“You can form ki into just about anything, but ki blades are a bit quicker to learn. Doing techniques like my Ki Scythe takes a while to learn.” Black explained to Shiva. “There's a technique called the Destruction Disk. It can cut into just about anything and can be changed to any size.

“Like Eric’s Shadow Disks?” Maud asked tilting his head

“I haven’t seen that technique, but I’m gonna go in the dark and say yes.” Black confirmed

Kodo’s tail had somehow started wagging even faster, creating a rhythmic beating like a drumroll on the ground. Shiva chuckled. “I think we’ll personally start with the disks,” she replied.

“If so, we should probably get out of the medical bay.” Black said with a nervous laugh.

“...In theory could I make a hammer?” Thanos turned to the Saiyan, “Because I want to make a hammer.”

“I think I’d prefer the blade you used against Eric,” Maud said to the holographic Saiyan

“Great, first lets get out of here and head for the area, more room there.” Black said. His image disappearing, leaving his token alone on the floor. Nightmare walked to it and picked it up.

“Let's head there, unless Thanos wants to teleport us there.” Nightmare suggested to the mad titan.

“I’m a ladies man so why not? Everyone hold on my back we’re going to the arena!” Thanos grinned putting two fingers to his forehead. The others held onto his back, and in a few seconds, they were back in the arena.

“We’ve arrived at our destination please escort your children and your luggage off the ride, because I’m not helping you!” Thanos walked off to the center of the arena.

Nightmare rolled her eyes as she stepped to the middle of the arena and placed the token down, moments later Black reappeared. “A bigger space is much better than a cramped one.” Black commented.

“I agree with that,” Maud said, stepping away from the Titan.

“Seconded,” Shiva agreed, trotting around the wide space of the arena.

“Third-ed,” Kodo added, crouching on the ground and forming another ki ball in his claws. Narrowing his eyes, he started to try and compress it into a disk shape.

Black noticed this, “Slow down, take your time to do it. You’ve got to focus on what you want the shape to be.” Black told Kodo.

“Right,” Kodo said, taking a more composed stance. “Right…” He focused on the ball of ki again, but took a breath, concentrating rather than forcing.

Maud took herself to sit down and began to clear her mind, keeping her breathing normal Ki flared around not only her hand but her entire body. Closing her eyes the Ki around her hand began to take shape of a blade similar to Blacks

Black held his hand to the side, producing a ki blade almost instantly, “With Ki shaped weapons, you do need to be focusing on it most of the time. If not, it will dispel itself and fall apart, so practice with it a lot.” Black gave a tip to Maud, Shiva and Thanos.

Thanos coated his hand in Ki and slammed it into his other palm, then pulling it out and made a Great Sword. Thanos frowned and threw it behind him, he then repeated the process and made a knife, Thanos then crushed it. “God fucking damn it.”

“Thanos, repeating the same thing over and over again isn’t going to work. Plus cursing isn’t going to help.”

“Sometimes what you get is what you need” Maud said to the Titan

“Who are you who is so wise in the ways of words?” Thanos asked, turning to the Earth Pony.

Black just laughed, but he then remembered something, “Wait, before I forget, make sure one of you remind me to make my tokens for you so then if you need my help, you can call.” Black asked.

“Hey Black” Maud said gaining the Saiyans attention

“Yes Maud?” Black asked, quirking up an eyebrow.

“Don’t forget to make tokens for everypony” Maud said slightly smiling

“... Later…” Black said with squinted eyes.

“Pinkie has been teaching me how to be more...funny,” Maud said her face returning to her usual expression

“Right…” Black said with a quizzical look, but shook it off, looking at the Diamond Dog. “How are you faring so far Shiva?”

“Good,” Shiva replied, her ki already expanding out into a staff. “Sorry if I was a little quiet; I’m still trying to figure out the differences between my pack link and ki.” A glint came into her eyes. “Master Black… this might be a bit odd, but… can ki be channeled through voice?”

Kodo looked up with glee. “Oh, don’t tell me you’re going to try what I think you’re going to try,” he whispered, even as his tail somehow wagged even harder.

“You sure can, but a little warning. First time I did it, I couldn’t talk for a few days and I shattered every window in a 20 mile radius.” Black said as he nervously chuckled while rubbing the back of his head.

Shiva’s ears perked. “Good to know,” she noted.

“Alright… Let’s do this!” Thanos pumped his fist into the air.

The Titan’s word didn’t reach the earth pony as she stood up and began moving the Ki Blade through the air, the sound it made as it moved in the air sounded like it belonged to a Darth Vader Displaced.

Thanos made a staff made out of Ki and spun it around and slammed it on the ground gaining attention.

“Let’s get down to business…

To protect our worlds.”

Thanos began to sing, getting in front of the group as they formed a line.

“Once, we stood as pups,

But now we’ll rise as warriors”

Kodo sang along, lifting a completed disk of ki.

“Shut up you Pup~

You guys are the weakest runts I’ve ever met

But you can bet before we’re through

Alright guys, I’ll make a Warrior, out of you~”

“And at only on-” Kodo was cut off as he was grabbed by the head and was thrown by Thanos.

“DODGE!!!!” Thanos roared.

Shiva yelped and shot after Kodo, catching him with a pack link and setting him down gently, before both of them noticed Thanos coming for them.

Maud Immediately got in front of the Titan and blocked a strike from him

“Raise your hands to the sky,

To collect, the Ki~”

Nappa suddenly appeared as everyone raised their hands to the sky.

“Face your problems head on,

and you are sure to see”

Maud sang pushing the Titan away

“You’re a useless, strengthless, stupid lot

And you guys don’t even have a clue

But somehow I’ll…

Make a Warrior out of you~!”

Mr. Popo said after nowhere, pointing first to Kodo for being useless, then to Shiva for being strengthless and then Thanos for being stupid.

“Dear Kami this is going to be my death!”

Lucci said out of nowhere as he evaded an attack from a Ki clone, then being pinned.

“Say goodbye to my Nakama, but make sure they’re not lonely!”

Luffy grunted trying to crawl out from under Nappa’s boot as they were proceeding in Combat training.

“How is this so hard; I never skipped track and hunting!”

Shiva gasped as she grappled with Nappa, who was easily overpowering the Diamond Dog. Kodo charged up a ball of ki, but as he tried to turn into smoke to sneak up behind Nappa, his ki exploded, throwing him out of his smoke and sending him tumbling as Nappa overpowered Shiva.

“This Ki’s more complicated than I thought!”

Kodo gasped as he rolled into a smoke-riddled heap.

“I hope to what god up there Black doesn’t see into me!”

Lucci groaned as he was knocked by the head by Thanos, Lucci hit the floor with a thud.

“With all these prodigies, I’ll soon be left behind”

Black crossed his arms as he watched everyone sparring, making the Saiyan smile. ‘If only you can see me now Master Starswirl’

“Be a Warrior

You must be swift as a racing Leopard!”

Lucci turned into his Leopard form and used Rankyaku with his tail and shot an air slash at Nappa who kicked it away.

“Be a Warrior

With all the smarts of Dr. Doom!”

Thanos looked to the stands, getting a feeling Dr. Doom was watching them.

“Be a Powerhouse

With the Strength of Von Shadow”

Maud sang feeling Eric’s presence close by

“Be a Wolf

Mysterious as the night lit by the moon!”

Shiva howled, putting a bit of ki into her voice, blasting Nappa right into a cloud of smoke. Kodo’s eyes glittered from the smoke, before he seized Nappa. A pack link shot between mother and son, and Nappa found himself encased in a diamond dog statue. Shiva quickly released Nappa with a nod.

“Time is racing forward,

Until Bullet, arrives~”

Arkham Knight said looking down at them from a distance, Lord Twigo looked to Knight with a frown.

“Shut the hell up Knight

And you might, survive~”

Lord Twigo said gracefully like the Knightly man that he is.

“Dear god is he here yet?”

Arkham Knight rubbed his forehead, though he had a mask on.

“No Knight no he’s not”

Lord Twigo sighed, Arkham Knight frowned.

“How about now?”

Arkham Knight looked to Twigo with a desperate look in his eyes.

“No god dammit Knight!!!!”

Twigo sang dramatically

“Be a Warrior

You must be swift as a racing Leopard.”

Thanos tried to land a hit on Lucci but used Soru he appeared behind Thanos and landed a roundhouse kick to Thanos’ side.

“Be a Warrior

“With all the smarts of Dr. Doom!”

Nappa blocked punches from Luffy’s Hawk Gatling. Then kicking Luffy in his jaw.

“Be a Powerhouse

With the strength of Von Shadow!”

“Be a Wolf

Mysterious as the night lit by the Moon!”

Mr. Popo appeared on the moon singing over Shiva, leaving her and everyone else looking at him in disturbed shock.

“But I’ll turn you lot, Into warriors

You’ll have the strength, To face anything

For the Challenge, For the Thrill!”

Black’s image turned into a Super Saiyan, gracing his student’s with a smile as he raised his ki blade into the air.

“Be a Warrior!”

Everyone in the arena started to chant, Kodo charged up a Disc of Ki as Nappa levitated a brick with his big brain powers.

“I must be swift as a racing Leopard”

Kodo sang as he directed his disk through the air.

“Be a Warrior!”

“With all the smarts of Dr. Doom”

“Be a Warrior!”

With the strength of Von Shadow

Mysterious as the night lit by the Moon!”

Swinging his disk back and forth he cut through the brick, he finished the song with a massive howl that was accompanied by a blast of ki, shattering the remains of the brick into ashes. When he glanced back at his mother, she nodded in pride.

“Awesome.” Nappa said blankly, before looking at the crew.

“You know,” Black said, gaining everyone's attention. “For you all being my first students, besides Nightmare Moon. Can I just say that I’m really proud of you lot?” Black asked with a big smile, going back to his base form.

“Ahem, I wouldn’t mind having to be called Sensei Nappa…” Nappa said with a grin.

“Not happening” Maud said letting her Ki fade

“Shut it Nappa.” Black said blankly.

Kodo tried to speak, but only let out a small cough from using his howl. Shiva chuckled and shrugged sheepishly.

“Ah hah… Sad.” Nappa laughed, “Anyways, Dinners on me guys!” Nappa walks to go to the Diner.

Black let out a short laugh before sighing, he turned to the rest of the group, “Well… go join him.” Black said as he pointed to the bald Saiyan.

Shiva and Kodo bowed to Black. “Thank you… Sensei Black,” Shiva said. Kodo coughed again, but pretty much indicated his mother as if saying, “What she said.”

“No problem, in the future if you want more training in ki, I’ll give you my token.” Black offered.

“I’d like that,” Shiva admitted, before noticing Maud. “Right, you had something else to show me, Maud?” she asked.

“First… Black,” Maud said, getting the Saiyan’s attention

“Yes Maud?” Black asked.

“You told me Later” Maud said approaching the Saiyans hologram. “It’s later. Your tokens?”

Black let out a short laugh, smiling to the earth pony, “That I did,” Black said with a smile, his image disappearing. Shortly, his token had started to glow, the token splitting up into 4 pairs of potara earrings. “My token allows others to fuse together for 1 hour, depending on how much power the fusion is using, that can shorten the time.” Black explains as his image pops up again from the extra token.

Maud takes hold of one of the earrings. Shiva cautiously reached for the other one, glancing up at Black for permission.

“Would it be bad if I said I wanted to see what this fusion you talked about felt like?” Maud asked holding the rings in her hands

“Not really, one thing I forgot to mention is that the earrings have to be opposite of the other users ear, like mine on the left and Thanos’ on the right. That will trigger the earrings, fusing into the ultimate warrior.” Black explained.

“Sup, I remember you giving me that, if we fused what would our name be? Thack or Blanos?” Thanos raised an eyebrow.

“Would anypony like to fuse with me?” Maud asked her tone speaking with excitement

“I’ll try it,” Shiva offered, taking the other earring. “My Pack Link has always been a fusion of minds, and… I’d like to see what this other fusion might be.”

“This will be interesting.” Black said with a smile, crossing his arms.

Thanos leaned to Black, “...Should we fuse? Because you and I know that Ryker is insanely powerful, we should probably get use to it now then later.” Thanos whispered.

Black looked to Thanos, ‘We should us it as a last resort, if we were to fuse now, Ryker would notice and prepare fro something like this.’ Black’s eyes widened for a second. ‘Wait, you think it’s possible that if we fused now, that I can skip my long sleep.

“There’s only one way to find out.” Thanos grinned brighter than the sun.

‘Lets see their’s first’ Black said with a grin.

“I thing you should give your pair to your son so we don’t get ours mixed up,” Advised the earth pony

“Yeah,” Shiva agreed, handing her pair off to Kodo. “Look out for these, okay?”

Kodo smiled, giving her a thumb up.

Maud took off the gold earring given to her by Pinkie and proceeded to attach the right token to her ear as Shiva did the same with her left ear. Both Pony and Diamond Dog flew into each other causing a flash of light, their bodies disappearing into a ball of light that shined throughout the arena. Moments later, the light died down, leaving one figure standing alone.

Kodo gasped in shock. The figure that stood before them was neither pony nor diamond dog. It had the back hooves of a pony, but the claws of a diamond dog. Her mane - predominantly Maud’s dark purple streaked with Shiva’s white - flowed down her back in Maud’s style, but the rest of her coat was Shiva’s white fur, streaked through with Maud’s gray. She wore Shiva’s armor under Maud’s dress.

“M-Mom?” Kodo whispered, his voice still scratchy from using his ki howl earlier.

“Kodo… My dear boy,” the Fusion said with a smile however her voice lacked expression but sounded like two people speaking in unison. The oddity caused Kodo’s tail to tuck, but though he lifted a claw like a curious dog, he didn’t flee.

The Fusion Lifted the Diamond Dog up and rested him in her arms.

“Who...Who are you?” Kodo asked confused at the creature in front of him

“Hmm. That’s… a good question, my pup,” the Fusion said slightly confused herself. “I feel like Maud Pie and Shiva but at the same time... I don’t”

“So how about you call me… M… Mia” Mia said, smiling at the pup. “It’s a combination of both Maud’s and Shiva’s names, sound good?”

Kodo nodded, too stunned to do anything else.

Black spoke up, “They’re powers aren’t just added together, they’re significantly magnified.” Black spoke to the fusion. “Also, that’s a good name, Mia.” Black said with a smile.

Mia curtsied. “It sounded right,” she replied.

“It would take twenty punches from you to kill me. Five to cripple me too.” Thanos pointed out, “Diamond-Diamond Fruit, Tremor-Tremor Fruit… Dear Kami I’m fucked if I get hit.” Thanos raised both of his hands and backed away.

“That’s if you didn’t use the potara earrings, although…” Black started to chuckle, looking towards the Mad Titan with a smirk.

“The time has come, execute order 66.” Thanos pulled out a potara earing that Black had,

“Thanos, you wouldn’t mind grabbing my body real quick?” Black asked

“That’s kinda gay but sure.” Thanos put two fingers to his forehead and disappeared, then reappeared with Black’s unconscious body. “One Black body coming up!”

“RACIST!!!” Lucci shouted out but Thanos waved him off.

“I have a feeling this is gonna be spectacular,” Black said as his hologram disappeared.

Thanos put a Potara earring on Black’s left ear then put his Potara earring on his right. They then both come together and impact each other. In a split second, the arena began to tremble as a yellow vortex surrounded the two. They disappeared in a storm of shear power as the arena began to crack. Lightning almost struck Mia, but she casually leaned her head back to avoid the lightning, smirking as it hit the stands. A few seconds later, the vortex disappeared in a powerful shockwave as it blew away everyone except Mia.

In the middle of it all revealed a silhouette, a tall and muscular figure stood in the middle with his arms crossed. His hair stood up like Black’s Super Saiyan, it had a deep shade of purple with his eyebrows and eyes doing the same. He had the same chin as Thanos and the skin color of Black. His body was covered up in heavy black armor with golden accents. With heavy black armored pants with white armored boots. He had white armored gauntlets, one of them containing the Reality and Power stones. On his back rested Thanos’ double bladed infinity blade.

The fusion let out a breath, steam escaping from the edges of his mouth. The fusion glanced over to Mia, who held a confident expression.

“And who do we have the pleasure of speaking with?” Mia asked

“I am neither Black nor Thanos,” the fusion spoke, the voice of Black and Thanos melding together. “Names Thack, and we’re bout to attack” Thack smirked, Black’s side of personality was definatly seen..

“I do apologize, but I would rather not start a pointless fight,” Mia said, turning away from the Fusion. “Come, Kodo.”

“As expected for a dog, you know what they say, it’s a dog eat dog world and it would seem we’re at the top. Especially because you have that brat following you around like a lost puppy trying to find his owner.” Thack mocked, Thanos’ personality taking over for a sec.

Mia stopped.

“I do apologize... ‘Thack,’ was it?” Mia began setting the Diamond Dog pup down and waving him to get somewhere safe. Kodo ran off, as Mia turned back to Thack, her smile almost like a wolf baring its teeth. “But would you please repeat that, this fusing has left my ears not in the best condition”

“Let me put it in simpler words,” Thack mocked as he began to roll his right shoulder, “What I’m trying to say is, your just a… coward.” Thack taunted as he began to roll his neck.

Mia hummed, considering his words. With a small nod, her claw lashed out, sending out a pack link that ensnared him around the neck.

Just as he grabbed the strange web like substance, a wave of exhaustion fell over him as his ki was drained from him, turning the link golden. Mia’s other claw clenched, turning to diamonds and covering in the aura of a Tremor fist.

“You should never judge a book by it’s cover,” Mia said, before yanking Thack into a devastating punch. “After all..”

Thack was sent flying into the arena wall from Mia’s attack

“Normally, I’m a pacifist,” Mia continued, striding casually towards the other fusion. “But mess with my family? I’ll pass some fists.”

A few moments went past, Thack covered in rubble, only to walk out of it with a smirk. From Mia’s punch, not even a bruise laid on the fusion’s cheek. ”That’s nice and all, but can your claim be backed up with evidence to show? If so, how about you show me it!” Thack laughed, preparing up a punch for Mia, winding one right up. He coats his fists in Ryou Haki and Hellish Flames.

Mia sighed softly, before bringing her fists up, both coated in Armament Haki, diamonds and the white aura of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, and the other winding up another pack link.

In the split of a second, Kodo coughed, signaling the start. The two fusions rushed at each other, both yelling as they’re double voices shook the arena. Thack and Mia threw a fist at each other, clashing as the arena lit up like Christmas night, causing the entire colosseum to shake violently.

Next time in the Displaced Tournament Thack and Mia have an epic duel one that was heard by the heavens! Unfortunately it awakened Ryker and whoever this Bullet guy is, whatever happens next isn’t going to be nice!

Side Chapter, The Heaven Trembles; Thack vs Mia, A Fusion Show Down!

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Side Chapter, The Heaven’s Trembles; Thack Vs Mia, A Fusion Showdown!

Massive trembling shook the entire Colosseum. The Shadow Man tripped over his feet. “What the fuck?” Eric cursed quickly getting to his feet. “That felt like it came from the ring.” Immediately Eric ran to the stands to investigate the disturbance, in the ring Eric found two people he had no memory of seeing prior.

Meanwhile, Phoenix had been training inside the gravity chamber.He felt the large vibrations under his feet, and teleported off to investigate. Though, what he found was something quite odd to him.

“What in Faust’s name is happening,” Sombra said running in after the Shadow man

“Two fusions are dueling it out,” Nightmare responded, almost shouting at the sound of clashing fists as she ran up the steps towards him.

“Fusions?” Eric said confused

“What’s going on? Who’s fighting now?” Rainbow asked entering the stands behind Luna

“The fusion of Thanos and Black is fighting the fusion of Shiva and Maud! The earth pony wanted to know what fusion was like, and Shiva agreed to fuse with her. Then Black got an idea that could skip his long sleep by fusing with Thanos.”

“Maud? The Maud?” Rainbow asked not believing the dark Alicorn. “OUR Maud?”

“Don’t believe me, look closely at the fusions, you’ll see the similarities!” Nightmare continued to shout, the fight escalating quickly.

“How’d they fuse in the first place?” Eric asked Nightmare, soon seeing the slight anger in Maud’s and Shiva’s new form. “And better question why are they fighting?”

“Black’s Token made it possible! His tokens are his potara earrings!” Nightmare explained. “Thack insulted Mia, but I believe it was Thanos’ personality.”

“Oh now it’s all making sense now,” Luna said pinching the bridge of her nose. “If there is anypony here he hasn’t angered in this place, then it would be a miracle.”

“Gotta agree with you there, but we should talk about this later and get to safer ground, this fight is escalating too quickly!” Nightmare suggested to the three.

Immediately a large crack formed in between the Alicorn and the Shadow Man. “That’s a wonderful Idea.” Eric said forming a pair of wings on his back before grabbing those who had no wings with shadow tendrils

“Kodo, grab!” Nightmare ran to the shakened pup. He quickly grabbed her hand, Nightmare spreading her wings and taking off into the sky next to Eric. Looking back down to the stadium, Nightmare chuckled nervously, “I don’t think the stadium is gonna survive this…”

“I would have to agree with you, Nightmare” Sombra said, keeping his fathers sword in his hand. "Maud is a strong adversary. Combine that with her Devil Fruit, Haki, and Six Powers she is a force to be reckoned with. I was rather surprised she didn’t obliterate the ring further in her fight with Entity.”

“What I’m surprised by is how we were not being blown aw-” Nightmare was interrupted as a clash of fists had created a devastating shockwave. This pushed Nightmare backwards a good 10 feet.

“Let’s not forget that now Shiva has the Diamond-Diamond Fruit giving Mia’s attacks much more power than Mauds Tremor attacks” Eric said doing his best to keep his grip on the non-flyers.

“Also,” Kodo stammered out. “Her pack link lets her deal back the damage she’s taken. It’s almost like that status promotion thing Phoenix did with Mom. Every hit Thack gives Mia is only going to ensure Mia’s next hit hurts twice as bad!”

“Honestly I should’ve seen this coming,” Ed appeared. “Thanos and Black have extremely similar mindsets at times so it makes sense that they’d mesh very well.”

"God darn it Thack…" Nappa shook his head before offering Ed some popcorn, "Popcorn?"

“Thanks,” Ed gratefully accepted. “It’ll be a good fight as long as the fusions hold. I never did figure if Black’s tokens had the time limit. If they are from super, then they should mean this fight may only last as thirty miniyue to an hour,” the turned their heads to see Thack go fly by. “Or until they run out of energy,” Ed snapped and a red aura covered the field. “After Asta fought with the goddess, I was able to develop a barrier designed for this sort of fight so we’re good now.”

"Quick question, do you think you can handle both of them?" Nappa asked the Sage, "They're pretty damn strong."

“Not in my human form,” Ed noted. “They may give me a run for my money in my first form, push me to the limit, maybe go form two but they’d still lose. I may link to Truth but I’m the one in control unless I relinquish that control. And trust me,” Ed looked at the field. “You’d rather I stay in control.”

"Imagine a Perfected Super Saiyan Rose Burst Man White Hot Edition Kaio-Ken times ten?" Nappa laughed, "Yeah… That's… Scary."

“Forget the Kaio-ken times ten, what about the times 50 Kaio-ken?” Nightmare said nervously as Mia had now begun to be pushed back.

“Oh you wanna see scary?” Ed raised an eyebrow. “You should watch my fight with Eric then. Then you’ll see scary. I’m uber pissed at the fucker and plan on putting him through a much worse fight than Black had when I was in my first form.”

“I know your pissed and I will take everything you can dish out” Eric said to the Alchemist

“...Are you sure about that?” Lucci turned to the Shadow Man, “From what I hear he’s the strongest out of ALL of us?”

“I am aware of that” Eric answered the Leopard Assassin

“You know how Thanos’ has the most raw strength out of everyone here?” Nappa said looking at Thack evade an attack from Mia. “I think that changes if Maud and Shiva fuses…”

“It just might,” Kodo said with a grin. “Mom’s not a good fighter on her own, but she’s an amazing supporter in a pack. Her pack link allows her to absorb not just magic, but now ki as well, and she prefers channeling that energy into her allies rather than keeping it for herself like Tirek would. Even in this fusion form, she’ll be increasing Maud’s strength and skill higher and higher every time she manages to snare Thack with her link. And even if Thack’s got the energy to spare, every time he hits her, she’ll just channel the pain from the attack right back into him. So every hit from her is not just Maud and Mom, but also Thanos and Black’s strength added on.”

“Still, it would drastically change if I undid my seals,” Ed said as everyone’s head shot to the other side to follow Mia go flying across the field this time. “This is going to be like this old pong games the old timers used to play way back in the early nineteen hundreds.”

“You can say that again, but Thanos has a form of Tekkai that counters Mia’s ability to push back the force to Thack,” Nappa informed the young pup.

“Even so,” Kodo insisted. “I saw the fight between Maud and Entity. And Mom’s loyalty to her family is on par with the ancient wolf packs.” He nodded. “Thack made a serious mistake using family to provoke her.”

His words were proven true when Mia shot back across the field, and sent Thack skidding with another devastating punch that left a trench in the field, even as Thack leaped back to his feet.

“Shouldn’t we stop this?” Rainbow asked fear gripping her being seeing her friends destructive battle

“Ryker will deal with it, or whoever this Bullet guy. He’s probably one of his allies, any leads on him?” Lucci turned to the group with a raised eyebrow.

“Will he deal with it before or after they destroy the colosseum?” Eric asked keeping Lucci and Sombra in the air

“Yes.” Nappa and Lucci say at the same time, answering Eric.

“Eric can always drop you Leopard Man,” Luna said to the assassin.

“A few words, Geppo, and Ki flight.” Lucci countered, sharpening his nails with a… Nail File?

“You know you and Rarity would get along, you both use those girly nail files” Mocked Rainbow before Eric looked at her

“Says Miss Spa Mare,” Eric mocked with a glare causing the mare’s face to turn a shade of red.

“I am a Leopard, I have to keep my nails sharp! My only other options are to claw someone, and dig my claws into their bones. So Rainbow Dash, Nail Files, or Bones?” Lucci frowned, getting into his Hybrid form before going back to his normal form.

Down below, Thack responded to Mia’s punch with a kick that sent her into the wall with such force the stands above started to part with massive cracks, Pulling herself up, Mia felt something on the corner of her mouth. Dragging her wrist across the corner of her mouth Mia found a small spot of blood.

“Making a female bleed? How shameful of you, Thack,” Mia glared at the Titan Saiyan

“You know there was a wise Italian that once said, ‘Equal Rights, Equal Fights’ and I don’t discriminate.” Thack chuckled as Mia begins to feel the floor heat up, “No matter what gender, race or ethnicity you are, you’re going to get your ass kicked by me.”

“An equal opportunity asswhoper?” Mia asked, leaping off the ground and ensnaring him with another link. “You would do well in the Outlands of Equestria. Though I hope you’re less perverted than some of the animals out there.”

Mia covered her arm in both Devil Fruit powers before bringing it down on the Titan Saiyan causing the ring to split in four parts, Thack was sent flying into the arena’s wall. Thack then used steam to boost himself and to try and not hit the wall, fortunately it worked.

“Alright, if you want to play it that way…” Thack covered his fists in Ryou Haki, enhancing it with Tekkai Go and his Netsu-Netsu No Mi. Thack grinned getting in a stance that mirrors Vegito’s, “Then we’ll play it that way!” Thack shot off to Mia, flickering, reappearing and disappearing all over the arena before delivering a devastating uppercut to Mia. As Mia was shot up, Thack grabbed her leg with a grin and spun around before throwing her far, trying to give her the same treatment they had given Thack. But Thack felt the same injury that he had given Mia, Thack looked to Mia with a quizzical look before snapping his fingers.

“You must be using an ability that makes me feel the pain I give you, right? Because I sure as hell know you did not uppercut me in the chin,” Thack smirked, crossing his arms. “However, I have an ability just like that, Tekkai Utsugi. Thanos has mastered the art of Tekkai so that he can move freely while having it activated.” Though it didn’t show, the form of Tekkai was now activated.

“So, you can avoid feeling what we feel?” Mia mused sadly. “How close-minded.” She grinned, lifting a glowing golden string of a pack link that she had managed to hook onto his shoulder. “Oh, well, at least you’re willing to share something with us.”

The link glowed golden, and Mia used it to fling herself back to Thack at top speed, socking him in the gut. As Thack felt her fist bury in his gut, he felt not only her strength, but the strength of Thanos and Black behind the punch. Thack was sent flying back however he stopped himself and deactivated Tekkai Utsugi.

"Cheap ass mother fucker," Thack scoffed, before analyzing her to try and find a weakness. 'Let's see… If I use Tekkai Utsugi, I feel the pain of both Thanos and Black plus her strength on top of it. There must be some way I can avoid that. Wait, can she counter Ki Blasts?' Thack planned before smirking. Thack charged up a Ki Blast in hand, both purple and yellow started to morph together to form a Yin and Yang symbol.

"I think I may have found a way to take you down without harming myself." Thack took a step forward, the ground shifting to Thack's will alone. Thack then shot off to Mia like a rocket appearing in front of her only for Thack to pop up at her side. Thack shot the destructive Ki blast and sent her careening into a wall, this time Thack felt no pain.

However, Mia’s claws found the ki blasts, and crushed them down. Her arms glowed golden as she absorbed the residual energy, and she grinned darkly as her entire body was coated in diamonds.

“Diamond Body,” Mia whispered before bolting to the Titan Saiyan, vanishing from his view.

Immediately Thack felt a pain from his back. Mia, with the aid of the Shave Technique, had run behind the fusion and pierced his body with all ten of her fingers.

“Ten Finger Diamond Pistol,” Mia said, pulling her fingers from Thack’s back and using the Moonwalk to gain some distance from the fusion.

Thack stumbled forward wincing slightly, "You strike me behind my back? Not very honorable, at least I had the common decency to not strike a man behind his back." Thack chuckled, Thack used Tekkai Go, an enhanced version of Tekkai making his body tougher. It was Tekkai Go vs Diamond now.

“You insult my family and you have the nerve to talk about decency?” Mia asked forcefully. evading the Titan Saiyan. “Tempest Kick!” the fusion said backflipping adding more power to the technique

A gust of wind was fired at Thack

"The Japanese version is better! Rankyaku!" Thack went to a handstand and spun around, Thack fired off his version of the air slash.

The techniques collided with each other causing a massive gust to blow both parties back as their bodies were sliced by the opposing kicks

Thack did a backflip before landing on his feet, skidding to the side of the ring. The Fusion winced from where the attack made contact, “A very impressive attack, how about we finish this warm up?” Thack said, as he grabbed Thanos’ infinity blade, then coating it in Armament Haki.

“You’re on, Titan,” Mia said her body forming a thicker layer of Diamond with at the same time being covered in a white aura

“This is bad,” Eric said worry creeping in his voice

"Gura-Gura No Mi aura?" Lucci said, his right eye twitching slightly in fear.

“We need to stop this fight now,” Eric said attempting to move in before being blown back by a shockwave.

"HOW?!?!?!" Lucci looked to the Shadow Man, clutching his head. "Thack insulted Mia's family, that's a death sentence!"

“This will not be good for this planet!” Sombra stated, his eyes showing fear. “That’s Mauds full body Tremor! Every move she makes will cause whatever touching it to crack.”

"No shit Sherlock." Nappa frowned, "Well, might as well start digging a grave for ourselves."

Black’s black and purple aura surrounded Thack as his power began to increase. The fusion’s aura then moved its way to the infinity blade, sharpening the edges as the blade began to hum like a lightsaber. Mia made a single step towards the opposing Fusion, this caused the air around her leg as well as the ground beneath her foot to crack severely causing the entire planet to quake. At this, Thack smirked as he stuck his infinity blade into the ground, the Armament Haki and Ki disappearing.

[insert or some other cool OST]

“You're gonna love this… trust me. What you see now is my normal state.”

"Dear. God." Lucci's pupils shrunk, Fujitora waltzes in, before sensing Thack.

"Oh… Oh no." Fujitora put up a hand to his forehead in pure unadulterated fear.

Instantly, Thack transformed into a Super Saiyan God, his hair turning blood red along with his eyebrows and eyes. He also started to emanate more steam “This is a Super Saiyan God combined with Netsu-Netsu Steam Man."

"Call the ambulance!" Lord Twigo clutched his head and started running off.

Shortly after, Thack’s hair turned pink with his eyebrows and eyes doing the same. Bright blue flames had started to form on the fusions back.“And this is Super Saiyan Rose combined with Thanos’ Burst Man, Blue Hell Edition. In simpler terms, let's call this Super Saiyan Blue Inferno."

"What's he doing?!" Katakuri jumped down from the heavens and fell between Eric and Lucci.

“He’s being stupid thats what!” Nightmare hissed as the pressure became heavy, she was starting to have a hard time breathing now.

Thack grinned, looking at the stunned Mia. He frowned as veins had started showing up on the fusion’s forehead. “Get Ready…” Thack hunched over, “This… next level… goes way beyond Super Saiyan Blue Inferno!!!” Thack began to roar to the heavens, the stadium and arena began to crumble beneath him as his aura turned into a sphere, pulsating a devastating amount of power. It then began to shake the planet, alerting the civilians to the massive power being thrown around.

Mia narrowed her eyes with a hum. “Impressive power,” she mused, another pack link forming in her claws. “Let’s see what I can do to replicate it.”

Swinging her link like a lasso, she hooked him once again. Her link thickened to the size of a rope, and pulsated with power. Mia grit her teeth, her fur spiking and turning a similar bright blue.

But the tremendous increase in pressure had begun to take a toll on the pack link, it slowly being pushed away before snapping, causing Mia to gape in dumbfounded shock. Thack continued to roar as his hair slightly grew in size, the blue hellish flames growing in size before turning pure white. Thack began to struggle as the flames flickered, feeling the growing pressure on his body. He lifted his head to the sky, letting out one more burst of power, yelling to the heavens as there was a bright flash of light. The pressure knocked Mia off her hooves, sending her flying off the ring and into a wall.

Mia shielded herself with a barrier, growling up at Thack’s new form. Thack’s body was now more the size of Thanos now, a pink aura surrounding Thack with a white aura to top it off. Thack’s hair had a white outline on it, similar to Ultra Instinct, lightning flew around the Fusion like it would if Black went Super Saiyan Two. Thack grinned, “This… Is Super Saiyan White.” His voice was echoey, more than it was before.

[ ]

Mia groaned, a small dart of light forming her claws. “Not sure if I’m about to put my hoof in my own mouth,” Mia admitted. “But since you’ve got so much brawn, it makes me curious…”

She flung her small dart, and like a humming bird, it zipped right through the aura and into his mind.

Instantly, the scene shifted. Thack found himself in a different stadium. Instead of blue or dark skies, a cavern enclosed the whole arena in shadows. The stadium was packed with red-eyed, jeering forms, all of them frothing at the mouth and chanting, “Blood-BLOOD-BLOOD-BLOOD!”

Before him on the blood-strewn sands were several shadowy creatures, with similar red eyes and white teeth.

How’s your brain?” they all asked.

“You can’t just ask that to someone, it’s like asking how’s your heart, you don’t actually know.” Thack chuckled, tapping his head with a finger, “If you’re asking about this big noggin, it’s fine.”

You sure about that?” echoed around him, before a heavy blow to the back of his head sent him spinning.

“God fucking damn it, can everyone stop with the mind tricks for once!?” Thack roared as he got to his feet, the personality of Thanos, again, has shown itself. “Shiva nor Maud is capable of teleportation, so this must be a Genjutsu. Damn Genjutsus…”

Instead of responding, Mia went for another attack. Feinting a charge, she slid under his arm and delivered a hard mule kick with her hooves. the blow dealing more damage from their respective Devil Fruits, causing a crack to form in the back of the fusions thick skull

Thack growled as he stood back up to his full height, but he calmed himself. Taking a deep breath before exhaling. He closed his eyes, letting his mind loose. Mia circled the fusion before going for an attack, she tried to kick the fusion again. But Thack moved out of the way, taking Mia by surprise, only to feel a sheering pain in her gut. Thack had delivered a devastating punch into the fusion’s gut, cracking the diamond armor.

Mere milliseconds before she was launched away, Mia grabbed his wrist, and her pack link twined around it, glowing golden and absorbing more of Thack’s ki before she was launched skyward, letting the link shred as she went into the air. Flipping backward into a recovery stance, Mia cracked her neck before standing straight, flicking her arm Mia forms a white and green Ki blade over both of her arms.

Thack rotated his wrist where the link had grabbed him. He hit his head softly a few times, opening his eyes he no longer saw the illusion disappear. He glared at the fusion, the clearness in his eyes sending a wave of frustration through Mia’s features.

“You use that shit against me again,” he warned. “Then I’m going to stop going easy on you.”

But Mia had a new look in her eyes: a rage that Maud had never seemed capable of. With an almost defiant gleam in her eyes, she launched link after link like Spiderman, practically cocooning Thack in a glowing ball of light. With a mighty heave, Mia pulled a glob of energy that nearly split the seams of her link entirely.

Kodo stood up as the glob of energy entered the fusion’s body. “What are you doing?” he screamed up at her.

Lightning flashed from the fusion’s form. She was concealed in light. Her links shredded from the pressure, and Thack was pushed back as she tried to condense the energy down.

I… will… match… you,” began to echo like a chant. “I… will… SURPASS… YOU!”


Almost like she could hear him, a small ball of energy deposited the shaken earth pony next to Eric. While relatively unharmed, there was a fear in Maud’s eyes that had never been there before.

“She’s trying to go Super Saiyan God,” Maud reported, worry in her voice. “She’s going to rip her body apart if she keeps going!”

“STOP IT SHIVA!!!!!!” Fujitora cried out running down the stairs and jumping down to the arena, “You’re harming yourself, stop it Shiva!”

Kodo lunged forward. Despite the energy trying to blast him back, he managed to fire off a dark pack link that managed to just barely touch the second sun his mother had become.


I HAVE TO MATCH HIM!” her voice echoed back. “I HAVE TO SURPASS HIM! BECAUSE…”

Everyone felt her despair fall over them; like a storm cloud with icy rain.

Because what am I worth otherwise?” she whimpered.

Kodo tried to yank the energy from her core. His link thickened like rope as he tried to pull the energy away.

Everything!” he insisted. “You’re worth everything!”

“But I’m not as strong as him…” Shiva whimpered. The energy around her pulsated as her voice took on a bout of hopelessness. “I’ll… never be as strong…”

The ball of light exploded. Thack was flung nearly through the arena wall and out the other side. The members of the audience were pushed to the outside. And in the center of the rubble the stadium had become, Shiva plummeted and hit the ground hard.

The Diamond Dog was a mess. Her gem studded armor had been disintegrated; her once beautiful white fur blackened and burned to ash. Her skin was scorched and riddled with wounds where the energy had punched out of her pores. Her eyes were shut, and her chest didn’t move. Kodo was the first to reach her side. And when he put his ear on her chest… he heard no heartbeat.

“N-No…” Kodo whispered. “Not again…” He tried to pack link with her, but the link fizzled out as if she was already a corpse.

“H-Help…” he mumbled, before looking at the stunned audience members. “HELP!”

“UH I- C’MERE BOI!!!!” Nappa ran to the rescue, on Shiva’s side he starting to pump Ki in to her, basically trying to restart her life. Pulse after pulse, Nappa started to go Super Saiyan 2 to put more energy into Shiva. Nappa went down to feel her heartbeat, nothing, Nappa poured more energy into Shiva. Nappa went down to check… He felt a heartbeat! It eventually continued like normal and Nappa backed away.

“DOCTORS DEGREE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!” Nappa laughed, grinning ear to ear.

Despite his declaration, Shiva still didn’t move. And when Kodo nosed at her, he got no reaction.

“C’mon, Mom,” Kodo whispered. “Wake up. Think of Celine; you can’t leave her alone like this. Wake up!” He desperately pack-linked with her, but she still didn’t move.

“She’s most likely unconscious due to the stress of absorbing that much power.” Nappa turned back to the dog, Nappa shook his head, “This is why I don’t like when people push themselves.”

“That’s what I don’t get,” Kodo admitted. “Why’d she push herself like that? She’s always been so careful.” He looked down in guilt. “Was it… because of me?”

“No, it’s our fault.” Nappa admitted, “We’re all so stronger than her, Entity, Sombra, hell even Kyle may be stronger but… She realized that she can’t destroy a mountain in one punch, she can’t destroy the moon, she can’t cause an eruption with just her fists alone. She feels like she’s… Worthless, though that is not the case. Shiva has the potential to be stronger than all of us. However I’m not sure she wants to train with us who have YEARS of experience in combat.”

Kodo felt her brow. “Even if she wanted to,” he noted. “I don’t think she’ll be able to. At least… not for a while.”

“Indeed, I think it’s fair to say this… No more fights in our free time. Look how the arena has suffered, look how we’re changing, we’re falling into Ryker’s hand by being more and more competitive.” Nappa looked to the stands, the arena, the fighters… “No. More. Fights. In our freetime!”

As the other fighters processed Nappa’s words, Kodo gathered up his mother. “I’m gonna take her to the medical bay,” he said, easily hefting her up despite the size difference. “Hopefully, she’ll wake up soon.” He tottered off with her body.


Black looked to Thanos with a glare that pierced into the Titan’s soul, “You and I are gonna have a talk later,

“Pfft, don’t, I’m just gonna lock myself in my room for… Meh, a few years.” Thanos walked towards his room.

Thanos was taken by surprise when Black appeared in front of him, holding the Titan by the throat. The Saiyan held a ki blade milimeters away from Thanos’ throat. “I’m starting to get sick of you. Remember when you wanted to stop the joking act and wanted to be serious for this tournament… stick to that promise then… John…” Black growled, before letting go off the Titan, walking away as he went to go looking for Shiva.

“This is not a joke, I’m… I’m locking myself up. I’ve done enough damage.” Thanos sighed, he stood up and walked to his room.

“...Can… I need to check on her.” Fujitora said as the earth beneath him rose up and he went after Shiva.

“You're all idiots,” came Ed’s voice from everywhere. “You all never took into account how compatible you are with one another,” He explained. “Potara fusion is not fusion of two individuals together like the fusion dance does where the individuals must be in sync on every possible level to create a whole new being. No potara is the force fusion of two that takes the best qualities of both to create a pseudo entity where both souls are still present within the fusion at all times. Due to your high compatibility with each other this led to gleaming things from one another that were extremely personal,” The alchemist appeared out of the air. “It would be best if you didn't fight in a fused state right now, especially with what happened. If you want to fight that badly then fight as teams. Work through your shit before you jump back into the fray of things, but what do I know?” He shrugged. “I’ve only been around a few millennia,” Ed faded away like dust in the wind again.

Fujitora, Black and the others found Shiva in the medical bay. Kodo resting beside her, a pack link glowing between them. Shiva was still out cold, her expression set in a grimace like she was either still sore or suffering from a nightmare. Kodo, however, only had a look of sad resignation.

“She’s locked herself in her own mind,” he mumbled as the others approached. “It’s like… I don’t even know; I’ve never seen her do something like this before.”

“Curse it,” Fujitora sighed rubbing his forehead, “This is the worst thing that could happen on a day like this. The. Worst.”

“Who knows? She could have a mental breakdown. That would be worse than this.” Arkham Knight said, now being noticed for he was leaning on a wall, like a cool guy.

Kodo barely noticed. “Nah,” he said. “I’d notice if that was the case.” He tilted his head. “She’s just… well…”

He lifted another pack link up, conjuring up what was going on in her head: an image of the Canterlot throne room. There, Shiva paced back and forth, garbed in white queenly robes over her usual armor, links going out the various windows like a spider web.

Yes, I’m aware that diamond dogs aren’t dragons,” Shiva was saying. “But I’m wondering if the power can be transferred. Dragons get stronger the more treasure they have, so why shouldn’t diamond dogs?” She paused, turning to another link like it was a cellphone. “Oh, good; Celestia. You’re finally back. Tell me, how strong would you theorize Day Breaker to be?” She grimaced as her link to Celestia pulsed and beeped. “Yes, I know it’s a form you’d rather keep under wraps, but you brought it out for my son; surely you can at least donate the power to defend us all from something that could destroy all of Equestria with a pointing finger.”

“Huh, that’s rather… Adorable that she’s in her mind. It will most likely give her something to cope with after this whole fiasco.” Arkham Knight said with a somewhat look of curiosity under his mask.

“Pretty much,” Kodo agreed, stroking his mother’s paw as she snorted in her sleep - probably ‘Celestia’ still being coy with her.

Arkham Knight inhaled through his teeth, “I could make her tea when she wakes up, does anyone want some tea?” Arkham Knight asked everyone, looking around. A mist sweeped over the room, and it soon died out. Zabuza appeared next to the Knight out of thin air with a tea set. Suddenly the wall next to Arkham Knight melted, making a doorway, and out came Akainu and Necrozma.

“What the hell happened here?” Akainu said, using his magma to light his cigarette.

“Uh… Why are you three here?” Necrozma points to Zabuza, Arkham Knight, and Fujitora.

“Don’t ask.” They all respond before drinking their tea that suddenly appeared in their hands.

“What’s this, a party?” Phoenix teleported in and stood next to Kodo, looking over his mother. “Uhhh, what did I miss?”

Kodo shook his head. “I barely understand it myself,” he admitted. “Mom used these… earrings from the Dragon Ball world to fuse with Maud. And then Thanos and Black fused as well. And their fusion started talking bad about me. And the fusion with my mom in it freaked out.” He indicated his mother. “At first, it was just a regular fight. But then my Mom went berserk; started trying to absorb way more energy than she was capable of. Screaming about how useless she was compared to everyone else.” He lowered his head. “Now she’s in some sort of coma; locked herself up in a memory where she was Queen of Equestria and researching ways to get stronger.”

“I see,” Phoenix spoke with a frown. “That explains the tremors.” Sighing, he kneeled next to Kodo, but didn’t make eye contact. “Kodo, do you reckon your mom would be pissed at me if I delved into her mind to speak with her?”

Kodo shrugged. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “She’s never been like that before; I mean, yeah she was never the strongest dog in the ring, but… she’s never let it bother her like that before. I don’t know if it was just her fusing with Maud or something else, but…” He sighed. “If you’ve got some way to snap her out of it, I won’t complain.”

“Got it, though, I’ll need to lay down just in case. I’ve never done this before so I’m not sure whether my body will go limp.” Phoenix began laying on the floor, and thought over his choice of words. “And don’t worry, this is safe.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Kodo noted, settling between them. “You don’t need me linking you to her, do you?”

“That won’t be necessary.” Phoenix thought of his target, before closing his eyes and diving in.

He found himself in the Canterlot Throne Room. Shiva, dressed as a queen, was still pacing back and forth. Links were spread out across and out the room like a massive spider web, pulsing and glowing as various blobs of magic were sent back and forth.

“Yes, exactly,” Shiva said with a wagging tail. “You managed to combine all four alicorns’ power into Twilight. What if we tried something similar… but we added the magic of every pony on top of it?” Her ears flattened as whoever she was linked to responded. “No, that’s not ‘exactly what Tirek wanted!’ Don’t be ridiculous!”

“That would result in a magic overload, Lady Shiva.” Phoenix stepped towards her with his hands in his pockets. “The vessel being used would surely die. Living or not.”

Shiva glanced distractedly at him. “Oh, good, another one,” she said, sending a link out to him. The link formed a bracelet around his wrist. “I’m sure you’re aware of the threat that plagues our nation. Rest assured, we’re doing everything we can to figure out how to combat it. Ideas are surely appreciated.” Her ears perked. “Oh, like getting Tirek from Tartarus. Somehow, he held every pony’s magic ‘without’ dying. Perhaps there’s a way to take his durability…”

Yet, as she spoke, the link tried to carry Phoenix out a window and into a white void. He simply sliced the link off with the side of his hand.

Despite slicing her link away, Shiva didn’t even notice. She settled on her throne, completely lost in her own world. “Yes, Maud’s got a point. Maybe if we make ourselves completely unremarkable, no one will be interested in us.” She grimaced. “No, that won’t work: talking ponies and dogs living together? That’s way too interesting.”

Phoenix tilted his head at the plan destined to fail, before brushing it off. Squatting down slightly, he did a few stretches before seemingly vanishing. A moment later he appeared in the same spot, with all the links around him slowly falling to the ground in sliced up pieces. He whistled at his work.

Shiva tilted her head briefly, before sending all the links right back out again. “Celestia, hanging up on me is not going to make this problem go away. I know you’re used to foisting your problems on Twilight, but this is one problem she can’t handle on her own.”

“Okay, if you don’t answer me, or even pay me any mind, then I apologize for what I will do.” Phoenix stated as the newly linked pack links fell to the ground once more.

Shiva growled, ready to send out the links again, before a voice drew her gaze.

“Mom!” Kodo barked, appearing at Phoenix’s side.

Shiva finally turned, her eyes briefly warming as they settled on Kodo, before Kodo indicated Phoenix. Instantly, Shiva’s fur bristled, her tail tucked and a haunted look came over her. She shuffled backward, as the throne room completely shifted into a diamond dog cavern. Shiva vanished into a cave that shined with a pink light, as very… ‘erotic’ sounds began to emanate from inside.

“Uhhhh……..” Phoenix pointed to his chest in confusion and tilted his head, before turning round to see who she was addressing. Kodo already had his back turned to the sight.

“Like I said,” he noted. “It’s like she’s trying to keep herself locked in here. Minute I brought up the tournament…”

“YES!” Shiva’s voice cried out from the cave. “OH, BY EVERYTHING SACRED, KEEP ME IN THIS HEAVEN!”

Phoenix sighed. “Kodo, make sure you never do what I’m about to do.” Phoenix strode inside the cave, before a SLAP sounded.

An enraged bark boomed out, erasing the diamond dog cavern and creating a fighting pit in its place. Shiva bristled and snarled before Phoenix, now looking more like a feral wolf. However, seconds before she could lunge, Kodo got in her place.

“Easy, Mom,” Kodo said gently. “We’re just trying to help.”

Shiva’s eyes widened at her son’s appearance, before she chuckled brokenly. The fighting pit glitched and shimmered, bars like a cage forming around her.

“But no one can help,” she whispered. “It won’t be enough. No matter what plan I come up with… no matter how much power I pull… it’ll never match up to them.” She couldn’t even point at Phoenix without shivering.

Phoenix looked around the place, slightly confused, and looked to his feet. Satisfied with the conclusion he came to, he looked back to Shiva. He took a step towards her slowly, and reached out his hand for her to take.“Power aint shit and you know it,” He slowly knelt down in front of her. “Cool your jets so we can talk.”

Shiva shifted on her haunches. “What’s there to talk about?” she asked. “I can’t protect what’s mine. I can’t even help protect. Everyone else is so much stronger, and… I’m not...”

Phoenix cut her off. “You’re not YET.” He got up from his crouching position before taking a few steps back. “I get what’s going on now……” He pinched the bridge of his nose, before summoning a kunai. “Why is it always me……” Phoenix mumbled with a frown, before launching the kunai at Shiva.

Shiva barked and cowered down as the kunai shot at her.

“You’re in feral mode.” Phoenix stated, annoyed that he had to deal with it. “Well, if I can’t get through to you with words…” He didn’t finish, but instead shot towards her, placing her in a headlock. “I’ll force you to listen!”

Shiva merely keened, barely struggling against him, like she already knew it was pointless. Realising just how serious the situation was, and that he couldn’t use his normal methods, Phoenix released his grip on the dog and leaped back. “Huh. Well um…….. Here goes nothing.” Phoenix teleported in front of Shiva, looking her directly in the eyes, before wrapping her in a hug. He held her head tight, despite his hatred for physical contact, and stroked her fur. “Always me…..” He mumbled through his teeth, pissed at how fucking needy this woman was.

Shiva heard his thoughts. Her ears flattened. “Sorry to be a burden,” she said numbly. “I just… don’t understand why I’m here. I’m a supporter… but I couldn’t support Maud. Thack called my link ‘shit.’ Like it’s nothing. And I can’t go into different forms like he can.” She looked up. “Why am I even here if I can’t contribute anything?”

“Shiva, you’re here, because that bastard Ryker wanted you here. And now that you’re here, I’m pretty sure no one here wishes for you to leave. And if they do….. They can answer to me, Kodo, and Fujitora.” Phoenix finally finished by holding her tighter. “There’s no need to be so concerned about ‘supporting others’ or ‘becoming stronger’, just become the person you want to be.” Man, I should be a therapist, Phoenix thought to himself, surprised at how empathetic he could be despite his douchebaggery.

Briefly, Shiva’s ears remained flat in doubt. She looked back as a memory formed: her surrounded by diamond dogs. Leering at her with an ominous light, until she seized the biggest and scared them with the pack link. Yet, before Phoenix could protest, the image changed: it showed the same dogs, now surrounded by gems, with Shiva on their shoulders. Hailing her as an Alpha. A Queen. As Phoenix watched, some of the dogs shifted, into Fujitora. Into Phoenix. Even into Eric.

“They... don’t like me just for my magic,” she whispered, almost like she was trying to convince herself. “They like me… for me.”

Releasing her from his embrace, he nodded, before patting her head. “As touching as this is, if you start crying on me, I’m subbing out for Kodo.” Phoenix said in a sarcastic tone with a big toothy grin, trying to make light of the situation.

Shiva chuckled. “No need to worry about that,” she replied. “Dogs don’t have tear ducts. We literally are incapable of crying.”

“That’s where you're wrong, Shiva.” Phoenix said, taking a step back. “Tears still flood on the inside, no matter how well you hide it.”

Shiva hummed in thought, before letting her mindscape fade away into light.

During the mindscape...

“Looks like the alpha is having a nervous breakdown,” Ed said as he appeared next to the pup. “Perhaps if I directly linked your emotions to hers she’d listen more,” He looked to the youth. Ryker walked out of a portal next to Ed with tea. “Bout time you showed up.” He looked back to the diamond dog alpha. “Perhaps I should give her a few more endless bags with other gemstones for her pack? That would help ease her mind at least a bit.”

“Sup, I just wanted to see what was going on.” Ryker yawned before sipping his tea like a Bri’sh person. “So I hear that the arena is fucking gone, I decided to make a new one. If you want to check it out then go on ahead.”

“I'll be facing off against Eric in the Endgame battlefield,” Ed held up a hand.

“You know, since I may or may not have Dr. Doom slaving away in my lab, you can fight him in the actual tournament. But make sure you beat his ass before winning.” Ryker held a fist to Ed for a fist-bump, grinning evilly.

“I have no issues with the good Doctor and he happens to be a friend of my baby brother so that’s a no,” Ed said flatly. “I have beef with Eric and more importantly you,” he scowled. “I don’t take being pulled away from my girls lightly, especially when one of them is pregnant.”

“Ah, I apologize, you were the first thing that came to mind. Congratulations on one of your girls being pregnant by the way.” Ryker then sits down on mid-air, taking another sip of tea.

Before they could respond, Phoenix and Shiva awoke, Shiva instantly turning to Kodo. Mother and son touched noses softly, their tails wagging before Kodo gave up on pretense and hugged his mother in relief.

“Never pull something like that again,” Kodo whispered, his voice cracking.

“Fuck me!” Phoenix began panting for breath the moment he woke up. “That really drains a guy.” That was all he managed to get out, before falling back to the ground in a panting fit.

“Not into guys thank you,“ Ed commented.

“I know someone would among my ranks, her name starts with a T and I think she would like your d-” Ryker was slapped by Katakuri who had a rolled up newspaper.

“Stop that!” Katakuri growled.

“Here’s a spray bottle too,” Ed handed the mochi man a good size bottle full of water. Katakuri then sprayed it onto Ryker who hissed.

“God damn it what did you do Ed?” Ryker turned to the Sage with a “Why tho.” look in his eyes.

“Uhh, when’d you guys get here?” Guess I can’t sense presences whilst in that state, Phoenix thought.

“Quick question, what was that insane amount of trembling?” Necrozma asked, looking among the Displaced.

Shiva swallowed nervously and sunk down in her bed, before Ed thankfully answered Phoenix’s question first.

“I’m everywhere,” Ed shrugged. “I’ve been able to go wherever I want in this world since I figured out his void signature,” Ed pointed at Ryker on the floor being beaten with a newspaper. “That is a very satisfying sight I tell ya what.”

“Only because I allow you.” Ryker mused, waving his finger, Katakuri continued to hit him with the newspaper, “Also, Katakuri that’s enough.” Ryker then appears before Katakuri and flicks him on the head, sending him flying through a wall. Everyone heard crashing sounds and an “Oof!”

“Well… Get fucked Katakuri.” Akainu laughed, walking out the door to go and laugh at Katakuri in his face.

“I’ll be heading out for now,” Ed waved. “I have students in another place that actually summoned me for help,” Ed glared at Ryker.”And trust me Ryker, it's not cause you allow me. I needed Truth’s help before, now I don't…” He walked through a portal and it closed on itself.

“Facking horsefucker.” Ryker’s emerald eyes glowed before going back to normal, “In any case if you want to see the new arena. Follow me.” Ryker left the Infirmary with a sip of tea. Arkham Knight following not before stopping next to Kodo.

“Oh and If you think you can take me on… You are sorely mistaken.” Arkham Knight then left, followed by Zabuza, and Necrozma. Fujitora remained with the dogs.

Kodo watched him the Knight with a raised eyebrow. “Oh… kay?” he mumbled, turning back to his mother, who shook her head with disappointment.

“Is he really trying to form a rivalry with a one year old dog?” Shiva asked.

“In his defense he was broken down and rebuilt again, we’re all so stronger than him so he’s trying to find someone to fight. Kyle is too weak and he’s a cut above the rest, that’s why he’s with us.” Fujitora commented sipping his calming jasmine tea.

Shiva chuckled, glancing down at her claws. “Once, I would’ve said that was crazy,” she said. “But… considering what I did… maybe I can see where he’s coming from.”

“Yeah, what happened?” Kodo asked. “Why’d you keep going like that?”

Shiva’s eyes didn’t leave her claws. “I don’t… really know,” she admitted. “It was… strange.”

Kodo leaned forward. “Because of the fusion?” he asked.

She nodded. “It was deeper than a pack link,” she admitted. “I wasn’t just in Maud’s head. It was like I was Maud and she was me. And then when Thack started insulting you… it was like he was insulting Maud’s sister.” She shrugged. “And then when he threatened me about the link… it hurt. Cuz he’s got all those forms, and the link’s the only thing I’ve got. I couldn’t hold back.” She huffed. “Not that it really mattered… he was too strong for either of us…”

Kodo touched her claw. “Mom,” he said gently. “It doesn’t matter. You have nothing to prove.”

“But Kodo,” Shiva said, leaning against the backrest. “Dogs have to contribute to the pack. I’ve always prided myself on my pack link being able to contribute magic; to make dogs stronger and helping them…”

“But that’s not all you are,” Kodo insisted. “There’s so much more to you beyond how much power you can take or how strong you are.”

“Indeed, you are so much more than who you are… That doesn’t make sense.” Fujitora said to himself, “I’m not good at being inspirational.”

Shiva chuckled, resting a paw on his hand. “You’re just fine the way you are, Issho,” she assured him, before Kodo rested his paw on hers.

“Practice what you preach?” Kodo asked

She laughed, before nodding in agreement. “And so am I,” she offered teasingly.

“In any case, have a good day again if you would like to train in swordsmanship I would love to-'' Fujitora was cut off as a wall was broken down… Again. It was Lord Twigo!

“Did somebody say… Train in swordsmanship?!” Lord Twigo asked, pointing his golden sword to the heavens.

Phoenix had finally gained his bearings, and was able to focus on what was around him. “Fuck that was not fun……” He mumbled under his breath before standing up. “What’s this about swords and training? My mental capacity seems to be non-existent right now.” Phoenix stated, rubbing his temples.

“Fujitora and Lord Twigo were asking if we wanted to train in swordsmanship,” Kodo explained, his claw brushing the sheath of his sword as he glanced at Shiva. “I still think you need some more rest, Mom…” He turned to the two sword masters with a grin. “But I’m more than willing to learn.”

“Let us go to the… uh… To the uh…” Lord Twigo put a hand to his chin, “Hm… Fujitora would you mind-” Fujitora grinned.

“Nah, I wouldn’t Kodo, you’re going to be the first dog to go to the moon.” Fujitora walked out of the infirmary, Lord Twigo following him, “Don’t worry Lady Shiva, I won’t harm him. Much.”

“I’ll join you,” Shiva promised, starting to rise, only for her legs to remain non-responsive. She glowered at her legs. “Right after my body decides to get with the program.”

“I would join you guys,” Phoenix chimed in. “But for some reason I’m shattered after that.” He panted for a second, before gaining a face of realisation. “Oh wait.” Slipping his ring off, all of his earlier exhaustion vanished. “Forgot about that…” He began to follow the others.

“Phoenix?” Shiva said before he could leave. “Thank you. For… all that back there.”

Phoenix turned his head back to Shiva, before pulling a toothy grin. “Anytime!” He thought for a second, before turning back to the rest of the group. “Hey guys!” He shouted down the hallway. “Ima stay back! Not like I need to train in swordsmanship, and we wouldn’t want our gracious Queen getting lonely!” Phoenix then turned back around and smiled at Shiva, before pulling up a chair and taking a seat.

They were outside of the arena, for the first time since they had arrived here, and there was a little plate the size of a truck. Fujitora and Lord Twigo were on top of it.

“We’re going to the moon, come, let us embark on our quest for power!” Lord Twigo clenched his fist and threw it to the air, dramatically like the chad that he is.

Kodo chuckled as he climbed on board. “The Luna from my world thought that dogs worshipped the moon,” he noted. “She said we would always be howling at it.” He snorted. “I’m pretty sure I broke her heart when I told her the whole thing was just a coincidence; that wolves howl to communicate with each other, and that we’re just more active at night than in the day.”

“To the moon!” Fujitora unsheathed his hidden blade that was concealed in his walking stick, the plate started to levitate and it shot off to the skies. As it reached the clouds, everyone but Fujitora hit the plate unable to withstand the pressure as it ascended above the clouds. It then stopped, Fujitora pointed his blade at the moon and it became closer… And closer until it was but a hop, a skip, and a jump away from getting onto it.

“Tada~” Fujitora laughed, Lord Twigo got to his feet, shivering slightly.

“God I hate it when you do that.” Lord Twigo rubbed the back of his head, Fujitora shrugged at this.

Kodo, however, bounded off and onto the moon. “This is totally wicked!” he cheered.

“Indeed, though the tides are going to be higher, I do not see any other repercussions to this.” Fujitora jumped from the plate and onto the moon, Lord Twigo following him after.

“Okay,” Kodo said, calming himself. “So… how’s this going to work?” He hesitantly reached for his sword. “Do I use actual steel, or are there wooden swords anywhere? Or…”

“Actual steel, after all the real thing is always better than the fakes. If you want to I could get sticks.” Fujitora offered, Lord Twigo waved Fujitora off.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just worried that he might harm you. How about you show young Kodo a demonstration, but use it on me, my armor is overpowered.” Lord Twigo suggested, Fujitora looked to Lord Twigo then to Kodo.

“Wanna see something cool?” Fujitora grinned.

Kodo nodded eagerly.

“Alright then, get into position.” Lord Twigo walked a few meters away and Fujitora was as well a few meters away from him. Fujitora then sprints at the Holy Knight unsheathing his blade, Fujitora then appears behind the Knight. Sword between his legs unsheathed, Fujitora then slowly sheathes the blade.

“Ittōryū Iai: Shishi Sonson!” Lord Twigo received a vertical cut onto his armor, not harming his armor but it did knock the knight down. Fujitora walked over to Twigo. “Ta da~”

“That’s one of the many techniques of the Ittoryu style or the One Sword Style if you will.” Lord Twigo said as Fujitora helps him up, “Fujitora here is from Japan, he was so fascinated in the ways of the Samurai he became one.”

“So cool,” Kodo whispered.

“So, if you would like to have a spar with me, Lord Twigo, you can. Though you can’t harm me, I can harm you which is why I brought a wooden blade for me.” Lord Twigo sheathes his Golden Great Sword and brings out a wooden sword that was hidden inside of his armor. He coats it in Armament Haki. “Come at me young Samurai.”

Drawing his blade, Kodo activated his devil fruit. Turning into a cloud of smoke, he feinted with a lunge, passing by in a flurry of smoke before zooming around, forming a circle. Briefly, he spun around like a tornado, before lunging out from a random direction, his blade ready to carve across Twigo’s armor just like Fujitora had.

However the young pup failed to realize he was not dealing with the run of the mill opponent, he was dealing with a Holy Knight. Lord Twigo raised his blade high and swiped down, making a colossal air slash that could match the height of Katakuri. It made a trench in the moon not very deep though.

Kodo barely managed to dodge, his devil fruit allowing him to dodge in a cloud of smoke. Trying to take advantage of the Holy Knight’s swipe, he went for a swipe at his shoulder, careful not to go for a killing blow.

Lord Twigo sidestepped the attack, being trained in Observation Haki he was somewhat good at it. Lord Twigo went for an up slash, his wooden blade being coated in a demonic aura before doing so.

Kodo soared with the smoke away from the attack, sweeping low for a slash at the Holy Knight’s legs.

Lord Twigo saw this coming, he had seen enough of Karate Kid to realize he was trying to sweep the leg. Lord Twigo hopped above the attack and struck the pup with two of his mighty boots.

Briefly, Kodo tumbled across the surface before turning to smoke and righting himself. He skidded across the ground, before taking his sword in his teeth and running back to them on all fours.

“I’m getting Zacian vibes from this.” Lord Twigo said to himself while clenching his blade, Lord Twigo shot off like a rocket to Kodo and instead of attacking him… He appeared behind Kodo. “Ittoryu: Chimei-tekide wanai jikkō.” Kodo was hit by a series of blows, Lord Twigo had hit him so fast the attacks had not registered yet.

Even when Kodo turned to smoke, the blows continued to pummel him. He flung himself away, but still shook his head, trying to clear the impact of the blows.

“Right,” Kodo grumbled, clutching his head. “Showed me that right at the start,” he mumbled.

“Sorry didn’t quite catch that, would you mind repeating yourself?” Lord Twigo laughed before then appearing and disappearing all over the place. Going so fast he made ten afterimages, they then surrounded Kodo. ”Which one am I choose wisely and you win!”

Kodo hummed, lifting his sword and shutting his eyes. His nose twitched, scenting the air, sensing ki and picking up where the real Lord Twigo was. Picking up on the scent of Lord Twigo, Kodo locked onto one of the after-images and lunged.

Lord Twigo was actually hit by Kodo, for the first time in this match he was hit! Lord Twigo stumbled backwards, clutching his chest. “Nice shot young one, however that was your first blow on me. Now I think this concludes the spar as of now, good fight.”

Kodo lowered his sword and gave a bow of respect. “Thank you for your lesson,” he said gratefully.

Lord Twigo rests his wooden sword on his shoulder, “Now, what have we learned?” Lord Twigo raised an eyebrow,

“That offense can be risky,” Kodo offered. “And that sometimes it is better to wait and listen before striking.”

“Have you ever heard of the swordsman that couldn’t cut anything but he could cut steel?” Lord Twigo takes a seat on the moon he then sticks the wooden blade on the ground.

Kodo copied his motion, only for his blade to bounce off the ground. Blushing sheepishly, Kodo opted for sheathing his sword before settling on the ground. “I haven’t heard of that particular swordsman,” Kodo admitted.

“The swordsman could feel everything as it was living, sense their presence, if a rock would fall down onto him unexpectedly… He would evade the attack. He had the power to cut through steel and the breath of all things. Unable to cut a leaf yet could cut a chunk of rock.” Lord Twigo informed the young pup, “Only some can do this, Fujitora can cut through my armor but chose not to. If you fight someone with say… Steel or Sea Prism Stone armor, you wouldn’t be able to cut through it unless you had that ability.”

“Right,” Kodo agreed. “Because Devil Fruit Users are weak to Sea Prism, and I’m still… well… starting out.”

“To hear the breath of all things and connect your inner purpose, that is the miraculous power to cut through steel. Should you ever fight someone with strong armor like me or Arkham Knight, make sure you learn how to cut through steel.” Lord Twigo jumped to his feet and looked around, “So, who’s hungry? I hear the ramen shop has a new special.” Fujitora immediately appeared at Lord Twigo’s side.

“It is decided, ramen time.” Fujitora said as the plate from before moved towards them.

“Ramen?” Kodo asked, hopping onto the plate. “I’ve never had that before.”

“You’re going to love it, trust me.” Fujitora walked onto the plate, Lord Twigo following him afterwards. “Say goodbye to the moon.” Fujitora then made the moon ascend but Katakuri was on it.

“Wait Fujitora, I’m on here! Get me down for christ sake GET ME DOWN!!!!” Fujitora just grinned as Katakuri ascended to space.

“Oh, don’t worry about him, we One Piece humans can breathe in space.” Fujitora turned away from where he ascended the moon and went on down to town. Kodo had now got a closer look, the houses were similar to that of Ponyville’s. There was a tiny ramen shop and a bar next to it, the ramen shop mirrored that of Naruto’s. When they reached it, everyone but Fujitora saw a black scaled dragon there, with orange hair.

“Oh, it’s you guys! How are you two doing, and who’s the newbie?” The orange haired dragon looked over to Kodo.

“He’s one of the fighter’s comrades, he says he never tasted the beauty of ramen.” Fujitora informed the drake.

“That my friend, is going to change awfully quickly. My name’s Arthur by the way, the Dragon of the East some call me.” Arthur turns around and begins to cook up some ramen for the trio.

As he worked, Kodo started rummaging in the bag Ed had given his mother. “How much for the ramen?” he asked.

“Are you with Fujitora?” Arthur turned to the pup with a raised scaly eyebrow.

Kodo glanced at the blind swordsman. “Uh… yes,” he replied.

“Then it’s free.” Arthur went back to his work, going through cabinets for items and what not.

Kodo’s jaw dropped in awe. “A dragon giving something away for free,” he whispered. His tail wagged. “This place is awesome!”

“Well, for you see we dragons are not like other dragons. We’re actually born with an Eliatrope all the time, thus being twins. There is no dragon without its Eliatrope, mine is sleeping in the basement. While your dragons are greedy and only have one form, we have several, Human, Hybrid, and Full Dragon. Kind of like a Zoan Type Devil Fruit.” Arthur told Kodo as he put noodles in a pot and put it in the sink, he then started pouring hot water on it.

“Cool,” Kodo noted. He tilted his head in though. “If you don’t mind me mentioning, the dragons in my world aren’t exactly greedy for no reason; they have a magic in them that gives them a power boost the more treasure they have. Granted, the power goes to their heads if they aren’t careful, but it sure does intrigue my pack.”

“Hm, that’s a first, you Displaced are quite amazing.” Arthur comments right before the bar’s door next to the ramen shop bursts and out came flying a white blur. The white blur slams into a building behind them, Lord Twigo looks back and spots Entity, covered in blood, out came a bulky man with long hair. Kodo would have mistaken it for a Minotaur but it was a human.

“Douglass Bullet… of course.” Lord Twigo shook his head and turned back to Arthur as Bullet closed in on Entity.

Kodo could barely tear his eyes away from the man. “Douglass Bullet?” he whispered.

“He’s a man obsessed in combat, I guess you could say it’s kind of his fathers fault for constantly beating him and forcing the man to kill. Bullet is a soldier, ending an entire war with just him alone, all he knows is combat. And I guess Entity pissed him off or Bullet wants to see what he’s made of.” Fujitora sighed just as Arthur gave them their bowls of ramen.

“Eat up you three, I got noodles for millennium.” Arthur laughed, putting hands on his hips as a show for his pride.

And his pride was well-earned. One sniff of the dish in front of him caused Kodo’s eyes to dilate in sheer bliss. It took every ounce of self-control he had not to lunge and start devouring the ramen - bowl and all. Carefully and gently, he used the chopsticks nearby to scoop the noodles into his jaws. His leg started thumping like he was getting a belly rub.

“Life… is beautiful…” Kodo whispered in ecstasy.

“So unfortunate that it can be taken away.” Lord Twigo sighed as they heard a punch being thrown and Entity grunting. They all heard a bone crack and they winced. Kodo wisely kept his head down and focused on his ramen.

“So uh… Nice weather we have out here.” Arthur said looking up at the sky trying to steer away from the beatdown that was currently happening.

“Very,” Kodo agreed, wincing as he heard a hard THUD from behind him. He took another bite of ramen. “This stuff’s incredible. How do you make it?”

“Very simple just use some spices from the farm, and-” Arthur was cut off by a swear, “Some fire… The water was made from the Spring of Life, the water enhances your abilities ten fold and relaxes your body.”

Kodo almost spoke before a scream cut over him. “Sounds useful,” he mumbled.

“Infernal Twin Drake Attack!” The party heard as they felt a wave of heat hit their backs.

“Very useful, I found it when I was talking to Ember, the Dragon Lord at the time. We were having a nice walk when I tripped and fell in a hole, and boom, I found the Spring of Life.” Arthur said right after they heard weapons clashing.

“Ember?” Kodo mused. “The Dragon Lord at the time?” He hummed. “She’s the current dragon lord in my time.”

“You guys must be a few thousand years in the past, it’s been a while since we saw dragons like Ember. Since Evolution is a thing and our dragons and their dragons started to mate…” Fujitora then jumped as there was an explosion that went off behind them.

Kodo had jumped for a different reason, his face bright red under his fur. “I’ll take your word for it,” he said with a nervous chuckle.

“Ah… I see that you are not used to words that go around… “That”, so let us steer from this. Would you two mind telling Kodo the tale about how you were taught by the swordsman that could hear the breath of all things?” Arthur raised an eyebrow, Lord Twigo cleared his throat.

“Well, many years ago there was this swordsman that hailed from parts unknown. He had the strength to cut a cliff with just a casual swip of his blade, he was the strongest swordsman known to all.” Lord Twigo began, “One day he traveled to our lands, seeking for someone worthing to challenge him, he and Fujitora crossed blades and in the end, the blind swordsman could not match him. He decided to teach us everything he knew. The One Sword Style, Two Sword Style, and Three Sword Style. He had a bunch of swords in a bag that was as small as a purse, but his legendary sword was none other than the Dark Blade, Yoru.”

Kodo tensed at the mention of a dark blade. “I’m guessing Yoru was the most dangerous of the blades,” he noted.

Lord Twigo nodded. “You would be correct, Yoru was so powerful it could even leave a mountain tumbling with just a swipe of it. But beware, it is one of the Cursed Blades.” Lord Twigo said spookily.

Kodo nodded in understanding. “So… it has some sort of demon attached to it, right?” he asked. “O-Or it brings misfortune to those who wield it.”

“Both of your guesses are correct, Yoru comes at a cost, you will not be able to hold back against any foe, no matter the age, the height, or the gender. Let’s say you want to have a light sparring session with… A friend and you go for an attack, it would create a devastating slash that would make a trench deeper than the Mariana Trench.” Lord Twigo told the pup, probably knowing Kodo would not understand what the Mariana Trench is.

Indeed, Kodo was unable to hide his confusion. “So that’s… pretty deep, right?” he guessed.

“The Mariana Trench is 10,034 meters deep.” Lord Twigo put it in simpler terms, “Back to the swordsman, that kind of power even left Ryker surprised, so Ryker decided to use his blade… Enma the blade that can cut through Hell. Or Tartarus. In your case.” Lord Twigo then dug deep into his meal, using his chopsticks like it was natural to him.

Kodo shook his head at the power level. “Okay, but why would he want to cut through Tartarus?” he asked. “I mean, if it was to kill every demon that dwelled there, that’d be one thing. But if it didn’t kill them, and they got out…” Kodo shivered at the mere thought.

Lord Twigo let out a hearty laugh, “Kodo, my young boy, I’m not saying he would but rather it could cut through Tartarus. The blade is also a cursed one, it can steal someone’s Haki, if any normal swordsman touches them… Well they would turn into a husk.” Lord Twigo informed the pup.

Kodo nodded in understanding. “So, don’t touch the blade,” he summed up.

“If you are weak, however, you can overcome it if you have a strong will. Ryker and the Swordsman clashed. Their battle shook the Heavens and the depths of hell itself, but in the end the swordsman lost. It was his first battle he had ever lost, 12,745 wins and 1 loss.” Lord Twigo grinned just remembering the duel, Fujitora as well, Fujitora held up his empty bowl.

“Another round please!” Arthur took the bowl, smiling.

“Another round coming up!” Arthur then went off to his work. Kodo watched, his ears twitching in curiosity, but unsure of what to say.

“In the end, the swordsman had taught us and left for adventure, off to try and find more swordsmen like Ryker, which ends the tale of the swordsman that could hear the breath of all things.” Lord Twigo finished his tale, they then heard a smack. Fujitora went to his feet.
“Okay, you two stay here I’m dealing with this.” Fujitora turned around to stop the conflict that was happening.

Kodo spun to watch, suppressing a grin as he remembered times where his parents had to break up fighting pack mates.

Douglass Bullet had his colossal hand around Entity’s neck, “Ya think you can stop Ryker now brat?” Bullet tossed Entity aside and covered his right fist in Armament Haki. “It’s been fun kid!” Right as Bullet was about to slam his fist down on Entity, it was stopped by Fujitora’s blade.

“That’s enough Bullet, don’t you see you have beaten him enough already?” Fujitora pushed Bullet back with a bit of Gravity. Bullet crossed his arms.

“Do you wanna fight, old man? Because you and I sure as hell know you can’t beat me.” Bullet grinned, trying to taunt Fujitora to engage in combat.

Kodo’s grin faded, and he nearly stood up, only for Twigo to wave him back, keeping him from taking a risk he shouldn’t.

“You know… I have worked on a technique that can destroy this planet as we know it. And more importantly, destroy you, so do you really want to take that risk, Bullet?” Fujitora used his Devil Fruit to levitate Entity, Fujitora pushed the Minecraft man towards the ramen shop.

“Oh? Then show me!” Bullet shot off at Fujitora like a rocket, Fujitora was caught by surprise and took a step back. Bullet cocked back a fist and was about to slam it into Fujitora… Only for a blade to block the blow. The wielder of that blade was Ganondorf.

“Okay, as much as I would like to see you two fight, that’s enough Bullet.” Ganondorf sheathed his blade Bullet just crossed his arms and turned around.

“Hmph, since you’re my best buddy, I can't hurt you.” Bullet then notices Kodo from the corner of his eye, “Oh? Who’s the dog? One of your friends Fujitora.” Kodo and Fujitora clenched their blades.

“If you lay a hand on him… I will drop a damn meteorite onto you.” Fujitora clenched his teeth, Bullet just scoffed.

“Try me!” Bullet shot off like a rocket once more to harm the young one, clenching his fist, covering it in Haki.

Kodo, however, was ready, and dodged into smoke, darting away and behind Bullet as he shot past him. Kodo reformed with his sword at the ready.

“I got no quarrel with you, sir,” Kodo said, his ears flat. “Just walk away.”

“Kahahaha! Oh really?” Bullet approached the pup popping his knuckles… And then being rendered unconscious by Katakuri via chopping his neck.

“I apologize, I think it’s time I escort him to his home. Again, I apologize.” Katakuri bows before turning into a donut shape and rolling off with Bullet in hand. Fujitora wiped the sweat off his forehead, while Kodo lowered his sword with a sigh.

“Are you okay?” Fujitora asked, his hands shaking from pure fear.

Kodo sheathed his blade, trying to still his trembling claws. “Well, he didn’t hit me, so… that’s good,” Kodo replied. He looked up at Fujitora with concern. “Are ‘you’ okay?”

“Uh… Physically yes, mentally no.” Fujitora sheathed his blade, Ganondorf just looked at the two and said nothing. Kodo spared the Gerudo a glance.

“Thank you,” he noted to Ganandorf. “For helping Fujitora.”

“You are welcome, however if it actually turned to a fight, me, Fujitora, and Twigo would lose. It was a miracle Katakuri was here to aid us and caught him off guard.” Ganondorf sighed in relief, sheathing his blade, Twigo just nodded, having a noodle moustache.

Kodo glanced at where Katakuri had taken Bullet. “Why did he want to fight so much?” Kodo pondered. “He’s already one of the most powerful people here, isn’t he?”

“Yeah but Katakuri is far more stronger, you know how I said his father made him a killing machine, born for war? I was not joking.” Lord Twigo reminded Kodo, “Not to mention he dreams of surpassing Katakuri. He has a Devil Fruit that allows him to make his ship into a giant mech, he can also make the mech turn into a giant rock golem. The size of a mountain, the strongest warrior he fought was someone named Cloven Diamond, and he killed that man. Punched a hole in his chest.”

Kodo swallowed. “So… not a good idea to provoke him?” he asked.

“Yes.” They all said at the same time, Entity got to his feet, leaning on his Netherite Scythe.

“Thanks for the… Help…” Entity squeaked before falling flat on his face.

“...I’ll just take him to the infirmary.” Lord Twigo picked up Entity and walked towards the arena, Ganondorf following him. It was now just Fujitora, Kodo, and Arthur there… With the addition of the locals.

“So…” Kodo broke the silence. “More ramen?”

“More ramen!”

Side-Chapter, Mission Ball Dragging.

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It was dark... But there was a light above me, I was ascending. As I floated to the light a tear came to my eye, I died, I'll never see Sally again but... On the other hand... I am going to meet Odin. I saw the Golden Gates of Asgard, as I approached it I saw then one eyed deity. I stopped ascending as I was but a few feet from Odin and the gates.

"Hello my son." Odin greeted, his voice was rough, like a true Viking and Warrior he is. I wiped the tears that were forming in my crimson eyes, I looked to him with a smile.

"Hello Odin," I responded, he smiled and floated over to me.

"You have done a great amount of deeds, saving your friends, fighting armies for your beliefs, you are worthy of being in Asgard." Odin held his arms out for a hug, I gladly accepted the hung and embraced him. "Welcome home, my son." Tears start to form in my eyes.

"Thank you." I squeaked out, "I guess I chose the right religion huh?" Odin let out a chuckle.

"Indeed you did, however, it is not your time." Odin let go of me and I did the same.

"W-what?" I said looking at him, rubbing my eyes.

"You have friends you need to protect, and a certain woman you need to marry, until you marry her you can not come to Asgard. Do not be discouraged young Zachary, I believe in you, I forged a weapon just for you. It is called, Hell Bringer, it is a scythe that has the power of the fire demon Aura himself locked inside of it. When you need it, call my name, farewell Zachary. I hope to see you soon..." Odin pushed me and I fell into the dark abyss, I threw my hand to him.


I woke up just as water was splashed in my face, I got to my feet and looked at my surroundings before falling on my back.

"Don't think I should've woken him up with water?" I hear a male voice say, I then heard a slap.

"Of course you idiot!" A female voice snapped at the male, footsteps approached me and a hand was held out for me. I gladly took it, I was pulled up, I then stumbled forward. I look at the being who aided me, it was a female with a rose straw-hat that had a feather into it. She wore armor that was red like my eyes, I winced and looked at my damaged body.

"I need to take a seat..." I croaked as I stumbled forward to the bed that I was laying on, being careful to avoid the wet area. I took a look around, we were in a basement from what I could see, but it looked like a bedroom, posters and drawer everywhere. There was a Dragon with female features, another female with an orange hat and some orange armor, then a male with a black and blue helmet as well as black and blue armor, kinda looked like Tron to me, minus the medieval style armor. I looked to my saviors and rubbed my head. "What happened?"

"Well," The Tron guy leaned on a wall, "We found you at the bottom of the ocean and had to restart your heart and get all of that water out of your body. You were unconscious for a two or less days, you are a Displaced right?" Tron guy turns to me. I just nod having nothing much to say.

"Well, we need to tell you something..." Tron guy walked up to me and put a hand on my blocky shoulder, "All of your friends are going to die and you are the only one who can stop that." My eyes went wide and the drake hit the Tron guy in the abdomen. "What?"

"You don't think that you could have sugarcoated it a little? Look at him, he's obviously distraught!" The orange girl points at me, looking at the Tron guy, she turns to me. "I apologize for his... Bluntness but what he's saying is true, all of your friends are in danger, you thought Kaido was dangerous? Well you should look at Ryker."

Straw hat girl sits next to me, "You see, when Thanos signed that paper there was a hidden note on it, it reads none Displaced can exit this whole universe until you defeat Ryker, which the odds of you guys doing that is one out of a million. Ryker does this with every Displaced he summons here, he does an event and at the end of it... He kills them, but he does let one leave, the winner. However I don't think he'll take the chance this time, last time he did this well... Let's just say Buggy had some fun with Ryker. In any case you are the only chance they have, we need you to get the Dragon Balls and wish Ryker into a Blackhole so that he can be defeated and so that I can get my crown back. Ryker is not the actual ruler... It's me, Princess Elia of the Eliatropes." Elia introduced, the Tron guy grinned.

"My name is Blake, Ex-Captain of the Royal Guard, I was replaced by Arkham Knight because well... I couldn't beat him." Blake shook his head in disappointment, I look at him with sympany. The Eliatrope and the Dragon took a step forward, they both held a hand to their hearts.

"We are the Elia-Twins," They introduced themselves, "I am Ryola and this is Jasmyn." The drake pointed to her Eliatrope.

"And together we are the Freedom Fighters!" Elia said pumping her fist up, I looked among them and there was a silence in the air for a very awkward five seconds. Elia cleared her throat, "I know it's very... small."

"That's what she said." I grinned, Blake held a hand to his mouth as he took a step back and leaned on something. He tried to hold his laughter inside but it slipped out some. Elia deadpanned at us and I couldn't help but laugh.

"As I was saying I know it's very small-" Blake let out a cackle and he fell to his knees and pounded on the ground, "Blake I will shoot you in between your eyes!" Blake got out and dusted himself off.

"I am sorry Princess, just had to get my daily amount of joy out of my system." Blake responded with a grin, Elia groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"I know we're very short on members but we had to keep it quiet, Ryker would notice and would kill us all should we recruit more. We're under a ramen shop run by my brother, Jack, but we're all one of the most powerfullest warriors here... That aren't Displaced. Hell, even I can't win against Arkham Knight without bleeding. However, now we have you on our side, meaning we have chance to break the cycle and save Eliatopia." Elia said grinning, I nod and went to my feet.

"Alright, I'm in, what do I have to do?" I clasp my blocky hands together and everyone stands to their feet.

"You have to find the Dragon Balls." Elia said and I nodded.

"Alright, get Dragon Balls, got it." I replied turning around before pausing, I then turn back to Elia, "Where exactly are the Dragon Balls?"

"Well... We don't exactly know but we do know someone who does know, Douglass Bullet, he often goes to a bar right next to the ramen shop we have as our head quarters." Elia told me, I nodded, "Remember be very slick about it, also wear this robe so that people won't notice you." Elia throws me an Akatsuki Robe with a hood, I take it and I wear it.

"Alright, I'll leave now, Mission Ball Dragging is a go." I take a step before waving them goodbye, Blake is full on laughing at the name I chose, I climb up the ladder that was on the far left of the room and I was right in the cooking area of the ramen shop. I saw a black scaled dragon with orange hair.

"Hey, you, you're finally awake," The black scaled dragon said, getting a bowl of ramen. "You must be hungry, eat up." I gladly took it.

"Thank you, Jack I assume?" He hands me chopsticks and I dig into my meal, gaining some of my hearts back.

"Yup, Arthur's the name and making ramen is my game. Good luck on whatever you're doing." Arthur grinned as I handed him my now empty bowl, I was hungry so I ate that shit quick.

"Thank you for the meal, farewell." I turn around and exit the ramen shop, he waved me goodbye and I returned the gesture. I looked beside me and there was a bar that read, "Crunky's Bar." I put the hood over my head and I swung open the doors to the bar.

All eyes turned to me, they then went back to tend to their drinks. I walked for the counter of the bar, I sat right next to a large Minotaur built man. The man just looked down to me.

"Oi, you new around here?" The man looked down at me, "The name's Bullet, Douglass Bullet." He stuck his hand out, I gazed at him.

"Yes, I'm new around here, the name is... Zachary, I come searching for the Dragon Balls." I told the man, Bullet looks down at me.

"Eh? Why're you lookin' for the Dragon Balls?" Bullet asked me, I look at him.

"I come to save this country from a King." Those are the only words I could manage out before Bullet grabbed my head and slammed me down on the counter. I then jumped back and summoned my scythe, I flicked my hood up and my eyes met his.

"You think you can beat Ryker huh? I'll show you how much you're wrong! Kahahaha!" Bullet jumps at me and fist and blade clashed.

...I think you guys know the rest...

Chapter Ten, The Molten Titan vs Master of all Four Elements Phoenix Wri-

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Chapter Ten, The Molten Titan Thanos vs Master of all Four Elements Phoenix

As Black left the arena, a frown grew upon his face as he felt guilt rise up in his chest. Not for an action he made, but for what Thanos had said to Mia while he was fused with the Titan.

He had no right to say that… We had no right to say that… Black thought as he walked passed the training room, the thought of a training session to pass the time ran through his mind. But he brushed it off as he walked towards the room he was assigned.

As he made his way down the hall, the Saiyan felt a sudden spike of pain run through his body. Black’s eyes widened as he hunched over, clutching his chest as he began to let out labored breaths. Sweat rolled down his forehead as fell to his knees, groaning in pain as if his nerve system was shocked. “Damn… it… Didn’t think this-- would happen…” Black gasped out as he winced, trying to stand back up, only to fall back down, face first. Rolling over, he stared at the ceiling, feeling that it was becoming increasingly obvious as he began to let out labored breaths. “Thought I’d be… fully healed by now… but that doesn’t... seem to be-- the case…” The Saiyan waited there for a few minutes, waiting for the pain to die down until it was tolerable.

Black slowly stood up, wincing for every muscle movement he made until he stood up with the support of the wall. He made slow movements while he used his arm to help him walk down the hall, almost crying out in anguish as he felt the pain returning. After a few minutes, he made his way to his room, a small smile appearing as he limped his way to the door. Opening the door he made his way to the bed, tripping and falling face first into the mattress as it cushioned his fall. He let out a sigh of relief as he rolled his way across the bed, the comforter under him, the Saiyan not caring for the cold.

“Dear Dende, where’s Luna when you-- need… her...” Black groaned, his fatigue catching up to him as his eyes felt heavy. A few moments later, he felt his fatigue win, his mind falling unconscious as he fell asleep.

Thanos had knocked Phoenix’s bloody body down, he had won the match. Thanos grinned as he looked down at the Displaced... Only to see him unmoving and unbreathing, his breath couldn’t be heard. Blood dripped from his mouth and onto the ground. Thanos’ eyes widened before Eric appeared behind him in anger.

“What did you do?!” Eric said with anger in his eyes, “You killed him!”

“I... I didn’t! He-He's...” Thanos turned to Shiva checking Phoenix’s pulse and finding nothing. Shiva slowly looks to Thanos to glare at the Titan.

“You monster.” She stood to her paws and Thanos backed away from her and bumped into Black.

“You could’ve held back, but you didn’t.. You're not a true warrior, you just like the real Thanos, a true monster!” Black growled, advancing towards the Titan, turning Rose in the process, Thanos backed away slowly.

“I... I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” Thanos shook with pure fear, the other competitors soon filled the arena, glaring at Thanos.

“Why did you have to kill him, Thanos?” They asked at the same time, turning into shadow.

“I’M SORRY!!! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!” Thanos cried out.

“‘I’m sorry’ is not going to fix someone’s death...” Dr. Doom noted, Thanos took a step back.

“I-I... Forgive me!” Thanos pleaded, clasping his hands together. They then turned to shadow and started to surround Thanos like sharks, he was in the eye of a hurricane of nightmares.

“What have you done Thanos?”

I’m sorry!” Thanos clutched his head.

“You killed another human being!”

“I’m sorry!” Thanos went on his knees and tried to hide himself on the floor, yet they could all see him.

“You damn murderer! You don’t deserve to call yourself a warrior!”

“I’m sorry...” Thanos whimpered, tears starting to fall from his eyes.

“You’re heartless!”

“I’m not heartless... I...” Thanos curled himself into a ball, deciding to shield his whole body from the world.

“You’re a monster! A Demon! The Devil Incarnate!”

“I’m not!” Thanos cried out, shaking like a leaf.

“Then what are you? A monster, a monster, a monster!”

They start to chant it over and over again, Thanos started repeatedly saying I’m sorry until...

Thanos woke up, gasping for air and falling off his bed before curling himself into a ball, chanting to himself ‘I’m sorry’. Thanos clutched his head as his tears hit the ground; his eyes turned into slits before he punched the ground with enough force to shake the arena. Thanos then slammed his fist into the floor repeatedly.

“DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared before kicking down his door, the door slamming into the wall, making an imprint on the wall as the door collapsed. Thanos breathed heavily before slamming his head on a nearby wall muttering, “It’s alright, stay calm, it’s alright, stay calm, just a dream, just a dream, just a dream.” Thanos backed away from the wall before sighing.

“Back to being the asshole persona I guess...” Thanos sighed deeply, before calming himself deeply. “I should get breakfast, that would be nice.” Thanos then walked off in a random direction.

Meanwhile in another room. Why do I feel like someone just dreamt about me? Phoenix thought, taking another bite of his toast.

“It was probably cause they did,” Ed remarked as he suddenly appeared upside down in front of everyone.

“Morning to you too.” Phoenix said without looking at him, finishing his orange juice.

Shiva walked past them, her nostrils twitching and shifting from paw to paw. “I feel tremors,” she muttered. “Why is this place trembling? Is someone fighting again?” Her fur bristled. “Where’s Kodo?”

The door was opened by Fujitora, with a grin on his face he stepped aside and it revealed Kodo. “Shiva, we had a hell of a time! I may or may not be an awesome gambler and bought him anything he wanted.” Fujitora had bags with him, floating, while Kodo bounded in and jumped into Shiva’s arms, her worry fading as she embraced her son.

“Hope you bought a ring the way you’re talking,” Ed gave a sly smirk as he floated by.

“That's illegal!” Fujitora pointed at the Sage… Though he was pointing at a wall. Shiva quickly fixed where he was pointing.

“Not for the boy; for her,” Ed shook his head. “Why are sailors so dense? I need coffee.” A mug appeared in his hand as he turned right side up and put his feet on the ground. “Seriously you need to learn when to take a jab.”

“Still illegal. I’m a human, she’s a dog. Beastiality.” Fujitora pointed out.

“And I’m married to two pony princesses while dating another with one child on the way and have twins with another,” Ed deadpanned. “My point still stands so get over yourself.”

“So does his,” Shiva replied, checking out the bags. “I’m already mated. Or married or… whatever. Also, I’m from Earth, not Equestria, so there’s gotta be a difference between me and your princesses.”

“Also I gave up on love a long time ago because look at me, I. Am. Blind.” Fujitora pointed to his eyes.

“Those details I did not know,” Ed deadpanned. “Still a funny joke,” He sipped his coffee.

Shiva rolled her eyes before scenting Kodo’s breath. “Kodo, what have you been eating?” she asked. “Your breath, it’s…”

Kodo lifted up one of the bags with a grin. “You have got to try ramen,” he declared eagerly.

“I can already tell this is gonna be a lovely morning.” Phoenix groaned, resting his head on his palm.

“I can knock you into the middle of next week and back again if it helps,” Ed slurped his coffee as he held up his metal fist.

“Try it tough guy,” Phoenix chuckled, before coughing. His voice was a lot deeper due to only just waking up.

“Also, is Entity alright? He got quite the beating by Bullet.” Fujitora “looked” around at the group. Alas he was ignored. At least by the other humans.

“I’m honestly not sure,” Kodo replied. “I think he’s still in the Infirmary.”

“Oh scary voice, not like most of us can do that,” Ed said with a mock scare. “I also have time magic by the way.”

“Fuck you man, mornings are not mine or my bodys thing alright? Especially with this ring.” Phoenix lifted up his hand and shook it to emphasize his point.

“So what’s with the ring? Sorry I’ve been in like another world for like three years now,” Ed said nonchalant. “Time Chamber.”

Phoenix sighed. “It prevents my instant healing factor, which includes exhaustion and all that. Meaning I’m back to having a croaky morning voice.”

Shiva tilted her head before offering a pack link. “I can fix that, if you’d like,” she offered. “It won’t taste as good as some of the sugary things I’ve seen ponies use to wake up, but it’ll help.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is.“ Ed held up the ring looking it over. “It’s just a high grade suppression ring. I use them all the time when I travel to hide from the princess of other Equestrias.” He tossed it in his mouth and chewed thoroughly.”Taste like blueberries.”

“Uhhh….. Sugary things? That doesn’t sound child friendly.” Phoenix said, standing up and stretching a bit.

“You know,” Shiva clarified. “Cupcakes and…” She peered at Ed’s cup. “That stuff? Coffee? Is that what they call it?” She shrugged. “I don’t know; I spent more time on the outskirts of Equestria than actually in it.”

“Okay… You guys be you guys, I’m checking up on Entity.” Fujitora went for the door… And almost hit the wall, before Kodo pulled him back.

“To your left.” Phoenix stated.

“Thanks.” Fujitora took a step left, faced forward and hit the top part of the door as he was eight feet tall. “SON OF A BI-” Fujitora paused.

“There are kids here.” Phoenix interrupted.

“I agree with ya on that,” Ed nodded.

“Again, I don’t understand your need to make certain words bad,” Shiva noted. “A bitch is a female dog. It’s what I am, so…”

“Yeah, I’m a son of a bitch,” Kodo replied. “What of it?”

“Not in human terms Shiva,” Ed said. “To humans a bitch is the female equivalent to calling someone a bastard. It’s in bad taste for the most part but can be used in light humor too.”

“Oh… kay?” Shiva mumbled, still confused. “And a… well, the other b-word? That’s also bad? I don’t think I understand what that means. Unless…” she hummed.

“Just take it this way: Kodo, never say that ever again.” Phoenix stated, wincing at the thought of him telling someone else that in a conversation.

Kodo blinked at Phoenix’s wince, but glanced at Shiva. The elder diamond dog just shrugged, giving a silent, ‘Their house, their rules.’

“Alright then,” Kodo said. “Sorry for the faux paws.”

“Alright… I'm going to walk out the door now.” As Fujitora touched the door handle the door was kicked down by Lord Twigo and Fujitora was sent flying into a wall.

“Hello friends!” Lord Twigo introduced, before looking at Fujitora who was stuck on the wall.

“Pardon my language but fuck you Twigo.” Fujitora then fell flat on his face.

Kodo and Shiva raced over and helped Fujitora to his feet, though Kodo couldn’t help but glance at Twigo in shock. He almost sent a pack link to his mother, before remembering Phoenix and Ed, concealing his thoughts behind an image of rippling water. Atta boy. He heard in his head, before turning to Phoenix to see him smirking. Kodo nodded back with a grin of his own.

“Good morning, but I still wanna punch your face,” Ed remarked with a sip of coffee. “Nice mustache though.”

“Mornin’” Phoenix mumbled to Twigo.

“Morning,” Kodo and Shiva said in unison.

“Oops... “ Lord Twigo looked at Fujitora, “Sorry my friend.” Fujitora just grumbled and rubbed his head.

“You should really let me fix your eyes,” Ed said to the admiral. “Or at least give you new ones.”

“No, I can not and will not allow that.” Fujitora turned to Ed, finally not looking at someone or somewhere else. “As a Displaced I will stay blind!”

“Your choice,” Ed shrugged. “Also, Shiva. Do you need more gems other than diamonds?”

Shiva hummed. “Not really,” she admitted. “We’re not exactly called Ruby Dogs or Emerald Dogs after all.”

“We could be,” Kodo noted. “I remember a couple wild packs that named themselves after those gems. I think there was the Lapis Pack, the Amethyst Pack, the Pearl Pack…” he chuckled. “Those guys were easily the weirdest ones out there.”

Shiva chuckled.

“I ran into a pack called the Jade Wolves once,” Ed noted.

Kodo groaned. “That’s so much better than Iron Wolves,” he whispered. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because the Iron Wolves got disbanded after what Umbra pulled,” Shiva said, a touch of sternness in her voice before she turned back to Ed. “Now that I think about it, though, other gems would go a long way in helping my alliance with the dragons. Different gems have different flavors for them.” She smiled. “Did you know that emeralds taste like lemon-lime soda to certain dragons?”

“Yeah,” Kodo noted. “And rubies taste like grapes or wine.”

“Here’s a few bag of endless gems,” Ed handed about three of four bags to the dog. “They’re endless carry bags so they’ll never run out.”

Shiva bowed gratefully to the Crimson Sage. “My thanks is eternal,” she said gratefully.

"Alright… I'm going to walk out of this room to check on Entity_303… I'm going now." Fujitora took a step forward.

“Right,” Shiva said. “Kodo, can you help Issho?”

Cracking off a salute, Kodo guided Fujitora out of the room. Nappa took a step in the way and Fujitora used gravity to slam him into the wall, adding extreme gravity that would crush a normal human. Fujitora and Kodo left the room.

“Good luck with that match against grape ape, Phoenix,” Ed finished his coffee and the mug vanished. “I hope it goes well,” He waved and left the room.

"Uh… Can someone help me?" Nappa was pinned to the wall by intense gravity. "...Okay."

Shiva rolled her eyes. “Issho!” she called. “I think you made your point; can you please set Nappa down.”

Fujitora then made Nappa hit the floor with intense gravity. Shiva patted his head as she made her way out.

“Thanks for restarting my heart back there,” she said gratefully.

"Uh… No prob, I just didn't want your son to be sad." Nappa responded to the Diamond Dog. "Now I can't get up."

Shiva’s ears flattened. “Issho…”

"I'm not letting him get up!" Fujitora shouted, "That's what he deserves!" But, as he felt Shiva’s puppy dog eyes on him, he reluctantly let the gravity waver.

Phoenix had been too busy drinking his coffee and internally groaning to process much of what went on, but he came to when Shiva shouted. “Remind me what he did again?” Phoenix said, looking like a dead fish. Only then did he realise that everyone had left.

All the fighters were at the newly built arena, or repaired arena, it was like the one from the original Dragon Ball anime. Nightmare looked around, looking for the dark Saiyan, not seeing his spiky hair anywhere in sight. Ryker still had a throne in some elevated area. The Parasyte looked to Shiva with a curious look, “Hey Shiva, have you seen Black? I can’t find him and it’s hard to sense him at the moment…” Nightmare asked the diamond dog, a hint of worry in her voice.

“Last I saw him, he was headed back to his room,” Shiva replied.

“Maybe he’s still sleeping,” Kodo offered. “He did kind of only wake up to fight, after all.”

“I guess you're right, but what if something bad happened? The potara earrings don’t heal you after you defuse.” Nightmare explained, putting a finger to her muzzle. “He wouldn’t want to miss a fight anyway, so something must’ve happened…”

Shiva stood. “Want me to go check on him?” she asked.

Nightmare stood up, “Don’t worry, I’ll go have a look.” Nightmare said as she put two fingers to her head. She teleported away with a *pop*, instantly vanishing.

Shiva nodded. “Let us know if he needs anything,” she noted before Ryker cleared his throat, gaining everyone’s attention.

"Okay,” Ryker declared, “So, just like Eric's and Black's fight we're going somewhere else today, we're going to the Island of Justice, Enies Lobby!" The arena turned into an aircraft and it flew over an Island that was… How do I describe it? In the middle of the ocean but had a waterfall in the center of it. Lucci grinned.

"Enies Lobby, the base of the Cp9, and I'm a part of it." Lucci put a fist to his chest with great pride.

"Alright first we have the asshole bird dude, who wields the power of all four elements, the guy who knows the fifth element, Jerk Bending, Phoenix Wri- Phoenix!" Ryker introduced as Phoenix dropped from the aircraft and landed on the area where Blueno and Luffy fought.

“Bird?” Phoenix shouted at Ryker from the stage.

"What else am I supposed to call ya, you asshole?!" Ryker snapped back.

“I’m a fuckin fairy god dammit!” Phoenix huffed as he took his position on the stage.

“Good luck, Phoenix!” Shiva cheered in support. He looked towards her and smiled, giving an appreciative nod.

"And now… We have the strongest fighter in this arena, he's the Mad Titan, the Destroyer of Worlds, beater of Celestia, THAAAANNOOOSSS!!!!" Ryker Introduced as Thanos appeared a few meters from Phoenix, in a suit similar to Lucci's. Thanos had his hands behind his back like a soldier.

Meanwhile, up on the crowd stands, Link slapped his hand over his face. “Beater of Celestia.. Those words do not sound right, like Thanos is some kind of wife beater.” he said with a groan.

“It’s true tho.” Lucci pointed out.

"Hello pretty little fairy man." Thanos looked down at Phoenix, being eight feet tall does have its perks.

“Well at least this ‘pretty little fairy’ doesn’t scare away bitches with his ugly-ass bald head.” Phoenix retorted, glad to have the old Thanos back.

"Oh shut up you limp dick jackass, your blue hair matches that of a lesbians coat." Thanos countered Phoenix.

“Go suck one you de-efficiently built cock juggling thunder cunt.” Phoenix replied with a smirk.

"At least I don't say "Fuck me" when something goes to shit you flamboyant prick." Thanos grinned.

“I take offense on Gordon Ramsay's behalf, you heathen.” Phoenix spat through his teeth, but still with a large smirk.

"Oh ho? Are you trying to one up me in assholishness?" Thanos did the DIO pose, his grin expanding like your mom.

*Suddenly Golden Wind starts playing*

“Indeed.” Phoenix struck a pose, his hand over his face and his back bent a bit to appear more edgy. After doing so, Phoenix couldn’t take it anymore and burst out laughing, holding his stomach.

Thanos then laughed along with him, clutching his chest and wheezing, "By god you are the best person I've ever met in my life. You are the best challenge I've faced in years." Thanos wipes a tear from his eyes.

“We are going drinking together after this, and that’s a threat.” Phoenix managed to squeeze out through his laughing fit.

"Definitely," Thanos nodded, silence… Ryker then cleared his throat.

"Alrighty… Let the battle begin!" The battle had now begun, Thanos had gotten a can of Hetap out of thin air and was taking a sip of it. After downing the whole can, Thanos then crushed it, and used Soru to appear in front of Phoenix. He cocked his fist back and used "Tekkai" to amplify its effects.

“Oh shit yeah I gotta fight you.” Phoenix said in remembrance, dodging the strike and jumping back before pulling Chastiefol from his back. “Increase and all that jazz.” Phoenix said in a nonchalant manner. Once again, the entire arena was filled to the brim with blue kunai. He then jumped backwards into a fighting position, his sword drawn. “Come forth! Or something…”

"Alright, bet." Thanos again used Soru to appear before Phoenix, he took out his sword and covered it in Armament Haki. Thanos then swiped down at the Fairy Deity. Phoenix raised his sword to parry the blow, before slashing at Thanos’ side. However Thanos nullified the blow via Armament Haki, defending his side. Thanos grabbed onto Phoenix with his off hand, reeled back his leg, covered it in Armament Haki, and kicked Phoenix in his chest. Thanos then let go of Phoenix as he was sent flying into one of the short pillars.

However, to Thanos’ surprise, Phoenix walked up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder; he was chuckling to himself. “Sorry, had to do it,” He said, before clicking his fingers together. The Phoenix in the pillar disappeared. “Gotta love clones am I right?”

‘Is this going to end up like the previous match..’ Link thought in annoyance.

"Always gotta love the clones." Thanos nodded in agreement as he covered his elbow in Armament Haki and hit Phoenix in his rib. Thanos then grabbed his arm and threw Phoenix over him, slamming him into the ground. It made a small crater the size of Phoenix's body.

“I deserved that.” Phoenix squeaked out, raising his hand. He then teleported away, hiding behind his mist of kunai.

Thanos enhanced his body with Tekkai to toughen his body as he looked at the blades, he popped his neck and sighed. "Well, I really didn't want to use this but… Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin!" Thenos' usual buff body became slim. His eight feet tall body became seven feet tall, his muscles became smaller but still huge. Thanos then took a single step… And was in front of Phoenix, the Kunai being knocked away.


"You probably may have not noticed but I'm fast as fuck boi." Thanos then used the one-inch punch on Phoenix. Phoenix had the wind knocked out of him and Thanos flip kicked him up into the sky. Thanos then appeared before him and delivered a devastating spin kick to Phoenix' gut sending him crashing down.

Phoenix quickly teleported away from the Titan before he could continue. “Geez, man! If I knew we were gonna start like this I would have transformed already!” Once again, a bright flash of white covered the arena, and then dissipated; it left Phoenix in his levelled up form. He then teleported mid air behind Thanos, delivering a meaty spin kick to his neck.

Thanos was sent flying to the side, but then vanished from sight. Thanos appeared above Phoenix and attempted to release an Axe Kick down on the Fairy Deity.

Seeing the menouver coming, Phoenix held up his hand and simply caught Thanos’ foot.

"Well shit."

Swinging round, Phoenix lobbed Thanos into the distance, making sure to use enough air bending to put him at at least Mach 20.

Thanos went crashing into the building in front of them, there was a space between it. Thanos crashed inside of it, and he found himself in a space where there was grass and trees inside of the building. Thanos went to his feet and got into a stance similar to Luffy, expecting Phoenix to jump at him.

But instead, Phoenix teleported behind the Titan. He then blew some dust off of his fist before cocking it back and sending Thanos back to the spot they were at before.

Thanos caught himself using Geppo, and went back inside. Using the air to his advantage, Thanos spun around, going so fast it looked like a tornado. Thanos then punched the Fairy Deity in the gut before kicking him up to the roof. Thanos, again using Geppo, followed up the attack with a kick to the nose sending him up into the room above them and hitting the roof there. Thanos then appeared far away from Phoenix, sitting down at a table.

Phoenix stopped himself before he could be sent through another roof, and landed back down using air bending. “Fuck your stupid combos man.” Phoenix pulled out his trusty bow before firing at Thanos, exploding the entire room around them.

Once the smoke cleared, Phoenix jumped out the room through a broken wall, floating just outside, and shot three more balts at Thanos.

Thanos appeared next to Phoenix, "Wow, sucks to be him huh?" Thanos grinned, putting a hand to cover his eyes from the sunlight.

Gritting his teeth, Phoenix spun around and fired a bolt at point black in front of Thanos’ big ass forehead. He was sent flying away from the force. Phoenix then followed up by teleporting next to Thanos and booting him though a couple buildings. Dust surrounded Phoenix and in that dust, the Titan uppercutted the Fairy man into the sky. Thanos, using Geppo to follow him, spun around, his right leg now on fire, and kicked Phoenix in his gut then his jaw. Thanos continued to kick Phoenix over and over again before Axe-Kicking him down below. As Phoenix was falling, using Tekkai Go, Armament Haki, and his aflame leg, he launched a devastating kick to his gut once more and sent him crashing downwards.

Shiva winced at the damage, before Kodo nudged her, trying to suppress a grin. Shiva followed his gaze, her ears perking at what she saw.

Ten seconds ago

The arrow that Phoenix had shot at Thanos was not one of his normal ones, but an illusionists arrow. Phoenix watched as Thanos kicked the air, believing that Phoenix was there. The Titan then delivered an axe-kick followed by another flaming kick.

Phoenix watched on, chuckling to himself. “Guess I should undo it.” He shot at Thanos, delivering a roundhouse kick to his head, sending him through more buildings.

"Cheap ass son of a bitch!" Phoenix heard Thanos cry out as he was sent through the buildings.

"Couldn’t help myself!” Phoenix chuckled.

Thanos appeared before Phoenix before striking Phoenix in his right shoulder, which hit a pressure point making his right arm paralyzed temporarily. “Fuck.” Thanos delivered an uppercut then a gut punch.

"MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!!" Thanos continued to chant this as he punched Phoenix, going through buildings before jumping back. Thanos used Soru to appear before Phoenix and kicked him in the nose. "Diable Jambe, Joue Shot!" Phoenix was sent flying into the building Thanos was comboing him in. Hitting the roof of it, Thanos with his speed was there in an instant. Sledgehammering the poor bastard down to the bottom of the building.

Phoenix teleported away, now bruised and beaten. He appeared a good 50 meters or so away. “Congrats, you made me bleed.” A single stream of blood ran down from his nose. The Fairy Deity then shot towards Thanos and stabbed a kunai through his neck. He then proceeded to stab him another 27 times using his ‘Disaster’ technique, leaving each of the blades planted in his skin. He then jumped back before chanting. “Status promotion! Times four!”

Thanos took a step back… Before disappearing, Phoenix looked behind him and Thanos stood there, unharmed. "To quote an asshole "Gotta love clones."." Thanos was leaning on a pillar.

“Gotta love clones.” Phoenix gave an evil grin before clicking his fingers. “Transfer, asshole.” Suddenly, all of the previous damage done appeared on Thanos’ body, and he began to feel the pain. Thanos winced and clutched his neck.

"Well then, we'll play that game. Tekkai Utsugi- Nah… I shouldn't, that's too overkill." Thanos crossed his arms.

“Go for it man, my pain receptors have already been removed from my body!” Phoenix gave a toothy grin to Thanos and a thumbs up.

"Are you sure? Because whatever pain that I would feel, you would feel instead. That's overkill." Thanos pointed out.

“Like I said, I physically can not feel pain anymore.” Phoenix stated, scratching the back of his head. “Though, that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt me physically………” Realising his mistake, “Scratch that, don’t you dare use that on me!”

"But you said- Never mind. Never fucking mind." Thanos shook his head, "Secret Technique, Owl Thrashing!" Multiple afterimages of Thanos appear and they run at Phoenix. They then started to pummel Phoenix.

Phoenix began teleporting sporadically to try and dodge the Mad Titan, but didn’t get far before he was launched into another building. He slowly got up once more, only to be hit again. This cycle went on a few more times before Phoenix managed to block a punch. He then spun round and kicked Thanos in the stomach, sending him a good distance away.

“Just fuck off would ya?” Phoenix said, his hands on his knees. He was panting heavily whilst hunched over. “Do you have any idea how much mana it takes just to take one of your fuckin punches?” Phoenix mumbled.

"Nope, in any case… I think it's time I stop doing that." Thanos then stopped moving. The "clones" disappeared and Thanos stood there with his arms crossed.

“Aight I’m pooped. This ain’t a match I can win.” Phoenix said, standing up straight and looking up to the sky. “I was bluffing it from the start. Of course I feel pain!” He began rubbing his hip like an old man. “I fuckin ache man!”

"Well, I kinda need to render you unconscious to win. So stay there and I'm gonna..." Thanos went back to his original eight feet tall form.

“You think I’m going down without a fight?” Phoenix asked with a large smile.

"Possibly…" Thanos pressed his fingers together and leaned back.

“Well you're damn right, Come glock me!” Phoenix moved his arms out as if to welcome a hug.

"That's kinda gay."

“Just shut and knock me out already you sack a shit, my back is fuckin killing me. One on ones have never been my thing. Always been better with hordes.” Phoenix explained, frowning at the Titan.

Thanos approached the man, "What I'm going to do to you is going to knock you out due to the extreme amounts of pain I will be inflicting. I will buy you all the drinks for you after this." Thanos stepped on Phoenix's foot.

“Just do it already! God you’re so soft.”

Thanos went into the Rokuogan Position, "Sai Dai Rin…" Lucci covered his eyes for this. Shiva covered Kodo’s eyes as he covered hers. Nightmare watched intently, squinting her eyes as she watched Thanos prepare his attack. "ROKUOGAN!!!!" Thanos had fired off a devastating shockwave that ruptured Phoenix's internal organs. The buildings and rubble behind them were now smithereens, the force made the Deity cough an ungodly amount of blood before passing out. Phoenix fell down on his back and Thanos winced.

Using his ‘Disaster’, Phoenix slipped off his ring, still in his unconscious state. His regeneration instantly kicked in, and he opened his eyes once more. “Fuck me that hurt.” He then got up from the ground, and rubbed the dust off from his back. “Just sayin’, if I didn’t have that ring, you would have been fucked.” Phoenix said, smacking the side of his head to get some dust out of his ear.

"Gg." Thanos held out a hand, and Phoenix grabbed him by the wrist, gesturing for Thanos to do the same. Thanos see, Thanos do.

“Warriors do warrior handshakes.” Phoenix stated with a smirk.

"Now let's have ourselves a drink!" Thanos wrapped his arm around Phoenix's neck as the area turned back to the arena. Thanos then walked to the exit.

"THE WINNER IS THANOS!!!!" Ryker announced as the two walked off.

Phoenix teleported out of Thanos grasp before speaking. “I’ll join ya another time, got some info to relay to a certain pair of dogs.”

"Well you know where I'll be." Thanos put two fingers to his forehead and vanished from sight.

“Right then.” Phoenix clapped his hands together, before appearing directly next to Kodo and Shiva, startling them a bit. “Hey there.”

“Phoenix,” Shiva gasped, standing up. “That was incredible! Are you… well, yeah, you’re okay, but…”

“What happened?” Kodo asked. “I thought you had that in the bag.”

“What happened, young Kodo, was a whole bunch of bluffing.” Phoenix said with a wide grin. “No way in hell can I defeat Thanos. Heck! I’m pretty certain he was holding back!”

“He was,” Shiva said solemnly. “He’s constantly holding back.”

“Powerful warriors like Thanos have to hold back, Black at one point accidentally broke 10 glass cups, a table, and multiple plates and silverware.” Nightmare said with a laugh, teleporting next to Shiva before looking at the Diamond Dog. “Black is fine, his body still isn’t ready just yet.”

Shiva nodded. “Good to know,” she said. “Thank you, Nightmare.”

“You see, I specialize in military warfare, not one on one bouts.” Phoenix began. “Sure, I wasn’t exactly taking the fight seriously, nor did I use my most powerful form, but still, a fight against a beast like him isn’t a great match up for me. Though, I could’ve taken that fight to a whole new level….” Phoenix mumbled the last part.

“I can relate,” Shiva admitted. “My forte is team battles; where I can stand back and give support.” She chuckled. “All things being considered, I’m glad I didn’t push your form back when we fought.”

“Call me sexist, but I don’t use my most powerful form on women. Well…. unless I have to.” Phoenix stated.

“I’m not complaining,” Shiva assured him.

“Well anyways, I came to speak to you two about something.” Phoenix said, changing the subject.

“Oh?” Shiva asked.

“Though, I believe we should go somewhere more.... Private.” Phoenix whispered, before clicking his fingers.The three appeared in a large purple void, with nothing to see for miles. “Make yourself at home.” Phoenix said, forming a couch behind him. He then took a seat.

Shiva and Kodo settled themselves in, Shiva still looking to Phoenix expectantly.

“So, to cut it short, you two are not safe.” Phoenix said in a nonchalant manner.

Shiva nodded in understanding. “From Ryker?”

“From Ryker’s underlings.” Phoenix stated. “I won’t go into the specifics for now, but I’m pretty sure we can expect a large rumble sooner or later. Chastiefol keeps warning me about it, and my gut agrees.” Phoenix formed two kunai, one in each hand, and floated them to the two diamond dogs. “Keep these with you, trust me when I say that just that individual blade could have given Thanos a run for his money.” Phoenix finished, smiling at the thought of Thanos attempting to take it on.

Shiva took the blade with a grateful nod, encouraging Kodo to do the same.

“I appreciate your aid, Phoenix,” Shiva said, her ears flattening. “Issho seems like a good soul. But if we must fight…” She held up the blade. “I appreciate any assistance I can get.”

“I assure you, if a fight does break out, I’ll personally see to it that no one dies. However, I can’t say you won’t have to go at him with full force.” Phoenix said with a frown. “Anyways, that is all. Just figured I’d give you a heads up, soon as I promised to tell you about my plans. Well, some of it…”

Shiva chuckled. “Right,” she said. “Got to keep some of your cards close to your chest.”

“I have been working on concealing my thoughts,” Kodo noted half-heartedly, his mind sure enough concealed by an image of a caved-in cavern.

“Nice cavern Kodo,” Phoenix said with a smirk. “Though, it still only takes a grade 7 combination.” Phoenix chuckled to himself before getting up and ruffling Kodos hair. “You’ll get there at some point, but don’t bank on your mental barriers just yet.”

“Agreed,” Shiva said, rising up. “Thank you again, Phoenix. If there’s anything we can do to help you, please let us know.”

“God you sound like you're my underling or something.” Phoenix sarcastically groaned. “Whelp, back we go.” The three once again found themselves in the training room.

Giving a final salute to Phoenix, Shiva and Kodo parted ways with Phoenix, only to notice a newcomer: it was a man with a sedge hat, leaning on a wall. He had robotic armor and looked like a mummy. He had an iron mask and the eyes of it were blue.

"Oh hello Lady Shiva and Young Kodo, my name is Noximilien the Watchmaker." Nox tipped his hat to the duo.

Kodo instantly looked to Shiva, who bent her head in a bow. “Hello, Noximilien,” she greeted. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around here. Are you new?”

Nox let out a chuckle, "Yes, indeed I am Ms. Shiva, I was dead and now I'm alive again because Ryker revived me via the Dragon Balls." Nox took a step from the wall and approached the two. Nox held out a hand for a handshake.

Shiva took his hand, shaking it with a nod. “Always good to have another life back,” she replied.

"Not necessarily, I had no say in the matter. Can you tell me about the fighters here? I'm afraid Ryker has not given me intel on them." Nox asked the Diamond Dog.

Shiva hummed. “Odd of him,” she noted. “But right now, the only fighters still in the rankings are Thanos and Eric Von Shadow. They’re the ones you’ll need to worry about. Thanos especially.”

"Thanos and Eric? God I haven't heard those names in quite a while. It's been two years now I believe." Nox crossed his arms and looked up, seemingly remembering the past.

Shiva’s ears perked. “You’ve crossed paths with them before?” she noted, humming in thought. “Those two are even more experienced than I thought.”

Nox chuckled once more, "Well, while I was serving under Kaido. I dwelled in Thanos' world for about three months. I became allies with the princesses, Thanos ordered his comrades, Lucci, Grievous, Entity and Eric, to steal the Mind and the Power Stone. I simply couldn't allow that and offered them to surrender, I didn't want violence off the bat. Alas, they didn't listen so I beat Lucci, Grievous, and Entity in combat. I was beating Eric too but due to his Conquerors Haki he knocked me out and decapitated me." Nox said unflinchingly, Shiva could sense no hate for Eric coming off of Nox.

“Sounds like you have more experience with them than I do,” Shiva admitted. “Though, if this… ‘adventure’ of yours was a while ago, they could have gotten stronger since then.”

"And so have I, I have unlocked my Conquerors Haki after… After doing many things that I regret. I have become stronger since then, I trained with a man called King Kai, the other Kais, and I participated in a Tournament for the Dead. I won it too, three times." Nox looked at his empty palm, "With my Wakfu I'm extremely powerful. I bet I'll have to fight Eric and I have a strategy to take him down."

Shiva nodded. “Well, I wish you luck,” she said. “Though… forgive this humble dog if she oversteps, but if I may ask… please take it easy on Eric. He’s got his faults, but he’s also got a good heart.” She glanced around the training room with a wistful, slightly sad air. “It honestly pains me to see so much conflict: so many good men fighting each other.”

"Conflict sometimes is the only answer, and sometimes to get what you want you have to hurt some people. I learned that firsthand, or paw in your case, oh and don't worry I will most definitely go easy on Mr. Monohan." Nox promised with a nod.

Shiva chuckled softly, glancing at her paw. “Thank you,” she said. “I have learned as well that sometimes you have to hurt others to get what you need or want. But I prefer to only take that option when there is no other choice available to me.”

"Well, that was the only choice that I chose when I was foolish, so very foolish." Nox said with some regret and sorrow in his voice. He then shook his head, putting his hands behind his back.

Carefully, Shiva pat Nox’s shoulder. “You’ve got a second chance,” she noted. “Let your experiences guide you into using it well.”

"I did so many awful things, I destroyed countries, a population full of innocent creatures, absorbed magic all because that blasted cube had to ruin everything. I had a family, they all died. I wanted to turn back time, they all said it was impossible, but the cube told me it was the only way. So when I won, I only turned back time… Twenty. Minutes." Nox clenched his fists.

Shiva winced, while Kodo shook his head in sympathy. “That’s rough buddy,” he noted softly.

"Indeed it is, young pup, the hardest choices require the strongest wills. Guess I didn't make the right choice. Steering the subject to a different course, I'm a Xelor." Nox put his hat onto his back, they then saw the full form of Nox's helmet.

Shiva tilted her head in intrigue. “What exactly are Xelors?” she asked.

"People who can do this." Nox put his hands in a peculiar position and suddenly Kodo was now in the sparring ring.

“What the…?!” Kodo yelped, turning back and forth as he tried to process his new location. “How’d I get here?”

"I have the ability to halt time itself, but keep this a secret between you two and me, alright?" Nox tilted his head.

Shiva nodded mutely, stunned by Nox’s ability. When Kodo ran to her side, she pulled him close without breaking her stunned expression.

"Now, now, you do not have to be scared that I might put Kodo upside down or anything. Though I did consider that when I was looking around this room." Nox jokes, his mask's blue eyes having a kind look to them.

Kodo chuckled nervously. “Well… thanks for not acting on it,” he said gratefully.

"You are very much welcome, now I believe I should take my leave, I have decided to keep my identity a secret. So please follow my wishes, as for now, I wish you two the best of luck in your future endeavors." Nox put his hat back on.

“To you as well,” Shiva said with a nod. Waving goodbye, Shiva and Kodo retreated to their room. As Nox saw them off he let out a sigh, then he "teleported" out of view.

However, as Shiva and Kodo returned to their room, they both noticed a familiar duo.

Eric was walking down the halls with Sombra trailing behind them. Both covered by the shadows of despair.

Shiva’s fur bristled as Sombra’s eyes strayed her way, and she pulled Kodo into their room, slamming the door shut behind them.

“Eric…” Sombra said, but Eric had his gaze fixed forward.

“I need to meet up with Ed on the battlefield of Endgame,” Eric said, placing a hand on a nearby wall. “You should rest up. My next match will more than likely be tomorrow against Doom. Wherever the hell he is.” the shadow man entered the wall

‘He’s still pissed,’ the Unicorn thought as he returned to his room. ‘Not surprising, considering what I almost made those diamond dogs do.’

Inside his room, Sombra shed his swords and set them against his bed.

“Heh...” Sombra chuckled in dark amusement. “I promised I’d never take another's life and yet..” anger welled in the unicorn’s mind as regret entered his heart “Fuck!” Sombra punched the wall, cracking it with his strength. “Why can’t you ever leave me in peace Umbra!?” the unicorn slammed his fist into the walls with every word

After his moment of rage, Sombra placed his hand on his head feeling the effects of magic around his eyes.

“I need to calm down,” Sombra said, throwing himself to his bed before closing his eyes and falling asleep. “Calm… Peace… Fluttershy.”

King Sombra opened his eyes and found himself wearing a simple dress shirt and pants as he approached his parents. They were alive; smiling as Sombra presented his queen

“Mother. Father. May I present Fluttershy, the Element of Kindness,” Sombra said

Fluttershy stepped forward and bowed. “’s a p-pleasure to m-meet you, your majesties,” Fluttershy stammered, her voice low in deference.

“Oh look how nervous she is,” Lapis Shine - Sombra’s mother - mused, approaching the frightened pegasus before cupping her face. “And absolutely beautiful.” She still gave Sombra a worried look. “Are you sure about this, Sombrahesta?”

“I am mother,” Sombra answered with a nod. “She stole my heart over my crown, just as you did with father.”

“She’s meek,” Jasper Dusk - Sombra’s father - said, approaching the pair before smiling at his son. “But if you’re positive she’s the one for you, then I accept this Mare as my daughter and your queen.”

“How sweet” A all too familiar voice echoed in Sombra’s head. “The Little Stallion still wants what he’ll never have.”

Sombra gripped the side of his head. “No…” he muttered in denial. “No, you’re not real. Y-You’re dead! Eric killed you! We killed you!”

“Oh believe me... you and that imbecile tried,” echoed the voice inside Sombra’s head. “And to make matters worse that oaf is using MY magic”

“You’re not real,” Sombra muttered to himself, chanting it like a counterspell. “You’re dead, You’re not real, you’re dead. You’re not real, you’re dead.”

Screams answered. Sombra looked up in horror.

His father was sitting upon his throne, his sword plunged into his chest. His severed head lay sideways on his lap, his dead eyes stared right at Sombra. His mother was pinned to the wall by twin swords buried hilt deep in her palms, her legs severed at the knees which were shoved down her throat. A figure of shadow sat in his mother’s throne with a yellow pegasus within his grasp.

“I can assure you my former host,” Umbra purred. “I am very real.”

“S-Sombra…” Fluttershy whispered, before the figure wrenched her head off with a powerful twist.

“UMBRA!” Sombra screamed, jumping up from his bed in a cold sweat.

But Umbra was gone. His parents were long dead. And Fluttershy was safe back in his Equestria.

Yet Sombra was not sated. He gripped his head. “That was no normal nightmare,” Sombra shuddered at the thought. “It felt like he really was there.” He looked up, fear and anger fighting for control. “Perhaps that Ryker brought an Umbra from an alternate Equestria?”

Outside his room, a flicker of smoke wisped through the air as Kodo listened in, having heard Sombra exclaim Umbra’s name. Having been a former host of Umbra himself, Kodo couldn’t resist listening in on Sombra’s musings.

The idea of an alternate Umbra sent a chill through Kodo. After the damage he had caused - the lives that had suffered…

Kodo’s eyes narrowed with determination, and his smoke cloud drifted closer.

If there is an alternate Umbra,” he whispered to Sombra like a ghost. “You owe it to those you love to see it destroyed.”

Sombra spun, trying to trace the noise, but Kodo quickly withdrew from the room and floated away.

You and me both,” Kodo added under his breath. Returning back to their shared room, he found his mother in an odd circumstance: With her eyes closed and claws held in front of her like she was praying, her pack links swirled around in front of her, almost… creating something. Something out of light.

Kodo wisely kept silent, but the pack links inevitably brushed against his cloud of smoke. Shiva smiled softly, but her eyes did not open.

“Eric’s Shadow Souls gave me an idea,” she explained. “Something that I’m hoping we can use when the time comes.”

Kodo tilted his head, before widening his eyes in awe… as his father reformed out of light before him. Though a Diamond Dog, he strangely resembled a Lucario. How Shiva knew of the Pokemon was anyone’s guess, though it is likely the appearance was simply coincidental.

“Father?” Kodo whispered, reaching out for him.

Unfortunately, the elder diamond dog male did not reply. He merely stared forward without seeing. And burst back into sparks as Shiva collapsed.

She huffed. “I’ll need to train some more on that,” she noted, as Kodo helped her up. “Even then, it’ll only be based on my memories of the real one.” Her voice cracked. “It… won’t actually be him.”

Kodo’s ears flattened in shame. “I’m… sorry you had to lose him,” he whispered.

Shiva nodded, her expression becoming pained. “All we can do is make sure we don’t lose anyone else,” she replied.

Kodo glanced back at where he had come from. “And that Umbra doesn’t come back,” he added.

Shiva’s eyes opened, staring at Kodo in shock. “Umbra?” she demanded. “But he’s dead!”

Kodo glanced back at her with worry. “Von Shadow’s Sombra seems to think otherwise.”

“Umbra… Well that’s bad.” Lucci shook his head.

Shiva and Kodo spun to find the assassin in their room. Instantly, Kodo jumped in front of Shiva, as the female diamond dog made a motion like she was covering herself.

“What are you doing here?!” Kodo barked.

“Eh? Why does it sound like you guys don’t like me?” Lucci raised an eyebrow, “Wait, is this your guys room? I could’ve sworn I was in my room.” Lucci couldn’t help but grin.

Shiva sighed and crossed her arms. “What do you want?” she asked.

“Mmm… Nothing, I kind of find it weird you and Fujitora hang out so much. Oh my god, look Shiva, it’s a human!” Lucci points to a wall.

Shiva flattened her ears. “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?” she noted.

"Oh no, no, no, no," Lucci his hands up before pointing to the door, "Shiva look, it's Fujitora!"

Shiva narrowed her eyes… before actually scenting the blind swordsman. “Issho?” she asked, turning… only to find part of his cloak laying before the door.

“BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!” Lucci pats his knee before clutching his eyes and falls on his back, laughing in hysterics and clutching his stomach.

Shiva glowered at the cloak, before sighing. Kodo seethed, but Shiva gripped him before he could do anything he regretted.

“And you wonder why I prefer Issho over someone like you?” Shiva muttered, scooping up the piece of Fujitora’s cloak and walking out of the room, leaving Lucci behind.

Local Sage beats the ever loving crap out of Edgy Sasuke wannabe.

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The Crimson Sage Vs. The Shadow of Equestria

Eric emerged from the shadows on the wasteland that was the final battlefield of Avengers Endgame sitting on a piece of rubble was Edward Elric, his eyes turning to the shadow man with a hard glare.

“Well… at least you’re serious about this,” Edward said standing up. “Now let’s see if you are worthy enough to use the chamber.”

“Let’s,” Eric said, his powers flaring as he pulled out his Murakumogiri.

“Just so you know,” Ed stood up. “I’ve fought Haki users before and the future sight does have an Achellies heel,” He thrust a finger forward and suddenly Eric felt like someone had fired a gun straight into his right shoulder. The force knocked him down. “One major flaw. The faster your opponent, the harder it is to see them properly.”

“No hesitation. I see,” Eric said, rubbing his shoulder as he got to his feet. “Even if it left no damage I still felt that.” Eric stepped forward and readied his weapon in hand, “I still won’t lose”

“Who said this was about winning or losing?” Ed cocked his head to the side. “Make no mistake kid I'm very pissed about what happened. And quite frankly you’re very lucky to even be breathing properly at this moment.” Ed’s shadow expanded behind him and forms started to rise from it. In seconds, hundreds of thousands of Ed’s stood before Von Shadow. “Seven Nations Army.” The air began to shine and ripple with power. “Every one of these copies is an individual me that will fight - even at the loss of their heads by the way - and they have my weapons and fighting prowess to Gate of Aries!” He flung his hand forward and thousands of weapons sprang from the ripples like missiles aimed at Eric.

Eric formed a pair of wings and flew above the speeding weapons, Magic flared in his eyes and he aimed his hand at the army. Bear the weight of the darkest sins,” Chanted the Shadow Man. “Dark Press.”

A large force of gravity pressed down on the army of Ed’s, however none were deterred as they simply ran through the magic area’s effect, grabbing the weapons as they did.

“You call that magic,” Ed raised an eyebrow. “Let me show you magic!” He jumped into the area, “Crimson Spiral Flame!” He threw his hand from and a twister of red flames consumed everything on the field. The army included. Eric looked on in horror as the sage landed right in front of him, the red reflected in his eyes. “You should be running from them.” The army emerged from the fires, on fire themselves.

Eric hovered in the air for a moment before shaking the fear away

Shadow Soul: Soul of the Reaper

Eric’s form melted away and was replaced with his skeletal form of his Reaper Transformation, reaching into his body Eric pulled out his reaper scythe, the blade forged from both Sea-prism Stone and Magic steel which drain any who’s is cut by it of their magic

“Sonic Slasher,” Eric whispered out before disappearing with a sonic boom

Eric managed to cut down two Ed’s before being grabbed and weighed down by the others, Eric tried to pry them off or even phase right through them. But they held on tight with Haki covered arms, it got to the point where Eric was forced to the ground. Several Ed’s approached the Reaper before covering their fists in armament Haki, each and every one of them began beating and punching the downed shadow man forcing him to flare his magic

“Warp through the Darkness and Hide thyself!” Eric yelled, receiving a hard punch to his jaw nearly dislocating it. “Dark Teleport!”

One of Edward’s clones came a full inch from striking the Shadow Man before Eric dissipated in a plume of black smoke, that back smoke drifted down into the shadows of the army. Ed and his clones searched for the Shadow Man.

“Always hiding in the darkness like a true coward?” Ed asked as he searched.

“I’m no coward,” Eric said, reforming into his now injured base form, a good distance from the alchemist army. “But I had no choice. Recover what you have lost,” Eric dropped his weapons as a purple aura covered him. “Dark Rejuvenation!”

The injuries across Eric’s body sealed themselves before disappearing like they never happened. Eric reached down and picked up his Scythe and his Murakumogiri from the ground

“I get it, Edward. Really, I do,” Eric said as he gripped his weapons. “To lose a loved one, or even a close friend is the worst feeling in the world”

“If you know the pain then why did you do it?” Edward said, floating above his army. “Why would you not only fight Black with a clone but hit his weakened form with a sleeping spell?”

This caused Eric to shrink back a bit looking at the ground in shame. “’s what I would normally do in my world,” Eric admitted in sadness. “I’s all I’ve ever done since coming to Equus. Each and every opponent we’ve faced either me or the others have killed them, it’s all I know how to do.”

The Shadow man looked downtrodden at the Alchemist. “I did what I thought was the best course of action, with your help I felt you could help me make my powers less lethal.”

“Best course of action my ass!” Edward yelled. “This is a tournament! Not a war for you to play back seat driver to. You did not do some underhanded move; you outright cheated!” Ed slammed his fist against the air behind him causing it to shatter like glass and left a void . Reaching in, the alchemist pulled out a very distinct sword with a red dual-serrated edge, fire bird guard and a long handle that led into a fourway skull pommel. “I’m going to make you wish you faced Black head on!” Ed pointed the sword at the shadow man. “Extend field,” he said quietly and circle extended outward past Eric and he soon found himself back in his base form. “Just so you know this sword is a manifestation of my perception of reality. So whatever I say goes.”

Eric just looked down and exhaled. “So much for words,” Eric whispered under his breath before rushing the Alchemist. “Maybe my blades will show how much I regret my fight with Black.”

Eric reared both weapons back and swung at the Alchemist, both weapons clashing against Edwards as sparks flew into the air.

“Tell me something,” Ed forced Eric back with a wave of crimson power. “Do you know what happens when someone is consumed by negativity?”

“They lose control of both their mind and their powers,” the Shadow man answered

“Yes,” Ed smiled evilly. “Have you ever seen what happens physically?”

“I have not,” Eric said, keeping his distance from the Alchemist. “However I have heard from the other’s what happened to Luna after our fight with the queen.”

“Heheheheheehhahahahahaahahanahahaahhahahahaahaa!” The alchemist belted. “I never asked Luna…” he remarked as his sword faded to red dust. “I said you would face the form Black faced... and I meant it!” Ed roared as a pillar of red light consumed him completely only showing a black silhouette of the sage inside it. He began to grow as thousands upon thousands of red eyes covered his body. A tail formed, along with a set of silver and red tipped feathery wings while red twisted metal grew. A large singular golden Sharinnegan opened in a right downward slant with an ouroboros symbol in the center. The sage stepped out of the light pillar to reveal his new form: nearly five stories high, towering over Eric. His right eye was golden, with three blood red eyes on the left. He smiled with many mouths full of jagged teeth all over his body.

“Hello,” he said softly.

Before Eric could respond, he was sent flying with a hard right clawed uppercut.

Eric’s body slid across the ground, digging a large trench in the battlefield. Eric pulled himself from the ground and gazed at the large form of the Alchemist.

“Well...that’s nightmare inducing,” Eric muttered, as shadow began to swirl around the shadow man. “Looks like I’ll need to go stronger to defeat him.” He slammed his head into the ground.

Shadow Soul: Soul of the Demon

Meanwhile, as the two fighters battled, they were unaware of a portal opening, and a familiar host walking out to observe the fight.

"...Son of a bitch." Ryker muttered under his breath, looking on at the two, he made two portals behind him. Katakuri and someone with a Sedgehat walked beside him. A little silver bug with a blue eye flew out next to them. The one with the sedgehat was covered in bandages with metal armor.

"Hm… Quite interesting." The one with the sedgehat spoke. "I can use this knowledge."

Shadows began to flood the area as they converged on the Shadow Man. His size increased to another fifteen feet. His hands turned to claws as his skin came to resemble that of charred leather. The Shadow Man’s legs twisted backwards as his eyes burned red. His teeth became pointed and jagged. His hair burst into flames, and a pair of small horns and a pointed tail tore through his forehead and his back. A forked tongue flicked between his teeth.

Unfortunately, despite his increase in size, Edward still dwarfed the Shadow Man in size.

“I’m going all out Alchemist,” Eric hissed out.

The demonic Eric rushed forwards before jumping up towards the Alchemist’s head. However, halfway up, he was smacked to the ground, burying him into the dirt. Mere seconds later, Eric burst from the ground, his lips curved in a glasgow grin. His smile grew when he felt his power grow from the single attack of the Alchemist’s towering form.

“Is that all you got Alchemist?” Eric laughed. “You’re weaker than you claim to be.”

“Who said that’s all I got?” The Sage’s voice growled from everywhere at once. A mysterious force pulled Eric straight to the Alchemist’s face. “You truly don’t know how to shut up, do you?” The demon tilted his head.“Let’s see what we will do with you, ah I know,” he raised his left fist, “Two Thousand Times Kugi punch!”

Eric felt the crushing force of two thousand blows into every part of his body as he bounced randomly around the area.

Eric crashed into the rubble that was once Thanos’ ship. Yet, all the while, his maniacal laughing did not fade. Ripping away the metal concealing him, Eric emerged from the broken ship. His black body red with blood, yet his eyes glowing with magical wisps

“Recover what you have lost,” Eric boomed as a purple aura covered him. “Dark Rejuvenation!”

“One thing you should know about dragon slayers,” Ed commented as one of the clones ran next to Eric, “They eat magic!” Several of the clones jumped and started to eat every last ounce of his magic directly from his body. “I won’t let you recover. It’s against the rules, after all,” the main body said.

Walking forward, he backhanded Eric across the field. Teleporting ahead of Eric, he fired a ki blast, ricocheting Eric into another direction. For some time, Ed repeated the process. Until finally, with a devastating axe punch, he buried Eric in a massive crater.

“Did I ever say I deactivated my perception field?” The sage mocked. “The only power you’ve been stealing is nothing!” Ed flicked Eric with his pointer finger. “You don't get it,’ Ed held up his hand and hsi sword reformed in his hand. “How does it feel to have tha pain and not grow from it?”

“Didn’t you know?” Eric said, smiling at the alchemist. “This is my only form that feels no pain, it’s how I can keep going in a difficult battle”

“Oh let me fix that then,” Edward reached Eric with his hand and grabbed a fist full of what appeared to be strings and at that moment Eric felt his entire body freeze. “See I developed the ability to pull on the very magic that binds things together meaning I CAN ADD OR TAKE ANY MAGIC I SEE FIT!” A quick twist and the strings snapped and Eric was flooded to his very core with pain as he screamed out, every time he moved it intensified his pain. “You mock me for not being strong? You dishonor my family by sending a clone to face Black. You are not fit to fight on the same field as any of these Displaced!”

“I am… But the mocking... I can’t help” Eric explained, his voice cracking from the pain. “This particular Soul affects my mind slightly. Honestly, I respect everyone I’ve met... unless they turn on me and my friends. I still hold a lot of respect for you and Black but I can’t help but mock you in this form.”

"Jackass…" Ryker couldn't help but think.

Reaching behind him Eric pulled both his Scythe and his Murakumogiri to his hands, before stabbing both their blades into the ground. Without warning each and every Ed was quickly pulled into their shadows leaving only the big one standing, Pulling his weapons from the ground Eric gazed up towards the main Ed.

“Shadow Prison. They are now a part of me, no magic can free them unless I say so,” Eric hissed out before Edward began to sink into his own shadow. “The Shadows are my domain, why don’t we continue this fight there instead?”

Before Ed could utter a word, Eric vanished into his shadow. Without warning, hooks and ropes of shadow grabbed and bound Edward’s colossal form, dragging him into his shadow as well. Edward found himself in an endless void of darkness. Skeletons, armor, weapons, even rubble of buildings and earth all floated around aimlessly within the Void of Eric’s Shadow Zone.

“Hmmm… Quite odd,” Ed muttered, gazing around the void. “I can sense you… but it feels as though you are everywhere and yet nowhere all at the same time.”

“My Shadow Zone is my domain. I am as you said: Everywhere and Nowhere. All at the same time.” Eric’s voice echoed all around the Alchemist. “In here I can attack from anywhere and you’d have no way of countering.”

With no warning a small cut appeared on the giant Alchemist's face, nearly slashing one of his eyes out. Edward turned around, trying to locate the hidden shadow man.

“Just like a coward, staying hidden within his shadow,” mocked Edward, keeping all eyes on his surroundings. “Is this the only thing you know how to do?”

“I’m not hiding,” Eric said as another cut appeared on Ed’s lower forearm. “I’m standing right before you. You just can’t see me.”

You made a mistake absorbing those clones,” Ed smiled. “They have no magic on their own but are instead souls that seek to return to me, they can also act on their own remotely,” he pointed at several vien pulsed all over Eric’s form. He was paralyzed. “I wouldn’t try to eject them either, they might activate the matter self-destruction.”

Eric just smiled as his form turned to shadow and faded away. “Edward, have you ever read the Novel In the Tall Grass?” the Shadow Man asked laughing in the void

“I have had enough of this play.” Ed said flatly as he reached into nothing and then play out his clawed fist opening it to reveal Eric completely stripped down to his base form unable to activate his power. “You want to know the horrors I have to live with every waking moment I live child,” He stared at the shaking man. “I shall show you,” Ed reeled back and swallowed him whole. Eric soon found himself in a torrent of red screaming faces distorted in every way possible. “This is what I hear constantly,” Ed’s voice rang from everywhere. “My form is composed of millions of living souls and I have news added every single moment I am alive. Don’t even bother trying anything either. You are nothing more than a normal human right now. I have no further amusement from you and you have proven to me you are not worthy of my time so I will not afford you more of it.” Everything cracked and Eric soon found himself out on the battlefield once more, Ed standing behind him in his human form. “You are not worthy of anything I hold, not even my time.” He starts to walk away.

“….p..please...don’t” Eric fell to the ground. “I..I get stronger” the Shadow man struggled to get up

“Why should I bother trying to help someone who won't even recognize that he was beaten before setting foot on the arena floor. “The smart move would,ve been to give up from the start. You obviously had no intention of actually trying to think.”

“Somepony….on my world….Stronger than us….Kills everypony….” Eric struggled as he made it to his knee.

“Why should I care about someone else’s world?” Ed kept walking away. “One such as yourself… Please…” He rolled his eyes.

“He’ll travel..the Multiverse...Stealing power...and growing stronger” Eric managed to get to his feet before flaring his magic. “Reveal...what...what has..yet to come…Dark Premonition”

Eric fired a beam of magic and showed the alchemist his future. The vision showed a large creature with red and black fur wielding the powers of all the Devil Fruit’s of Eric’s world, all Magic of Alexandria’s equestria and the powers and abilities from countless others. In his hands and magic was the dead bodies of the loved ones Ed held most dear.

“Enough,” Ed turned and flicked shooting debris and dust into the air. Eric looked to his right and saw the earth had been destroyed down to the core. “I have had enough of your bullshit. Dark magic is a staple part of everything in my world I teach college class about. False premonitions do very little to scare me boy.”

“Please I’m speaking the Truth '' Eric pleaded, his voice speaking in desperation. “What I showed you is the future if I don’t stop him”

“Do you even realize who you're talking to!” Ed shouted. “I am Truth’s Avatar! That was no Truth! I have had enough of you and your crap.” Ed walked away. “Consider this is your last warning boy,” He snapped and an hourglass shaped door appeared. “I will not stand for lies. You may use my Chamber for one day. I will not permit more or I will take everything you earned there and reverse it completely. Understood?”

“Thank you….Thank you Edward,” Eric said, dropping to the ground. “I promise I will find a way to repay you”

“I have set the time outside for one day, inside it will be nearly three years,” Ed remarked. “Just know that I still don’t like you and if you EVER pull that crap again. I will seal you and your world away so no Displaced will never access it again. No TOKENS NO NOTHING! Understand?”

Eric pushed himself and nodded to the Alchemist. “I understand Ed”

Eric struggled to get to the Time Chamber door but made it all the same, Twisting the knob and opening the door to the chamber, Eric was slightly in awe seeing it was as vast and colorful as the one in DBZ.

“Oh and one more thing,” Ed held up a finger then turned full, “CRIMSON DRAGON FORCE ROARING FUS RO DAH!” He roared, sending a star wars, dragon slayer, dragon born combo blast into Eric forcing him into the chamber. “That felt good,” Ed dusted off his coat. “I wonder what's for lunch,” Ed happily walked through another portal before locking his own Time Chamber door away so no one else could access it. The man with the Sedgehat laughed.

"Ryker, by any chance do you mind if I-" The Sedgehat man turns to Ryker.

"Nope, not at all, you are free to use it." Ryker waved him off, "After all… Eric is training too…"

Chapter Eleven, Old "Friends"

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Chapter Eleven, Old "Friends."

The next morning, everyone was at the Diner, eating their breakfast. Everyone apart from Phoenix that is; the group had not seen him around for a while. They did see someone in the darkest corner of the room, wearing a black cloak, no one could sense any Ki coming off of him. He wore a Sedge hat that added to his concealed form.

Thanos sat there eating his Salad because it was healthy for him. Thanos side-eyed the mysterious man, he had a cup of… Something in front of him. The man also had some bacon and eggs. Thanos leaned to Sombra.

"Who the hell is that guy? One of Ryker's men? I sense no Life coming from him." Thanos squinted his eyes as he looked at the man. "He's also wearing some bandages too like a mummy."

“Don’t really care…” Black said silently, slowly eating his pancakes and bacon.

“No clue but I wouldn’t put it past him to have more people working for him” Sombra said to the Titan eating his Salad

Link did not like the feeling of the newcomer, like something that is there, yet isn’t at the same time. Link reached into his pouch to take out the lens of truth just to take a look at the man, wanting to make sure it was actually there, sure enough the man was indeed there.

Kodo and Shiva glanced at each other, before Shiva nodded in the mystery man’s direction. Smoke hissed off Kodo’s fur as he left his steak behind, crossing over to the mysterious person.

“Hey there,” Kodo greeted. “You new round here?”

"Oh hello young Kodo, it is nice to meet you again." The mysterious man's head snapped towards Kodo's. Kodo saw an eye that was blue just like the sky.. "Don't tell me you have forgotten about me already…" The man shook his head and reached for his drink.

“Oh, Nox?” Kodo chuckled. “Sorry. The sedge hat makes you look way more mysterious.” He glanced back at the others. “The others were just curious who you were.”

"Keep quiet, I do not want anyone to know who I am… Yet." Nox took off his mask/helmet, the hat helped conceal it. Only people who are close enough could see his face, Nox looked old, having a white beard and neatly cut white hair. Which was odd to Kodo given that Nox sounded so young, though he did notice Nox hadn no wrinkles. Nox takes a sip of his drink and shudders, the drink smelled like oil. "This my friend, if thy is curious, is oil. I'm just following one of the commandments of Xelor." Nox then downed the whole cup and quickly put on his mask.

Kodo grimaced at the idea of drinking oil, but didn’t question it. “Well… I’ll leave you to it then,” he replied, returning to his mother’s side.

“So,” Shiva asked coyly, subtly grinning at Nox. “Who was he?”

Catching his mother’s coy tone, Kodo took on a cryptic tone of his own. “A mysterious newcomer. One who’d prefer his identity be kept secret.” Kodo chuckled. “Can’t blame him; secret identities are cool.”

Luffy popped up out of nowhere, "Does he poop? He looks like a robot mummy!" Luffy pointed at Nox.

“He probably does,” Shiva replied.

"Who is he? He looks so cool like a superhero too! Let me guess… His power is to… Shoot out his mummy paper and subdue his opponents!" Luffy guessed.

Kodo and Shiva glanced at each other, and Kodo shook his head. “I guess you’ll find out when he decides to show us,” Shiva replied neutrally.

“Can you do something like that, Mom?” Kodo asked. “Like… use the pack link to tie someone up?”

Shiva hummed, lifting her claws and causing the spider web like tendrils to flicker across her claws. “I could try,” she noted, before glancing at the others. “Though, these guys would probably just rip right through them in no time at all. The Pack Link’s not about containing someone after all; it’s about being able to share abilities and memories.”

"Abilities? Huh, could I theor… Theo… th… Could I stop ti-" Luffy found his head stuck into the ceiling. Luffy let out a muffled scream as he tried to get himself down, meanwhile Nox held a hand to his "mouth" to conceal his laughter.

Resisting the urge to chastise the time master, Shiva caught Luffy around the ankle with a pack link, and yanked him down from the ceiling.

"Thanks, who did that anyway? Was it Eric?" Luffy rubbed the back of his head, "I'll leave you guys alone, time to sing some Sea Shanties with Katakuri!" Luffy then vanished from sight, moving super fast.

“Oh-kay,” Shiva replied, glancing at an obvious lack of the shadow man. “Though I highly doubt Eric was behind that.”

"You two know something about the mysterious guy, who is he and what does he want?" Thanos asked the duo.

“He wanted his identity to be kept secret,” Kodo replied.

"I can respect that, I called myself "Thanatos" back then…" Thanos took a sip of his Calming Jasmine Tea that Zabuza had made for him.

The doors swung open and Entity was there, leaning on his scythe, bandaged up. "Sup guys… I'm back… I think." Entity stumbles forward a few steps, going to the counter to order his meal.

"What the hell happened to Entity?" Lucci asked, leaning back in his seat.

Kodo winced. “He got into an altercation with Douglass Bullet,” he replied. “I think.”

Thanos, Lucci, and Nappa jumped to their feet and turned to Entity. "D-Douglass Bullet?!" They all said as Entity winced at the sheer mention of him.

"Yeah… I was doing a secret mission and Bullet didn't like it when I said, "Where is the direct location of the Dragon Balls. So… Here I am now. I'm conserving my God Apples for later." Entity said, paying the woman behind the counter that took note of his order.

"What mission," Entity had chills on his back as he turned around, there stood Katakuri.

"Someone was too shy to ask where the Dragon Balls were and I did them a favor." Entity shook in fear, Katakuri peered down at Entity.

"Damn Bullet, always the idiot, no brains, no brawn. I'm sorry about that," Katakuri replied.

“No brawn?” Kodo asked, glancing at Entity’s bandages. “Begging your pardon, sir, but I think that’s proof of at least some brawn.”

"He sure as hell doesn't show any of that when he's fighting me!" Katakuri laughed, "Ah… Just reminding you all, I do not mean to sound cocky but… I am pretty sure I am the strongest in this room. In this universe besides Ryker, I remember slaying good old Whitebeard, fun times."

Katakuri was then punched in the shoulder by none other than Towa. "You do know you can't be saying things like that, or else due to some magical way someone gains omega super powers to best you."

Black glanced at the voice, seeing the demon lady and frowned, ‘So I was right, it’s all because of you everyone’s at eachothers throats… Towa’ Black thought.

"It is called reverse psychology my dear, I'm saying that so that I don't get my ass kicked by someone with the power of Friendship. Tsk, the name sounds too girly, I prefer Camaraderie than that. No offense." Katakuri sighed.

“Or perhaps, the Strength of the Pack?” Shiva offered. “That’s what I call it.”

"There are many words for it, Strength of a thousand men, to hear the breath of all things, it goes on and on. Why can't- Ugh, I need to get to my floor of the tower and calm down." Katakuri rubbed his forehead, "I feel a little bit off today. I do not want to feel like bad company. I feel like I'm on the Wrong side of Heaven." Nox then busts out laughing, Katakuri smiles under his scarf.

Not getting the joke, Shiva hummed softly. “I like ‘Strength of the Pack,’” she mumbled solemnly.

"The Ninja Way is co-" Arkham Knight said out of nowhere, his presence being unnoticed before getting yeeted by Fujitora who appeared from the earth itself.

“Oh goddesses..” Link said with a groan, being reminded of a certain orange-wearing Ninja that said that annoying catchphrase ‘Believe it!’

"Correction, Samurai Way!" The blind samurai cried out before Lord Twigo appeared above Fujitora, Fujitora hit the ground.

“Issho!” Shiva yelped, yanking him away from Lord Twigo.

"Wrong! The Knight Way is cooler!" Lord Twigo laughed. Only for Lucci to stand on top of Lord Twigo.

"False, it's Warrior Way that is cooler." Lucci grinned, putting his hands on his hips… Only to be knocked off of Lord Twigo by Luffy.

"Pirate Way!" They then all jump at each other… before Shiva jumped in the middle and forced them back with her pack links.

“Gentlemen, please!” she barked. “All of you have your preferred terms,” she said diplomatically. “Can we all agree that you like your specific terms?” She indicated each of them in turn. “The Arkham Knight likes ‘The Ninja Way.’ Issho likes ‘The Samurai Way.’ Lord Twigo likes ‘The Knight Way.’ Lucci likes ‘The Warrior Way.’ Luffy likes ‘The Pirate Way.’ And I like ‘Strength of the Pack.’” She lowered her pack links warily. “They’re all perfect for each of us. Can we agree on that?”

They all nodded dumbly before Katakuri said a few words. "Alas, we all agree that the Ninja way is corny." Fujitora nodded as did the rest, Arkham Knight slowly pulled out a pistol. Looking at Shiva and pointing the gun at Katakuri. Nodding as he was looking at Shiva.

Shiva shook her head. “It’s just his opinion,” she insisted. “That doesn’t make it fact.”

Arkham Knight slowly cocks the gun, "Imma do it." Arkham Knight tightened his grip on the gun to make sure Shiva doesn't yank it out of his hand.

Unfortunately, he didn’t count on her pack link. And as she caught his wrist with the white spider-web-like threads, he felt the nerves in his hand go numb, and his fingers slacken, dropping the gun to the ground.

"Good thing I always carry spares." Arkham Knight pulls out another gun… only for Kodo to catch his other wrist, and cause him to drop that one as well. Mother and son pulled the links tight, keeping Arkham knight from going for anymore weapons.

“Will you kindly stop?” Kodo asked.

"Okay." Arkham Knight lied as he raised his boot and pointed it at Katakuri, the boot glowed yellow as it charged up a beam. "IMMA DO IT AND NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP ME!!!!" Arkham Knight laughed.

Shiva glanced around the room. “Is that true?” she asked. “Is no one else going to help us?!”

"Nah, I don't really feel like it." Fujitora replied with a grin, "I wanna see where this goes." The others then nod in agreement, even Nox.

Shiva’s ears flattened, and she groaned in resignation, before wrapping her link tighter, and yanking Arkham Knight off his feet. Hurling him over his shoulder, she smashed him into the ground.

"Well that hurt…"

Shiva jumped onto his chest, and bared her teeth at him. “Stop it,” she warned.

"That's kinda suggestive don't you think?" Arkham Knight laughed to himself, "Also sorry if I harm you but I have decided that I would like to die." Arkham Knight's boots lit up and he blasted off and slammed into a wall, going through it and disappearing.

Shiva let her links shred, watching with a sigh as he disappeared through the wall. Kodo peered through the hole he left before glancing at his mother.

“That was a little suggestive,” he mumbled, causing Shiva to shoot him a glare.

“I’m married to your father!” she snapped.

"BAAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! EVEN KODO AGREES!!!" Lucci laughs as he points at Shiva, who crossed her arms with a pout, "Sorry for pointing at you, that was very rude of me. Thanks Fujitora for lending that piece of clothes, and yes, she fell for it." Fujitora held his laughter in, to little avail as he sensed Shiva staring at him in horror.

“You ‘gave’ that to him?!” she whimpered. “I thought he stole it from you!”

Fujitora then lets out a cackle, "YUP!!!" Fujitora laughed, walking to Lucci, they both did a high five.


"Stop saying things like that, it sounds like we're married and you caught me cheating." Fujitora said, holding his arms out and getting in a weird position whilst doing the Kermit voice.

Shiva huffed. “Fine,” she said, turning on her paw. “I’ve got training to do anyway.”

"We are four universes ahead of you," Both Lucci and Fujitora said in the Kermit voice, "Pfft-"

“Is that so?” Shiva mused, before promptly sniffing around the diner; looking under the seats of the other fighters, around their plates, and even on the other side of the counter. Finally, she popped her head up with a smirk. “Sorry, but I just can’t seem to find where I asked for your opinion!”

Fujitora then fell on his back, Lucci laughed. "CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!" Fujitora cried out before getting up and doing the "Ok" sign below his waist, unfortunately Shiva looked down and saw it. "But not for me."

Everyone in the room - Shiva included - not including Link - roared in laughter Katakuri held his chest and wheezed.

"Ah… This was fun, do you know what's even more Fun?" Luffy grinned ear to ear.

Kodo cautiously melted into smoke, while Shiva leaned against the counter. “Tell us,” she encouraged.

"Singing about Sea Shanties!" The commanders and any pirate perked up at this. Even the wolves’ tails began to wag eagerly.

“Those are like Howling Nights, right?” Kodo asked eagerly.

"I have no clue what that is but Sea Shanties are songs of the sea! Like this!" Luffy snapped his fingers and cleared his throat. Link quickly left the room, clearly not in the mood for joyous singing.

"What will we do with a drunken sailor?

What will we do with a drunken sailor?

What will we do with a drunken sailor?

Early in the morning!"

Luffy began to sing, suddenly Katakuri and Thanos joined in.

"Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Early in the morning!"

Luffy, Katakuri and Thanos began to sing.

"Shave his belly with a rusty razor

Shave his belly with a rusty razor

Shave his belly with a rusty razor

Early in the morning!"

Katakuri began to kick the air rhythmically with Thanos next to him.

"Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Early in the morning!"

Lucci, Nappa, Fujitora, and even the God that is Lord Twigo joined in on the party

"Put him in a longboat till he's sober

Put him in a longboat till he's sober

Put him in a longboat till he's sober

Early in the morning!"

Nappa sang, now being in a Pirate Outfit.

"Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Early in the morning!"

They all sang, now being in Pirate outfits due to Nappa's ability.

"Stick him in a scupper with a hosepipe bottom

Stick him in a scupper with a hosepipe bottom

Stick him in a scupper with a hosepipe bottom

Early in the morning!"

Fujitora sang, breakdancing like the mad lad that he is, though he was blind he knew how to dance.

Put him in the bed with the captain’s daughter

Put him in the bed with the captain’s daughter

Put him in the bed with the captain’s daughter

Early in the Morning

Sombra sang with glee as his neck was wrapped around Nappa's arm.

"Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Early in the morning!"

"That's what we do with a drunken sailor

That's what we do with a drunken sailor

That's what we do with a drunken sailor

Early in the morning!"

"Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Early in the morning!"

"Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises

Early in the morning!"

As the song came to a close, Kodo was practically dancing on his paws. “That IS Howling Night,” he exclaimed.

Shiva nodded, before tilting her head up and howling. At first, all the others heard was a classic wolf howl. However, as her pack link glowed, the howl turned into a music not unlike a flute. Then, the wolves began to stomp their paws, creating a drumbeat. And with the percussion and Shiva keeping up with the flute, Kodo’s howl turned into words.

In the merry month of Spring, from me home I started

Left the girls of Brig, nearly broken hearted

Saluted Father dear, kissed me darling mother

Drank a pint of beer, me grief and tears to smother

Then off to reap the gem, leave where I was bed

Cut a stout blackthorn to banish ghosts and goblins

A brand new pair of brogues, rattlin' o'er the bogs

Frightenin' all the dogs on the rocky road to Rubble-land

Ryker appeared from the ground, grinning while wearing green all over his body. He then starts dancing in Irish Tradition.

One two three four five

Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road

And all the way to Rubble-Land, Whack fol lol le rah!

Not even questioning Ryker’s appearance, Shiva and Kodo danced with him, as the song continued. Ryker then started to sing along, the more Irish lyrics slightly contrasting with the diamond dog lyrics, but still managing to carry the same beat.

In Jade Wolf Pack/Mullingar that night I rested limbs so weary

Started by daylight me spirits bright and airy

Took a drop of the pure

Keep me heart from sinking

That's the Wolf/Paddy's cure whenever he's on drinking

To see the lassies smile, laughing all the while

At me curious style, 'twould set your heart a bubblin'

An' asked if I was hired, gems/wages I required

'Till I was nearly tired of the rocky road to Rubble-Land/Dublin

Ryker grinned ear to ear, before multiple Irish people came through portals and started dancing. Ryker then spins on his head verily.

One two three four five

Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road

And all the way to Rubble-Land/Dublin, Whack fol lol le rah!

Everyone suddenly had a glass of Irish Whiskey except for Kodo, they then raised their glasses high when they reached the "Whack fol lol le rah!"

In Rubble-Land/Dublin next arrived, I thought it such a pity

To be soon deprived a view of that fine city

Well then I took a stroll, all among the quality

Bundle it was stole, all in a neat locality

Something crossed me mind, when I looked behind

No bundle could I find upon me stick a wobblin'

Enquiring for the rogue, said me Connaught brogue

Wasn't much in vogue on the rocky road to Rubble-Land/Dublin

Ryker balanced the Irish Whiskey on top of his head as he danced, Lucci and him were arm in arm kicking the air. Thanos and Katakuri doing the same.

One two three four five

Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road

And all the way to Rubble-Land/Dublin, Whack fol lol le rah!

Shiva and Kodo danced side by side, their paws like drums as their howls perfectly encapsulated the beat of the Irish song.

From there I got away, me spirits never falling

Landed on the quay, just as the ship was sailing

The Captain at me roared, said that no room had he

When I jumped aboard, a cabin found for Paddy

Down among the pigs, played some funny rigs

Danced some hearty jigs, the water round me bubbling

When off Holyhead wished meself was dead

Or better far instead

On the rocky road to Rubble-Land/Dublin

Ryker and every Irish man or woman started pounding their feet on the earth.

One two three four five

Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road

And all the way to Rubble-Land/Dublin, Whack fol lol le rah!

Kodo almost went for one of the glasses of Irish Whiskey, but Shiva smoothly cut him off, forcing him back as they continued the next verse:

The boys of River’s Mule/Liverpool, when we safely landed

Called meself a fool, I could no longer stand it

Blood began to boil, temper I was losing

Poor old Ruby Isle/Erin's isle they began abusing

"Hurrah me soul!" says I, me pick axe/shillelagh I let fly

Some Pearl Pup/Galway boys were nigh and saw I was a hobble in

With a loud "Hurray!" joined in the affray

We quickly cleared the way for the rocky road to Dublin

Ryker and everyone got out their weapons and raised it high.

One two three four five

Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road

And all the way to Rubble-Land/Dublin, Whack fol lol le rah!

Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road

And all the way to Rubble-Land/Dublin, Whack fol lol le rah!

Whack fol lol le rah!

Whack fol lol le rah!

At the last ‘Whack Fol Lol Le Rah!’s, Shiva jumped forward, letting her own howl sound loud before Kodo joined her for the second and last ‘Whack Fol Lol Le Rah!’ Holding the note for a full five seconds, the wolves made one last stomp of their paws before ending the song.

"Alright shows ova, get back to Ireland ye lads and lasses." Ryker made portals for the people of Ireland; they waved goodbye to Ryker as they left, Ryker smiled. "God I love it there…"

“‘Rocky Road to Rubble-Land,’” Shiva agreed. “One of the catchiest songs the diamond dog pack had ever introduced me to.”

"We have one of our own, called Rocky Road to Dublin, the capital of Ireland." Ryker sighed, "Alright going to Eric, bye~" Ryker made a portal and stepped in, waving goodbye to Nox specifically.

Ryker walked into the void, looking around and spotting Von Shadow, his hair longer and much more shaggier than before.

"Oh Eric~" Ryker greeted, grinning ear to ear.

Upon instinct Eric flared his shadows all aimed at the king before realizing who was with him. “Oh..” Eric groaned slightly. “It’s just you.” the shadows returned to their master as he continued to train

"Sup ya horsefucker, I see that you have been trainin' you need it… Or should I say needed it. Guess what time it is~" Ryker said.

“It’s time for my match with Doom, isn’t it?” Questioned the Shadow Man

"Ding ding! You have gotten it correct do you want a cookie little man? Who wants a cookie? You do!" Ryker laughed, slapping his knee.

“I rather not,” Eric says approaching the king. “Unless it’s a oatmeal raisin then I will take it”

"Alright," Ryker struck a pressure point around Eric's head and his mouth hung open, Ryker then casually shoves an oatmeal raisin cookie down his throat and strikes Eric in his jaw sealing it shut.

Eric forcefully swallowed the confection before glaring at the king. “While I do enjoy them, I’d prefer to eat it myself” Eric said, forcing his way past him. “Just take me to the ring. The sooner I beat Doom the sooner I can train again”

"I really do enjoy pissing you the fuck off! Anyways, the portal is over here." Ryker points behind him. A portal forming behind him.

Walking through the portal Eric, stepped into the ring of the colosseum, he had noticed Ryker was already in his seat. Thousands of cheering fans screamed in both joy and slight fear from the Shadow Man’s last fight. Shiva sat among them, giving Eric a quiet smile and nod to show she was still rooting for him.

“Did Eric’s hair get longer?” Luna asked getting a closer look at the Shadow Man

"Nigga that shit looks like Yang's and Rengoku's! Also Luna can you say Nigga for me?" Thanos turns to Luna seriously.

“I’ll pass Thanos,” Luna said looking back at her coltfriend.

"Please say it, you are dark coated and I'm literally Black." Thanos begged.

Shiva peered at him. “Why do I get the sense that word is similar to your insistence on making ‘female dog’ an insult?” she mused.

"Okay then, say nigga Shiva." Thanos said putting his finger tips together, looking into her soul like a phantom.

“Why?” Shiva asked, before her ears flattened. “Is this like what Nappa did with... that ‘other’ joke?”

"Nope!" Thanos nodded, "Nothing like that!"

“At this point I just ignore whatever he says” Rainbow said sitting atop her cloud

"I will step on you like I did before, you rat with wings." Thanos snapped at her.

“HEY!!” Rainbow said flames licking across her body, Thanos just responded with his fist being heated up by Magma.

Shiva cocked an ear. “She’s a horse with wings,” she corrected. “I’m sure a rat with wings would’ve been smaller.”

"It's hyperbole, bitch." Thanos told Shiva.

Shiva merely tilted her head, before grinning. “You got me before as Mia,” she said, turning away from him. “But it won’t be so easy to rile me up now.”

"That wasn't to insult you, I was just calling you for what you are." Thanos smiled innocently.

Shiva rolled her eyes. “First, bitch is an insult, and now it’s what I am,” she commented. “I gotta say, I have no idea how you manage to keep it all straight; it must be so confusing.”

"I don't know how either." Thanos shrugged, getting a bowl of pure magma, Thanos pulled out a spoon of rock and he started to chow down on the magma unflinchingly.

“Ryker!” Eric shouted, getting the King's attention. “Where’s Doom? Did you interrupt my training for nothing”

"Doom? Whatever do you need him for?" Ryker replied coyly. "Well newsflash Cookie Bitch! You're not fighting him!"

“Then I win?” Eric asked before heading back to the portal. “Then I’m going to finish my training."

However the portal closed before Eric could enter Ryker shot him a dangerous grin, his eyes began to glow.

"However, since ye aren't fightin' Dr. Doom… ye're fighting someone who you beat through bullshit means. No it is not Black." Ryker teeth began to glow red.

Suddenly a giant clock made out of Wakfu appeared. Through it came the mysterious man from before, however now he was wearing a gigantic gauntlet on his right arm. The man sighed. "Hello, Eric Von Shadow. Been a while hasn't it?."

“Wait I know that voice,” Eric said with a raised eyebrow. “Noximilien? I thought I killed you”

"You did, and I thank you, I was reunited with my family." Nox bows towards Eric.

“Well… That’s a first” Eric said causing Nox to tilt his head in confusion, before nodding in understanding.

"Oh, I see. You are so used to people hating you because they were killed by you,” Nox figured out.

“Yeah, nopony has ever thanked me for killing them,” Eric said, kinda unsure how to feel. “Kinda weird to be honest.”

"As thanks, I killed your parents, and don't worry, I made sure your parents had a gruesome death…" Nox said his "eyes" giving off a heartwarming feeling.

From the stands, Kodo shivered. “That’s… disturbing,” he muttered.

“You didn’t have Eric’s parents,” Shiva reminded him grimly. “And I promise you’ll never go through what he did.”

Kodo still didn’t look placated, as they watched Eric process the information.

“And my younger Brother?” Eric asked . “Do you know what happened to him?”

"Well… I apologize, your younger brother has been slain." Nox held his hat to his chest and looked down.

“Did he...Did he suffer?” Eric asked in sadness. “Or did he go quickly?”

Nox clenched his fists, shaking, he sighed deeply, his voice shaking. "He… Suffered…" Nox put his hand to his eye to try and stop the tears, alas, he was wearing a mask.

“Thank you, for giving me closure on my brother’s fate” Eric whispered in sadness before pulling Nox’s old body from his Shadows. “I do apologize for killing you the way I did”

"I know how it feels to lose family. I tried to go back in time… Reverse all the wrongs I did… I only went back twenty minutes after two hundred years…" Nox grabbed his old body and buried it somewhere in the arena as he vanished and reappeared due to his Time stop.

“I wish you luck in this fight Nox,” Eric said, wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Aww, this is so cute!” Ryker cooed. “Two fools getting along. However as a penalty for cloning yourself and not fighting Black head on, no more doing that by the way, Noximilien is not your only opponent" A portal appeared, sickly purple and black. The sight of it sent shivers down Sombra, Black and Kodo’s backs.

“Then who else will I face?” Eric asked, looking towards the king. “One of your Commanders?”

“No. You will also be facing me, Von Shadow” echoed a voice that Eric and many others recognized immediately.

“No…” Sombra whispered jumping to his feet as the shadowy figure stepping onto the field

Kodo leaped to his feet. “You!” Kodo snarled, nearly racing at the demon before Shiva seized him.

Black looked towards the dark figure, clenching his fists and shaking uncontrollably. His teeth grinded together as his rage induced glare stared into the figure's red eyes. “You… YOU BASTARD!!!!” Black roared, bursting into Super Saiyan 2 and was about to rush from the stands, but Nightmare held him down while using all of her strength to do it.

Lucci and Thanos stood up, looking down at Umbra. "YOU DAMN BASTARD!!! YOU KILLED ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!!!!" Lucci roared. He was about to jump in but Thanos held him back

“Did you or my little host miss me?” The figure shed his shadow revealing a large stallion with a curved crimson red horn, a dark coat and grey and black armor with a blood red sword attached to his hip.

Nox scoffed, looking directly at the stallion. "By Xelor you are lucky we're on teams…" Nox said clenching his fists, his robotic eyes frowning at him.

“UMBRA!!” Eric roared drawing murasama and charging the stallion.

"BEGIN THE FIREWORKS!!!!" Ryker cried out as the match began. Nox crossed his arms and stood there.

Umbra quickly drew his sword as Eric’s blade clashed with Umbra’s causing sparks to fly as the Shadow Man glared at the unicorn

Quickly the whole area turned into an island, surrounded by water and having two volcanoes, the aircraft hovered over the Island. Nox immediately recognized this place, he turned around and there was a clock machine. He quickly went in.

“HAHAHA still haven’t lost any of that anger of yours,” Umbra Mocked as his horn began to glow.

Umbra fired a beam of magic from his eyes sending the Shadow Man back.

“But what I want to know,” Umbra said, turning to Luna. “Is how my daughter has been doing. She is of my blood after all,” Umbra laughed as Luna looked away. “The vile apple never falls far from the dark tree.”

Kodo stepped in front of Luna defiantly. “She is not yours,” Kodo snarled. “And you are nothing! I’d call you a parasite, but that’d be an insult to parasites!”

"Go fuck yourself you dark edgelord!" Thanos barked, crossing his arms before turning to Kodo, "Was that too much?"

Kodo scoffed. “Honestly, it was too little, but I can’t think of anything that’ll hurt him as much as he deserves.”

"Give me a moment…" Thanos got out an ink and quill and a book Entity thrown to him, Thanos began to write. However, before he could come up with anything, Kodo found the eyes of Umbra on him. Scanning his very soul.

Black forced more power against Nightmare, the Parasyte almost losing her grip. “Let go of me Nightmare…” Black snarled, Nightmare shaking her head as he increased her power.

“Oh...I feel a little bit of myself inside of you, Pup,” Umbra mocked, causing Kodo to narrow his eyes. “And just to let you know, I am that mare’s everything. She would be nothing without her old stallion’s blood coursing through her vile veins.”

Kodo scoffed. “Just the same as you’ve always been,” he snapped back. “Nothing but lies and deceit. The shadows are mocked by your very presence! The night itself would reject you, if it could!”

“Shut Up!!” Eric screamed his powers covering the entire Island in a thick shadow mist. “Luna is nothing like you, She is far more pure than you ever will be Umbra, And she is nothing to you, She’s my everything, and I am her’s” Eric Spoke causing Luna to look at the human with a huge blush on her face

Shadow Hailstorm

Eric formed a bow of shadow before firing a single arrow into the air, the Arrow split apart into hundreds of thousands as they descended on the pair. However all the ones aimed for Nox moved and went straight after Umbra

“Nox!” Umbra shouted to the Xelor.

"What do you want you insufferable simpleton?!" Nox shouted back.

“The Arrows, you foal.”

"Sorry, but I do not recall when that was my problem." Nox laughed mockingly.

Kodo joined in. “Having problems, you pathetic excuse for a king?” Kodo mocked.

“Be silent you dog, before I finish what my other couldn’t! And you!” He turned back to Nox. “Kneel and serve your master” Umbra chanted a orb of magic hitting the Xelor straight in his chest. “Dark Enslavement”

The Xelor then exploded knocking the arrows away, only for Nox to appear next to Umbra and slapped him across his face, "We're teammates you buffoon! I was going to help you anyway." Nox dusted off his hands.

“Umbra doesn’t consider anypony a teammate, all he sees is somepony to boss around!”

"Goodluck then, I'm planning a strategy so please hold him off while I go think of a plan~" Nox booped Umbra on the nose and vanished in a flash of blue light.

Throwing the bow aside and pulling out Obsidian Blood, Eric’s Sword and Umbra’s clashed again as they both glared at each other.

“Brings back memories... doesn’t it Von Shadow?” Umbra laughed pushing Eric back before exchanging swing for swing. “Last our blades crossed, I tried to take the magic that resides in my precious daughter”

“She is no daughter of your’s Umbra” Eric said pushing Umbra’s blade back before slashing his right cheek which in turn caused Eric’s blade glow red

Thanos turned to Kodo, "Watch and learn." Kodo leaned forward eagerly, as Thanos put on his glasses and looked at his book before aggressively throwing his glasses aside and his book.

"You might have killed me once, but n-"

"Can you ever shut up you bitch ass mother fucker, stupid fucking dirtbag! I should get Mr. Popo on your ass to show you true fear! Your father probably left you prick, he probably saw you and said, "oh shit he's ugly!" And left you! Your mother was probably a slut and went off to fuck someone because she was tired of seeing your ugly mug! Your horns are as sharp as a butter knife, Satan wannabe! When Faust made you she probably added "asshole" to the mix, just because fuck it! Knowing you when you grew up in your shitty ass home you probably sucked dick to get money you dog fucker! Your mom was probably so stupid, she thought about giving you a gift! BAH!!! So funny am I right?! You are a worthless mistake, and I thought Eric was the edgiest edgelord ever! Boy when I saw you I stood corrected! You're so goddamn edgy just looking at you will cut me! Your a bag of horse shit, you idiotic, dog fucking, cock sucking, grey, black haired, red horn having, dark magic using, Satan cosplaying, STUPID PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!" Thanos finished, his Ki flaring up, his words shook the whole aircraft.

Lucci, Nappa and Kodo fell to their knees and bow before Thanos.

"All hail the god of roasts!" They chanted over and over again, laughing.

Umbra just glared at the Titan with magic flaring over his horn. “Embrace the Darkness and enter a sleep-like death” Umbra whispered, firing several orbs of magic at the Titan and those around him. “Dark Slumber”

“THANOS! BLACK! KODO! LOOK OUT!” Eric shouted. But the others were ready.

Kodo immediately jumped up, his pack link seizing the orb that had been directed at him and stopping them in their tracks. “Bring it on!” Kodo dared. “I’ve taken your magic before, and I’ll take it again!”

"Hakai." Thanos said as he fired off a Purple Orb, destroying the orbs like they were nothing. "You fucking cock juggler, your attacks are the equivalent of a roleplayer godmodding."

Black broke out of Nightmares grasp with a powerful shockwave, before proceeding to catched the orb and crushing it in his hands. “No more…” Black spat.

“My friend’s are stronger than you believe Umbra” Eric said, pushing himself back from the Dark King. “Even if some are assholes I still call them my friends” The Shadow Man said giving Thanos a glance, Thanos gave a thumbs up with a grin.

"I'm touched." Thanos held hand to his chest as a manly tear fell down his face, "I'm not crying, it's just that my eyes are sweating from looking at the edgelord."

“Time to get serious,” Eric said slamming his hand to the ground

"Time, you say?" Both of their attention went to Nox who sat on an elevated platform. "Do you know what time it is?" Nox tilted his head.

“No-no-no-no!” Kodo begged. “At least let him kill Umbra first!”

Nox turned to Kodo, sighing. "I…"

“Please Nox, Umbra first then you and I can fight fairly” Eric said before turning to Umbra. “Unlike this fucker”

"Fine… I'll go collect some seashells and make you a necklace, as well as all of you guys." Nox walked off to the other side of the island, on the beach collecting shells.

“So Which soul will you fight me with?” laughed Umbra. “In case you forgot I was faster than your Reaper. Stronger than your Knight, more powerful than your King, and Your demon form never came close to my power”

Shiva’s ears perked, and she looked to Luna. Glancing back at Umbra, she shielded her mind, and sent a similarly shielded pack link to Luna. “But what about Eric’s fifth form?” she whispered to the dark alicorn.

‘Eric can’t use it unless Sombra tells him to use it’ Luna said to the Diamond Dog. ‘And something tells me the king will not allow him to utter a word to Eric’

“What?!” Shiva turned to Sombra, who was gripping the railing to the point it was cracking

“That fucker should have stayed dead.” Sombra seethed through his grinding teeth, before Shiva sent a pack link to him.

So make sure he stays dead,” Shiva hissed at him. “Give Eric the word he needs!”

"Let. Me. Beat. Umbra's ass! When he's sent to hell I'm going there to kick his ass!" Thanos roared, "That false King. Even I'm a better King than him. He's such a… Ohhh…" Thanos clenched his fists, "I should hold back before I go on another roasting stream."

"No, don't hold back, please!" Katakuri said out of nowhere.

“Agreed,” Kodo said. “Give that edgelord lump of clods what he deserves!”

Thanos pulls out a book, ink, and quill, "Alrighty, I will though, this one isn't going to be as long, however, it will cut through him deeper than any blade could." Thanos began writing away, Lucci looked over Thanos' shoulder to look at what he's coming up with.

“You won’t be able to face this one” Eric said

Savage Shadow Soul: Soul of the Savage Reaper

Shadow swirled around Eric, however instead of increasing his size it just changed his arms, legs and face. His arms and legs were nothing but thick bones while his face showed a pure white skull with a single red orb in his left eye socket. Eric dropped his sword letting it sink into the shadows as his Scythe emerged before the Reaper of the Empire

"That is so cool." Nox commented, sitting on top of a rock, making seashell necklaces.

“I have greatly improved since we last met Umbra,” Eric rasped out, taking the weapon in hand before putting a leg back behind. “You were indeed faster than my Reaper, but are you faster than the Savage Reaper?”

Eric blasted forward, several shockwaves visibly blasting the land around him as he left the entire area behind the Shadow Man completely destroyed, Umbra’s eyes grew wide at the level of destruction as he felt Eric phase right through his body. Shockwaves littered the area surrounding the Dark Unicorn as he tried to locate the Shadow Man

“He has indeed improved,” Sombra said, drawing both Diamond Dogs and the Titan to him.

“How?” Kodo asked. “How has he improved?”

“Normally when he uses his reaper form he basically runs around, but he had trouble making sharp turns with it, normally he kicks off an adjacent wall or tree to quickly move back to his opponent” Sombra explained before showing the group he was using magic to see Eric’s moments. “But now he’s using the Moonwalk technique to kick off the air itself, he’s also kicking at with such force he’s causing massive shockwaves” the Former king said before shuddering. “I shudder at the thought of how stronger his other forms are.”

Nox writes down what Sombra explained in a piece of paper, "Noted." Nox nodded before tending back to his necklace making.

"Well… Time to make up another form." Thanos then flips a page and writes down some ideas.

Slashes and gashes began to cover the Dark King quickly angering the stallion. “Shield Thyself from the Light.” Umbra chanted his horn flaring in magic as an orb formed around Umbra. “Dark Barrier”

Eric’s scythe hit the barrier, causing arcs of dark electricity to fly as Eric forced the Scythe to go deeper.

“You should know nothing can pierce my magic,” Umbra laughed as Eric backed off

“You are still nothing but a coward Umbra” Eric said magic wisps forming from his red eye

“And he gives yapping dogs a bad name,” Kodo added.

"Hush now Kodo, I'm going to make sure he wished he'd never been born, via words." Thanos said like the sage that he is. Lucci and Nappa grinned eagerly.

“I am no coward, I am the Dark King!” Umbra shouted his horn glowing “Recover what you have lost” Umbra said his injuries healed from his spell. “Dark Rejuvenation”

"You can not defeat me a se-"

"Excuse me you pathetic excuse for a King," Thanos cut Umbra off again. "I would like to say how… UGLY YOU ARE YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!" Thanos threw aside his things again. Lucci and Nappa laughed giddily.

"Umbra you have been nothing but a pain to everyone around us, you're a nuisance, a bully! Walking around like you own the place but we all know you own nothing. You take what's special of others so you can look at people and laugh at their pain so you can feel some type of closure! You're nothing, trying to marry a woman forcefully if disgraceful! DISHONORABLE!!! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your family, and dishonor on everything you hold dear, oh wait YOU HAVE NOTHING!!!! Nada, nothing at all, you're a slimy little asshole. Walking around like there's a stick up your ass! If you dare harm anyone for your pleasure, I will shove my fist so far up your ass that I'll control you like a puppet. Because that is what you are, a puppet! You think of yourself as the puppeteer, you're wrong, you're the puppet, the npc, you're a player in this game called life. And. You. Lose. You failed against me, Shiva, and Eric. You're nothing but a failure, and you'll always be. You are a moronic piece of utter garbage. I have no words for you, oh wait I fucking do! I hope you step on a lego, you pony equivalent of a participation award. Bitch ass mother fucking NIGGA!!!" Like before Thanos' words shook the aircraft.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Kodo howled in glee.

"GET DESTROYED!!!!" Nappa and Lucci laughed clutching their stomachs. They both fell down and hit the ground, wheezing as tears of joy fell down their cheeks.

“Hey! He’s healing aren’t you going to do about that Ryker” Rainbow shouted to the king.

"Are you going to stop being gay?" Ryker replied with a snark.

“But your rules stated no healing” Maud said, holding an angered Rainbow back. “Umbra has clearly healed himself.”

Shiva pulled up her magic, revealing Ryker’s rules. She made the words ‘No Healing’ glow.

"Why, you all ask? We-he-he-hell… This is the only time he's gonna be healing, any more and I'm killing him." Ryker smiled wonderfully.

“Sombra. Does Umbra’s barrier spell have a weakness?” Luna asked coming behind the unicorn

“No.” Sombra said blankly. “That particular spell is unbreakable, It has the ability to withstand every dragon in the Dragon Lands”

Kodo gaped at him. “Hax!” he growled. “The Umbra that possessed me couldn’t stand up to Day Breaker’s Sun Beam! I got ten ribs broken and nearly lost my eye; are you telling me he could’ve kept that from happening?!”

“I honestly don’t think Eric can break through it by himself” Sombra then smiled seeing the magic around his friends body. “But Eric has already figured that out”

Down on the island Eric backed away from the shielded King.

Nox looked down from above, crossing his arms, "I apologize Eric but…" Three mummies with armor and weapons appear, one had feminine features, wielding a bow and arrow. The other had a gigantic shield, armored in Knightness. The last was armored up like iron man. "Meet Grab, Shield and Light."

Kodo clutched his ears. “Oh, no…” he mumbled.

"Go get them my children…" Nox muttered under his breath, they shot off like rockets. As Eric tried to break through the shield, his arm was caught in a… Hand? Not just any hand, a sea prism stone hand, the wielder was far away. He had stretched his arm out. Grab then slammed Eric down, he was buried in rocks, Light then shot an explosive arrow of pure electricity and light at him. Making an explosion that engulfed half the island. Eric was surrounded by dust as he got up, but he was then bashed by a shield out of the dust cloud and into several trees. Grab appears behind Eric and puts him into a full nelson. Suddenly, several Light's appear, seemingly cloning themselves, they raise their arrows… and shot Von Shadow mercilessly. As the dust settled… Eric was still locked in a full nelson, Shield appeared before Eric and gut punched Eric, his off hand wielded a gauntlet of Sea Prism Stone. Shield repeats the process over and over again mercilessly until he coughs out blood.

As the Shadow Man was beaten down, Kodo nearly lunged off the ship, Shiva snagging him with her pack links.

“No-no-curse-it-all-NO!” Kodo wailed, seething at the sight of Umbra standing smugly back as Shield wailed on Eric. “Let me loose! I’ll gut that sick shadow-shaming clod with my bare claws!”

“Kodo, you can’t interfere!” Shiva hissed, yanking him back like an owner with an overly aggressive dog.

“They’re using Sea-Prism Stone to negate his Devil Fruit abilities,” Sombra explained, shaking his head. “He’s an expert in swordsmanship, however this Nox fellow has caught him off guard” The Unicorn exhaled deeply. “And because of Umbra, Eric is only focused on him”

"So is Nox." Lucci replied to Sombra.

“Nox isn’t the one that possessed us,” Kodo snapped. “Nox didn’t kill your friends, Lucci. And Nox isn’t…” He paused, his anger briefly quelled by logic. “Okay, he is kinda standing back and letting his minions do stuff… b-but the principle still stands!”

“Eric’s only saving grace is if Umbra’s nature gets the better of him,” Sombra said for the first time praying on Umbra’s nature

Shield continues to gut punch Eric again and again. Nox sighed, "I'm sorry Eric but… I kinda have to win, I'm going to wish for a really cool toy that my daughter wants so… Yeah." Nox sighed as he heard another whack.

“…” Eric said blood dripped from his nose. “You do...what make you...children happy”

"You were once a father yourself… Weren't you?" Nox looked in the distance, watching the sun as it sets. Hearing the waves brush against the sand.

“I was...In another Timeline” Eric said smiling. “Where I killed Sombra and saved my late wife.”

"Heh… I wish I could have done that… But time travel is… Pardon my language Von Shadow, I deeply apologize. Time travel is a load of bullshit." Nox stood next to Eric as he got punched again.

Without warning a red blade lifted Eric’s chin. “Touching. But this one’s head belongs to me” Umbra said, pushing Nox and Shield away as he moved his sword to the Shadow Man’s neck.

Kodo’s teeth bared, struggling against Shiva’s bindings. Shiva herself looked away, her fur bristling as she contained her own rage.

"Don't." Nox warned, frowning at the Dark King. "Please don't."

“Nopony orders me around” Umbra said pointing his sword at the Xelor

"Try me, let's see if you have the time to cut me before Light shoots your head." Nox said as Light held an arrow to the back of Umbra's head, made out of pure light and electricity.

“Do your children like spells?” Umbra asked smiling

"Yes, they like spells that I do, but they Hate dark and twisted spells like yours." Nox's frown deepens. Readying his hands to stop time.

“Pierce the Darkness and bring a halt to the flux of Time” Umbra said as a bubble formed around them “Dark Chronos.” Umbra then plunged his blade into Eric’s stomach and into Grab’s as well

Suddenly the bubble shattered, and Grab took two steps back, Nox raced to Grab's side to check on him. He had a wound in his chest.

“Go after him,” Eric ordered, pulling himself to the downed Xelor despite the blood coming from his body. “I’ll heal him, just leave me a piece of that asshole”

"I'm okay dad, it's just a flesh wound, oh wait I don't have flesh! YOHOHOHOHO!!!" Grab laughed, Eric's blood dripped onto Grab's body. Nox started to breathe heavily, his hands became shaky, Nox stood to his feet.

"MY BABY BOY!!!!!" Nox roared a deep blue aura burst around him, crackling like Fire, Nox clenched his head and let out a scream of rage. The scream shook the whole planet, Nox roared and shot to the skies.

"HAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!" Nox roared yet again as his blue fiery aura expanded, his eyes locked onto Umbra's, Umbra's eyes were now full of fear. Nox shot off towards Umbra, he formed a hammer made out of Wakfu and slammed it against Umbra, Umbra was shot off from the island.

As the Dark King went flying, Kodo relaxed against his bindings, his enraged howls turning into howls of victory.

“Looks like I was right about Umbra” Sombra said with a smug grin on his face

Before Umbra could hit the water, Nox with his dual wielding Wakfu hammers struck Umbra above the clouds, Nox decided to play a game of ping pong and knocked Umbra around.

As Nox was raging out on the Dark King, Eric was using his magic to heal Xelor despite the sword still in his stomach. “Don’t worry kid, I’ve got you.”

"Pfft, Worried? Me? You should be worried about Nox destroying the island. I'm not alive anyway, Nox made us two hundred years ago as "replacements" for his old family. He treats us like we are one of his children and I… Thank him." Grab chuckles.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s by blood or by bond Family is family” Eric said looking to the ship holding his family

Suddenly the whole Island shook as Umbra was slammed into the volcano, making a crater. As Umbra bounced off of the mountain he was SMACKED by another blow from Nox's hammer. Nox dispelled his hammers and slowly fell down, he stood above Umbra. He had dark blue aura radiating off of him, with the intent to kill, Nox grabbed Umbra by the head and raised him high. Nox then adds pressure, making the Dark King scream as he clutches Nox's hand. He throws the Dark King up before grabbing his leg and slamming Umbra onto the ground, making a cracking sound, Umbra let out a scream of agony.

"Oh we're not done yet." Nox said sadistically, slamming Umbra again and again, on his back, his chest, each slam made a fracture on either side of his body. Nox then grinds Umbra across the volcano before throwing him into the air and appearing before him, sword in hand. He then slashes the Dark King across his chest.

"Oops, didn't mean to make you draw blood!" Nox laughed before slamming both of his feet into Umbra, the Dark King hit the earth, shaking the whole island. Nox fired a blast at Umbra, then he did it again and again, Nox then reeled back his legs… And kicked him right in the balls.

As Umbra’s shriek sounded into the ship, Kodo, Sombra, and Lucci all suppressed grins and laughs.

"You don't deserve any more children." Nox then threw Umbra up, he flew towards Umbra and punched Umbra in his abdomen. Umbra coughed out an ungodly amount of blood. Then Umbra was held in place by some unknown force, Nox kicked Umbra up but not by much. Umbra was again held in place, his back facing the ground, Nox crossed his arms in an x position, putting them outwards before opening his arms apart, throwing them to the sky. A pillar of pure Wakfu engulfed the Dark King, everyone heard a screech of agony as a mountain sized mushroom cloud followed after.