• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Fifth Floor! It's Davy Jones' Locker for ye!

Fifth Floor! The Shadow in the Holy Light!

As the group advanced up the staircase Elae began to spit some jokes to pass the time.

"Do u kno what my favorite part of da female body is? It's de ebola." Elae told the group, Elia groaned.

“Hylia damnit, please stop talking..” Link said mentally to himself.

“That’s… not a part of the female body,” Shiva pointed out. “Not one I’m familiar with, anyway.”

“Why are we forced to travel with this monstrosity?” Eric asked with a groan

"He knows the tower like it's his son, if he had one." Entity told Eric as they climbed the stairs.

“Or so he claims.” Link said with a shake of his head.

“Apparently,” Luke grumbled.

"Do you kno what my favorite food is? It's ebola with cheese!" Elae said but this time more enthusiastically.

"Oh. My. FUCKING. God." Thanos said, clenching his fists as a vein appeared on his forehead. They then read a door with a math problem on it. The problem was… Yeah none of them who weren't in college could understand this shit.

"...I'm not good with math." Lucci said blankly.

“Math? Can I eat that?” Luke asked.

"I think so," Elae said, looking up at the equation curiously.

Tempted by Elae’s suggestion, Luke jumped up at the equation and sunk his teeth into it… and promptly regretted it.

“YUCK!” Luke howled, jumping away with the equation dented. “Even if I can eat it, I don’t want to anymore!”

“Luke, for the love of everything sacred!” Shiva chastised, checking his teeth.

"...Imma eat it." Elae inched himself closer to the equation, menacingly. Only to be held back by Entity, using his new scythe that was quite the sight to see, to block Elae from getting to the tablet.

"While I do not doubt that you can eat it, I don't think eating it would solve anything." Entity told the Ugandan Knuckles, Elae just let out a click of disappointment before backing down.

Thanos looked at everyone.

"The answer is sixty nine." Thanos told both the tablet and the group.

"Access Granted." The door then opened wide, Elia just looked at Thanos with surprise as he nonchalantly walked into the light.

“Bwah?” Link asked, confused.

"How did this idiot-" Entity just slapped the back of Elia's head.

"Just because he acts dumb doesn't mean he's stupid." Entity told the Eliatrope, Elia then rubbed the back of her head, wincing.

“Let’s just get through this floor,” Eric said to the group before walking through the door. “The sooner we get to Ryker the less I have to listen to this fucking retard.”

Everyone stepped into the light and they saw…

“Canterlot?” Shiva whispered.

“It’s actually ‘Camelot,’” Lucci corrected her. “Similar, though.”

“Ha, I’d fit right in.” Links said in amusement.

They saw colossal golems holding the floor, the golems all matched the height of Godzilla. There was a giant tree as they walked through Camelot, it was the center of the city, in front of the tree was Lord Twigo who had a picnic ready.

“Master Twigo,” Kodo greeted with a bow.

"Hello!" Lord Twigo greeted joyously, "How are you guys today? Looks like Fujitora died and came back, I felt his life force come as it went."

“..So that little scene of sadness was all for nothing.” Link said with a shake of his head.

“Issho’s back?” Shiva asked, briefly looking back the way they came.

“Don’t get distracted, Shiva,” Luke reminded her.

“Where’s the door Twigo?” Eric asked the Holy Knight.

"Excuse me, but can you please ask me nicer? That's quite rude of you to come on MY property and boss me around. Sorry for calling you rude but you were at the time, I hope you can improve your soiled mood." Lord Twigo told Eric.

“Fuck off,” Eric said going to move past the knight.

"Alright then," Lord Twigo got up, packed his bags, and walked away, "I wish you luck on finding the door, farewell for now." Lord Twigo waved goodbye before going into a Cafe.

“Oh for the love of-” Link began just as Eric spoke next.

Eric grit his teeth before looking at his comrades. “Find the door and get to the next floor,” Eric said, drawing his sword.

“Um… you know, he sounds like he can be reasoned with,” Kodo noted. “Maybe…”

But Eric ignored the pup, as his swords started to pulse with a dark aura as he raises it above his body

“Sword...Give me STRENGTH!” Eric said slamming it down causing a wave of shadow to crash into the cafe. “Razor Shadow Edge”

The building was knocked away, but the foundation was still there, on the counter was a cup of tea. Sitting on a chair was Lord Twigo who was reaching for the beverage. Lord Twigo turned to Eric.

"Eric, can we be more civilized and talk over some tea? I mean, the past people wanted to just chill. Zabuza, Arkham Knight, and now me. Can we not be more civil? Shed that form, it makes you more mean and disrespectful like Thanos. I mean no offense, Sir Thanos, I was just making a comparison." Lord Twigo raised a hand, Thanos smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

“...Does the whole Ryker family love tea or something?” Link mentally said.

"None taken! I actually like that you're giving me respect unlike SOME PEOPLE!!!" Thanos turned back to the group, his head catching on fire like Hades before Thanos turned back to Lord Twigo.

Shiva flinched at his brief burst of rage. “I respect you…” she mumbled.

Suddenly there was a face of John Cena next to her, "Are you sure about that?"

“AgaFlyingwhatnow!” Links said as he flailed his arms back at John Cena who pulled a goddamn pinkie pie.

Shiva jumped back, blinking at the face of John Cena before it vanished. She glanced up at Thanos and then at Luke. “You revived my mate,” she said. “The father of my children. How can I not respect someone with that kind of nobility and generosity?”

"Okay but you're an exception, Link doesn't respect me, Eric definitely doesn't respect me, Phoenix doesn't respect me, Black doesn't respect me, Sombra doesn't respect me, uh… Who else is here that is not one of my boys? Oh right, uh… Yeah I think that's all the people that diss me constantly on a day to day basis." Thanos held up fingers while he did so, popping them one by one.

“I respect you Thanos” Eric said to the Titan. “You’re just insufferable sometimes”

“Oi, you fukin’ twat, the hell?!” Black shouted, visibly pissed off. “What do ya mean ah don’t respect you?!”

“Hey now.” Link said with a frown.

"It is no problem my friend, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'll be here to help you sort your emotional troubles." Lord Twigo flashed Thanos a harmless smile.

"Thank you so much for being there for me, unlike Eric, Black, Link, Phoenix, Shiiii…" Thanos turned to Shiva, who raised an eyebrow. "... Nevermind, just those people."

Black’s eyes turned blood red with his hair floating up slightly, “You wanna say that again?” Black growled as his hair began to turn blood red.

"No, but I want to, because ALL OF YOU FUCKING DISS ME ON A DAILY BASIS!!!!" Thanos cried out, his head going back on fire.

Link wanted to slap Thanos upside the head so much...

"I mean, there's no time to be wasted, all of you guys are doing is just making your way up the tower. Ryker isn't going anywhere because the portal to get his daughter's right in his library. So why don't we get some tea? Look at me, I am the second weakest member but I'm a strong fellow. You know what? Why don't I join you guys! I don't like Ryker's ways whatsoever so why don't we all just-" Before Lord Twigo could speak the area was shifted to a ship at sea.

"God fucking damn it," Lord Twigo grumbled, he then noticed Kodo and held up a palm, "Pardon my language young one, it's just that… We may be screwed…" Lord Twigo said, shuddering slightly.

“Oh, dear…” Shiva mumbled, glancing over the side of the ship. Luke lurched with a moan, having never been on a ship before.

“Suddenly, I’m really happy I didn’t eat that math stuff,” Luke groaned.

“...Oh, graaaaaaaaand… Please let this be an illusion and not us teleport out of the damn tower…” Link said with a sigh. “I just want to go home.” he said as he leaned over the edge of the ship.

“Why is the floor moving?” Kodo stammered, shifting into smoke to get off the ground. “Is there some kind of quake going on? Why’s the floor moving?!”

"...Since I'm not fighting you, my floor has been replaced with… his…" Lord Twigo said, spookily.

Shiva’s ears flattened, turning to Eric. “Someone from that ‘One Piece’ anime, right?” she asked.

"Well yes but actually no." Lord Twigo said before a second ship burst out from the water. Davy Jones himself stood there on the ship looking at the Displaced.

“The Flying Dutchman” Eric said with sneer

"Well, well, well! What do we have here boys?" Davy Jones looked behind him and there stood Arlong and Jinbe, "We have lost birds, lost birds that never learned how to fly!" Davy Jones laughed, Lord Twigo looked at the Displaced.

“Don’t try it, dead man…” Link said with a warning, knowing who Davy Jones was.

"Dead man? The only dead man I see is you." Davy Jones said, looking at the Hylian.

“Been dead before, came back.” Link said half jokingly as there has been three or five times he’s stared death in the face. “Besides, you won’t be saying that for long.” Link said as he had his hand on his sword handle.

"Okay, I may or may not be a commander, I think I have been stripped of my title and Ryker sent these guys to kill me." Lord Twigo said pointing at Davy Jones.

“Looks like Ryker gives no fuck, not for even his commanders” Eric said feeling at home on the vessel

Shiva glanced at the others, before sending out her pack links. An empowered Luke and Kodo stepped forward, both shifting into smoke covered diamond armor.

“Okay, squid-beard,” Kodo muttered, drawing his sword. “I don’t know what kind of grudge you got against Lord Twigo. But as his student in swordsmanship, I’m gonna give you one chance to walk away before I show you what he taught me.”

"Oh, lad, you don't even know how to kill me! Well, unlike most villains I won't tell ya, hm?" Davy Jones tilted his head, looking at Kodo.

“You don’t need to,” Shiva replied, before flicking a link right at him.

“My thoughts exactly.” Link said with a grin.

The link Shiva threw out caught him around the neck, and sparked before her tail tucked. “Oh, clods…” she muttered. Davy Jones let out a hearty laugh, his crew doing the same.

“What?” Kodo asked, before she transferred the information to him. “Double Clods,” he growled.

Luke just hummed, before glancing around at the ship he was on. “This is a pretty nice ship you got,” he noted, before pointing at Jones. “It’s yours?”

"Nay,” Jones replied, pointing to the ship he was on. “This is me ship; the Flying Dutchman. And it must always have a captain…" Davy Jones said with a grin, he then brought out his pipe.

The trio of dogs stood tall for a moment, their links dancing between each other as they tried to formulate some sort of plan. Any mind-readers, however, only saw an image of a caved-in cavern, though the rocks were all replaced with beating hearts.

"Oh how touching," They heard an unknown voice call out, Lord Twigo looked up.

"Not him too!" Lord Twigo cried out, there stood a man In a black robe with black hair, yellow eyes too. Then at the right of him was an Eliatrope with a wakfu arm and tribal symbols dancing around him. "Qilby and Pitch…"

"You would be correct! And whoever kills you takes the spot of one of Ryker's men. Or so he told us," Qilby said, forming a scythe of Wakfu, the other making one out of black sand.

"Boo." Horses of black sand rained down on the ship and the Flying Dutchman rained fire on the ship.

"OH SHIT!!!!" Thanos shrieked, covering his fists in Haki and he began swinging at the nightmares.

Link raised his arm as the mirror shield took its place, absorbing some of the fire that fell from above.

At the same time, Shiva shot herself into the air. Spinning Luke like a ball and chain, she launched him like a cannonball into the side of the Flying Dutchman, while Kodo burst into smoke and vanished from view.

Eric raised his hand, firing a large cloud of shadow and absorbed the horses of black sand into his shadow body. “I’ve got Pitch, However I’m going to need to play it smart” Eric said dispelling his Knight form returning to normal before reaching into his coat and putting on his skull mask before going after Pitch Black with a large shadow scythe in hand

Jinbe looked at the Flying Dutchman and dove after it, Arlong following the Whale Shark.

"Let us duel, Jones!" Lord Twigo ran at Davy Jones and right when their swords clashed it began to storm wildly.

“Lord Twigo!” Kodo’s voice echoed in the Holy Knight’s head. “Do you need my help? I can locate Jones’ heart, but I don’t want to leave you unaided.”

"No, I think I'm quite alright!" Lord Twigo cried out before ducking under an attack by Davy Jones, "But I'm not sure if any one of us should stab the heart!"

You don’t suppose we could just hold it hostage, could we?” Kodo asked.

“That’s a bad move Kodo” Eric said to the others. “You can never fully control the Dutchman”

"Jack Sparrow tried to do that and one of his friends died! Davy Jones knows that none of us would sacrifice any of our comrades to kill him!" Lord Twigo shouted out from the storm as Davy Jones and him crossed blades.

Kodo hummed. Lord Twigo heard the grin in his voice. “Then I got another idea!” His link faded, and he soared through the hole his father had punched in the Dutchman. For a moment, the group just fought.

However, as Lord Twigo and Davy Jones dueled, Kodo returned with something clutched in his claws.

“Jones!” he called. “I got a question for you.” He lifted Davy Jones’ heart, as a pack link curled around the beating organ. “If a fish ate your heart, does the fish become the captain?” He dangled the heart by his pack link, almost like it was a sling. “Care to find out?”

"Nay, the captain must be able to speak, fight, and walk on land every ten years. Trust me I tried it once and I'm still alive," Davy Jones said before slicing Lord Twigo's moustache off. Lord Twigo yelped before ducking under an attack by Davy Jones.

“...Oh, you do NOT mess with a man and his stache!” Link said as he turn to glare at Davy Jones.

Kodo narrowed his eyes, before noticing how Davy Jones was wildly slashing.

“Another query for you then,” Kodo replied, spinning up the heart like he was about to fling it across the sea. “What if you slice your own heart yourself?” With that, he flung the heart right at Jones’ sword mid-swing.

"Well that me friend," Davy Jones sliced his heart then he caught it, "Is just a paradox, or whatever that means." Davy Jones then whistled and the ship began to rock wildly. Making some fall to their backs. "A question for you Kodo… Do you fear death?"

Right as he finished that sentence two tentacles lunged up and tried to wrap itself around Kodo… only for Luke to carve through them with a wild slash from Shiva, who landed next to him with the snarl of a mother wolf.

“You might want to get something stronger there, ol’ Jonesy.” Link said jokingly with a grin.

“I fear it far more than he does,” she said, before bringing Luke up and smashing Davy Jones with Luke like a hammer. Hard enough to send Jones right through the floor boards and down to the lower decks.

"Gah! ARLONG!!!" Davy Jones cried out, immediately something shot out from the bottom of the ship.

"Shark on darts!" Something then bit down into Shiva's forearm like a wild animal, that something was the sawfish shark, Arlong. "Shahahaha!"

Yelping at the pain, Shiva sunk her teeth into his face, causing him to release her arm to scream. At the same time, Kodo shot forward, linking with his mother and sinking two diamond-and-Haki covered fists into Arlong’s face.

Arlong jumped back, then shook his head. "Alrighty then…" Jinbe jumped from the floor and struck a fighting stance, Arlong did the same, as Luke, Shiva and Kodo closed ranks.

"Shark Tile True Punch!" A force that rivaled the Sai Dai Rin Rokuogan was shot at the trio of Diamond Dogs.

Shiva crossed her arms, and all three dogs turned into smoke - though it more resembled a storm cloud. Either way, three bursts of clouds separated, and the attack passed by them, though the trio reformed and dropped to the ground, drained but determined to remain standing.

"Oh no, whatever shall we do?" Arlong shrugged his arms before a fishman, jumped up from the water and onto the ship.

"Luckily I know some jutsus." The fishman began to do hand signs an right behind him, a tsunami came into view. "KAHAHAHA!!! Have fun!"

"EBOLA!!!!" Immediately the wave dispersed as a wave of Ki was shot out of Elae's mouth. "U r welcome my bruddas!" Elae clicked.

“..Thank you, but please don’t call me your brother..” Link said with a groan.

“We appreciate it,” Shiva replied with a salute.

“The guy’s growing on me,” Luke agreed.

"I appreciate the appreciation!" Elae said before tentacles grabbed him from the floor of the ship and dragged into the depths.

“Oh, no they don’t,” Kodo said. “Mom!”

Shiva understood. Turning Kodo into diamonds, Shiva threw him at the water. Kodo shot through the waves and carved through the tentacles before seizing Elae and rocketing back up for the surface, Shiva and Luke working together to yank them up.

Suddenly a gigantic blue arm wrapped itself around Shiva. It came from Qilby, Qilby then shot her towards him and landed a solid punch to her gut, powered by Ryou Haki.

Shiva cried out, her pack link flickering as she was sent tumbling across the deck. An enraged Luke jumped over her tag-team style, his claws covered in Armament Haki. He caught Qilby by the shoulders and flipped over him to suplex his foe into the ground.

"Gah! Damn mutt!" Qilby cried out, suddenly a nightmare rammed itself into Luke and at the same time Qilby. Making a portal, Qilby teleported to the mast where Pitch stood looking down at the chaos.

Thanos then shot his way towards Pitch, to assist Eric, Pitch, using his scythe he knocked Thanos away as Thanos crashed down. Thanos got up… And got grabbed by the Kraken.

"FUCK!!!" Thanos then slammed his elbow into the Kraken, powering it with his heat. The Kraken then sharply pulled away. Thanos was then cut in his back by Davy Jones himself, turning around Thanos went for a strike only to be pinned down by one of the dark equines. Then all of the equines piled themselves onto Thanos and carried him to the skies.

"TELL MY DAUGHTER I LOVE HER!!!!!" Thanos said before he was carried to the clouds.

"Ah… Love, such treachery…" Davy Jones said, looking at both Shiva and Luke.

Though dazed from Qilby’s blow, Shiva was still pulling herself up. She fired a link to Luke, and the added strength allowed him to catch the nightmare that had rammed him, lifting it up and ripping it into black sand. She pulled Luke back to her side, and the two slowly circled Davy Jones as he approached them, almost flanking him like actual wolves on the prowl.

“I saw your mind, Captain Jones,” Shiva noted. “I saw your pain. The treachery of the one who claimed to love you.”

"Oh do ya now?" Davy Jones said, coating his blade in Armament Haki, gripping it tight as his tentacle squeezed the blade.

“I’d ask why you’re taking your anger out on us,” Shiva noted. “But Calypso isn’t exactly someone you can take revenge on, is she?”

"She is the sea, is she not?" Davy Jones said with a dark chuckle, "You forget too, I am the sea." Davy Jones then spun around with his blade making a donut shaped air slash that shot at the two canines.

Just before it could carve into their bodies, two pack links shot down and seized them, turning them into smoke and pulling them up into the mast.

“The sea,” Kodo growled, depositing his parents next to him. “Not a good place for dogs.”

“Nor a good place for Devil Fruit users either,” Eric shouted to the dogs from above before kicking Pitch into the mast

"Do you know what is a good place for dogs?" Davy Jones asked the pup, tilting his head.

“Somewhere beyond the sea,” Kodo replied, before the trio turned to smoke and flew into the clouds.

"Well you're kind of right, but you forgot to specify, it's Davy Jones' Locker." Tentacles grabbed the ship and began pulling it down, Davy Jones began to laugh before teleporting after Kodo. Nightmares began to swarm everyone and Qilby made a portal to the Flying Dutchman, the nightmares began to ruthlessly attack our heroes.

Link reached into his pouch, quickly taking out the Zora’s mask and keeping it in hand in case the ship goes down.

However, as the ship began to sink, and the nightmares started to swarm the heroes, Kodo returned from the sky, Thanos behind him and formed a square of lightning.

“DUNK THEM HARD, GUYS!” Link shouted as he cheered them on.

“Together!” Shiva barked, before they smashed into the ship like meteorites, crushing the Kraken’s tentacles under their bodies, and sending shockwaves of lightning out that disintegrated the nightmares nearest to them.

"Bullshit!" Arlong shouted out before making another hole in the ship, drilling through the floor. Jinbe jumped after Arlong as Thanos went down to one knee with an 'oof!'

"They all kicked me in the dick… Why? Why'd they kick me in the dick?" Thanos asked tiredly.

“Because they’re all jack holes?” Shiva offered.

"...Do ya see that?" Thanos got up and pointed at the giant wave of nightmares coming towards them. "They're gonna kick me in the dick!" Thanos yelped.

“Will you be serious for once, Thanos? You won’t be making those remarks when you’re dead.” Link warned.

Shiva hummed, before striding towards them. “Not necessarily,” she muttered, as she spun her pack links into a vortex.

Luke winced. “Shiva, remember what happened with Sombra!” he barked.

“‘Umbra’ got me once, Luke,” Shiva admitted. “But there was one thing he and all creatures that use dark magic fail to remember.”

The wave of nightmares drew closer. Shiva spun her vortex faster, tendrils of light jumping from her back and twining around her pack.

“All magic - dark, light, or elemental - is, at its most basic form, energy. And while energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can certainly be transferred.”

She blasted her vortex right into the wave of nightmares. And as the dark magic seeped through her tendrils, Shiva’s eyes turned black… and the dark magic began to turn into a multicolored stream.

The others began to feel themselves become stronger and more powerful as Shiva absorbed the magic from the nightmares. The wave dwindled and lessened, and as Shiva started to falter and strain in her endeavor, Luke and Kodo began howling, blasting excess energy out and allowing Shiva to slowly wean the energy out from Pitch’s attack.

“Oh… Look who’s right there…” Pitch said, flying above them, watching Eric fight his nightmares that he sent to stall the Shadow Man. He then averted his gaze and looked at Lord Twigo. Qilby was right next to him with his scythe in hand. Grinning maniacally. Pitch readied an arrow and looked at Lord Twigo who was fighting off the fishmen who jumped onboard to kill them. The man was facing his back to Pitch, and Pitch smiled with evil intent… He then fired the arrow.

However, Kodo - empowered by Shiva’s energy draining of the nightmares - saw the attack coming. He shot forward, almost teleporting, and caught the arrow out of the air. He glared up at Pitch with bared fangs. And as the arrow turned multicolored, he flipped it around and hurled it back like a throwing knife.

Qilby just conjured a portal in front of them, taking the arrow elsewhere, that elsewhere was the ship. The ship shook at the force of the attack and it began to sink. Thanos just looked at the ship and at Qilby, Qilby then snapped his fingers. There was then a portal above the ship, outcome the Kraken who was about to devour any and everyone on the ship.

“...Hakai.” Thanos shot a ball of destruction at the being as it crashed down, on impact turning into a million speck of purple energy. Lord Twigo looked at Thanos in pure awe.

“Hak’what?” Link asked confused as he’s never heard of that move.

“Is he real?!” Lord Twigo asked, his mustache somehow regrown from the amount of manliness he exerts.

“Oh, he’s real, and more importantly, he’s with us,” Kodo replied with a wagging tail.

“When push comes to shove he is one of the only people I trust on the battlefield,” Eric said grinning under his mask

“Or is he?” Asked Davy Jones appearing behind the pup, Davy Jones leaned on Kodo’s shoulder. “Are ya sure he’s with you people? All it needs is one… Push.” Davy Jones said looking at the group. Arlong and Jinbe standing next to him.

Kodo glanced at Davy Jones with a smirk, before bursting into smoke and flying to his mother’s side, who was glowing with a celestial light.

“Oh well, Thanos!” Suddenly another Titan appeared next to Davy Jones, the same one Thanos talked to on the phone.

“YOU!!!” The Titans cried out, pointing at each other, they both growled.

“Which one is which?” Davy Jones asked, they both had the exact same look, the same scars and features which was shocking yet impressive.

Luke’s eyes darted back and forth. “Wait… so… what? Who’s… which one…?”

Shiva rolled her eyes. “Not going through this,” she muttered, before lashing out with two pack links. Her eyes shut as she began to read the minds of the two Thanoses. What she saw was nothing but pure fucking stupidity for miles wide. “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Shiva muttered. “Come on… which one of you is our Thanos?”

“I am the real Thanos!” Thanos shouted out only to be pushed aside by Thanos.

“No I am the real Thanos!” Thanos cried out, Thanos glared at Thanos and they began to but heads.

“And as much as I hate to say this.. Will the real Thanos please stand up, we’re gonna have a real problem here, please stand up.” Link said with a serious look on his face

“Here’s a better offer,” Shiva said, turning back to the two Thanoses. “Whoever’s the real Thanos…” She pointed at Pitch, Davy Jones and Qilby. “Help us take down these guys.”

“...We… Are Thanos.” The two Thanos clasped each other's hands like they were doing an arm wrestle, they then turned to Pitch, and Qilby who were above them. Davy Jone stood there on his ship, just smoking his pipe while he looked at them in pure amusement.

“Ka…” The two Thanos stuck their hands out before tucking them to their sides. “Me…” Lucci blinked before looking at the others.

“..mmmmk.” Link said as he took a seat on the floor, already knowing where this will lead. Just one big kameha-fuckyou blast.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to get the FUCK out of here to safety!” Lucci said, pointing a thumb to a nearby island. Using instant transmission he went there to whatever animal that was near; which was a crab.

“Can’t believe I’m taking advice from a cat man,” Luke noted. “But… Shiva!”

Nodding, Shiva grabbed her family, and teleported after Lucci.

“Ha…. Me…” The tides began to rise up and down as the Thanos charged up their epic ki blast. “SUCK MY MOTHERFUCKING DICK!!!!” The fired off a Ki blast at the pair, suddenly Elae somehow pulled a Full Nelson on Pitch as Qilby teleported away.

“GOD DAMN IT!!!” Pitch shouted as he was engulfed by the Ki wave and was vapourized unlike Elae who tanked the attack like it was nothing. When it was done the two Thanos looked up victorious… Though Thanos, the fake one began to turn into dust.

“NO!!! My homie! Don’t go!” Thanos said to Thanos, Thanos took a seat as he was turning to dust.

“Um… what?” Link said, confused.

“It’s alright… You were always the real Thanos, I must go… To Valhalla…” The other Thanos said softly before he turned into dust, the dust began to float in the air as Thanos cried manly tears for someone he just met a few days ago.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Thanos cried out, “THANOS!!!!!”

“A bit over dramatic…” Link said in minor amusement.

“Come on, Link,” Shiva chastised. “He did help us. He deserves some sympathy.” She glanced at where Thanos was mourning… well, Thanos, and lifted her head, howling in respectful mourning. Luke and Kodo glanced at Link, both equally amused, but shrugged and joined their matriarch in the howl.

“...Gone, but not forgotten.” Entity said as he looked down solemnly, Thanos then stood up and wiped a tear from his eye.

“We must go, it’s what he would’ve-” Thanos was then hit by a cannonball knocking him overboard though through sheer instinct he used Kamisori to go to the island. Entity grabbed onto Elia and Elae and shot off to the island.

Lord Twigo was on the island, somehow being there before anyone had noticed him, it was simple; he was fast as fuck boy. Though on the coast there waited the Flying Dutchman, Lord Twigo looked back at his “crew.”

“Here, take these!” Lord Twigo threw pirate outfits at them, “We do this Jack Sparrow style.”

“I’ll stick to my Pirate clothing,” Eric said landing on the island before folding his shadow wings into his body

"Pathetic." Thanos looked down on Eric, disgusted and disappointed.

“Fine” Eric reached into his body before pulling out a triangular hat with a large feather on the side as a larger leather coat hung from his shoulders. “Better?”

"Yeah, that's perfect. It would seem that I am really good at peer pressure, a new super power." Thanos looked at his palms and grinned.

Shiva gazed at the rags with trepidation. “Goodness, someone wore these?”

“Oh, yeah, they did,” Kodo replied, having already donned his pirate garb with a cheesy grin. When Shiva looked at Luke, he had similarly donned his pirate garb.

“Feels kinda nice, all things considered,” Luke replied to her dumbfounded look.

Shiva sighed, but couldn’t hide her grin as she donned her own pirate garb.

Thanos had put on his pirate garb, “I will become the King of the Pirates!” Thanos declared pulling out a cutlass, Elae had a cute little pirate outfit because he was so fucking adorable.

“You’d need to be an Emperor of the Sea, first” Eric said with a smile. “But you wouldn’t be the worst choice for that role” The Shadow Man said drawing his sword

"Look at me," Thanos said, pointing to his eyes. "Look at me."

Eric turned his head and looked at the Titan

"I am the Captain now, I would become an Emperor of the Sea in a fucking hour." Thanos said firmly.

“Well then Captain...What are your orders?”

"Sit here and do nothing until I build a ship." Thanos said before he vanished.

“Do I look gud in dis?” Elae asked looking at his pirate outfit, “A bit different from what I wear; which is nothing.”

“You and me both, my friend,” Shiva replied with a laugh.

“Well, we still have to fight Qilby and Davy Jones… And Arlong.... And Jinbe… And that jutsu guy- We have to fight a lot of people.” Lucci said, wearing pirate attire. A cutlass in hand.

Luke groaned. “If this was before I died, I would’ve liked that,” he said. He briefly donned an eyepatch, before grimacing and lifting the eyepatch up.

“You know, I’m tired of sitting around and doing nothing, it’s time to show you what this princess can do.” Elia said, her hands glowing blue due to her wakfu/magic.

“Hol’ up, we don’t have a ship.” Entity reminds the crew, “How are we possibly going to fight back if we…” Instantly, the problem was solved when all of the trees of the island was cut and made into a ship by none other than Thanos. Thanos looked down at everyone from the ship.

“Come aboard!” Thanos cried out, Elae had his mouth agape.

“Dat is de power of ebola! HE KNOWS DE WEY!!!!” Elae cried out, suddenly more Ugandan Knuckles came from the bushes and began clicking.

Link was trying to hard not to outright murder the annoying meme, Link knows he can’t just kill something overpowered…

“Just let it go kid” Eric said to the Hylian. “No matter was day, age, or world you’re in you can never rid yourself of any meme, the best you can do is ignore it”

“...How?” Elia asked, turning to the left and the right, as if searching for an answer. Shiva shook her head.

“From one leader to another,” Shiva replied. “I say don’t question it.” She moved to board.

“Look at me, I am the captain, I build the ship.” Thanos declared, everyone, (Including the Ugandan Knuckles) walked on board. Thanos then walks to the helm that held the location of the wheel, and just like Mickey Mouse he began to whistle. The ship took off and Thanos steered the ship towards the Flying Dutchman.

“...Ha, classic. “ Link said in amusement.

“Any ideas?” Shiva asked, looking at Thanos.

“I have a plan, the greatest plan.” Thanos grinned, the ship closed in on the Flying Dutchman as it began to show it’s canons. “This is the greatest plaaannn~” Thanos sang, not stopping the ship as it closed in on the Flying Dutchman.

“..You’re going to kamikaze into it, aren’t you…” Link said as he recognised Thano’s words.

“Works for me,” Eric said flaring his powers over the entire ship. “But let’s give this fine vessel some much needed fire power” Eric’s powers began to apply shadow armor around the hull of the ship before forming cannons along the front and side of the Titan’s ship

“Fire!” Davy Jones ordered, the triple cannons fired off at the ship which caused Eric to return fire with his shadow cannons, Thanos continued to whistle merrily as they were fired upon.

Exchanging a grin with each other, Luke went into his diamond cannonball form, and Shiva began using him like a paddle ball, bashing him into the Flying Dutchman and tearing holes into the side of the ship.

Lucci grabbed their ships anchor and chucked it at one of the holes of the Flying Dutchman, the wind began to pick up and the ships were locked together. Suddenly, it began to storm and a whirlpool was forged. Meanwhile, Link was firing Bomb Arrows at the Flying Dutchman, aiming at every possible weak point.

“Just like the simulations!” Thanos called out, thunder striking near their ships. Thus began boarding of the ships as Jinbe jumped aboard and the Jutsu Fish pulled out a sword.

“Hi, my name is Phil!” Phil the fishman called out, grinning like a… fishman… Get it? AHAH! Multiple fishmen began to board the ship, even Davy Jones himself.

“Hello,” Davy Jones greeted, waving his crab arm at our heroes.

“Hello there,” Shiva replied with a grin. “Care to give my mate a hug? He loves to cuddle.” As she spoke, she spun Luke and hurled him right at Davy Jones. Indeed, Luke had changed his position so it looked like he was ready to pull Jones into a hug.


“No, I’m not very huggable! Five Thousand Tile True Punch!” Davy Jones punched Luke with enough force to hurl him off the ship and make him skip across the “ocean” like a rock. Shiva struggled to pull Luke back, and nearly got yanked off the ship, with Kodo having to grab her with his own pack link before she was pulled away.

“Shark on Darts!”

Shiva yelped. “Oh, not again!”

But as Kodo struggled to pull Shiva back, Arlong spun around like a drill before digging his jaws into Shiva’s rib. Kodo and Luke yanked themselves forward, hoping to sandwich Arlong between them. But Arlong, with his superior fishman strength, knocked the two males away and began shaking Shiva like a dog would chew it’s toy. As Arlong shook her, Shiva coated her body in diamonds.

“A Devil Fruit Eater, eh?” Arlong mused, before performing a somersault and went under water with Shiva with him, going all the way down to the bottom of the ocean as she elbowed his eyes and face with diamond elbows, the water pressure doing a great help to Arlong.

However, as he tried to go all the way down, Luke and Kodo grabbed Shiva with pack links, trying to pull her back. However, Arlong now had the natural advantage, multiplying his strength far more greater than it was on land. Worse still, Shiva was in the absolute worst territory for a Devil Fruit user, and felt her strength sapping with the water.

“SHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You should have thought twice about eating a Devil Fruit you mutt!” Arlong cried out, while Arlong had her in his jaws he began to punch her, Ryou Haki doing a great help.

As Shiva struggled merely to breath, her body spasmed, and she started to lose consciousness. However, her pack link still glowed. And as Arlong began to believe he had the advantage, Luke careened down and got him from behind with a pack link garrote.

This ain’t a Devil Fruit, partner,” Luke growled through the link, wrenching Arlong up with both the strength of his family and his own protective rage. “Hands off my mate!” As he wrenched the garrote tighter around Arlong’s neck, he followed it up with a brutal double punch to Arlong’s temples.

“Gragh!” Arlong cried out, letting go of Shiva, then quickly regretting this as he looked at Luke. Arlong then grinned, using Fishman Jujitsu and making a whirlpool, as Luke began to spun in the whirlpool, Shiva being dragged along by the pack links. As Arlong slipped out of Luke’s grip, Arlong began his attack on the poor canine, using his shark heritage, ripping his teeth out and using them as weapons as they regrow again. Using his chompers to bite down on Luke, using everything on the “Skywalker.”

As Luke was beset by attacks, his eyes shifted downward to the floor bottom. He began pulling Shiva towards him, grimacing as Arlong ripped and tore at his fur.

Shiva!” he barked through the link. “Can you get to the bottom?”

“So wet…” Shiva moaned. “So cold…”

Luke grimaced, and poured his strength into her. “Come on, girl. You’re not just a Devil Fruit User. You’re a Diamond Dog!”

As his strength fought against the weakness of the water, his words registered in her mind. She gripped the sand, and dug down into the depths. The ground parted before her even easier than the mountain rocks she had grown used to. And as she delved deep into the earth, her pack link tightened, and yanked Luke from Arlong’s grip. Bloodied, but unbroken, Luke flipped off the fish man before vanishing into the ocean bottom, covering the hole Shiva had punched in the sand and vanishing from view.

“You can run, but you can’t hide! Soon enough you two are going to be running out of oxygen, and let's not mention the intense water pressure on your bodies! Shahahahaha!” Arlong laughed before swimming away.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get far before a pack link punched out of the sand and tangled him up.

Aw, you do care,” Luke mocked, as Arlong felt his gills start to collapse. “Not to worry, your energy should more than suffice.”

Arlong began to feel himself suffocate, as Luke used Shiva’s pack link stole the very air from his gills. Stole his ability to survive underwater.

Using a last hurrah using his fishman speed he shot out of the water like a rocket to catch his breath, using Observation Haki he aimed for Luke. However, as he shot out of the water, the pack link tightened, and Luke burst out after him, Shiva limply hanging from his arm. As they hung in the air, Arlong clenched his fists, using Soru and appearing before Luke.

“Sai Dai Rin: ROKUOGAN!!!!” Arlong wheezed out, shooting a devastating shockwave towards the Diamond Dog.

“AURA SPHERE!” Luke bellowed back, matching the shockwave with a sphere of blue lightning that would’ve made the original Lucario nod in respect. The two forces of energies clash, Arlong poured all of his fishman strength into the attack, though it strained his body afterwards, he still pushed on. Letting out a roar in defiance against Luke’s aura sphere.

However, Luke wasn’t looking to overpower. Letting the shockwave push him over Thanos’ ship, Luke then spun his wrist in a circle. And to Arlong’s shock, the aura sphere became an aura vortex, absorbing his power into Luke. The pack link thickened as the energy pulsed through it, and Shiva let out a gasp like she had been hit with a defibrillator.

“Deep breaths, my queen,” Luke assured her. “I got you.”

“DA QUEEN!!!!” Elae shouted out, all of the Ugandan Knuckles on the ship went towards Shiva.

Arlong then fell back into the water, unable to move against his body's wishes. A second later, Luke and Shiva hit the deck of Thanos’ ship, Luke crackling with power from Arlong’s attack. Luke lifted his Queen up.

“You okay?” he asked.

Shiva nodded. “Anything you had in mind involving water,” she noted. “Consider it officially off the table.”

Luke hummed in mild disappointment, before the two touched heads.

“I thank you two for sparing my friends' life,” The couple turned their heads towards the Knight of the Sea, Jinbe. “You two have survived quite the battle, I’m impressed with all of you, including Arlong. Unfortunately I must do as I am ordered to do, no hard feelings, Shark Tile…” Jinbe struck a pose, looking at the duo, before a familiar diamond dog pup shot up from below deck, and yanked Jinbe down into the lower decks, before standing protectively before his parents.

“No hard feelings either,” Kodo said. “But my parents are off-limits.”

Jinbe fell down, and Phil just looked at that, “Okay, I recognize your strength. I’m going to smartly walk away from you guys because you are dangerous as a family, which you guys are an ADORABLE family. Absolutely adorable. I love it, I’m going to go now.” Phil smartly left with his body intact.

Luke, Shiva and Kodo let him go, settling against the deck to rest.

“He thinks we’re adorable,” Kodo noted. “He should’ve seen Celine.”

“Oh, Kodo, behave,” Shiva said, her tail wagging. “If Celine was here, he’d probably have a heart attack from her cuteness.”

“Betta yet, sent to hell!” Davy Jones laughed kicking Lord Twigo down the stairs of the ship.

“Master!” Kodo yelped, leaping to Lord Twigo’s defense.

“Kodo, wait!” Shiva cried, trying to get up, only to fall to one knee, the effects of the water still somewhat affecting her.

“Shiva, remember your links,” Luke advised, allowing her to empower Kodo as he jumped between Lord Twigo and Davy Jones.

Davy Jones looked at Kodo, then at Lord Twigo. “You protect this pathetic fool?” Davy Jones asked, taking a step forward towards Kodo.

“He trained me,” Kodo insisted. “Showed me how to protect my family.” He held his sword ready. “I owe him. And my mother may fear death… but I don’t.”

“Then, off to the depths with ye!” Davy Jones then let out a battle cry, swiping at Kodo with his blade, covering it in Armament Haki.

However, with Shiva’s link flowing through him, Kodo was able to not only empower his blade with Armament Haki, but also with diamonds. He matched Davy Jones’ blow, briefly struggling against it before bursting into smoke, flying behind Jones and attacking with a swipe at the back of his legs.

“Grah!” Davy Jones cried out, he then turned around and grabbed Kodo’s blade with his crab hand. Davy Jones covered his arm in Ryou Haki, “How much do you value your blade, boy?” Davy Jones asked Kodo.

Kodo hummed. “I’m pretty sure it had an important name, but for the life of me…” Kodo chuckled before releasing the blade. Darting behind Jones, he swiped again at his back legs with his claws before launching over his head, wrenching his hat over his eyes and retrieving his blade, and rolling away.

Davy Jones pulled his hat up, he then laughed. “Boy you must have forgotten your purpose for fighting me, allow me to remind you.” Davy Jones stabbed Lord Twigo in his arm, digging the blade deep in his flesh.

Kodo gaped. “Master why didn’t you run?” Kodo demanded, slicing at Davy Jones’ sword arm before taking a shot at his throat.

Though with quick thinking, Jones leaned back and evaded the attack, he then kicked Kodo away with his crab leg. Jones tore his blade from Lord Twigo’s arm and stomped on the Holy Knight’s head, over and over again.

However, as Kodo rolled away, Luke rose to take his place. Howling in fury, Luke launched Shiva, who had tucked into a diamond cannonball, and caught Davy Jones with a hard hit to the chest, quickly wrenching her back as Kodo took to his side, rubbing his chest with a grimace.

Davy Jones was knocked off his feet, he hit the deck and rolled to his feet. Jinbe jumped from the floor and took Jones’ side along with Phil.

“I’m sorry, I regret doing this, but you are in the way of our Cap’n, and I can’t really allow that so… Water Dragon Jutsu!” A water dragon shot from Phil and flew at Shiva. Shiva shifted diamonds from herself to Luke, but just as she threw Luke, Jinbe ran at Luke, covering his head in Armament Haki. Jinbe rammed Luke off the ship and back into the water where Jinbe followed after Luke. Shiva was yanked off course by the attack on Luke, allowing the water dragon to hit her and knock her into the wall. She hit the ground with a yelp like an injured dog, her pack link fading as she went still in defeat. Without Shiva’s pack link, Luke’s diamonds faded, and he was left paddling after the ship. Kodo was left on his own, his sword slowly lowering as he realized the gravity of the situation.


“It’s just you and me boy!” Davy Jones cackled, clenching his blade as he ran at Kodo, Davy Jones then slammed his blade down onto the growing body of the pup.

However, Kodo matched his strike, growling darkly as his body flickered and sparked with lightning.

Covering his blade in Ryou Haki to break Kodo’s blade, Davy Jones began to mercilessly attack Kodo. Not giving the pup a chance to counter, Davy Jones began to laugh. “Do you realize the gravity of the situation boy? You are but a young pup against a dead man with centuries of combat experience!” Davy Jones continued to laugh as he continued to strike Kodo.

Kodo burst into smoke, moving back to gain distance. “That may be true,” Kodo admitted. “But if there’s one thing a dead man and a diamond dog have in common… it’s that both belong in the ground.”

Tucking into a cannonball, Kodo shot at Davy Jones, bursting briefly into smoke to appear behind him. Seizing the undead captain by his jacket, Kodo yanked him over the side and into the water. Utilizing the weakness of the Devil Fruit, Kodo let himself plummet like a stone, dragging Davy Jones behind him. And as they reached the ocean bottom, Kodo utilized his diamond dog heritage, smashing into the ground and dragging Jones further down, almost like he was going to bury Jones at the center of the earth.

“KILL LORD TWIGO!!!” Davy Jones shouted, it echoed across the floor. Davy Jones then used his crab claw and stabbed it into Kodo along with Davy Jones’ blade. Meanwhile on the surface fishmen began to surround Lord Twigo.

Kodo yelped, and was forced to release Jones, the water weakness working against him and leaving him trapped in the ground. Back up top, Shiva’s eyes briefly fluttered open as the fishmen surrounded Twigo. She reached a claw out for him, but the battle had taken too much out of her, and she slumped back to the ground.

Phil looked down at Shiva before pulling out a flintlock, “I’m sorry in advance.” To prevent Shiva from interfering, Phil shot Shiva in her kneecaps, “You don’t get to keep yer kneecaps.”

Shiva stared in stunned silence at her kneecaps. “I was already down,” she mumbled, glaring up at Phil. Her fur began to spark. Her eyes turned black like a demon. “I was… ALREADY DOWN!”

A pack link shot out, seizing Phil by the neck. She clutched and scrabbled at the magic rope as it crushed his larynx, draining his life - almost his very soul - into Shiva. Her legs healed, as she rose up, her teeth baring, and her face becoming a nightmarish wolf snarl.


"Okay, I deserved that, I'm sorry for shooting you in the kneecaps.” However, Phil’s protests went up in choked gurgles, as he began to dry up like a fish out of water.

YOU WANTED ME TO STAY OUT OF THE FIGHT?” Shiva snarled, her tendril smashing him into the floor with every exclamation. “THEN YOU REALLY! SHOULDN’T! HAVE DONE THAT!”

"Yeah…" Phil cried out from the water, Phil then shot up, fully repaired as he readied his flintlock. "I'm the fastest eye in the west."

Shiva responded by seizing his arm, her link burning into his arm and digging up his deepest, darkest fears, draining him like a sponge as he was thrust into his darkest, worst nightmares. The nightmare… Was cheese! As Phil began to suffer, Shiva turned her sights on the other fishmen, her pack links rising from her like the tentacles of the kraken. Even Lord Twigo felt the hostility and hate in her gaze.


"I DON'T GET PAID ENOUGH FOR THIS SHIT!!!!" The fishman cried out, slamming his spear down. "I don't even know why I'm fucking here! HOW!??!?!" The fishman cried out.

But his protests were for naught, as Shiva’s tendrils launched at them, taking the form of wolves lunging for blood.

"GAH PLEASE MERCY!!!!" The fishman cried out, raising his hands high. But there would be no mercy for them. Not from a wolf that had just gone rabid.

Shiva’s links were a terrifying mixture of kraken tentacles with snarling wolf faces for ends. They bit into the fishmen and lifted them into the air before smashing them into the ground, trying to break every bone in their bodies. While plunging them into the darkest, scariest nightmares they could dream up. All while their powers, abilities and souls were sucked into Shiva’s body like a vacuum. The wolf watched it all with a wild sneer of malice.

"LADY SHIVA!!!!" Lord Twigo cried out before grunting in pain, for a stab wound was shown in his abdomen. Rather than help, one of Shiva’s tendrils seized the holy knight as well, and began to drain him without regard for whose side he was on.

"Lady Shiva, you are my student's mother. Thus you are my friend, please, stop this senseless violence!" Lord Twigo cried Out.

But despite his words, Shiva didn’t seem to hear. All traces of the kind and gentle diamond dog were gone, replaced only with the visage of a wild and very angry wolf. Until, without warning a white mask was thrown onto Shiva’s face as it shifted to fit her face causing her to lose all sense of anger.

Shiva gasped, stumbling to her knees. Her tendrils retreated, and Shiva looked around in horror at what she had nearly wrought.

"Thank Odin…" Lord Twigo said before he slumped back down, the Holy Knight grimaced at his wound.

“L-Lord Twigo?” Shiva stammered, stumbling towards him and desperately linking a healing spell to him. “I’m so sorry, I just… I got so furious when he shot me. I-I couldn’t control it!”

"...It's alright, well, at least the man apologized so everything should be alright!" Lord Twigo jumped to his feet with a thumbs up and a warming smile.

Two gunshots echoed on the ship as Phil shrieked in pain as his legs were shot, snapping him and the Diamond out of their trance, turning around the Fishman was met with a smoking gun being held by Eric. Meanwhile the other Fishman just jumped into the water, fleeing back into his natural habitat.

“Shiva it does you no good to lose your cool in battle” Eric said walking towards the fishman. “I will ask that you keep that mask on until you completely calm down.”

“Not a bad idea,” Shiva muttered, brief flashes of an unconscious Cadence, a starved Tirek, and - most disturbingly - an unfamiliar stallion ripped to shreds flashing in her mind. “I’m sure you’ve heard the tales of ‘werewolves?’ Well, it seems that despite being accepting the life of a Diamond Dog, I still carry the temper of a werewolf. I’ve tried to keep it under wraps, but… well…” The images of Cadence, Tirek and the stallion more than stated what happened when she lost control.

"You don't want to tango with the rango Eric, I am the fastest sniper on Fishman Island." Phil said, pointing his gun up to Eric's head.

“That may be true but you are on a ship covered in my shadow” Eric said as multiple shadow clones rose from the deck. “This is the worst environment to fight me”

"Oh that can be arranged quickly. Water Clone Jutsu!" Water clones of Phil appeared when he did a singular hand sign with his one hand.

“Let’s dance fishface” Eric said sheathing his gun before drawing his sword and creating a scythe of shadow, His shadow clones all formed twin scythes in their hands as their took defensive stance

"Beware, I'm quite the dancer, Boogie Man." Phil said with a grin, his Shark like genes getting shown off for his teeth was as sharp as Eric's blade. Phil put up his gun in it's holster and got out his warhammer. His clones doing the exact same.

Both displaced stood their ground waiting for the other to make the first move, neither one wanting to underestimate the other as they circled each other like a pair of challenging wolves

"Quick question, what is your goal here? I know if you beat Ryker you'll escape but there's something else you want." Phil spoke, looking at him, clenching his warhammer.

“Call it an ill omen.” Eric said, tightening his grip on his sword. “A feeling that something bad will happen if I don’t fight”

Inside Eric’s mind he saw a clouded image of himself screaming as he held Sombra’s dead body, his eyes white as a cloud, void of all signs of life as shadow flooded from Eric’s body

"Something… Bad?" Phil tilted his head, but then shook his head, focusing back on Eric. "...I smell fear, fear of something harming your friends. Fear of the death of loved ones." Phil chuckled, looking at Eric.

“Just a vision I wish to remain a vision” Eric said to the Fishman

"Well, if you stop thinking about that vision; maybe it won't happen! It's like a redheaded stepchild, if you ignore it for long enough, it'll disappear!" Phil said with a laugh.

“Maybe so,” Eric said, rushing forward, locking his weapons against the Fishman’s weapon. “But I can’t take that chance If I have chance to save somepony than I will”

Meanwhile, inside the water…

“You see boy… You’re not dealing with the average pirate any more…” Davy Jones began, looking down at Kodo before kicking him in his snout. “I have become the pirate of legend, I have become the legendary Pirate Lord!” Davy Jones stabbed Kodo in his lung, he then twisted the blade making it go deeper into Kodo. “Now Kodo, I’ll ask you; Do ya fear death?

Kodo merely bared his teeth at the pirate lord, and caught him with a pack link, drawing him close and taking a bite out of Davy Jones’ tentacle beard.

Davy Jones let out a cry of pain, pulling his blade out of Kodo, “Well, have fun in hell Kodo!” Davy Jones raised his blade high aiming for Kodo’s neck.

Fwip, fwip, fwip, fwip, the sound made Davy Jones pause.

“What is that annoying sound?!” Davy Jones asked to no one in particular, turning around to try and spot whoever was making the sound.

Though the moment he turned to look, his hat was cleanly sliced in half by a pair of weird fin-shape boomerangs, barely inches missing the top of his scalp. The boomerangs loop around, returning to the arms of a weird looking humanoid fish. A split second later Kodo realized it was Link! Although in the form of a Zora.

“Talk about a close shave.” Zora Link said half jokingly as he crossed his arms, throwing out his fins like boomerangs again at Davy Jones.

Though the Captain merely parried the blows before reaching for the remnants of his hat. “That was my lucky hat you bastard!” Davy Jones kicked Kodo one last time in his face before swimming towards Zora Link, sword covered in Armament Haki.

“The hat wasn’t so lucky though!” Zora Link said with a grin, his voice sounding weird in this form. Link quickly raised his arm; the fin became solid to form a shield to block Davy Jone’s slash.

Davy Jones could do nothing but growl at Link’s snarky comment as he continued to slash away at Zora Link, though with every strike, Davy Jones became quicker with his attacks. Zora Link suddenly fwip down, quickly swimming to get behind Davy Jones, soon wrapping his limbs around the captain’s chest and waist.

“Let go of me you insufferable fake fishma-” Though the Captain of the Flying Dutchman couldn’t finish his sentence as Zora Link unleashed a powerful blast of his Electrical Barrier, giving the captain quite a strong shock through his system.

Davy Jones let out a howl of pain before he swam to the bottom of the ocean and slammed Zora Link into it. Wanting to get Zora Link off of Davy Jones, the Captain dragged Zora Link across the rocks and crabs that dwelled at the bottom of the ocean.

Zora Link quickly let go as his magic reached half empty, not wanting to waste it all trying to shock the captain to… well, not necessarily ‘death’ but the next best thing?

“Hey! The sea beds for the sleeping fishes!” Link said as he wiped the blood that was softly coming out of his wounds.

“Then sleep with em!” Davy Jones cried out raising his sword high before spinning like a certain blue hedgehog. Surprising both Kodo and Zora Link he was spinning fast, Davy Jones then stopped spinning and flew at Zora Link. Rivalling the speed of a torpedo before drop kicking the poor bastard into the boulders that formed under the sea. Zora Link collided rather hard, and luckily for him, there isn’t any breath to be knocked out. Ignoring the pain, Zora Link quickly swam up and above the captain, quickly pulling out some kind of weird ball shaped fish, allowing them to drop down toward Davy Jones. As the ball got near the captain, Zora Link threw out a boomerang fin at the fish ball, causing them to explode on contact. What Zora Link dropped were Water Bombs.

“Grah!” Davy Jones was forced to the bottom of the ocean, Davy Jones they grinned, feeling the death of Lord Twigo near. “You betta hurry Link, there’s someone else who needs more saving than this bugger,” Davy Jones points to Kodo who was still under water.

The young pup looked up with a growl. “He’s right!” he snarled, lashing out with a pack link and ensnaring Davy Jones around the neck.

To Davy Jones’ surprise, he began to feel… weak. Every breath became harder and harder to take. At the same time, Kodo began to rise, his fur sparking and glowing.

“What… Have you done?” Davy Jones asked the pup, Davy Jones looked towards the surface and began to swim towards it desperately.

Kodo smirked as he was pulled along. “You may not be able to die,” Kodo said. “But you only can’t die because of the curse Calypso put on you. That curse is magic. And like my mother said…'' He tightened his grip. “Magic is but energy waiting to be spent. Or in this case… taken.” He wound his link tighter, and yanked Davy Jones back down, looking to Zora Link. “Go! I got him!”

“Lock him up good in his locker while you’re at it!” Zora Link said half jokingly half seriously.

“I’ll certainly try,” Kodo replied, either not getting the joke or just not caring.

With the speed of a dolphin, Zora Link darted off toward the surface.

‘Mercy, have mercy on my soul! The only reason I’m doing this is because I want to earn a spot on Ryker’s Commanders. I need to kill Lord Twigo, he’s not even a part of the Commanders anymore! Why do you care for him?!’ Davy Jones asked mentally, slowly getting sunk down.

Kodo said nothing, but as Davy Jones was dragged back into the ground, his mind was flooded with images of Lord Twigo and Fujitora. Training Kodo how to fight. Believing in him. Telling him he was destined for the life of a warrior.

‘...Ah… I see now… You’ve bonded with them in such a short amount of time, how touching…’ Davy Jones chuckled in his mind as he laid down on the ocean floor. The energy drained from him. And with Kodo endowed with the energy, he blasted himself back up, fighting against the Devil Fruit and blasting back up at the surface.

Landing next to Lord Twigo, Kodo let the energy loose with a bark that threw the fishmen back. They backed up; Kodo had used the rest of the energy to take his bigger form, his eyes glowing like a demon and his fur crackling like a storm cloud.

Who’s the bastard who made my Mom cry?” he demanded. Causing Phil to cease his fight with the Shadow Man to turn towards the Diamond Dog

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Phil screamed, running on top of the water as he went Forrest Gump on this bitch and ran away.

“Remind me not to piss you off...” Zora Link said as he sat on board looking around.

Kodo would have replied but stopped when Eric put his skull mask on the pup, all anger and rage he had somehow vanished immediately.

“Keep yourself calm,” Eric said leaving the mask on the boy “Focus on your mother right now.”

Kodo and Shiva glanced at each other. Kodo noticed the mask adorning Shiva’s head as well.

“Nice mask,” he quipped.

“Eric gave you one too, I see,” Shiva noted.

“Yeah, meaning to ask about that,” Kodo turned to Eric, tapping at the mask. “What is this thing? And why does it make me feel so… calm?”

“That mask is carved from a changeling skull, it nullifies all negative emotion” Eric said before pulling another from his body. “You’re welcome to keep it, they change shape to match the wearer and I have hundreds more” the Shadow Man said, putting the mask on his face. “They're good for keeping one’s emotions in check. A level head on the battlefield is a tremendous advantage in battle.”

“I regret having so chunky armor…” Lord Twigo grunted, trying to move his body and get up.

Kodo picked him up - with his new size, he was able to do it like Lord Twigo was the pup - and he channeled his energy into healing the Lord. At the same time, Shiva leaned over the side of the ship, and yanked Luke back on board. Luke gave Zora Link a grateful look.

“Thank you,” he said to the hylian. “I saw Kodo fighting Jones down there and…”

“Our fight is not over!” Jinbe cried out, shooting from the water with a nearly dead Davy Jones, Jinbe tossed Jones aside and got in a karate fighting stance.

Shiva groaned.

“Stubborn little-” Zora Link began, but Thanos interrupted with a loud, almost Homer-like Doh.

“DOH!!” Thanos hit the ship, injured and bruised, Thanos got up and looked around. “Where is that Qilby bastard with his Six Dofus and his fucking God Ki?! Oh hi Shiva.” Thanos looked at Shiva like she was Mark.

“Hey, Thanos,” Shiva greeted.

"Hello, Shiva." Thanos waved at Shiva.

“My savior!” Luke agreed.

"Hello, Son of Youngling Slayer 9000." Thanos waved at Luke as well.

“Sup,” Kodo replied, grinning as he now found himself able to stand almost as tall as Thanos.

“How ya holding up Thanos?” Eric asked the Titan before walking up and helping him to his feet. “Need a hand?”

"No, No, I'm fine. Well, Qilby is a good fighter, able to destroy a Galaxy, so he says…" Thanos said before cracking his knuckles, looking up at the skies.

“Noone is unstoppable, not you, not me, not Black, and certainly not him” Eric said looking up at Qilby. “If you need some help I can lend you some weapons or armor from my shadow”

"Nah, I think we're fine, given that we have Black, Phoenix, Entity, Lucci, Luna Black- Wait where's Sombra? Don't tell me he's gone Zoro on us…" Thanos sighed, looking behind him.

“No Sombra isn’t like him, More than likely he’s on his way” Eric said

Sombra was halfway up the staircase leading up to the fifth floor, however he was exhausted and sweating.

“D..Damn” Sombra said as his wound from Zabuza was still healing slowly despite using his healing magic.

“Bastard used a poison blade,” Sombra said Closing his eyes and forcing more of his magic to heal his wound. “Been a long time since I was injured on this scale, kinda impressed almost hopes he survives to we can fight again”

Sombra couldn’t help but smile at the dark skinned man. “After all he was still standing after my Flying Fire Dragon: Hellflame Blaze. Not many can survive that attack”

“Shorty.” Thanos laughed at Kodo, “But anyways what do you guys need me for? We’re kinda fighting-” Lucci crashed behind Thanos, “A God who is more Op that all of you combined.” Thanos pointed at the bunch of fish and dogs.

“..Even more op than you?” Link said to Thanos as a friendly jab.

"Perhaps...” Thanos shrugged, looking around at everyone.

“Oh, that’s what you were doing?” Shiva asked, looking up at the sky. “Sorry. I was just wondering what the others were up to. Phoenix, Black…” She paused. “Are they up there?”

An explosion and a Goofy scream answered her question.

“I’m no psychic but I’m going to say yes,” Eric said sending his clones back into his shadow

“By the way I saw your fights and by God you guys were getting your asses handed to you on a silver platter. Except for Luke, you were fighting with Jinbe closely. By the way, continue your fight, it’s awesome.” Thanos said pointing at the two warriors.

Shiva growled, before the changeling skull negated her growing rage and frustration at being one of the weaker links. With a mutual look at her pack, she and Kodo channeled their links into Luke. He went Super-Saiyan/Mega Evolution, and pressed his knuckles together, advancing on Jinbe.

“See was that so har-” Thanos was then slammed by a warhammer and his head crashed into the bottom deck. His body sticking out straight like a bow and arrow, the attacker was Phil.

“Hah! I beat Thanos, that chump wasn’t anything after all!” Behind him, Thanos slowly got up, Conqueror’s Haki pulsing around him.

Phil was quickly cut off as Kodo got in his face. You made Mama cry!” Kodo growled, his fury rendered tranquil by the mask, but failing to make it any less terrifying.

Phil tried to turn back, only to find Thanos waiting for him.

“...You hit me… With a puny ass attack… And you had the nerve to call me weak?” Thanos asked Phil, standing tall over the fishman.

Kodo briefly glanced up at Thanos, cracking his knuckles. Shall we?” he asked.

“We shall indeed… YOU’RE GOING TO BRAZIL!!!!” Thanos and Kodo kicked Phil into the heavens where Qilby and the others were fighting, Thanos followed after the motherfucker. Jinbe just blinked, looking at his nearly dying Captain then back at Luke.

“It would seem that you have turned into a Super Saiyan and you’ve Mega Evolved, it would seem that I must kick it up a notch.” Jinbe got in a fighting stance, covering his fists in Armament Haki as well as his legs.

Luke tilted his head. “I turned into what and I did what?” he asked.

“You’ve transformed into something greater than you could ever imagine.” Jinbe told Luke in more simple terms.

“Eh, that makes sense,” Luke replied. “I don’t have that much imagination.”

“Nor do I yet we are still here.” Jinbe told the Diamond Dog, “Wait, is this the normal amount of weird you’re in? You’re fighting a Whale Shark, on a ship Captained by one of the most infamous pirates known to mankind not to mention you are in the sea that is in a tower which a genocidal maniac controls.” Jinbe said, looking at the surroundings.

“Oh, this is totally weird,” Luke replied. “I got brought back from the dead. Last thing I recalled was Daybreaker roasting me alive.” He shrugged. “But right now, I’m back, and I’m with the ones I love. Don’t really care about much beyond that.”

“We’re Displaced! of course it'll be weird when everyone is a good variety of characters..” Link said deadpanned.

“Don’t give me that look, what is weirder, being in this or just being transformed into a character you dressed up as?” Jinbe asked the Hylian.

“Can’t really choose when I've seen much weirder things across the multiverse. ” Link pointed out with a shrug of his arms.

“... Luke, let’s just fight.” Jinbe said, looking straight into Luke’s eyes, “Attack me first, it’s only polite to let ladies go first.”

Luke blinked, glancing at Shiva. “If you say so,” he replied, before touching Shiva’s shoulder. The white demi-wolf turned into a diamond cannonball, and he spun her before throwing her into Jinbe’s chest.

The Whale Shark however used one of his more useful Fishman Karate techniques, “Sharkskin Palm Block!” Jinbe slapped Shiva away and into the mast of the ship, the mast quickly fell on top of Shiva, not hurting her since she was in diamond form. Jinbe stomped on the floorboard and a wooden plank shot Luke up from the Whale Shark’s weight. Jinbe then leaped towards Luke. “Seven Thousand Tile Roundhouse Kick!” he declared, before doing a devastating roundhouse kick, which Luke blocked with his arms. The pack link flared, and Luke glowed even brighter.

Catching Jinbe by the leg, Luke spun and hurled Jinbe back down to the ship. The floorboards cracked as Jinbe bounced off the floorboards, before Luke used his pack link to Shiva and Kodo to slingshot down, smashing Jinbe through the lower decks and nearly into the ocean.

“Hmph!” Jinbe got to his feet, “Arabesque Tile True Punch!” Suddenly Luke felt multiple blows impact his body without Jinbe even impacting the Diamond Dog. Luke struggled to find who was punching him, before Jinbe then punched Luke through the ship and into the water. Jinbe followed the Diamond Dog, just in time for Luke to hit him with another kick, having used his pack links to sling shot right back into the whale shark. As Jinbe reeled, Luke delivered a one two palm strike before following it up with a brutal front kick, ending it in a split as Jinbe tumbled backward.

Jinbe then shot at Luke at an alarming speed. Luke held up his fist with a grin, hoping Jinbe would run right into his fist. “One Hundred Tile True Punch!” Jinbe had ducked and punched Luke in his gut, but he wasn’t done yet, he was just beginning! “One Thousand Tile True Punch!” Landing another punch on the Diamond Dog but this time with more force packed into it, though Jinbe kept up the tempo. “Four Thousand Tile True Punch!” Jinbe landed another punch even more devastating than the last, the force could be heard from miles. To finish his combo Jinbe went for one final punch. “Five Thousand Tile True Punch!” This time the force sent the Diamond Dog flying down the ocean.

For a moment, the ocean was still. However, as Jinbe watched, he noticed the ocean bottom… shift. The pack links glowed, tense and tight as they slowly pulled Luke back up. A second later, Jinbe saw why:

Luke was carrying a huge chunk of the ocean floor up. As he neared, he split it in half, and hammered both sides into Jinbe, turning him into a whale shark sandwich before beginning his own combo. (Hang on)


Hammering Jinbe with pieces of the ocean floor, Luke uppercut the whale shark back onto the deck. Slamming him with one of the pieces of the ocean bottom, Luke flung one of the ocean walls behind him before batting Jinbe into it. He bounced Jinbe back and forth between the ocean floors, letting the ocean rock chip, crack and break. Until finally, when Jinbe was battered, dazed and covered with ocean rock, Luke gave one final kick, and punted him through the remains of ocean rock, scattering his improvised weapons into debris and standing tall. He glanced at Shiva.

“Did I do good?” he asked. “I did the combo thing, just like he did.”

Before Shiva could answer, Jinbe answered for her, delivering a drop kick to the canine's chest. But learning from his mistake, Jinbe landed an uppercut on Luke sending him out of the water. Using the Rokushiki Techniques, specifically Geppo, Jinbe shot after Luke and landed a headbutt… that Luke caught with his palms. Jinbe began to spin around and he flung Luke into the clouds.

“If you can match this blow with nothing but your strength alone, I will submit, you and I both know that the two of us can fight for days before this battle ends. So let us end it now!” Jinbe cried out flying after Luke, clenching his right fist covering it in Ryou Haki and enhancing it with Tekkai Go.

“Yes, please do.” Zora Link said as he leaned against the wall. “An unstoppable force vs. an unmovable object can get really annoying and old quickly.” he said with a sigh.

“Fishman Karate Secret Technique: Mighty Reliant Piercing!” Jinbe shot a punch that dug itself deep into Luke, so deep that his fist was shown at the other side of his body. Out came a wave of water, the force of the blow blew the clouds to smithereens as Jinbe looked into Luke’s eyes who was still attached to his fist.

Luke merely tilted his head, before he grinned, and opened his mouth. A tiny little ball of Ki glowed on his tongue.

“Ka… me… ha… me…”

“So looks like we’ve got another Ki user,” Eric said with a grin

Black glanced at the diamond dog, visibly annoyed, “Can everyone just do that attack now…” Black grumbled.

“Nappa showed him when he gave him Ki control,” Shiva replied. “And he has access to all the training you gave me, Black, thanks to the pack link.”

"God damn it, Nappa." Thanos grumbled, looking at the fight.

“Pardon my language but I fucking hate you.” Jinbe growled.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Luke replied, as his attack sparked and his ball increased. “But I don’t give a flying HAAAAAA!” His ball turned into a beam that would’ve made a dragon blush. It smashed Jinbe past the ship, down to the ocean bottom, and even down into the ground below the ocean bottom. The ocean parted like the red sea, before a strong tidal wave soaked everyone on the ship.

Gently, Luke lowered himself to the ground, taking a slow breath and touching his chest. Shiva ran up to him, and he pulled her into his arms. They touched heads gently.

“...You tanked a blow that destroyed the clouds…” Lord Twigo looked at Luke, before drinking some tea. “I call hax.”

Link looked around in paranoia, expecting someone to yell ‘HAAAX’ followed by a flying monitor.

“Call it whatever you want,” Shiva replied, her claw not leaving where Jinbe had hit Luke. “I’m just happy he isn’t dead.” Her ears flattened. “Again.”

“No but seriously, how? That is amazing!” Lord Twigo asked, “I could definitely use that against Ryker.”

“Then you’re going to want a very powerful friend at your side,” Kodo replied, revealing that he had shrunk back down to his pup form, his energy having gone to his father.

“...THAT DOESN’T ANSWER THE GODDAMN QUESTION!??!?! Is this deus x machina?!” Thanos shouted from the background before getting whacked by Qilby.

“Kinda,” Kodo admitted. “I still had the energy from Davy Jones’ curse, so I gave it to Dad before the fight.” He shrugged. “It’s not like I was using it.”

“Plus,” Shiva added. “We were tired of constantly losing because we weren’t willing to push our powers to the max.” She rested her head on Luke’s shoulder. “I certainly wasn’t going to let him die when I had a way to keep him going.”

“Speaking of Davy Jones…” Lord Twigo slowly turned to Davy Jones who was using his sword as a walking stick.

Kodo growled and lifted his claw. “Am I gonna have to drain you again?” he snarled, before lifting his paw. “Paws, though.”

“No, I’m already beaten… Can I have me immortality- Oh wait I’m still immortal.” Davy Jones said weakly.

“Oh, yeah,” Shiva said. “No way we’re strong enough to take an immortal’s life. You don’t have to worry about death. At least for now.”

“Well…” Black said while rubbing the back of his neck, “I kinda could…” Black said nervously.

“Don’t you fucking twat.” Thanos glared at Black, slowly pulling out a shotgun.

“...You’re threatening a super saiyan with a shotgun?” Zora Link asked confused as he reached to pull at his face, briefly flashing as he reverted back to normal.

Black put his hands up, “I’m not gonna, for the Omni-Kings sake, I’d rather not kill anyone.” Black looked to Zora Link, “Never underestimate the power of a shotgun, it erased Kermit the Frog from existence.” Black reminded Link.

“Damn straight.” Thanos said, putting up his shotgun… Somewhere...

“...Hylia damned multiverse theory.” Link said with a sigh.

“Anyway-” Qilby falls from the sky next to Thanos, “Anyway we are victorious where is the exit?” Thanos asked, Davy Jones chuckles.

“Well, if ya want to go to the exit, you must sail over there.” Davy Jones pointed his sword to a port, on the port was a door that said, “Exit,” in bright red.

“Huh, who would’ve known?” Thanos nodded.

“Why didn’t we see that earlier!?” Link asked as he threw his hands up in the air.

“I dunno…” Black said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Only happens if ya beat the others in combat, which ya did. Speaking of which, we Fishmen gave you Diamond Dogs an arse whoopin’.” Davy Jones laughed.

“Yes,” Luke growled sarcastically. “You beat up a one year old pup and a woman that hates fighting and almost got driven into a blood rage. You must be so proud of yourselves.” He scoffed. “Seriously, if you’re going to have a dick-measuring contest with a woman and a kid, you clearly started off with the world’s cruelest handicap. Right, Shiva?”

He turned to Shiva… only to find her gone. With a quick ‘pop,’ Luke vanished as well. The others turned to find the diamond dog trio already at the exit. Shiva glanced back.

“You coming?” she asked.

Kodo giggled. “Paws though,” he noted.

“That’s what she said!” Thanos cried out, laughing like a mad man.

“Yeah yeah… I’m coming…” Black said.

“Oh my…” The voice of a certain flamboyant alien said.

“MOTHER FUCKER!” Black shouted in rage, his voice echoing through the floor.

Shiva shook her head and wandered into the exit. “I’m getting real tired of this,” she muttered.

“And that ladies and gentlemen, is what she said.” Thanos said, earning some clapping from the audience that were the Fishmen and the Ugandan Knuckles.

“EEEEBOLLLAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” Elae cried out flying off towards Shiva and her family, Thanos flying after him as well.

“...Could you use that erasing-from-existance shotgun on the annoying meme, please?” Link asked with pleading eyes to Thanos.

“I can always use a Hakai, but I doubt that would work…” Black commented as he walked into the exit.

“Aight, expect the things up ahead to be more bullshittery.” Lucci groaned, Entity using his Frost Walker boots to walk towards the exit.

“I am about this close…” Link said mentally as he followed behind Lucci.

“I will sacrifice their souls to de devil…”

To be continued…

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