• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Local Sage beats the ever loving crap out of Edgy Sasuke wannabe.

The Crimson Sage Vs. The Shadow of Equestria

Eric emerged from the shadows on the wasteland that was the final battlefield of Avengers Endgame sitting on a piece of rubble was Edward Elric, his eyes turning to the shadow man with a hard glare.

“Well… at least you’re serious about this,” Edward said standing up. “Now let’s see if you are worthy enough to use the chamber.”

“Let’s,” Eric said, his powers flaring as he pulled out his Murakumogiri.

“Just so you know,” Ed stood up. “I’ve fought Haki users before and the future sight does have an Achellies heel,” He thrust a finger forward and suddenly Eric felt like someone had fired a gun straight into his right shoulder. The force knocked him down. “One major flaw. The faster your opponent, the harder it is to see them properly.”

“No hesitation. I see,” Eric said, rubbing his shoulder as he got to his feet. “Even if it left no damage I still felt that.” Eric stepped forward and readied his weapon in hand, “I still won’t lose”

“Who said this was about winning or losing?” Ed cocked his head to the side. “Make no mistake kid I'm very pissed about what happened. And quite frankly you’re very lucky to even be breathing properly at this moment.” Ed’s shadow expanded behind him and forms started to rise from it. In seconds, hundreds of thousands of Ed’s stood before Von Shadow. “Seven Nations Army.” The air began to shine and ripple with power. “Every one of these copies is an individual me that will fight - even at the loss of their heads by the way - and they have my weapons and fighting prowess to Gate of Aries!” He flung his hand forward and thousands of weapons sprang from the ripples like missiles aimed at Eric.

Eric formed a pair of wings and flew above the speeding weapons, Magic flared in his eyes and he aimed his hand at the army. Bear the weight of the darkest sins,” Chanted the Shadow Man. “Dark Press.”

A large force of gravity pressed down on the army of Ed’s, however none were deterred as they simply ran through the magic area’s effect, grabbing the weapons as they did.

“You call that magic,” Ed raised an eyebrow. “Let me show you magic!” He jumped into the area, “Crimson Spiral Flame!” He threw his hand from and a twister of red flames consumed everything on the field. The army included. Eric looked on in horror as the sage landed right in front of him, the red reflected in his eyes. “You should be running from them.” The army emerged from the fires, on fire themselves.

Eric hovered in the air for a moment before shaking the fear away

Shadow Soul: Soul of the Reaper

Eric’s form melted away and was replaced with his skeletal form of his Reaper Transformation, reaching into his body Eric pulled out his reaper scythe, the blade forged from both Sea-prism Stone and Magic steel which drain any who’s is cut by it of their magic

“Sonic Slasher,” Eric whispered out before disappearing with a sonic boom

Eric managed to cut down two Ed’s before being grabbed and weighed down by the others, Eric tried to pry them off or even phase right through them. But they held on tight with Haki covered arms, it got to the point where Eric was forced to the ground. Several Ed’s approached the Reaper before covering their fists in armament Haki, each and every one of them began beating and punching the downed shadow man forcing him to flare his magic

“Warp through the Darkness and Hide thyself!” Eric yelled, receiving a hard punch to his jaw nearly dislocating it. “Dark Teleport!”

One of Edward’s clones came a full inch from striking the Shadow Man before Eric dissipated in a plume of black smoke, that back smoke drifted down into the shadows of the army. Ed and his clones searched for the Shadow Man.

“Always hiding in the darkness like a true coward?” Ed asked as he searched.

“I’m no coward,” Eric said, reforming into his now injured base form, a good distance from the alchemist army. “But I had no choice. Recover what you have lost,” Eric dropped his weapons as a purple aura covered him. “Dark Rejuvenation!”

The injuries across Eric’s body sealed themselves before disappearing like they never happened. Eric reached down and picked up his Scythe and his Murakumogiri from the ground

“I get it, Edward. Really, I do,” Eric said as he gripped his weapons. “To lose a loved one, or even a close friend is the worst feeling in the world”

“If you know the pain then why did you do it?” Edward said, floating above his army. “Why would you not only fight Black with a clone but hit his weakened form with a sleeping spell?”

This caused Eric to shrink back a bit looking at the ground in shame. “I...it’s what I would normally do in my world,” Eric admitted in sadness. “I kill...it’s all I’ve ever done since coming to Equus. Each and every opponent we’ve faced either me or the others have killed them, it’s all I know how to do.”

The Shadow man looked downtrodden at the Alchemist. “I did what I thought was the best course of action, with your help I felt you could help me make my powers less lethal.”

“Best course of action my ass!” Edward yelled. “This is a tournament! Not a war for you to play back seat driver to. You did not do some underhanded move; you outright cheated!” Ed slammed his fist against the air behind him causing it to shatter like glass and left a void . Reaching in, the alchemist pulled out a very distinct sword with a red dual-serrated edge, fire bird guard and a long handle that led into a fourway skull pommel. “I’m going to make you wish you faced Black head on!” Ed pointed the sword at the shadow man. “Extend field,” he said quietly and circle extended outward past Eric and he soon found himself back in his base form. “Just so you know this sword is a manifestation of my perception of reality. So whatever I say goes.”

Eric just looked down and exhaled. “So much for words,” Eric whispered under his breath before rushing the Alchemist. “Maybe my blades will show how much I regret my fight with Black.”

Eric reared both weapons back and swung at the Alchemist, both weapons clashing against Edwards as sparks flew into the air.

“Tell me something,” Ed forced Eric back with a wave of crimson power. “Do you know what happens when someone is consumed by negativity?”

“They lose control of both their mind and their powers,” the Shadow man answered

“Yes,” Ed smiled evilly. “Have you ever seen what happens physically?”

“I have not,” Eric said, keeping his distance from the Alchemist. “However I have heard from the other’s what happened to Luna after our fight with the queen.”

“Heheheheheehhahahahahaahahanahahaahhahahahaahaa!” The alchemist belted. “I never asked Luna…” he remarked as his sword faded to red dust. “I said you would face the form Black faced... and I meant it!” Ed roared as a pillar of red light consumed him completely only showing a black silhouette of the sage inside it. He began to grow as thousands upon thousands of red eyes covered his body. A tail formed, along with a set of silver and red tipped feathery wings while red twisted metal grew. A large singular golden Sharinnegan opened in a right downward slant with an ouroboros symbol in the center. The sage stepped out of the light pillar to reveal his new form: nearly five stories high, towering over Eric. His right eye was golden, with three blood red eyes on the left. He smiled with many mouths full of jagged teeth all over his body.

“Hello,” he said softly.

Before Eric could respond, he was sent flying with a hard right clawed uppercut.

Eric’s body slid across the ground, digging a large trench in the battlefield. Eric pulled himself from the ground and gazed at the large form of the Alchemist.

“Well...that’s nightmare inducing,” Eric muttered, as shadow began to swirl around the shadow man. “Looks like I’ll need to go stronger to defeat him.” He slammed his head into the ground.

Shadow Soul: Soul of the Demon

Meanwhile, as the two fighters battled, they were unaware of a portal opening, and a familiar host walking out to observe the fight.

"...Son of a bitch." Ryker muttered under his breath, looking on at the two, he made two portals behind him. Katakuri and someone with a Sedgehat walked beside him. A little silver bug with a blue eye flew out next to them. The one with the sedgehat was covered in bandages with metal armor.

"Hm… Quite interesting." The one with the sedgehat spoke. "I can use this knowledge."

Shadows began to flood the area as they converged on the Shadow Man. His size increased to another fifteen feet. His hands turned to claws as his skin came to resemble that of charred leather. The Shadow Man’s legs twisted backwards as his eyes burned red. His teeth became pointed and jagged. His hair burst into flames, and a pair of small horns and a pointed tail tore through his forehead and his back. A forked tongue flicked between his teeth.

Unfortunately, despite his increase in size, Edward still dwarfed the Shadow Man in size.

“I’m going all out Alchemist,” Eric hissed out.

The demonic Eric rushed forwards before jumping up towards the Alchemist’s head. However, halfway up, he was smacked to the ground, burying him into the dirt. Mere seconds later, Eric burst from the ground, his lips curved in a glasgow grin. His smile grew when he felt his power grow from the single attack of the Alchemist’s towering form.

“Is that all you got Alchemist?” Eric laughed. “You’re weaker than you claim to be.”

“Who said that’s all I got?” The Sage’s voice growled from everywhere at once. A mysterious force pulled Eric straight to the Alchemist’s face. “You truly don’t know how to shut up, do you?” The demon tilted his head.“Let’s see what we will do with you, ah I know,” he raised his left fist, “Two Thousand Times Kugi punch!”

Eric felt the crushing force of two thousand blows into every part of his body as he bounced randomly around the area.

Eric crashed into the rubble that was once Thanos’ ship. Yet, all the while, his maniacal laughing did not fade. Ripping away the metal concealing him, Eric emerged from the broken ship. His black body red with blood, yet his eyes glowing with magical wisps

“Recover what you have lost,” Eric boomed as a purple aura covered him. “Dark Rejuvenation!”

“One thing you should know about dragon slayers,” Ed commented as one of the clones ran next to Eric, “They eat magic!” Several of the clones jumped and started to eat every last ounce of his magic directly from his body. “I won’t let you recover. It’s against the rules, after all,” the main body said.

Walking forward, he backhanded Eric across the field. Teleporting ahead of Eric, he fired a ki blast, ricocheting Eric into another direction. For some time, Ed repeated the process. Until finally, with a devastating axe punch, he buried Eric in a massive crater.

“Did I ever say I deactivated my perception field?” The sage mocked. “The only power you’ve been stealing is nothing!” Ed flicked Eric with his pointer finger. “You don't get it,’ Ed held up his hand and hsi sword reformed in his hand. “How does it feel to have tha pain and not grow from it?”

“Didn’t you know?” Eric said, smiling at the alchemist. “This is my only form that feels no pain, it’s how I can keep going in a difficult battle”

“Oh let me fix that then,” Edward reached Eric with his hand and grabbed a fist full of what appeared to be strings and at that moment Eric felt his entire body freeze. “See I developed the ability to pull on the very magic that binds things together meaning I CAN ADD OR TAKE ANY MAGIC I SEE FIT!” A quick twist and the strings snapped and Eric was flooded to his very core with pain as he screamed out, every time he moved it intensified his pain. “You mock me for not being strong? You dishonor my family by sending a clone to face Black. You are not fit to fight on the same field as any of these Displaced!”

“I am… But the mocking... I can’t help” Eric explained, his voice cracking from the pain. “This particular Soul affects my mind slightly. Honestly, I respect everyone I’ve met... unless they turn on me and my friends. I still hold a lot of respect for you and Black but I can’t help but mock you in this form.”

"Jackass…" Ryker couldn't help but think.

Reaching behind him Eric pulled both his Scythe and his Murakumogiri to his hands, before stabbing both their blades into the ground. Without warning each and every Ed was quickly pulled into their shadows leaving only the big one standing, Pulling his weapons from the ground Eric gazed up towards the main Ed.

“Shadow Prison. They are now a part of me, no magic can free them unless I say so,” Eric hissed out before Edward began to sink into his own shadow. “The Shadows are my domain, why don’t we continue this fight there instead?”

Before Ed could utter a word, Eric vanished into his shadow. Without warning, hooks and ropes of shadow grabbed and bound Edward’s colossal form, dragging him into his shadow as well. Edward found himself in an endless void of darkness. Skeletons, armor, weapons, even rubble of buildings and earth all floated around aimlessly within the Void of Eric’s Shadow Zone.

“Hmmm… Quite odd,” Ed muttered, gazing around the void. “I can sense you… but it feels as though you are everywhere and yet nowhere all at the same time.”

“My Shadow Zone is my domain. I am as you said: Everywhere and Nowhere. All at the same time.” Eric’s voice echoed all around the Alchemist. “In here I can attack from anywhere and you’d have no way of countering.”

With no warning a small cut appeared on the giant Alchemist's face, nearly slashing one of his eyes out. Edward turned around, trying to locate the hidden shadow man.

“Just like a coward, staying hidden within his shadow,” mocked Edward, keeping all eyes on his surroundings. “Is this the only thing you know how to do?”

“I’m not hiding,” Eric said as another cut appeared on Ed’s lower forearm. “I’m standing right before you. You just can’t see me.”

You made a mistake absorbing those clones,” Ed smiled. “They have no magic on their own but are instead souls that seek to return to me, they can also act on their own remotely,” he pointed at several vien pulsed all over Eric’s form. He was paralyzed. “I wouldn’t try to eject them either, they might activate the matter self-destruction.”

Eric just smiled as his form turned to shadow and faded away. “Edward, have you ever read the Novel In the Tall Grass?” the Shadow Man asked laughing in the void

“I have had enough of this play.” Ed said flatly as he reached into nothing and then play out his clawed fist opening it to reveal Eric completely stripped down to his base form unable to activate his power. “You want to know the horrors I have to live with every waking moment I live child,” He stared at the shaking man. “I shall show you,” Ed reeled back and swallowed him whole. Eric soon found himself in a torrent of red screaming faces distorted in every way possible. “This is what I hear constantly,” Ed’s voice rang from everywhere. “My form is composed of millions of living souls and I have news added every single moment I am alive. Don’t even bother trying anything either. You are nothing more than a normal human right now. I have no further amusement from you and you have proven to me you are not worthy of my time so I will not afford you more of it.” Everything cracked and Eric soon found himself out on the battlefield once more, Ed standing behind him in his human form. “You are not worthy of anything I hold, not even my time.” He starts to walk away.

“N..no….p..please...don’t” Eric fell to the ground. “I..I need...to get stronger” the Shadow man struggled to get up

“Why should I bother trying to help someone who won't even recognize that he was beaten before setting foot on the arena floor. “The smart move would,ve been to give up from the start. You obviously had no intention of actually trying to think.”

“Somepony….on my world….Stronger than us….Kills everypony….” Eric struggled as he made it to his knee.

“Why should I care about someone else’s world?” Ed kept walking away. “One such as yourself… Please…” He rolled his eyes.

“He’ll travel..the Multiverse...Stealing power...and growing stronger” Eric managed to get to his feet before flaring his magic. “Reveal...what...what has..yet to come…Dark Premonition”

Eric fired a beam of magic and showed the alchemist his future. The vision showed a large creature with red and black fur wielding the powers of all the Devil Fruit’s of Eric’s world, all Magic of Alexandria’s equestria and the powers and abilities from countless others. In his hands and magic was the dead bodies of the loved ones Ed held most dear.

“Enough,” Ed turned and flicked shooting debris and dust into the air. Eric looked to his right and saw the earth had been destroyed down to the core. “I have had enough of your bullshit. Dark magic is a staple part of everything in my world I teach college class about. False premonitions do very little to scare me boy.”

“Please I’m speaking the Truth '' Eric pleaded, his voice speaking in desperation. “What I showed you is the future if I don’t stop him”

“Do you even realize who you're talking to!” Ed shouted. “I am Truth’s Avatar! That was no Truth! I have had enough of you and your crap.” Ed walked away. “Consider this is your last warning boy,” He snapped and an hourglass shaped door appeared. “I will not stand for lies. You may use my Chamber for one day. I will not permit more or I will take everything you earned there and reverse it completely. Understood?”

“Thank you….Thank you Edward,” Eric said, dropping to the ground. “I promise I will find a way to repay you”

“I have set the time outside for one day, inside it will be nearly three years,” Ed remarked. “Just know that I still don’t like you and if you EVER pull that crap again. I will seal you and your world away so no Displaced will never access it again. No TOKENS NO NOTHING! Understand?”

Eric pushed himself and nodded to the Alchemist. “I understand Ed”

Eric struggled to get to the Time Chamber door but made it all the same, Twisting the knob and opening the door to the chamber, Eric was slightly in awe seeing it was as vast and colorful as the one in DBZ.

“Oh and one more thing,” Ed held up a finger then turned full, “CRIMSON DRAGON FORCE ROARING FUS RO DAH!” He roared, sending a star wars, dragon slayer, dragon born combo blast into Eric forcing him into the chamber. “That felt good,” Ed dusted off his coat. “I wonder what's for lunch,” Ed happily walked through another portal before locking his own Time Chamber door away so no one else could access it. The man with the Sedgehat laughed.

"Ryker, by any chance do you mind if I-" The Sedgehat man turns to Ryker.

"Nope, not at all, you are free to use it." Ryker waved him off, "After all… Eric is training too…"

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