• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Chapter Ten, The Molten Titan vs Master of all Four Elements Phoenix Wri-

Chapter Ten, The Molten Titan Thanos vs Master of all Four Elements Phoenix

As Black left the arena, a frown grew upon his face as he felt guilt rise up in his chest. Not for an action he made, but for what Thanos had said to Mia while he was fused with the Titan.

He had no right to say that… We had no right to say that… Black thought as he walked passed the training room, the thought of a training session to pass the time ran through his mind. But he brushed it off as he walked towards the room he was assigned.

As he made his way down the hall, the Saiyan felt a sudden spike of pain run through his body. Black’s eyes widened as he hunched over, clutching his chest as he began to let out labored breaths. Sweat rolled down his forehead as fell to his knees, groaning in pain as if his nerve system was shocked. “Damn… it… Didn’t think this-- would happen…” Black gasped out as he winced, trying to stand back up, only to fall back down, face first. Rolling over, he stared at the ceiling, feeling that it was becoming increasingly obvious as he began to let out labored breaths. “Thought I’d be… fully healed by now… but that doesn’t... seem to be-- the case…” The Saiyan waited there for a few minutes, waiting for the pain to die down until it was tolerable.

Black slowly stood up, wincing for every muscle movement he made until he stood up with the support of the wall. He made slow movements while he used his arm to help him walk down the hall, almost crying out in anguish as he felt the pain returning. After a few minutes, he made his way to his room, a small smile appearing as he limped his way to the door. Opening the door he made his way to the bed, tripping and falling face first into the mattress as it cushioned his fall. He let out a sigh of relief as he rolled his way across the bed, the comforter under him, the Saiyan not caring for the cold.

“Dear Dende, where’s Luna when you-- need… her...” Black groaned, his fatigue catching up to him as his eyes felt heavy. A few moments later, he felt his fatigue win, his mind falling unconscious as he fell asleep.

Thanos had knocked Phoenix’s bloody body down, he had won the match. Thanos grinned as he looked down at the Displaced... Only to see him unmoving and unbreathing, his breath couldn’t be heard. Blood dripped from his mouth and onto the ground. Thanos’ eyes widened before Eric appeared behind him in anger.

“What did you do?!” Eric said with anger in his eyes, “You killed him!”

“I... I didn’t! He-He's...” Thanos turned to Shiva checking Phoenix’s pulse and finding nothing. Shiva slowly looks to Thanos to glare at the Titan.

“You monster.” She stood to her paws and Thanos backed away from her and bumped into Black.

“You could’ve held back, but you didn’t.. You're not a true warrior, you just like the real Thanos, a true monster!” Black growled, advancing towards the Titan, turning Rose in the process, Thanos backed away slowly.

“I... I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” Thanos shook with pure fear, the other competitors soon filled the arena, glaring at Thanos.

“Why did you have to kill him, Thanos?” They asked at the same time, turning into shadow.

“I’M SORRY!!! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!” Thanos cried out.

“‘I’m sorry’ is not going to fix someone’s death...” Dr. Doom noted, Thanos took a step back.

“I-I... Forgive me!” Thanos pleaded, clasping his hands together. They then turned to shadow and started to surround Thanos like sharks, he was in the eye of a hurricane of nightmares.

“What have you done Thanos?”

I’m sorry!” Thanos clutched his head.

“You killed another human being!”

“I’m sorry!” Thanos went on his knees and tried to hide himself on the floor, yet they could all see him.

“You damn murderer! You don’t deserve to call yourself a warrior!”

“I’m sorry...” Thanos whimpered, tears starting to fall from his eyes.

“You’re heartless!”

“I’m not heartless... I...” Thanos curled himself into a ball, deciding to shield his whole body from the world.

“You’re a monster! A Demon! The Devil Incarnate!”

“I’m not!” Thanos cried out, shaking like a leaf.

“Then what are you? A monster, a monster, a monster!”

They start to chant it over and over again, Thanos started repeatedly saying I’m sorry until...

Thanos woke up, gasping for air and falling off his bed before curling himself into a ball, chanting to himself ‘I’m sorry’. Thanos clutched his head as his tears hit the ground; his eyes turned into slits before he punched the ground with enough force to shake the arena. Thanos then slammed his fist into the floor repeatedly.

“DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared before kicking down his door, the door slamming into the wall, making an imprint on the wall as the door collapsed. Thanos breathed heavily before slamming his head on a nearby wall muttering, “It’s alright, stay calm, it’s alright, stay calm, just a dream, just a dream, just a dream.” Thanos backed away from the wall before sighing.

“Back to being the asshole persona I guess...” Thanos sighed deeply, before calming himself deeply. “I should get breakfast, that would be nice.” Thanos then walked off in a random direction.

Meanwhile in another room. Why do I feel like someone just dreamt about me? Phoenix thought, taking another bite of his toast.

“It was probably cause they did,” Ed remarked as he suddenly appeared upside down in front of everyone.

“Morning to you too.” Phoenix said without looking at him, finishing his orange juice.

Shiva walked past them, her nostrils twitching and shifting from paw to paw. “I feel tremors,” she muttered. “Why is this place trembling? Is someone fighting again?” Her fur bristled. “Where’s Kodo?”

The door was opened by Fujitora, with a grin on his face he stepped aside and it revealed Kodo. “Shiva, we had a hell of a time! I may or may not be an awesome gambler and bought him anything he wanted.” Fujitora had bags with him, floating, while Kodo bounded in and jumped into Shiva’s arms, her worry fading as she embraced her son.

“Hope you bought a ring the way you’re talking,” Ed gave a sly smirk as he floated by.

“That's illegal!” Fujitora pointed at the Sage… Though he was pointing at a wall. Shiva quickly fixed where he was pointing.

“Not for the boy; for her,” Ed shook his head. “Why are sailors so dense? I need coffee.” A mug appeared in his hand as he turned right side up and put his feet on the ground. “Seriously you need to learn when to take a jab.”

“Still illegal. I’m a human, she’s a dog. Beastiality.” Fujitora pointed out.

“And I’m married to two pony princesses while dating another with one child on the way and have twins with another,” Ed deadpanned. “My point still stands so get over yourself.”

“So does his,” Shiva replied, checking out the bags. “I’m already mated. Or married or… whatever. Also, I’m from Earth, not Equestria, so there’s gotta be a difference between me and your princesses.”

“Also I gave up on love a long time ago because look at me, I. Am. Blind.” Fujitora pointed to his eyes.

“Those details I did not know,” Ed deadpanned. “Still a funny joke,” He sipped his coffee.

Shiva rolled her eyes before scenting Kodo’s breath. “Kodo, what have you been eating?” she asked. “Your breath, it’s…”

Kodo lifted up one of the bags with a grin. “You have got to try ramen,” he declared eagerly.

“I can already tell this is gonna be a lovely morning.” Phoenix groaned, resting his head on his palm.

“I can knock you into the middle of next week and back again if it helps,” Ed slurped his coffee as he held up his metal fist.

“Try it tough guy,” Phoenix chuckled, before coughing. His voice was a lot deeper due to only just waking up.

“Also, is Entity alright? He got quite the beating by Bullet.” Fujitora “looked” around at the group. Alas he was ignored. At least by the other humans.

“I’m honestly not sure,” Kodo replied. “I think he’s still in the Infirmary.”

“Oh scary voice, not like most of us can do that,” Ed said with a mock scare. “I also have time magic by the way.”

“Fuck you man, mornings are not mine or my bodys thing alright? Especially with this ring.” Phoenix lifted up his hand and shook it to emphasize his point.

“So what’s with the ring? Sorry I’ve been in like another world for like three years now,” Ed said nonchalant. “Time Chamber.”

Phoenix sighed. “It prevents my instant healing factor, which includes exhaustion and all that. Meaning I’m back to having a croaky morning voice.”

Shiva tilted her head before offering a pack link. “I can fix that, if you’d like,” she offered. “It won’t taste as good as some of the sugary things I’ve seen ponies use to wake up, but it’ll help.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is.“ Ed held up the ring looking it over. “It’s just a high grade suppression ring. I use them all the time when I travel to hide from the princess of other Equestrias.” He tossed it in his mouth and chewed thoroughly.”Taste like blueberries.”

“Uhhh….. Sugary things? That doesn’t sound child friendly.” Phoenix said, standing up and stretching a bit.

“You know,” Shiva clarified. “Cupcakes and…” She peered at Ed’s cup. “That stuff? Coffee? Is that what they call it?” She shrugged. “I don’t know; I spent more time on the outskirts of Equestria than actually in it.”

“Okay… You guys be you guys, I’m checking up on Entity.” Fujitora went for the door… And almost hit the wall, before Kodo pulled him back.

“To your left.” Phoenix stated.

“Thanks.” Fujitora took a step left, faced forward and hit the top part of the door as he was eight feet tall. “SON OF A BI-” Fujitora paused.

“There are kids here.” Phoenix interrupted.

“I agree with ya on that,” Ed nodded.

“Again, I don’t understand your need to make certain words bad,” Shiva noted. “A bitch is a female dog. It’s what I am, so…”

“Yeah, I’m a son of a bitch,” Kodo replied. “What of it?”

“Not in human terms Shiva,” Ed said. “To humans a bitch is the female equivalent to calling someone a bastard. It’s in bad taste for the most part but can be used in light humor too.”

“Oh… kay?” Shiva mumbled, still confused. “And a… well, the other b-word? That’s also bad? I don’t think I understand what that means. Unless…” she hummed.

“Just take it this way: Kodo, never say that ever again.” Phoenix stated, wincing at the thought of him telling someone else that in a conversation.

Kodo blinked at Phoenix’s wince, but glanced at Shiva. The elder diamond dog just shrugged, giving a silent, ‘Their house, their rules.’

“Alright then,” Kodo said. “Sorry for the faux paws.”

“Alright… I'm going to walk out the door now.” As Fujitora touched the door handle the door was kicked down by Lord Twigo and Fujitora was sent flying into a wall.

“Hello friends!” Lord Twigo introduced, before looking at Fujitora who was stuck on the wall.

“Pardon my language but fuck you Twigo.” Fujitora then fell flat on his face.

Kodo and Shiva raced over and helped Fujitora to his feet, though Kodo couldn’t help but glance at Twigo in shock. He almost sent a pack link to his mother, before remembering Phoenix and Ed, concealing his thoughts behind an image of rippling water. Atta boy. He heard in his head, before turning to Phoenix to see him smirking. Kodo nodded back with a grin of his own.

“Good morning, but I still wanna punch your face,” Ed remarked with a sip of coffee. “Nice mustache though.”

“Mornin’” Phoenix mumbled to Twigo.

“Morning,” Kodo and Shiva said in unison.

“Oops... “ Lord Twigo looked at Fujitora, “Sorry my friend.” Fujitora just grumbled and rubbed his head.

“You should really let me fix your eyes,” Ed said to the admiral. “Or at least give you new ones.”

“No, I can not and will not allow that.” Fujitora turned to Ed, finally not looking at someone or somewhere else. “As a Displaced I will stay blind!”

“Your choice,” Ed shrugged. “Also, Shiva. Do you need more gems other than diamonds?”

Shiva hummed. “Not really,” she admitted. “We’re not exactly called Ruby Dogs or Emerald Dogs after all.”

“We could be,” Kodo noted. “I remember a couple wild packs that named themselves after those gems. I think there was the Lapis Pack, the Amethyst Pack, the Pearl Pack…” he chuckled. “Those guys were easily the weirdest ones out there.”

Shiva chuckled.

“I ran into a pack called the Jade Wolves once,” Ed noted.

Kodo groaned. “That’s so much better than Iron Wolves,” he whispered. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because the Iron Wolves got disbanded after what Umbra pulled,” Shiva said, a touch of sternness in her voice before she turned back to Ed. “Now that I think about it, though, other gems would go a long way in helping my alliance with the dragons. Different gems have different flavors for them.” She smiled. “Did you know that emeralds taste like lemon-lime soda to certain dragons?”

“Yeah,” Kodo noted. “And rubies taste like grapes or wine.”

“Here’s a few bag of endless gems,” Ed handed about three of four bags to the dog. “They’re endless carry bags so they’ll never run out.”

Shiva bowed gratefully to the Crimson Sage. “My thanks is eternal,” she said gratefully.

"Alright… I'm going to walk out of this room to check on Entity_303… I'm going now." Fujitora took a step forward.

“Right,” Shiva said. “Kodo, can you help Issho?”

Cracking off a salute, Kodo guided Fujitora out of the room. Nappa took a step in the way and Fujitora used gravity to slam him into the wall, adding extreme gravity that would crush a normal human. Fujitora and Kodo left the room.

“Good luck with that match against grape ape, Phoenix,” Ed finished his coffee and the mug vanished. “I hope it goes well,” He waved and left the room.

"Uh… Can someone help me?" Nappa was pinned to the wall by intense gravity. "...Okay."

Shiva rolled her eyes. “Issho!” she called. “I think you made your point; can you please set Nappa down.”

Fujitora then made Nappa hit the floor with intense gravity. Shiva patted his head as she made her way out.

“Thanks for restarting my heart back there,” she said gratefully.

"Uh… No prob, I just didn't want your son to be sad." Nappa responded to the Diamond Dog. "Now I can't get up."

Shiva’s ears flattened. “Issho…”

"I'm not letting him get up!" Fujitora shouted, "That's what he deserves!" But, as he felt Shiva’s puppy dog eyes on him, he reluctantly let the gravity waver.

Phoenix had been too busy drinking his coffee and internally groaning to process much of what went on, but he came to when Shiva shouted. “Remind me what he did again?” Phoenix said, looking like a dead fish. Only then did he realise that everyone had left.

All the fighters were at the newly built arena, or repaired arena, it was like the one from the original Dragon Ball anime. Nightmare looked around, looking for the dark Saiyan, not seeing his spiky hair anywhere in sight. Ryker still had a throne in some elevated area. The Parasyte looked to Shiva with a curious look, “Hey Shiva, have you seen Black? I can’t find him and it’s hard to sense him at the moment…” Nightmare asked the diamond dog, a hint of worry in her voice.

“Last I saw him, he was headed back to his room,” Shiva replied.

“Maybe he’s still sleeping,” Kodo offered. “He did kind of only wake up to fight, after all.”

“I guess you're right, but what if something bad happened? The potara earrings don’t heal you after you defuse.” Nightmare explained, putting a finger to her muzzle. “He wouldn’t want to miss a fight anyway, so something must’ve happened…”

Shiva stood. “Want me to go check on him?” she asked.

Nightmare stood up, “Don’t worry, I’ll go have a look.” Nightmare said as she put two fingers to her head. She teleported away with a *pop*, instantly vanishing.

Shiva nodded. “Let us know if he needs anything,” she noted before Ryker cleared his throat, gaining everyone’s attention.

"Okay,” Ryker declared, “So, just like Eric's and Black's fight we're going somewhere else today, we're going to the Island of Justice, Enies Lobby!" The arena turned into an aircraft and it flew over an Island that was… How do I describe it? In the middle of the ocean but had a waterfall in the center of it. Lucci grinned.

"Enies Lobby, the base of the Cp9, and I'm a part of it." Lucci put a fist to his chest with great pride.

"Alright first we have the asshole bird dude, who wields the power of all four elements, the guy who knows the fifth element, Jerk Bending, Phoenix Wri- Phoenix!" Ryker introduced as Phoenix dropped from the aircraft and landed on the area where Blueno and Luffy fought.

“Bird?” Phoenix shouted at Ryker from the stage.

"What else am I supposed to call ya, you asshole?!" Ryker snapped back.

“I’m a fuckin fairy god dammit!” Phoenix huffed as he took his position on the stage.

“Good luck, Phoenix!” Shiva cheered in support. He looked towards her and smiled, giving an appreciative nod.

"And now… We have the strongest fighter in this arena, he's the Mad Titan, the Destroyer of Worlds, beater of Celestia, THAAAANNOOOSSS!!!!" Ryker Introduced as Thanos appeared a few meters from Phoenix, in a suit similar to Lucci's. Thanos had his hands behind his back like a soldier.

Meanwhile, up on the crowd stands, Link slapped his hand over his face. “Beater of Celestia.. Those words do not sound right, like Thanos is some kind of wife beater.” he said with a groan.

“It’s true tho.” Lucci pointed out.

"Hello pretty little fairy man." Thanos looked down at Phoenix, being eight feet tall does have its perks.

“Well at least this ‘pretty little fairy’ doesn’t scare away bitches with his ugly-ass bald head.” Phoenix retorted, glad to have the old Thanos back.

"Oh shut up you limp dick jackass, your blue hair matches that of a lesbians coat." Thanos countered Phoenix.

“Go suck one you de-efficiently built cock juggling thunder cunt.” Phoenix replied with a smirk.

"At least I don't say "Fuck me" when something goes to shit you flamboyant prick." Thanos grinned.

“I take offense on Gordon Ramsay's behalf, you heathen.” Phoenix spat through his teeth, but still with a large smirk.

"Oh ho? Are you trying to one up me in assholishness?" Thanos did the DIO pose, his grin expanding like your mom.

*Suddenly Golden Wind starts playing*

“Indeed.” Phoenix struck a pose, his hand over his face and his back bent a bit to appear more edgy. After doing so, Phoenix couldn’t take it anymore and burst out laughing, holding his stomach.

Thanos then laughed along with him, clutching his chest and wheezing, "By god you are the best person I've ever met in my life. You are the best challenge I've faced in years." Thanos wipes a tear from his eyes.

“We are going drinking together after this, and that’s a threat.” Phoenix managed to squeeze out through his laughing fit.

"Definitely," Thanos nodded, silence… Ryker then cleared his throat.

"Alrighty… Let the battle begin!" The battle had now begun, Thanos had gotten a can of Hetap out of thin air and was taking a sip of it. After downing the whole can, Thanos then crushed it, and used Soru to appear in front of Phoenix. He cocked his fist back and used "Tekkai" to amplify its effects.

“Oh shit yeah I gotta fight you.” Phoenix said in remembrance, dodging the strike and jumping back before pulling Chastiefol from his back. “Increase and all that jazz.” Phoenix said in a nonchalant manner. Once again, the entire arena was filled to the brim with blue kunai. He then jumped backwards into a fighting position, his sword drawn. “Come forth! Or something…”

"Alright, bet." Thanos again used Soru to appear before Phoenix, he took out his sword and covered it in Armament Haki. Thanos then swiped down at the Fairy Deity. Phoenix raised his sword to parry the blow, before slashing at Thanos’ side. However Thanos nullified the blow via Armament Haki, defending his side. Thanos grabbed onto Phoenix with his off hand, reeled back his leg, covered it in Armament Haki, and kicked Phoenix in his chest. Thanos then let go of Phoenix as he was sent flying into one of the short pillars.

However, to Thanos’ surprise, Phoenix walked up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder; he was chuckling to himself. “Sorry, had to do it,” He said, before clicking his fingers together. The Phoenix in the pillar disappeared. “Gotta love clones am I right?”

‘Is this going to end up like the previous match..’ Link thought in annoyance.

"Always gotta love the clones." Thanos nodded in agreement as he covered his elbow in Armament Haki and hit Phoenix in his rib. Thanos then grabbed his arm and threw Phoenix over him, slamming him into the ground. It made a small crater the size of Phoenix's body.

“I deserved that.” Phoenix squeaked out, raising his hand. He then teleported away, hiding behind his mist of kunai.

Thanos enhanced his body with Tekkai to toughen his body as he looked at the blades, he popped his neck and sighed. "Well, I really didn't want to use this but… Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin!" Thenos' usual buff body became slim. His eight feet tall body became seven feet tall, his muscles became smaller but still huge. Thanos then took a single step… And was in front of Phoenix, the Kunai being knocked away.


"You probably may have not noticed but I'm fast as fuck boi." Thanos then used the one-inch punch on Phoenix. Phoenix had the wind knocked out of him and Thanos flip kicked him up into the sky. Thanos then appeared before him and delivered a devastating spin kick to Phoenix' gut sending him crashing down.

Phoenix quickly teleported away from the Titan before he could continue. “Geez, man! If I knew we were gonna start like this I would have transformed already!” Once again, a bright flash of white covered the arena, and then dissipated; it left Phoenix in his levelled up form. He then teleported mid air behind Thanos, delivering a meaty spin kick to his neck.

Thanos was sent flying to the side, but then vanished from sight. Thanos appeared above Phoenix and attempted to release an Axe Kick down on the Fairy Deity.

Seeing the menouver coming, Phoenix held up his hand and simply caught Thanos’ foot.

"Well shit."

Swinging round, Phoenix lobbed Thanos into the distance, making sure to use enough air bending to put him at at least Mach 20.

Thanos went crashing into the building in front of them, there was a space between it. Thanos crashed inside of it, and he found himself in a space where there was grass and trees inside of the building. Thanos went to his feet and got into a stance similar to Luffy, expecting Phoenix to jump at him.

But instead, Phoenix teleported behind the Titan. He then blew some dust off of his fist before cocking it back and sending Thanos back to the spot they were at before.

Thanos caught himself using Geppo, and went back inside. Using the air to his advantage, Thanos spun around, going so fast it looked like a tornado. Thanos then punched the Fairy Deity in the gut before kicking him up to the roof. Thanos, again using Geppo, followed up the attack with a kick to the nose sending him up into the room above them and hitting the roof there. Thanos then appeared far away from Phoenix, sitting down at a table.

Phoenix stopped himself before he could be sent through another roof, and landed back down using air bending. “Fuck your stupid combos man.” Phoenix pulled out his trusty bow before firing at Thanos, exploding the entire room around them.

Once the smoke cleared, Phoenix jumped out the room through a broken wall, floating just outside, and shot three more balts at Thanos.

Thanos appeared next to Phoenix, "Wow, sucks to be him huh?" Thanos grinned, putting a hand to cover his eyes from the sunlight.

Gritting his teeth, Phoenix spun around and fired a bolt at point black in front of Thanos’ big ass forehead. He was sent flying away from the force. Phoenix then followed up by teleporting next to Thanos and booting him though a couple buildings. Dust surrounded Phoenix and in that dust, the Titan uppercutted the Fairy man into the sky. Thanos, using Geppo to follow him, spun around, his right leg now on fire, and kicked Phoenix in his gut then his jaw. Thanos continued to kick Phoenix over and over again before Axe-Kicking him down below. As Phoenix was falling, using Tekkai Go, Armament Haki, and his aflame leg, he launched a devastating kick to his gut once more and sent him crashing downwards.

Shiva winced at the damage, before Kodo nudged her, trying to suppress a grin. Shiva followed his gaze, her ears perking at what she saw.

Ten seconds ago

The arrow that Phoenix had shot at Thanos was not one of his normal ones, but an illusionists arrow. Phoenix watched as Thanos kicked the air, believing that Phoenix was there. The Titan then delivered an axe-kick followed by another flaming kick.

Phoenix watched on, chuckling to himself. “Guess I should undo it.” He shot at Thanos, delivering a roundhouse kick to his head, sending him through more buildings.

"Cheap ass son of a bitch!" Phoenix heard Thanos cry out as he was sent through the buildings.

"Couldn’t help myself!” Phoenix chuckled.

Thanos appeared before Phoenix before striking Phoenix in his right shoulder, which hit a pressure point making his right arm paralyzed temporarily. “Fuck.” Thanos delivered an uppercut then a gut punch.

"MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!!" Thanos continued to chant this as he punched Phoenix, going through buildings before jumping back. Thanos used Soru to appear before Phoenix and kicked him in the nose. "Diable Jambe, Joue Shot!" Phoenix was sent flying into the building Thanos was comboing him in. Hitting the roof of it, Thanos with his speed was there in an instant. Sledgehammering the poor bastard down to the bottom of the building.

Phoenix teleported away, now bruised and beaten. He appeared a good 50 meters or so away. “Congrats, you made me bleed.” A single stream of blood ran down from his nose. The Fairy Deity then shot towards Thanos and stabbed a kunai through his neck. He then proceeded to stab him another 27 times using his ‘Disaster’ technique, leaving each of the blades planted in his skin. He then jumped back before chanting. “Status promotion! Times four!”

Thanos took a step back… Before disappearing, Phoenix looked behind him and Thanos stood there, unharmed. "To quote an asshole "Gotta love clones."." Thanos was leaning on a pillar.

“Gotta love clones.” Phoenix gave an evil grin before clicking his fingers. “Transfer, asshole.” Suddenly, all of the previous damage done appeared on Thanos’ body, and he began to feel the pain. Thanos winced and clutched his neck.

"Well then, we'll play that game. Tekkai Utsugi- Nah… I shouldn't, that's too overkill." Thanos crossed his arms.

“Go for it man, my pain receptors have already been removed from my body!” Phoenix gave a toothy grin to Thanos and a thumbs up.

"Are you sure? Because whatever pain that I would feel, you would feel instead. That's overkill." Thanos pointed out.

“Like I said, I physically can not feel pain anymore.” Phoenix stated, scratching the back of his head. “Though, that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt me physically………” Realising his mistake, “Scratch that, don’t you dare use that on me!”

"But you said- Never mind. Never fucking mind." Thanos shook his head, "Secret Technique, Owl Thrashing!" Multiple afterimages of Thanos appear and they run at Phoenix. They then started to pummel Phoenix.

Phoenix began teleporting sporadically to try and dodge the Mad Titan, but didn’t get far before he was launched into another building. He slowly got up once more, only to be hit again. This cycle went on a few more times before Phoenix managed to block a punch. He then spun round and kicked Thanos in the stomach, sending him a good distance away.

“Just fuck off would ya?” Phoenix said, his hands on his knees. He was panting heavily whilst hunched over. “Do you have any idea how much mana it takes just to take one of your fuckin punches?” Phoenix mumbled.

"Nope, in any case… I think it's time I stop doing that." Thanos then stopped moving. The "clones" disappeared and Thanos stood there with his arms crossed.

“Aight I’m pooped. This ain’t a match I can win.” Phoenix said, standing up straight and looking up to the sky. “I was bluffing it from the start. Of course I feel pain!” He began rubbing his hip like an old man. “I fuckin ache man!”

"Well, I kinda need to render you unconscious to win. So stay there and I'm gonna..." Thanos went back to his original eight feet tall form.

“You think I’m going down without a fight?” Phoenix asked with a large smile.

"Possibly…" Thanos pressed his fingers together and leaned back.

“Well you're damn right, Come glock me!” Phoenix moved his arms out as if to welcome a hug.

"That's kinda gay."

“Just shut and knock me out already you sack a shit, my back is fuckin killing me. One on ones have never been my thing. Always been better with hordes.” Phoenix explained, frowning at the Titan.

Thanos approached the man, "What I'm going to do to you is going to knock you out due to the extreme amounts of pain I will be inflicting. I will buy you all the drinks for you after this." Thanos stepped on Phoenix's foot.

“Just do it already! God you’re so soft.”

Thanos went into the Rokuogan Position, "Sai Dai Rin…" Lucci covered his eyes for this. Shiva covered Kodo’s eyes as he covered hers. Nightmare watched intently, squinting her eyes as she watched Thanos prepare his attack. "ROKUOGAN!!!!" Thanos had fired off a devastating shockwave that ruptured Phoenix's internal organs. The buildings and rubble behind them were now smithereens, the force made the Deity cough an ungodly amount of blood before passing out. Phoenix fell down on his back and Thanos winced.

Using his ‘Disaster’, Phoenix slipped off his ring, still in his unconscious state. His regeneration instantly kicked in, and he opened his eyes once more. “Fuck me that hurt.” He then got up from the ground, and rubbed the dust off from his back. “Just sayin’, if I didn’t have that ring, you would have been fucked.” Phoenix said, smacking the side of his head to get some dust out of his ear.

"Gg." Thanos held out a hand, and Phoenix grabbed him by the wrist, gesturing for Thanos to do the same. Thanos see, Thanos do.

“Warriors do warrior handshakes.” Phoenix stated with a smirk.

"Now let's have ourselves a drink!" Thanos wrapped his arm around Phoenix's neck as the area turned back to the arena. Thanos then walked to the exit.

"THE WINNER IS THANOS!!!!" Ryker announced as the two walked off.

Phoenix teleported out of Thanos grasp before speaking. “I’ll join ya another time, got some info to relay to a certain pair of dogs.”

"Well you know where I'll be." Thanos put two fingers to his forehead and vanished from sight.

“Right then.” Phoenix clapped his hands together, before appearing directly next to Kodo and Shiva, startling them a bit. “Hey there.”

“Phoenix,” Shiva gasped, standing up. “That was incredible! Are you… well, yeah, you’re okay, but…”

“What happened?” Kodo asked. “I thought you had that in the bag.”

“What happened, young Kodo, was a whole bunch of bluffing.” Phoenix said with a wide grin. “No way in hell can I defeat Thanos. Heck! I’m pretty certain he was holding back!”

“He was,” Shiva said solemnly. “He’s constantly holding back.”

“Powerful warriors like Thanos have to hold back, Black at one point accidentally broke 10 glass cups, a table, and multiple plates and silverware.” Nightmare said with a laugh, teleporting next to Shiva before looking at the Diamond Dog. “Black is fine, his body still isn’t ready just yet.”

Shiva nodded. “Good to know,” she said. “Thank you, Nightmare.”

“You see, I specialize in military warfare, not one on one bouts.” Phoenix began. “Sure, I wasn’t exactly taking the fight seriously, nor did I use my most powerful form, but still, a fight against a beast like him isn’t a great match up for me. Though, I could’ve taken that fight to a whole new level….” Phoenix mumbled the last part.

“I can relate,” Shiva admitted. “My forte is team battles; where I can stand back and give support.” She chuckled. “All things being considered, I’m glad I didn’t push your form back when we fought.”

“Call me sexist, but I don’t use my most powerful form on women. Well…. unless I have to.” Phoenix stated.

“I’m not complaining,” Shiva assured him.

“Well anyways, I came to speak to you two about something.” Phoenix said, changing the subject.

“Oh?” Shiva asked.

“Though, I believe we should go somewhere more.... Private.” Phoenix whispered, before clicking his fingers.The three appeared in a large purple void, with nothing to see for miles. “Make yourself at home.” Phoenix said, forming a couch behind him. He then took a seat.

Shiva and Kodo settled themselves in, Shiva still looking to Phoenix expectantly.

“So, to cut it short, you two are not safe.” Phoenix said in a nonchalant manner.

Shiva nodded in understanding. “From Ryker?”

“From Ryker’s underlings.” Phoenix stated. “I won’t go into the specifics for now, but I’m pretty sure we can expect a large rumble sooner or later. Chastiefol keeps warning me about it, and my gut agrees.” Phoenix formed two kunai, one in each hand, and floated them to the two diamond dogs. “Keep these with you, trust me when I say that just that individual blade could have given Thanos a run for his money.” Phoenix finished, smiling at the thought of Thanos attempting to take it on.

Shiva took the blade with a grateful nod, encouraging Kodo to do the same.

“I appreciate your aid, Phoenix,” Shiva said, her ears flattening. “Issho seems like a good soul. But if we must fight…” She held up the blade. “I appreciate any assistance I can get.”

“I assure you, if a fight does break out, I’ll personally see to it that no one dies. However, I can’t say you won’t have to go at him with full force.” Phoenix said with a frown. “Anyways, that is all. Just figured I’d give you a heads up, soon as I promised to tell you about my plans. Well, some of it…”

Shiva chuckled. “Right,” she said. “Got to keep some of your cards close to your chest.”

“I have been working on concealing my thoughts,” Kodo noted half-heartedly, his mind sure enough concealed by an image of a caved-in cavern.

“Nice cavern Kodo,” Phoenix said with a smirk. “Though, it still only takes a grade 7 combination.” Phoenix chuckled to himself before getting up and ruffling Kodos hair. “You’ll get there at some point, but don’t bank on your mental barriers just yet.”

“Agreed,” Shiva said, rising up. “Thank you again, Phoenix. If there’s anything we can do to help you, please let us know.”

“God you sound like you're my underling or something.” Phoenix sarcastically groaned. “Whelp, back we go.” The three once again found themselves in the training room.

Giving a final salute to Phoenix, Shiva and Kodo parted ways with Phoenix, only to notice a newcomer: it was a man with a sedge hat, leaning on a wall. He had robotic armor and looked like a mummy. He had an iron mask and the eyes of it were blue.

"Oh hello Lady Shiva and Young Kodo, my name is Noximilien the Watchmaker." Nox tipped his hat to the duo.

Kodo instantly looked to Shiva, who bent her head in a bow. “Hello, Noximilien,” she greeted. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around here. Are you new?”

Nox let out a chuckle, "Yes, indeed I am Ms. Shiva, I was dead and now I'm alive again because Ryker revived me via the Dragon Balls." Nox took a step from the wall and approached the two. Nox held out a hand for a handshake.

Shiva took his hand, shaking it with a nod. “Always good to have another life back,” she replied.

"Not necessarily, I had no say in the matter. Can you tell me about the fighters here? I'm afraid Ryker has not given me intel on them." Nox asked the Diamond Dog.

Shiva hummed. “Odd of him,” she noted. “But right now, the only fighters still in the rankings are Thanos and Eric Von Shadow. They’re the ones you’ll need to worry about. Thanos especially.”

"Thanos and Eric? God I haven't heard those names in quite a while. It's been two years now I believe." Nox crossed his arms and looked up, seemingly remembering the past.

Shiva’s ears perked. “You’ve crossed paths with them before?” she noted, humming in thought. “Those two are even more experienced than I thought.”

Nox chuckled once more, "Well, while I was serving under Kaido. I dwelled in Thanos' world for about three months. I became allies with the princesses, Thanos ordered his comrades, Lucci, Grievous, Entity and Eric, to steal the Mind and the Power Stone. I simply couldn't allow that and offered them to surrender, I didn't want violence off the bat. Alas, they didn't listen so I beat Lucci, Grievous, and Entity in combat. I was beating Eric too but due to his Conquerors Haki he knocked me out and decapitated me." Nox said unflinchingly, Shiva could sense no hate for Eric coming off of Nox.

“Sounds like you have more experience with them than I do,” Shiva admitted. “Though, if this… ‘adventure’ of yours was a while ago, they could have gotten stronger since then.”

"And so have I, I have unlocked my Conquerors Haki after… After doing many things that I regret. I have become stronger since then, I trained with a man called King Kai, the other Kais, and I participated in a Tournament for the Dead. I won it too, three times." Nox looked at his empty palm, "With my Wakfu I'm extremely powerful. I bet I'll have to fight Eric and I have a strategy to take him down."

Shiva nodded. “Well, I wish you luck,” she said. “Though… forgive this humble dog if she oversteps, but if I may ask… please take it easy on Eric. He’s got his faults, but he’s also got a good heart.” She glanced around the training room with a wistful, slightly sad air. “It honestly pains me to see so much conflict: so many good men fighting each other.”

"Conflict sometimes is the only answer, and sometimes to get what you want you have to hurt some people. I learned that firsthand, or paw in your case, oh and don't worry I will most definitely go easy on Mr. Monohan." Nox promised with a nod.

Shiva chuckled softly, glancing at her paw. “Thank you,” she said. “I have learned as well that sometimes you have to hurt others to get what you need or want. But I prefer to only take that option when there is no other choice available to me.”

"Well, that was the only choice that I chose when I was foolish, so very foolish." Nox said with some regret and sorrow in his voice. He then shook his head, putting his hands behind his back.

Carefully, Shiva pat Nox’s shoulder. “You’ve got a second chance,” she noted. “Let your experiences guide you into using it well.”

"I did so many awful things, I destroyed countries, a population full of innocent creatures, absorbed magic all because that blasted cube had to ruin everything. I had a family, they all died. I wanted to turn back time, they all said it was impossible, but the cube told me it was the only way. So when I won, I only turned back time… Twenty. Minutes." Nox clenched his fists.

Shiva winced, while Kodo shook his head in sympathy. “That’s rough buddy,” he noted softly.

"Indeed it is, young pup, the hardest choices require the strongest wills. Guess I didn't make the right choice. Steering the subject to a different course, I'm a Xelor." Nox put his hat onto his back, they then saw the full form of Nox's helmet.

Shiva tilted her head in intrigue. “What exactly are Xelors?” she asked.

"People who can do this." Nox put his hands in a peculiar position and suddenly Kodo was now in the sparring ring.

“What the…?!” Kodo yelped, turning back and forth as he tried to process his new location. “How’d I get here?”

"I have the ability to halt time itself, but keep this a secret between you two and me, alright?" Nox tilted his head.

Shiva nodded mutely, stunned by Nox’s ability. When Kodo ran to her side, she pulled him close without breaking her stunned expression.

"Now, now, you do not have to be scared that I might put Kodo upside down or anything. Though I did consider that when I was looking around this room." Nox jokes, his mask's blue eyes having a kind look to them.

Kodo chuckled nervously. “Well… thanks for not acting on it,” he said gratefully.

"You are very much welcome, now I believe I should take my leave, I have decided to keep my identity a secret. So please follow my wishes, as for now, I wish you two the best of luck in your future endeavors." Nox put his hat back on.

“To you as well,” Shiva said with a nod. Waving goodbye, Shiva and Kodo retreated to their room. As Nox saw them off he let out a sigh, then he "teleported" out of view.

However, as Shiva and Kodo returned to their room, they both noticed a familiar duo.

Eric was walking down the halls with Sombra trailing behind them. Both covered by the shadows of despair.

Shiva’s fur bristled as Sombra’s eyes strayed her way, and she pulled Kodo into their room, slamming the door shut behind them.

“Eric…” Sombra said, but Eric had his gaze fixed forward.

“I need to meet up with Ed on the battlefield of Endgame,” Eric said, placing a hand on a nearby wall. “You should rest up. My next match will more than likely be tomorrow against Doom. Wherever the hell he is.” the shadow man entered the wall

‘He’s still pissed,’ the Unicorn thought as he returned to his room. ‘Not surprising, considering what I almost made those diamond dogs do.’

Inside his room, Sombra shed his swords and set them against his bed.

“Heh...” Sombra chuckled in dark amusement. “I promised I’d never take another's life and yet..” anger welled in the unicorn’s mind as regret entered his heart “Fuck!” Sombra punched the wall, cracking it with his strength. “Why can’t you ever leave me in peace Umbra!?” the unicorn slammed his fist into the walls with every word

After his moment of rage, Sombra placed his hand on his head feeling the effects of magic around his eyes.

“I need to calm down,” Sombra said, throwing himself to his bed before closing his eyes and falling asleep. “Calm… Peace… Fluttershy.”

King Sombra opened his eyes and found himself wearing a simple dress shirt and pants as he approached his parents. They were alive; smiling as Sombra presented his queen

“Mother. Father. May I present Fluttershy, the Element of Kindness,” Sombra said

Fluttershy stepped forward and bowed. “It..it’s a p-pleasure to m-meet you, your majesties,” Fluttershy stammered, her voice low in deference.

“Oh look how nervous she is,” Lapis Shine - Sombra’s mother - mused, approaching the frightened pegasus before cupping her face. “And absolutely beautiful.” She still gave Sombra a worried look. “Are you sure about this, Sombrahesta?”

“I am mother,” Sombra answered with a nod. “She stole my heart over my crown, just as you did with father.”

“She’s meek,” Jasper Dusk - Sombra’s father - said, approaching the pair before smiling at his son. “But if you’re positive she’s the one for you, then I accept this Mare as my daughter and your queen.”

“How sweet” A all too familiar voice echoed in Sombra’s head. “The Little Stallion still wants what he’ll never have.”

Sombra gripped the side of his head. “No…” he muttered in denial. “No, you’re not real. Y-You’re dead! Eric killed you! We killed you!”

“Oh believe me... you and that imbecile tried,” echoed the voice inside Sombra’s head. “And to make matters worse that oaf is using MY magic”

“You’re not real,” Sombra muttered to himself, chanting it like a counterspell. “You’re dead, You’re not real, you’re dead. You’re not real, you’re dead.”

Screams answered. Sombra looked up in horror.

His father was sitting upon his throne, his sword plunged into his chest. His severed head lay sideways on his lap, his dead eyes stared right at Sombra. His mother was pinned to the wall by twin swords buried hilt deep in her palms, her legs severed at the knees which were shoved down her throat. A figure of shadow sat in his mother’s throne with a yellow pegasus within his grasp.

“I can assure you my former host,” Umbra purred. “I am very real.”

“S-Sombra…” Fluttershy whispered, before the figure wrenched her head off with a powerful twist.

“UMBRA!” Sombra screamed, jumping up from his bed in a cold sweat.

But Umbra was gone. His parents were long dead. And Fluttershy was safe back in his Equestria.

Yet Sombra was not sated. He gripped his head. “That was no normal nightmare,” Sombra shuddered at the thought. “It felt like he really was there.” He looked up, fear and anger fighting for control. “Perhaps that Ryker brought an Umbra from an alternate Equestria?”

Outside his room, a flicker of smoke wisped through the air as Kodo listened in, having heard Sombra exclaim Umbra’s name. Having been a former host of Umbra himself, Kodo couldn’t resist listening in on Sombra’s musings.

The idea of an alternate Umbra sent a chill through Kodo. After the damage he had caused - the lives that had suffered…

Kodo’s eyes narrowed with determination, and his smoke cloud drifted closer.

If there is an alternate Umbra,” he whispered to Sombra like a ghost. “You owe it to those you love to see it destroyed.”

Sombra spun, trying to trace the noise, but Kodo quickly withdrew from the room and floated away.

You and me both,” Kodo added under his breath. Returning back to their shared room, he found his mother in an odd circumstance: With her eyes closed and claws held in front of her like she was praying, her pack links swirled around in front of her, almost… creating something. Something out of light.

Kodo wisely kept silent, but the pack links inevitably brushed against his cloud of smoke. Shiva smiled softly, but her eyes did not open.

“Eric’s Shadow Souls gave me an idea,” she explained. “Something that I’m hoping we can use when the time comes.”

Kodo tilted his head, before widening his eyes in awe… as his father reformed out of light before him. Though a Diamond Dog, he strangely resembled a Lucario. How Shiva knew of the Pokemon was anyone’s guess, though it is likely the appearance was simply coincidental.

“Father?” Kodo whispered, reaching out for him.

Unfortunately, the elder diamond dog male did not reply. He merely stared forward without seeing. And burst back into sparks as Shiva collapsed.

She huffed. “I’ll need to train some more on that,” she noted, as Kodo helped her up. “Even then, it’ll only be based on my memories of the real one.” Her voice cracked. “It… won’t actually be him.”

Kodo’s ears flattened in shame. “I’m… sorry you had to lose him,” he whispered.

Shiva nodded, her expression becoming pained. “All we can do is make sure we don’t lose anyone else,” she replied.

Kodo glanced back at where he had come from. “And that Umbra doesn’t come back,” he added.

Shiva’s eyes opened, staring at Kodo in shock. “Umbra?” she demanded. “But he’s dead!”

Kodo glanced back at her with worry. “Von Shadow’s Sombra seems to think otherwise.”

“Umbra… Well that’s bad.” Lucci shook his head.

Shiva and Kodo spun to find the assassin in their room. Instantly, Kodo jumped in front of Shiva, as the female diamond dog made a motion like she was covering herself.

“What are you doing here?!” Kodo barked.

“Eh? Why does it sound like you guys don’t like me?” Lucci raised an eyebrow, “Wait, is this your guys room? I could’ve sworn I was in my room.” Lucci couldn’t help but grin.

Shiva sighed and crossed her arms. “What do you want?” she asked.

“Mmm… Nothing, I kind of find it weird you and Fujitora hang out so much. Oh my god, look Shiva, it’s a human!” Lucci points to a wall.

Shiva flattened her ears. “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?” she noted.

"Oh no, no, no, no," Lucci his hands up before pointing to the door, "Shiva look, it's Fujitora!"

Shiva narrowed her eyes… before actually scenting the blind swordsman. “Issho?” she asked, turning… only to find part of his cloak laying before the door.

“BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!” Lucci pats his knee before clutching his eyes and falls on his back, laughing in hysterics and clutching his stomach.

Shiva glowered at the cloak, before sighing. Kodo seethed, but Shiva gripped him before he could do anything he regretted.

“And you wonder why I prefer Issho over someone like you?” Shiva muttered, scooping up the piece of Fujitora’s cloak and walking out of the room, leaving Lucci behind.

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