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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Chapter Three, Disagreements and Rest.


(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

“That’s enough, Thanos,” Eric said emerging from Link’s shadow, while Shiva flew in with her pack link wings.

“He surrendered! It’s over!” she agreed.

“Don’t torture the kid more than you already have” Eric said helping Link back to the stands, Shiva following behind him as her links twined around Link and Eric.

Ryker looked down at Eric and Shiva, crossing his arms. "You do know aid from outside the ring is considered a "Dirty tactic" right? And not to mention, if you guys interrupt, then I'll have no choice but to simply… Kill you. Breaking the rules of a game is a crime, and as a criminal should be, they will be punished."

Shiva’s ears flattened, before Kodo jumped to her side, linking with her as well. Eric, however, drew their attention.

“Forgive us, your majesty,” he said. “But Link surrendered of his own accord, which means that the fight goes to Thanos.”

"Did I say anything about the opponent being allowed to surrender? Or did I say the person has to be knocked out?" Ryker countered.

At that moment the adrenaline coursing through Link left. “..M-midna?” Link said, confusing Eric for Midna due to his hazed vision. Suddenly, Link goes limp in Eric’s arms. Shiva rushed to his side, while Kodo took up a defensive stance before them. Ryker appeared at the arena floor and made a portal beneath Link appear and made another one beside him. Link fell through the portal and was at his side.

Briefly, Shiva’s pack link tried to pull Link back through the portal, but the portal shut, snapping her links and sending her reeling.

“LINK!!” Eric yelled flaring his powers as he turned to the king with his red and black eyes. Kodo barked at his side, his darker pack link spreading like wings across his back.

“Alright, the match is over, therefore the winner is the Mad Titan, Thanos. And If you wish to engage in combat with me, Monohan, then I'll give you a fight, one that you will never forget." Ryker said as his emerald eyes glowed. “One that will make Day Breaker look like a night light, Son of Shiva.”

Reluctantly Eric backed down and retracted the shadow mist that had formed around the arena and calmed himself, Eric knew he had no way of fighting him without the aid of his Shadow Soul and even then he had no idea if it would even harm the king.

Kodo growled, before Shiva set her claw on his shoulder. With a shake of her head, Kodo reluctantly dissipated his own links, and stood down.

“Let’s go back to our seat, Lady Shiva,” Eric said, turning away from the king and back to the audience. “We wouldn’t want to anger the king further” though shadow continued to pour from his body as his anger and rage remained

Shiva spared Ryker a cautious glance, and followed after the Shadow Man. “On that, we can agree,” she assured him, her pack links remaining firmly twined around his wrist and Kodo’s wrist.

"You know what?" Entity jumped from his seat and landed onto the arena.

“Entity don’t!” Eric boomed, sending out a strong wave of Conqueror Haki which caused Kodo to fall into his mothers arms. Shiva herself fell to one knee.

"I'm going to fucking do it! this bastard pissed me off!" Entity said unaffected by the Conquerors Haki, seemingly too pissed off for his will to be crushed by Eric's. "Fight me Ryker! Right fucking here!"

“You will do no such thing!” Shiva barked, her pack links spiraling out like spider webs and restraining the White Reaper. The links pulsed, trying to drain the white reaper of his energy. but the white reaper strained valiantly against them.

“Entity!!” Eric said, aiding the Howlite Howler by binding the White Reaper in shadow. “Back. To. Your. Seat. Now!”

Ryker walked up to the bound reaper, Entity glaring at Ryker. Ryker leaned close to the Minecraft human. "I simply do not think you can possibly match up to me. Simply because you’re. Too. Weak." Ryker flicked Entity's head. Entity roared, and his aura burst the bindings.

Unfortunately, Shiva’s pack link had done it’s work. Entity felt weak and tired. Trying to fight past it, he summoned his scythe and was about to slam it on to Ryker but Ryker put two portals in front of himself and a Blast made out of Wakfu hit Entity right in the gut and sent him flying into the wall. Entity slid to the ground, knocked the fuck out.

“Entity, I told you to stand down,” Eric said running to the Reaper.

“Curse it,” Shiva growled in regret, re-extending her links and trying to return the energy she had taken from the white reaper. “Why did you have to keep going?”

Before Shiva could strengthen Entity again, Eric pulled Entity into his own shadow, once again shredding Shiva’s pack links. The Howlite Howler sighed in resignation, while Kodo blinked in alarm at the human vanishing into darkness.

“Hate us all you like Entity,” Eric said, completely pissed. “But we’re keeping you alive!”

"This is why a peasant should never try to oppose their King." Ryker turned his back against the others and walked off. Stopping after a few steps, "Almost forgot about you Link, you fought quite admirably." Ryker picked up Link and dragged him like a trash bag.

Shiva watched Link get dragged away before turning away, a mournful keen slipping past her snout as Kodo helped her back into the stands.

Once back to their seats Eric released Entity but kept him bound by his shadow, Immediately Eric’s and Thanos' comrades confronted him

“What’s going to happen to Link?” Rainbow asked

“I don’t know,” Eric said

“What does the King want with him?” Luna asked

“I don’t know.” Eric said his shadow becoming poured thicker around his body

“What will you do?” Maud said blankly

“I. Don’t. Know?” Eric said through his teeth

“Well then what do you know Eric?” Asked Sombra

“I know that we were right not to trust this asshole,” Eric said as his shadow vapor covered the entire area confusing some of the other displaced

"To be honest, it's kinda your fault Eric," Lucci crossed his arms looking at the shade.

“I don’t need to hear it from you Lucci,” Eric said black veins forming on the sides of his face. "I’ve watched too many good soldiers die after surrendering.”

Shadow poured from Eric’s body like a waterfall as he rose to his feet. Shiva, however, tried to get between the two, her pack links offering light in the oppressing darkness.

“Both of you, enough!” she insisted.

"You either die or you win, there is no surrender in battle. I should know." Lucci looked on as he remembered the war as he saw himself bowing before an enemy and getting kicked around, getting stabbed, getting his finger damn near cut off.

“But in a Tournament?!” shouted the shadow man. “I’ve hosted many tournaments and they were only to be contests of strength and glory!” Eric yelled as his form started to shift to many different images. “They were never to be fought to the death, when a person surrenders, that’s it! Fight over. You never and I mean NEVER attack someone who has surrendered to you!”

“Eric has a point...” Shiva tried to add.

"I was the champion in Minos! It's dishonor for a warrior to surrender! Surrendering to a man is Pathetic! And whoever surrenders in combat deserves to die!" Lucci argued.

Shiva’s ears flattened. “So people should be allowed to beat surrendering people to death?” she snarled. “The people who surrender deserve to be whipped and beaten to death?!”

"Indeed, that's what they did to me, and it's Warriors’ Code." Lucci crossed his arms, shivering slightly.

Black’s patience began to waiver as the two continued to bicker and Shiva utterly failed as a mediator. He gritted his teeth as he stood up to his full height, bursting into Super Saiyan. He threw a hand into the air and shot a beam of energy into the sky, stopping the conversation. “Enough!!” The Saiyan’s voice echoed throughout the arena. “All of you, You're all acting like damn children!” Black growled.

Without thinking Eric fired a black bullet at the voice. However, Shiva knocked the bullet aside with her pack link, her fur bristling at her lack of control.

“Everyone, please!” Shiva insisted. “Black’s right.”

"Damn straight." Thanos crossed his arms disappointed in the two. "And Eric apologize you cunt." Thanos walked over to Eric before placing a hand on the shadow man’s shoulder

“Don’t you dare touch me Oliver,” Eric said, swiping the Titans’ hand away from him. “Especially after you purposefully attacked after your opponent surrendered.”

"Stop with the violence, difference should be settled by combat, not with words." An unknown voice said everyone looked towards the voice and there stood Katakuri. Looking down at them, "Let's all talk with our fists."

"OMFG KATAKURI GIVE ME YOUR AUTOGRAPH!!!!" The crowd roared, Katakuri looked back at the fans.

"Shut the fuck up." Katakuri said blankly.

Eric turned to Mochi man before turning away with a furl of his coat, Walking over to the edge of the stands Eric sits down clearly still furious. Shiva glanced at Katakuri with caution, before slowly going to join Eric and his companions. She didn’t get any closer than his companions dared.

“So what do we do?” Luna asked keeping her distance from the shadow man, knowing full well how dangerous he was when he was enraged

"Uh…" Nappa shrugged, "Popcorn?" Nappa held up some Popcorn to Luna.

Without hesitation Nappa was dragged into his shadow by Eric before spitting him out outside the arena. Shiva watched Nappa disappear into his shadow with a yelp of alarm, before watching the shadow man with caution bordering on fear. However, she swallowed down her fear, and dared to get closer to the shadow man.

“If it makes you feel better,” Shiva began. “I agree with you. Attacking someone when they don’t want to fight?” She shook her head. “That was disgusting.”

“Once I became known as The Reaper of the Crystal Empire, and even after I became captain of the Royal Guard, I held a strong belief that when your opponent surrenders you Do. Not. Attack.” Eric fumed as Luna did her best to comfort him. “Whether they were friend or foe, you do not attack somepony who has surrendered”

“You don’t need to tell me,” Shiva replied. “When I first came to Equestria, I was forced into a fighting pit.” She shook her head. “Those… ‘evil’ creatures I had to call Master forced me to fight others. Creatures that didn’t want to fight. They whipped us to fight until one of us couldn’t get up from the ground.” Her claws trembled. “I have many regrets in my life. But getting out of that pit from Tartarus will never be one of them.”

Fujitora joined in on the conversation. "I also believe that as well, between you and me, young lady, attacking while the other gave up is horrible." The blind man said, turning towards her voice.

"Issho? Why are you here?" Katakuri asked Fujitora.

"I'm so lonely, I'm blind and I have no friends. I need interaction." Fujitora told the fifteen feet tall man.

“How can you serve a creature like Ryker?’ Sombra asked.

“Well…” Kodo noted. “Why did we all accept Ryker’s invite?”

Shiva huffed. “I don’t think Phoenix did,” she noted, remembering his words.

"The answer, Sombra…" Fujitora said as tears began to form in Fujitora's eyes. "Is that I don't want to…" Fujitora's voice cracked.

Sensing his grief, Shiva hesitantly approached him, her pack links flitting out in an attempt to comfort. “It’s okay,” she assured him. “You don’t need to tell us if it’s too painful.”

Black knew something must’ve happened to Fujitora, “What happened? Were you taken by force, or were you tricked into working for him?” Black asked the blind man.

"He threatened my Parents, and promised me that he will revive my dog… And now I'm here…"

Shiva nodded. “Aye,” she noted. “I understand; I was hoping I could wish my husband back if I won his tournament.”

"He has the damn Dragon Balls but he says if I serve him for ten years he'll revive her!" Fujitora clenched his fists. "I've been serving him for more than ten years…"

Shiva gasped. “You poor thing,” she whispered.

“I don’t think he will…” Black said with a hint of disgust. “A man like him would trick you to do his bidding, changing the deal for every few years just so then he can have a loyal servant.”

Shiva stared at Black with horror. “That’s cruel,” she protested. “That’s horrible.”

“But that’s the truth, every tyrant with that power would do it for amusement. I knew one being who would do such a thing.” Black said as he glanced at Sombra with a glare. “A long time ago.”

Shiva followed his gaze with a glower. “Well, not me,” Shiva growled. “I lead the Diamond Dog Pack, and I have always taught them the values of equality and understanding.”

“And that doesn’t make you a tyrant; that makes you a being that cares for their subjects, one that understands the feeling of not having the best jewelry or gems in the world. It makes you the best a being could be, that’s just being mortal.” Black explained.

Shiva sighed. “If only more rulers were like that,” she noted. Her implication hit Kodo hard, and he looked away with his tail tucked in shame.

“Which is why I never want to rule or have the title of a ruler.” Black said as he powered back down to base form. “I just wanted a normal life after all, living in a cabin in the woods would be nice.” Black mused. The Saiyan sighed as he sat down, “But sometimes we don’t always get what we wish for…”

Shiva’s tail tucked. “Yeah,” she agreed. “We don’t.”

"In truth we all have to serve him or we will die, we signed a deal with the Devil and we can't oppose him unless we want to end up like Herobrine." Both Fujitora and Katakuri shivered.

"Oi, Eric,” Thanos suddenly asked. “You gonna revive your wife?"

Eric’s eyes grew wide hearing this. Shadows exploded from his body

“She’s Dead!!!” Eric Screamed as the shadows swarmed around him. “And she’s never coming back”

Kneeling to the ground Eric slammed his hand into the ground, the shadows converged on the shadow man increasing his size by five feet.

“Shadow Soul: Soul of the REAPER!”

Eric’s skin vanished revealing nothing but bones before being clothed by torn shadow robes, from the shadows emerged a massive scythe. Grabbing hold of the weapon Eric rushed to titan, Thanos attempted to strike Eric with a haki covered fist Thanos and Eric both clashed, Thanos being silent.

"Alrighty then, we'll not talk about that." Thanos said pushing Eric away, Thanos turned his back on Eric.

However Eric vanished from the Titan’s view before appearing behind him the scythe staff pressed against the Titan’s throat with a strength that not even the Titan could match.

“Eric, wait!” Shiva yelped.

“My wife is dead, and dead she will stay,” Eric said in a dry raspy voice as he increased pressure on the titan. “I’ve learned the hard way that I must let her go”

Pushing the titan to the ground Eric raised his scythe, aiming it straight for the titan’s head.

“AND YOU CAN JOIN HER!!!” Eric screamed bringing down his scythe

Without warning Eric and the Titan began to scream as bolts of electricity coursed up and down their bodies. Eric’s body reverted to normal as he fell into Luna’s arms.

“I’m sorry Eric” Luna said with pure regret in her voice. “But you needed to be stopped before you did something you’d regret.”

"Okay boomer." Thanos said with a "I don't give a fuck" face.

“Thanos, for the sake of Faust!” Shiva barked.

"I can't handle it! I'm sorry! I'm a comedian." Thanos laughed.

Thanos…” Black growled, looking to the Titan with malice. “I know you can’t handle the fact of not being a joker for a minute, But there are points where you need to shut. The Fuck… UP!”

"Ah, I see." Thanos said. Fujitora looked towards Thanos.

"FUCK YOU!!!!" Fujitora stormed off tears, running into a wall before going to the exit.

“W-Wait!” Shiva barked, reaching out for the blind man, but he was gone before she could protest. She shot Thanos a dark glare before turning her back on him with a growl of frustration.

"WHAT DID I DO!??!?!" Thanos cried out looking towards everyone, Lucci shook his head and Nappa appeared next to Lucci.

"He is very sentimental with his eyesight; anything with the words see, saw, sight, anything that even relates to sight makes him cry. He was a photographer and a lover of nature when he was on earth and any of those words make him sad. Poor guy really." Katakuri shook his head.

Sombra went over and helped Luna pull Eric back to his seat before looking at the titan

“Personally I’d have Eric cleave that fat head off your body,” Sombra said lifting Eric’s body. “But Luna is much nicer than I am.”

"If he even can." Thanos said, muttering under his breath before drinking a can of Hetap out of nowhere.

Black scoffed at Sombra’s comment before he sat back down, rolling his eyes.

“And for future reference” Sombra said, setting the shadow man down. “Never bring up Eric’s late wife.”

"The author told me!" Thanos argued, "Damn it!"

“Can you not shut up for one second!” Black shouted as he stood back up, walking up to Thanos before proceeding to bitch slap the Mad Titan.


“How about being an insensitive prick?” Shiva snapped. “Are you capable of recognizing being an insensitive prick?”

"...N-no…" Thanos admitted, rubbing the back of his head.

Shiva stared at him for a second, before chuckling humorlessly, turning away. “Yeah,” she growled. “Great. I come here thinking I’m gonna get some wealth and maybe my husband back, and instead, I’m trapped in the fighting pit again.” She chuckled again, her laugh sounding broken as she started talking to herself. “I spend all that time thinking the ponies are bad, and then I turn around and walk right into another trap…”

"I just wanna say Shiva… You are by far my favorite one among you all and if anyone dares attack you with dishonor I will personally kill them for you." Katakuri said grinning behind his scarf that covered his mouth.

"KATAKURI!!!" Katakuri looked behind him and saw Akainu, "Get your ass back to the base right now!"

"If you ever need help just call me by saying Katakuri three times and I will be at your doorstep." Katakuri handed Shiva a token of a broken mirror before walking off with Akainu, waving Shiva goodbye before leaving.

Shiva smoothed the fur on her neck out, and watched Katakuri go with a grin of gratitude. “Thank you,” she said with a nod that bordered on a bow. Watching him walk away, Shiva turned her attention to Eric, and the alicorn tending to him. “Is he... well, I can’t say ‘okay,’ but…”

“He’ll be okay” Luna assured with a smile on her face as she stroked his hair as if he were a pet. “This isn’t the first time he’s been hit by my Devil Fruit powers.”

“Oh?” Shiva asked.

“When I accidentally ate the Rumble-Rumble Fruit my powers surfaced immediately and went haywire” Luna said, recalling the tale.

“He was the first one to try and help me, he got hit by so many bolts of lightning that he almost died” Luna said, turning to the wolf. “He’s risked his life so many times for my behalf, however part of me believes he still holds love for his wife over me”

Shiva’s tail tucked in sympathy. “I hate to be blunt,” Shiva admitted. “But there will always be love in his heart for his wife.” She chuckled. “I thought I moved on from my husband after he died, but…” She shook her head sadly. “The minute I heard that the prize for this tournament had a free wish, I thought about reviving him and…” She shrugged helplessly. “Our dead loved ones have a vice on our hearts.”

“Even so, he has never reached that level of anger when I was insulted or harmed,” Luna said, sadness taking control of her voice. “Not to the point where he uses his Shadow Souls.”

Shiva shook her head in sympathy, unsure of what to say as Luna tended to the shadow man.

“I love this man with all of my being, but he… He still dreams about….Her?” Tears formed as she spoke. “I know I have no right to feel jealous or hurt by a dead mare, but it just hurts so much that he loves this mare more than his current love.”

Shiva blinked. “W-You two are together?” she asked. “He still holds love in his heart for her, and yet he and you…?”

“Yes. When he came back after disappearing for two years he took me into the palace gardens that night and started playing his treasured violin,” Luna said, a smile forming on her face. “He told me that he loved me and that he would always be by my side,” Luna began to chuckle a bit.

Shiva shook her head. “I… can’t understand that,” she said. “Why would he…? I mean…” She turned away. “If he still cared about her, why would he… string you along… like…”
Shiva leaned over. “Oh, by Faust…” she whispered.

“You know it’s kinda funny,” Luna said, laughing.

“How is it funny?” Shiva whispered.

“I’ve turned down every stallion I’d ever fallen in love with,” Luna explained, still holding her smile. “Because of my immortality I would have watched each and every one of them grow old and die, but with Eric...”

“He’s immortal?” Shiva asked.

“I thought so once,” Luna stated. “Ever since I met him I have not once thought I’d have to watch him die one day because at the time I assumed him to be a shade.”

“So… some sort of spirit,” Shiva guessed. “Immortal.”

“But ever since we had to save him from the effect of Umbra’s final spell I learned he was mortal” Luna said, still petting the top of his head. “Nothing more than a tortured human from another world.”

“Tortured?” Shiva asked. “Like… in a fighting pit?” She rubbed her arms subconsciously, where the scars she had gained could still be seen under her fur.

“No. By his own parents.”

Shiva’s tail tucked, and she backed up in horror. “No!” she whispered.

“From what we saw from his memories, they wanted to live an easy life.” Luna explained, frowning at the memories she witnessed. “In his world musicians are paid a lot. Even more so if you play for a noble. Eric was tortured to learn and play every instrument his parents gave him, and when he disobeyed they would hurt him...severely...”

Shiva clenched her claws, her own scars throbbing in sympathy.

“There are scars...deep scars...covering his entire back. Not to mention he’s mentally unstable when they are touched or talked about.”

“Like what happened with…?” Shiva nodded towards where Eric and Thanos had their fight.

“No. More. Like, he begins to breathe really hard like somepony is choking him, he starts shaking like it’s colder than a Wendigos breath and his voice is filled with so much fear” Luna said remembering when she first laid eyes on Eric’s scars. “Twilight explained it to me, she told me that Eric has something called...”

“Post Traumatic Stress,” Shiva said with a grim nod.

“It was awful seeing him like that and even worse seeing it done in his memories,” Luna said, shaking her head at the thought. “But even with all his flaws, I still love him and he loves me, but…”

“He can’t let go of his love for her,” Shiva said with a nod.

“He’s said he’s let go, but his dreams say otherwise,” Luna said, her frown deepening.

Shiva sighed. “I don’t know much about the world, Princess,” Shiva admitted. “I certainly don’t know how he’s managed to recover from what he’s been through.” She turned back to her. “All I know is that it’s important not to be blinded by what could be.” She rested a claw on Luna’s shoulder. “Even with his late wife still on his mind, he’s let you into his heart. You can’t ask him to forget about her; that’s something he’s got to figure out on his own. All you can do is be there for him, and take joy in what you have.”

For a moment, Luna pondered Shiva’s words. When she looked at the wolf, it was with curiosity.

“Why did you join the tournament, Alpha Shiva?” Luna asked. “What did you hope to get out of the list of rewards?”

Shiva lowered her head with shame. “I convinced myself it was for the wealth that Ryker promised,” she said. “That I could use the wealth to establish an alliance with the dragons or just make my diamond dogs happy for a time.” Her ears flattened. “But if I’m being completely honest… it was because a part of me couldn’t let my husband go. And I hoped that the one-time wish could…” She didn’t finish, but her eyes landed on Eric, as if afraid he might overhear. Shiva shrugged with a broken smile. “You can call me a hypocrite, if you want, but I think I discovered it already.”

“That was your reason. I will not question or judge you. But I must know...” Luna said looking down at Eric’s unconscious form. “Why did Eric join? Was it for the… the Wish?”

Shiva’s tail tucked. She looked down at her claws, watching as they sparked with magic.

“Only he can answer that,” she admitted. “But…” She swallowed. “There could be a way to find out.”

“How? I can’t spend too long in his dreams. Otherwise the soul of his Devil Fruit will attack me,” Luna explained

Shiva nodded. “So it recognizes dream-walking,” she mused. She clenched her claws. “My pack link allows me to read thoughts and memories. It’s not exactly like dream walking - from the little I know of dream walking,” Shiva added sheepishly. “But usually, if I want to know something from someone…” She hesitantly reached out for Eric’s head. “I can just ask… and it shows.”

“Please,” Luna pleaded. “I must know.”

Shiva breathed, and extended two links. “Take my link,” Shiva encouraged, as the other link softly brushed against Eric’s head. Hesitantly, Luna took the link, watching as it twined around her hand.

“Now I just ask?” Luna asked.

Shiva closed her eyes, and her fur glowed like Celestia. “Why did Eric join the tournament?” Shiva’s voice whispered.

A vision answered them both: a Pegasus mare appeared before them. Amber colored hair blowing gently in the breeze. A soft blue coat. A gentle smile.
The vision shifted, almost like a mirror; Luna and Shiva saw Eric and the Pegasus staring at each other. Love evident in their eyes. The Pegasus faded away into smoke, and Ryker rose in her place. Behind Eric, downed forms appeared: Thanos, Doom, Black, Phoenix, Death, Shiva, Link,… all the other contestants lay beaten. Eric Von Shadow had won.
Ryker offered forward the rewards; wealth, Hetap. And a glowing ball that had to be the wish.
Eric brushed the wealth aside. He moved the Hetap away. He reached for the wish. The Pegasus mare appeared silhouetted within the wish as he held it. He intended to use it to…

The vision shattered. Shiva backed up, fearing that the soul of the devil fruit had found them. But Eric still lay unconscious. Luna, however, had turned away. Covering her face even as tears streamed down her eyes.

Shiva looked down with a whimper. “I’m sorry,” Shiva whimpered. “I shouldn’t have…”

Without hearing another word, Luna ran out of the arena, shedding hurt tears.

Shiva didn’t stop her. She sat down with a sigh, her head in her claws, as Kodo feebly tried to comfort her.

Without warning, Eric jumped up with a gasp, before looking around.

All he found was Shiva sitting before him, Kodo nuzzling her, as she quietly sobbed into her claws.

“What happened?” Eric asked the crying Shiva.

“We’re both fools, Eric Von Shadow,” Shiva said softly, gazing forlornly down at the ground. “Chasing dead dreams.”

“What do you mean?” Eric said. But as she looked up at him, he recognized the look on her face. “Wait I know that look. You’ve been in my head. Why?”

“Hey, don’t get mad at her,” Kodo protested. “Luna asked her to.”

“What did you show her?” asked the shadow man.

Kodo looked nervously at Shiva, but she lowered her head in regret.

“She…” Kodo licked his lips nervously. “She wanted to know why you entered the tournament.”

“You joined for the same reason I did,” Shiva whispered. “Hoping to revive the one you loved.”

“No….No, that isn’t why I joined,” Eric said jumping to his feet

Shiva looked up in alarm. “What?” she asked. “But… the wish… you…”

“Where’s Luna?”

Kodo pointed, his fur bristling at Eric’s expression. “She went out of the arena,” he said.

Cursing, Eric ran out of the arena trying to find his princess. Shiva watched him go with conflict.

“Should we… go after him?” Kodo asked.

Shiva shook her head. “I fear we just made things worse,” she whispered.

Leaving the arena Eric knelt down to the ground and put both hands to the ground, closing his eyes Eric focused his attention on every shadow in the area.

“I refuse to lose you,” Eric said before hearing the sound of crying coming through the shadows. “Found ya.”

Traveling through the shadows, he surfaced a good distance from the princess.

“Luna,” Eric said softly.

“Leave me alone,” Luna sobbed, teleporting away.

“You know there is literally nowhere you can hide,” Eric said following her shadow's presence. “Please, I need to talk to you!”

“Why don’t you talk with your wife?” Luna yelled firing a bolt of lightning at the shadow man.

Eric just stood there and let the lightning hit his body. He grimaced, and sunk to one knee, but rose as the lightning faded away.

“She’s dead,” Eric said sincerely, approaching the princess. “But you’re still here.”

“Not for long,” Luna snapped. “Once you finish the tournament, you’ll be able to bring her back with your wish.” She stormed away. “That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Luna!” Eric said, chasing after the princess. “Luna, you’re wrong about my wish!”

Eric ran up and put his hand on Luna’s shoulder, however her body turned to lightning, shocking Eric away.

“I’m not wrong, Eric! I saw what your wish will be! Shiva showed me!” With every exclamation, Luna’s body arced with dark blue lightning of despair.

“Luna after what happened with Doctor Whooves,” Eric said, continuing his approach. “I left Amber to die in the past.”

“No, you love her more than me!” Luna yelled, her lightning turning red. “You’ve always loved her more than me!”

Eric stopped his approach when Luna’s lightning hit the ground in front of him

“My wish is to let go,” Eric said.

Luna’s lightning lessened as she looked at him in confusion. Despite the pain, he put his hands on her shoulders.

“Luna you’re right,” he admitted. “I still do love Amber and I can’t let her go.” Luna’s powers flared, but before they could scorch him… “But my wish isn’t to bring her back, my wish is to finally be able to let her go.”

“But your dreams…” Luna said before Eric planted a kiss upon her lips before parting from Luna leaving her dumbfounded

“I want to love you and only you. Now and forever,” Eric said, gazing into her starstruck eyes. “But I can’t love you with all my heart until I let her go.”

“I… I’m so stupid” Luna whimpered, burying her head into the shadow man’s chest. “How could you have fallen for a complete idiot?”

“Well, I fell hard,” Eric replied with a smile. “And I do love you.” However, as the two hugged, he tapped the back of her head, earning a pained yelp.

“What was that for?” Luna asked

“For going through my mind….and my dreams… Again,” Eric said, hugging her. “Anything else I should know.”

Luna tensed up, remembering the entire conversation she had with Shiva and her pup.

“Okay, now don’t be mad,” Luna begged, preparing for Eric’s disappointment glare. The one that usually signaled that he would be ignoring her for a select amount of time, depending on what she did. “I… may… have… Told Shiva.”

“Told Shiva what?” Eric asked his tone as serious as his demeanor.

“About your parents,” Luna admitted, not meeting his gaze. “And… your scars.” He didn’t release her.

“That all?” Eric asked.


Eric hummed. “Alright then.” He walked over to the nearest wall. Placing a hand on the wall, shadow begins to cover it creating a shadow path leading right back into the stand.

“You-you’re not mad?” Luna asked.

“About my scars? Yes,” Eric said, motioning to the shadow. “But I’ll let it go just this once.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Luna took Eric’s hand, and they walked into the shadow, returning to their seats in the stands.

Shiva and Kodo looked up, noticing them returning. Shiva stood up, her tail tucked like she knew she had crossed a line.

“Mr… er… Captain Von Shadow?” Shiva asked. “I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

Without warning, the diamond dog was pulled into her own shadow before being pulled out, her fur paler than usual and spiked like a porcupine, and her eyes wide. Kodo’s head darted back and forth between his shocked mother and Eric.

“WHAT’D YA DO THAT FOR?!” Kodo howled.

“I do not take kindly to people invading my mind,” Eric said, going up to Shiva and placing both hands on both her shoulders. The mere contact caused her to flinch. “Treat this as a warning, I only showed you a small glimpse of your worst fear.”

“I’m sorry, he acted similar when I entered his dreams for the first time,” Luna said, calming the dog down a bit.

“I can believe it,” Shiva mumbled.

“Do not take it personally,” Eric said, taking his seat. “I still hold you in the highest respects, Lady Shiva.” His expression darkened. “But I refuse to let my mind be a plaything to others. It’s where I draw the line.”

“Just asked Luna what happened to the Music Mistress,” Eric said as Luna and Shiva glanced at each other.

“Another time maybe,” Shiva said. “For now… I’m gonna find some place to cuddle with my son.” Picking up her son, she tottered away, holding Kodo like the world’s grumpiest teddy bear.

Meanwhile on the arena walls. Phoenix had perched himself upon the large roof overlooking the arena. He looked down at the many participants, watching as they all squabbled between themselves. “Jeez, just wanted a better view, and now all that just happened.” He reached for Chastiefol on his back, and gave it its orders, “Increase.” The weapon split apart into hundreds of kunai, circling around him. “Decrease.” Then, the majority of them disappeared, leaving only one. “Find Link.” Phoenix watched as the blue kunai zoomed off into the distance, searching for it’s target. “Whelp, at least now I know their weak spots. Just bring up their significant others and it’s an easy win!” Phoenix jumped off of the roof backwards, and disappeared into seemingly nothingness.

Herobrine looked down at them, his body was fully black and his white eyes glowed.

"... Hu...man...s? Who are these people? W-who am I?" Herobrine looked down at his blocky hands. Someone put a hand on their shoulder.

"Don't worry… You're okay, just take the pills." A being kneeled down and gave him a pill, Herobrine engulfed the pill.

"It… tastes… bad…" Herobrine said looking towards the being.

"The pain is gone right? You know why you're here right?" The being said grinning.

"Y-yes… I'm… I'm… I'm here to destroy…" Herobrine said ominously.

"Yes you are! But not yet… just wait until the plan Is in action." The being stood up.

"But the plan is already in action." Herobrine looked at the being, he chuckled.

"Indeed it is… Indeed it is…"

"Is Entity here? I can't sense his Ki." Nappa said, crossing his arms.

"Probably stormed off in a huff." Thanos said, "I think I might do the same… I'm not normally this assholish. Somethings off about me."

“Oh really, I haven’t noticed,” Black snarked as he walked by the Titan. “You better change that if we fight each other, cause I will pulverize you if you don’t…” Black finished as he walked to the training room to punch some poor punching bag.

"Yes sir." Thanos nodded, as he flew off to collect his thoughts, but just as he flew off he was hit by a barrier. "What the-" Thanos flew forward and was hit by It again, he ran into the barrier over and over again. "LET ME DA FUK OUT!!!" Thanos punched the wall, the Crowd decided to leave as the next fight was going to happen tomorrow. Lucci walked through it harmlessly.

"Just as I thought, only non-fighters can leave. That sneaky bastard." Lucci walked back, Thanos went back to the group.

"Alright you guys go to your rooms." Everyone looked at the figure who stepped out of the shadows, the Arkham Knight. "Now. The rooms are next to the training area, Son Goku Black probably found it already."

At the moment, Black was creating punching bags that were able to withstand his attacks, but it didn't mean that they were spared the might of the Saiyan. There were a few punching bags with holes and cuts all across them with some of them being turned into ash.

"Hey…" Someone spoke behind the Saiyan. Black turned around with a raised eyebrow.


"You're supposed to be asleep, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you trying to blow off some steam but however I cannot allow you to hurt these poor and innocent punching bags." Black got a look at him, it was Zabuza, Zabuza had his big sword on his back.

Black turned away from him and created another punching bag, “Sorry, but after my 1000 year long nap, I don’t need sleep.” Black scoffed as he hooked the punching bag to the ceiling.

"But sir, not sleeping lowers your life span, which means one second of your life getting cut down. And I think everyone should live their lives to the fullest." Zabuza said in a pacifistic manner.

Black glanced back to the man before he sighed. “I already did, but the nightmare inside of me took that away years ago. If one of the awards of the tournament was immortality, I would’ve turned that down…” Black said as he did some light punches to the bag. “Immortality is watching everything around you turn to dust after all…”

"...Can I read you a book? Or offer you some calming Jasmine Tea, because you seem stressed." Zabuza said, smiling innocently.

Black stopped for a moment, considering the idea of having some tea. “I’m good,”

"...Music?" Zabuza offered the Saiyan just looked back at the ninja with a blank stare. Zabuza sighed, "Well, I'll be here… Drinking my tea and reading my book… Alone." Zabuza shuffled off into a corner.

Black continued to beat down some punching bags, occasionally taking glances at Zabuza enjoying his book and tea. He began to get some second thoughts of the idea of relaxing, but he shook the idea off. But it kept coming back to him, before he gave in. He let out a massive groan before walking to the other end of the wall across Zabuza. He slid down the wall, putting a hand on his face. “God…” He mumbled.

Zabuza had already had the tea ready with a grin and a book ready, “I truly knew you would come around, would you like to talk about why you were blowing off steam? It might aid you in your quest for balance.” Zabuza said as he took a sip of his tea… through his mask…

Black slid his hand off his head, sighing as he used telekinesis to bring the tea to him. “The fact that I can’t get rid of the hatred for Sombra or the fact that I have a Nightmare in my body that wants to destroy all mortal life?” Black asked.

“Speaking of Nightmares, is Nightmare Moon here? I sense her presence nearby. Before we talk about your struggles, it helps if there are more joining in on the fun.” Zabuza said, smiling under his mask.

“I’d rather not bring her into this, she already has it hard enough being in a new body.” Black said as he took a sip of tea. “But yeah, she’s here.”

“I see, so Sombra in your universe is basically like Freezer. And yes, I say Freezer because I watch Team Four Star. Anyways, Sombra must have killed your master, since you're a Saiyan and you must’ve had something to awaken your Super Saiyan transformation. Indulge me about how you faced Sombra or how you met him.” Zabuza sipped his tea afterwards.

The Saiyan set down his tea and looked into Zabuza’s eyes. “He is a mix of Frieza and Cell, he killed a filly I swore to protect right in front of me. I would’ve transformed there, but I was currently impaled through the chest.” Black explained as he lifted his shirt and pointed toward his right bicep.

“By Chrystal? That’s rough buddy also, killing a child is a sin, I hope he got what he deserved.” Zabuza set his tea down and did the whole criss crossing leg thing.

Black winced when he heard him say Chrystal. “No, he literally impaled me with his hand. I was practically bleeding out as he laughed. But he didn’t stop there, he then went on a killing spree on my friends who were the current Elements of Harmony at the time, including my master, Master Starswirl…” Black hissed. He took another sip of tea before sighing. “That was around the time… He… showed up.”

“Hm… Inform me about who “he” is. For I am curious.” Zabuza said with a hand rubbing his chin.

Black rolled his eyes, “Come on, give it a guess… what being would want to destroy all mortal life in the universe in the name of justice?” Black asked the man.

“...Tirek? No… Zamasu, am I correct?” Zabuza snapped his finger confidently thinking he got it right.

Black nodded as he began getting some small flashbacks, “He’s the nightmare that’s currently inside of me. But a few months ago, his soul was taken away, but his mindset still remains in my head. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t sleep anymore, cause he would send me the horrors of what he and his counterpart would do to mortal life…”

“I have some form of Magic, I can make the Nightmares disappear. Just like a ninja in the mist,” Zabuza said the last bit with some pizzazz

“If a gloomy douchebag displaced can’t get rid of my nightmare by literally taking His soul, I don’t think magic can do it.” Black hissed as he stood up. “Plus, I don’t like other beings messing with my head, except for one.” The Saiyan finished as he made his way towards the door. Opening it, and turning back to glance at Zabuza.

“Thanks for the tea, I guess…” The Saiyan then left the training room to go to his assigned one, leaving Zabuza alone.

“...I’ll miss him when he’s gone…”

As Black went to his room, he slammed the door behind him and sat on the bed. He felt his eyes were getting heavy, but he ignored his fatigue. He complimented on having him closing his eyes for a few minutes, but he knew he would sleep for much longer. He slapped himself once before getting off the bed, continuing to practice his moves and fighting stances.

Zabuza slowly, slowly, slowly opened the door to the room. “You’re supposed to go to sleep.” Zabuza mused.

Black pointed his hand at the man, a ki blast forming in it, “Go away…” Black sneered.

“Excuse me… But I uh… Don’t think violence is the answer.” Zabuza said, “Also don’t make me get Mr. Popo, he will mess you up.” Zabuza said, pointing at the Saiyan.

Black thought for a moment on the idea of just blasting Zabuza, but scoffed, lowering his hand. “Fine…” Black said as he walked towards the door to face Zabuza, “But I’d rather sleep under the stars, their more… comforting.” Black finished as he teleported away, somewhere around the arena stage.

“Let’s head to the arena stage then.” Zabuza suggested but Black was already gone, “Man, I am slow.” Zabuza sighed as mist appeared around him and he disappeared.

Black appeared with a pop, the stadium completely silent of all sound. The only thing he heard was his own breathing and a gust of wind passing through. Looking up, he saw the moon was out, thankfully it was a crescent moon that night. It was however ruined when he heard Zabuza appear behind him. “Can you just please leave me alone…” Black asked.

“Okay…” Zabuza used Geppo and left the stadium.

Black let out a sigh as he stepped off the area onto the grass, walking to the stadium wall before laying on it, his back to the wall. He looked up again to see the stars glistening in the night sky. He took a picture of him and Luna out of his gi, glancing at it for a second before putting it away. For the first time in months, he closed his eyes. ‘I’ll be home soon…’

Zabuza stood there five feet from Black sipping his tea, and eating a biscuit. Unfortunately he was enjoying his tea a bit too much. That was shattered as a small Ki blast hit the tea, evaporating it and shattering the tea up in his hand.

“Iroh would be displeased.” Zabuza said as he bit into his biscuit. “Very displeased.”

“Just go away, I’m trying to sleep…” Black growled.

“Alright, I’m going now.” Zabuza fake walked away by stomping his feet and making his feet hit the floor with less impact.

Black opened one of his eyes, glaring at Zabuza. But his pupil changed draconic for a moment before going to normal. “Go away before I incinerate you.” Black threatened.

“Fine,” Zabuza walked away, and once he was out of sight, Black closed his eyes.

“Finally, inner peace.”

Zabuza tiptoed all the way back five feet away from Black, with more tea. Zabuza sipped his tea, quietly.

Black groaned, standing up as he walked towards Zabuza. He pointed a hand at the man, a dark purple sphere of destruction formed in his hand as he glared. A black hand grabbed onto Black’s arm, he looked towards it and it was Mr.. Popo, standing there, ominously. “I will fucking kill you if you land on this pacifistic assassin.” Mr. Popo said, his face unmoving, smiling.

Black stood there for a second, before he dismissed the Haki and ripped his arm from Mr. Popo’s grip. “Then tell him to leave me alone, Mr. Popo.” Black said as he walked to the other end of the stadium, making a hammock and then going to sleep.

“Black… Black…” A voice mysteriously mused, Black immediately recognized him as Ghost Nappa.

Black groaned as he held out a hand, making a phone with some earbuds. Putting them in, he connected them to his phone and began to play some calming and relaxing music.

“Oh shit this is nice.” Ghost Nappa admitted.”I’m going to rap over this shit, uh, yeah, uh, uh, yeah!

Mexicans have great food
Black people are fast
White people can SUCK MY MOTHER FU-”

“Yeah that’s enough Maggot.”

“MR. POPO!?!?!?!??!”

“First comes you, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, Popo’s stool, Zabuza, Kami, Ryker, then Popo. Any questions?”


“You’re going to Brazil Maggot.”


“You’re next Black.” Popo laughs and his voice fades away.

Black laid there in the hammock, about to fall asleep before smirking, “Screw you The_Chill_Author.” Black said before falling to sleep.

(Not if I screw you first, no homo bro) - Chill

Thanos walked to his room and laid down onto his bed, sighing deeply.

“Alright John, time for a reality check. These opponents are no pushovers, each and everyone of them have strength. You need to snap out of it and get serious! No bullshit, no jokes, only focus on winning, show mercy, even if it’s against your Master’s teachings. Thanos, you can do this, just be the silent guy.” Thanos said, sighing deeply as he ruffled his bald head. “Time to be... The no nonsense guy you were before you met the crew.” Thanos laid down in his bed and closed his eyes, outside his door Lucci chuckled.

“Getting serious eh? That’s nice.” Lucci sighed, "Well, I guess we should all be getting serious." Lucci proceeds to walk off.

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