• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Side Chapter, Around the Campfire.

On the arena stage, Thanos added some wood to the fire as all the Displaced (And Nappa) were sitting around it, Thanos had called them all as well as their companions. Maud just gave Entity a glare but Entity had a shameful look on his face. Thanos cleared his throat.

“Do you know why I all gathered you guys here?” Thanos asked looking around at the Displaced.

“You’ve got an epic plan on how we’re all going to band together and form an unstoppable team!” Shiva declared with a wag of her tail and a flare of her pack links.

“You would be wrong lady Shiva.”

“Aw,” Shiva moaned, dissipating her links.

Thanos sat down on a log that was provided by Ed for everyone to take a seat. “We’re all here for a reason, we all have a reason to be here. So… What is that reason? Let us talk about our past adventures and further increase our bond, after all the only way to increase our camaraderie and teamwork is to know more about each other.” Thanos crossed his arms, they were all around the campfire, Link next to Thanos, Phoenix next to Link, Shiva next to Phoenix, Ed next to Shiva, Eric next to Ed, Black next to Eric, Doom next to Black and Nappa next to Doom then back to Thanos.

Shiva pondered his words, before glancing around at the others. “Well, if it’s past adventures you want…” She formed a circular screen, with images appearing in the light of her magic as she began to share her story:

“I started off as a simple dog,” she said. “No real knowledge of the outside world. Then, out of nowhere, some kind of lightning bolt hit me and my master. I woke up in the world I would come to know as Equestria, changed into what you see now… and it had quite a welcoming committee for me.” Her images showed her stumbling across a group of ponies. “My first encounter with ponies was… well…”

She let the images speak for her, as the ponies in the vision promptly knocked her past self out, threw her in a cage, dragged her to a mysterious dark place, and threw her into a ring with an equally scared looking diamond dog.

“...less than pleasant,” Shiva finally admitted. She ran a claw across her screen, and the images changed. “Luckily, I was able to get out of there, but…”

Once again, the images spoke for her: the head pony that had knocked her out was shown being slaughtered by a deranged looking Shiva. A scared looking Twilight blasted her off the remains of her victim. But as Shiva merely glowed with power and lunged at Twilight… Fluttershy came up with the Stare. Shiva shuddered as her past self instantly folded under the yellow mare’s eyes.

“Later, I found out that Twilight and her friends had nothing to do with the ponies that had locked me up,” Shiva admitted. “They were there investigating these ponies, but the rogue ponies had been through bad experiences with diamond dogs, so… I didn’t really help my case by killing one of them. But I didn’t really care about that at the time. I just wanted out. Luckily, I was able to discover my ability to absorb and redirect magic. And with that ability…”

Her images showed a daring escape from Canterlot. A mid-air battle with Rainbow Dash. A brutal brawl with Prince Blueblood. And a flashy ending with Princess Celestia being blasted back with a ball of light as Shiva made a daring leap into a river.

“For a short time after,” Shiva said. “I wandered the outskirts of Equestria.” She grinned as her images showed her coming across a diamond dog pack. “I managed to find others like me. And together, we formed a pack.” Her eyes narrowed. “Unfortunately, a magic diamond dog is not something they see very often out in the outskirts. And it drew attention.”

Her images showed Chrysalis. Eagerly coming forward to Shiva. Offering her some sort of deal. At the same time, Twilight and the Mane Six were seen approaching Shiva from behind. Pleading expressions on their faces as they tried to convince Shiva not to take whatever deal Chrysalis had.

“It was a tough call, I’ll admit,” Shiva said. “But, this may just be me, but I’m pretty happy with the choice I made.”

The images showed Chrysalis lying dead before Shiva. The ponies cheered in glee… only for Shiva to turn her backs on them, and retreat back into the wastelands. With her diamond dogs taking a hefty amount of pony gems, food and other supplies with them. While the ponies could do nothing more than watch in stunned silence.

To make matters even better, the images proceeded to show other changelings finding Shiva’s pack. Friendlier changelings that celebrated the death of Chrysalis. Their new Queen and Shiva were shown shaking hands - or hooves and claws.

“Celestia felt so horrible about what had happened, that I was able to give my diamond dogs a life befitting the ponies,” Shiva continued, as her images showed her seated on the throne of the Crystal Empire. Her ears flattened. “Unfortunately, some of my dogs let the power go to their heads… and it cost us.”

The images darkened. The demonic visage of Umbra was shown coming up behind Shiva. Her past self fell into darkness, and a Kodo with Sombra’s green eyes and black fur was shown leading a crusade against the ponies. As he marched on Canterlot, Celestia rose to meet him. But not as her usual princess form. No, she rose as the fiery Day Breaker. Who unleashed a burst of flames that caused the image to destabilize and flicker with static.

Shiva lowered her head as the image re-focused to show Shiva and her dogs brooding in an underground cavern.

“We haven’t tested the ponies’ remorse ever since,” Shiva admitted. “But, some still remain hopeful that peace can be possible with them.” She smiled as an image of a younger diamond dog appeared, looking almost exactly like Shiva with her white fur, though the younger pup’s eyes were a brighter blue. “My daughter Celine is most likely trying to repair bridges with them even as we speak.” Shiva dissipated her image. “But one thing’s for certain: my dogs can’t afford to have too many enemies.” She leaned back. “That’s why I came here. I was hoping that the wealth would help us forge alliances with other species, like the dragons and griffins. And from there, we’d take steps to unite all of Equestria… something that Twilight told me I actually accomplished in another time where she and her friends never met and the Elements of Harmony were never reforged.” She grinned at Ed. “Thanks to you, Ed, I may just be able to unite Equestria without breaking Twilight and her friends up.” She turned back to the fire. “All I need is to survive this adventure, and get home to put my plan into action.”

“You were misunderstood from the beginning, and as someone who likes dogs… I want to make them pay for what they did to you. But they’re probably dead already.” Thanos said looking down to his palm and clenching it.

Shiva smiled softly. “I appreciate your sympathy, Thanos,” she said. “But I assure you: the ponies have more than paid for their crimes. The ones who directly hurt me are dead or wish they were, and the ponies that I interact with now have done their very best to atone for the sins of their fellows.” She stretched. “In the end, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. It’s through cooperation, compromise and unity that I feel a much better life was forged.”

“Seems the power of friendship is lacking in your world, either that or xenophobia is a bit strong much like how humans fear what they have trouble understanding.” Link said with a gentle sigh. He had a good understanding of the multiverse but it still annoyed him that those kinds of worlds existed.

“It’s the same for my Equestria as well,” Eric said letting his presence known. “There are many who have killed for power and revenge and others who take whatever they wish with no remorse for their actions.”

“To be honest, I’d kill for a world like that. Mine’s boring, minus the whole ghoul thing.” Phoenix stated, cracking open a cold one; obviously a can of Hetap.

“Believe me, I’d trade worlds in a heartbeat if it meant me and my comrades could live in peace,” Eric said crossing his arms as Sombra nodded in agreement. “The creatures I’ve met thus far have been nothing but power hungry fools who seek to cover Equestria in their greed.”

Doom stood there, his arms crossed with his single ally Hans standing behind him. Once Doom learned of the possibility of Dark Ki in use he sent Gilda back. Hans technically being a symbiotic entity with him would share his armor’s protections.

“I take offence! May I remind you that I am literally the sin of greed!” Phoenix said sarcastically, placing his hand on his heart.

“I meant no offence, Phoenix.” Eric said to the Fairy displaced. “But Greed is a problem among my Equestria.”

"I believe we are slowly straying away from the story telling, I get why you two are talking but let us get back to telling our tales." Thanos turned to Eric, "Von Shadow, does thou wish to tell thy tale?"

“Could you stop being so polite? It’s freaking me out dude.” Phoenix said, turning to Thanos.

“I kinda like it,” Shiva noted.

“I’d say it’s an improvement over the last couple of days,.” Maud said, sitting next to Shiva. The Diamond Dog scooted over to give the earth pony room to sit, followed by Phoenix.

“I would have to agree with Maud,” Rainbow said sitting on a cloud above the group. “This is definitely an improvement since the end of the first match of the tournament”

"Fucking bitch…" Nappa muttered.

"I have decided that nothing good will ever happen to being rude to others. You get what you give, and I've been nothing but a jerk to all of you. And for that, I apologize." Thanos lowers his head, in shame.

Link shrugged his arms. “I’m used to the thys and thous to be honest.” he said.

“Whatever tickles your pickle I guess.” Phoenix said, shrugging.

“You said we would be regaling our tales and experiences” Sombra said, setting his swords down next to him and his friend. “So who, pray tell, will start?”

"Von Shadow?” Thanos looked to Eric, "You do not have to tell your tale if you do not feel the need to. I will understand and so will the others."

“Okay then,” Eric said, closing his eyes to think. “But where to start? Before or after I was Displaced?” Eric asked himself

“The beginning?” Phoenix offered.

“The beginning….” Eric muttered under his breath as his eyes and hands began to glow with magic

The campfire erupted into a massive plume of purple flames which opened what looked like a portal, from the portal showed images of Eric when he was younger and still held the fire of innocence in his eyes.

“Eric Monohan was my name. And me and my family were of the middle class of society,” Eric said retelling his past. “In my youth I held an incredible fondness for music: classical, jazz, rock and metal, you name it. The first instrument I ever played was an elegant piano that was at my school, and honestly I wish I never touched that infernal instrument”

The fire showed Eric gracefully playing a school piano shocking the classroom teacher

“Once I showed a talent in music my parents pulled me out of school and taught me nothing but music” Eric said his face shifting to a grimince

The flame now showed Eric having every manner of instrument shoved into his chest.

“On my earth, Musicians are the highest paying job title one can have, the pay is even higher if you are employed by somep..-body in the high class,” Eric said before showing an expression of rage. “My parents wanted money to elevate themselves from middle class to high class. They brutally taught me until I could play anything with my eyes closed. And if I refused… they’d punish me.”

The fire flashed dark red as images of Eric being tortured by his parents until his entire back was covered in blood.

Immediately Shiva covered her son's eyes, shivering. Even though she had heard about this particular part of his childhood, it still made her guts squirm and her blood chill to see parents willing to do such a thing to their own children.

"I am deeply sorry for the agony that you went through, torture is a sin and I hope that your parents got what they deserved." Thanos sighed, closed his eyes and shook his head, wincing at the images that were shown.

“Your sympathy is appreciated Thanos” Eric said before continuing his tale. “Over time, the fire I once held for music was snuffed out”

Eric’s spell now showed him playing a piano with a dead look in his eyes.

“But it never stopped...the beatings and punishment NEVER stopped,” Eric said through gritted teeth

Doom showed no emotion, that mask was useful in that regard. Hans however went from a smooth form to a figure with spikes and long blade like fingers. Softly he asks Doom “Could we go to this world, and cleanse it?” Doom shook his head “No Hans, focus on the issue before us rather than seeking revenge for another.”

The flame only showed a severely bleeding Eric lying on the floor holding a cello bow while the shadows of his parents screamed and slashed his back.

“My only comforts in my life were my younger brother...” Eric said, showing the image of his brother who tended to Eric’s woulds. “And my friend Callum.”

The flame showed the image of a grinning young boy with blonde hair, pale skin and bright green eyes, his attire consisted of articles of clothing showing an abundance of anime memorabilia.

“With my lessons beginning from dusk till dawn I was only allowed to hang out with both of them during the night,” Eric said, gaining a warm smile on his face. “Callum introduced me to anime and manga and eventually convinced me to join him to Comic Con which was happening the following month.”

“My Parents eventually found out and put bars on all windows and doors” Eric said as his spell showed his younger self staring outside behind the bars. “When my brother finally stood up for me they dragged him outside and into the car….That was the last time I saw my baby brother”

The flame showed Eric’s younger Brother being dragged into the car kicking and screaming, all the while Eric was helplessly trying to break out of his locked room.

As they watched Eric’s younger brother get taken, Kodo’s claws clenched Shiva’s fur. The mother wolf pulled her son close, silently promising him such a fate would never befall him.

“Part of me believes he’s alive, that they just put him in an orphanage or something” Eric said before getting up and removing his coat and shirt. “But I know that people who do this to their own son…” Eric said, showing everyone the scars covering his back, earning shocked gasps from the others. “Would have silenced him for good.”

"You had earned the blessing of a brother and they took it away from you… Damn them. If I had the power to go to their front door… God knows what will happen and he would be mentally scarred for all of his damn life if I did have a way to get there." Thanos clenched his fists until It bled. Lucci crossed his arms, clenching his teeth.

“Death is too good a fate for creatures like that,” Shiva said.

Once his shirt and coat was back on Eric continued his tale. “The only good thing that happened after that was when Cal risked his life and broke me out by destroying the bars on my window,” Eric said showing a pure smile. “He handed me the costume I prepared for the convention and we went to the wonderful world of Comic Con.”

“And your captors didn’t follow?” Shiva asked.

“No, thank god.” Eric said with relief. “I honestly don’t know if I could have lived with myself if I got my only friend killed.”

The fire showed Eric and his friend Cal both dressed as Original One Piece characters, it then showed Eric coming face to face with the Merchant that Displaced him

“I purchased a black Devil Fruit, the gun Mr. 5 used in One Piece and Edward Newgate’s Murakumogiri” Eric said as his spell showed him paying for the items and then disappearing in a flash of light. “Next thing I know I wake up in the frozen north of the Crystal Empire”

In the flame showed a confused Eric frantically looking around the snow covered area

“I blacked out from the cold and awoke in the castle's medical wing.” Eric said remembering when he met the king and the prince. “If Cal hadn’t been a brony I would have had no idea where I was, it had turned out I was displaced in the Crystal Empire, long before Sombra became corrupted and imprisoned in the shadows.”

“A time I had wished wouldn’t have happened” Sombra said looking away in regret

“It’s in the past, Sombra,” Luna said, placing hand on the unicorn's shoulder. “You must let go of your past in order to move forward. It’s what I did when I was freed from my father’s influence.”

"One must accept their mistakes and move on, look at me now, I'm different because I realized that… That being rude and insensitive isn't a good thing to be. Especially when you have other people, from other universes and having different teachings." Thanos said sagely.

“Indeed,” Shiva mused, before pausing. “Wait… your father? Who was your father?”

Hearing this question caused Luna to physically wince. She tried to find an excuse to leave but calmed when Eric placed his hand upon hers.

“Only answer if you are ready to share” Eric said, calming the alicorn.

“I want to, but some have been affected by him as well,” Luna whispered before inhaling deeply. “My father is….King….Umbra the Dark.”

"Nani?!" Luffy turned his whole body to face Luna, "Could he p-" He was slapped by Lucci.

"Shut." Lucci shook his head.

Kodo stood up, in shock. “Umbra?” he demanded, glancing at Sombra. “THE Umbra. The one that messed up Sombra’s life? Black’s life?” His claws clenched. “My life?”

“The very same,” Sombra said, his stature tensing slightly.

“Queen Lucinda, Celetia’s and Luna’s biological mother foresaw a war breaking out between Equestria and the Empire,” Eric explained having read about it and being told by Celestia herself. “To prevent this Lucinda ventured to the empire to negotiate with Umbra. However he broke the treaty and took Lucinda for his own.”

Shiva stiffened, her fur bristling.

“Outraged King Solaris, Celestia’s father, brought war to the empire to rescue his queen, Both Umbra and Solaris perished in their seven day battle.” Eric said, coming to a close. “However Lucinda was already with child. After giving birth to Luna, Lucinda died, leaving Celestia with no-one. Lucinda wanted Luna imprisoned in fear of becoming like her father”

“However Tia didn’t want to rule Equestria by herself,” Luna added. “So, she accepted me as if we had the same parents. Unfortunately, after the fight with Sombra, my fathers dormant magic flared. It instilled thoughts and lies until I gave into them and became Nightmare Moon.”

Kodo lowered his head. “She really is like me…” he muttered to himself, before looking up at Luna. “The same thing happened to me, Princess. Umbra’s influence just kept pushing at me. Telling me to attack the ponies and be Shiva’s vengeance.” He shrugged. “I was no Nightmare Moon, but… I was pretty close.”

"Speaking of "like me" I remember when I had to fight another Luffy, he was… Scared, being experimented on by the Ponies, crucified and tortured. I had him put him down by his request… It scarred me." Luffy shiver.

“I believe everyone here has suffered by the hands of Umbra,” Sombra said, causing everyone to remember the dark unicorn.

“He killed my father,” Maud said her tone taking on a slightly sad tone

“He killed Soarin,” Rainbow said in sadness. “My coltfriend at the time.”

“I can’t say I know much of him,” Phoenix began. “Never had any encounters, or even read any books. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was just as bad in my world.” Phoenix finished by downing the rest of his drink and cracking open another

"Almost killed Lucci, and killed the old Cp9 of Equestria." Thanos added.

“Is it my turn to share?” Rainbow said, rubbing the forming tears from her eyes.

"Please, go ahead Ms. Dash, tell us." Thanos said with a warm smile.

“Okay this happened over two years ago,” Rainbow began lowering her cloud closer to the ground. “Upon the request of Cold Scale, we sailed to the Island of Minotaurs.”

“Now keep in mind, My Equestria is separated by water” Eric stated. “It’s exactly like the One Piece World”

"Any Yonko?" Asked Luffy, turning to the shadow man.

“You’re Looking at them,” Sombra said grinning at the rubber man. “Pirate Slayer” Sombrahesta, “Shadow Reaper” Von Shadow, “Fire Fist” Dash, and “Lightning Flash” Luna but Eric calls us the Four Emperors”

“And Maud Here” Rainbow said, jabbing a thumb towards the earth pony. “Is our strongest Warlord”

Luffy just grinned back, "COOOOLL!!! Back at my Equestria I was a Yonko too! I had under eight thousand men behind me. Thanks to Ussop. My other Emperors are Mihawk, Monkey D. Dragon, and finally Phil Swift!" Luffy grinned ear to ear.

“Rainbow, your tale?” Eric turned to Rainbow with a raised eyebrow.

“Right right sorry Eric” Rainbow apologized

“So we arrived at the Minotaur Island of Minos. About a full day after landing the spoiled 2nd prince decided he wanted Applejack as his bride.” Rainbow said sitting up on her cloud. “She told him she’d pass but the prince refused to accept her refusal.”

Shiva smirked. “Males,” she noted with a shake of her head. “Why do so many of them need to have ‘no’ be accompanied by violence.”

"He stole my line!" Luffy growled. "I refuse your refusal is my thing!"

"Tsk, we had a King who's pride was too large to surrender." Lucci sighed.

“The Kingdom of Minos works alot like the Sabody archipelago” Eric commented

“So when Applejack pushed the prince, everypony froze and gasped out,” Rainbow said, anger starting to show in her expression. “Immediately she was attacked and arrested.”

“We later found out that the royal family treat themselves as gods, much like the Celestial Dragons,” Eric said

“We also found out that we could settle any argument with a contest of combat.” Rainbow said smiling.

“However she failed to realise that challenging the royal family meant she would fight the kingdoms top three strongest,” Sombra said shaking his head

“Meanwhile I found Cold Scale’s enslaved mother and got myself arrested to free Applejack,” Eric said, crossing his arms. “She helped us escape and asked if her son suffered in his death, I told her I killed him quickly, he felt no pain when he died. I promised to free her but she said she’s rather join her family than be free and see the minotaur brand another day”

“Rainbow fought each battle with everything she had,” Sombra said. “However she was exhausting herself, at the time she had a problem with precision attacks and was expending more power to use widespread attacks”

“I was still having trouble with that part of my powers,” admitted Rainbow Dash. “I had beat my first two matches and was left to near exhaustion, but I wasn’t about to let that minotaur have Aj”

“However I had no idea my next opponent was going to be the crown prince himself” Rainbow recalled the pain in her wings. “He was fast, faster than me. He dislocated my wings causing me to fight on the ground

"You should be thankful he didn't rip your wings off your back." Thanos said before muttering, "Like I once did to someone…"

“He did” Rainbow said reaching behind her back and touching the scar around her wing. “Sombra was able to reattach it, and after months of healing I was able to fly again. it still stings every now and then”

“Halfway through the fight me and Applejack arrived at the arena and saw Rainbow on the ground, missing a wing and bleeding,” Eric said “Appljack went to help but I stopped her saying that this is her fight, she must face this on her own”

"I never once disable someone, that… It's unacceptable! As the Champion of Minos I would personally kill him in the arena!" Lucci growled turning into his full Leopard form and roared.

“When All seemed lost I slowly pushed myself to my feet and glared at the crowned prince” Rainbow said retelling her victory. “Eric once told me that my limits weren’t meant to stop me they were made to be broken”

“And she didn’t just break them” Eric said grinning. “She absolutely Shattered them”

“I acquired a Flame transformation that I called” Rainbow said, flying up and igniting into a rainbow flaming spirit with burning rainbow wings. “Rainbow Flame Spirit”

"Gay!" Nappa said in the background only to be punched by Luffy.

“She used that form to kill the prince and win Applejack's freedom,” Sombra said before turning to Eric. “However the king didn’t take kindly to that”

“The King had the powers of the Magma-Magma Fruit,” Eric said, remembering the burn he felt that day. “I used my shadow powers to transfer everyone to the ship”

“I then saw no need to hold back and destroyed the island” Eric said using his magic to show the island and kingdom of Minos being wiped off the map by an explosion of shadow

"...And it's inhabitants?" Thanos looked to Eric with a raised eyebrow, "Also it hurts because I am now the King of Minos."

“Dead...Each and every one of them either died when the island was destroyed or drowned” Eric said showing no remorse for killing the minotaurs

"I see…" Thanos held up two hands to his face, "That's disappointing, not in you, but the fact that they did not survive."

“Remember I’ve met your Minotaurs you have nothing to worry about,” Assured Eric “I killed them because they tried to kill and arrest me and my friends, they would’ve gone to war with Equestria”

"Emerald Gauntlet, Sapphire Sword, Ruby, and even… Golden Shield…?" Thanos asked the Shadow Man.

“I never met any of them,” Eric admitted. “However Minos wasn’t the only Minotaur island, it was just one of many, the others are untouched”

"If you ever meet them… Please, do not kill them, they are my people in my universe and the next." Thanos told Eric before looking into the fire.

“I’ll keep an eye out,” Eric said cutting off his spell returning the flame to normal

Shiva glanced at Link, who looked like he was patiently waiting his turn. “What about you, Link,” she asked. “You look like you have some stories to share.”

“Too many to count.” Link said with a chuckle. “Where would I even start?” he asked as he leaned forward in his seat.

“How about when you got Displaced?” she offered.

“Well.” Link began. "Considering how everyones is a little fancy with their storytelling, I might as well use a little bit of ancient hyrule magic. I won't bother telling who I was before displacement since a lot of that old life is gone other than my old name, which I can't tell to non-displaced." As he spoke, he reached into his pouch to pull out what appeared to a fairly sized red leather bag. Link untying it and opens it up, Reaching in, Link takes a pinch of some sort of powder. Holding his hand over the fire; his triforce of courage radiant softly as he waves his hand across, sprinkling the magic powder. Ed would sense it to be like alchemy, yet felt nothing like his own; similar yet different. There is a gentle fluttering whistle sound as the flame's within the campfire danced and moved around, soon changing colors to form an image.

"Long ago, twenty seven years, back when I used to go by the name Jeff. The news told of a mysterious merchant and how people vanished or went missing when they bought from this man. No cop nor even the best detectives could solve this mystery, and any attempt at apprehending the merchant, the man would always escape. Due to this, I had chosen to avoid all comic cons and gatherings, even places where the merchant was last spotted. I didn't want to become the next victim, alas despite my best efforts, I was still tricked when someone rang my doorbell, and left that large treasure chest " Link explained; his words shaping the flames and their colors to show what had happened, revealing a young adult in his twenties opening a chest. "When I opened it, it showed it contained the triforce of courage; a powerful golden relic that contained the essence of the goddess of courage; Farore. Out of curiosity, I reached up to touch that artifact, and before I knew it, I found myself flying out of control toward the Everfree Forest, with only a diamond-like barrier to break my fall." Link explained, the fire forming to show very panic and much younger Link screaming inside of a blue diamond.

"For twenty years I searched throughout Equestria believing the triforce of power and wisdom existed somewhere out there. Throughout those years, despite wanting to go home so badly, I had done so many heroic deeds saving pony lifes, taking down powerful monsters and foes alike either three times my size, wielding untold power, or were too fast to take on in normal time." Link explained as multiple images flashed across. "But of course, those are just multiple for another time. We'd be here all night if I told them all, but let's just say I never found the other pieces of the triforce and eventually learned this triforce is just a void copy of the original, not even a way to return home. So I gave up and instead tried to live my life in the Everfree Forest, hunting my own food, living inside a makeshift home." Link said with a sigh as the bad memories of his past. Slowly, the flames moved forward to show another timeline.

"Life was somewhat alright until a filly too curious for her own good came along seeking out a Stone Mask she read in a book. Right here, is when I fought against a Manticore, trying to protect a young Moondancer. I couldn't fight at my best without endangering her or Everfree. However, due to my paranoia, I paid the price when the manticore impaled me through the chest, narrowly avoiding my heart when it tried to go after Moondancer." Link said as he reached up to pull down his red cloak and his green tunic to reveal a rather nasty star shaped scar on his chest.

The flames soon faded to reveal a gruesome image of Link's impalement by the manticore as Link let go of his chain mail's collar. "The rest of my life was just me healing up, being recruited as a guard to protect a strange fox-like pony who came from the future, then the unicorn nobles being paranoid of me and how I became a hired guard easily, them sending out dangerous assassins wanting to kill me, so many near death experiences that I've lost count. In short, they wanted me dead badly." Link said as he tightly grasped his fist, then slowly eased it. "The other seven years I won't deep into detail such as saving my Princess Luna, protecting parts of Equestria whenever Celestia sensed an anomaly. Alot of the monsters I've take down were creatures of the zelda universe, either the same as, or drastically changed due to whatever Master they serve." Link said with a frown, remembering a certain boss who kept turning him into a pink bunny using a magical shield while it danced around him, mocking him.

"My will to live and my drive to do good is what kept me going. Sure, I'm not a planet buster like you guys, but I try to make do with the powers and items I was given." Link said; his words causing the triforce of courage to glow at its brightest. Overtime, it slowly fades away; hiding behind Link's leather gauntlets.

Shiva smiled softly at his words. “In that regard, we are very much alike,” she said. “I couldn’t destroy a planet even if I wanted to. I got by through uniting others in the pack.” She grinned. “I heard a wise changeling once say, ‘The strength of the timber wolf is the pack. And the strength of the pack is the timber wolf.’ I don’t know if he meant it as a warning or as guidance, but it’s certainly served me well in my own adventures.”

“Maybe it meant that a powerful leader can lead the pack. A stronger leader being someone to look up to, inspire and thus given a reason to get stronger so they may protect the leader.” Link said with a smile. “In all honesty, I’m more of a lone wolf. I work best alone considering anyone with me may end up hurt. It's like trying to cast a wide spell, but someone will end up hit by accident.” Link explained.

"I respect it." Nappa held up a fist Link for him to fist bump it.

“Sure, you keep others from getting hurt,” Kodo replied. “But in a team, you have someone to watch your back and make sure you don’t get hurt either.”

“It takes a lot to earn someone's trust like that pup,” Ed commented finally. “I trust very few outside my own family. Last time I did I ended up insane inside a stone prison and watched my wife be sent to the moon for a thousand years, all while being right in front of me as she changed into Nightmare Moon. To see the one you love every night but yet be unable to touch them…”

Kodo winced. “I… guess I didn’t think of it like that,” he mumbled.

“You do have to be careful,” Shiva agreed. “You shouldn’t entrust your life and all your secrets to just anyone. But, if you manage to find the right creatures to add to your pack; the ones that respect what you’d rather hide and stand with you when you need them…” She shook her head. “There should be balance to it at the very least.”

“Trust can be a powerful ally, or a deadly enemy that can manipulate you and betray your trust.” Link said with a nod.

“You are right about that Shiva,” Ed agreed with the alpha. “As I said there are very few I trust outside my family, but there are still some that have earned it. Trust should always be thought of as a dual-edged sword that can be thrust into you at any time.”

"...Can I lay on your lap?" Said the fully leopard Lucci looking at Ed. "Cat tendencies."

“Do I look like a crazy cat lady?” Ed deadpanned. “Or a cat person at all?”

"...N-no…" Lucci slowly backed away into the shadows.

Link gave Ed a disapproving look before looking over at where Lucci went. “You can lay in my lap if you’d like. I used to have five cats before I ended up in another world.” Link said as he patted his lap.

Lucci used soru and immediately was on Link's lap, purring.

“Like I said not a cat person,” Ed shrugged. “I don’t really do animals period, except for my Bastiodon.”

Shiva cautiously edged away from Ed. “Is the Bastiodon…?” she started to ask. “A dog?”

“No need to worry she’s the biggest softy in the world,” He held up a hand. “But she is back in my world and I rarely bring her on trips. And no she’s a pokemon.”

“Ah, I see,” Shiva said, looking away, before pausing. “Wait… a pokemon?”

“It is short for pocket monster. They are a race of animals that evolve through combat with each other, similar to Displaced in a way,” Ed explained. “Have my niece in my world for about a month lead them to start showing up in my world. They come in all shapes and varieties like modern animals do so yes there are a few dog types But Clipuem isn’t one, that’s Bastidon’s pokemon name.”

“...Speaking of pokemon, I’d hate to see or know the current number now…” Link said with a chuckle of amusement.

“Mine only go up to the season of mega evolutions,” Ed waved off the remark. “Don’t know why and I don’t really care. I do prefer the Umbreon over an opossum that Luna has though. Clip may come in handy here though, she is a level one hundred and as x and y mega evolutions not to mention primal reversion.”

"Alright, Ed, do you want to share your tale of adventure?" Thanos inquired, looking at the Sage. "You do not need to tell us if thou doesn't want to."

“Hmm..” Ed rubbed his chin. “There is that time Greed and I team up to take down the other homunculi, but that spans over eight hundred years. Hmm… There's also the time I fought Zoro. I’ve never seen Celestia so pissed before. I laced her cake with ghost pepper. I also changed all Brook’s instruments with cardboard and licorice. I managed to kid Sanji and Pink to flip out in the kitchen. What did I do to Luna? It was one of my funniest adventures really. Can’t recall them all. One of my favorites was recently though, I got a megazord out of that one.” He scratched his head. “I don’t really have a short tell guys. I mean The shortest one would be the wedding or the Minos War when I become the Crimson King.”

“The war was the turning point in my life though,” he sighed. “Mostly good but also some very bad.”

“War should be over before it even begins” Eric said shaking his head

“Tell that to battle hungry Minotaurs,” Ed glared.

“Believe me I know, it’s like those muscle headed buffoons know nothing except combat and war,” Eric said

“Their king was quite smart, he planned out everything to the last battle but didn’t take into account my regeneration,” Ed looked up. “He had a crystal sword specially made for the sisters and planned for them to be tired after calming down a certain berserk alchemist. You don’t give them enough credit my friend, they’re much smarter than you’d except.” Ed said as a ripple in the air appeared and out came a massive crystal sword. “Jagged Edge was much smarter than most though. His power was on par with mine back then, It was nearly four thousand years ago or was it closer to three. Any ways After I killed the bastard I became king due to traditions. I was then able to officially marry Luna due to my status. Like I said, some bad but mostly good things happened. That’s my tell though.” He put away the sword. “I have to say one of the worst things I’ve ever faced would be void eaters though. Nasty creature that shouldn’t exist in the first place.”

“Before anyone asks, a void eater is basically a Displaced’s evil clone spawned from the void,” Ed said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his flasket and took a sip. “They are usually black with boney area on their bodies similar to Grimm from RWBY but they are also incomplete and seek out the original to feed on their origins void energy. Unless you beat them in a fight they’ll never stop coming for you. Do beat them and you have an eternal ally.”

“So something like this” Eric said, pulling out a copy of himself, only it had red lines all over its body and a more jagged skull mask from his shadow.

Link blinked. “So the lesser void dweller I fought years ago isn’t the only thing of the void that would present itself as a threat, grand..” he said as he started to pet Lucci softly.

“Void Eaters are much more dangerous, they’ll come after any Displaced in the area to feed.” Ed explained. “Even Void Dwellers keep clear of them. Worst part is the more they feed the more complete they become. They gain the powers of whatever displaced they feed off of too.”

“Yeah tell me about it, this little fucker was a huge pain in the ass to beat,” Eric said, shoving the bound creature back into his shadow

"You can’t kill void eaters no matter what you try,” he said with a very dark tone. “If you ever come across one, you can only do one of two thing. Fight it and pray you're powerful enough to beat it or run and pray it doesn’t track you.”

"Excuse me Edward, but are you done with your tale?" Thanos asked Ed.

“Yes I believe my horror story is done,”Ed waved. “So on to you then grape ape.”

Thanos turned to Nappa who stood there with his arms crossed, "Nappa I believe you said you had an adventure in Equestria, would you mind letting us hear it?" Thanos asked the Saiyan.

"Ugh… Does anyone want to hear it?" Nappa asked rubbing his eyes, groaning in the process

“...A question. Are you displaced as the original Nappa, or the abridged Nappa.” Link asked seriously.

"Nope! I'm the abridged Nappa, you'll know more about me if you guys want to hear my tale." Nappa grinned, putting a fist to his chest.

"All In favor of hearing Nappa's story say "Aye"." Lucci yawned.

“Aye! Might as well.” Black said, speaking for the first time.

“Aye!” Shiva and Kodo barked.

“Why not?” Eric said with his friends nodding in agreement.

“The floor is your,” Ed pointed at the saiyan.

Nappa just mouthed a swear before firing off a spell to the flame making a TV appear above it, not affected by the heat. Everyone leaned towards where it was facing.

Link almost jumped in his seat when Nappa fired off.

"Alright, let's begin. After becoming a Movie Producer, very long story, I was running out of ideas, I asked my good friend uh… Bill for advice to clear my Producer's Block. He advised that I go on a vacation and well…" The TV flashes white and it showed Nappa going on a mini-spaceship waving Bill goodbye.

"I went to go to the Bug Planet to…" Nappa looked back at the audience, "Kill their planet and I was stupid enough to spit out hot ass coffee on the control panel and…" It showed Nappa getting thrown around like a ragdoll in the ship before seeing the ship spin around and crash in Ponyville.

"Unlike you guys the locals were not bipedal, this is exactly the time when the Canterlot invasion happened. I called my Rainbow Dash gay, we started bickering, we went on a train, boom we arrived at Canterlot!" It showed Nappa crossing his arms and looking up at the palace, "The palace was bigger than the one on Planet Vegeta."

"Okay so I heard Princess Whorra wanted me to meet her, and so I did…" It showed Nappa and "Cadence" in her room, "She quizzed me, I failed because I was bad at math and well…" It showed Nappa falling from her room and going to "hell"

“...You went to hell for failing a math test? What kind of half-armos nonsense is that?” Link asked with a frown at how extreme the punishment was.

“I didn’t go to hell, just the mines… Also me and the actual Cadence bonded quite well playing games, Twilight came along and tried to kill Cadence, I however did not want that. Reasoning happens and we decided to go and save Equestria.” Nappa said as the TV showed Nappa, Cadence, and Twilight running, “Then we arrived I blanked out…” It then showed the events of Chrysalis revealing herself and Nappa standing there with a stupid grin on his face.

“I have a short attention span…” Nappa laughed, “Anyways, Chrysalis sent a few Changelings after me, and I played Patty Cake with them.” It then showed Nappa brutally pummeling the Changelings, and when I mean brutal I mean brutal. “Then a Lieutenant came along and we had an epic duel that turned out with me blowing my load all over his insides.”

“And when you mean ‘Blow your load all over his insides’ what exactly do you mean?” Luna asked raising her eyebrow

“I shot a hole through him!” It showed Nappa shooting a ki blast through the Changeling Lieutenant, the Changeling spewed out an ungodly amount of blood. And he fell onto the ground, dead.

“I knew what he meant,” Eric stated, still not liking the presence of the bald saiyan. “He just as idiotic and stupid as the show version.”

“Abridged or the actual one, because I am the actual abridged version.” Nappa raised an eyebrow.

“Both” Eric said with no hesitation

“Well, the actual Nappa wasn’t that dumb, but anyways, I fought Chrysalis and I pounded her ass like Eric would pound Luna.” It showed him beating Chrysalis with ease, breaking through her shield with an “Arm Crash” and sending her into a wall.

Without hesitation Nappa was hit by a bolt of red lightning that was followed by a flurry of small black darts

“Poor choice of words…” Link said with a frown.

“Very poor…” Ed agreed.

“So anyways…” Nappa said grunting the words out, “Then flashforward a few days and I fought King Sombra himself. I looked at him and said these exact words.” It showed Nappa between Sombra and Shining Armor, the cutscene Nappa then said “So anyways I started blasting.” And it showed Nappa shooting a barrage of Ki-blasts at Sombra. It then showed Sombra getting into his non-shadowy form and completely owning Nappa.

“My leg doesn’t bend that way, MY LEG DOESN'T BEND THAT WAY!!!!” It is then followed by a snap, “Now it does!” Cut-scene Nappa cried out.

Nappa felt Sombra grinning slightly, when Nappa turned back to Sombra it was gone.

“He then blasted me far and into a trench, so I had to wait until the Guards found me, which was a full day.” It showed Nappa getting rescued by the Crystal Guard. “Soon after that… The Brute Force attacked…”

“The brute force were under someone called King Colder, King Cold’s brother, the Brute Force were the hardest people I ever fought. Pause on that.” It showed silhouettes of five beings. Nappa looked over the Black. It then showed Nappa fighting an Albino namekian and a Yardrat, then an Android with pale skin and long silky black hair, then finally a Human with red hair. “It was a tough battle, nearly destroying the planet too.” Nappa claimed before it then switched to him fighting a bipedal Changeling.

“This mother fucker, THIS fucker right here is Raptor, a Changeling bred to kill me by none other than Chrysalis herself, she put her children in a Manticore pit and whoever came out alive… Will be her successor.” Nappa said as the TV shook when they clashed making a shockwave. “It was that time I went Super Saiyan because of the stupid plot device that is Raptor, I killed him without remorse and then I heard a broadcast from my scouter that told me I had two months to prepare before… Colder arrives.” Nappa sighed, there was then a flash and showed Nappa in Super Saiyan Two above Colder in his fifth form.

“Eventually I went into Super Saiyan Two and killed the bastard with a Dragon Fist through him.“ It showed Nappa kicking Colder far and flying at him, a golden dragon following the Saiyan as he went through the Frost Demon, the Frost Demon then fell. “After that my Author spoke with me, said I wasn’t going to let you die and threw me into Kaido’s Prison. That jackass… There marked my tale, it was bad, really bad. I hated it.” Nappa growled at the Authors.

Shiva glanced around, unsure who he was speaking to. “I thought it was rather nice,” she mumbled.

“So, Black, would you like to enlighten us about your past experiences?” Thanos added putting his fingers together.

“...Wait, how do you become a super saiyan? What does it even look like if you’re, I mean…” Link gestured to Nappa’s bald head that could rival Thanos.

“Well he’ll probably get a larger forehead” Eric said chuckling. “After all if you look at Super Saiyan 2 and 3 you’ll see their forehead grows, take away the hair and you’ve got caveman foreheads”

Link bursted out laughing at the imagine in his head.

Kodo hummed, glancing between Nappa and Black and remembering when Black when Super Saiyan Two. “Wouldn’t his moustache change color too?” Kodo offered. “I remember Black’s hair color changing when he went super.”

"When I'm Super Saiyan Three I get a Viking Beard and Moustache. You are correct, my beard and moustache turn yellow despite being naturally bald." Nappa informed the pup

“Well it would. All facial hair, tail, and your normal hair would change color depending on which form you take.” Black explained. “As for your question Link, to become a Super Saiyan, you have to experience something that gets you angry enough to trigger the transformation. Like when Goku saw his friend Krillen literally explode in front of him by Frieza.” Black explained as he held out a hand, an image coming out of it as it shows Goku turning into a Super Saiyan. “I experienced something like this when I fought Discord.”

“Wait.. What about their son? I remember the episode where they went super saiyan without anger.” Link asked with minor confusion.

“Well, that way was one of many, for example…” Black changed the image, showing an injured Prince Vegeta on a planet with meteors raining down. “He changed into a Super Saiyan after he declared he didn’t care for catching up to Goku anymore. He had been trying to turn Super Saiyan for months, but gave up in a fit of rage.” Black explained as the image disappeared. “There were many ways they turned Super Saiyan for the first time, but the most common theme was either losing something or a big fit of rage. As for higher levels, it was almost the same thing, but you had to train to hit a certain level.”

“That still doesn’t explain Goku and Vegeta’s sons turning into saiya- actually..” Link said as he waved his hand. “You can teach me more later, I don’t want to take up everyone’s time when they’re here to tell their stories.” he said.

“It’s alright, but I might as well explain my story to you all.” Black said, “Wazu!” The Saiyan suddenly called out, confusing the others. They waited a moment before Black realized something. “Right… he’s not here.” Black muttered.

“..Was that supposed to be a name for a cloud, like Nimbus or something?” Link asked as he looked around.

“No… it was supposed to bring out my angel assistant, but I realized I didn’t bring him with me.” Black explained. “Guess I’ll have to do this without him.” Black stood up, holding out a palm before facing it towards the sky. Shortly after, multiple images appeared above him, circling the campfire. All the images contained Black’s adventures, some of them making Black internally laugh. “Where should I start…” Black mused to himself. “Might as well tell you all how I first became a Displaced.” Black swiped his hand, an image coming towards him. He used both of his hands, expanding the image and making it become 3D, changing the surroundings around the group.

“I was just a normal guy, one without parents and ‘friends’, basically a loner. But that changed after the place I worked at was destroyed in a fire.” Black explained, the surroundings changing into a street with multiple buildings on the side. It showed a human in a black t-shirt with grey sweatpants and white sneakers. “I had gone to my favorite burger place and gotten myself a milkshake. And I noticed out of the corner of my eye, I saw a door in the middle of an alleyway, emitting a rainbow glow. Of course, curiosity got the best of me and I opened it, and got sucked into a vortex.” Black explained as his past human self did just that.

The surrounding changed, the street and buildings disappeared as it was replaced by a small bedroom with a theme of blue on everything. “Coming into Equestria was a bit of an experience, I may or may not have appeared in my future marefriend’s bedroom…” Black nervously laughed. This got most of the displaced curiously expressions onto they’re faces.

“I think I see where this is going, I’m guessing you saw her undressing?” Link asked with a mischievous grin.

Black blushed, “Thankfully she wasn’t, I actually came into the room before she did.” Black explained as a door appeared out of nowhere, opening and proceeding to spit out a younger looking Goku Black, a young adult. The younger Saiyan got up, being surprised at his new appearance as he looked into a mirror. “She came in crying as she was insulted by some ponies and getting into a fight with her older sister.” Black explained as his younger self walked up to the door, only to be slammed into the wall when the door smacked him. A young Luna ran into the room, slamming the door behind her and leaning against it as she was crying. “For awkward encounters, that may be one of them in my list.”

“After I calmed her down and explained who I was, we began to talk, exchanging information about where I came from and what Equestria was. When it became night, things got a bit awkward for me.” The Saiyan said as he began to blush. The image shows Black and Luna arguing about the younger Saiyan wanting to sleep on the floor, while Luna wanted to share the bed with him. The younger Black lost, almost being pulled to the bed and forced to cuddle with the Alicorn.

"PFFT-" Thanos put a hand to his mouth before looking at everyone, he cleared his throat, "Continue."

Black glared at the titan before he sighed. “The next morning, she wanted me to meet Celestia. On the way there, most of the guards gave me a dirty look. The image changed again, showing Luna draggin Black by hand. Encountering a few guards, but Luna gave them a glare. “I swear, I think one of the guards almost shat themselves.” Black laughed.

“Try being blasted by everything with a horn when you first meet them,” Ed looked off to the side as he took a swig from his flask. “Tia hit me so hard once I had a hole in me for about an hour.”

“Or being locked in a cage and forced to relive your worst memories,” Shiva added with flattened ears. “I know why the Luna of my world did it, but that doesn’t make me like it.”

“You and everyone else who still has a conscience,” Ed added.

"Or being forced to play bodyguard to a spoiled privilege brat," Eric said, causing sombra to glare at him

"I wasn't that bad!" argued the unicorn

"You made Blueblood seem like a holy saint," Eric said as Luna held back a chuckle.

“Uh…” Black scratched the back of his head nervously. “Well…” The image followed the pair as they walked into the Royal Courtroom, showing a younger Princess Celestia sitting on a singular throne. “After some explaining to her about where I came from, she welcomed me into Equestria. But she questioned where I slept, that led to… me being shot into a wall with a magical blast.” Black nervously laughed, the image showing one of Celestia’s eyes twitching before shooting the Saiyan into the wall.

“Luna did the same to me when I walked BACK into the castle and her life after about five thousand years,” Ed nods with a halfhearted chuckle.

“But after that, it was mostly peaceful, Luna showed me around Equestria while it was being formed, but that changed when Discord showed up.” Black spat. The Image changed a few years later, showing an older but still young Goku Black. The Saiyan stood side by side with Celestia, Luna, and the original bearers of the Elements of Harmony. “At that point, I was about the same strength as Goku before he fought Frieza. But it wasn’t enough to take on Discord, he had the same strength as a low tier god at that point.” Black explained as the image showed scenes of the group fighting against the chaos spirit, a massively one sided fight. “I turned Super Saiyan later into the fight as Discord killed one of the Elements of Harmony, one I considered a brother. The Chaos spirit even mentioned he would do the same to Luna.”

The younger Black transformed, his hair spiking up as it turned golden while his eyes turned light blue. But his pupils changed to draconic for a second before going back to normal. “I was still not able to compete with Discord since he’s a low tier god. Since one of the bearers of the Elements of Harmony was killed, Master Starswirl bestowed the power of the Elements to Celestia and Luna. I was more of a distraction then a competitor against Discord. But I held out long enough for the sisters to use the Elements against Discord, sealing him in stone.” Black explained the image showing the long fight between the Saiyan and the Spirit.

“Then years later you meet a comedic purple oven alien and he helps you deal with the chaos lord again. Then you two fought to a draw,” Ed smirked. “And Thanos tortures Discord via ghost Nappa.”

“AND I’D DO IT AGAIN!!!,” Nappa fist pumps into the air with a chaotic grin.

“No, that would be 1,007 years from now.” Black explained as the image changed, it changed into a snow wasteland with hundreds of ponies fighting each other.

“That’s why I said years later,” Ed pointed out.

“Didn’t specify,” Black bluntly said. “This was when I fought against Sombra and his Ruva army.” Black explained.

"He has a point." Thanos turned to Ed.

“Eh, touché,” Ed nods.

“This was a turning point in my life, I saw all of my friends and a filly killed right in front of me.” Black explained as the image shows Sombra proceeding to slaughter the Elements of Harmony with the exception of Starswirl, killing a filly in front of them while Black was impaled in the chest by Sombra’s hand. Then the tyrannical king caving Starswirl's head in. “This was the time I changed into the first Nightmare.”

“We all have times when we fall,” Ed sighed as an image of himself covered in crimson energy surrounds him. Merely as he walks through the landscape everything dies.

“Very true… something that we all can never be proud of…” Black sighed as the image showed Black transforming into a Super Saiyan 2, only to have his golden aura change into a black aura. The Saiyan’s eyes changed to full on draconic with a hazy image of black wings sprouting from the Saiyan’s back. “I went on a full on killing spree against the Ruva ponies, not having a spec of regret.” The younger Black went through Sombra’s armys, slicing them in half and punching heads off.

“I did the same during my time in my blind rage,” Ed looked at Black. “It’s what brings us back that is most important.”

“I eventually went to finish off Sombra, but he framed me before I killed him. But doing this, he had a curse that literally made the Crystal Empire and the Crystal ponies to cease to exist. The tyrant had framed me, making it look like I had killed both of the races. The pony populace hated me beyond belief, even though there were some attempts for assassinations against me.” Black explained as he sat back down with a sigh. “I went into depression for a year, later blaming myself for the Crystal ponies demise. But the Nightmare inside of me had begun spreading lies inside my head, until a few years later it tried to take control of me. I had asked the sisters to seal me in stone to prevent it.” Black explained as the image showing the events for the rest of the 8 years for the Saiyan, including turning him into stone.

“I came out a 1,000 years later, proceeding to fight Nightmare moon, being sent to another universe where I met Mr. Grumpy and your brother Gar.” Black explained. The image showing the short fight against Nightmare moon. Then switching to Gar and ‘Mr. Grumpy’ as it was a short trip. “After that fiasco, I met Edward after finding his token, calling him to see what would happen. Edward helped me with getting set up for the Grand Galloping Gala. Then we fought, he kicked my ass. Then after that, I meet purple Mr. Clean and he helps my fight against Discord. Then I fought him, agreeing to a tie.” Black explained as the events passed by on the image. “All of that leading to now.”

"Losing one's master is not that easy, going on a rampage is… Normal for Displaced." Thanos chuckled, 'I should know…' Thanos said to himself mentally, "Phoenix, Doom? Do you two wish to tell your story?"

Doom opens his hand and casts a spell creating a glowing orb of magic “My story is in the comics. I am Victor von Doom, and I am not Victor von Doom. To explain I let Hans start our tale, after all we are one and the same.

Hans' voice filled the air as he talked images from the globe of magic “I use the name Hans for now, but my name was not that at the start. Few of my memories remain but I do remember being poor, trailer park trash poor. My Father was a drunk abusive man.”

The image of a man hitting a brown haired woman and her falling banging her head against the table and a pool of blood forming around her fallen head played as Hans talked. “I think I was ten or twelve at the time my father killed the woman I think was my Mother. I can’t remember anything else about her.”

“A few years later he had a heart attack, I was 16 at the time. His abuse didn’t stop with my mother, I was beaten as well during his drunken rampages. So I made a plan.”

The image showed a brown haired teenager buying a bottle of potassium. “Potassium in high amounts could cause issues. His kidney was unhealthy from the drinking and the potassium built up in his blood. Enough so that his already weak heart… finally gave out.”

The display showed Han’s Father having a second heart attack and Hans stood there watching, making sure it was fatal.

“I was old enough to inherit the trailer. I wanted to be an artist, I tried to be an artist. One of the beatings I got was due to my father finding a book of male anatomy. The bastard thought it was gay porn. I never did learn to paint, but I did make costumes. I was a cosplayer, and my final work of art was the Doom armor you see before you.”

“Covid 19 stopped my trip to Comic con to show it off. I was bored one day and was looking at facebook when I saw an ad MultiversalTrader.com. One item I saw for sale on the site was the Infinity Gauntlet, I figured why not and bought it. When it arrived I suited up and put it on. Then the world I knew vanished.”

Doom spoke up then “That when I came into being, I am Victor von Doom. One feature of the Doom armor is that it rewrites the mind of who wears it. Doctor Doom takes over any fool who tries to put on the armor, and given that whoever makes Displaced tends to replicate the powers and abilities of the subject. My armor started to rewrite Hans’s mind.”

“There was one slight issue, the infinity stones also were displaced, with that was the Mind Stone. That is the reason Hans awareness wasn’t destroyed when I took over. There are gaps in my memories, I remember doing what Hans’ remembers reading about in the comics. So I am in many ways a product of his imagination and mind. At the time Hans was nothing but a voice in my head, and technically still is. The body you see is just a projection created from the Infinity stones so he could interact in the physical world. If it’s destroyed he will be back to being just a voice in my mind.”

Doom looked to the others then continued “We found ourselves in Griffonstone, our world of Equis has bipedal variations of the beings in the show, more humanoid. Griffonstone was in economic ruin and various forces took advantage of that. Turns out Equestria uses economic power to minimize the threat from other nations. Less need to worry about a race of predators if they are fighting among each other for scraps of food. The story is not much after our arrival, I easily took over Griffonstone, then dealt with Discord, a version of myself from some 90s cartoons then waited for when the Changelings attacked Canterlot to Save Equestria. Of course I saved it from Celestia’s rule at the same time. I moved the sun and moon into proper orbits, and turned every pony on the planet into Alicorns, ending the tribal saperations. Then I got invited to this event, I expected a trap and came prepared.” Doom then removed his blood sampling device.

“I had my agents plant six gems similar to the ones that made the Changeling throne. The type that absorbs any magic. I need a sample of your blood to include you in the spell so they wouldn’t drain your magic at the time of activation.” Doom chuckles then “Yes I tend to have multiple reasons for what I do.”

“We are not taking any samples of blood as of right now, now Phoenix, what is your story?” Thanos turned to the Fairy Displaced.

“I already have your sample Thanos, I think the others have the right to make their own mind. Double now that they know one of my plans for making things harder for this Ryker fellow.” Doom replied.

“I see,” Thanos hummed, putting a finger to his mighty chin, “Well then, Phoenix?”

Finishing his beer, Phoenix placed it down before clearing his throat. “Well, I can’t say it’s a pleasant one, but I’m sure you’ll all understand my actions at the time.” Creating a large stone statue of a woman and a man, he began to speak. “Once upon a time, a teen couple gave birth to a baby boy. As much as they tried to prevent it, she still managed to become impregnated. And so, after conceiving the boy, she sent him straight to an orphanage around a hundred miles away from them.”

Phoenix dissipated the statues and created one of a building. “There, the boy was raised by many adults, most of which he didn’t bother to remember their name. However, one stood out to him, being Mr. Clannahan. Mr. Clannahan had, well, done stuff to this boy. Unimaginable things. Things you’d most likely hurl from. But no one believed the boy. They thought of him as a man that was due respect. And so, the boy ran, ran as far away from him as possible, until he found himself in the slums of a nearby town.”

Getting rid of the old statue, he formed a rather tattered looking toddler. “By this point he was 7, and had been living off of scraps he would find in alleyways for around a year. But that changed when he met Sergeant Ansel. Ansel took the boy in, albeit in a way most fitting for his title. The boy was placed on a training regiment, and was registered in the army. But really, he was just certified cannon fodder. The boy knew this, but decided that he had nothing else to live for, so why not sell his soul to his country?”

Phoenix once again reduced the statue to the ground and reformed it as a young boy. “Five years past, and people began to realise that the boy was somewhat of a prodigy, having mastered every technique shown to him. He even rivaled some of his grand elders. The boy was soon allocated to a squad, and him and his teammates became a family. They had grown to always look out for each other, and always stand at each other's side; even though the boy was 8 years yonder than the second youngest in the group.”

Phoenix gave a warm smile, looking off into the distance. “And then, three years later, the incident happened.” His smile dropped and he began gritting his teeth as he looked to the ground. “I won’t go into specifics, but let’s just say that boy was the only one to survive.” Phoenix clenched his fists, drawing blood from his palms. “There was no way of escape, and the boy was too weak to do anything at the time.”

He took a moment in silence before relaxing his fists and continuing. “Another three years past, and the boy had been using drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain, but one day, he realised something. If Mr. Ansel could have seen him then, he’d scoff and keep on walking. And so, the kid, now legally an adult, began making a living for himself.”

Dissipating the statue of a kid, he created another one, now of a man holding a guitar and singing. “The man had seen many things on his journeys, but one thing he always loved the most was music. When you go from place to place, all around the world, you really get to appreciate how different music is for everyone.” Phoenix grew a small smile as he continued. “Also, on said journeys, the man had been able to uncover music from centuries ago, found within fallout bunkers from past wars. And with those tracks, he began to make a living as an up and coming artist. And within a year or so, he was dubbed, ‘the thousand year old boy’. A fitting title if you ask me.”

He then formed his final statue, that being a large space ship. “Then, due to America launching a stupidly large bomb on the planet, humanity had to leave it behind.” Phoenix looked down in slight anger. “Thankfully, a company by the name of Aurora designed a space shuttle, capable of holding around 1 billion people. And luckily, with the man’s military record, he was allowed to board it.”

Raising his head, he looked on at the ship he had formed as he spoke. “A few years passed, and a star exploded too close to the ship. It was bound to happen at some point, it was just unlucky that it was so soon. However, via a series of coinky dinks, the man met Frociesta, who was gracious enough to lend him a new body and unfathomable power..” He looked down to his hands. “As well as a whole new world of his own.”

Phoenix grew a large smile, before looking up to the rest of the group. “Well anyway, this and that happened after, fought a bunch of ghouls, yadder yadder yadder, and now he’s here!” He exclaimed loudly, placing both hands on his chest. “Thank you for coming to my TED talk.”

“I get it!” Nappa cried out in the background.

“It must be madness inducing when you guys got turned to stone.” Link said as he looked toward the stars.

“Indeed…” Lucci grinned, “Thankfully I got out early, and got to be the Champion of Minos for six months.”

“How did that even work?” Shiva asked. “The… being trapped in stone. Were you ‘aware’ of what was going on? Was it like some sort of fancy cage?”

“It’s like... You’re able to see everyone in front of you, hearing their conversations, you couldn’t feel anything, not the breeze nor the rain. You were just… There, forever a monument, unmoving, unfeeling, and if you’re like that long enough… Unthinking.” Lucci said shivering at the thought of the last bit.

Shiva shuddered with him. “That’s disturbing,” she muttered.

“It’s a different feeling turning into the shadow of a disappearing empire” Eric said with a shudder. “Hearing everything in the world and yet never able to see the source, it’s like floating on the top layer of a swimming pool unable to move and only able to listen to ponies' words: their lies, their screams.”

“In any case both being set in stone, sent to Tartarus, trapped in shadow, sent to the moon, being obliterated, is all equally horrible, depending on how agonizing it is.” Thanos commented, roasting a marshmallow close to the fire.

“And when you don’t deserve it,” Shiva added bitterly.

“I can agree with that,” Eric said sorrowly. “However I did deserved my fate, for failing to save my friend before it became too late”

“It was never your fault Eric” Sombra assured his friend. “I was the one who had the weak will and fell for Umbra’s words”

“Link you look like you're packed full of stories… Anymore?” Thanos asked slowly, turning towards Link, kind of creepily.

“I actually have a story” Luna said slightly raising her hand

“Oh? Share it then.” Thanos smiled.

Luna exhaled slowly before steeling her expression. “Are any of you familiar with the Changeling Queen Chrysalis?” Luna asked seeing many of them nod and answer

“I am!” Nappa raised his hand, “Beat her ass too!”

“I know her too,” Shiva admitted. “The succubus wanted my pack link to try and conquer Equestria.” She clenched her claws. “I never liked her; every time I talked with her, it felt like she was eyeing me up. How my husband didn’t blind her is beyond me.”

“I don’t know her, but frankly, I just got finished with Discord. I rather not know the future.” Black said as he plugged his ears with earplugs.

“Well about a half a year before Eric decided to exile himself,” Luna said slightly glaring at the Shadow Man. “The Changelings of the Chrysalis Hive decided to Ponynap Eric and succeeded in controlling him, his order was to kill me”

Shiva tilted her head. “That was Chrysalis?” she asked, looking at Eric. “I thought that was the Music Mistress.”

“Chrysalis was the line in the sand,” Eric said holding a slightly angered look in his eyes, “However the Music Mistress did control me after, I then tore apart her hands and feet and pinned her to a wall as Celestia’s sun turned her to ash”

“The Music Mistress not only had the power of a siren but she also possessed the powers of the Bat-Bat Fruit, Model: Vampire” Sombra explained

“Why am I reminded so much of the Music Meister?” Link said with a frown.

“Who’s that?” Eric asked before shaking his head. “Nevermind, tell us later. Lulu please continue”

Hearing Eric call her by her nickname made the Alicorn blush as she continued her tale. “Anyway after several failed attempts Eric returned to Chrysalis” Luna said slightly frowning at the memory. “When we found him he was completely under her control and wearing changeling armor wielding his beloved sword. Me Sombra and the elements battled a losing battle with the changelings.”

“Chrysalis and I fought one another, however she had the advantage, having the powers of the Glint-Glint Fruit as well as an axe made from Sea-prism stone.

“Pika-Pika No Mi.” Entity muttered under his breath.

This however was heard by Eric. “I prefer the englished Dub version”

“Her tactics were awful,” Luna continued. “She would strike from afar while Eric would fight me, even getting hit by some of her light beams. Whenever I got close to her she would strike with her axe,” Luna spoke her hands squeezing her skirt. “She was a horrible creature and I wished I had taken her wings and her horn”

“Calm yourself Luna,” Eric said, embracing his companion. “You’re shifting again”

This made Luna’s eyes widen as she looked down at her hands and saw the black coat of Nightmare Moon, closing her eyes Luna put a hand to her chest and inhaled before exhaling and pushing her hand away from herself. Luna did this several times before she returned to normal, Looking ahead Luna saw the others looking at her in concern

“I apologize for my outburst” Luna said bowing

“You still have the nightmare?” Link asked in minor confusion.

“Yes and No” Luna answered. “Nightmare Moon is gone and will never return. but the form was caused because of my fathers magic, I am able to call upon it but it sometimes flares up when I become extremely angry.”

“Anyway I lost because of my inability to hurt Eric and lay before the queen completely at her mercy” Luna saud inhaling before exhaling. “She lifted her weapon to kill me, but for some reason Eric had grabbed hold of the shaft.”

“My only thought was I couldn’t let another comrade die,” Eric said, remembering his past battles. “I’ve seen to many of my soldiers die in front of me, I wouldn’t be able to tell Celestia that I watched her sister be killed in front of me”

“Eric then threw her into her throne and stood between me and her,” Luna said, frowning at the next part. “When Eric didn’t move when she ordered she fired several beams of light into his arms and legs.”

“Ouch,” Kodo noted with a wince.

“After that attack Eric’s body struggled to remain standing, but he still stood his ground to protect me” Luna said lowering her head. “Everything after that was a blur, I saw Eric hit the ground. His blood splashing across my face. And the next thing I felt was rage. Pure rage.” Her fists clenched. “Rage I hadn’t felt since I became Nightmare Moon.”

Luna lowered her head even further recalling the events.

“I lost control of my emotions and once again became Nightmare Moon,” Luna said with regret. “Only this time I didn’t hold the desire to cause eternal night, it was to kill Chrysalis.”

“Tell me this princess,” Ed spoke up. “What would you do if she was reborn completely separated from you with little to no memories of who she used to be? What if she was reborn a filly and raised right?” He spoke with truth in his voice.

“I-I don’t know,” Luna admitted. “On one hand I’d want to keep her as close as possible but on the other I’d want her as far away from me as possible.”

“It’s an interesting theory,” Shiva admitted. “But one that’s distracting from the tale.” She nodded to Luna. “Please continue, Princess.” Luna nodded, returning to her tale

“When I recovered from my outburst I saw Twilight and her friends looking at me in fear” Luna said squeezing her clothing again. “I never wanted to instill such fear in the ponies who freed me.”

“What if I said it was possible,” Ed interrupted.

“Here we go again…” Thanos muttered under his breath remembering Black’s ally, Nightmare.

“I was referring to my own world thank you,” Ed said flatly. “In my world Nightmare Moon was reborn thanks to the cult Children of the Night.They used several rituals and blood magic using Twilight’s blood as a base. She was reborn as Nyx and is living happily with Twilight as her mother and my Grandson as her father.” He took a swig of his flask. “And she is very happy and a great filly. Not to mention a prodigy when it comes to alchemy.”

“Even still, even as a filly I would be conflicted with keeping her close and keeping her away” Luna s repeated to the Alchemist

“That was how Celestia handled it and it really hurt Nyx,” Ed explained. “Luna was hesitant at first but soon realized it was better to have her near lest drive her back down the path of anger.” He kept saying. “I understand your thinking but it is better to be there and guide her to be a pony then a demon.”

“I agree,” Shiva noted. “Kodo was born with Sombra… sorry,” she said to Sombra. “Umbra’s influence. And though their personalities were distinctly different, there are ponies and even diamond dogs in my world who believe they’re one in the same, who can be a huge detriment to the child’s growth and development. I can assume there were some ponies who thought the same with Nyx, yes?”

“On both sides in fact,” Ed nodded. “The elements, her family, and especially her father and uncle helped her.”

“Exactly,” Shiva said with a nod of thanks, looking sadly at Kodo. “If they don’t have a pack that trusts them and shows them how to be better… the path of darkness is going to look very tempting.”

Kodo huffed. “You can say that again,” he noted, before looking up at Shiva with appreciation. “I’m thankful to have your guidance, Mother… even when the others wanted to dismiss me as a monster.”

“You’re only a monster if you let others believe you are,” Luna, Eric, and Sombra said in unison.

“In this or any world, it is entirely your choice on how others view you,” Eric said speaking his words of wisdom

“Hn… you say that now but you can ask Black what that darkness turns you into,” Ed scoffed. “He’s seen what darkness has turned me into, at least a piece of it anyways,he even fought it.”

“And as much as I’d like to say you’re right, Eric,” Shiva added. “I struggled for a long time with convincing the poNies that I wasn’t a monster. And figuring out that not all of them were monsters either. And none of us were dealing with Nightmares or Umbras or demons at all; we were just trying to figure out what was going on with the other side. While it is your choice to try, the people you’re trying to convince need to try as well. Cooperation and understanding is a two way street, after all.”

“True,” Eric said, flashing a toothy grin to the Diamond Dog. “But fear based cooperation works better in my opinion.”

Shiva squinted. “I… don’t understand what you mean. Like, ponies only work with you because they’re scared of you?”

“What he means is before we became the Four Emperors, he would usually try to prevent pointless fight by inducing fear into our opponents”

“There is little that can be done to a four thousand your old boogie man story still used to this day,” Ed pointed at the Alpha. “My demon took parts of my nieces souls and would have eaten them too. Even took her mare friend’s arm. My other niece was able to recover the soul pieces,” he chugged his flask. “But not before Me and her siblings had to take drastic measures.” Ed sighed looking at Shiva. “Sometimes fear is the only way for some to listen and learn in other words, sometimes it is the best way to maintain a semblance of peace and order for a time.”

“Fair,” Shiva admitted, remembering the times she had to rely on fear to keep her pack safe. “But you shouldn’t have to rely completely on it. You should be able to have balance; be able to be approachable, and yet at the same time, able to show that you’d make a very dangerous enemy. I’ll admit, be too approachable, and others will see you as a target. But be too forceful, and others will see you as a threat.” She leaned back. “At least, that’s what I’ve learned from my world.”

“Did you say… Balance?” Thanos turned to Shiva, staring into her soul.

Shiva’s pale fur got paler. Kodo turned to Eric. “Eric, this fruit can let me turn others into smoke, right?”

Before Eric could reply, Shiva said. “Doesn’t matter!” Pack linking to her son, a gray pulse went through her white tendril. The diamond dogs burst into twin columns of smoke, and shot away into the arena stands.

“Shut up with the Balance crap already,” Ed rolled his eyes. “It happened then it didn’t you didn’t do it so leave it be.”

“In time, everyone will know what it means to lose, to feel so desperately that one is right, only to fail all the same.” Thanos began, “Dread it, run from it, grief comes all the same. All of our stories have at least one thing in common, it’s that we’ve had our loved ones taken away from us. By themselves, by evil, or by our own hands.”

“Yeah you’re right about that,” Ed gave a somber nod.

“Did you just copy Infinity war…” Black said as he pulled out his ear plugs.

“I am Thanos so it is fair that I should quote him.” Thanos raised a finger, as he said that.

“Touche…” Black said with a smirk, “Sorenara, watashi ga nihongo de hanaseba kō ​​ tairadesu. (Then it’s only fair if I speak Japanese).”

“Just don’t lose yourself in the personification and become the same as Thanos.” Link said with a frown.

“Please!” Shiva pleaded from the stands, before Kodo hid her again with a hush.

“Did that once before… Never again… Never again…” Thanos sighed, “I’ll never act like him again, last time I did… I was tempted to snap half the universe but calmed myself and snapped back to reality. Op, there goes gravity…” Thanos said that last bit quietly.

“Gokū burakku no yō ni naru nante kangaetaku mo nai, saiaku no akumu…(I'd never want to even have the thought of becoming like Goku Black, it's my worst Nightmare…)” Black muttered under his breath.

“You just had to go there..” Link said as he slapped his hand over his forehead.

“There’s only one way to go when all hope is lost and you feel everything is wrong, the right way.” Thanos took a sip of his hetap.

“Adam Sandler’s anger management style,” Ed interjected.

“Really? I just thought of that now.” Thanos turned to Ed, “I must be really philosophical or big brained due to my bowling ball sized head.” Thanos pointed to his head, “Shiny as one too.”

“Bangō… (No)” Black said.

“Self roasts, those are rare.” Lucci commented, earning a chuckle from Thanos.

“Careful, you might end up knocking down those pins.” Link said jokingly.

“I’ll knock out half of them and leave the rest to turn me into dust.” Thanos countered before full on laughing joyously, “This is really fun.”

“A whole choir of guys sing I’m so pretty never gets old,” Ed chuckled

Cautiously, the diamond dogs poked their heads over the stands, checking to make sure Thanos wasn’t watching them.

“Speaking of which, you haven’t told us your story.” Luffy turned to Thanos who’s eyes widened.

“Thanos tell them of your experiences on your Equestria,” Eric said as some of the other Displaced nod in agreement. “I’m sure there is an interesting story about you and Celestia”

“Kore wa subarashī koto ni narudeshou. Pāpurumisutākurīn no hanashi o kiku koto ga dekimasu! (This is going to be great. We get to hear Purple Mr. Clean's story!)” Black jokes, but of course, no one understood him.

Thanos pointed to the stands, “OH MY GOD IS THAT FUJITORA ABOUT TO FALL DOWN THOSE STAIRS!??!?!?!” Thanos shouted out.

“It is not,” Shiva replied, already in the stands.

“Don’t try and weasel out Titan,” warned the Shadow Man. “We’ve all shared our stories now it’s your turn”

“The who and the what??” Link said in confusion, looking between Thanos and the mentioned stairs as he had no idea who Fujitora is.

“Kare wa bakagete iru koto sura arimasen… (He's not even close dumbass…)” Black frowned at Thanos’s attempt to avoid storytelling.

“You’re going to share Thanos,” Ed placed a hand on the mad titans head. “We all have and now it’s your turn.”

“Whether you like it or not” Eric said after the Alchemist

“Ight, imma head out.” Thanos decided to run for it as fast as his body could go to his room.

A Pack Link snared him around the neck. “If you don’t want to share,” Shiva said. “I can share for you.”

“We could always venture into that bald head of yours with our magic” Eric said as his and Sombra’s magic flared in their hands and eyes

“I can always project you memories straight from your head to ours,” Ed added.

“That’s literally what my link does,” Shiva noted, lifting a claw sparking with light. “Shall I?”

“But mine invades one’s memories” Eric said looking at the Diamond Dog. “Isn’t that right Lady Shiva?”

“FINE!!! I’ll tell you guys god damn it!” Thanos admitted his defeat, clenching his fits and wincing. Shiva released him from her links with a grin.

Eric’s and Sombra’s magic ceased their vile glow as they flashed smiles at the Titan

“Kono otoko o shinji raremasu ka? (Can you believe this guy?)” Black asked the displaced with disbelief.

“The way he acts and talks, totally,” Ed deadpanned.

“I have no idea what Black is saying…” Link said with a frown.

Black rolled his eyes, “What I said was, Can you believe this guy?” Black said with a small frown, pointing over his shoulder at Thanos.

It was then that Eric remembered something

“Oh and Black” Eric said, drawing the Saiyan’s attention. “If you ever want that nightmare of yours snuffed out I’ll gladly get rid of it for you” Eric said magic coursing from his eyes

“Thank you for the kind offer, but that would’ve been helpful a few days ago.” Black explained. “Thanos had noticed my eyes changing to one that resembles Nightmares, so he convinced Ryker to take me and him to his universe to use the reality stone. I quite literally turned my Nightmare into atoms.”

“Gone, reduced to atoms.” Thanos quoted Thanos with a grin. “Anyways gather round the campfire. This is going to be two thousand words, meaning it’s longer than my will to live.” Thanos smiled.

“Subarashī… (Fantastic…)” Black deadpanned with fake excitement.

Cautiously, Shiva and Kodo returned to the campfire, still partially shielded by smoke.

“How many Nightmares have you gone through now?” Ed counted on his fingers. “Three now.”

“Are we taking Dream Nightmares or Nightmare Moons?” Eric asked

“I think he’s talking about Nightmares like Nightmare Moon.” Black explained. “And are you referring to me about Nightmare’s or someone else?

“Both actually,” Ed matter of fact.

“No, when we first met Eric,” Luna began to explain to the Saiyan. “His dreams were plagued by nightmares of the night he failed to protect his wife”

“Every night I had to watch her die” Eric said, lowering his stature. “And when I was trapped in my own mind I was forced to watch the memory over and over again”

“I’m sorry to hear that…” Black apologized to the man. “I wish I could say the same, but I wasn’t plagued by watching someone I loved being killed. I had to watch civilizations burn, but that’s nothing compared to yours.”

Thanos walked close to the fire, “I have some magical powers because I drank Alicorn’s blood, long story, don’t worry, Celestia donated it. Don’t ask.” Thanos said blankly before groaning, he shot a magic bolt from his finger and into the fire. The flames erupted into a pillar of fire, going above the clouds, like Eric it showed images through the flames.

"A few centuries ago, there was a man named John D. Oliver, the D standing for Drake, my father wanted me to have a kick ass name. I had friends, those who you all know as my "boys'' there are three girls, but I still call them my "boys"." The fire then showed a male young black African American, with another one with him, there was an Asian kid with glasses and a blond haired American. Next to them was a brown girl with silky black hair wearing purple, a white girl with bri'sh qualities, and finally a blonde woman with a "cape" around her neck.

"We were all together since Kindergarten, swearing a bond that will last to the ends of the earth, flash forward into 2022, Coronavirus ended so we all went to Comic-Con. It was there we found our Merchant, Kilton." The Campfire showed seven people in costume looking at Kilton with a mischievous look on his face, "Unlike other Void Dwellers he gave me an option to go to Equestria, we all agreed to go."

"We arrived at the Everfree Forest, and I was Thanos with all the Infinity Stones in hand, I was nothing, a loser and I suddenly got this… Power. I could destroy a universe, turn it all to dust but… I snapped out of it, however there was a voice inside my head telling me to snap. I refused, then we realized Lucci gained all of the Rokushiki techniques. he taught us." The Campfire then revealed Lucci, Thanos, Grievous, Entity, Supergirl, Sally, and Rapunzel under a waterfall feeling the water hit their bodies.

"Flash forward three months and we were ready to fight everything, well, almost everything when the clouds turned into cotton candy." The fire shows Thanos and the others looking into the sky, cotton candy surrounding us, "Discord had found us, taking a look at us before Lucci tried to beat him." The fire flashed to Lucci in his human form fighting Discord.

"As you can see Lucci lost that fight, so we all decided to take him on together, and with a sick ass combo, I knocked him out with a devastating uppercut." The flames show Thanos uppercutting Discord above the clouds and knocking him out, "Keep in mind this Discord isn't as strong as Black's. This Discord is at least… Don Chinjao Level, Don Chinjao can destroy a continent but never mind that. The Princesses arrived at the situation seeing us kicking Discord while he was down." Everyone saw the boys kicking Discord's unconscious body and the Princesses standing there wide-eyed.

"After talking, we and the Princesses came to an agreement and locked him in stone, and as a reward for helping us, they offered us a stay at their castle which we gladly took and appreciated." The flames flashed and it showed Thanos hugging Celestia and swinging her as Luna frowned. Thanos grinned, "Good times, we were living there for two weeks until Golden Horn arrived with my late master, Cloven Diamond, we didn't meet yet, so I didn't know him. Golden Horn was curious about us and started training us, since he had to go back to Minos because he was a king and all of that, he left the strongest living creature alive with us, Cloven Diamond." It shows a Minotaur with horns as long as swords, the same Minotaur that was bigger than Thanos, he had light blue fur and a mane that was white as snow.

Black looked to the minotaur with a smirk, “I’m sure he was a good master?” Black asked the titan.

“The best.” Thanos replied, “Able to teach a damn squirrel how to learn Armament Haki. I’m not kidding, I fought against the damn thing.” Thanos informed the Saiyan.

"Cloven Diamond had the raw strength to beat armies on his own, making mountains his punching bags, and making Dragons his pets." The flames shot up and everyone saw Cloven Diamond on a pile of unconscious bodies and a full moon behind him. "He was known as the warrior of the night and day, a… Celestial Warrior if you will. He taught us everything he knew about Haki, taught me how to use Conquerors after almost "killing" Celestia. The same tactic I tried to use on you Black." The fire waved and formed into Cloven Diamond holding up a great sword to Celestia's neck, wielding it in one hand.

"I still believe you have Conqueror's Haki, but it's untapped. Just like Sombra said we had a run in with Umbra the Dark, but in the form of Sombra. We were sent to combat him, Lucci decided he wanted to take him down with the old Cp9, but they all fell in battle, their Devil Fruits lost in history, he was about to do the same to Lucci when I stepped in." The fire shows Sombra about to step on the neck of Lucci and Thanos putting his foot under Sombra's, stopping it from reaching it. "We had a duel that resulted in me winning, due to my comrades landing multiple fatal hits on him it was only one Armament Haki Dempsey Roll away." It showed Thanos swirling around like the infinity sign and punching Sombra repeatedly with no pulled punches.

"After that before he could be declared unconscious by his own body's orders. He and the Crystal Empire vanished; I was… Not very happy with that." The flames show Thanos roaring to the heavens in rage, "I wanted an epic finale, but that bitch decided to leave like my father. And Sombra was black too… Just like my father…" Thanos cleared his throat.

“At least you got to be there,” Ed mumble. “I was stuck in stone. Maybe if I had been there Sombra wouldn’t have imprisoned his mothers and turned to dark alchemy for more power and to extend his life. I was so busy with the minos and ponies of Equestria I couldn’t be there for one of the ponies I considered to be a son.”

“Oh you were talking about Sombra, not my father…” Thanos blinked before clearing his throat.

“Sorry about that,” Ed sighed. “Context can be a bit jumbled with everyone else's stuff here.”

"Then a few months later Cloven Diamond had to leave for war, for there was a war going on between the Minotaurs and the Avians. I decided to join, my comrades joined me in the war and one fateful battle…" It shows Thanos and his boys fighting off Avians in a desert and there was a giant golem in the background as large as a mountain, "He was fighting someone with the codename Heir of Umbra, I was confident he was going to win but…" The flames show Thanos going to check on Cloven Diamond, the campfire shot a pillar of fire into the clouds above. It then showed Thanos looking at Cloven Diamond's dead body.

"Just like Black my master had died." The flames formed Thanos full on wailing while Cloven Diamond's body was in his arms. "There were no transformations, no flashy moments, just wrath and just like Ed said, "We all have times where we fall." And this is where I fell and didn't want to get back up again, just like Black I started to go on a rampage on the enemy army, my allies had to fall back due to my destructive capabilities." The fire then turned blue and showed Thanos ripping the wings of an Avian off, crushing another one's skull until its brains covered Thanos' hands, and Thanos surrounded by purple flames, his eyes full of tears and anger.

“Blinded by rage and anger” Eric said, closing his eyes and shaking his head. “Something everyone here has gone through more than once.”

“And paid for,” Shiva mumbled guiltily.

Thanos sighed before continuing on. "The King was on the Battlefield and I used the Reality Stone to remove his eyes, his legs, and his arms, I proceeded to use the Time Stone to loop him, then I used the Space Stone to send him to the bottom of the ocean. Now he is drowning, repeatedly. I needed something today and that… Indeed, put a smile on my face…" The blue flames turn to Thanos dragging an Avian with a crown to a portal then throwing the Avian in with a grin. "But it was then I realized what I had done." It showed Thanos looking around at the bodies, the whole desert covered in blood.

"And after that I shut down, forced myself in a cage for my crimes, I killed… I killed over 3,000 Avians that day, and I regret every single death." The blue flames calmed down and showed Thanos in a corner in a cell, darkness covering almost his entire form. "But this is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so my friends got me out of that shit, and I married Celestia, finally." It revealed Thanos in a suit and Celestia in a bride's outfit.

“So he married my sister?” Luna asked, raising her eyebrow. “How did that work out exactly?”

“I am a Titan, a literal deity, able to live for one thousand years. I was more than suitable to be a husband for a Princess. Not to mention we beat Discord.” Thanos took a swig of a hetap.

“The titans actually pre-date the gods and are the gods parents,” Ed pointed out.

“Thanos take a sip of something a little harder?” Eric said, pulling out a bottle of Applejack Daniels. “Here.” the Shadow Man tossed the bottle to the Titan

“Y de fok not m8?” Thanos asked, catching the bottle and taking a sip, before his eyes widened, “This is the best shit I’ve ever tasted in all my damn life. I’LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!!!!” Thanos’ head compressed and his voice became wavy.

“What the hell does that phrase even mean by the way?” Ed raised an eyebrow.

“My Equestria may not be the safest,” Eric said using his shadow to snatch the bottle from the Titan. “But it does make the best damn Whiskey in the multiverse”

Eric took a sip from the bottle before turning to the Alchemist. “Hey Ed, think you could make us some cups, I’d like everyone..” Eric says before spotting the young pup. ..”Who is of age to taste the whiskey of my Equestria”

“Sure,” Ed snapped and everyone had a cup appeared in their hands. “I’ll stick with my grandson’s brew of Zap Apples and Poison jokes though.” He held up his flask.

“Fair enough,” Eric said before yanking the cup from Kodo’s hands. “Sorry pup, when your older” Eric said pouring a glass for himself then his friends before passing the bottle around the campfire

“Sorry pup, forgot you were under age,” Ed said as he summoned a new drink and levitated it over to the Diamond Dog youth. “This one is non alcoholic cider though. You can have as much of it as you want.”

“Physically, but not mentally, Thanos.” Link said toward the claim Thanos made about being a Titan. Link reached up and pointed at his head.. “Like me looking like Link, but I’m not a mute nor do I think exactly like him.”

“It is confirmed in the Breath of the Wild that Link decides to not speak because he only wants to focus on protecting the princess or something like that.” Thanos pointed out.

"It was good, but all good things must come to an end." The blue flames turn purple and form Thanos backing away from Celestia, "She wanted to destroy all evil in the universe with my gauntlet, I told her it would create an imbalance in said universe. She disagreed, and she started throwing pots and pans." It showed Celestia throwing literal pots and pans at Thanos, "So I decided to do what Luigi told me, "If she throws pots and pans, she can catch these hands." So, I… May or may not have hit a woman that day. I then ran away realizing what I did, so I got my crew and left. Searching for a new life beyond the forest… Celestia had other plans. She prevented me from leaving, sending guards after me for the sole purpose to take my gauntlet." The purple "hellfire" reveals Thanos and his crew running from guards and bolts of magic.

“You should’ve just hit her over the head with one of the frying pans,” Ed chuckled.

“That would’ve worked.” Thanos turned to Ed with a grin, “If I could turn back time…”

“I suggest NOT doing that, Thanos. Time traveling and manipulation isn’t a toy. One change in the past can split into many presents.” Link said with a disapproving look toward Thanos. Link was serious when it comes to time shenanigans.

“You’re right but it would’ve been funny as hell to see,” Ed took another swig of his flask

“I’ve experienced that first hand” Eric said, lowering his head in regret. “I went back in time and killed Sombra to save my wife, Unfortunately my bloodline set out to conquer the world, The Element Bearers, The CMC, and Luna perished from my actions, Celestia and Rainbow were the only ones alive” Eric took a sip from his cup

“But anyways I should’ve said Equal Rights, Equal fights when I hit her.” Thanos laughed, “And don’t worry, I wouldn’t time travel.” Thanos said, responding to the Hylian’s comment. Link nodded in thanks.

“That woman literally tears me apart if I piss her off or her sister, not to mention what Amore might do,” Ed actually agreed. “I will never raise a hand or pot to her. I love her too much for that. That being said, she still scares the crap out of me at times too.”

“You are not alone in that regard,” Shiva agreed. “I was scared enough of her when I saw her.”

“Then I pushed her into becoming Day Breaker,” Kodo added with a shiver.

“Same, last time I pissed her off… Let’s just say… Two days in the bedroom. And that’s it.” Thanos shuddered.

“I have to put us in another dimension for that,” Ed hung his head low, “For everything…”

“Last time I saw Luna completely pissed was when I came back after my two year exile,” Eric said, putting a hand on his check. “Slapped me so hard I nearly was thrown off the island.”

“OOF! I even felt that from hearing it!” Thanos rubbed his cheek as well. “Alright let us continue with ze story.”

“The slap heard throughout the omniverse as we know it,” Ed shuddered.

“Pretty Sure that’s every slap a Alicorn gives their partners,” Eric whispered

“The Snap, The Slap, what’s next?” Lucci chuckled.

“The crack,” Ed added, “Between the legs, not fun.”

“The fist.” Entity commented, “I heard good ol Looney Tunes here did a number on my ass. Don’t feel it because I’m a Minecraft Human though.” Entity took a sip of his water.

“How was Pops’ treatment by the way?” Ed smirked.

"Using the Space Stone, I reached the Storm Kingdom and pleaded my case, they decided to help me, providing me shelter, however… Celestia waged war on Storm Kingdom for "Land" when we all knew it was for me. The Storm Kingdom gained allies, the Minotaurs, the Griffons, and the Changelings. Celestia's side was the Avians, the Abyssinians, and the Diamond Dog tribes. We had two ponies on our side, Platinum Dusk and Platinum Shine, two sisters who made way into our brotherhood." It shows Thanos, Supergirl, Entity, Rapunzel, Lucci, Sally and Grievous with a unicorn with a silver coat and white and grey hair with the other being almost similar minus the grey.

"But… while Platinum Dusk was away a certain Changeling started to control Shine's body, mind control, she almost killed Sally." The fire turned into a wheel and revealed Platinum Shine on Sally about to stab a sword on her chest, "I had no other options, we had already killed the Changeling, but the spell still stuck… So, I… Killed her." The fire turned back to normal, and everyone looked in said fire and saw Thanos firing off a beam from his Power Stone, blasting Platinum Shine to smithereens.

"We decided to keep it a secret from Platinum Dusk, but she found out, and... I had to kill her too." Thanos' voice cracked as the flames showed a broken look in Thanos cut off the head of Platinum Dusk.

“She’s the one you told me about'' Eric started looking at the Titan. “The one with the Rumble-Rumble Fruit”

“...Yes.” Thanos said with a sigh taking a drink from his cup, “She was cocky, angry, and wanted to kill us. So… I had to.” Thanos looked down before wiping a single tear off his face.

“As Shiva said to me, ‘the hardest battles are the one fought against the ones we love’” Eric said, causing the dog to blush.

“The hardest choices require the strongest wills.” Thanos looked up and relaxed his body. Popping his shoulders.

“I’ll agree with you Titan” Sombra said drinking from his cup

"From then on, I became the Mad Titan, I began to act like Thanos, and nearly became him too, but a simple message from my Master made me realize… I'm not Thanos, I'm me. So me and the boys decided to camp out in White Tail Woods, we stayed there for one day and Celestia found out our location. She then went all "Kuma" on us and sent us to different locations… Except for Entity. They dueled." The flames show Entity clashing with Celestia.

The fire shows Entity getting blasted by a full power Alicorn blast from Celestia. "I'm not good with women." Entity laughed.

"Grievous was hunted down 1000 men…" The flames show the General running from a thousand men before being shot down by them because he was surrounded, the images flashed in red as it showed beams hitting Grievous mercilessly, they could almost hear the screams of agony. "Captured."

"Sally fought the Queen of the Abyssinians at the time…" The purple flames turn to white as everyone sees Sally getting ora'd by a cat. "Captured."

"Lucci fought Golden Horn," The white-hot flames show Lucci and Golden Horn clashing and appearing behind each other, Lucci falls to the ground. "Captured."

"Supergirl fought the Dragon Lord at the time." The white-hot fire shows Supergirl getting crushed repeatedly by a gigantic dragon. "Captured."

"Rapunzel was sent to Seaquestria, most likely captured. I was all alone, I got back to the Storm Kingdom and tried to let off an assault on the Castle of Two Sisters, their allies intercepted me, it was a big battle that lasted for a month. But nearing the end of the month I was exhausted; it was only me and the Princesses dueling." The flames form Thanos, Celestia and Luna dueling, clashing blades as sparks fly before both slashing at Thanos at the same time. Thanos stood there… Unmoving. "I stood unconscious, I was defeated and was sentenced to imprisonment via stone. By request we did it Gol D. Roger style." The white-hot flames show Thanos walking to a pedestal, the fire flashed to Thanos on the pedestal and being stoned.

"And after that I woke up, I freed Sally, Grievous, Lucci, and Entity, got the Power and Reality Stone, became the King of Minos, fought Von Shadow, fought Goku Black, and now we're here." The fire turned back to its usual orange as Thanos finished his tale. “Though it seems that I’m a brave bastard... I have a fear, not gonna tell ya too.”

“We all have fears, some greater than others,” Eric said before looking to his comrades. “Sombra’s fear is he’ll lose himself in the dark magic and become Umbra once again”

Turning his gaze towards Luna. “Luna’s fear is losing her sister and ruling Equestria by herself” Eric said looking towards Rainbow. “Rainbow’s greatest Fear is that she’ll be too weak to save her friends when they need her most” Eric then pointed to the earth pony. “And Maud…”

“My greatest fear is losing my sister and never seeing her warming smile again,” Maud said downing the rest of her drink

“And your’s?” Luffy asked the shadow man.

“My greatest Fear is that I’ll lose control of my powers and kill somepony important to me,” Eric admitted staring into his glass. “It's precisely why I hold back in every fight.”

Eric finished his cup before wiping his mouth before looking to his titan friend. “And you” Pointing to the Mad Titan. “Your greatest fear is making a mistake and everyone turning on you because of it.” Thanos chuckled lightly.

“Nah, it’s losing my friends, they’re the reason why I’m alive. Without them, I am nothing.” Thanos lied, yet only Eric could see through it.

“Try again, Titan,” Eric said. “You have more power than any of them”

“Bitch, you don’t know me, also you do realize Tirek exists? The same guy who could steal my magic and kill ALL of us?” Thanos asked the shade, raising an eyebrow.

“Thanos you are the type who flaunts his power but holds back in fear of doing something you’ll regret, such as hurting or god forbid killing your friends” Eric said raising to his feet and approaching the Titan as he slowly backed away

“Why must you lie?” Thanos chuckled, standing to his feet. “Oh? Are you approaching me? Save it for the match, then we can beat each other silly.” Thanos laughed and turned around to walk off.

Magic flared in Eric’s eyes as he vanished from sight, Eric appeared in front of the Titan with his eyes starting into his

“Reveal your darkest Fear” Eric ordered causing the Titan’s to cease movement

Thanos stared back, not budging before he spoke, his eyes taking on a greener hue “My darkest fear is… My friends dying.” Thanos had told himself this lie his entire lie so much that his body told his lie.

“How do you fear their deaths?”

“Grievous being slain by a Dragon, Lucci dying from Luna, Entity killing himself, Sally killing herself, Supergirl running away and never to be seen again, and Rapunzel getting her hair caught in something and paying for it with her life.” Thanos answered in a monotone voice.

“I can feel resistance in your words, so neither of us are completely wrong” Eric said freeing the Titan from his spell

“That’s a lie.” A voice from deep inside of Thanos spoke, “Me and John have been together for years on end, fought together, lived together, seen our allies die. He just doesn’t want to lose another one.” Words spoken like the real Thanos said as Thanos circled around Eric like a shark.

“We all have our fears,” Eric said walking away with a smile shortly followed by his princess. “Some will do everything to prevent them from coming true but I me fear will never come to reality”

“But some however, are telling the truth…” “Thanos” said before jumping into the stands, looking back at the others before walking off.

“Eric is not wrong,” Sombra said, finishing his drink before setting the cup down. “We all have fears, whether we let them control us or strengthen us is entire up to you,” Sombra leaving the arena

“To his defense, that was the actual Thanos talking for him, you must’ve made the actual Thanos decide to step in, because ya know you were trying to “invade” his mind and spill his secrets.” Lucci leaped off of Link’s lap before turning back to his normal form, crossing his arms.

“Everyone has a fear, even Gods have something to fear, even me despite, well..” Link paused to raise his hand, showing the triforce of courage. “The only thing I fear..” Link lowered his head. “Is the aftermath of what could happen if I failed to protect Equestria or someone’s life, especially if I ended up dead while trying. I don’t take failure very well when it comes to that.” he said.

“Well I think I’ve had enough of Eric’s whiskey and enough of this campfire,” Rainbow said stretching on her cloud. “I’m going to hit the hay and prepare to cheer Eric on in his fight against Goku,” Rainbow said dragging her cloud out of the arena shortly followed by Maud

“Thank you for your company and your stories,” Maud said bowing slightly

“Before you go, this campfire is sponsored by Raid Shadow Le-” Before Nappa could continue, Entity slammed his Scythe into Nappa, sending him into the wall.

“Thank you!” Link said as he threw his hands up into the air with relief.

“Entity,” Maud said with a slight eye twitch

“Yes ma’am? I apologize for what has happened back then, I was apparently under the influence of Dark Ki, thus making me more of an asshole than I was. And for that I apologize.” Entity bowed his head.

“You’re truly sorry?” Maud asked walking up to the minecraft player

“As true as Celestia raises the sun.” Entity nodded, unsummoning his scythe.

“That’s good,” Maud says back, handing Entity dislocating his jaw. “That was for insulting my sister.”

“I deserved that, and sorry for insulting your sister and calling you… A cunt..” Entity said before eating bread repairing the damage, as if nothing happened.

“You do,” Maud said, swinging her leg in between his legs causing him to clamp his boys and dropped to his knees. “That was for calling me a cunt”

Entity then ascends to heaven going above the clouds and into the unknown as Maud left to follow Rainbow Dash. Lucci looked up in shock, “He’s going to Valhalla.” Lucci claimed.

“Welp, when he falls back down I have a hole prepared for him.” Zabuza said, appearing out of nowhere with a hole and a tombstone engraved with his name on it.

"You'd think he'd learn to shut his mouth after she handed his ass to him," Ed ranked looking up as he slurped from his flask.

“My nigga apologized man.” Lucci chuckled, looking up and crossing his arms, “I get a feeling that he’s going to fall down tomorrow.”

“Alrighty… Tomorrow it is then…”

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