The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap

by Uncle Iroh

Chapter Two, Round One, The Mad Titan vs The Champion of Equestria


(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!


Up in the box seats for the contestants and their companions, many began to converse with one another.

“So any idea who’s going to win this fight?” Rainbow asked.

“Hard to say, Rainbow,” Eric said, rubbing at his chin. “Thanos is a formidable adversary. Now, while he can’t use his stones outside of his universe, he still has mastery over all three forms of Haki, the Six Powers and has full control over his Devil Fruit.”

“An impressive roster of abilities,” Shiva admitted, shifting her gaze to the Titan’s smaller opponent. “But strength isn’t the only thing that matters in a fight.”

“Indeed,” Eric agreed, following her gaze with a grin. “If he’s anything like the games I played, Link is a resourceful little spitfire.” 

“How so?” Luna asked with curiosity.

“Well for starters take a look at what he’s wearing,” Eric replied, causing his friends to get a closer look at the hylian’s attire.

“It’s just a red cloak and hood,” stated Rainbow Dash

“Precisely,” Eric said. “Link’s red tunic gives him a resistance to extreme heat. To the point where he can stand in an active volcano and not break a sweat. And let’s not forget about Link’s infinite storage.”

“Infinite Storage?” Sombra asked.

“Link can literally carry anything he needs on his quests. Be it extra shields, his other tunics, even weapons and equipment,” Eric stated with a smile, remembering the times he snuck out of his house just to play video games with his only friend. “Link in every Legend of Zelda game was literally a walking storage tank, and with his twenty years in his Equestria, who knows what kind of weapons he has now?”

“You forget,” Lucci reminded the shade. “Thanos has fought a whole war without the Netsu-Netsu No Mi. He is a master of Armament, Observation, and Conquerors Haki. To be frank, it would be a surprise if Link even wins. And not to mention Thanos’ transformations.”

“Transformations?” Kodo murmured, nudging his mother to make sure she was listening.

“And honestly,” Entity added to Eric. “With your opponent Eric, you should already dig a grave for yourself. Because there is no way you can beat Black: Thanos has spent a year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that he conjured up with the Reality Stone. It’s got ten times the gravity and we trained in there for a year. So we’re twice as strong as when we fought Kaido.” Lucci nodded in agreement.

“Then again,” Black spoke, crossing his arms, “I have no idea what you can do Eric, no idea what tricks you’ve got up your sleeve.” The Saiyan looks at the man, “So I’ve got to be on guard.”

“Not to mention he knows Ki Control,” Nappa added. “Thanks to me, and knows the Kaio-Ken, a technique that strains your body, but with Thanos’ strong body he can go up to Kaio-Ken times four before he strains, sure he strains but it’s bearable then. Anymore and it damages him, which shouldn’t be a problem considering his body is able to use all six Infinity Stones, twice.” Nappa grinned looking down at the Titan.

“Be that as it may,” Eric insisted. “Link is the type of person who is incredibly resourceful.” He leaned back in his seat. “Especially if he holds the power to turn into a wolf like he did in Twilight Princess.”

“Turn into a wolf?” Shiva commented. “Interesting…”

“Mother, you better not be thinking what I think you’re thinking,” Kodo chastised.

“Kodo,” Shiva scolded. “You know your father was the only male for me.” She peered at Link. “But if humans could turn into other animals… maybe it could explain what happened to me when I was sent to Equestria.”

“I can turn into a leopard,” Lucci commented, knowing cats and dogs don’t mix well. 

Unfortunately, Shiva had little experience with her natural feline adversary, and only offered him a small, “Hm.”

“It would increase his speed and reflexes three times from the average Hylian,” Eric said, analyzing the combatants. “And let’s not forget that the wolf has a bite force around 1200 PSI. Trust me I’ve been on the receiving end of one of those.”

Unconsciously Eric rubbed a spot on his left forearm, Sombra and Rainbow - who were there when it happened - winced in sympathy. Shiva noticed their reactions, and scooted herself away in case he held a grudge.

“Can he outpower a final-big-bang-kamehameha?” Nappa asked, looking at Eric as he said that.

“I’m not sure,” Eric said, leaning forward entwining both his hands together, placing them in front of his mouth. “It would take a miracle.”

“It would take one.” Black interjected.  “When I used that technique, I was pretty much at Perfected Super Saiyan Rose with 50X Kaioken. Thanos managed to stand up to that blast, but he was practically covered in blood, he lost his Armament Haki and he was pretty much out of breath. I’m surprised a gust of wind didn’t knock him over.” Black explained

“Hey Shiva,” Kodo noted, looking around. “Where’s your opponent?”

“Phoenix?” Shiva asked, looking for him. “I didn’t see him leave the waiting room.” She hummed. “Dr. Doom didn’t leave either. Maybe they’re still preparing?” She narrowed her eyes before nodding at Kodo. “Go see what they’re up to.”

“Alright, everyone welcome to the first ever Displaced Tournament!” They all turned their attention to Ryker who leaped off his throne and walked on air. “We have a lot of competitors today, so let’s get started.” 

Kodo nodded, and went back to the locker room.

Reaching the entryway, Kodo peered inside, his ears flattening and his tail perking in intrigue.

Doctor Doom had taken his time in the locker room. Where Thanos and Link had worked out he scanned the equipment for any skin or sweat samples he could. Once finished he looked down and noticed that the DNA of Phoenix was finished being analyzed. 

“Looking like a stalker there, rust bucket,” Phoenix noted from the corner of the room, his hands in his pocket. He slowly approached the Doctor. “Got what you need?” 

“That depends,” Doom replied, looking to Phoenix. “Tell me, would you want to visit Earth again? Thanks to Shiva, I can open a portal to at least the Earth she came from. What can one of us Displaced do to an Earth that’s unprepared?”

“The earth I hail from is long gone, buddy,” Phoenix responded. “Went kablooey a long time ago.”

“That’s not an answer,” Doom chastised. “A universe right near the one you came from could still have an Earth similar enough you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.” Doom shrugged and lowered his gauntlet and started walking to the doorway.

Kodo backed up from the doorway, hiding in the shadows as Doom started to pass. Secretly, he feared for Shiva. Had she just given this human the key to their destruction? But before he could make a decision, Doom paused, forcing Kodo to stay still and silent.

“But my goal isn’t returning to Earth,” Doom continued. “As powerful as we Displaced can become, we are still pawns to those that brought us to our respective Equestrias. That power… I have seen before, the beyonders.”

“As much as I do agree with that sentiment, that is not why I’d rather stay in Equestria. The simple answer is...” Phoenix smirked ominously, “I never liked Earth all that much to begin with.”

Doom smirked behind his mask. “Phoenix I don’t agree with you. Earth I didn’t hate, the population on the planet. Their history has shown they are rather annoying. Now I wish to see this Mad Titan’s abilities.” As he walked past he sent a command via his communicator to his team.

Phoenix followed him, albeit purely because they were headed the same way, and frowned. “Couldn’t have said it better myself….” He mumbled. He stopped as he walked, just before he exited the room, and spoke at a volume so anyone in the room could hear. “Try concealing your aura next time! Eavesdropping is bad manners, kid!”

Kodo bit back a yelp, and gazed down at his claws. At first, he feared Phoenix was going to attack him.  But instead, he continued by, leaving Kodo to his thoughts.

Cautiously, he crept after them, keeping his thoughts of reuniting with his mother on his mind just in case Phoenix read his thoughts again. And yet, he also couldn’t help but think: 

Previously, he had thought that these ‘Displaced,’ as they called themselves, had been power houses. But if there was something even stronger than them… Kodo shook his head. 

“Can’t worry about that now,” he thought. “Right now, just focus on seeing Mother through this. It’s the least you can do… after all the pain you caused her…” Kodo bent his head in shame, before continuing back to his mother, his pack link ready to share what he had learned with her.

Doom kept quiet and just headed to the Box, after all first rule of war was to let your opponent under estimate you, no need to alert these other Displaced that he has hearing in the super range so every mumble and whisper was recorded.

Ryker pointed to an entry way on the side of the arena. “In the left corner, weighing a total of 700 pounds, he is the eater of the Netsu-Netsu No Mi, the Hero of Villains, and the guy who will restore balance to his Equestria. Please welcome… the Mad Titan, Thanos!”  

Out came Thanos, waving at the crowd with a grin.

“And in the right corner,” Ryker continued, pointing to the other entry way. “Weighing a total of eight Hyrule apples - and I thought Americans were weird with their systems - the Champion of Equestria, and the bringer of light. Please welcome… the Legendary Link!” 

Link entered the arena, stopping only to face the titan.

“Challengers ready,” Ryker declared. “Prepare… and let the battle BEGIN!”

On the stage Thanos stood there, he looked at the Hylian and sighed, he closed his eyes. When he opened them his Conquerors Haki exploded across the arena. He suppressed it enough for it to only engulf the arena, yet the audience felt it: Entity felt light headed and shivered. Shiva bit back a yelp and sunk down in her seat.

“Mother?” Kodo whispered.

“I… saw my old master,” Shiva mumbled, clutching her head. “Before Equestria. Was that… Conqueror’s Haki?”

“Yep,” Entity groaned. “I hate it when he does that.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Sombra said blankly.

While in the Conquerors Haki Link saw Thanos change, his whole body radiated malice, his eyes turning blood red, he grinned widely and at the same time his teeth became blood red as well. Link didn’t see a Titan, he saw a demon. Thanos then stopped his Conquerors Haki, finally thinking it was enough.

“You have a strong will, handling my Conquerors Haki is an admirable feat.” Thanos praised, slowly getting into a stance similar to Monkey D. Luffy.

“Tch. I gotta be considering the Fokkeru the two witches often summon in Equestria and the anomalies that Celestia senses daily,” Link said as he twirled his master sword around. 

“Alrighty then, I’ll go at you first, I don’t wanna kill you so I’ll be holding back.” Thanos then vanished from sight, the Eliatropes and Dragons all around raised an eyebrow and looked around for him, Thanos appeared before Link, cocking back his fist.

“Tekkai, Go!” Thanos said before he punched Link.

Link was quick and blocked the blow with his shield. But even still, the force and the speed of the punch had sent the lightweight champion careening a good ways away.

Link gently cringed as his back hit the floor. “Even without the stones, he still packs a punch.” Link mentally said. Link’s mind raced with his thoughts, first time having to fight something this powerful and fast. Taking out his bow and nocking an arrow, Link aims toward the sky as the tip of the arrow radiated with a bright glow. Those who knew of their Hylian History would believe at first for it to be the Light Arrow, however their expression changed when he fired it into the air; the arrow turning into a ball of light, soon exploding into a shower of light arrows honing toward Thanos. 

Thanos looked up as the literal squadron of light arrows descended onto Thanos like bombs, but before they could hit Thanos held up a palm, towards the arrows.

“Steam Blast!” Thanos shot a small shockwave at the blast, the arrows disappeared from sight, Thanos just stood there and looked at Link. “My turn.” Thanos took a step, and ran at the Hylian. Thanos then launched a multitude of kicks while several feet away from Link, soon those kicks became air slashes. “Rankyaku!” Five waves of air slashes were sent towards Link. Thinking quick on his feet, Link crouched down, bracing for impact as the blasts of air pushed his back. As the air blasts cleared, Link moved his Hylian Shield back, only to pull out a new shield that reflected with the nearby lights, however keeping the gleam from hitting Thano’s eyes. It was too dirty of a tactic to do - similar to throwing dust - but that is not why he took it out. Sheathing his sword for just a moment, Link’s right hand crackled with fire, soon throwing a fireball at Thanos.

Just like when Rainbow Dash tried to hit him with fire, Thanos caught the fire and tried to extinguish it with his hand, but then at the same time the fireball exploded, knocking Thanos onto his back. Thanos blinked, out of pure shock.

“THAT WAS SO FUCKING COOL!!!!!” Thanos shouted out, jumping to his feet. “How did you do that?! Also since we’re fighting in a turn based manner get some Pokemon Music.”

“Alright I gotchu! Turn on the music!” Ryker ordered.

“Slob on my knob-”

“NONONONONONONONO WRONG ONE!!! I’m so sorry! I got it!” Ryker said as sweat began to fall down his cheek.

“Alrighty, let’s do this shit! Thanos uses Power-up Punch!” Thanos ran at the Hylian attempting to get a direct hit. Thanos tried to punch the Hylian in his gut, Link, once again blocked the attack. Though the force made him fall on his ass. 

“Right, holding back.” Link said with a groaned, thanking the Goddesses above he had equipped the Golden Gauntlets, otherwise his arm would most likely be paste. “You’re hitting quite hard for doing just that, and here I am doing the same.” Link said as he reached into his pouches to pull out some kind of brown faced mask with white hair. Bringing it up to his face, the mask suddenly sprouted arms clinging to his face, but before Thanos could be grossed out, there was a brief flash, and suddenly a much bigger fist on fire coming straight toward Thanos’s jaw.

Just before the fist connected with Thanos he muttered something under his breath, “Tekkai.” His whole body became stiff and when the fist hit, Thanos didn’t budge. Thanos looked at Link, “Nice punch bro, but mine’s better.” Thanos’ body began to heat up, “My body has now reached one hundred and twelve degrees Celsius.” Thanos said, taking a step forward and punching Link right in his nose. The red tunic’s magic and the rock hardness of a Goron took most of the impact, however blood was drawn.

“The heat is not really much here, Thanos.” Goron Link said as he reached back, only to pull out a metallic hammer that would be recognized as the Megaton hammer, soon swinging it at Thanos with all his might in an attempt to send Thanos flying.

“Oh, I see now.” Thanos unsheathed his Infinity Blade and their weapons met, the strength of the two users sent all the dust on the arena flying.

Doom walked to the box seat and sat down. “Seems we are fashionably late, Phoenix.”

“It would appear.” Phoenix took a seat leaving one space between him and Doom.

Shiva’s tail wagged as Kodo returned to her side. “I’m sure you had a good reason,” she murmured, as Kodo’s link bound his claws to hers, sharing what he had seen.

A chime alerted Doom and he lifted his gauntlet and saw the reading. “To answer your question from earlier Phoenix, I didn’t get enough DNA in the workout room. So no I didn’t get what I was searching for.” 

Phoenix pulled out a notepad and pen and jotted something down. He then ripped out the page and handed it to his accompaniment. “Here. After Shiva does a number on me, hand this to the doc in the med bay. Take as much blood as ya need!”

Doom took the note from his hand and looked down to find it had a consent form written on it. “You had spilled enough blood from before, I can clone an army of you. The divine energy I picked up in your DNA, however, I am not sure I could reproduce.” 

“Well that’s good news for you. Cause if ya could,” Phoenix tilted his head round to eye Doom. “I’d have to kill ya.”

Doom shrugged “I have heard that before, or I remember others telling me that before. One thing I have discovered is I’m an oddity among the Displaced.”

“Don’t take it personally. Just wouldn’t feel comfortable with someone such as yourself wielding such power.” Phoenix placed his hands behind his head and crossed his legs to view the match more comfortably. 

“I had already been a God once, Phoenix, or more to the point I remember being a God. It was beneath me.” Doom motions for a drink then sighed remembering his butler wasn’t here.

“That is precisely the problem,” Phoenix noted, before gaining an idea. “Now what if you wanted to become even more than a God?” He tilted his head slightly in honest interest.

“It was boring, no challenge. Just like how I took over the Earth I remember with mind control. There was no challenge, no thrill. Ultimately, Phoenix, having such power made life boring. I’m more worried about the beings who are bored. Bored enough to snatch random beings and give them power and drop them in other universes.” Doom sat back and looked down at the fight.

“Whelp, I’d rather that be the thing to quench their boredom than destroying said universes.” Phoenix got up and gave a small wave over his shoulder. “Cya dude.” He then made his way back to the waiting room, already satisfied with the details he had been collecting on the competitors in the ring.

Shiva watched Phoenix go with intrigue, before moving closer to Doom. “You talked about these beings,” she noted. “Bored enough to give random people power and drop them in other universes.” She glanced down at her claws. “So… are these beings the same ones that uplifted me… or… you also mentioned uplifting animals in your own world. So… who could’ve uplifted me and sent me to Equestria?” 

Doom turned his head to look at Shiva “That I don’t know. Even with the vast power I remembered controlling, I couldn’t grasp the way beings beyond the borders of realities think. You are unique because of your Uplifted quality. Something so far other Displaced haven’t demonstrated to be part of their nature, just like how I remember being Victor von Doom of the Marvel Universe 616, but I know I am not him. By this time I don’t even think like that man because I have matured and grown beyond the limitations the writers have shackled that Doctor Doom with.” 

Shiva turned back to Thanos and Link’s fight, pondering the Doctor’s words. “Intriguing…” she mumbled, before Kodo nudged her.

“Either way,” Kodo noted. “Does it really matter how you got here? I think you’ve done alright with what you had.” 

Shiva chuckled. “Yes, but you're my son. You’re biased.” 

Kodo pouted, but she could see a glitter of amusement in his eyes. “Well, I’ve got a good reason to be biased,” he replied, getting a chuckle out of her. Leaning next to each other, they continued to watch the match.

Back in the ring, Thanos and Goron Link both jumped back to gain some breathing room, Thanos sighed deeply. 

“This is so fun! I actually feel happy, I’m always happy but still!” Thanos laughed before spinning his blade, walking closer to the Champion

“...You’re starting to sound like Goku.” Goron Link said with a chuckle. 

“Shut it will you,” Thanos said with a grin.

Link shrugged as he held the Megaton Hammer over his shoulder. “Don’t let a Displaced Vegeta catch you talking like that.” Goron Link said jokingly as he put away his hammer, only to pull out a fairly sized ball and chain that would be less than half of Thano’s. Link started to swing it around with ease; causing the air to hum with its swiftness. With a strong swing, he sent the ball flying toward Thanos. 

Thanos ran at the ball and punched it back at Goron Link, the ball slammed itself into him like a truck, however Goron Link caught it in his big goron hands, skidding back a bit. 

“I know this is supposed to be a fight, but it’s feeling like a mettle.” Goron Link said as he put away the ball and chain. “I don’t mean to joke, but I’ve got a question..” Goron Link said with a friendly smile. “Bombs?” Goron Link asked as he pulled out a blue bomb with its fuse lit. “You want it?” He said as he rolled it toward Thano’s feet. “It's yours my friend.” Goron Link said with a slightly immature grin. 

“... I know it’s a bomb but I must.” Thanos took the bomb and stood there until it blew up in his face. He coughed, “Crap, okay, okay, okay, my turn, like in any Pokemon Game there is a power up. So, IMMA MEGA EVOLVE!!!!” Thanos’ body started to heat up, steam started to radiate off his body. Thanos skin turned light purple. “Netsu-Netsu… STEEEAAAAM MAAAAN!” Thanos threw his head back and struck a pose, Thanos levitated, steam aiding him.

Outside of the arena building a portal opened and a figure dressed in a black suit and sporting a faceless head walked through. Once looking about he motions for others on the other side of the portal to come through. The second figure was a 7 foot tall replica of Ben Grimm however this version of the Thing had titanium alloy joints and granite like body. On its shoulder was the bipedal Maul Pie. She patted the large form “Boulder, it's like I told you the portal is safe.” Boulder grunts then moved forward, giving room for the last of Doom’s guests, his apprentice Gilda dressed in her version of the Scarlet Witch outfit.  

Goron Link looked at the crowd, wondering what their thoughts were that the man with the body of a famous Mad Titan was acting like a total goofball. He got an answer with Shiva, who was covering her snout and trying not to crack up. “Just a moment there, Steam man.” Goron Link said, feeling off calling Thanos that. He gestures with his rock arm for Thanos to come on down. “I’d like to suggest something to you that’ll make the crowd get more excited.” Goron Link said before mouthing the words ‘In Secret’ toward Thanos.

“Alright, I’ll play your game.” Thanos grinned, Thanos looked at Link and then dashed at Link, a sonic boom appearing afterwards. Thanos appeared before Link. “Strong… RIGHT!!!” Thanos punched Link faster than the Champion could even see and punched Link in his gut. The force and speed once again launched the Champion far, this time slamming him into the arena. Goron Link left quite a small crater due to the form’s weight. “W-what  is with you and punching hard?” Goron Link said as he slid down, slowly getting up a little shakily. Goron Link reached up, grabbing a hold of his face as he began to pull; tendril arms refusing to let go at first, but eventually he removed his ‘face’, causing a brief flash of light, and earning a gasp from the crowd due to the disturbing thing they had witnessed. Link casually walked up to Thanos. 

“What I wanted to suggest is me slowing down time and giving the crowd a show. We’d be moving faster and surprising them.” Link whispered. 

“I’m already fast, so that would be awesome! Lez do it!” Thanos appeared at the other side of the arena. “Choose your fastest form to keep up with me, because it’s time we go “all out”.” Thanos winked, which was disturbing, a great Titan winking at the Hylian. Link’s expression was half humorous and half embarrassed. 

“..Right.. Fastest…” Link said as he reached into his pouch, soon pulling out a blue ocarina and bringing it up to his mouth. Link concentrates on the images of himself and Thanos before looking his eyes. The sounds of the familiar notes of the Song Of Time played in reverse were sound; soon moving gears and cogs would appear all around Thanos and Link as time slowed down. To the crowd, they would not notice anything different yet, but to the fighters below, they’d notice things moving in slow motion. Link reaches into his pouch again to pull out a mask that looked a lot like Link, except female. “..I didn’t expect to use this again, but..” Link paused to shrug his arms. “I did ask Rarity to make that suit.” he said as he placed it onto his face; the same effect playing as before. The mask changed him into a suit similar to Sheik, but to Thanos’s shock or surprise, Link… was a female. 

“That’s sus. Mad sus man, that’s kinda gay but let’s not talk about that. Wait, wouldn’t that make you a futa? Nevermind! Let’s just fight.” Thanos said as he dashed off towards Link, breaking the sound barrier once more.

Doom leaned forward. “What benefit would being turned into a woman give Link? I don’t understand that combat strategy.” 

Shiva glanced at Doom with a coy expression. “Are you saying females can’t match up to males?” she asked.

“Oh don’t misunderstand, my dear Shiva, It’s not that I don’t think women are dangerous. The most powerful foes I faced were female. Susan Storm could defeat every one of her teammates if given the desire. It just that Link combat tactics gain no benefit from changing sex from what I can tell.” Doom stated matter-of-factly. He looked down to his gauntlet and noticed his crew had arrived.

Shiva chuckled. “True enough,” she admitted. “Don’t worry, I see what you mean. I just remembered the diamond dog Alpha before me: he had a few opinions on what females were good for.” She watched Link fight with a grin. “It was rather satisfying to prove him wrong.” 

“Glad to hear you set his misunderstanding straight. In the natural world, females tend to be more aggressive overall than males. Though there are exceptions, generally, females are more deadly in the animal kingdom.” Doom sat back again and once more looked for a servant for drinks. “Hmm.”

“Maybe,” Shiva agreed. “But ultimately, males and females are better when they work together. Males can be stronger; females can be smarter. But ultimately, it’s only when they’re united that they reach their full potential.” She nodded. “That’s one thing I always agreed with Twilight on; friendship can be magic, but teamwork makes the dream work.” She noticed him looking around. “Something wrong?”

“It is something I found on my Equestria. Male and Females were treated equally. Now species however were open for bias, but sexism was not an issue.” He looked back to Shiva. “I was just looking for a drink. Nothing to worry about.”

Accepting his word, Shiva turned back to the fight.

As Thanos drew closer and closer, Link stood motionless. Just as he got close, Link suddenly flipped high into the air, much higher than usual; the cloak's enchantment known as Roc’s Feather allowed him to jump high. With his - now her - hands lighting on fire, Link threw a barrage of smaller Din’s fires toward Thano’s. 

Thanos verily dodges the attacks zigzagging closer to Link, Thanos tries to deliver a kick to his side, Link evades it, Link tries to attack Thanos and he evades it. They disappeared and shock waves appeared all over the arena, they were so fast even Lucci couldn’t see them. Thanos shot a Steam Blast at Link and she was sent to the ground, but at the same time Thanos was kicked in his jaw by Link. Both getting struck. Link, using the thinner agile body, backflipped away, twirling around into a somersault to land a distance away. Link twirled around as a green ball of light floated into the air, flying behind Thanos as Link suddenly vanished and appeared via the use of Farore’s wind. “Just don’t be getting ideas seeing me like this.” Link warned, half serious, half joking. 

“Celestia was the only one for me, so... Yeah.” Thanos said as he started to float, “I should start using my Soru, basically the art of moving so fast your opponent can’t see you. And uh… Yeah. Soru!” Thanos vanished and uppercuts Link with his Gauntlet, he covered it in Armament Haki, multiplying the punch by two times, Thanos also added Tekkai Go to multiply the damage even more. “SHORYUKEN!!!!” Thanos cried out.

“Why can’t that moron take anything seriously?” Eric said planting his palm into his forehead

“It’s probably who he is,” Maud of Eric’s Equestria said, turning her blank expression to the shadow man. “Kinda how Pinkie can’t take a fight seriously without the aid of Pinkamena”

Doom raised a brow and looked on. “Now that is new, the Thanos I fought in my memories wasn’t able to generate an energy blast.” Doom then turned his scanners to max as his equipment started analyzing the energy signature. 

Outside, the Slenderman Hans turned to Maud and Boulder. “Looks like everyone is distracted by the combat. Maud and Boulder set the crystals in place.” 

Maud looked to a box she held then opened them revealing six black crystals. “I don’t like the feel of these Crystals, neither does Boulder.”

Gilda sighs “You said that already. They are under Doom’s control, just plant them like he told you. Hopefully he wouldn’t need to use them.”

“Snatch.” The box flew from Maud hands and over to the right of the small group. They all looked to see Phoenix, tossing it up and down in his hand. “Now hold on there buckaroo. Mind telling me what these thingies are?”

“None of your business, now return them or else.” Gilda stepped forward in her hands two orbs of fire form. 

Shrugging, Phoenix chucked the box back over to her before walking off. “Don’t do anything stupid. Today isn’t a good day to get on my nerves.”

Hans' hand lashed out, stretching to catch the box. “Gilda, remember our orders, minimize trouble.” He then looked to Phoenix “These are nothing but a safety measure. Just in case of problems, we aren’t planning any. Given you are walking away looks like you aren’t seeking any.” 

“Sure, let's go with that.” They heard from the distance, before Phoenix left their view. 

Once Maud and Boulder got the box back, they both sank into the ground till ownly Hans and Gilda remained. There was no evidence that Boulder once stood there.

Back to the fight, Thanos and Link clashed once more before appearing on the other sides. Thanos let out a sigh, “This is getting epic, show me what you got!” Thanos said, taunting the now female Champion.

“I’m not even trying to kill you and you’re just egging me to do it?” Link said, unsure whether to laugh or be confused.

“Come at me, fight me, I will give you one minute to knock me down.” Thanos crossed his arms and went out of Steam Man.

Link let out a sigh, deciding how to use the Wide Angle ability to see Thanos’s current health, how much energy he has, their weaknesses and what their body resistances. Link saw his weaknesses, Ocean Water, Water, Sea Prism Stone. Resistances, Blunt forces, sharp objects, energy blasts, magical blasts, heat, magma, wind, and finally Bullshit. “..Alright, I’ve got something.” Link said as he removed the Linkle Mask, returning to his original form. 

Taking out the Master Sword and raising it skyward. “This is just one of my more potent spells, but it's not the strongest. Think of it as me testing your durability..” Link said as his sword took on a glowing blue; swirling around with cold wind. Link was drawing in the cold air from the atmosphere and polar winds through the use of the Ether Medallion. The wind started to pick up all around the arena as energy built up. Soon, from the tip of his master sword unleashed a powerful wave that swept across the arena, quickly turning it into a winter water land of fierce polar winds and freezing cold from the atmosphere above. The blast would soon hit Thanos, coating him in a block of ice. Link knows that weaker enemies would be permanently frozen or shattered when hit by this spell, however with this being Thanos, Link is confident it shouldn’t kill the mad titan. 

"Alrighty, let's do this!" Thanos cried out, he lifted his right leg up and slammed it into the arena, he repeated the process again with his other leg. "COME ON!!!!" 

“If anything his tenacity to face a strong opponent is as strong as he is heavy” Sombra stated still feeling uneasy in the arena

“I FUCKING HEARD THAT!!!!” Thanos cried out as the spell hit him locking him in a block of ice

“Alright, lets get some music shall we?” Ryker said before pointing to an Eliatrope nearby, “Play it!”

The first two seconds of Never Gonna Give You Up plays before it shuts off.

“I swear to god Kyle you better get it right.” Ryker rubbed his eyes, Kyle laughed nervously

“Hey, Kyle’s doing his best!” A random Eliatrope said.

“Who said that?” Ryker asked, looking at part of the crowd.

“I did!” A gunshot soon followed afterwards.

“Shot through the heart, and you're to blame!”

“I SWEAR TO GOD KYLE YOUR NEXT!!!!” Ryker turned to Kyle, who tried to hide a snicker.

“Sorry, I had to, alright let’s go.” Kyle then puts on an ost.

Thanos sat there, frozen solid, suddenly he heated up and his ice prison exploded. Thanos stood there, now unfrozen Thanos checked his forehead, a single drop of blood appeared.

"All that for a drop of blood?" Thanos asked the Hylian. 

“I did say it wasn’t my most potent spell.” Link said with a shrug. 

"Hm, I see, alright then." Thanos said

“It’s difficult to give you my best without breaking the No Death rule.” Link explained as he scratched the side of his head. “Like I could have blown you up while you were frozen.” Link said as he sheathed his Master Sword, but kept his hand on the sword’s hilt.

"I doubt, doubt that anything from your arsenal could kill me." Thanos said, sure of his insane durability and his will to fight stronger than anything this Hylian could throw at him.

“Maybe I should go for the head?” Link said jokingly with a shrug that would remind Thanos of what Sans would.

"Oh fuck off will you?" Thanos chuckled slowly, bringing out his blade, then stopping. "You know what? I'm going to use the Rokuogan on you." Thanos said putting up his fists.

“Roku-what?” Link asked confused as he raised his Mirror Shield cautiously. Thanos let out a sigh and used Soru to appear at Link's side, Link held up the shield and Thanos put his arms in a unique pose.

"Oh shit." Lucci said as Thanos and Link locked eyes.

"Rokushiki Ogi: Rokuogan!" Thanos produced a shockwave that bypassed his shield and all of his natural defenses and hit him directly in his ribcage, harming his lungs as well. Link’s eyes went wide with fear, coughing up quite a lot of blood. Slowly as he shakely raised his hands to the sky; Link channels blue energy, then quickly hugs it against his chest to cause a strange diamond shield to manifest and surround him. This quickly ceases the pain, preventing further damage to him.

“Alright, think you’ve made your point..” Link said as he wiped his mouth of the blood. This was the second most painful he’s felt in his Displaced life next to the time he was impaled by the stinger of a manticore that almost ended his life.

"That simple shield won't stop this form of Armament Haki, able to even break platinum without the attack connecting." Thanos cocked back his right fist, covering it in Ryou Haki, he threw a punch and the punch knocked Link back but it didn't cause him any damage. "Ye fokin wot m8?" Thanos raised an eyebrow, ceasing the Ryou Haki.

“Nayru’s Love.” Link explained with a friendly grin, only for it to fade when it broke it in a pained chuckle. Sure, the barrier was preventing the pain, but mentally he knew there was damage down there. “Think I'll share with you the last surprise and do it now before I end up dead.” Link said as he reached into his pouch, soon pulling out what looked to be a white haired version of himself. Placing the mask on his face; there was a crackle of thunder before it erupted, blinding everyone in the stadium. 

“So we finally get to see Fierce Deity Link” Eric said with a grin on his face

“Fierce Deity?” Luna and Shiva asked with equally confused expressions.

“The strongest mask in the Majora’s Mask game,” explained the shadow man. “So strong it could only be worn in boss rooms, otherwise the game would be too easy to beat.”

“What does it do?” Rainbow asked her eyes lighting up in amazement

“Well besides turning kid Link into adult Link, he gets a strength and health boost as well as the Deity Blade, a duel metal sword forged in a helix able to cut through the air with such speed it puts the Tempest Kick to shame!” Eric’s grin grew wider. “Every swing of that blade may as well be another sword entirely.”

“But will it be enough to defeat Thanos?” Goku Black asked 

Kodo leaned forward with narrowed eyes. “We’re about to find out,” he noted.

"This is going to be amazing!" Entity squealed.

“This may be the miracle Link needs to defeat the Titan,” Eric said, trying to hide the excitement in his voice as he watched the transformation.

Thanos sighed, chuckling slightly, clouds formed over Thanos' head. Lightning then struck him, Thanos then radiated a blue aura, his Gauntlet lightning up by lightning like Thor's hammer. Thanos turned into his Steam Man form and covered his fists and boots in Armament Haki. "Ah, finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!" Thanos raised his fist high, grinning.

Link let out a humming laughter. “Come now.” Link began, his voice sounding lower than before. “A Kung Fu Panda meme to start it off the final round?” Link said as he slowly reached back, pulling out the helix sword that the Shadow Man was explaining; its blade singing as it moved through the air.

Thanos pulled out his Infinity Blade to make it a sword against sword battle, it lit on fire and had a lightning aura. "Let's go!" Thanos vanished from sight, he appeared before Link, a sonic boom following him. "Super Sonic, Thor's Blade!" Thanos swung his mighty sword at the Hylian Champion- No, the Hylian Deity. Link raised his sword, blocking Thanos’s own sword as a rush of energy exploded, causing some of the tiles to break and some of the crowd to fall over. Link extended with his other hand as fire built up in his palm, suddenly slamming it into Thano’s chest causing a rather powerful dome-shaped Din’s fire erupt very much like how it looked originally. Despite Link was inside of the dome, the flames favored him much like the Goddess Of Fire. Unfortunately, Thanos’ Heat-Heat Fruit allowed him to mostly ignore the damage.

"Alrighty then, I'll have to use this on you then." Thanos went into Daewi's stance, a stance Black was all too familiar with. Thanos threw his sword into the air. "First Stance, Fist of the Black Tortoise!" Thanos punched the Deity in his chest, "Second Stance, Vermillion Bird!" A pillar of fire erupted beneath Link, "Third Stance, White Tiger!" Thanos let out a barrage of punches and kicks, some connecting with the Deity some not. Suddenly Thanos went into a stance similar to the Rokuogan but couldn't be any different. "Last Stance, AZURE DRAGON!!!" A blue dragon went through the Deity followed by the most devastating shockwave anyone has seen digging a trench that was equal to a Kamehameha being shot. The wall was intact, but the arena wasn't. There was a lot of dirt and smoke as silent filled the air. Suddenly, from within the ground smog, a blue energy disc was flying straight at Thanos very quickly. 

Observation Haki kicked in and Thanos ducked and evaded the attack, looking at the location it was thrown. "So you're still standing, huh?" Thanos crossed his arms as he looked at the smog.

“Of course, Thanos.” Link’s voice answered as a small melody was heard. The smog was split in half as golden angel wings sprouted from Link’s back after he had played the Song Of Soaring. The song’s magic was altered by his Displaced to be more than a glorified teleporter to a Owl Statue. Quickly flying up into the air and soon keeping himself float, Link brought his flex sword to his chest as blue energy started to charge along its edge. Link glances toward the crowd. “I do hope rupees will be of value here!” he yelled out toward the host of the tournament, Ryker, before looking down at Thanos as he began to swing his Helix sword wildly, unleashing more of those blue energy discs at the Mad Titan.

Thanos ducked under one disc, the other one coming close to his neck, Thanos blocked another disc sent his way with his Gauntlet. As Thanos evaded the attacks the audience could see the attacks coming closer and closer to Thanos. "SHIT!!!" Link fired more of the discs and one finally hit Thanos directly in the chest, Thanos stumbled back and was soon hit by a multitude of them. Thanos now getting hit by the discs, scratches appeared on his body and Thanos winced slightly but only the Deity's watchful eyes could see the wince of pain. Thanos stumbled backward and fell on one knee.

"Damn; how do you do that? First you turn into a rocky fat man, then go Rule 63 on my ass, then you turn into a fucking God?! Honestly not the weirdest thing I fought but still!" Thanos got to his feet. "Link, I admire you for your insane will, you knew that I was stronger than you but you played your tools right and you made me go on one knee and made me say the iconic "All of that for a drop of blood" schtick. You are truly, truly amazing, great with your items and your skills. Honestly I don't think I can pull half the shit you're doing." Thanos laughed.

“You’ve got a lot of power, although you’re a little reckless with it.” Link said as he rested his sword on his shoulder. “I had to dig deep into my pouches just to survive all of the blows, especially in inverted time.” Link said with a wink as he slowly glided down to earth. “I could keep going, but..” Link said as he reached up to pull off his face, turning it back into a mask. “But I think at that point, I’d be asking for a deathwish, and I’d rather-” He paused in mid-sentence as he stopped himself from giving into his lunge’s pain. “N-not have my wife Princess Luna crying when she learns i’m dead.” Link explained. 

"You're married to Lulu?” Thanos laughed. “Everyone does love Princesses." Thanos said before putting his hands to the floor and crouching in a position Eric was familiar with.

“Hey I resent that,” Eric said jumping to his feet

"I know you do bud, Steam… Hopper!" Thanos shot steam out of his fists and he flew at Link, Link verily dodged out of the way but Thanos used steam to knock himself up. Thanos then bounced around Link like a ping pong ball going faster and faster by the second. Very punch Link was struggling to reach into his pouch, forcing his arm away every time. Link manages to pull out a mask; a rather dull looking one as he slips it onto his face. 

“You’ve-” Link spoke in pain between breaths. “Won-already.” Link said as Thanos bounced off the air around Link like a ping pong ball. Link was hoping the Stone Mask’s enchantment would bore Thanos; to make him as interesting as a pebble on the ground. 

"Yeah, but I wanna give the crowd a rousing finale!" Thanos said not being visible anymore

Without warning Thanos was tied and bound by thousands of shadow and light tendrils covering his entire body.

“Who the hell did that?!”