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Sunny Solaire

Praise the Sunset


When the rebellious and power-hungry Sunset Shimmer steps through Canterlot's magic mirror, she enters a world that is more... unforgiving than the EQG-verse we are used to. One completely devoid of magic.
Very quickly, she is humbled by force, and eventually finds herself living on the streets, begging for scraps from unkind strangers, just as winter is around the corner.
That is, until she meets Anon.

Originally written in 2014 on /mlp/.

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Please tell me there's more I need it.

Anon gets laid for his trouble, right? I'd never go this far out of my way for a female unless there was reliable nookie in it.

So sweet. Good job Anon.

Oh my stars. I remember reading it in /mlp/ back in the day. Great to finally see it here!

Glad someone recognizes this one. Happy you're here and seeing it again.

No spoilers.

Anon being a good bro. Love him

This is an interesting take on Sunset's story: her discovering how cushy her Equestrian life is by entering a world where there is no magic to ensure balance.

This is a good story so far. Normally stories involving Anon usually have him being a total ass, this is one of the few stories where he's at least an amenable person.

You go Anon. Help out that poor lost pony girl.

The all you can eat, never ending pancake plate is a complete lie. I went to an IHOP to get something to eat as I hadn't eaten in about 2 days(crazy bills and whatnot had killed my food budget) and so I ordered the all-you-can-eat never ending pancake plate. For those of you who are big eaters like me, you can probably understand. I was on my 7th plate of the never ending pancake plate when the manager came out and told me if I get another plate, they were going to have to charge me for another order. Ina fit of anger and disgust, I told him what he could do with his mother in not-so-nice words, intentionally dropped the plate on the floor, called the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce to formally file a complaint while I was walking to the cashier, threw the money on the counter and stormed out without even bothering to get a receipt and my change and I've never been back to another IHOP again. That was about 15 years ago.

As long as they don't do anything while she still depends on him (no viable alternative plan), OK.

Whoa! That's crazy! Can't wait until you get the next part out.

Morul of the story fuck ihop

In a place like this, being edgy and angry was always preferable to being depressed and suicidal. It kept you focused. Luckily, your old pal Sweeny Todd helped you put words to those thoughts.

What does he mean by that?

Making a right, you head down the worst part of your walk home. Your apartment was on the other side of the riskiest street in town to walk through. You called it "The Gauntlet", because it was filled with hobos and criminals who looked like they could snap at any moment, and you had to walk through it. They weren't the humble, down-on-their-luck, war veteran type of hobos, these ones had other problems. You, quite literally, live in the worst part of town.

So, this isn’t the eqg world, right?

The girl, startled, looks up at you with tear-stained eyes. That, in itself, startled you as well. She's absolutely beautiful. Albeit, she clearly hasn't bathed in a while, and she's covered in dirt, but there's something about her... You don't know how, but you can see that she isn't like the rest of the homeless people that live around here.

Does she have the same skin color as she does in eqg?

She pauses and looks down to the ground, sinking into your jacket. "Because... Everyone else here I've met has been..."

How long has she been in the world?

She rubs your jacket and smiles as she walks behind you. “N- Nice to meet you, Anon... I’m Sunset. Sunset Shimmer.”

Is this sunset before or after she was reformed?

Snapping your fingers, you go to your closet and dig through the contents on one of the shelves. You pull out a magenta t-shirt, a pair of clean jeans, and some women's panties. You also pull out a pair of short shorts and an oversized AC/DC t-shirt. Turns out, ex-girlfriends are good for something.

Good to know

She looks around the room a bit, still standing there before looking back at the bed. "Well... M- Maybe... Y- You c- *mumble*."

What did she say?

Are you going to offer her some eggs too?

What the hell, Anon? You call this place a suitable living situation? You've got a very pretty, albeit smelly, and very destitute roommate now! Where is your pride? Where is your integrity? Clean this shit up.

We all have that small part of our brain.

She obviously notices you staring and quickly turns around, shamefully hugging her chest to keep them out of your sight.

"No, let me see. Are you okay?" You approach her, and gently set your hand on her shoulder.

She flinches and shields herself on contact. "No!"

Do they still hurt?

Sunset's digestive system is likely different than the average human since she's a originally a horned equine so maybe that's why she's able to Goku-style eat all them flapjacks?

You squeeze the trigger and cover the flames in a glorious cloud of white smoke, laughing like a madman the whole time. The flames swirl around and get smaller and smaller, which only makes you laugh harder. You're having way too much fun making the best of this bad situation.

If I was sunset, I would be worried.

Yes, its a piece of shit apartment, but its YOUR piece of shit apartment.

I think this story may need a comedy tag.

"You're welcome, Sunny." You reply.

She blushes a little. "Sunny..." She repeats softly.

She never noticed him calling her that?

You do wish that your plan for coming to the human world had gone better. You really regret saying all those horrible things you said to Princess Celestia in Equestria. You had it all: money, power, prestige, unrestricted access to every corner of the castle, you even had magic.

You'd love a bit of that magic right now, but there's no way that Celestia would take you back. She probably had the mirror destroyed so that you could never return to Equestria. You don't blame her. After the way you acted, you would have made sure you couldn't go back too.

You miss your parents. You miss Princess Celestia. You miss everypony in Equestria. You didn't have many friends there, but you did have ponies to talk to. You were part of society. Others noticed you, and were probably jealous of what you took for granted in many respects.

Seems like she didn’t need to get blasted by a rainbow to see the error of her ways.

After a few minutes of just thinking to yourself, you shut off the water and grab the towel. You feel 200% better now that you're clean. You still feel down, but you're going to try and be more positive like Anon. Even his kitchen almost burning to the ground didn't put him down for long. He was smiling like he always is.

You decide right then and there that you're going to change your attitude from now on. Anon selflessly invited you into his home and let you sleep, eat, and shower. It's only fair that you be as happy as you can so you aren't a burden.

Sunset has officially been reformed.


She looks around the room a bit, still standing there before looking back at the bed. "Well... M- Maybe... Y- You c- *mumble*."

What did she say?

It seems as if Sunset wanted Anon to keep her warm.

Hmm... The tragedy tag is ominous...
Just to be clear, is it going to end badly as the tag is supposed to imply?

Kinda glad we didn't get stuck in romance-land too long: I'm allergic. This has piqued my interest for sure.

Without a bowl of eggs it's not the same...

You lock the door and turn to see Sunset rocking back and forth on her feet with her arms behind her back and she's smiling widely at you. It's so damn cute.

You chuckle and smile back. "What?"

She giggles back at you, blushing some. "Nothin'..."

Something tells me it wasn’t nothin’.

You are now Sunset, and damn it, you messed up again.

This is exactly the same thing that happened in Canterlot. You let your pride and arrogance get the better of you. Now you look like a big, fat jerk.

You feel awful in more ways than one. Your stomach hurts, you're pretty sure Anon's feelings are hurt, and you're guilty. You promised yourself this morning that you were going to change, Sunset. What's the matter with you?

Ok, so she’s not 100% reformed.

It smells like a combination of garbage, cat piss, and shame.

I get that she hasn't washed for a while, but why cat piss? Where did that come from?

"I was spoiled and I felt like I deserved to be a princess, even though I hadn't done any real work to deserve any kind of special treatment... Eventually my teach-" She cuts herself off and pauses for a moment, clearing her throat. "Erm... My parents... kicked me out of the house. So I, uh, I stayed with this other girl for a while..."

Why didn't she tell him about the princess?

"Pretty soon though, I ended up on the streets. Homeless... They kicked me out too... I didn't have a job or anywhere else to go, so I... I tried my hand at petty theft to get money for a while...

Did this happen before or after she got to the other world?

Sh*t, if she was that happy about Batman she should watch Black Panther. Also, I honestly thought the fire was sunset having a nightmare.

...M I the only one that finds it wierd that they never thought on taking a shower before putting on some clean clothes?

Aw, things were looking so much better for Sunset and now both she and Anon go down horribly...

Edit: Should've noticed the Tragedy tag up there and known it wouldn't end well. So I won't downvote, there was fair warning, I just overlooked it.

T'was a long time since I read anything eqg related, but this seems promising. I'm looking forward to read on tomorrow, when it's not 1 AM in the night!

"Well, you know that little plastic part that's at the end of a shoelace? Yeah, my great grandpa invented that." You say.

How long ago did he invent it?

You clear your throat. "People look at you differently when you have money. You're viewed as something more than human. And at the same time, when a person with that much money often thinks they're more than human, but they act like a complete prick... Not always, of course, but often. You see it almost all the time in Hollywood. They're under the impression that having manners and being decent doesn't apply to them because they have money..."

She looks to her feet as you talk, almost like she's thinking.

Sounds like someone familiar.

You keep on talking. "I didn't want to end up like that. I probably would have, if it wasn't for a great friend that I had."

She looks up at you. "What was his name?"

You smile a little. " Her name is Applejack. She was a great girl. She was like the sister that I never had, but I always wanted."

Applejack is in this world, too?

You're going to have to go back home. The little secluded district of big houses where rich pricks live that you hate. It's a few hundred miles away though, so you'd need to fly there. You've got an emergency $5000 for clothes, food, and a plane ticket back home.

I thought they were just gonna rent a room?

So many things are going through your head right now. You're stressed, cold, tired, and sad. And confused. Why on earth would Anon choose to live in a place like this when his family has all kinds of money?

Sure, he says he hates rich peoples' attitudes, but there's always something with every situation that people don't like. Surely, this was no exception.

Is she saying there’s another reason?

Can't wait for the next chapter

Wouldn't be so bad. You'd be closer to all your old friends. Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight. A bunch of good girls, they were. You've known them since high school.


Great choice of music for that scene :heart:

As you both head toward the checkout, you pass the pink toy aisle. You see a bunch of fat guys in fedoras and other geeks are crowded around the "Pretty, Pretty Pegasus" section, and it looks like a few of them are fighting over a stuffed horse.

What a bunch of losers.

Damn, shots fired.

If you needed to get somewhere fast, you either magic'd your way around, or you rode the train. You didn't need to fly. That bullshit was reserved for Pegasus ponies.

The Pegasus probably heard that all the way in Equestria.

He shrugs. "Of course they are. Statistically, it's the safest way to travel."

Wait, really?

Anon chuckles and wraps his arm around you. "Yeah, I know it's scary... Tell you what, once we get in the air, we can trade seats and you can look out the window."

I thought she was already next to the window.

Suddenly, you feel yourself lean backwards. Not just your back, your entire body; the seat you're in, everything.

Does that really happen?

Wouldn't be so bad. You'd be closer to all your old friends. Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight. A bunch of good girls, they were. You've known them since high school.

So, they’re not in high school anymore?

You both shiver and fold your arms. "Ah, home sweet home." You say.

I thought he hated it there.

"I love you." "I love you."

F*cking finally

She smiles and hugs you again. "Thank you , Anon." You hug for a few more moments before she releases one arm and goes to your side. "Lets go inside, love."

You smile at her and give her another kiss. "Alright, love."

I’m surprised the others didn’t notice how long they were gone.

You both start walking toward the Apples' front door. Upon reaching it, you look at Sunset's beautiful face one more time and smile.

You turn the doorknob and enter the house.

I can’t wait to meet the others.

"Okay, first of all, Pinkie, you have six pedals down there. How can you tell which one is left and which one is right? And second of all, why in the blue hell do you have six pedals when there's only four directions?" You ask.

That's red vs blue refrains and we all know to plus the music

Wait I recognize that name...
I coulda sworn you were exiled

I love how, even at the end of her rope, Sunset is capable of aggravting people.

While she normally shouldn't be doing that, it is power that can be used for good.

And Pinkie is as hilariously off-kilter as in canon.

I was gonna ask that too.

You hold the door open for Sunset and you both head inside the Apple's home. Christmas music plays from a stereo and you see the whole gang is busy with different tasks around the house. Granny Smith and Applejack are in the kitchen, Rarity, Twilight, and Fluttershy are putting up some Christmas decorations, Rainbow Dash and Big Mac are playing video games, while Fluttershy, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo watch from the couch.

So, fluttershy is two places at once?

Applejack comes up to you with a big smile on her face as well. Her cheeks are a little rosy as she looks at you. "Good to see ya again, sugarcube!"

Why are her cheeks rosy?

As everyone else makes their introductions, you follow Applejack into the kitchen. "So, there's turkey and decorations and everyone's here now, but what's the occasion? Thanksgiving is tomorrow."

I don’t see the problem.

You blush harder as a collective "Aww" comes from almost everyone at the table.

Almost everyone?

As she prays, you are amazed that people who live this lavish and are this wealthy can still be so humble. If what Anon's feelings on how rich people act are true, then the Apple family must be an exception. They had to be one.

The Apples’ aren’t wealthy, are they?

I have a suspicion but I don't want to give or get those kinds of overtones if that's not what was intended because it's clearly meant as a tragic heartwarming then heartbreaking story first.

She thinks to herself for a moment. "That makes no sense. Why doesn't he just use them to create infinite resources for everyone? They're called 'Infinity' Stones, right?"

Now I fell stopied

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