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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


Years ago, a young mare named Sunset Shimmer has tragically lost her life on Earth during a scouting mission in Africa. However, her lost soul is visited by the entity in the heart of Tartarus. The entity has given some time to talk, including giving her the history of Equestria's darkest years has come. When she's given the news about another dangerous force to appear should the war between Earth and Equestria continues, Sunset is offered a second chance to live again and gather any allies she can in order to stop her own former mentor and loyal subjects, even if it pains her heart.

This is part of the NegotiationsVerse AU; What if Sunset Shimmer is given a second chance to live and going up against her own former home land and mentor, including her subjects?

If any who wants to read to original canon timeline, it's right here; https://www.fimfiction.net/story/301668/negotiations

For those confused or first time of reading the Negotiations-Verse and need more information, click down below.

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Interesting though by the Sargent’s affiliation I take it you’re not very versed in military stuff right?

Something tells me Sunset is the one who Celestia had taken away her when she was having that talk with Discord in choice. That would definitely push this one over the edge if she was her daughter.

This seems like a good premise! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Wait, why is a Major working at a medical facility? That is an O-4 rank, 8th in the chain of command, shouldn't she be, I dunno, in the field fighting?

Edit: Stuff about what a Major does

I changed the rank for her to commander if that helps.

Curious. Colour me interested. The Administration will observe this reality.

I am excited a lot from this fanfic seeing that it's part of the Negotiatorverse Alternate Universe.

The Negotiation Cinematic Universe expands!

Honestly, this is one of the more mellowed-out TCB fanfics I have seen. Most fanfics are really gruesome and very detailed in the war portions of the fanfics. Can't wait to see how Sunset plays into this!

This chapter has got to be one of the best exposition and world building I've seen. Truly has me hooked. I want to see this to the end! Now we know truly why this Celestia lost her marbles and took options she didn't need to take.

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Please make the new chapter a bit faster man please

YAY New chapter!!! I need more!!!!!!

I'll watch this fic's career with great interest.

> "perfection planet"

This is good, but it has errors like this. The trouble is that when one writes, one sees what one attended to write instead of what one wrote; one cannot see one's errors. I recommend getting an editor.

This is an good start.

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