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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


Being framed by a Mystable user and hated by everyone, Sunset Shimmer runs off back into her apartment. Her door bumps into something half way and discovers an unknown chest, along with the card decks inside as well. Unbeknownst to her however, the first deck Sunset picked up have somehow chosen her of being the new Dark Signer leader as she uses the other decks to find more people to join her side and figure out on what to do next. Perhaps seek revenge on those who've wronged her or maybe something else.

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Good to see this idea up and running. A quick start sure, but I'm sure it'll be interesting

This has major potential. Perhaps consider getting an editor, as I noticed some minor inconsistencies in your writing, but this definitely could shape up to be great.

nice work and I agree with the 2 comments.:twilightsmile:

I think you screwed up. I remember this, but were Dark Singers formed when the person died or almost died?
Sunset is alive.

Well it’s about time something’s like this happened.

Pretty sure that Kalin never died when he became a Dark Signer. Misty too.

Ok, so I agree with the comments that you should get an editor. It wasn't difficult to figure out what you meant, but it wasn't easy to read either.

New idea, I like it.

4Kids couldn't show them because they were too explicit Kalin was sent to the electric chair and Misty died on a gurney being rushed to surgery

Nice, this is going to be interesting since Sunset found those Earthbound Immortals cards.

4Kids, ruining anime since the late 90's.

Haven't seen much of 5D's but what little I've seen of the Earthbound Immortals, they've got my interest.

Question on If you don't mind me my asking I know you story space off yu-gi-oh 5D But I got me thinking is it gonna have the characters in the show If it doesn't understand

You're forgetting about Grieger, Grieger wasn't dead or near death, he was very much alive when he became a dark signer.

Wonder who the other dark signers will be, and does this mean Sci-Twi and the others will be signers.

Out of anyone, I would want the Dazzlelings to become Dark Signers, as they would have the motivations to become them.

This story is getting interesting. I can't wait for the next chapter to be done

Actually in the show he did die to become a Dark Signer.
It was censored in the dub. In the original, Roman used a spider thread to pretty much hang Grieger(like a execution kind of hanging) when he was dropped through that trap door above the reactor.

Oh, I'm sorry, I must have been watching the Censored version because in the version I watched I saw Grieger fall into a pit and become a dark signer.

Kind of wonder on how would things go?
Curious on how things go for Spike if he appears in this fic?

Pretty much the English dub.
4Kids was notorious for censoring and cutting a bunch of stuff when dubbing animes such as Yugioh.

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