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THIS STORY IS ON HIATUS INDEFINITELY. This was my first ever fic and I realized a bit too late that I was going WAY to big with the scope of this story for my first time. Maybe I'll return to this much later if I get the experience necessary to do so but for now this will remain on hiatus. SO DON'T READ UNLESS YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT A PROPER ENDING OR REALLY A PROPER "STORY" OF ANY KIND.

If you want something better, click here

Hey, I'm Blister and I’m not the best kind of pony, kind of a walking "cold shoulder". I’m not on great terms with the rulers of the nation I’m living in and my only friend is a Knight in Shining Armor who’s constantly stressed. You want more? Well too bad! It's not like there's a way for you to find out more...

This story takes place after Twilight gets her wings but before the Tree of Harmony and that chest appear and become relevant.

Tags and rating will change to reflect the current status of the story if I feel like changing things later on. The current tags reflect what the story is and/or what my current plan is. This is subject to change st anytime!

Profanity is light and Gore is moderate

First 4 chapters were edited by the amazing Bruscar

First 4 chapters were proofread by Todtaure, and Nharctic

This story was inspired by ChroniclerOfFantasies's King of Queens fanfic. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ THIS STORY TO UNDERSTAND MY STORY.

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Why everyone hates Blister so much?

What the hell? Do I have to have read that other thing to get what is going on?

Can you give me the link? For the life of me I couldn't track it down

No, not at all. I just took inspiration from that other fic

The original comment is a link, but here’s another, not using Deviantart’s link shortener.

My rule of thumb when searching for a piece of artwork, especially pony art, is to start with Deviantart, check Derpibooru if I can’t find it there, and follow up with a Web search if both of those come up empty, using artist and character names. In this case I was able to make out the artist signature in the lower right corner, Tsurime, which helped a lot.

Well that’s a great way to go about things, I’m pretty stupid 𝓕𝓸𝓻 not noticing that signature. Thanks dude!

You say in the descricpiton that there are four chapters already proofread and editedt, so why are there only three around?:applejackunsure:

Because those people I worked with edited most of chapter 4, but I still have some work to do on it. Just haven’t posted it yet. Do you think I should change the description?

Because the Iron Man armor is involved and I thought it’d be fitting. Do you disagree?

If its just Armor that is similar to it and that's it, you probably should. Even if it is just iron man Armor pony form same, if tony stark is in it or anybody else then keep is. That is just my opinion. (But keep the crossover)

Holy Cow!!! I was wondering why the avenger crossover if there was no one and now it turns out that the "MC blist" is Tony stark !!! just for that I already love it !!! is a unicorn!!! Tony stark aka Blist, Genius, millionaire, playboy, philanthropist and now unicorn !!!

You make a good point, but like people won’t have any idea of what kind of crossover this story is without it. I just wish there was a “Marvel” or “MCU” tag I could put instead

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