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Before the Mane 6 have a chance to seal him away once more with the Elements, Discord manages to escape at the last second.

Meanwhile in Konohagakure, Naruto is plummeting towards the bottom of a ravine and frantically attempts the summoning ritual, though instead of summoning a toad he winds up with a mouthy draconequus, much to his displeasure and Discord's joy.

Discord decides to stick around Konoha's Knucklehead Ninja and see what this new world has to offer, oh and not having to deal with those pesky Ponies is a big plus!

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This definitely has my attention. Consider this story liked and followed. Also, NaruHina for life!


Thanks, while I can't take complete credit (yet!) I'll be endeavouring to post all the already complete chapters (with the necessary edits, reformatting and any additional stuff I see fit) before moving onto my own original chapters.

And yes XD Another NaruHina fan!

Discord's first meeting with Kurama went better then I thought it would. Will we be seeing flashbacks about their conversation during those 3 days Naruto was out cold?

Also, if Discord was so freaked out for meeting Gaara. I can't wait to see how he reacts to meeting Orochimaru and Hidan. It wouldn't surprise me if he actually would prefer to be hit with the Elements of Harmony again rather than spend more than a minute in the presence of those two.

Finally, will Discord be meeting Hinata in the near future? Since he'll pick up on her feelings for Naruto pretty much immediately. I'm curious to see how many awkward "accidents" he sets up for the two of them.


I am considering writing flashbacks in future chapters for events that happened off-screen, so that may come up.

XD Yeah, they are creepy.


Awesome chapters!

I really enjoyed the battle between Gaara, Discord and Naruto. It was a little surprising to see that Gaara wasn't really fazed by Discord's antics. I'm also curious to see if Discord is going to make the match with Neji as big of a spectacle as possible since he has such a large audience to show off to.

Damn that was an awesome battle.

That it was.

I just uploaded the next chapter, 10, and am working on some edits and formatting now on chapter 11 (the final of the original authors chapters, all chapters after 11 will be purely mine)

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:nice work on all chapters and tell the author thanks for the laughs

Oh god this is such an amazing story!! I can't wait to see what you do in the next chapters :pinkiehappy:

Sharingan, pathway to Ultimate Hax.

Believe It!

I know they had to put something in the official translation of the anime to make the mouth movements fit but, as someone who watched Naruto early on via fansubs and switched to reading the manga via scanlations when I ran out of anime, I think I'll always find that annoying.

The early fan translations made it clear that what Naruto says at the end of his sentences is "dattebayo", a nonsense word made by combining various parts of speech that have no direct English analogue but, when used that way, act as a distinctive verbal tic which conveys something about his character. (It's been a long time since I watched and read Naruto, but I believe his mother used "dattebane" the same way.)

I've been doing a lot of writing on Archive of our Own recently, I can't say it's on an official 'hiatus' just that I've been busy writing on other fandoms.

Glad i found this story very enjoyable

I just thought of something... couldn't discord with his powers/chaos magic be able to alter narutos DNA to have naruto have every/any/whatever kekkei genkai naruto wants? Plus the possibility of powers, or his own magic. Since he has knowledge of the 4th wall, and things beyond it. And in some instances he can go through it, like pinkie.

P.s Haven't started, but sounds like a good story.

......if you wanted Naruto to be super OP and just throw any conflict out the window.

Hope you enjoy reading the story :)

Actually there is a way to work around that you know the restriction seals yeah just have naruto learn those, and have him apply them to himself so that not every fight is boring and it's basically constant training.

Plus have him use one of those easily removable ones (by him easily removable not others) so that if the situation ever comes where he needs his full power he can "pull out all the stops" if you will, but have it be like he needs to train with the restriction seals off from time to time because it'll basically be like goku using weighted clothing he'll need to get used to both with it and without.

And with the shadow clone and multi shadow clone justu he can do alot of training in a shorter period of time, after all the memories of the clones (using the shadow clones) return to the original.

Meaning he could have multiple teams of clones focusing on justus so that he could master them faster, and use them more effectively.

Also the answer to the paperwork problem/mystery is the shadow clone justu, you could have them doing it and be doing something else. Plus if you make multiple clones then they can finish the work faster.

Also you know what.. I figured out that if you fill these categories then you have a high chance to be in the CRA (Clan Revival Act) whether you want to, or not.

[Special ability] (be it a bloodline, kekkei genkai, ect) special ability that can be passed down, or taught to a descendent.

[Last of your clan] (or one of the few) last of your old clan, or destroyed clan.

[Your new clan] when you create a clan then you may need, or be required to be in the CRA inorder to populate it. Of course you can still accept others into your clan.

If they (those who fit in the slots above, expect the last one) don't get into the CRA then there is a chance that they'll be turned into breeding stock.

There are ways to escape this though, like being accepted into a clan.

P.s the requirements to build a new clan is to fill the first slot, and go through the paperwork.

I'd rather not go down that route regardless, OP Naruto is not what this story is going for.

If you want to read that, there is plenty of other stories out there for that.

I'm not going to use Restriction seals, or mastering every Jutsu, etc.

Again, if you want to read Super OP Naruto stuff, there's a lot of it out there.

Your story your rules, after all every comment (like the Restriction seal one) is a suggestion not a command.

Luna does need to pay Gaara a visit

Can you summarize everything that happened in this story? I had a vision problem and I have about 100 stories to read, I won't have time to read the big ones anymore

Both a Aladdin and a Encanto Reference in one.

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