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Before the Mane 6 have a chance to seal him away once more with the Elements, Discord manages to escape at the last second.

Meanwhile in Konohagakure, Naruto is plummeting towards the bottom of a ravine and frantically attempts the summoning ritual, though instead of summoning a toad he winds up with a mouthy draconequus, much to his displeasure and Discord's joy.

Discord decides to stick around Konoha's Knucklehead Ninja and see what this new world has to offer, oh and not having to deal with those pesky Ponies is a big plus!

Chapters (11)
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This definitely has my attention. Consider this story liked and followed. Also, NaruHina for life!


Thanks, while I can't take complete credit (yet!) I'll be endeavouring to post all the already complete chapters (with the necessary edits, reformatting and any additional stuff I see fit) before moving onto my own original chapters.

And yes XD Another NaruHina fan!

Discord's first meeting with Kurama went better then I thought it would. Will we be seeing flashbacks about their conversation during those 3 days Naruto was out cold?

Also, if Discord was so freaked out for meeting Gaara. I can't wait to see how he reacts to meeting Orochimaru and Hidan. It wouldn't surprise me if he actually would prefer to be hit with the Elements of Harmony again rather than spend more than a minute in the presence of those two.

Finally, will Discord be meeting Hinata in the near future? Since he'll pick up on her feelings for Naruto pretty much immediately. I'm curious to see how many awkward "accidents" he sets up for the two of them.


I am considering writing flashbacks in future chapters for events that happened off-screen, so that may come up.

XD Yeah, they are creepy.


Awesome chapters!

I really enjoyed the battle between Gaara, Discord and Naruto. It was a little surprising to see that Gaara wasn't really fazed by Discord's antics. I'm also curious to see if Discord is going to make the match with Neji as big of a spectacle as possible since he has such a large audience to show off to.

Damn that was an awesome battle.

That it was.

I just uploaded the next chapter, 10, and am working on some edits and formatting now on chapter 11 (the final of the original authors chapters, all chapters after 11 will be purely mine)

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