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Banished from Unova, Fleeing to Equestria, Rising to Power


A misfire from Sunset’s spell practice with Twilight causes strange creatures to appear in Equestria, calling themselves Kitsune Dragons. With it, however, comes many enemies from legends created thousands of years ago, simply called the Fallen Ones. Little do they know, something bigger is pulling the strings, and one will betray the rest...

Chapters (2)
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i want to read this story but afraid. because usually when a story about foxes involves. the whole story doesn't get touch ever again, canceling, or hiatus. been reading since 2012 only read one story that was completed. pokemon ninetails patrol something. * edit* found it, new world new way ranger.

I’m sorry to hear that. I can also agree that there are many stories I have read that were never completed. However, I have high hopes that this story will be completed, so you need fear not 😁

Thank you lol hope you keep things rolling.
one more thing, I re read the names but cant seem to stay focus and try to memorize on who's who. Do you mind listen the names and describe what they look like please.

Can do. Will post pictures and names at the end of chapter 2. Warning, though: two of the creatures have yet to have an official picture - I am still seeing if I can find pics that match their description.

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