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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


In the convention, a guy wanted to get a gift for Halloween, but ends up getting a different one instead. Needless to say, he buys it and not realizing the danger he got himself into. Meanwhile in the modern days of Equestria, small groups of hybrids and humans were in slavery breeding camps & cities when there once peaceful Haven Hybrid city back then has fallen from being caught in the middle of a ruthless war. Unbeknownst to the superiors, two children a hybrid and human are in the ruined city, praying for the ancient gear wielders to help save them and avenge the Haven Hybrid city. After the children left, they didn't know there wish came true as a portal opens up in the center ruined city, revealing a red dragon hybrid knight.

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This definitely would be interesting

It's got the sex tag but it's rated T. Is it gonna be all tease or will it get the M bump once the sexy actually happens?

If this story had a M rate, then it would've had a clop scene. But there isn't, so no M rate, no clop scene.

Patience grasshopper, I'm doing the best I can to update each of my stories. I'm not going to have this on a long hiatus stat since I'm sure many fellow viewers & readers would like to see it keep going and not getting it canceled or forgotten.

I want to read more of this please make more

This sounds like a really interesting story, I hope it still continues.

its a good chapter but it was too short if you can make the chapters longer:twilightsmile:

"It's a trap! Were under attack! Maintain protection of the convoy and kill the invaders!"

Interesting story, you have my attention, seeing I love action stories and movies, I hope you continue this.

I really hope this continues because it sounds like an amazing story concept to expand on.

Loved this concept and would love to see if there's updates planned.

..can we get an eta on the next chapter plz???

asking cause this is on par with that one metal sonic story to me...that story sadly was finished cause some idiots kept complaining about the story......but this is frigin GOOD...can barely wait till next chapter

First of all, I'm still working on the parts of the world building parts since I'll be updating a couple of my stories. Secondly, I'm actually touched and surprised that someone out there thinks that my story is on par with the metal sonic displaced story. I need a handkerchief tissue for this happy moment.

your welcome

but i am actually also speaking the truth

...at least how i see it anyway

When are you going to work on this story?

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