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  • 1 week
    Change in plans for the armor

    So, I decided to change the armor, the guns they hold range from M4A1s M16s to HK416s.

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  • 2 weeks
    I’m back baby!

    And I am back from camping and I now have internet connection, to get an idea for what the helicopter and armor of the pmc’s look like, here’s what they look like. Just so you know, the helmet with the gold visor is the helmet I’m using, not the one with the skull, also there is no camera on the nose of the helicopter.

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  • 2 weeks
    Vacation day

    Alright, I’m going on vacation so my next chapter my have to wait, hope you enjoyed my other chapters, bye

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  • 2 weeks
    I will make my battles more entertaining

    I have been realizing all the fights in my story have been rather dull and need more entertainment. It’s been a tough time for me, I’m going camping for two days, I have a wedding to attend, my cousin is getting married. I have a meet up with my friend, etc. I promise you all the next chapter will be worth all of that, i will say this, the heroes, are only as good as the villain of this story, and boy did I make her evil lol.

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  • 3 weeks
    Reader’s point of view

    So, how’s everyone been? the new chapters will have something new which is notes, so whenever a character is either thinking or taking notes, writing etc, I will be making those words in bold italic lettering. Before you read any of the new chapters I will be posting, please read this first, I mean, you really don’t have to but it helps sometimes you know, anyways, that’s all I needed to say, next chapter will be out this weekend.

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Change in plans for the armor · 9:53pm June 8th

So, I decided to change the armor, the guns they hold range from M4A1s M16s to HK416s.

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Feeling better and yesterday I picked up some Buffalo Wild Wings, so yeah, great day. About the pfp, I’m a helicopter enthusiast, i wish I could fly an airline like my uncle but those pesky vision requirements stood in my way.

Of course!

Lemme know when you're feeling okies. :twilightsmile:

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