• Published 13th Dec 2020
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Displaced King Of Sacred Gears. - Neutral Boy

A guy who got the different items at the convention winds up as a sacred gear dragon knight in the world of hybrids & humans being slaves and breeding. Looks like it's about time to change this world's new corruption order by raising hell upon them.

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Chapter 1: The calling to humans & hybrids.

In the jungles outside Equestria's borders, a slave convoy and griffon guards is moving across the dirt.


"C'mon ya scaly apes! Keep the caravans moving! If I find out any of you is slowing us down or even think of escaping, there will be less food for a week and one single slave is executed & fed to the giants in the pits!" The slaver officer shouted.

The slave humans groan of walking while getting tired of moving the vehicles.

It wasn't a pleasant walk when they keep getting whipped, punched, and kicked by the guards.

"Keep it moving! Or else we'll feed your limbs as our lunch!"

""Yeah! What my partner said!"

"Best remember that if I were you slaves! Which I'm not! Hahahah!"

"Quit messing around you fools! The King won't be happy if his slaves get killed or taken away from us!"

"Y-Yes sir!"

While the slave convoy moves along, neither of the guards notice movement in the jungles.

Both on each sides are figures watching the guards forcing the slaves to moves at the destination.

"Wait for my mark." The figure whispers to the others.

"Yes Chieftain."

The slave convoy soon come to a stop when the pile of big rocks stops them.

"What in blazes is going?!" The slave officer shouts to his soldiers.

"Sorry sir, but we've hit a snag. A bunch of big rocks are standing in our way."

"Well don't just stand there, get those pile of shits moved now!"

"Yes sir! Private, get some of our soldiers to move them or it's no dinner tonight!"

"Got it!"

So the griffon guards are orders to move the rocks out of the way.

Only when they got one of them rolled over, they didn't expect on what's under it.


A surprise magic bomb blow the guards away, injuring them.

"That's the signal! Target the convoy!" The Chieftain shouted.

Multiple cats, deer's, and ponies appeared & charge the attack on both sides.

"It's a trap! Were under attack! Maintain protection of the convoy and kill the invaders!"

While the battle engages in the jungle, a lone mare sneaks behind the convoy and attempts to free the slaves.

"W-Who are you? Are you another one of the slavers taking us to another camp?" An old human slave said.

"Nope, I'm here to get you all out to safety." The mare mutters, undoing the locks with her tools.

She manages to undo the steel locks on every human and gestures them to follow her.

"This way, I know of an easy way out so stay close to me."

Each humans looked at each other for a moment before nodding and follows the strange mare.

They snuck away from the convoy that's under attack to the big rock, revealing a hidden dug hole.

"Hop on in one at a time, then proceed to follow the tunnel towards the exit on the other side. I'll keep watch out here to make sure the slavers won't follow us and I'll go in last to cover our escape."

So the humans went in the hole one by one as the last young boy stops to speak.

"Who are you miss mare?" He asked her.

The mare warmly smiles to him.

"You may call A.K. Yearling or just Daring Do for short."

Before they wanted to talk more, a loud sound is heard as the young boy shivers.

"What was that noise?" Daring said, covering her ears.

"I-It's coming, t-the father is here." He whispers.

"Well, we'll find out later. Right now we need to get out of here."

Daring Do grabs him in her arms and jumps into the hole entrance.

{Meanwhile. . .}

A young hybrid dragon human girl is seen changing her outfit.

"Ugh, do I really have to dress up like this?! I can't go out in public with every fool laughing at me!" The hybrid whined.

"Now sweetie, do what our master told you and tone down your voice. We don't want to let his guards know on why do despise him so and they'll punish you severely now, would they?" The stallion butler reminded her.

"But I hate being ordered around so much! It's not fair!"

"I know, I know, but the rules are as follow and we can't break them. Lest we fell the wrath of the higher nobles and they have our asses to the dungeons. Now, are you almost done?"

"Yes, I'm done changing."

She gets out of her room, showing the maiden outfit to her friend.

"Why, you look so splendid and adorable madam!" The butler smiles.

"Humph!" She huffs in embarrassment.

"Now then, we best be on our way to the dining tables outside before we're late. Now the schedule is you take the orders of the food while I give out the drinks to any guests some beverages."

Both the hybrid maiden and the stallion butler went out of the room.

As they go to their destination, a loud roar is heard from outside, damaging some glass walls. They both cover their ears in startled as it went on for a minute before stopping.

"I say, that was a loud voice don't you think?" The butler says.

He notices his friend has tears in her eyes dripping downwards.

"Are you alright dear?"

"He's here. H-He's here." The hybrid maiden whispers.

"He? Who is he my dear?"

"I can't believe it. After so long, he's finally come to save us."

The butler thinks that the loud voice must've startled her mind as he comforts her in a warm hug.

"Shhh, there, there, it's okay. I'm sure the voice was just a loud noble getting pranked on by some criminals. Listen, why don't you just calm down all we'll have some leftovers for the both of us in the evening. Okay?"

The maiden sniffs and slowly nods her head, wiping her tears away.

"Now then, we better head off."

So the continue to walk quietly, unaware the stallion butler didn't realize the affect the loud voice has caused the hybrid maiden. Especially on what has awakened inside of her hidden ability, along with some of the slave servants of the humans and hybrids in & out of the castle.

Yet the nobles and superiors around the world will undoubtedly see on what they're about to faces soon enough.

At the Griffonstone Empire’s lands, an escaped robed slave appears to be running for his life.

He’s also carrying a big container while trying not to drop it.

“It’s okay dear, just a little bit longer until we’re safe.” The slave man mutters to the container.

Seconds later, a volley of arrows were landing down around him, a couple of arrows hit his legs.


He tumbles down to the ground as he holds the container tightly.

“We have him now boys! Cease fire!” The griffon guard shouted to the soldiers.

The injured slave gently puts the container down and moves it away from him.

“Stay inside until I tell you to come out when it’s all clear.” He whispers to the container.

Pulling out the arrows out of his legs, he grunts in pain as the blood is pouring out from the wounds.

‘Got to s-stay strong, I can’t let t-these bastards have them again.’ His mind says.

He heard one of the guards shouts at him as he struggles to get up.

“Give it up you stupid ape! There’s no where left for you and the others to hide in! Our noble is growing impatient and order us to take you back, either dead or alive! Hehehe, the same can be said in the container you have there! So, are we going to do this the easy way? Or the hard way?”

No way to escape, he suppresses the pain and gets up, ready to fight them.

‘Here goes nothing.’

Before they get ready to battle, a sudden sound has interrupted the group.

*Loud roar*

All have covered their ears while the container inside moves around before stopping.

The robed injured slave however, felt something building inside his skin as it’s growing.

‘So, it’s true, the prophecy in my book has come at last.’ His mind says.

He grins with his teeth shown and glares at the griffon soldiers.

“You better fly off to your nests griffons or else it’s bloodbath season. Which means that none of you will be left alive and no reinforcements won’t back you up either way.” He warns them.

The griffons laugh at the slave’s warning, not taking him seriously.

“He’s bluffing, aim at his chest Vinod, but avoid hitting a vital spot.”

“With pleasure sir.”

A griffon soldier guard then puts the arrow on his weapon.

Aiming the sight, he triggers it as the arrow flies toward the slave’s chest.

What happens next is that the arrow bounces off from contact, surprising the griffons in shock.

“What in Tartarus? Hit him again, but with more arrows you birdbrains!”

“Yes sir!”

More guards obeyed and fired their crossbows at him, but they also bounced off.

The robed slave shook his at them in disappointment.

“I warned you, now it’s time to test out my fangs on bird flesh.”

Then, his whole body transforms into something else no griffon was prepared for.

Both arms & legs change in a stone skin armor, including his tail he had grown.

The tail has emerged and growing a spiked tail at the end.

His body began to grow larger as his face changed as well with showing pointy fangs.

“I-I-It’s a huge monster! The reports didn’t tell us these freaks can change like this!”

“What do we do sir?! Should we run or-!”

“No! Stand your ground! No behemoth is going to take down us higher guards! Hold fast and evasive action! Take it down by any means necessary!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAH! A very poor decision! Give my regards to those Empire fools while your dead!”

The transformed slave grows as he roars, charges at the foolish guards who also yells with weapons ready.

Back with the container, a figure opens up inside revealing a pair of eyes.

"Is it safe to come out yet?"

"No you dander brain, he said to not go out yet."

"But still, you also heard the voice right? Is it the prophecy?"

"I don't know, we can't really tell until we know for certain if it's true or not."

"What do you mean?"

"Like I said stupid, we don't know yet. Until it's the right time to go on our own, we stay put so close it now."


The container is closed back up as the bloodbath battle is continuing with a couple of griffons dead.

In the Manehatten city, there was yelling and screaming at a hotel building.

The drunk stallion is beating up his marefriend while the slave human kid is crying in the corner.

“Soarin stop it! You need help! Ow!” The marefriend cried pleading out.

Only her coltfriend ignored her and giving her a black eye with his fist.

“Shawd up yah S-Spet whore, I knaw thet yah screawed wath ye jark at mtha bark! Ain no wyay no otta eath, pegasis, en uni hole cahn outmahtch me in bed. I’m ta only big dick around ate Wonder Acadmee, not tha p-past cheats & younge flyers!” Soarin drunkenly yells at his mare Spitfire.


However, the screaming stops when they both covered their ears from the loud echo voice far away.

Some windows and glass cups around the city were broken from the vibration of that loud roar.

The crying slave kid meanwhile has heard it and his head started hurting, along with his body.

Soarin looked around to seeing the windows shatter glass broke.

“Ugh, w-what waz dat?” He questions.

Shaking his head, he goes up to Spitfire.

“I dun know what that was, but itsa possible you have done somethang wrong.”

“W-What are you talking about Soarin? I didn’t-“

“Shut it you whorse!”

Spitfire braces herself to close her eyes when Soarin readies his fist to punching her face again.

Only the weird part is, the contact hasn’t come for her.

She opens her eyes to see a big hand grabbing Soarin’s right hand. He struggles to get the big hand to let go but couldn’t as it squeeze tighter and he felt the pain growing, making him collapses onto his knees.

Soarin growls to demand on whomever it was to let go of him, but upon glancing to the direction, his eyes slowly widen in horror. He saw the little slave kid who was crying in the corner, now suddenly transformed into a big hairy monster glaring into his own eyes toward his very soul.

“W-Who in Tartarus are. . .”

He didn’t finish his sentence as the grip tightens his hand, making him scream from the pain.

“So, you like being a tough number 1 flyer while beating up your mate, huh?” The slave kid says, only it sounds distorted.

The big, tall, hairy monster grabs Soarin’s neck with the left hand.

“How’s about I make it a fair game when I return the favor, does that sound fun?”

It slams the drunk Wonderbolt flyer on the floor, making the stallion gasp from the impact.

“Time to ring the bell cause it’s beating time on drunken, abusing, stupid fools!”

It brings the stallion back up and begins to beat the shit out of him.

Soarin’s head felt massive blows to his head from the punch’s way worse than what he had to his marefriend who’s terrified of witnessing the whole thing. His head then shatters the windows on breaking them and his body is flung to the cabinets, breaking them to fall.

“Augh! Wait hold-“

“You never listen to your marefriend saying stop it so why should I listen to a drunken slob bitch?”

The monster grabs Soarin again and tosses him to the ceiling before bringing him down on the fridge.

The fridge pours out some food & drinks as Soarin’s body is unable to move.

Every bone in his body seems to be cracking, meaning they’ll break if this keeps up.

“Now it’s time to put the cherry on top of the disgust dessert and by that, I mean grounding you forever.”

The monster walks toward the broken stallion flyer’s wings and grabs them with both hands.

Spitfire sees on what the monster is doing and looks away, knowing it’s too late for Soarin to escape his fate.

*Cracking loud snap*


Soarin screams out cries of agony, feeling that both of his wings are now broken.

“Awwww, is the weepy bitch’s wings broken beyond repair~? Don’t worry, I know of a way to help heal it better~.”

The monster picks up the drunken stallion who’s still crying.

“Have a pleasant night of nightmare, Soa****. Good luck without a job at the Academy anymore.”

With one swift punch in the face, Soarin is knocked out the window and into the diner across the street.

The transformed slave kid turns to see Spitfire scared from seeing the whole thing.

“Remindful, don’t go out with any pony who has too much fame ego and also has a drinking problem.” He calmly says to her.

“I have heard the calling and I must go. Farewell master & thanks for taking good care of me.”

The transformed slave kid leaps out the broken window to somewhere else.

While the screaming was heard around the streets of a Wonderbolt flyer critically injured at the diner, Spitfire meanwhile blinks to see her servant slave human kid has transformed and wandered off. She looked around to see that he’s no longer in her hotel room.

Concerned, she holds her right hand out toward the broken window outside.

“L-Little Fire Junior. Come back. Please. . .”

Spitfire’s head felt dizzy as her visions were blurry, making her pass out.

Author's Note:

Happy Halloween everyone and followers!

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