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Delsin Rowe, upon employing a desperate attack to halt a meteorite from impacting Seattle, Washington, finds himself elsewhere, in an utterly foreign place which has knowledge of things he is unfamiliar with.... however, he will find he is not the first to end up in this Equestria.

Good Karma Delsin. Adopted from Bronze Inkwell [up to a certain point].

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Please release more soon this is geting good

Already working on the next chapter... thinking it'll be split into thirds... so don't be too surprised if Delsin isn't in the next chapter as he wasn't the only one Displaced here.

Making Fancy Pants Evil.. You villain.. Good show man.

Delsin joining Luna's guard. Sweet!

Chrissy...No. Don't die

Are you talking about meeting other Displaced outside of his world, or this story having more than one Displaced?

Delsin was Displaced from his world, as were Katrina and Pamela from their own world (as was the third of their group, though his adventure will be revealed in a separate tale as where the Parliament of Trees, the 'leaders' of the Green (the Primeval 'consciousness' of nature itself), were the ones that sent Pamela and Katrina Isley as Emisarries to Equus.

And the only thing close to a spoiler I will reveal is that Black Adam's power is not gone.

And yes, it is possible that other Displaced will show up.

Is this a remake of a different story? because I swear on my life I've seen chapters 1-6 word for word by someone else before you made this.

Didn't look in the description of the story, didja?

I skimmed it when I first saw it. then throw it into my read it later until I got to it and by then I forgot the description and didn't bother to reread the description. and here we are. Btw really happy you decided to continue this story. I really like the story so far.

Only reason I haven't updated is Hearth's Warming... though I do know what follows... and it's a doozy.

This is the first time I've seen someone make FANCY PANTS the villain.

But it was soon broken by the sob that came from the Lunar princess. Before Twilight could try and console Luna, the princess turned to her with tears coming from furious glaring eyes. "Why couldn't you just keep your bucking mouth shut Twilight!? Why do you always have to bring up my sister!? I AM A PRINCESS AS WELL! DOES MY TITLE NOT MATTER ANYMORE!? WHY CAN'T YOU TRUST MY JUDGEMENT LIKE YOU TRUST MY SISTER'S!?" She yelled with growing rage.


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