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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


Two brothers have died once. They couldn't even remember of what happen to them back then. Either by jealousy, hatred, addiction, betrayal, fight, abuse, who knows. Now though, the brothers awaken once again, but in new bodies that's not the same and ending up somewhere different. What'll happen to them next when these unusual species make contact to them?

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Very good start can't wait for first chapter 👍👍👍

i do hope that this isnt just a one-shot.
seen so many do like just 3 chapters then never updating the story

Thank you.
Don't worry, this story won't be a one-shot. Just trying my best on updating each chapter pages from other ones in one at a time. Then I'll come back on this one to work on the next chapter.

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