Brothers Of Agarest And Alrest.

by Neutral Boy

Prologue: Slumber of two warriors.

Canterlot, 5 years before the return of the Mare in the Moon. . .

A young expedition anthro mare is in the Canterlot library searching for a lost book.

"Let's see, it should be in this area around here."

Back at her home, the mare's parents were having a heated argument with her and she wanted to get away from them for a while. While packing up, she discovered an old suitcase with a travel license name of her grandfather. Curious, she opens it up and sees some old research things, including a couple of old mysterious drawings detailing an ancient city.

So now she's in the library finding any particular book from her past descending line and to figure out what those drawings mean. Eventually, she found something in the number aisle section.

"I found you."

The mare takes the book of a shelf and sits at a table to read the book.

A few minutes in, she turns some pages over and stops at the last pages.

??? journal log.

Date: Unknown.

Right, so um where do I begin?

It all started during our last expedition run before my retirement. Me and my crew were told from our boss that there's an uneasy aftershock tremor inside the heart of a fallen huge city and perhaps some rare treasures to find. We didn't known or found any history of what really happen to the whole city. The only thing we all heard one rumor was about the strange creatures. So we all decided to go on this expedition run together. Each night and day, we all dig up on some cheap treasures everywhere. Then one day, something unexpected happen.

One of our workers yelled out to every pony that she's found something in the rubble. We all went to her location and dig those piles of rock out of the way. Our own jaws drop when we found two ancient coffin containers. There's unknown ancient writing on each of them, except the ones I saw were the names of 'Agarest' and 'Alrest'. Maybe those were their names or perhaps from the unknown places that hasn't been discovered yet? Either way, me and the crew decided to take these coffins with us for further research later.

Since then, I spent hours upon hours researching on these weird specimens after I open up their containers. There wasn't any skeletons or treasures in it. They didn't seem dead, only they have living flesh and appear to be an unconscious sleeping state. I've tried to waking them up with any kind of material or noise makers, but nothing seems to work as I called it a day and get some sleep.

Then before midnight rolled in, I was shook out of my sleep when my marefriend told me that our boss has suddenly gone completely crazy. I got out of my bed and saw that the expedition manager is destroying the research and has already killed several of the guards. He's spouting off words that I couldn't make out, only he mentioned of finding the coffins to destroy them for the power of his lord. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna arrived to detain our boss and to also deal with the aftermath of what happened here.

Later on, Celestia and Luna examined the two coffins with no signs of dark magic or danger coming from the specimens. They told us of what happen and I told them from beginning to end. To be honest, I've never seen these Princesses actually showing tears right in front of me. I actually expected them to either be angry or I don't know, but not like seeing them sad.

Anyways, the Princesses told us to hide the two coffins in another location, fearing that other species or their own subjects might come looking for the specimens in order to use them for power and domination. Maybe they were right since I can't protect these specimens and my marefriend at the same time. Eventually, I made a decision of finding the right location and hide the two coffins from the world. After that, I retired from my job and spending my time with my loving family.

Years passed by as I grew old, I began to wonder of those two specimens slumbering in my secret location. What really happen to them and why are they in a sleeping state? Either way, I couldn't be certain if I did the right thing of hiding them from the world. Hopefully, these specimens would one day awaken to walk among the lands.

Either as good, evil, or something else entirely. . .

Finishing up reading a book, she closes it up and puts her head on the table, sighing. Her mind's racing of so many questions on why her family hasn't told her about this mystery story, what's so important of these strange creatures, and who her ancestor is?

"All these unanswered questions. What am I going to do now?"

She glances over to the book for some time before an idea popped into her head.

"Well, I better prepare for some research and finding the clues of this story journal."

So the mare pony grabs the book again and stands up. She puts the chair back to the table and walks over to the counter of check in & check out where the library mare employee is at.

"Excuse me, I'd like to buy this book please. How much is it?"

"Oh this one, that'll be around 15 bits."

The expedition mare gave her 15 bits and finally got the book to keep with her.

"Thank you, come back at any time Ms. Daring Do."

Daring's eyes widen and covered the library employee's muzzle mouth.

"Shhhh, I don't want anyone to know that I'm here, okay?" Daring whispered.

The employee nodded her head as Daring pulled her hand off and leaves. While she left with the book, she pulls out a weird diamond shape artifact out of her pocket.

'I wonder if this piece maybe connected somehow?' Her mind wondered.

Few hours later, a lavender pony walks into the library. She looks into the number section for finding a book to rent, but for some reason it's not on the shelf.

She walks away of the section and goes up the check counter.

"Excuse me, is one of my favorite books still up for check out yet?" The lavender pony asked.

"I'm sorry Twilight, but the one your referring to has already been sold out. Some other pony came by about several hours ago and bought the book."

Twilight's ears flopped down and she sighs of not finishing up the book yet.

"Oh ponyfeathers, well what about the other books? Are they still available?"

"Absolutely, each of them are back on the shelves."


Her ears perked up and jumps in excitement before heading over to the book aisles.

5 years later. . .

Somewhere deep inside an underground chamber, the two coffin containers have suddenly brighten and slowly removes the lids off. When the lids were off, two specimen figures who have slumber over the past years began to stir in their awake.

Both inhale and exhale as their eyes slowly opens up for the first time.