• Published 13th Dec 2020
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Displaced King Of Sacred Gears. - Neutral Boy

A guy who got the different items at the convention winds up as a sacred gear dragon knight in the world of hybrids & humans being slaves and breeding. Looks like it's about time to change this world's new corruption order by raising hell upon them.

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Prologue: Children's prayers answered.

"Are you sure this isn't some kind of joke here?"

Hours ago, a guy named Matthews found a cool costume online of Fate Series.

Excited and can't wait any longer, he decides to go and left a note for his family & friends.

He later joins up at the convention center where one of the costumes he saw is somewhere in the shops.

Looking around from left to right, he goes to a merchant guy at the desk if he has the costume.

Sadly, the merchant gave the customer some bad news to him.

"I'm terribly sorry lad, seems I gotten the labels wrong and someone else probably has it by now. The rest in the different shops were already sold out I'm afraid so there's nothing you can do about it." The merchant shrugs.

"Bummer, guess it was a waste of time getting here to get for Halloween." The customer says, feeling down.

The merchant rubs his chin before he snaps his fingers.

"Do not feel sadden young lad, I do however have something else in mind."

He then walks out for a moment and brings out a square box to the table. Opening up the box, he shows the customer a costume and items from Highschool DxD. It shows a dragon outfit, along with a gauntlet and several hidden items in the pockets.

"Oh wow, is this really a red dragon knight costume?"

"Course it is lad, these are from a show called Highschool DxD. Though some audience viewers & reviews didn't like it and question the show since the protagonist is too much of a block head idiot pervert who hasn't trained a lot, weird direction routes, and there's too much girls with big boobs. Not saying that I don't hate the show, but I can agree when some of the people do have a fair share of points. Although, I do pity the poor unfortunate soul of a pervert since a part of me thinks it wasn't his fault completely."

The merchant sighs as his customer looks a bit stunned from listening in.

"Damn, that does sound deep and depressing from the way you described it."

"Indeed. Anyway, would you like to buy the box set? The price of the box set costume use to be 60$, but I decided this week it's lowered to 35$, including the special items I put in place for the gauntlet and costume."

"Yeah just let me get my wallet out. Okay so 10, 20, 30, here's the 35$ for box set."

"Thank you for your purchase time Matthews and have a good day."

Matthews raised an eyebrow at the merchant, but he merely shrugs and wave to him as he goes to get change in the clothing rooms. Upon finding one a minute later, he begins to change his clothing and puts on the costume.

Finishing up changing, he looks in the mirror and sees himself looking like the red dragon knight.

"I never actually think this size fits me. Okay, let's stretch up them legs and arms Matthews. Make the camera work get a good look at those muscle armor flexing. Watch out you despicable vile enemies, let the hostages go cause there's a new knight in shining armor dragon sheriff in town. You guys better pray to die quickly or else this could be very painful."

Unbeknownst to Matthews, a sudden chilling mist is entering his change room.

"That leaves just you and me cowardly villain. Any last wor-huh?"

His head feels a light pain increasing as he clenches his head with his hands trying to sooth the pain.

"M-My head, why is my head hurt so. . ."

His words died out as his vision blackness, causing him to be out cold.

Meanwhile in Equestria. . .

In the cottage place, two anthropomorphic ponies has counted the small rows of humans & hybrids.

"These should do for yah covering schedules, right Fluttershy?"

"Oh yes Applejack, I'm certain these poor monkey slaves can help our needs of heat and the rest in Ponyville."

The Yellow mare checks in each of the breeding slaves, but notices something is off.

"Um AJ, how many exactly did you bring over?"

"About 12 of them, why?"

"Well uh not to sound rude or anything like that, but you might want to make a recount."

Confused and raise an eyebrow, Applejack turns her head to see only ten of them is present.

"Ah fiddlestick, those two darn slave brats must have high tailed it away while ah didn't look."

"What are we going to do Applejack? I-I can't go to Mayor Mare and tell her that-"

"Now don't yah worry and overreact Fluttershy, I'll go ask any of our friends if they can assist me to bring them back. You however, make sure to tend your slaves to there new place while I'm off to find them. Pretty they couldn't have gotten that far away."

"Okay AJ, have a safe trip."

Far off from Ponyville, two children of a male hybrid and female human have slow down and walk. Eventually, the two made it to the destination spot of a ruined city. Both of them have tread carefully over the rubbles, making sure they didn't slip and injure any frail body parts.

They soon arrive at the collapse castle inside, seeing the once peaceful city have fallen so tragically.

"How much further? My feet are killing me." One of them said.

"Almost there, the chamber should be close." The other answered.

The two children walked in further before coming to a stop.

They both see the chamber meeting prayers room, but a lot of the decorations and drawings were destroyed.

Nodding to each other, they walk in the centered room and got down on their knees, praying.

"Hear us oh great mighty past gods, the once great Haven city of hybrids and humans has fallen due to being caught in the middle of a ruthless war. The Royal Families have tried to stop the invaders, but they didn't listen. Sadly, all of the guards were wiped out and our Royal members were brutally killed in action, leading to the fall of Haven city."

"Years after the war, the remaining hybrids and humans were forced into slavery and breeding. None of our people didn't have a chance or will to fight as well didn't want to upset the kingdoms lest we suffer the same fate of our fallen city. If any from the afterlife can hear us, we have but one pleading request."

"In our sincerest prayers, we need the help of the ancient gear wielders. Ones who would help save our people, rebuild a new home for us, and avenge our lost kingdom against those monsters who have abused and tortured our people all these years ago."

"Please oh great gods, we cannot suffer any longer like this. Grant our one wish in the darkest times."

"We need our freedom and peace at last."


The children have stopped their prayers as they get and walk away.

"I miss mommy and daddy."

"Me too sis, though it does pain me to say it, we better get back to our new master."

"Are we going to get in t-trouble again? I-I don't want another whip slashing."

"It's okay sis, I'll take the full blame for this just so you won't get hit by the guard's whips."

Hours after the children left, a small set of clouds slowly gathers above the centered ruin city.

The shadowy center in the prayers room above it forms a dark purple portal. Inside the circle portal, two red armor hands appear. The familiar red figure jumps out of the portal and lands hard on the floor.

As the portal disappears, the clouds turn grey and began to pour down rainy water, including a few thunders.

Thunders of light has shine upon the ruins, especially the red dragon knight's shadow standing.

In a deep inhale, the dragon knight let out a roar with the thundering sound that it's loud can be hear across Equestria's land, sea, and air. Neither of the sentients have known that the ancient sacred gear warrior wielder, has arrived.


Author's Note:

I haven't seen any story crossovers or displaced crossovers of Highschool DxD on here. So yeah, I just thought this could work and put in some trinkets of something. Anyways, let me know on what do you think and see ya later.