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I have no Bio, I am only a wondering robot looking for Ponies


Hello, I am Jenna or Sal'Ador now that I have arrived in equestria, I am a Deathknight Worgan that is gonna have to fight powerful forces of evil, become a hero in these pony's eyes, and all in the while running away from two princesses and 6 ponies that think i'm evil due to a... traumatizing event a few thousand years ago.

So with my weapon and a horde of timber wolfs by my side, I head north to where ice is everywhere to make my new empire there and maybe fight a few evil overlords in the meantime.

Now how do I survive in a world as a undead wolf human hybrid that is filled with anthro ponies?

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Comment posted by DisplacedWriter deleted Aug 9th, 2017

....You should have the powers of a deathknight, the costume you wear upon being displaced is what you gain. Why copy powers when a Deathknight is pretty powerful on its own? There's also the fact that you don't need the power to copy when A displaced can learn other powers from other Displaced as long as there is compatibility.

there is so much wrong with this and its so hilarious. Give me more.

By the way, you claimed you would make a token, but which Displaced is going tell you that you're a Displaced and teach you how you'll make a token?

the one thing that has always bothered me about the whole stoning of the displaced is when they get out, it is always "GRRGRG stone it again!!", and not a questioning to see if the person in stone still is insane/bad. What is the point in turning someone to stone and keeping them alive if you do not want them to ever get out.

Unless every displaced that has been stoned or is going to be are immortal and cannot be killed.

My tip to Sal'Adar; go to the zebra homeland(or maybe the griffons), and try to fit in with the story of being a avatar of the death gods =D

EDIT: He.. doesn't know how to make a token.. Dude, I had my Link explain how to do it. Any other Displaced he asks will say the same thing.

I actually forgot about this story...

i'm pretty sure everyone forgot since it hasn't updated in a long time

I don't know why but when I read this i feel you keep missing some words out?

It's like a race to shoehorn as many cliches as possible.

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