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Chaos Nightmare


[This is a combination of a few failed stories ideas (Gwen 10, the Mayan test KH stories) So this is one final attempt to make a story out of all the concepts I have for these stories.]

You never think about what you have, till it's all taken from you. I should know I've been in a coma for the past 2-ish years. Trapped with only my thoughts and the Spanish Soaps that the cleaning people play when they clean my room and take care of me.

But now I have a way out, I don't know how this happened as I've been in a coma but I've apparently passed some kind of test by some dude in a white void. My Options were to forget everything that happened during the events of the test and go back to the coma or...well he never explained the second option before I took it. Now I'm in this weird world and I have the Ultimatrix. I don't really care what the cost was as long as I'm free.

Some transformations come from this DA account

Connected and inspired by this story

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I hold no hope for this story. Seeing as you canceled the rest of yours, this won't last long I feel.

eh, I'm trying to break that habit... plus I mostly do that out of spite for those who tell me how to run my own story

I hate it when people do that. Had it happen to some of my stories. Told the haters to either get over it, or get lost. In less than a nice way too after a while.

I do hop this story does not get canceled

ignore this comment it was to deal with something that no longer exists

From what I remember from the show, Twilight is pretty spot-on

yea it does seem that there was just enough gentelness from celestia to allow twilight to get out of it by letting alexis go in her place. i am curios if the ultimantirx is off or has pony scans already as she has been close to a unicorn, dragon and alicorn and it hasent tryed to scan so im guessing it has them or is off and the beep is it switching on?

For me, it is decent and easy to follow the story. We are just getting started but the material makes us think about what could happen, what is happening, and what will happen. If you suffer anxiety very easily, read with caution.

The DA has MANY options to get, do you have other stories to follow? I mean besides MLP themed. It seems that you really want to get the real function of the Omnitrix. Being in the other's shoes.

The DA is not mine I'm just using it for forms

to the watch beeps insted of beaming things? so she defenetly has unicorn, earth pony and pegasis but its unsure if she has alicorn and dragon cause she has been close and touched both celestia and spike so she should have those right?

‘ You are an intruder, one who is not supposed to be here, and the actions you have made here today have ruined the destiny of the one who was.’

twilight didnt want to go and was given an out by alexis if this force which we can assume is harmony is telling off alexis for trying to do the right thing then hopefully discord can be better in this one. also if twilights entire calling in life dependid on her going to ponyville on that day then shouldent this voice be telling off celestia and twilight for that not happening not the person who had no control over how things have played out so far? i mean would anything alexis have done at the start really made it so twilight went the only way i could see that happening would be if alexis to be hostile but apparently alexis is being told off for being peacefull and freindly.

Okay, the tree only has contact with Alexis it's not some omnipotent force that can just summon Twilight and Celestia to berate them on something that they didn't know. Celestia let Twilight off from this because she believed Twilight had made friends and had Celestia told her what Twilight had to do she would have scoffed at the idea of needing friends to do a job she believed she was capable of doing on her own.

Remember this is pre-FiM Twilight who was against the idea of friends till she experienced the events of the first two episodes.

I'm not criticizing twilight as she was like this. But the tree criticizing alexis about how she actually went when asked and did something is just weird on the trees part. To be fair it's assumed no one has contacted or talked to the tree in a while so many it has detached from the world to a degree and the the bearers could help bring it back to sense.
But yeah the tree needs to get slapped or yelled at for blaming alexis for the supposed bad futures to come

And like that Celestia just bucked up worst than she could've by expelling Twilight. Did she learn nothing from the pain she caused herself expelling somepony who could be considered like a daughter to her setting her up for revenge over thinking her destiny was being purposely being kept from her by her teacher? Sunset will eventually be an issue to fix but now thanks to this, Twilight could easily become a host for the Nightmare if she survived that first hit. Twilight is still connected by destiny to the Tree, as her cutie mark is on it and still has her magical potential, something the Nightmare can exploit.

celestia really needs to stop causing problems for herself i mean she has caused both luna and sunset's fall in the show and seems to be setting twilight up now. i do wounder what the element of magic being changed will do now though. as you said twilight should still be linked to the tree so maby the tree in a misguildind attempt to fix things will power up twilight and since she is pre elements twilight she might take a look at the tree and see a battery after which could make twilight a big threat.
i am also curious about what counts as a lifeform to the watch like is the tree one? if alexis has omniverse in her head does and will she use lifeform lock? ultimate dragon?

Agreed, at least in canon we know it's a character flaw she's working on. No one ever said she was perfect, least not her. She knows she made mistakes and is trying to fix them. This Celestia however looks like she got hit with the idiot stick hard then had it shoved up her butt so it can't be removed just to see how bad things get. I think both Shining Armor and Princess would be disappointed in Celestia over that.

Read the blog post linked in the update chapter

But, the latest chapter doesn't have any blog posts links!

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