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[This is a combination of a few failed stories ideas (Gwen 10, the Mayan test KH stories) So this is one final attempt to make a story out of all the concepts I have for these stories.]

You never think about what you have, till it's all taken from you. I should know I've been in a coma for the past 2-ish years. Trapped with only my thoughts and the Spanish Soaps that the cleaning people play when they clean my room and take care of me.

But now I have a way out, I don't know how this happened as I've been in a coma but I've apparently passed some kind of test by some dude in a white void. My Options were to forget everything that happened during the events of the test and go back to the coma or...well he never explained the second option before I took it. Now I'm in this weird world and I have the Ultimatrix. I don't really care what the cost was as long as I'm free.

Some transformations come from this DA account

Connected and inspired by this story

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Celestia was certain this was the end of her reign, No student at her school had the spark, no pony in Equestria was right for the Elements of Harmony, she was certain she would have to battle her sister...something she couldn't bear to do.

But as she accepted her fate, destiny had other plans and a hero saved the day, though not her sister.

I don't know what happened one moment I was looking at this toy watch my ex-boss gave me as a parting gift, the next I found myself in this strange city with horse people...oh and the toy is strapped to my wrist and works just like the real thing.

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Note: While this is a displaced story, don't expect any crossovers.

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The end has come, The Mayan calendar was right and the end of the world has come, not in a mysterious planet X or a asteroid that could wipe us all out it came from earths inhabitants Man. Riots are happening in the streets of every major city and the governments can barely contain them.

But that isn't the focus of the story the focus is about me a survivor see the Mayan Calendar was a test by god believe it or not, the test was to see who would remain passive on this day and I passed. Now I get some powers and to go to a new world. Unfortunately I never chose the world and just asked to be sent to one at random.

Preread by Rikusorasephiroth
Edited and rewriten by Kye Belmont
Cover art by Caprisias

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