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(Code Vein crossover)

We had defeated Mido, put Silva out of his misery, and I took on the burdens of the Relics and the Gaol of the Mists. The Queen, Cruz, would remain at peace, unable to harm anyone again. How- why am I here? Wherever here is? Why am I a small humanoid horse?

Human/ Revenant turned newborn colt.
Takes place before season 1.

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Interesting concept, having play Code Vein I know what happens, plus I think the true secret ending is probably the best option, just my opinion.

I considered it, but thought this would be better, partially because if I went with the actual true ending, I'd need to learn more than what the God Eater anime tells us so I'd have more to work with besides Vajra and some other overused method of entering Equestria.

Hmmm... interesting. I actually tried to play code vein myself recently. Emphasis on "tried" because I ended up returning it since I couldnt get that far in it even on the easiest difficulty. I really liked the story though. If it was easier I would've continued playing. Anyways, I'm rambling, I just want to say that this is a pretty good story so far. I am a sucker for "reincarnated in a equestria with previous memories stories." Please continue.

continue with a low level magician, I want you to finish it, by the way, there will be a relationship with the princesses, if so, send me a wink.

This is intresting, did not expect Celestia having a child with a thestral, pretty original. I haven't finished Code Vein yet, so I didn't read the introduction chapter but it was a good idéa on your part to make a short explanation on what Code Vein is about. Hope there's more on the way, love your stories and I need to get back to playing Code Vein. :twilightsmile:

When I finally get around to it in no particular order as of yet:

Sunset Shimmer
Blood Beads

Probably more I immediately forgot about as I was typing this.

New chapters ?????

No idea when. Eventually, when I can think of something to write.

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