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"WE ARE THE FANGS OF THE IMPERIUM!"- The 627th Warbeast regiment warcry

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This has my vote for sure! Even though it’s very short I still like it, keep up your great work :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:!

Thank you, my friend

Well now this has my attention and hope more come soon

Your very welcome!

Twiggles is most likely up to something here... Guess we'll see what eventually.


Hope for her sake! She didn't do anything Stupid! :facehoof:

I mean, what is she even gonna do? Arrest them for doing their FRICKIN Job??!! And since that she is the one that hired them in the first place??!! So, she can't have the "Higher Morality or Moral High Ground" excuse against them. :unsuresweetie:

And is she really that dumb and stupid, to piss off the two badass people in the world? That both of them can make Every MLP Villain that the Main Six have face, as are just "Very Easy" Difficulty Villains. While both Wolf and Ren are the "Nightmare" Difficulty for Twilight and her Friends to face. :pinkiecrazy:

Besides, those Bandits are enemies to Equestria. So, they should be grateful that Wolf and Ren save the day for them.


Trust me. Twilight needs to STOP copying her mentor ( Celestia) !

Because, I know a Lot of Stories on where, and when we have Celestia acts like a OOC Bitch for No Reason! And is just Antagonizing the Displaced Protagonist Characters for on Human to Alien/Non-Pony Characters, just for the heck of it. And you know what happens? Our Protagonist Characters that give that stupid, cocky, racist/xenophobic, paranoid, prejudice, prideful and aggressive, "pacifist/Royal Princess" Bitch a Wake Up Call!!!! And show her who's the REAL Alpha, and a Better Being on anything.

And it's either Celestia getting overthrown, lose her royal status and kingdom. Captured and mind controlled, de-powered, or get beat up within a inch of death, or even Die!!! :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

And all of this Terrible Karma, and Stuff will happen the same to Twilight and her Friends. IF they really want to mess with or betray the Wrong Badass Protagonists! 😈 😎

So Twilight, DON'T make the Worst Mistakes to your entire life, your friends, and possibly your kingdom. By NOT acting and being like your pathetic "mentor": Bitch-Celestia!

I enjoyed this first part and I find the idea interesting but I also feel like you really rushed through a lot of important parts and interesting stuff like both of them getting to know each other. Them learning to fight together and them exploring and finding out what kind of world they found themselves in stuff like that just my opinion anyway keep up the good work.

Much better pacing than the first chapter.

Still hope that Frost's story reappears though.
It was my favourite of yours.

That is a good question and granted when comes to killing they are the best in the world and everyone are pansies and amateurs. But killing stuff is not the only thing in life, and Im sure they will find what else they are good at and maybe some new people as well. Now why did the Wonderbolts spy on them? Just by Twilight's order to see if they did the job or something else? Either way Twilight better not try and screw with them or the world she knows will burn and it will be all her fault


Exactly! Like I said, it will be Twilight's own fault that her kingdom will burn if she messed with the wrong people. :pinkiecrazy:

And as for something besides killing? Maybe form a guide for monsters hunters. Or something like Fairy Tail, and they can be both the founders and grand masters?

True unless she uses her brain and listen to others outside of the M6 saying not to screw with them and as well her prey instincts on not angering apex predators

I can see that and thats perfect, and who knows maybe find one or more kids and took them under their wings so to speak


True unless she uses her brain and listen to others outside of the M6 saying not to screw with them and as well her prey instincts on not angering apex predators

Exactly!!! And her Friends should learn as well. While Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie are fine. For now at least. While Fluttershy needs to STOP protecting or defending Monsters that could kill innocent ponies or other creatures.

While Rarity should learn that every clothes she sees are NOT for fashion all the Damn time!!!!!!! Haven't she learn that every Monster Hunter/Hitman/Assassin Suits and Armor, or Military Clothes/Armor are not even designed for the fashion show business anyway!!! :facehoof: :ajbemused:

Especially Rainbow Dash. Because, she could lose her wings by Pissing one of them off. :pinkiecrazy:

And she is very stupid to not see their "potential" from before? Because, Wolf's and Ren's Potential are Thousands Times Better than Rainbow Dash and her Wonderbolt cowards! Pathetic excuse as Soldiers or even guards! :facehoof:

The Imperium Of Man (WH40K) , The Clone Army or the Mandalorions ( Star Wars), UNSC (Halo), C.O.G and the Gears ( Gears Of War), or even the Doomslayer ( Doom Series) and BJ Blazkowicz ( Wolfenstein), or the U.S. Military ( Call Of Duty Series) can whip them all into shape. 😈 😈 😈

All true on the Six and yes AJ has more sense and logic then the others. Pinkie thou I think if she bothers them to much and not respect their personal space and privacy best case for her is a bloody beaten

Well any of those could if the ponies get off their pedestals and realize how crapy their military is and that they are not the master race and nothing revolves around them. And if they aren’t stupid enough to not learn how to be proper soldiers and military

And the Russian and British and other Earth militaries could whip them into shape


And the Russian and British and other Earth militaries could whip them into shape

Of course, have them all to help give the Ponies a Reality Check. :pinkiecrazy:

All true on the Six and yes AJ has more sense and logic then the others. Pinkie thou I think if she bothers them to much and not respect their personal space and privacy best case for her is a bloody beaten

Well any of those could if the ponies get off their pedestals and realize how crapy their military is and that they are not the master race and nothing revolves around them. And if they aren’t stupid enough to not learn how to be proper soldiers and military

I'm a little confused when you say "Well, any of those could?" But, like I said. Their Miltary needs a Reality Check, and a Tech. Upgrade like Guns and everything.

Indeed and I meant with any of the militaries/armies you mentioned before can whip them into shape and be actually worth a damn

I just love seeing the bloodshed in these fights. Pairings are always a catch for me and I love them.

Oh Fluttershy you idiot! Not every creature is what you want them to believe! Some are just mindless killing machines and like to kill for the sake of it! One day you will try and be kind to such a creature/animal and you will either lose a limb or get killed

Seriously?! How the Hell is Fluttershy ( HER??!! Of ALL Ponies!!!) have enough "Will Power" that even a Witcher Spell like Axii, wears off quickly??!! While at the same time. Doesn't have Common Sense that NOT every Creature/Monster can be "Redeemed" or "Tamed"? It's better to put them down, and save Innocent Lives while you at it.

And Fluttershy's reasoning is Stupid! HOW is Wolf or Ren "Killers" or even "Monsters" when they actually killed the REAL Killers and Monsters out there. And save the innocent townfolk, and avenged the fallen along the way??

And is she just ignored this part?

"No it's not... that crawler has killed four stallions, two mares, and five fillies in their sleep without mercy and-"

HOW can she even defend a Creature/Monster that can even kill kids??!! She needs serious help right about now!

Wait a second? What IF the Pony that hired Wolf/Ren to kill the Monstrous Creature in the first place. Or even the Monster Victim's Families actually hears about this. And they all actually DEFENDS Wolf and Ren's Justified Actions to Kill the Creature.

And maybe one of the Mothers/Fathers of the Poor Fillies will actually SLAP/PUNCH Fluttershy for even defending the Real Monster that KILLED AND ATE their Poor Children!!!!! :flutterrage:

And then they PRAISE Wolf/Ren for doing the right thing. And have Avenged their Dead Husband/Brother, Wife/Sister, Child, etc.. By killing the Real Monster Menace, and stop it from hurting other innocent lives. And then they tell Fluttershy that she should be Ashamed of herself for insulting the True Heroes ( Wolf/Ren), and even have the audacity to defend the True Monster that killed their love ones. And that her "Element of Kindness" is inferior and it is Horse S***! 😈

This sounds like a Good Idea for next chapter? Am I right?! Because, NOT Every Pony or Non-Pony is Naively Stupid, or Too Pacifist like Fluttershy or the rest of the Main Six! Some of them could have Common Sense, and they actually LIKED, DEFEND, ADMIRED, OR EVEN HIRED Wolf and Ren themselves. Wolf and Ran should have Fans, or more Employers for their Monster Hunting Business.

This Flutters seriously needs some reality check. Like the saying goes, "Tame animal eats from (your) hand. Wild animal eats the hand".:pinkiecrazy:

I have no earthly clue what just happen. I read then re-read but for what I gathered was this...

Oh poor naive fluttershy, your kindness is really admirable but some creatures are needed to be put down.


Exactly! Seriously, I may love Fluttershy. But, this Version of Fluttershy is Unbelievable!!!!! 😑

The next time she defend another Monster/Creature. But, this particular Monster only eats, and even humps/"rape" Live and Dead Innocent Pony Colts/Fillies!!!! :pinkiesick: :pinkiesick:

I'm so mad with Fluttershy's stupid attitude. That I made something as a What If Mini Story. With Myself as the "Protagonist".

Okay, when I was hired to kill this evil "rapist/kid molester demon" from Hell! And have armed myself with Futuristic Armor like Halo or WH40K for Example. And have Tons of Guns and other Weapons from both the Past ( To the Very Early made Guns like the Flintlock Pistols and Muskets from the 1600's to 1700's. To the 1800's like the Wild West and Galting Guns. To the 1900's like WW1/WW2 Era, Wolfenstein Series, Sniper Elite, and the Cold War Era, TF2, Etc.. ).

To the Modern World Guns ( 21 Century, Call Of Duty, Hitman Series, etc..), and Future Guns like Plasma Weapons ( Like Halo, Star Wars, Gears of War, Doom Series, and other Sci-Fi Games.)

And when I found it, ( Where I found it? Is 50 Miles away from Ponyville. You see WHY I want to fought it very far away from Pony Civilization in a second.) and have heavily injured it, without a scratch on me or my armor. And when I was about to deal the killing blow.

IF Fluttershy ( somehow end up finding me??!!) show up once again, and even try to defend this evil beast this time. And even insulting me as a "Monster" for killing this "poor creature". Despite her knowing already what this Evil Monster did to the poor and innocent Pony Children it have killed/raped! And she is still thinks it can be spared, and be "Tamed/Redeem" this monstrous creature??!! And she is even doing the "Stare" on me. ( She doesn't know I was actually uninfected by it, and even immune to her "Death" Stare. Because, I have seen WAY, WAY, Worse Death Glares in Anime, Games, Movies, Comics, and other Media.)

At first I say nothing for a Minute/60 Seconds. Which spooked Fluttershy that she accidentally "broke" me. Even the injured Monster is spooked too.

Then, I just quickly grab my Two Pistols and just SHOOT her in both of her Eye Balls with my Twin Pistols with a Suppressor added to them ( Hitman Series)!!!!! Then, with my Super Strength from my Sci-Fi Suit. I PUNCH, AND RIP her Own Heart out like a Mortal Kombat Fatality!!! Crush it, and then stomp on it!!! Next, I RIP her Wings off, pluck the feathers, then RIP one of her arms off. And use it to keep hitting her dead body like the Gears Of War Locust's "Arm Rip/Tearing Arms" Execution. But, I'm using Fluttershy's own Damn Arm!!!

Then after that, I stomp her stupid head with my boot ( Another Gears Of War Execution). And then summoned a Futuristic Katana Blade ( Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Jetstream Sam's/Raiden's "New" Sword: HF Murasama), and SLICE her Body over 100 Pieces!!! While the Heavily Wounded Monster is shocked, horrified, and scared shitless by watching me brutally killing this pathetic pony with NO common sense and for being a Dumbass. I finally end it's pathetic life by summoning Four Heavy Miniguns with Infinite Ammo for 30 Minutes. Thus, Turning it's disgusting body to tiny pieces, and bloody mush.

While under those 30 Minutes, I gather up Fluttershy's tiny pieces, including her ruined wings ( except leaving her Yellow Plucked Feathers out of it), and pile them up in one spot. Then, I summon Six Flamethrowers with limitless fuel, and burn the pieces, and the blood into ash for an One Hour. While that's done, I summon a "Special" Vacuum Cleaner. And clean up the ash, put it in a bag. Go to the Ghastly Gorge, and dump the bag by the passing river at the bottom of the Gorge. :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

And once I came back to the bloody remains of the hideous monster with some several tiny pieces of it's claws and teeth remaining as well. Along with having a bag full of Fluttershy's Plucked Feathers after I slice her body parts. While seeing the remaining "crime scene". I came up with a Devilish Plan to get away with this! 😏 😈

To Be Continued

Yep and some need to go extinct for good reason

I can defiantly see all of that happening and you made very good points here and that stuff SHOULD be used later on!

Part 2:

I dibbed every single feather on the monster's blood. And put them back in the bag. And summon a DNA Scanner and copied the pieces of the Creature's Claws and Teeth. Then before I come back to Ponyville while using my teleporter device. I use the High Tech. DNA Scanner to help me to copy and summon several copies of the Creature's Bone Claws, and Teeth. And when I removed my armor before I do the "insane" part of my plan. I actually Slice and Stab myself with the claws and teeth. (WHY would I heavily injured myself??!! You'll see!).

After I'm heavily injured, I take my Sci-Fi Armor, and press the "Disguise" Button. And the Armor coats itself to make it look "Battle Damaged". ( So My Enemies or "Potential" Enemies "think" my own Futuristic Armor is "damaged" by their "primitive" Weaponry. While it was in fact 100% fine the whole time, and took the damage with NO Scratches! But only I know about it. :pinkiecrazy:)

Once that's done. I put on my "Damaged" Futuristic Armor in my injured body. And use the teleporter device to teleport myself to Ponyville. And when I finally get their. Surprised, surprised: "Queen" Twilight and her Remaining FOUR Friends, along with some of the pathetic Pony Guards/Wonderbolts were their at the entrance. They are horribly shocked that my armor was even "Damaged", and HOW did I got even injured hurt. At first, they come to Ponyville because Fluttershy is missing for some time. And last time the other town's folk saw her. Fluttershy was following me. Probably to stopping me from doing my job AGAIN!!!

I decided to explain "what happened" to me, and Fluttershy. While "Crying" ( Using Fake Tears ), I explain my Own Verison of my Story:

*Here is my "White Lie/Made-Up" Story of what happened.*

When I was about to kill the Monster that killed/raped the poor Pony Children. Fluttershy came, and try to again, convince me that the Monster "doesn't" deserve to die. And can be "redeemed". But, when I just ignore her, and prepare the killing blow. She actually use her "Stare" on me.

And I was actually frozen in "fear" ( Which is a TOTAL FRICKIN Lie! I'm actually immune to her pathetic "Death" Stare the whole time. I mean, I watched, played, and sometimes faced Horrible Monsters, Dark Gods, and Nightmares from my Futuristic "Training Simulator" Room. Like Famous Horror Movie Killers. The Flood from Halo, Dead Space, and even the entirety of WH40K. And do they "think" I can be "scared" of seeing a Huge-Eyed, Shy Pony like Fluttershy trying to do a Level 1 of a "Death Glare", or making a Staring Contest against me. PLEASE!!!! πŸ™„)

Anyway, while I was frozen in "fear" by Fluttershy's Stare. The injured Monster jumped on me. And "somehow" knock me out. Then, the Monster angrily grabbed my "Unconscious" Body. And shake me like!e a rag doll. And I somehow got heavy injured and my armor is "damaged" by the claws and teeth of the beast. Then, it threw me far away. And then it look at a terrified Fluttershy who's thinking to herself: "She really has F***** Up Badly!"

When I came though, possibly knocked out by several hours. I "weakly" summoned my jet boots. And fly back over their. And when I came back. I was "horrified" to see the Monster raped a now Dead, and half eaten Fluttershy. I angrily summon the Miniguns, and the Flamethrowers, and easily killed the disgusting monster. But, Fluttershy's body "sadly" crossed in the cross fire. And is turn to bits, and then burn to ash. The only remaining pieces of Fluttershy is several of her Wing's Feathers scattered around.

So, I summon the bag to pick up the bloody feathers, and decided to use the teleporter to go back to Ponyville. After I explain my "Story". Twilight and her remaining, the Pony Guards, and even most of the Ponyville Town's Folk are shocked, and horrified! And after seeing my Damaged Armor, Heavily Injured Body by the "Claws and Teeth" of the Monster. And the Bag filled with Fluttershy's Bloody Feathers. They all believed the tragic story. Even "Lie-Detecting" Apple Jack believes me. ( Besides, EVEN if she is a "Lie-Detector" like Toph from Avatar: TLA, and Korra. My Futuristic Armor has a Special Device to calm down my Heartbeat while I Lie. And I practice to White Lie a Lot to trick people while being Disguised or even get interrogated. Like a True Hitman like Agent 47 or Spy from TF2. 😏)

While everypony ( especially Twilight and her Friends, and even the Pony Guards) are tearfully crying and everything. Then either Rainbow Dash, or a Angry Twilight, or several Pony Guards/Wonderbolts probably accused me that it's my "fault" that Fluttershy is dead. Which I was prepared for this. And angrily made a Counter Argument that make sense.

"Firstly, I DIDN'T kill Fluttershy ( Which, I truthfully fully did. BUT, they didn't know that. 😈). It was the Rapist/Child Molesting Monster that I was Hired, and Supposed to Kill in the first place. "

"Second, It WAS Fluttershy's Fault for following me. And try to stopping me from killing the Monstrous Creature. I mean, I know Fluttershy loves Animals. But, Defending the Evil Mindless Monsters that Eat, and even Rape Innocent Ponies, and Children!!! WTF!!! How can she sleep at night for even defending one of the true evil's of the world??!! She saves the world from previous Villains and other Evil. But, a frickin hypocrite for defending Another Villain, but in the skin of a Mindless Creature. "

"Thirdly, IF Fluttershy didn't follow me, or even "distract" me with her Stare. The almost dead monster wouldn't get the drop on me. And somehow damaged my armor, injuring me, and got K.O'd!!! "

Then, I told them that I am "Sorry" for destroying her body to bits and ash. And only left her Feathers. But, I was angry for what happened. And really want to end the creature as brutal and fast as possible.

After hearing my Counter Argument. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, The Pony Guards/Wonderbolts, and Everypony listening knew I was surprisingly and totally right about that.

Plus, I also say It's technically Twilight's and her Friends fault for not leashing their Animal/"Evil Monster"-Lover Friend for leaving me alone, or interfere with my job. Or didn't even trained the idiotic guards, or the wonderbolts to be Proper Soldiers, and Protectors to the Citizens over Monstrous Creatures, or even Thugs/Bandits. IF the Pony Guards or the Wonder bolts were doing their Job ONCE!!!! Then, they could help me do my job of "protecting" the innocent Ponies. And kill the Real Monsters, and other Bandits/Thugs.

To Be Continued

.....Bravo man bravo!!! (clapping applause) Truly a thing of beauty and I think I would of done something similar, thou if I was in a really bad mood. If not then would of just punched her to knock her out, brutally kill the monster and took some teeth, claws and/or claws or just the head are trophies and proof of the kill to get the payment and dump Fluttershy at either her place or one of her friends places and left

Part 3:

After saying "Why You Suck" Speech against specifically Twilight, her remaining Friends, Pony Guards/Wonderbolts. All of them have faces that "I stabbed them in the Heart, then burn it, and make them all eat it". While they are very insulted, and want to try to punished me ( despite I'm very "injured").

BEFORE I just say screw this, and surprised them all by deactivate the "Battle-Damaged Disguise", showing my Armor was A-Okay. Use a Sci-Fi Special Healing Pill that will completely heal me. And then even summoned the BFG ( Doom Series) at Full-Power ( Specifically the Massive Idiot Twilight, her Remaining Friends, the rest of the Pony Guards/Wonderbolts. While Everypony Citizen of Ponyville will be "spared" by the BFG's Green DEATH Ball!!!!) to destroy them all as a Final "F***** You"!!!! And get the heck out of their by summoning a Fast Spaceship!!!

The Citizens of Ponyville actually "defended" me from "Queen" Twilight, her friends, and the guards "wrath". Thus, they indirectly save their Royal Queen's Dumbass, and her Idiot Friends/Guards by my Terrifying Brutality to kill/destory them all for trying to attack/imprison me??!! Just because I have rightly showed them their flaws.

The Ponyville Ponies actually agreed with me, that the Guards and the Wonderbolts are the WORST "Miltary" in the World! Heck, despite the Griffins having a poor kingdom. At least they know how to fight dirty, and even have Flintlock Guns and Muskets. While the Dragons got their giant size, firepower, flight, and being badass creatures. The Yaks, and Minotaurs got some Guns, and love to smash stuff, and specifically use explosive weapons. Even the "Reformed" Changelings still know to fight "dirty" to protect the hive, and the Hippogliffs still got their Navy/Air Force.

You get the picture? Sure, the Ponies got "Magic". But, they still got primitive weapons like spears, shields, swords, arrows, etc.. While Non-Ponies are starting to upgrade their Militaries with Early Guns from mostly the 1600's-1700's to even the 1800's of the Wild West in rare cases.

And it didn't help that the Pony Guards/Wonderbolts are P***** to kill Monsters/Bandits, and other threats. And despite Ponies being Pacifist. Most Ponies, Specifically Ponyville are starting to see that killing is necessary to stop Monstrous Creatures, Criminals, and other threats that DOESN'T want "Friendship" in the first place.

Basically, the Pony Population are Finally starting to "Mature" a bit about the Real World. And NOT "Sunshine, Rainbows, or Friendship" Fantasy they all have. And the Ponyville Citizens even agree my points that Twilight and her Friends AREN'T Perfect, and have terrible flaws too. And even though it's terrible Fluttershy died. It is technically her fault for trying to not kill the beast, or even defending the monstrously that kills/rapes innocent children.

Speaking about that. The dead children's mourning Parents and Family are very Grateful at me for torturing and killing the Monstrous Beast, and avenged their Children. Plus, they "kinda" didn't much care about Fluttershy, and some are even glad for Fluttershy's death. Which shocked Twilight, her friends, and I was a bit surprised over their cruelty. Which is a bit harsh for them, even for me sometimes.

But then again, Fluttershy is defending their children's rapist/killer of a Monster. So, it was a bit justified that they didn't care about Fluttershy anymore. And I sound a little hypocritical back their. Since I did ended her myself for her interfering over my Favorite Job everytime, insulting me, and for her stupidity.

And then they said they will Triple Paying me the Price Money for the Creatures death. While, I was grateful that I was rightfully praised, and have Ponies with some common sense around this crazy Dark Fantasy World of MLP. I happily decline. Because, I don't want to make them broke. Plus, the reward money is pretty high.

( And I could just easily use Powers, to summon a Special Machine that makes Real Life Money/Coins for myself. :trollestia: And despite the Reward Money from every Monster/Assassin Contract is kinda pointless if I can just make my own money. I'm frickin bored, and just want to be a Anti-Hero to save innocents, while killing many evil bastards and monsters. Plus, I really want to use Every Gun/Weapon in Human History, and the Favorite Guns/Weapons/Armor from Gaming/Movies/Comics/Anime Media!!!

While being "Justified" to use them against other Evil Ponies, and other Creatures. Without saying "Screw It!" And make a Genocide/Xenocide in the MLP World. :twilightoops: I may be a little insane and be evil sometimes, but I'm NOT that Evil!!!! I like only kill other Evil People/Ponies. Or just some Annoying Racist/Xenophobic Bastards, or even OOC Hero Jerks like "Queen" Twilight and her Friends in here.).

Anyway, after I said my piece to the mourning Parents and Families. I look at the Still Shocked, and remorseful Twilight, her Friends, Pony Guards/Wonderbolts, then the other Ponies hating Fluttershy, or them for their mistakes. I just say to Twilight to grow a backbone, and start training your Military to prevent this mess for ever happening again.

And even though I won't retire from being a Monster Hunter, "Protector" or a Hitman/Assassin for a long time. It's nice to see having the Pony Guards and Wonderbolts protect the Pony Citizens too for time to time. Plus, I'm expecting a HUGE Apology from Twilight, her Friends, and the rest of the Pony Guards/Wonderbolts for trying to "punished" me for doing my own dang Job!

So, with that. I finally left. And I did eventually give the bag full of Fluttershy's Bloody Feathers to Twilight and her Friends to mourn Fluttershy's remaining piece of herself. BUT, I sneakly still have some of it inside my Armor's Pockets. Just in case I change mind to possibly give Fluttershy a Second Chance of Life. After all, Science Fiction and Advanced Technology can do seemly impossible things. If you have the mind and correct tools to do it. :raritywink:.

Anyway, when I went back to my Home Mansion. ( Yes! I have a cool Mansion like Batman/Bruce Wayne, or Tony Stark/Iron Man. IF I got Powers to Summon Stuff from Weapons, Armor, and others from the Ancient Past, Modern Present, or Sci-Fi Future. I can summon a lot of Materials, get High Tech. Construction Vehicles with Loyal A.I. Controlling them all. And I get a High Tech. Super Mansion with A Hidden Bunker storing the Guns/Weapons, Armor, etc.. 😎)

Once inside my Mansion, I summon a Sci-Fi Healing Pill. And ALL of my self-inflicted injuries are quickly healed. And I got a massive Zenkai Boost as a Bonus from the Pill itself ( Like the Sayians from Dragon Ball Series. Confused? With the ScI-Fi with High Tech.. I specifically made a Super Healing Pill that is both a Senzu Bean, and can give me a Zenkai Boost despite still being a Normal Human after Heavily Near-Death Injuries.).

After being Fully Healed. I deactivate the Sci-fi Suit's "Battle-Damage Disguise". Thus, turning it back to normal. Next, I went to my room. and to make sure their is No Pony ( especially Twilight and her remaining friends) being nosy. I made the Room Sound-Proof, and put Anti-Magic Barrier and Defenses in case some pony like Twilight surprised me with a teleportation spell.

Then, I started to think to myself. Despite feeling a little remorseful for brutally killing Fluttershy of all ponies. She did pushed the Wrong Buttons, and even Defended the VERY Wrong Creatures. Maybe, I find a way to bring her back for a second chance? But for right now. IF Twilight or her remaining friends decided to do a bitch move, and try to betray me. I could easily finished them all off, and make Luna in charge. As for Celestia? F*** Her!!! Besides, Twilight and her Friends DON'T have their only trump card for "stopping" me.

This is Why a Deus Ex Machina like the Elements Of Harmony DOESN'T need All Six Ponies to work. Otherwise, taking even one of them out permanently. And you automatically Win. 😈 😈 :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

Me Laughing Maniacally while I played a specific video over and over again on my T.V.:


Silent Assassin! (Hitman Series Achievement) 😈 :pinkiecrazy:

Only Faust knew what was about to go down and it wasn't going to be for the faint of heart for the two monster hunters aren't going to be going through the best time for the next few days for Fluttershy had a plan to ruin them.

oh boy, shit is about to hit the fan, and no one is gonna come out clean from it :rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy::eeyup:

Fluttershy whatever you are planning its only gonna bite you in the ass, and maybe same with the other 6, and may result in some people dying and you might be among the dead. Nice to see that several of the locals support and defend the two monster hunters, wonder how larger their supporters will grow later on

Seriously, Again????!!!!! I CAN'T Believe out of all of the Main Six, acting Super OOC Antagonistic Bitches against our Main Character and his Furry Anthro Girlfriend. It has to be Fluttershy???!!!

Is Fluttershy frickin blind, or have a Low IQ?! Because, NOT EVERY Monster/Creature can be "Tamed"!!!!

Just ask the mindless monsters that EAT innocent Ponies for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Oh wait? You CAN'T!!! You can't just "talk" to it. Or "convince" it to be "Good". You will just be killed and eaten before you even "try".

And it's ALL YOUR FAULT for being Stupidity Retarded to tamed a Mindless Beast that won't hesitate to eat you alive.

And another thing. Fluttershy has the Insane audacity to punch Wolf???!!! She is LUCKY he has a High Pain Tolerance, or enough Will Power to NOT Beat her Ass or even Kill her for her stupidity, and for attacking him. I'm surprised Ren DIDN'T Kill her for for trying to hurt Wolf.

I would just say Screw It! And threaten to rip her arm off and beat the Crap out of her, IF she does that one more time!!! 😑

And I don't even think there is nothing to make me happy in this chapter.

"Finally showing your true colors?" She asked to which a hand tapped on her shoulder.

She turned as a hand went across her face as Fluttershy moved back holding her face as an angry-looking pony stood before her along with a few others surprising Wolf and Ren. As she stumbled back she looked at the ones who slapped her as she spoke.

"Why did you-?"

"Shut up you horse!" The pony said as she looked at him. "These two have done more than you elements have ever done in your entire lives! Look they have actually STOPING the monster before they could come back while you just lock them away and let them escape and kill some more!"

"Yeah my son was killed by one of the monsters and you would try to make peace with the monster instead of putting it down like the beast that it is!" Another pony shouted as another and then another and another start to shout at her as soon she was surrounded by ponies explaining to her why these two were the real heroes, unlike the elements.

My Reaction:


This is a Frickin Miracle!!!


Oh, ask a feral monster to move on somewhere else? And it most likely will repeat its poisoning/killing spree there. Most likely having aqquired a taste for pony blood/flesh. Those kinds of predators are commonly best to be dealt with early, before it procreates and teaches its progeny to hunt ponies.
Then what ”Dumbflutter”? Say your sorry and nothing else?

Keep up the writing.

I think someone needs to actually explain the difference between Animals, creatures that are of nature, regardless of whether or not they themselves are magical, and Monsters, creatures of magic that are twisted, unnatural beings.


Exactly! Considering the fact that Fluttershy deals with Animals her whole life. She SHOULD tell the difference between Normal Animals that are friendly, and can be nice, and be tamed to be your pets.

And the other, Creatures that are the Real Definition of Heartless Monsters. And they are also Mindless Beasts. No Intellect to "reason" with them to be Good. They are better off be permanently killed!!!! Before they destroy some tones full of Innocent Ponies, and other Sentient Creatures in other Kingdoms.

But, sadly for Fluttershy. Either she forgotten to learn one of the important Nature's Lessons to Survive. Or she is actually purposefully, intentionally knows about this. But, is STILL Stupid to think the Heartless Monsters have a "chance" to be reformed??!!

You CAN'T reformed everyone/everything!!! It will be especially harder that the Monstrous Creatures themselves don't know the meaning of "Sentience". They just want to eat you, poop you out, and then repeat. :pinkiesick:

Fluttershy just CAN'T tell the difference between Cats/Dogs over ferocious Lions/Wolfs. Sure, their are some Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Wolfs that can be "Pets". But, they are a bit harder to tame. And it's easier that their aren't Feral/Wild in the first place. Fantasy Monster Creatures is Nearly Impossible to Tame! :twilightoops:

I wonder how she would react if one those monsters, that shes so hellbent on saving, comes and kills/eats all of her animal friends, while seeing it happen with another more honest witness? Especially Angel.:pinkiecrazy:

You know what it will be ironic in this situation? Like what If Twilight is still the Smart Person. Knows about Common Sense, and knows the concept of the Harsh Laws of Nature and the Real World.

By actually telling Fluttershy to Shut the F*** Up! And Defend Wolf/Ren. Because, One: Their Legally doing their F****** JOBS as Monster Hunters! Two: They also Protect/Avenged the Pony Populace from the REAL Monsters/Criminals/Thieves/Bandits.

Three: Besides, don't you all remember that Twilight even HIRED them once to eliminate hostile Bandits. No using her "Friendship" Lessons to stop the Bandits. She actually HIRED Wolf/Ren to serve as Mercenaries to eliminate/assassinate the Bandits themselves. So, she knows that Killing/Violence is NECESSARY to deal with nasty enemies and other problems that "Friendship" can't solve!!!!

Four: She knows WHAT Wolf/Ren are truly capable of. She is NOT F****** Stupid to Piss Off the WRONG People! And she knows she CAN'T just defend her Friends that are in the WRONG in a argument!!!! :facehoof:

You know something? I really want Twilight to actually knock/slap some sense with Fluttershy. BEFORE Fluttershy FRICKIN Regrets it for Pissing Off the Wrong Monster Hunters. :pinkiecrazy:

And maybe have Twilight give out a Harsh Lesson on Nature/Reality to Fluttershy. Like for a Example: Lets say What If that another Giant Mindless Monster actually wants to ATTACK her Home. Because, it wants to eat/kill her ( And possibly rape their corpses. Because it's that Evil. :pinkiesick: :twilightoops:) All of her precious defenseless Animals like Angel the Bunny, Harry the Friendly Bear, etc..

And Fluttershy only got TWO Options!

A. Trying to again. πŸ™„

Want to "tame/befriend" the Monster with her "Kindness/Friendship". Which obviously FAIL!!! Duh!!!

I mean, HOW can you "teach" Kindness, and Friendship to a Monstrous Beast that doesn't have the intelligence to "learn" about them??!! It's like trying to give a Frickin T-Rex how to learn Table Manners!!! And it ends with Fluttershy and her Animals being at the "mercy" with the Monster. And it's ALL Fluttershy's Own Fault to "try to teach" a Mindless/Brainless Monster about "Friendship".

Patrick: And they ALL DIED! The End.

Or B. Do the Realistic, Smart and Sensible Way. LET Wolf/Ren do their FRICKIN JOBS!!!!! And they can actually SAVE your Animals. And then you finally owe them a HUGE Apology!!!!

What do you guys think? Have Twilight ( Or Wolf/Ren?) give out this Harsh Lesson on Nature/Reality Scenario to Fluttershy? But, will Fluttershy be Stupidity Stubborn, and will actually choose Option A??? And that MAYBE she can succeed to "Befriend" the Mindless Beast???

My Own Reaction to Fluttershy's still choosing Option A:


My Own Answer to her Choice:



It's funny. Because, I actually put that scenario earlier for Wolf/Ren, or even Twilight having Common Sense to use against Fluttershy.

This comment really wants me to read the story now

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