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Well you have my attention here and I’m eager to see more. I can see that happening with Tempest’s background and what Luna brought up and viewed on the modern ponies is all so true and sad, can’t wait to see what she will do to try and fix the mistake of her race and sister or make them see things in the real world. As well looking forward to seeing what direct actions she will take when the time comes. Can’t wait to see what Courier will do with trying to keep to himself and stay out of things but eventually get involved one way or another and I bet he will eventually make a settlement in no man’s land in the future

Caesar. A man nearly kills you so you track him across the breath of the Mojave you assassinate head of the chairman in his own Casino and get away with it when you set your mind to something you get results I like that the question is are you ready to get started

I'm looking forward to how this story goes, keep it up and going my friend.

i like this, and want to read more :eeyup::yay::pinkiehappy:

This seems really interesting, looking forward to the next chapter! (:

This is fire, 🔥🔥🔥

"Tell that to all the pissed-off people who probably want to see me burn in hell," Leaning his head back he then lifted it back up.

F*** those a-holes!

Anyway, Luna has a good point.

I have a feeling that BOTH Luna and Tempest Shadow would be great friends with Courier Six, right? :ajsmug:


You did help in this story my friend

You better actually FINISH this one, or I'm bowing out.

Hey He Used A GECK Good Job

agreed and same for a deep grave

like the cover art

wait you also like fallout too

I never played it but know the lore and read several stories related to it

"Yeah, that damn 'princess of friendship' think everything can be solved though love and sharing ! BAH! What a child," Spoke the owner.

I like the way this guy thinks and would galdly shake his fin or you know something simliar to an arm

I'm gonna keep a eye on this story.

Another chapter well done and nice to see his home up and running

Ohh Capper you stupid idiot but you didnt know and the people where desperate and damn those ponies

Oof. That’s gonna smart

Question, did the courier take care of his business on the lonesome road before the events of this story.

Caesar. My Legion expansion never ceased much of Utah and Colorado and all Arizona and New Mexico are mine we have cities of her own but nothing compares to Vegas finally my Legion will have its Roman


To be fair on Courier Six's case. He HAD warning signs!!! Hopefully, the ponies themselves won't interfere. Because if you think about it, it AIN'T there business in the first place to go to No-Man's Land and go bother Six over here. :ajbemused:

let me just say that I agree with everything Luna had said b/c what she says is all true heck the royal guard is even worse than the NCR own troops but instead they will just try to wound or incapecated them heck at least NCR troops actually kill and not try and wound them.

Plus what Luna says is why she holds a place close to my heart and why she is best princess b/c she has a tactial veiw on life and not everything is perfect the way it is.

Along with that, Tempest Shadow was a prime example of one of the reasons why Equestrian is failing, this pony was like ponies that were under her night legion before Night moon. A skilled warrior yes, but something did bug her, the fact that the reason that she became the way she did was because of the spoiled nature of ponies.

and that is why I would welcome her into my company of soldiers from different univeres including dkok.

And thats why Tempest Shadow join the lunar guard instead of the solar guard.

and possibly start a romance with a certain blue alicorn princess hmmm.

Also agreed with what you said about what luna said about ponies in equstria.

Oh if you had to join either the Lunar guard under Luna or the Solar guard under Celestia. Then explain why you choose that royal guard.

Same haven't either but seen lore and readed stories about it and know the lore. But it does look like a game I would play in the furture

yeah then hell blast them with a big iorn on his hip if they give him trouble.

yes and why do I feel like they are going to form a new kingdom. But yes herd time.

oh author I have a question when do you think the next chapter will be out?

True but knowing them they think it will be

Likely to happen but only time will tell

Agreed and amen to all of that

also if you had to choose which royal guard would you join the Lunar royal guard under princess Luna or The solar guard under princess Celestia. And when you choose give a explainton of why you choose that.


Then there dumb! So far, Courier Six DIDN'T exactly attack/kill any ponies, as of yet. Plus, those are "security systems", and he did put up warning signs.

Lunar Guard cause it looks cooler, under Luna’s command who is more capable then Celestia in the military field of things and cause Luna is best Princess also whenever the Solar Guard is seen or try something they are completely useless and idiots so ya don’t want to be in that group

Yeah but most didn’t see it besides Capper and the ponies will likely thing it’s a threat/evil to them and they need to beat it bla bla bla and like you said their idiots so unless Capper say something about the signs, which I bet they will ignore, they are gonna take a look into it

Hippity hoppity, get the fuck off my property.


That’s basically what the sigh said

agreed and Luna thinks with a miliatry like mind set she at least she under stands that there are still evils in the world and eve though they have the elements, what would happen if they failed what then, plus the Lunar guard looks more cooler and tactical than the most supposedly "elite" of the equestrian military.

Also if you look in the backroung when canterlot was taken over you can actually see some wonderbolts memebrs being lead away.


yeah but I'll doubt they get very far since he has more ranged weapons/modernish weapons then the medival stlye ponies.

Also how can they have arcade machines but not modern military equiment or weapoms or anything.

b/c here is a fun fact the person who created the first video game was on the manhatten project( at least that is what I remember/think it said on it) but still the military has effected cilivan lifestyles like or technolgy that was access to them but cilivans now has access on like GPS systems.

So why and how are they not developing any new tactis or weapons you think?

Edit: Plus what do you think their chain of command looks like?

just like the Taurian Concordat from the battletech universe, except they measure it in the gigaton.

Hahaha oh that’s great!

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