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"WE ARE THE FANGS OF THE IMPERIUM!!!"- 627th warbeast war cry


Hold up idea... · 4:07am Monday

Blame my friend for this but... my shredder idea got canned.

Instead: Warframe?

I know a good chunk of Warframe lore not really played it. Kinda had a weird relationship with the series.

I played it on two different accounts (My old gaming account and my new one) but on the second run I kinda lost interest until my friend was like: 'Why don't you give it a second chance?' I was like: "Sure why not wouldn't be that bad,"

It wasn't...

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Future potential? · 4:28pm March 22nd

So when I return back on COD II DMZ to work the battle pass and prepare the assault on building 21 since my friend asked for my help to get the thumper.

Then I noticed a new operator on COD.

Never was I so surprised to see none other than Shredder!

Yeah, TMNT Shredder which got my brain running of course… sorry.

My brain goes alright.

When it goes a-rolling.

It goes A-rolling…

I know, I know, but I’m not doing anything.

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Processing... · 10:52pm March 9th

Booting up...


Lifepath found...

>Lifepath: [Z3-R0]

Lifepath selected...


Please wait...

ERROR! The data file was corrupted...

Attempting recovery...

ERROR! Unable to recover lifepath data:
>Storyline corrupted
>User personality unsound
>Unreasonable user actions
>Pervious save files lack current update
>Unable to reboot

Able to recover files...

Attempting to recover files:
>Protogen template recovered

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I went to the sea... of thieves · 6:02am February 23rd

Recently something occurred in my life which caused my stress to go through the roof.

So I was talking to some of my buddies over Xbox/discord and one of them said something along the lines of: 'Hey why don't you play something different like Sea of thieves it's free to play'

To not have another panic attack I gave Sea of thieves a go and I must say this...


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Homebrew 40k... Homebrew? · 5:53am February 17th

Homebrew love it or hate it you got to admit some fan-made stuff is freaking awesome, I mean Vox Machina is a homebrew podcast of DnD, and look at it now freaking TV series man!

Before I run off track let me tell you I have a love/hate relationship with homebrew in 40k, let me explain.

There are two kinds of Homebrew in 40k lore-friend and not lore-friendly.

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It's been almost two years... (Art at the end) · 7:19am February 4th

I won't lie to you all in saying that I miss writing: Red knight

Sure I had tried to reboot it with a spartan and dead space but it never clicked the same.

What's even funnier is that the other day I was thinking about RK when my friend sent me a fanart of a tau marine, I semi-joked saying it was a sign to tell me to write more. (Which I'm glad you sent it to me Deathwolf)

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I got asked a question · 6:42am January 23rd

So a while back I joined this discord server with fellow fimfiction writers like myself and one of them asked me a question about Salem.

Could a flood infection form infect Salem from ITD?

Since I don't plan for any plague/disease to pop up in my story so might as well explain in a blog and maybe later on in a chapter's author notes.

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Monster girls... · 11:37pm January 8th

Okay, hear me out. (I haven't done a blog like this in a while so I might be a bit rusty)

MLP with eldritch folklore monster girls.

For context imagine this- MC finds himself in a castle that is in the cold and dark part of the Crystal empire that has a bunch of advanced dieselpunk technology (or something) and monsters that are caretakers of the castle itself.

Like wendigo (not a Wind-igo) for a groundskeeper or a 'feral' bat pony as a librarian.

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Question on genres · 3:27am January 3rd

Man, it's been a while since I did one of these question blogs.

But here it is.

So I was playing some Red Alert 3: commander's challenge and there was this mission 'Tesla's castle' or something and it got me thinking man if only there were more missions like this. Then I wondered, hey isn't there a series type for this kind of setting like Atompunk or Cyberpunk?

Like is there a setting in a dark setting with tesla coil style equipment with old soviet era machinery?

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Side note nothing big · 6:48am January 2nd


I'm a bit late but that's what happens when your get lost in your X-mas games

But the whole side note

I just reworked chapter 7 of 'In the dark' just some story and grammar edits nothing huge just thought I let you all know.

Now I'll head back to holding myself from writing a madness combat story or anything else new and go back to my games and try to get past my light block which isn't really that bad just motivation this time.

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