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I got YouTube · 5:23pm Tuesday

An account I mean…

Plus an actual video for y’all this time.

Don’t worry this wouldn’t slow down updates (even more) but I’m starting to venture out.

Might do a stream next week, so look for a blog post if you guys want to join (if I figure out how to stream on my platform)

Till then, please drop a like and sub!

That’s felt super weird to type out.

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Son of a gun! · 6:22am February 19th

Okay, so quick update...

However good news first!

Very good!

I finally set up my YouTube account! Like I made and posted a video and everything!


I made this ^

No, this took me 40 minutes to make, and here it is my first YouTube video.

I know it's not the best but hey gotta start somewhere right?

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Unexpected plans (+Short plan) · 4:16am February 11th

First, Im half way done with the newest chapter of ‘in the dark’

I got the whole dream part done, but just need to do the whole ponyville introduction done.

Then it’ll be ready for y’all to read.

I’ll set up red eyed stranger for another chapter.

Then work on my BG3 story but I have a short story planned. I was inspired by a DBD story involving legion and immortality it’ll be similar save for having some villains in the trial.

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Such a beautiful ending (Hiatus update) · 1:00am January 29th

to a beautiful game.

Baldur's gate is such a amazing experience, I mean come on!

In the final act of the game I not only renounced my character's god/dad but also fought fishmen in an underwater prison AND went to a devil's house and stole all his loot before embarrassing him in front of his subordinates and killing his red @$$.

Bad@ss song too

Also got the 'Doom' Ending with Karlach...

She is the best girl!

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Okay! Here me out (40k) · 1:50am January 26th

This is not what you think… as much I would love to do a spicy post.

However this is a 40k blog so let me explain.

So after a spicy 40k meme of she who thrists showed to me got me thinking about warhammer. Like I usually let my mind wonder at work and got the old gears turning.

I asked myself what would be the higher chance to survive or thrive in 40k if one were isekaied into grim darkness of the future.

I marked off the normal choices:

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Open the gate! We are back! · 4:39pm January 22nd

Oh boy… here we go again.

This weekend I was binge game Baldur’s Gate 3!

And oh boy!

When my game file got compromised I thought I was half way though Act 2 but in reality I was barely though Act 1!!!

My god!

It’s been an eventful weekend of gaming!

So here’s what I did without spoilers…


  • Slaughter a Goblin camp. (Didn’t kill minthara)
  • Saved a Druid grove.
  • Got a pet dog and owl bear.
  • Became a paladin, then became an oath breaker.

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It’s finally happening! · 3:31am January 9th

Everyone calm down!!!

It’s finally happening!!!

Got a streaming account up and running!

I don’t got the best voice but if you guys want to talk I finally got my twitch account up and running.

Gotta start somewhere right?


Hopefully I’ll see you guys there.

I’ll be on tomorrow 1/8/23 sometime around 5:30-ish streaming baldur’s gate.

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Aw crap… · 2:29pm January 8th


Remember that blog update awhile back about how my save files got corrupted by that Xbox bug?

Yeah now picture that nuking my entire campaign.

Bad news? Lost my entire 12 hour save

Good news? (If you can even call it that) I know things and do better… like ‘US’ the living brain or pick correct status effects.

‘Gooder’ news? Still writing that fic idea but will be delayed till I have five chapters just for the helluva it unless you guys what a single 1,000 word chapter.

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Sad news about BG3 · 12:28am January 6th

Welp… I encountered a bug on the Xbox.

Since my PC couldn’t even launch Baldur’s gate I had to request a refund and buy a copy via Xbox.

So I did. Been smooth sailing, honestly had one crash at the start of my game but since then nothing bad.

However since act 2 I’ve found a bug that’s really killing my progress. This bug kills my safe files, so after killing a boss or something I open up my game to find my progress reset to the point where I’m about to enter the mushroom village.

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Fun fact about this year! · 6:26pm January 3rd

I just remembered something…

Like I’m kicking myself for forgetting this.

This year, 2024, is the year of the dragon!!!

Until recently I learned of different types of dragon years on the Chinese new year.

Earth, water, fire, wood, and gold

2024 is the year of the wooden dragon.

2012 was the year of the water dragon.

And on my birth year of 2000 was the year of the golden dragon.

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