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So actual respectable god's in this? you got my attention.

Huh, I gotta admit this is the first I've seen something involving Voodoo and Hoodoo on this site. Alright, you have my attention lol

Pretty much. Only his agenda matters to him. If things play out on either side for him in his favor. Well thats just fine for him.

From what little i have learned from the hatian voodoo gods, yes. Except Baron Samedi. Dude is a horrible womanizer. Even in front of his wife l. Lol


How would his "relationship" with Zecora and the Ponies play out?

Zecora is already decidedly going to be his romantic interest. As for the others, he us going to play a role in their lives. What that role might be? Well you will see. :p

One thing for sure, is that Kalfu's presence is certainly going to cause a change in the flow of the world's fiuture, be it big or small.

I think you accidently added an I in future. Moving on from that the premise is interesting and I can't wait to see where it goes.

I liked it! But my friend forgot to add the anthro tag :twilightsmile:

Looking forward to the next chapter :moustache:

I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter. It seems to be quite, interesting. I never thought to suggest hoodoo and/or voodoo. I am glad to see this being brought to light. May the Dark Lords grant you everlasting peace.

Nice start. And good to see this does not seem to be the "hollywood voodoo" with all the eeeviiil doll stabbing and what not.
Will wait and see how ponies and others will react to this one.


Fun fact, voodoo dolls have actually been dennounced by both hatian and louisiana voodoo alike. As you said, voodoo dolls are more for hjollywood and such

I absolutely loved the reference to the tf2 comics with the devil and souls that got a laugh out of me

You get bonus points for figuring that one out. :D

Interesting, and you went for the anthro route, good, so him being neutral, it means he will make deals with good guys and BAD guys, don't think the princesses will like that XD

Yes, yes indeed I am all for this. Can't help but think of Dr. Facilier's "Are you ready?" song whenever cards come up, though he's much more evil. Still, a very catchy song.

Sounds like he's going to be one the neutral entities, with methods seemingly being basically along the lines of "I don't choose sides, I simply make deals.":moustache:

Transformation Central i believe is thw tune. He is actually part of my inspiration for naking this story

You are 100% correct. Its all about his own agenda. If the deals he makes furthers that same agenda, well that's just gravy. :3

Excellent work I can’t wait to see what you do next

Alright, now I want moar !
Thank you for writing !

Might5 you got a fat finger moment here

Glad to hear Im not far off when I pictured him

At some point the mc has to sing "friends on the other side".

This is indeed very nice. I see many stories who have the main character mingle too much with the local authority, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it feels very overdone. This way there is more variety and room for conflict and other stuffs found in good stories.

Glad to see you dont shy away from brutality. Sometimes you just dont care if its immoral or malevolent. Sometimes all it matters is that it is fair and just.

Let's go! You have my undivided attention.

Well, Kalfu conducts it all as business. He doesn't feel one way or the other about it. That's how he is able to dish it out without hesitation.

Another chapter, so many will know aoubt his job, and what he offers.

Excellent work can’t wait to see your next chapter

That's one deal/prayer answered. I wonder if it causes some waves if somepony goes digging around? Even though the targets deserved the torment very much...:pinkiecrazy:

This is a good writing style you have here. Now I am looking forward to seeing how this story would lead me to.

“There is a noble in Canterlot. A stallion who I purchased my mother and I in the underground slave trade. He treats all his slaves like punching bags…getting off on the screams of pain and beating us all to the point where we are near death.”.

This Equestria is a pretty dark place.

Dark dealing doesn’t always seem so dark as I thought.

Every peaceful place has its dark secrets after al.

Hmm… you have my interest and attention. ..for now let’s see if you can keep it.

Over all I’m enjoying this story so far. I’m everything awaiting the next Chapter.

If Celestia finds out she ain’t gonna take the family or the deals very well💀

Thing is...he isn't going to intentionally hide it. But, that gotta find out first.

Interested to see where this goes.

Applejack finally got closure I see Voodoo King above the Grey area he is softy in my eyes

Not completely. He got two new souls in this exchange after all. Business is busines my friend.

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