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did best pony just kidnap him ? yes apparently.

so, is Azrael gonna be his Matrix Avatar in the Matrix, or is he gonna be himself in Equestria and needs to jack into his Matrix Avatar? :rainbowhuh:

Well happy birthday to me. I wake up and find another story from you and I am loving it. Someone's gonna wake up pissed the right off! Can't wait to read more soon.

7650359 you have something in store? whatever your selling, i'm not sure if i'm buying :unsuresweetie:

7650359 You are the best man I loved all your stories and that is rare for me keep up the good job see you next chapter:twilightsmile::heart:

Hey man good job so far keep up the good work can't wait to see the next chapter:twilightsmile:

Hmmm. Looks like people arent into what i am writing with this story. Still early though. Will keep going after tending to my other stoories first.

Give it ten chapters big guy. I mean I like where this is going so far.

7652648 And it's readers like you and everyone else who show support in my work that pushes me forward. I greatly appreciate it.

This is...bad, but in a forgettable kind of way. The cliches are all here, but it just doesn't stand out.

Well maybe Z can think like this a new game plus for him. Ya know like a new slate right? Probs be for the best that Luna stay low and away from him on a account of our main man might beat the blue out of her fur ya?

7655220 It is not easy when every kind of scene has been played out in multiple fics with similar situations. Keep that in mind.

this is a great story so far, but I must insist you reread what you write/written and fix your errors, if I didn't know what you meant with them then I would be confused.

story idea and concept: 9 out of 10
grammer errors, spelling errors, and words being doubled errors: 3 out of 10

the 3 is for how little errors I saw, but don't detract from your overall idea and vision.
just trying to help fix the 'glitches'. still a great story.

7655691 I take it that you're new here?
7655451 Not just "every scene". You're using the same formula that's been done here before.
Unlikable human arbitrarily gets sent to Fictionland with magic/powers/species transformation to show how powerful/heroic/awesome/sad/attractive they are. The market's saturated with this...material.
No offense.

7655783 Now how about this. likable human who already possesses exceptional abilities already and is instantly overpowering even the diarchy and everyone else. Doesn't that fall into the same line? And if you try to meet in the middle. You will still get complaints. No story is perfect. I know my work isn't for everyone. That is why I simply always say. "if you do not like my work, you don't have to read it.". Not trying to start up anything ehre, and I am not saying you are a troll. Just trying to maintain peace in the comments is all.

7655783 no, I put that on the wrong person and I apologize/apologise for that, and I will also blame my system for the mistake also. again I am sorry and hope you accept my apology, and yes I have problems with remembering how to spell some words at times:twilightsmile: sorry again.

Hm. When Z get's his rig from Luna he should check if there are any bugs or wires so as to not be spy'ed on. Didn't take Rarity for a gamer and I love it! XD Can't wait for the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

7663120 It is something she does in secret....which Zeref now knows... :P

7663149 Just wait till she is confronted about it...:P

I had never really heard of th game till this year.

7671594 Oh man, best MMORPG ever made. Something completely different than most of everything else.

Soooo is Rarity like going through another Blueblood moment or something? Love the way the whole flirting with Twilight thing is going dude. Can't wait for more.

7671995 Yep, falling head over heels for the asshole frenchman who cheats on his SUPER fucking hot wife...dumbass. XD

Good story, I like it... Waiting to see the CMC and what they do

7674243 knowing them their probably pretty high level in the game.

Duse the way you wrote that ending reminded my of soooo many close call's in my gaming experience. Can't wait for more.

7674632 And suddenly I can imagine Mr. Schwarzwald running after the crusaders as they shout "Cutie Mark Crusaders 'something'" as he try to get them but could not catch them, and when he catches them, they put puppy eyes

reading as he ghosted and passed through Pinkie, it make me think of 'giggle at the ghosties'

Tia must be Santa Clause because she made everything go south. Can't wait for the next one chief.

Your guy is nicer than me I'd probably have first broken her wrist by grabbing it to hard then either breaking her arm or throwing her

7713481 Aaah, but when you can put them in a flying triangle hold and cut off their airways, it shows that you can be as lethal as you want to

well can't wait to see how Tia screws up next time.

7713379 that pun was bad, and you should feel bad!
On a side note, I do agree with you.
Was that 'Big strong Male' comment a hint to something in the past? Foreshadowing?!

7714908 *petpets Sky* There there, we all make bad jokes from time to time. I know I sure do.

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