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I have been Thinking About This For A While. · 1:47am October 17th

I have been wanting to retry second attempts at my discord replacement and Dragonball crossover for a long time now. And I think I have the perfect couple of main characters for the jobs

I'd like you all to meet Celcius A play on both Cell and Frost Demon race names related to temperature. A hybrid born of both Cell's DNA and the frost demon race being the base.

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So then... · 11:55am May 18th

Once I finish up Eatr Of Sin And Magic's sequel, I am going to be making another story that follows the same path. But, it is going to start out when the protag is a child and he realizes his power at a rather young age. His powers are a mix of superman and the knowledge and no how of batman. Just an idea I thought up a few days ago. Working on refining it.

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A Possible Idea · 1:07pm May 16th, 2022

I feel like I need to do a gunslinger story at some point. And I believe this gravedigger will be the main star. Yes, that is my RDO character :p

Lemme know what you think.

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500 Followers! · 9:21am Mar 21st, 2021

Well boys and girls, it seems we have finally made it to the 500 mark in followers! That might not seem like a lot to most folks, but hey, I never even thought I'd get to 100 when a first started writing. xD Just wanted to say thank you again for sticking with me even though there are far better writers out there than myself. I hope you contionue to stick with me. But, I can also understand if you all get tired of waiting and think my work is garbage. :p I am trying to write a bit more often

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Hmmm. · 8:12pm Jul 16th, 2020

My lastest story doesn't seem to be grabbing attention. I might just shut that one down.

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Sorry I have Been Away · 1:45pm Aug 6th, 2019

Work has been consuming most of my time as of late along with a few video games including Final Fantasy 14. But work should be slowing down here soon which means I will be able to get back to writing again. In other news, I want to show you a little birthday present I got from an artist that is a dear friend of mine.


May the darkness grant you peace.

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For My Next Sci-Fi Story... · 1:39am Mar 8th, 2019

After I finish my Warframe story, look who be getting their own story as well~.

Time to release the beast...

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I Believe... · 5:02am Nov 13th, 2018

That it is high time that the tenno in The Tides Of Fate finally get himself a wardrobe change. it has been 23 chapters after all. and with the awesome new gear that came out with this recent update, I found the perfect combo that I will be having him wear. Whatcha think?

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I know, I know! · 9:27pm Jul 16th, 2018

Sorry, there hasn't been a lot of content. Working out in the heat is a bitch and a half. Drains you of energy at the end of the day. I have been working on what I can. But once it's finally decided to stop trying to turn me into a french fry and cool down, I will have more energy at the end of the day to write. Sorry again everyone.

May the darkness grant you peace.

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The Wait Is Over! · 11:46pm Jun 25th, 2018

Yes, I am working on the Sequel for A SHadow Caught In The Sun! :D

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