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Star Shimmering

"You can make anything by writing." --C.S. Lewis. Hope to entertain you all. Let’s all have fun and read together, yea?

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I eagerly await your next chapter, they are so few darksouls stories

Wonder what will happen next?

Wonder what will Spike get to do?

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Interesting idea, I've seen few Dark Souls x MLP crossovers, not to mention we already started with the classic Isekai cliche that everyone loves "Getting run over saving someone else".
Just a few questions,
Are you going to follow the original story of the show just by changing a few things or are you going to create a totally original story just using the world and the characters?
And if you follow the original, will the protagonist appear at the beginning of the series, or in some later season?

Truck-kun strikes again!

Ah yes, truck-kun strikes again.

While not normally my cup of tea, I'm more of a 1rst person type of guy, I could see this story becoming interesting.

Looking fwd to the next chapter.

Good story so far 👌

It would seem the dark souls one raven has made an appearance, or perhaps closer to the one from valheim if it starts talking to our MC

Thanks for the chapter! So far the pacing of the story is pretty good. I will wait for new chapters as good as.

A bit farfetched that he doesn't know that he is wearing armor, the helmet would be impossible to ignore.

It would be better if he knows from the moment he wakes up that he is wearing armor.

so far, we've had MC get isekaied, a little bit about him going through new body jitters, a big raven, and episode 1 MLP beginning scene. I'll keep an eye on this, but not sure whether I'm gonna like it or not yet.

Already Loving the story hope to read more soon!

This is really a good story.
I really like it.
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Ahhh sure ill watch this, its getting interesting

de momento, esto para mi es interesante,sigue asi.

Oooooo!!! This was nice. Don't mind it being short.

Looking forward to seeing what plans are there for Spike.
Wonder if this means he will go with the girls to fight NMM?

This is gonna be fun

Not so bad so far it's pretty good

I look forward to how fighting will play out and how he'll react to his level status

My only complaint is that I need more of this
Great fic so far

Will the canon Pillars of Equestria be appear in this story?

I do wonder how crazy the encounter will be

Ah the sword that the Great Wolf himself welded proudly. Love that sword...

If he can deal 1,000 damage with a base sword I feel bad for whatever he hits with that ax

However, there was a small part of Spike that couldn’t help but notice something about this white mare. Something about the armor she wore reminded him of someone, and he wondered who. Try as he might, the cogs in his mind kept churning, trying to figure out who. But he couldn't think of anyone in particular. But even so Spike still couldn’t help but feel like he’s met her before. But where..?

Perhaps a past life?

Only thing I have to say is WHERE ARE THE ART DRAWINGS OF THE GIRLS!!!!! MUST HAVE THEM!!!! But seriously I have seen many versions of the main six and it reads like they all have model like figures. Most art pics show Twi, rainbow, and Applejack having little tono bust size. I and a lot of people would love to see art with them having descent bust sizes...


Unless some artist was willing to draw the characters in this chapter, the chances of seeing them in a Art is zero.

We can wish for now, and hope someone will either make for us or pay for it to be done,

Honestly, I can understand Anthro Rainbow Dash being a member of the itty bitty tiddy committee. Seeing as how she is often depicted as being the smallest of the Mane Six on top of her being an athlete, and female athletes tend to have smaller boobs because of low body fat percentages, since breasts are mostly made up of fat deposits.

I've personally always pictured Anthro Unicorn Twilight to have a moderate sized bust size, bigger than Rainbow Dash since she sits around and reads books so much. I would place her bust size at about the same size as Rarity's or just a bit smaller with Pinkie having a similar bust size as Rarity or just a slight bit bigger than her, since she eats so much sweets.

Then Applejack has always in my mind had a very toned, slightly muscular yet still clearly feminine appearance with pretty big breasts with an overall appearance that could best be described as "Amazonian." Though her breast size would still not be quite as big as Fluttershy's and definitely not Celestia's and her body wouldn't be nearly as "Amazonian" as what I picture Celestia to be either, since the woman is usually depicted as being absolutely fucking massive. I've seen her being depicted at standing around 8 to 9 feet tall, almost 10 in some fan fictions as an Anthro Pony.

Though honestly (even if it's off topic) the physical feature of Celestia that would probably grab my attention the most would be her wings. Can you imagine just how huge and majestic those snow white wings of hers would look? I bet they would look absolutely gorgeous.

I have seen many art pics of Celestia with wing span of 60 feet, and a hight of 9 foot 6 inches. The ones where she is bigger around 12 to 18 foot tall she is shown with a wing span around 100 to 130 feet. The wing span is measured for wing tip to wing tip. Still the writer's vision of them is a great change to the norm. With them being magic and all why couldn't they all have big bust sizes. Hell with magic they all could have goddess like bodies with all assets large enough to drive any man wild...

I'm talking about just what all the girls have naturally without them using any magic on themselves to change their bodies, but that's true. Though that's assuming ponies actually have spells that permanently alter their physical appearances beyond mere temporary changes or illusion magic.

Not to mention them wanting to actually alter their bodies permanently in such a way for whatever reason. I could see some mares, such as Fluttershy for example, shying away from any kind of magic that would permanently alter their body in any way.

Plus I don't think some mares, such as Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, would want to deal with the issues that are normally associated with a girl having huge milkmakers such as back strain and pain. Especially Rainbow Dash, as her having giant tiddies, a huge ass and thunder thighs could end up seriously screwing with her ability to fly at the speeds she normally does.

If they had a chance to change their bodies then you most likely be right, but from the lore prospective they may have lost said magic. It is canon that before the 3 tribes where froze into one unified tribe they had such magic was common, but was then lost in the big freeze. In this AU it may have been a magic spell that made all females like goddess bodies and they lost the spells that do permanent body change.

I see a part of that Doom fic got reworked into here

Seeing how strong Marcus is(and will become), how powerful Spike will get to be too?

The area beyond the stone walls was strewn with lifeless bodies, all of whom had passed away. Their eyes imploring for assistance in their final moments. The atmosphere was arid, as was the earth, yet it was stained crimson with blood. As the wind carried dust clouds over the ragged horizon, the distinguished sound of thunder boomed across the sky, as if the universe was conveying a message: a message of apprehension. And then, of course, there is the remarkable castle.

Like all images of a massive castle seen from countries, books, and fantasies this image of the castle was majestic but also mythical. At least it used to be. . .

The Kingdom that was once ruled by a righteous king has now fallen onto the grave and sorrowful times. Just as they ushered into an age of prosperity a new beginning to a new chapter, filled with peace and harmony an unknown tyrant appeared out of nowhere. The many tyrants back then were but a fond memory to them now.

Sitting on the throne with a cup of blood wine in hand lived the ruler of Hell’s sixty-fifth floor:

King Almoron Devagonda, or for short Almoron.

Unlike the other princes that go about destroying and slaughtering their victims in such a wild manner, he was a serious and disciplined man, who did not hesitate to hurt anyone to fulfill his mission or achieve his goals. He can be very casual and rather fearless, as he is one of the few people who is not afraid of anything or anyone, not even his father.

The man’s hair is a striking jet black, with a length that falls just short of his neck. His bangs are parted twice, allowing for an unobstructed view of his sharp, black eyes. The hair is evenly hued between two different shades of colors: scorched with mahogany on his right side and crimson red on his left. Birthmarks, decorated with arcane symbols of Hell, adorn his forehead and cheeks, while horns poke out from the upper side of his head in a slight spiral curve. His body is overflowing with beauty and rough charm, and his skin blooms in a lovely charcoal gray. He is dressed in pitch black clothing, with a mantle leg-length curtain cape draped over his back. At his waist, a darkish brown leather belt is wrapped around his waistline, screwed to a scabbard with his sword sheathed to its holding place.

Today was another success for him and his legion of demons. They had successfully swept across the land with little to no resistance spreading death, destruction, and not even an atom seed of mercy. Men and women were now reduced to playthings, emergency food, and mostly the women were used as dancers for entertainment in the eyes of the king. The horrors and humiliation they had to endure would be spoken for generations to come. The once-great kingdom reigned by the kings and queens looked more akin to a food house or rather, a dungeon. Stallions and mares were being tortured in every method one could think of, dead bodies of innocent souls littered the streets as Almoron’s demonic troops feasted on their flesh and bones. Eyes turned from light—to darkish red from shedding many tears at the remains of their loved ones being devoured while the zombie-men lashed their backs with a thorn material whip in a merciless fashion.

How did it come to this? Why is this happening? Will help deliver us from this great evil?

All these questions raced through their minds as they prayed for salvation. But hope had left them even before he and his army had arrived. Their King had fallen, skinned alive then was killed when he could scream no more, his wife mutilated before his eyes as Almoron plunged his hand through his chest, yanking it out with the king’s heart in hand before swallowing it whole. Seven days, seven nights would pass and another kingdom had fallen as well, since then the now slave people prayed for the sweet release of death. The demons were restless especially the imps and each time one would simply switch with another to quench the taste of new flesh. No man or women were spared, nor the children, not even the infants...

A mare in the corner sat and watched as one of her cousins was yanked from her arms by a hollow. It's a grisly sight. The hollow starts stabbing her right away. She pounded its face a couple of times to get it off her, but by this time a bunch of more hollows had burst through the throne room swinging double doors and they joined in too.

She didn’t have time to react as she felt a massive force slap her to the side face down to the blood-stained carpet. What has been described as her dear cousin getting stabbed to death sounded dreadful. The screams cut off in a gurgling grunt were something no one, not even her couldn’t simply ‘unhear.’


She turned to her right and her eyes widened at the sight she was seeing.

“No! Not my baby! Please NOOOOOO!!” Her scream echoed through the streets as the mare's dear son was swarmed by a group of giant wolf-size rats. His belly slit open as his liver, organs, and guts spilled on the road. Piece by piece the mother’s heart was breaking apart each time she listened to her son’s blood-curdling high pitch screams of excruciating pain. She couldn’t do anything but watch. . .

A small hellish red ball emerges in the middle of the storm quickly expanding out into a massive, spiraling portal. Light orange streaks line the circular, black void, magical particles spew out like sparks from a firework. Soaring out of it was a lone black crow flapping its wings through the streets, completely ignoring what was going on around it. Some of its buddies called it to tag along but the bird paid no mind to them as it continued flying towards its destination. Weaving through corpses, slaughter, and demons, it flew up the stairs that lead to the palace.

“Please let me through this instant. I must speak with Lord Devagonda!” The hollows troops simply nodded pointing their swords at the entrance, allowing him through. The bird thanked them with a nod then soared inside.

“My lord! My lord!”

Everyone including the hollows stopped in their tracks as they watched the crow fly over them. Almoron clicked his tongue in annoyance that his next little entertainment was cut short by this interruption. A part of him was ten seconds away from telepathically crushing this crow into a pancake for even daring to interrupt him but this crow was his brother’s pet and is loyal to them both and their royal family, and no one should bother a king not unless he or she had to share a message that absolutely must reach the king even if it meant the cause of their life.

On landing, the crow bowed its head in subservience, and one wing rested on its knee.

“Your majesty, I’m more knowledgeable enough to know that you told me not to interrupt you unless it’s very urgent,” the crow said, venturing its head up looking into the dark eyes that glared down on him. “B-But I can assure you with certainty that this is urgent news you must hear!”

Almoron blinked, still unwaveringly glaring down at the crow who dared interrupt his little show. He sighed softly then gestured his right hand at every demon in the room. Following the gesture of his command, all the hollows and demons gathered up slowly beginning to stride towards the two double doors. Soon as the last hollow exited the room the doors closed from behind them leaving the crow and its king alone.

A right hand gestured. “Well? Speak.”

The crow cleared its throat.

“I brought news from a shocking discovery that occurred back at our campsite.” The Crow conveys its message to him.

“And it’s urgent for you to tell me why?” He questioned him while taking a sip of his glass of wine.

The Crow lowered its head. “We found it. We’ve found the relic.”

This entire paragraph: What the F***!? :rainbowderp: :twilightoops:

P.S. This was taken from your Doom stories, aren't they?

Bit-By-Bit Studio: Gotta say though, made the right call not to have Marcus face an Everlasting dragon outside of Ponyville. Not only would that be too early but the damages would be catastrophic.

Star Shimmering: Maybe in the near future. It would be a surprise for Marcus once he faces enemies he never fought before, such as the ones from Dark Souls two and three. :twilightsheepish:

Bit-By-Bit Studio: All the more reason to make each battle with each boss epic! How could a player learn if he can’t be humbled by an enemy stronger then him; Marcus may be a level one-hundred but that doesn’t mean he’s invisible. :raritywink:

Well shit! Despite being a powerful OP Dark Souls character.

He still gonna get his ass kicked!? :facehoof:

Ooooooooooooo!!! This was epic! Can't wait for more

Was it really necessary for the whole roll playing thing I mean he have to show his true self as some point right ?

Gott ask is this single pairing or a harem?

Thanks for the chapter! There was some good news about Marcos' current power level and damn he's strong. But knowing Dark Souls, that level of power won't tank enemies for very long.

I wonder the same thing. I also wonder if the protagonist of the story will be divided between Marcos and Spike? Which is what it looks like.

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