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I like writing ponies. And violent explosions. For some reason, that's not a problem here.

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5463195 :) Glad you're liking it!

This is good, more please :)

Soon they will all be in pods


I want to see the reaction of celestia to learn of the atrocities of twi and the rest of the girls and that these atrocities created the new monster of the week
also the reaction of discord

I hope it is something more than "I'm disillusioned and you stay without dessert for a week" and other stories where the pony commit acts of cruelty or xenophobia and unscathed from any punishment or repercussion

5463370>>5463522 Working on it, might be a while tho.

5463454 Now, where's the fun in that?

5463552 Oh believe me, they won't have to do much at all. Jason's got this.

5463654 Good.... Good (rubs hands together in an evil fashion).

I want more man! It's like a drug and i need my next fix ;_;

Oh my, I have been looking forward/searching for something like this and it seems my patience has been rewarded. I look forward to seeing how this plays out, especially since the changelings have access to one of the weapons to change the world forever, the gun.

...now I really want to see blueblood and any area he has found by Jason and have him go "Rains of Castamere" on him, hell I think that would be a cool legion song for his soldiers.

I give this story a 10/10.......so far:trixieshiftleft:

Oh sweet mercy, a third sequel? Did mine inspire you to write this?

Let's hope the resolution turns out better... After The End's finale was unsatisfying as fuck.

5464617 Well, yours and that other one.

5463912 So far, eh?

5463878 I don't think Blueblood is going to make much of an appearance here.


Not gonna lie though, How Many Friends Have You Made Today pretty much already does everything the various Ending sequels set out to do and does it so much better in every sense that you're probably gonna end up looking bad in comparison no matter what.

5464748 Yeah, I thought the vengeance/public shaming was good, but...well...most everything else...

Why did Celestia and Luna wait to punish the Mane Six in the first place? They're the fucking PRINCESSES/RULERS of Equestria, what red tape could they have been waiting to clear? Why didn't Anon just talk to Pinkie Pie about Rainbow Dash? Wouldn't it have made sense to get Pinkie to talk to her friend about the fact that her little jokes were putting his life in danger? And then I start picking nits after that, and honestly, Anon's reaction to everything the Six did to him is just a little bit pitiful, and...ugh. Yeah. Don't get me started. I don't wanna start a flame war or anything.

5464699 Oh come on! at least tell me he gets drawn and quartered!

I love it! Keep up the good work.

Congratulations, you achived what It Never Ends teased for like 30 chapters and never did. For that alone you deserve a fave.

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5466941 Dude, I'm not the original author. That's MisterBlonde.

It's about damn time....

5467684 What? It might have been two years in the story, but it was the next chapter for you!

You know I was wondering why After the End has been getting a fair bit of traction recently, and I think your fic is the reason. :yay: It certainly hasn't re-emerged onto the front page or anything.

YOU! Yes you! Author! Why is there not more chapters!? We need more chapters to fuel our army to march upon the pony lands!

I'm already kind of curious what you're going to do with the changelings and how you'll portray them, because that'll determine a whole lot about how much sympathy people will retain for Jason after he does his conquest thing. It would be kind of ironic if he ended up retroactively looking like he got treated no worse than he deserved. That whole "hunting freely" comment to what's basically a race of psychic date rapists makes me wonder.

5465396 i agree it had such potential but instead it was a let down (still a trackable story though)

5468644 Sure, if you like filler and being yanked around.

5468677 i mean it was interesting for a time now i just wanna see where it will end up although i think the aurthor writ himself into a corner by having him interact with the main 6 hence the reason why it stopped updating

The years of abuse and rejection; that he could understand. He was a stranger in a strange land, and they were a bunch of xenophobic mockeries of the ponies he had known and loved in his world. Easy. Heartless, but he could understand it. But this? For that little pony to have the sheer audacity to look him in the eye and ask “Why?” As if she didn’t know about the years of abuse she and her friends had heaped on him for no reason at all? For her to just deny everything!?

a solid take on the story if i ever saw one. The difference of this story with the other sequels (there are 2 of them aside from this one, that i've already read) is that it paints jason as a person who can understand the rejection he got from these ponies. He understood it too well. He was an alien that was 'kind of' scary or potentially dangerous. He was an outsider, a none-pony. Ponies had no responsibility whatsoever for his welfare. It was he who came to equestria on his own accord so he must shoulder the responsiblity of his welfare on his own. He was accepting of that fact. His life, his responsibility. And he did just that, he took responsibility.

But for applejack to ask why he was hanging himself, after she herself treated him so poorly (she obviously has more respect for a timberwolf), was the greatest, most unacceptable, and unkind act that she could do to him. It was a grave insult to jason. It was like applejack saw jason's predicament was ok, normal, and that jason shouldn't complain, much more take his life for it. She failed to acknowledge the cruelty of their actions (or inaction in both pinky's and fluttershy's cases). It was plain and simple. They were cruel, but hey, they don't give a flying fuck simply because they can. And that.... this careful intro of yours, has made the story more beautiful imo.

I pray it makes an even better job than the last one i've read (which was done pretty good mind you).

Kudos bro. Kudos

Liked, faved and subbed. I'd be a fool not too. You sir dun right. Moving past the 'i feel bad so very much' part to the part where the much awaited action will be.

All I can say is...YES!!! Ok, I so want to see this happen. I REALLY want to see the ponies get one heck of a walloping. And on top of that, I want to see their faces and the full realization they brought it upon themselves.

Not gunna lie, normally I like a nice story, but I got a mean streak a mile wide when someone abuses another and gets away with it, even ignorant of how bad things were for them.

It's a really nice touch, honestly. It gives it a bit of grounding in real-world psychology - the whole Banality of Evil thing. There's not even actual maliciousness in her actions, she's too apathetic and disinterested in his feelings to be interested in intentionally harming him. She's simply too uncritical and conformist to question whether the way she and the townsfolk have been treating him might be wrong or even so much as hurtful to him. It's just the natural order of things, how could that make him feel bad enough to commit suicide?

5472123 exactly! Which makes it kinda hard to hate them. The jason in this story hasn't been blinded to this fact by his suffering. What a guy :raritydespair:

I find it makes easier, really. Malicious cruelty is, if nothing else, a form of caring about and engaging with a person. To devalue someone so completely that they don't even merit enough personhood in your mind to think of them as having feelings that could be hurt is a million times more repulsive. It's the concentration camp warden kind of evil - the sort that enables you to watch prisoners starve to death all day and then go home and happily play with your kids after work like it was nothing, because they matter so little in your mind that it actually is nothing to you.

I don't have much difficulty hating someone for being this utterly self-centered and callous.

... But I can't help but wish that there was a reference to "This day is going to be perfect" in the text. :trixieshiftright:

5463208 dude this is not the best story I've read

Rubber bullets? Gay. How can the blood god hear your prayers when you use rubber bullets?

5476660 Umm...okay? Glad to have a reader? ._.

::5480395 he so weak I mean common just make a stuped bow and 3 arrows and u have something to get revenge with :rainbowdetermined2:
Cuz its super easy cdn.instructables.com/FY3/8XO8/F6B7WBX6/FY38XO8F6B7WBX6.LARGE.jpg

And if u want it to look good just spruce it up a bit like this ideas.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/files/2013/11/coolest-satyr-goatman-and-nymph-costumes-88573-800x450.jpg

And guess what the string on bows are made of :pinkiecrazy: HORSE HAIR :pinkiecrazy: lol

5480872 Well then, Mr. Bear Grylls, why don't you walk us through making your own bow and arrow out of shit you just pick up in the woods?

5468152 A RIGHTEOUS MARCH! And it's coming along...as soon as work lets up a little.

5468192 Well, I think the Jason Wright who entered Equestria is much different from the Jason Wright living now. His actions later might be unjustified, but that doesn't mean the ponies would have been justified in the way they treated him.

5471701 I...I...thank you. Damn, just...wow. Thank you!

5472088 I think that's what everybody wants

5478529 cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/57940037.jpg

Objectively speaking, I suppose so. It would ruin the point of the story to me, though. I can't really feel vicarious satisfaction at him getting even for his abuse if I find the character as he currently is so revolting that I begrudge him the pleasure. And that's really what it's all about the first place.

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