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I like writing ponies. And violent explosions. For some reason, that's not a problem here.


Every week around the same time, Skywrite the pegasus leaves his little cottage in the woods to “pick up groceries,” and every week around the same time, Petalgrown the pegasus welcomes him home with a few hours of cuddling and his favorite dinner on the table. Of course, not everything here is as it seems. For one thing, there’s the dinner. French fried potatoes? Who’s ever heard of such a thing!? For another thing, there’s the way Sky looks at his hooves sometimes, as if trying to will something else to be there. Also, as a footnote, Petalgrown is one of the hundreds of changelings thrown free of Canterlot during the failed invasion attempt, and has been living off Skywrite’s strange, fiery love ever since.

As time goes on and questions about the strange, loving pegasus start piling up, she grows determined to discover the truth behind the pony she finds herself growing more and more intrigued with. Of course, it could be something even crazier than “love-sucking, shape-changing bug-pony,” but that’s just speculation. After all, there’s no way a pony could ever hide such a strange secret from a creature born of secrets, right? Why, it would take something very unpony-like to pull that off, wouldn’t it?

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I like it. Then again I am dead tierd....

3875886 Trust me, you're liking my story shouldn't possibly have anything to do with how tired you are right now.


*runs off into the dark jabbering to random strangers*

So. Awesome. :rainbowkiss:

This was exceedingly cute, and the writing was solid. This sort of premise could fall flat SO easily, but the well done characters and serious case of the feels really worked out. I think you pulled it off. Kudos! :pinkiesad2:

I'd love to see this turned into a longer story, sort of a My Roommate is a Vampire, only with Humans in Equestria, told from the perspective of a Changeling, and with smoother plot and mood transitions.

Hmmm... *starts taking notes* that gives me some ideas... *ahem* :twilightblush:

In any case, I caught one minor grammatical mistake. This line,

The small room was packed full of creatures of ponies for the most part,

should be something like

The small room was packed full of creatures. Ponies for the most part,

Beyond that, this story is getting a seriously well deserved fave. Yay! :yay:

3876048 ...

Dear God, I can control minds.

BOW! BOW BEFORE YOUR NEW LORD AND MASTER, INTERNET! BRING ME YOUR VIRGINS! Or wait, nevermind that last part. Some of you are virgins for a good reason.

3876064 Thank you so much! And thanks for pointing that out. I could've sworn I fixed that exact mistake last night...

I think you should add comedy to one of the titles, because this story was just as funny as it was touching. This oddly enough reminded me of the Villians meeting in Wreck it Ralph, with the whole "hey, this is who I am and stuff" and the responses going back to them. My guess is that they have gone a few rounds with introducing each other to newcomers.

I'm guessing this goes on after Equestria Girls as far as timeline goes? Otherwise, it would be a little odd for Twilight to know anything about humans, much less enough to get these actual humans worked up over it. Needless to say, you did great with your characters, though I feel that this was a tad much for a single chapter (It being broken up into two chapters would probably read better, broken up at about where they start their introductions and she's wondering about execution, though this way is alright too).

Some of the paragraphs were also a bit blocky; such as where Shapedance is pursuing Skywrite, and where she is looking in on the meeting. Other than that, another fine addition to your stories.

Now that I'm at the end of my comment, I question the suggestion for "comedy" tag. It was funny, but was it funny enough to constitute a comedy? Well, I think so, but that's your call, being more familiar with what people consider to be a proper comedy.

I loved it! I absolutely loved it!
It has everything that is needed and yet it keeps the background of the story foggy enough to let one's fantasy go!
Make more, definitely make more, I want to read stories written in this universe!

This also gave me ideas for my RPs.... oh boy! :D

3876375 I'll take that as an enthusiastic bit of support for a sequel :pinkiehappy:

3876371 Well, thank you! Also, the unicorn in question is actually Lyra, who apparently is a human-loving nutjob, according to the fandom.

3876082 Good story yous should do more with this as there are plenty of scenarios that can happen LOL

3876420 Oh... Well I was off. :derpyderp1:

Thanks for clearing that up.

Oh, it was exactly that!
Now I wonder. Are there any other groups or transformed humans out there, not knowing of this particular one?

3876597 :rainbowhuh:

I dunno, but that sounds like an interesting concept!

This was... simply beautiful! Fantastic story, the writing was spot-on and the characters believable and funny. I really don't know what else to say other than amazing job and would love to see a sequel sometime in the future!


Excellent story. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for unique support groups (and language barriers for some reason).

3881576 Thanks, glad I was able to filll your...unique niche.

Can't stop shaking:pinkiehappy: this story was really unique in delivery and I do so hope you have a sequel:coolphoto:

3882342 We'll see, thanks for reading! :rainbowkiss:


3882006 Could be worse; I could be a picky clopper.

I love it, waw that was a perfect ending to a perfect story.

That was definitely an interesting take on this concept, I'd love to see it continued.

3883549 I might just continue it someday, yes

Loved it. Would go great with a Merlot.

Please make more:fluttershysad:

Dang, this story was awsome. A depature from most HiE fics, and it deviated from the usual HiE formula in a good way.
I'm looking forward to reading more fics written by you.
With regards.

I've read quite a few Human in Equestria stories (and written a few myself). I've also read several stories where a changeling fell in love with their "mark". This is the first I've read that combined the two subgenres, and it did a pretty good job of it too! :pinkiesmile:

3884388 Why not a nice Chianti? *Fah-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa*

3885259 I got a ton on my plate right now, but in a good, long while, I'll see what I can come up with.

3887556 Well thank you, kind sir!

So, I saw the summary and went "Eh...."

Then I saw who wrote it and was like "wait, why does that guy look familiar".

And then I was like "Oh shit, it's the guy who wrote Game Over!"

And then I gave it a try and really liked it. It was, as others have said, a very interesting combination of two different story ideas that ended up somehow working perfectly together.

3887707 Glad to see you approved!

Lovely inversion on a changeling romance, and all around creative story. But...

“Alex Mercer, Ottawa, Canada,” went the pegasus next to him

*spits out coffee* WHAT THE HELL?! That Alex Mercer, right? The one there's a Prototype Group for on this site? That Alex Mercer?

Lovely, creative take on HiE and Changeling Romance. Have a like and a favorite!

3887743 Oh my God, is that who he is!? I just picked a name at random! And Rick Mercer has a "Monday Report" show on there, Alex was picked out by random...never played Prototype...

Wow. That's kinda scary.

3887762 Yeah, no kidding!

I have to say, I spent a lot of time on the summary; staring at the Summary, the tags and the group folders. The summary sounded so cool, but that little human tag and Humans in Equestia group. Humans in Equestria never really sat well with me, it's a world where Ponies are the dominate race and I always felt Humans had no right to trample on that.

You though... You handled humans in Equestria well. I actually liked the result. Strange how I can only get over humans being in Equestria when they are forced to be something they are not naturally xD

10/10 Shifty Trixie's

3888825 Thank you, kind sir. Have a mustache in return. :moustache:

3888919 I'm a girl but You're most welcome :moustache:

This got dar toó little views forma how good it is

3889261 It's fine, It's not like gender is obvious on with only text to go on. And it's common practice to use male pronouns when in doubt ^.^:pinkiehappy:

3890628 Thanks for being understanding :twilightsheepish:

3889516 I kno, rite? :ajbemused:

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