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Sunset was relaxing and pondering her life as a pony in the human world. Fluttershy though this would be a great time to brush the pony-turned-human's fiery hair.

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More! This was so cute!

Cute. But what's with the last part.


This was adorable! I've got a feeling that there's going to be a sequel.

great story , thank you for writing it! for me fluttershy and sunset make and are the best couple! i do hope you write more of them. well done!!

That was cute. :twilightsmile:

Where did you get the cover art?

cute story m8! nice one!

Hazel: Personally, I choose Twishy better, but this is cute
Hester: I also love Twishy, but I guess we can make an exception. Too adorable

Hazel: Personally, I choose Twishy better, but this is cute
Hester: I'm also a Twishy lover, but we can make an exception just this once

ADORABLE!! :yay:+(WHAAA!? no sunset shimmer emogie?)= cuteness.....however Twishy's are better sometimes

need more chapter(s) regarding this ship

Ah, that was a fun and cute read.

Adorably cute AF. Really, it is :yay:

Fluttershy- “Would you like to be my little pony?”
made me spite take so hard I think I dehydrated myself

7386389 omg lol i can totally picture that i had to re read that line cause i was like wait what

Well. That was unusually... straightforward of Fluttershy. Very adorable story, I'd love to see more.

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