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After the events of Equestria Girls, Twilight sparkle finds that she was too late and the portal has closed on her.

Now, She has to deal with living in the human world for about 2 and a half years until she can go home again. It worked for Sunset, Didn't it?

Chapters (4)
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Is this a "The Devil is a Part-Timer" based story?


Twilight is trapped in human world? NOOOOOOOOO!

If this is sposored by "The Devil is a part timer" does that mean shenanigans about saving money will ensue???

Seems everyone beat me to it but I was thinking "The Devil is a Part -timer" to.

smx! You should add this to groups! That's how I advertise my stories!


I love the devil is a part timer!:pinkiehappy:

After reading it I have to say its kind of... Meh. Not much humor that I saw thus far or maybe it just fell flat to me.

That new Psychologist might have an interesting initial hurdle to get over...

This looks like it will be an awesome story and I can't see where you take it! :heart:

Human Cadence is now canon!

So will there be any chance the journal in Rainbow Rocks may appear so Twilight can at least stay in contact with her loved one in Equestria?

6213707 Not to Worry, I have a Plan!

6213814 Does that include the Equestrian version to work part time as a Ghostbuster? You have to admit the EG one had a EKG Meter.

really getting interesting, cant wait to see what happens next!kudos to you for this fine story!

My day literally got brighter when I saw this had updated.

I had this question on my blog for the exact same timeframe.

You know since Twilight doesn't have any form of identification how would you explain her job at the book store?

6692051 How do they explain it for The Devil works part time?

6692058 I wouldn't know. I'm not familiar with DWPT.

Fortunately, Rainbow Rocks shows that a portal can easily be built to render the 30-moon waiting period meaningless.

Unfortunately, plot devices will probably keep this from even coming up as a possibility.

Sunset, now would be a good time to remember you own a diary that you can use to communicate with Celestia.

Preferably BEFORE Luna and Celestia and Princess Cadence start forming an army and figure an alternate way to get through the mirror portal and storm in with that army.

I see Spike got completely ignored after the first scene of the first chapter.

6692683 True, except Twilight built a device to connect from her world to the EQ world, but since she's in the EQ-verse trapped, so unless one of the princesses knows a way for screw the portal-magic and re-open before-hand, then yea, Twilight's screwed.

I am loving this story so much!

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