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I thought you said weast...


Sunset Shimmer invites Fluttershy over to her place in order to study together for their test tomorrow. Everything is going great, until Sunset catches Fluttershy off guard with a random question about crushes.

Was this just a study date? Or did Sunset have something more... personal in mind?

**Featured on September 16, 2016 :raritystarry:

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Damn! Sunset went straight forward!

Short and sweet like a Jolly Rancher. Nice job. :pinkiehappy:

Omg your stories seriously need to be featured in Equestria Daily! That was beautiful my heart is full of butterflies :rainbowkiss:

Nice, also Id ship it

Ever though tof doing both, say Sci Twi and Fluttershy both fess they love Sunset but to each other, and then work together to win her to themselves.

a few grammarical errors here and there but nothing to noticeable, anyways I really enjoyed this and I hope to see more short stories like this in the future. In the mean time though, keep it real.:yay:

7568893 Sorry it didn't work for you. :ajsleepy:

This was just a quick fluff story I whipped up, so I guess it shows. I'm sorry for wasting your time :applejackunsure:

short and sweet really just fluff but thats ok some times not every ship fic needs to be deep some times short and sweet works and this is one of those times good job

edit: sequel please with them telling there friends

This was absolutely beautiful.:heart: Great work!

This was okay though I really feel like Sunset's the type of person who would just come out and say Fluttershy rather than beating around the bush like that. Aside from that there just wasn't much to this, it was decent for what it was though.

7569534 I like to think she loves Fluttershy's innocent and modest nature, and she wanted her to figure it out for herself that she's in fact the one Sunset has a crush on. I think it's more meaningful that way

I also whipped it up on the fly

D'awww. I ship Fluttershy with someone else myself, but still, d'awww.

Awww, this was cute!

Need more Sunshyn. :heart:

Where did you get the cover art?

"And I like you too, Fluttershy. I always have."

Fluttershy bit her lip. “Well… um… why do you want to know? I-If you don’t me asking…”

You forgot a mind :-P

By the way this is sooooooo cute , good work

Amazing story! So cute and adorable!

Omg! That was hot! I loved it! I was wanting more lol! You did amazing, congratulations! Thank you for sharing this! I enjoyed it!

Maybe she acted that way at first because she had a crush on Fluttershy. I mean, Sunset was pretty socially inept before the end of the first movie. Maybe she didn't know how to approach her.

Dawww. So adorable!

“I think Angel just wants attention,” Sunset said, scratching Angel’s ear.

Yep, probably does.

Suddenly, Sunset pulled Fluttershy in, and their lips touched. Fluttershy gasped, but soon felt her heart and mind succumb to Sunset’s lips. Her eyes slowly closed as Sunset’s tender lips caressed hers. A moan escaped her mouth as she began mirroring Sunset’s movements. This felt… amazing …


Best. Study Date. Ever .

Yep, it sure was. :twilightsmile:

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