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Queer trans woman, writes stories about queer trans horses


Twilight thought it was simple. You picked one mate, and it either worked out and you got married, or it didn't and you found a new mate. But at least on the other side of the portal, things get a little more complicated. A simple question from Sunset leads to a relationship she didn't know was possible, and happiness she didn't know she'd ever find.

A series of vignettes as Twilight, Fluttershy, and Sunset learn and grow their relationship together.

Cover Art by the unbelievably fantastic Apri
Proofread by Krickis, crazy-little-tardis, edgar-allen-poes-sweet-lenore, Gara and Caravel.

Chapters (9)
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Comment posted by Palestinian FimFic Fan deleted Sep 4th, 2017
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Comment posted by Palestinian FimFic Fan deleted Sep 4th, 2017

Grate cover art. Who did it?


Now I want to know about the black line.

I liked the bit with Sunset having to rework her relationship chart, it was a fun scene c:

This is the gold standard of poly horse fiction.

Well... I'm on board on this one!

So, who's the dom and the sub? :trollestia:

41 views 42 likes.... Seems about whats deserved

I guess there was plenty of horsing around !

...do you comment this on every story? Doesn't it apply to every story on this horse website??? (<3)

Negative . I commented in the manner that I did because it appealed to my sense of humor . It also seemed apropos given the polyamory element and the shipping of two who came from pony Equestria . I also read a xenophiliac element with the shipping of Fluttershy and Sunset .

Gods, how cute this is. And Twi's learning that jealousy is stupid and what makes the ones you love happier can't help but be a good thing.

I don't get the SunShy ship but SunDash does. And were it's the humans with open relationships.

Twilight is absolutely adorable in this fic. I'm enjoying reading it quite a bit so far. Also shoutout to twinkie shipping in the background :pinkiesmile:

D'aww. So cute. Shame Sunset doesn't want to come back to Equestria permanently, but it's understandable. Can't wait for more.

Do poly people get sick a lot, then?”

Eh, can't be worse than having a kid. Every year when school goes back in session the little plague rats bring home whatever super Ebola's going around that year.

yeah beign an alicorn makes you immune, but you aren't an alicorn in that world.

“Going back is probably a bad idea, anyway. We have absolutely no idea what the portal would do to this virus, or whatever it is”

I loved this part for purely selfish reasons. Or, maybe "narcissistic" is more like it. I loved it for me-centric reasons. Specifically it reminded me of my own work.

In my story --part of it that hasn't been published yet-- there's more or less the opposite of this exchange when Twilight suggests Sunset, suffering from a concussion, cross over to be healed by magic and Sunset's response is to shut down the entire line of reasoning for fear of what a magic concussion might be like.

D'aww. :heart: I can't wait for next week's chapter. Glad to see Princess and SciTwi find an icebreaker.

Wait so would that be incest or masturbation

Most likely neither, as their from different universes, and have been established to not be the same person

Why did you delete those comments?

Your forgiven for the delay. Lord only knows how screwed up my stories have been because of life

Well, from a political perspective it surely is better than moving to Earth.

I mean in comparison we have...

mundan day for day life... world filled with magic and wonders

Having to face annoying days at work and repeating cycles... magical country with tons of opportunities

Oh, and I'm sure Princess Celestia will cheer like crazy in the inside that Sunset returns. :ajsmug:

Twilight scratched her neck with a free hoof. “I’m dating the mirror world’s Twilight too. We, uh, both are.”

Could be wrong, but I think you meant "the mirror world's Fluttershy".


Deep breaths. Count to three.

“I’m thinking of moving to the human world.”

Celestia almost dropped her teacup. Her magic faltered for a second before once again grabbing the delicate china.

Sadly Beta did not take my advice on this one when I suggested,


Deep breaths. Count to three.

“I’m thinking of moving to the human world.”

Celestia sighed. "Why am I not surprised? That's where all the mares who've ever disappointed me go."

Let's just hope that pony Fluttershy doesn't already have a marefriend to prevent things from becoming complicated. Although with how much Twilight wanted to avoid spots where Rainbow Dash hung out at when Fluttershy first came over might be the answer to that. If pony Fluttershy and Rainbow are dating I wonder how human Fluttershy will react.

But I don’t want it to end...still was very heart warming. Thank you!

This really was a great story.

It was a nice story but I would've loved to see more dating sessions and such.

Rare to see compersion.

This whole story is really sweet and heartwarming. I’m so glad I found this. Thank you for writing this wonderful thing.

Great fluffy story. Now, it seemed like Twilight and Sci-Twi clicked alright...did they just not work out long term?

Huh. Okay, this is the second time I've approached this story and I'm glad I did. The first time I just didn't feel as invested. This time I'm kinda glad I did. I love what you did here and it makes a great story. It kinda reminds me of another story I read with a similar ship but at the same time it was different aside from the obvious point of view. My only concern is there are a few missing parts to it like The twilight duo date and the whole earthy realm farewell. Not to mention there are some unanswered questions like how Fluttershy's family felt about the whole move and what their friends said. Aside from that I really would love to see some kind of continuation to this. At the very least, maybe skip ahead and see who proposes first. Just something to explain how this new living arrangement works and if Shy gets her own unique cutie mark rather than the same one as pony fluttershy.

I read this again today. It's still awesome.

I want to say more, but words are sort of failing me here. The huge thing is how well the emotions of the relationship were conveyed, and that's where I just don't have words. I also loved the narrative voice with wonderful turns of phrase (which were so perfectly in character) throughout.

That's such a useful word, I'm glad I learned it.


That's it? No expansions, no side stories?

No. I refuse.


This is super duper gay and I adore every second of it!
Plus, it's really well written and flowed nicely!

It's rare to see a polyshipping story that actually tackles the logistics of the situation, to say nothing of any story that shows relationships just failing to work out sans gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. All told, great stuff. Thank you for it.

I loved the little exchanges in this chapter. Twilight’s fever dreams, and the un-reality while she’s in the thick of it, are just great.

Jealousy isn't stupid. It's an emotion, and you decide what to do with it, and if you can deal with what creates it, or not. The underlying reason is often fear of loss - insecurity - and if the person is able to learn to feel secure, the jealousy can be managed. But it is wrong to think that jealousy is a sign of failure or of a bad person n

Miscellaneous grumblings emanated from the bedroom. A dull “thunk” was probably the phone being knocked onto the floor. A shaking sound meant Fluttershy’s hormones had followed it. Some fumbling, a mumbled curse, a quiet squeak, and the beeping stopped.

I didn't really understand the hormone line. Anyone explain that for me?

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