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Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy have long since buried the hatchet on the way Sunset Shimmer had treated her before Twilight showed her the way. Now friends, attending the same college, they are both snowed in over the holidays.

Though she holds no resentment any longer, Fluttershy does question Sunset Shimmer's motives for her high-school torture. How will Sunset Shimmer answer her questions, and how will their bond develop after Fluttershy learns of the true reasons for Sunset's resentment towards her in high-school?

A one-shot Christmas story.

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D'awwww... So cute. Already got my Christmas spirit up.

I'm very glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

I expected the reasoning but you went about it in a much better way than I expected. Good job.

Sniff I'm crying that a good Christmas love story :pinkiesad2:

I'll... take that as a compliment? Thanks. :derpytongue2:

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Aww, that was really sweet :raritystarry:

"I can't answer that question without my lawyer." Fluttershy sang as she put icing on the cupcakes.

Everything for love (and breakfast :rainbowlaugh:)

"After everything that happened last night, I thought a good breakfast was in order." Sunset said as she hummed around the kitchen, placing bowls and plates on their table. The bowls were full of oatmeal and smelled of cinnamon and apples, and the plates were stacked with freshly baked cupcakes. An Equestrian Hearthswarming breakfast sat upon the table.

Isn' Fluttershy the one cooking? :yay:

very good story i loved it

I really, really love your execution and setup with these two and this overall. IT'S THE MOST CUTEST AND PUREST THING AND I LOVE IT. MY heart. Honestly, their interaction in here and the fuzziness, it's so sweet and really does hit that holiday spirit really well

This was a beautiful SunShyne story that actually got me tearing up at the end. Nice job. :yay:

I must say: Aw~~~~~ It was very. VERY cute :twilightsmile:
Very good job with the story 👍

This was a very cute story. I especially loved the motivation you gave Sunset for bullying Fluttershy.

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