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This story is a sequel to As The Sunset On The Apple Farm

To think having her humble sweet apple farmer as her lover was reward enough; how is Sunset Shimmer going to deal with the invitation by Applejack's pony counterpart in Equestria? After all, the last thing she'd want to do was be unfaithful...

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Not the biggest fan of lesbian Applejack, but then again Applejack is best pony no matter what.

Totally ain't cheatin~

Loved it, faved it~ :heart:

Great story. Looking forward to more. Keep up the great work.

I'm more of a hardcore Sunlight and Rarijack shipper, to be honest, but it's sweet in its own way.


I quite like rarijack too, but Sunset and AJ are by far my fav characters in the show. Why not ship them? :rainbowlaugh: Though I will admit its not the best ship.... Twidash is!

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